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  1. Cary, Another great episode. I am really enjoying this! I love all the drama. I could really feel all the heart break over Karl. I love the friendship Rachel and Felicia seem to have. I'm curious has that always been or did they ever feud? I also love that you use some of my favorite soap actors as your characters. I agree with ML that you could feel what Elizabeth was feeling and going through. I also love that there is a character named Cory and a family named Cory on this show, but I'm bias because of my name....lol Sorry I'm new to this sight and I didn't know there was a rating system on
  2. Another great episode my friend! I love that Sami is haunting Nicole's dreams; however, if I'm being honest I am hoping for her to get a happy ending. I like the Nicole character and on the NBC version she never seems to get a break. I hope Victor and Roman are going to be okay. I love the banter between Liam and Jen. I hope to see much more. And maybe Jen be less of a softy. Another character NBC messes up in my opinion. Welcome home Abby! Will better not make a move on Alex. Poor Sonny if he does. Damn that Will Horton.....SMH!.....lol Again I really enjoyed it as always my friend!
  3. I'm really enjoying your version of Y&R. I didn't know Jack had another son and that he was Asian. If he a character you created or was he on the show and I just don't remember or maybe he was on when I wasn't a viewer. I love that you use the guy from Port Charles. I always thought soaps dropped the ball on not picking up those actors when Port Charles ended. Good work my friend I'm enjoying it!
  4. Hmmm that is quite the cast; however, posting a cast list doesn't make me want to read it. What pulls me in is a well written show description. I'm pretty new to this site but I have done some reading of others stuff including yours. My suggestion to you would be writing is about quality not quality not quantity. Then again I'm not sure why I'm wasting my time because it is clear to me and everyone else that you or Casey is actually Willy Garza. And I want nothing to do with that!
  5. Holy Crap Cary! Way to make me cry! Between your writing and the videos you can feel the love that Rachel has/had for Carl. It proves that with good writing and love that any villain can be redeemed! You have me hooked my friend! Thank you for for sharing your talent and for introducing me to this show! I only wish I would have watched it while it was on. Good work my friend it was a beautiful episode!
  6. Okay so not fully knowing who everyone is I have to say I like this episode. Jake and Paulina seem to have some romantic stuff between them. I'm looking forward to going back to the start of your version and reading everything so I can give you more insight.
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