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Written by: Nick M.


At the women’s shelter:


Miss Cho has pulled Ali and Charlotte aside.


CHARLOTTE: Something wrong Miss Cho?

MISS CHO: One of the girls you two have gotten close to has decided it is time to leave here.

ALI: Really?

CHARLOTTE: You are not talking about Jacy are you?


Jacy walks into the room.


JACY: She do be talkin’ bout me.

ALI: You are leaving?

JACY: It is the right time…


Ali and Charlotte are surprised…




Jesse and Angie are together having lunch.


JESSE: How was the hospital today?

ANGIE: That hospital is always buzzin with accidents as you know. Stabbings, shootings, and over doses. You name it.

JESSE: Yeah, this is the real city that never seems to sleep or have peace.

ANGIE: I know how badly you wish to change that.

JESSE: I do, Angie. I do.

ANGIE: I think it can end up working with some dedication.


JESSE: I will need help. You and your friend, Kayla.

ANGIE: Kayla seems to be having a hard time in her personal life, but she seemed happy to help you.

JESSE: I will need all the help I can get. Just like this city itself.




Hunter and Miranda are hanging out in the park.


HUNTER: Did all of your classes go good today?

MIRANDA: They did. Most are coming easy to me which is a huge relief.

HUNTER: Coming easy? You must be a genius.

MIRANDA: Some might say so…I kid. Are you taking any classes?

HUNTER: No, Not at the moment.


MIRANDA: How come?

HUNTER: I just am kind of enjoying doing my own thing..

MIRANDA: The barista job?

HUNTER: That among other things. I do have some aspirations.

MIRANDA: What are you ambitious about?

HUNTER: Saving the world.

MIRANDA: I see I have an idealist on my hands.




Eliza shows up at JJ’s apartment.


ELIZA: You don’t call. You don’t text. Hell, I would even take a written letter like its 1990.

JJ: Sorry, been busy.

ELIZA: Are you busy right now?

JJ: A little.

ELIZA: Well…you should still come and eat with me while I’m on my lunch break.


Eliza smiles wide.


ELIZA: Please.

JJ: Okay fine.

ELIZA: (excited) Yes!



Paul is in his office….and in walks Todd Manning


PAUL: Welcome Mr. Manning.

TODD: Happy that you could pencil me in.

PAUL: This seemed important.

TODD: Oh, more than you know.

PAUL: Welcome to BRO.


TODD: Thank you. You know, you seem very familiar to me…

PAUL: Hm…not sure why

TODD: Not sure, but regardless. Nice to meet you.


Todd Manning and Paul Ryan shake hands.


TODD: We have so much to talk about…




At the womens shelter:


CHARLOTTE: Is it safe for you to leave here, Jacy?

JACY: Actually it is. You see, my abusive ex-boyfriend has finally been thrown in prison!

ALI: Really? For what?

JACY: Always trying to be a hardcore thug and sh*t.

ALI: These boys. What is wrong with them?

JACY: Too many damn screws loose.


ALI: I wish I could head home.


JACY: When you do, get in touch with me. I’ll give Miss Cho my info when I can.

CHARLOTTE: I definitely will.

JACY: I am so ready to get back! Can’t wait!


Jacy smiles with nothing but elation.




Cut to a frustrated Vin


He is with Chavo


CHAVO: I wish you would not work yourself up.

VIN: That is a bit impossible.


VIN: Because it is so frustrating that we still cannot track down Ali nor Greg. They both deserve so much revenge done to them.

CHAVO: Why are you even doing this? Why do you care?

VIN: Are you serious right now bro? Because they both disrespected me so damn hard!


CHAVO: No I mean why do you even care about this kind of life? We both know that you--

VIN: --Do not question me Chavo! Just shut up and let me focus.




At the park:


MIRANDA: So tell me how you plan on saving the world?

HUNTER: Can we not talk about that right now. I think we need to have more fun.

MIRANDA: What kind of fun?

HUNTER: See those sprinklers on over there? Let’s run through them.

MIRANDA: I didn’t realize we were eight.

HUNTER: Oh come on! Feel a little free.

MIRANDA: I do not want to get my clothes all wet.

