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  1. @Melroser Thanks for responding. I believe you are right thats where you would need to start to revive Another World. Unfortunately with it being off the air for 21 years it would be almost a brand new show. One thing interesting is that maybe you don't need a central family for a new AW. It could be a show based on the twentysomethings and thirty somethings in Bay City which was a big city in the midwest if I am correct. Steven Frame is related to all the younger characters by siblings (Kirkland, Bridget/Michelle), first cousins (Alli, Jasmine) uncle/aunt (Cory/Elizabeth). Dante isn't blood but he is a Cory and if you throw Charlie Winthrop in there, they're distant cousins. I feel like that enough is a family unit when thinking of people who live in big cities. From personal experience I lived in NYC and saw my cousin and siblings occasionally and friends would occasionally overlap. You can easily have a few of the other main characters be siblings and woven into stories with the other characters plus bringing back in a recurring form the older cast members and I think this would be a great way to revive the show.
  2. Hi All...First time poster here. Besides catching up on shows I wanted to check out this quarantine I have been watching The Locher Room. Its great to see the old cast members and great to see people are still interested in seeing the actors and hear about there shows. I think we all can agree soap fans are passionate about there shows and not afraid to post here how they truly feel about casting/storylines etc. So this got me thinking if you could play Hollywood Executive and were able to revive any of the shows (primarily GL, ATWT, AMC and OLTL) how would you do it? What cast would you bring back? What would be the initial storylines?
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