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Casting News-

JM Fanfiction


Matthew Ashford as Alec Davis
Alyshia Osche as Ashley Wentworth
Elizabeth Kiefer as Beth Hale
Michael Roark as Clint Wentworth
Kodi Kitchen as Dana Wentworth
Sal Stowers as Deanna Ward
Debbi Morgan as Dr. Avery Madison
Ron Raines as Frank Southwick
Bradley Cole as Harley Wentworth
Justin Bruening as Jamieson Southwick
Terri Conn as Jocelyn Wentworth
Melissa Archer as Kelly Morgan
Erika Slezak as Leslie Southwick
Kim Zimmer as Margo Wentworth
Chrishell Stause as Michelle Wentworth
Kim Matula as Natalie Wentworth
Lenny Platt as Owen Southwick
Kassie DePaiva as Rose Davis
Linda Dano as Roxy Finn
Kelley Missal as Sadie Hale
Lindsay Hartley as Sofia Munro
Scott Reeves as Stephen Webster
Josh Kelly as Tanner Jacks
Lachlan Buchanan as Tyler Thomas
Greg Vaughan as Zach Southwick



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So i see ur back to posting cast list. U kids working my last nerves. U start these blogs up and dont follow up with them. How r readers going to trust u if u dont stay focused on a project u start. U kids are out ur league with ur short attention spans. This cast list and the other post could have been in one post instead u wanna waste net space that other people could b doing good things with. We know one of u is actually willy garza. 

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Hmmm that is quite the cast; however, posting a cast list doesn't make me want to read it. What pulls me in is a well written show description. I'm pretty new to this site but I have done some reading of others stuff including yours. My suggestion to you would be  writing is about quality not quality not quantity. Then again I'm not sure why I'm wasting my time because it is clear to me and everyone else that you or Casey is actually Willy Garza. And I want nothing to do with that! 

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Where's the story?  Do you have story planned for these characters?  Character and story make good soap opera.  You seem to have the characters, but no story...

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