HUNTER: Well you can be boring and stay here. I am going on through!


Hunter gets up and walks to the sprinklers.


Miranda ends up following him.


They both start to run through them getting wet.


HUNTER: See! This kind of feeling is something people should not lose..




Jesse is still with Angie but he gets up.


JESSE: Sorry, but I really need to get to the city council meeting.

ANGIE: Already?

JESSE: It is an early one.

ANGIE: And I don’t get no smooch?


Jesse kisses her on the cheek.


ANGIE: That is not going to do it!

JESSE: Oh yeah?

ANGIE: Nope.


Angie kisses his lips.


Jesse then starts to kiss her all over her face.


ANGIE: Okay, okay! You win.

JESSE: I hope those kisses were good luck.

ANGIE: Me too, baby.




Cut to Todd and Paul’s meeting.


TODD: So I am a journalist and that is how I came across this company.

PAUL: And you want to do a big piece on BRO?

TODD: Something like that. I’ll need you to come to Colorado for this piece though.

PAUL: I checked out your paper and it has a strong online following so why do I need to go to Colorado? Can’t you just interview me right here right now?

TODD: It is not that easy. I do a more hands on approach.


PAUL: Thank you for the offer and all, but I am not too keen on going to Colorado right now. I have a company to run.

TODD: You are not seeing the bigger picture Paul. You may want to see if you need glasses. Where I live, in Union Creek Colorado there is some new big competition for you that just opened.

PAUL: Are you talking about that little small stream Chic Spirit Designs?

TODD: You are not giving them enough credit. I am offering you a step ahead on this competition. Do not take them lightly.

PAUL: It would be a good publicity for us.

TODD: I thought you may see things my way.

PAUL: But….I still don’t want to go to Colorado.


Todd becomes obviously frustrated.




At the women’s shelter:


Charlotte and Ali are now alone.


CHARLOTTE: I think maybe we both can leave here too.

ALI: I do not need to go run into Vin and probably get killed.

CHARLOTTE: We live in a big city we can move somewhere far away from our exes.

ALI: There is still always a chance.

CHARLOTTE: A small one. We came move in together and be roommates. Split everything. It can work.

ALI: I like the idea and wish I could, but I don’t know if I want to chance it.

CHARLOTTE: Well at least think about it.

ALI: Okay…




Vin is still agitated.


CHAVO: I am going to go get us some weed so you can calm down.

VIN: No! I would rather we take my frustrations out another way.

CHAVO: Yes I know you want to kill Greg, but I don’t know where he is.

VIN: There is something else we can do.

CHAVO: What’s that yo?

VIN: Let’s go rob another gas station!




At the park: Hunter and Miranda are now soaked.


MIRANDA: That was crazy. You are crazy. What are we doing?

HUNTER: Having fun. I am at least.

MIRANDA: Nah, I am too.

HUNTER: I really do have fun every time I hang out with you.

MIRANDA: Aww I do too. You and all of your craziness.

HUNTER: I’m the least crazy person in this town, probably.

MIRANDA: I’ll be the judge of that.

HUNTER: Ready for round 2 in the sprinklers?


HUNTER: (Laughs) I’m kidding.




Eliza and JJ are eating lunch together.


ELIZA: Have you been avoiding me JJ?

JJ: I am going to be if this continues to be a grill JJ day.

ELIZA: But for real. You do seem to be.

JJ: Just been busy with school.

ELIZA: I think I know what is wrong…

JJ: Tell me oh wise one.

ELIZA: Back when we played strip poker….my booty game was too strong. I get it.


JJ: (laughs) What?

ELIZA: Don’t deny it. And now you are intimidated.

JJ: You are crazy.

ELIZA: But I got a laugh out of you.

JJ: Yeah you are good for that.

ELIZA: I am good for a good time. I wish you would stop fighting it and just admit you have good times when you hang out with me.

JJ: You are never not entertaining that is for sure. Never a dull moment with Eliza.

ELIZA: And don’t you forget it! I’ll take that as a yes you do have a good time.

JJ: I do. It’s true…




Todd is frustrated with Paul.


TODD: Are you sure about this?

PAUL: I just do not have the time right now. I’m sorry. I do appreciate it.


