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  1. Matthew Ashford as Alec Davis Alyshia Osche as Ashley Wentworth Elizabeth Kiefer as Beth Hale Michael Roark as Clint Wentworth Kodi Kitchen as Dana Wentworth Sal Stowers as Deanna Ward Debbi Morgan as Dr. Avery Madison Ron Raines as Frank Southwick Bradley Cole as Harley Wentworth Justin Bruening as Jamieson Southwick Terri Conn as Jocelyn Wentworth Melissa Archer as Kelly Morgan Erika Slezak as Leslie Southwick Kim Zimmer as Margo Wentworth Chrishell Stause as Michelle Wentworth Kim Matula as Natalie Wentworth Lenny Platt as Owen Southwick Kassie DePaiva as Rose Davis Linda Dano as Roxy Finn
  2. A New Original Soap Opera is heading your way for you to fall deep in the love with the stories.
  3. Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Josh Manning INT. UNKNOWN ROOM- AFTERNOON Jack is still tied to the chair when the door opens and a young woman walks into the room carrying a tray of food. Girl- I brought you some food. Jack- and how do you expect me to eat it with my hands tied behind my back? Girl- Well I guess I could always feed you. I'm pretty sure my father doesn't want me to untie you. Jack- Zack's your father? Girl- Yeah he is and my names Dara. So how do you know who my father is. Jack- because I'd seen him before this morning. I saw him a couple nights ago at Llanv
  4. Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Josh Manning INT. TEA AND VICTOR'S HOUSE-MORNING Tea and Victor are sitting on the couch in their lviing room when they hear a knock on the door. Victor answers the door to see Blair standing there worried. Victor- hey is something wrong? Blair- Did Jack stay here all night? Victor- No why? Blair- he didn't come home last night and I'm afraid of who ever killed Todd might have gotten to him. Tea- Alright come over and have a set and I'll call Bo and have him come over. There's nothing to worry about. --- INT. MATTHEW'S APARTMENT-
  5. Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Josh Manning INT. CRAMER MANSION- NIGHT Viki- Oh alright I'll help you with the funeral arrangements. Blair- thank you so much! You don't know how much this means to me. Alright so I'll see you tomorrow morning then? Viki- yes I'll see you then and Blair! take it easy. Viki walks out of the mansion --- INT. MATTHEW'S APARTMENT- NIGHT Matthew has just gotten out of the shower when he walks into the living room in just a towel. He picks up his phone when a glove goes over his mouth and he is thrown on his stomach onto his couch. Matth
  6. INT. POLICE STATION- AFTERNOON Officer Quinn- Yes! Commissioner Buchanan said that you would be arriving here today. Olivia- Good so is there a case file or anything. Officer Quinn- It's in the Commissioner's office. He said help yourself in. It's right around the corner. Olivia- thank you! Olivia grabs her jacket and heads towards Bo's office. --- INT. UNKNOWN LOCATION- AFTERNOON Jack slowly wakes up to see that he is tied to a chair in a dark room all alone. Jack starts to yell for help when the door opens. Man- Oh will you shut up already! God you are so annoying. More tha
  7. Josh Kelly is out as Cutter Wentworth, being replaced by Colin Egglesfield Pat Crowley and Ray MacDonell will be debuting very soon More New and Old faces will be appearing back in Llanview very soon
  8. INT. CRAMER MANSION- MORNING Blair is sitting on the couch when Viki walks into the living room Blair- hey Viki! What brings you by? Viki- Oh just came by to see how you and the kids are hanging in? Blair- we're hanging in there the best that we can. Viki- is there anything that you need me to do anything at all? Blair- uh... yeah there is something that I need you to do for me. Viki- you just name it! --- INT. KAREN'S PENTHOUSE- MORNING Karen is sitting on the sofa drinking a cup of coffee when she hears a knock at the door. Karen walks over and answers the door, receiving
  9. * Episode 10 will be posted by Sunday Tom Degan is out and has only decided to appear in three episodes, but has been replaced by... Joshua Morrow Jessica Collins will be debuting as Olivia Carson
  10. Joey and Kelly will be sticking around a lot longer than the original plan was William DeVry will not be joining OLTL Judi Evans is only going to be recurring as Julie Siegel
  11. INT. BALLROOM- NIGHT Everyone is looking around to see who has been shot, when screams are heard from Blair as Todd is lying on the floor covered in blood. Blair- Todd! Please hold on, please stay with me. Todd- I love you Blair I always have and I always will. Blair- I love you too Todd and we have all the time in the world to spend together. Todd- no we don't Blair. Tell my kids that I love them. Todd dies in Blair's arms as she starts to cry --- INT. BALLROOM- NIGHT Shows PJ sitting in a chair as Starr walks over towards him and presses a towel on PJ's arm where he'd been
  12. Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Josh Manning INT. MATTHEW'S APARTMENT- AFTERNOON Noah and Matthew are lying on the bed after having just had sex Matthew- I thought you said you were busy all day today with your mother to come over. Noah- things changed Matthew- Like what? Noah- my dad being in town Matthew- well isn't that a good thing that he's in town? Noah- well considering he hasn't seen or talked to me in three years, no it's not. Matthew- why did something happen? Noah- He flat out told me that if I was gay then I wasn't his son and he wanted nothing to do with me
  13. Tom Degnan who just returned in Episode 7 will be departing back to London very soon Casting Call for Rafe Garretson has been put out
  15. Created By: Agnes Nixon Written By: Josh Manning INT. KAREN'S PENTHOUSE- MORNING Shows Karen sitting on the couch drinking coffee when she sees her son Noah walking in from the hallway Karen- well good morning. I take it as your flight got in late last night Noah- oh yeah it did Karen- well did you get enough sleep last night? Noah- yeah I got plenty of sleep. Karen- well I'm surprised considering I heard you talking on the phone until like two this morning. So tell me who is this person that you have so much time to talk too. Noah- just a friend Karen- A friend. Is this fri
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