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  1. I think u do an AWESOME job with your writing and creativity. And I also wanted to point out how even though you didn't know this but how brilliant and almost predicted your story is for Bo is what is starting to show on the real life DOOL. I think that is an awesome thing that your creativity took you there and it nearly lines up with what is about to happen. This right here shows me how gifted you are in this ha. I know this is just a fictional blog board but the imagery you have in your head and it shows up on the screen is a big deal. Keep up the good work!! I see greatness in you LOL..no
  2. I agree with @y&rbiggestfan, ur show is getting better and better. I enjoy reading this blog and I too like Dani's character. Can't wait to see how the stories play out.
  3. Plain-n-simple

    Union Creek #1

    I never comment on here but this a good blog. I was interested just from the title alone letting me know that this'll b an original show and I like that. I liked the Todd/ Blair scenes. I could actually picture them saying this in their mannerisms..ha.. Im not too familiar with GL characters but I do know a bit about Reva/ Josh. I didn't watch GL but I did see very few eppies when they were on the air. And I have seen a bit of Reva And Josh when on. But overall I like the introduction and look forward to more.. Good job
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