Todd has a flashback:

[Union Creek #21]


He is with Gary and an alive James Stenbeck…


TODD: And when I find him?

JAMES: Bring him to me.

GARY: But don’t let him know why you want him here. Make it seem like something for the paper.

JAMES: Honestly, I don’t care how you get him here. Just get him here and soon!


Back in the present:


TODD: You really should reconsider…because I know thing about you.


Paul gives his a questioning glance.


TODD: Things about you that you would definitely not want out.


Paul’s face becomes flushed.


PAUL: So what the hell is this? Blackmail?

TODD: It could be if you do not come to Union Creek Colorado with me.


Paul smirks and tries to play it all off with a poker face.


TODD: You are acting way to smug for guy who could lose everything. I know what you have been doing.

PAUL: What do you think you know, Mr. Manning?

TODD: Enough games. I know that you have been forging documents.

PAUL: Oh….

TODD: Yeah. So let me ask you again. Have you reconsidered Mr. Ryan?

PAUL: Yes I will come to Colorado and do the stupid article…or whatever it is you really want from me..

TODD: Atta boy!




Jesse has arrived at the City council meeting.


He has a folder with him and tries to find a seat.


He finally finds one and sits down.


He looks on towards the people on the city council.


JESSE: This looks like a group that will hear me out.


Pan across the members of the city council….


One of the members of Paradise, New Mexico’s city council is…


Katsu Itami







*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics




Written by: Nick M.


At the high school:


Marcino is in class looking miserable.


He has a flashback:

Just Paradise #19


Greg has kissed Marcinos who is caught off guard


Marcino starts to get into the kiss…but then abruptly pulls away and stands up!


MARCINO: What are you doing, Greg!

GREG: What do you mean what am I doing? Kissing you.


Marcino wipes her mouth


MARCINO: Um…why?

GREG: Because the moment was building to that.

MARCINO: I have no idea what you are talking about.

GREG: This is crazy.

MARCINO: This IS crazy dude! I am not into dudes.

GREG: Uh, yeah you are.

MARCINO: How are you going to tell me what I am into?

GREG: You have been giving me signals for so long now. You know you have. Don’t even try and deny it!


Back in the present Marcino sighs.


MARCINO: I hope you are okay Greg. Wherever you are.


A girl sits down in the desk next to him.


MARCINO: Hey Claire

CLAIRE: What up Marcino? You look upset.

MARCINO: I guess I just don’t want school to be starting already.

CLAIRE: Join the club.

MARCINO: Hopefully I’ll shake off these first day of school nerves…

CLAIRE: I hope you do too.




Paul meanwhile is in his office at BRO and makes a phone call to Katsu


PAUL: Hey I just wanted to see how everything is going.

KATSU: So far, so good.

PAUL: That is nice to hear.

KATSU: I am in the beginning stages of getting this in motion.

PAUL: Sounds good. This will be a big weight off of my shoulders.

KATSU: Glad I can assist you this.

PAUL: Thank you for all of your help.

KATSU: It is no problem, really.


Katsu smirks.




Emily shows up for her first day of work at Mad World.


Lucas is there.


LUCAS: Welcome to your new job.

EMILY: Thank you. The pleasure is all mine. Looking quite forward to being in business mode again.

LUCAS: That ah-girl.

EMILY: So like, do I get my own office?


Lucas chuckles.


LUCAS: You think you are ready to move up to your own office already?

EMILY: I like to think so.

LUCAS: Think again, but maybe someday.

EMILY: I’ll take on that challenge.




Daniel comes in to see Stefano


DANIEL: It is a little dark in here.

STEFANO: Keeps people from looking in.

DANIEL: Good point.

STEFANO: What brings you by?

DANIEL: I come with some good news. Something I think you will be pleased with.

STEFANO: You know how to come through Mr. Jonas.




Paul is lost in thought in his office.


He flashes back to when he was much younger…




PAUL: I thought I had killed my damn father way back then, but that nine lived cat was still alive. Now I am happy his life went on longer, because it let him set up this secret bank account in someone else’s name. Now that he really is dead, I can get my hands on this stash.


Paul lets out a smile.


PAUL: I hope Katsu pulls this off soon. That secret stash is mine.




Cut to Daniel and Stefano


STEFANO: So please, by all means tell me this good news.

DANIEL: I think you know what it is.


Suddenly, Stefano’s phone rings.


He looks and sees that it is a call from Greta.


STEFANO: I have to take this.

DANIEL: Take this too. I have to get back home.


Daniel hands Stefano a little box…


…Elsewhere in the house, Bart meanwhile is putting on a mask.


He heads downstairs with some water for Bo


A weak Bo looks up.


BO: I am thankful for that water. The only reason I have the little energy I have left.

BART: Well drink up. You’re welcome.

BO: You know what else I would be thankful for?

BART: What’s that?

BO: Is if you would let me the hell out of here!




 Billy is at Brittany’s house hanging out.


BRITTANY: You are still not bored here in Paradise, yet?

BILLY: Is this your nice way of telling me I should get a job?

BRITTANY: Maybe… (giggles)


Someone pounds on the door!


BRITTANY: Geez hold your horses!

BILLY: Who the hell is that?

BRITTANY: I don’t know.


Brittany opens the door and it is Greg’s father, Bubba


BUBBA: Where is your son?!

BRITTANY: Uh, at school.

BUBBA: Well where is my son then?

BRITTANY: Your son? Greg? Why would I know?

BUBBA: Greg and your son are like best friends. He ran off somewhere and I am sure your son knows where!

BRITTANY: I doubt he does.


Bubba starts to get increasingly angrier.


BUBBA: Listen here you dumb blonde!

BILLY: Don’t talk to her like that!

BUBBA: I don’t know who you are and I don’t care.


Billy walks up to him and points at him.


BILLY: You need to calm down, sir.

BRITTANY: Yeah you do. We have no idea where your son Greg could be.


Bubba swats Billy’s finger away and walks off


BUBBA (Muttering) Whatever.




At Mad World:


Lucas is giving Emily a tour.


EMILY: You have some nice offices here.

LUCAS: That is why we made the move. Was a perfect fit.

EMILY: I am going to love it here.

LUCAS: I just hope that you can help our advertising.

EMILY: That is the plan. In fact the plan is to do big things here!

LUCAS: Well then what are you doing standing around? Get to work!


Lucas lets off a grin.


EMILY: Ha-ha Very funny.


Meanwhile, Paul is trying to call Emily.


He has called her but it went straight to voicemail.


Paul hangs up.


PAUL: Those old thought reminded me of how much I use to worry about her. Care for her. These days we hardly even talk. Maybe we really are headed for a divorce…




Daniel comes home and he and Jennifer embrace.


JENNIFER: How was work?

DANIEL: It went well. A great success even.

JENNIFER: Nice positivity.

DANIEL: How was your day?

JENNIFER: Could have been better.

DANIEL: What’s wrong?

JENNIFER: I went through some of the boxes I haven’t unpacked yet…saw some old things of… Jacks.



JENNIFER: Sorry. Don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.

DANIEL: Not uncomfortable at all.


Daniel kisses her on the cheek and walks off.


DANIEL: I am famished.


As he walks away, the expression on his face is that of being annoyed…




Masked Bart is still downstairs with Bo.


BART: You know I cannot let you go.

BO: It was worth a shot.


Bart walks back upstairs quickly.


BO: That is okay, because I am somehow going to get out of here.


He guzzles his water and then yanks at his chains.


BO: Getting more loose every day.


He yanks at the chains again.




Stefano is on the phone with Greta


GRETA: I want to come and see you, father.

STEFANO: I don’t think that is a good idea.

GRETA: We have so many years as father and daughter to catch up on.

STEFANO: This is just not a good time, Greta.

GRETA: It will be a short visit.

STEFANO: Fine you can come for a short while.

GRETA: I look forward to it.


GRETA: See you soon, father.


Stefano hands up and is very annoyed.


STEFANO: I hope whatever is in this stupid box will cheer me up!


He opens it and Stefano is pleased.


Bart walks into the room and takes off his mask.


STEFANO: Very good.

BART: What is that?

STEFANO: The drug concoction that Daniel used on Jack Deveraux.


Stefano pulls out a full syringe.


STEFANO: We will now use it on Bo Brady.




Credits roll


*Don’t miss what Greg is up to in Union Creek as well as what bad news is looming for Paul Ryan. Union Creek: Weekly on SON*


*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics



Written by: Nick M.


At the college:


Miranda and JJ see each other in the hallway.


JJ yawns a tad over dramatically.


MIRANDA: Is that your way of saying you are tired?

JJ: I am pretty beat.

MIRANDA: I did not mean to keep you up last night. So sorry about my scream.

JJ: I thought you were under attack.

MIRANDA: I practically was by that rat!


JJ: Did you buy a trap yet?

MIRNADA: Haven’t gotten around to it.

JJ: You better or it might pop back out at you!

MIRANDA: Don’t say that!






Eliza is downing a cup of coffee.


Barbara walks up to her.


BARBARA: Slow down there Eliza

ELIZA: I need all the caffeine I can get.

BARBARA: You didn’t sleep good last night?

ELIZA: Last night? Grandma, I haven’t slept well since I started this job.

BARBARA: Honey, you cannot let this place stress you out.


ELIZA: Not just this place. My dad is a big part of it.

BARBARA: Paul is stressed out himself. We all are.

ELIZA: I just feel like I am always doing a jumbled bad job as my father’s secretary.

BARBARA: It will probably just take time to get the hang of it.

ELIZA: I just need a good pep talk.

BARBARA: I’m not the best coach, but get to those phones and kick some a**!


Eliza laughs




Brittany is with Marcino eating breakfast.


BRITTANY: You barely touched your food.


BRITTANY: Are you not hungry? It is going to get cold.

MARCINO: I am just not in the mood for breakfast.

BRITTANY: You love breakfast, son.

MARCINO: I know. Just not today.


BRITTANY: Something must be wrong.

MARCINO: No. I’m fine.

BRITTANY: But are you sure?

MARCINO: Yes, I am fine!

BRITTANY: Sorry, but I don’t believe you. Something is obviously bothering you.


Marcino huffs and puffs



Steve is pleased when Terrance meets with him.


STEVE: I didn’t think you would actually meet me.

TERRANCE: Of course. We are partners.

STEVE: Well not anymore since I quit the ISA.

TERRANCE: Yeah, but we have come too far to stop working together now.

STEVE: That’s a true bud right there.


They shake hands.


TERRANCE: I plan on seeing this case through.

STEVE: So do I dude.

TERRANCE: What is the next step?


There is a knock at the door.


STEVE: That is the next step right there.


Steve opens the door and it is Hope


HOPE: Hello

STEVE: Come on in. We need your help.


Hope enters.






Barbara is still talking with her granddaughter.


ELIZA: I’m not improving though.

BARBARA: You are totally new to the job.

ELIZA: Totally new to working in general.

BARBARA: Give it time, Eliza! You’ll get the hang of it.

ELIZA: I’m losing hope.


Barbara’s office phone rings.


ELIZA: I bet that’s my dad.


Barbara answers it.


BARBARA: Hello. Yes…okay.


She hangs up.


BARBARA: That was Paul. He wants you at your desk ready to work.

ELIZA: Yay (rolls eyes)

BARBARA: good luck.

ELIZA: We need to have these talks more often.

BARBARA: Whenever, hon.


As Eliza exits Barbara’s office, Henry enters it.


BARBARA: Henry! Didn’t you get enough of me last night?

HENRY: I never get enough of you pudding pop.


Henry kisses her.




At the college:


JJ: So…Miranda…I have a question for you..

MIRANDA: What is it?

JJ: It is a little personal…

MIRANDA: Okaaay…

JJ: So I saw you and that guy that works at the coffee shop looking real chummy.

MIRANDA: Hunter?


JJ: Yeah, him.

MIRANDA: What about him?

JJ: You two dating or something?

MIRANDA: Um, No. We’re just friends getting to know each other.

JJ: Oh…

MIRANDA: Why do you ask?

JJ: Oh because he…just seems like a really good guy and all.

MIRANDA: Yeah he seems to be. So…you saw us? You were watching us?




BRITTANY: Please Marcino, open up to me son…

MARCINO: I wish you would take my word for it that I am fine.

BRITTANY: But you are obviously not.


Marcino takes a big bite of his breakfast.


MARCINO: There. See. I am fine.

BRITTANY: No need to be a smarta**

MARCINO: I just don’t want to talk about it and if you keep nagging me you will be bothering me.


Brittany is becoming frustrated.


BRITTANY: Is this all because School is about to begin?

MARCINO: Sure mom.




HOPE: What is it that you need me to do, Steve?

STEVE: We are going to trap Stefano.



HOPE: How are we going to go about that?


STEVE: First, you must contact Greta. She is this key to this.

HOPE: Okay I will then.

TERRANCE: She is the one that may be Stefanos daughter? Will she help?

HOPE: She has no love loss with Stefano.

TERRANCE: They could be close now.

STEVE: I don’t think so. At least I hope not. Her help will be huge in trapping him.




At the college:


MIRANDA: I find it weird if you were watching me and Hunter.

JJ: Watching is not the right word. It is not like I was staring, I just happened to see you both having fun and thought..those are two good people…having fun…how cute.

MIRADA: Alrighty.

JJ: Sorry if it was a weird personal question.

MIRANDA: It is okay. I should get to class.

JJ: Okay. Good luck.

MIRANDA: I am starting to think all of our encounters are always going to be awkward..


She walks off.


JJ sighs.




Steve gets home and Kayla is there.


KAYLA: Any luck?

STEVE: I hope I am doing the right thing not using the ISAs help.

KAYLA: You will do the right thing.

STEVE: I hope this is not all for nothing. I hope Bo is really still alive and out there somewhere.

KAYLA: We all are hanging on to that.

STEVE: I feel like time is running out either way.


KAYLA: I believe my brother is still alive. Hope does too. You are not doing this for nothing.

STEVE: We’re about the take the next step. It will involve Stefano if all goes right.

KAYLA: You better be careful.

STEVE: You know I will, sweetness.


The two kiss and embrace.




Hope meanwhile makes a phone call.


HOPE: Let this go right.


HOPE: Hello…Greta






Eliza is at her desk hanging up a phone.


ELIZA: That one didn’t go so bad. Maybe Grandmas talk helped.


The phone rings again.


ELIZA: Please god, not another busy day.


She answers.


ELIZA: Hello this is the office of Paul Ryan.


The person on the other line has a deep voice.


“I need to set up a meeting with Paul Ryan.”


ELIZA: His schedule tomorrow is almost wide open. What time can you meet him?


“Perfect. The meeting is not for me. It is a meeting for him to meet with a Todd Manning.”


Eliza writes down Todd Manning onto her note pad.






*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.



Written by Nick M


Cut to Jeremy


He meets with two people, Rina and Gus


Rina is British and Gus American.


GUS: About time you show up.

JEREMY: I have been busy working on something.

GUS: I can only imagine what you are cookin’ up now.

JEREMY: Don’t be annoying.

RINA: Yeah, don’t be daft, Gus.


Gus rolls his eyes


JEREMY: I am happy to see you two though. We have much to discuss.


RINA: We do?

JEREMY: Oh yeah.

GUS: Can we have fun while we discuss?

JEREMY: Sure why not..




Miranda is dressed in her pajamas.


MIRANDA: I need some H2O before bed.


She makes her way to the kitchen.


She turns on the light and sees a rat scatter by!


Miranda screams!


Cut to JJ in his apartment next door.


Miranda’s scream wakes him up.


JJ: Miranda?! What is wrong?


JJ jumps out of bed!




Henry shows up at Barbara’s hotel suite.


BARBARA: Henry! I was just getting ready for bed.

HENRY: Well wake up baby! I am back in town.

BARBARA: It is great to see you.


The two embrace!


HENRY: I come bearing gifts…well…food.

BARBARA: It is much too late to eat!

HENRY: It’s healthy, not fattening food Babs.

BARBARA: What is it, carrots and ranch dressing?

HENRY: Well actually, yes.

BARBARA: Oh Henry.

HENRY: I’ll feed them to you.

BARBARA: Fine. Let’s eat..






Paul walks in the empty building.


He makes his way to his office.


PAUL: I hope Katsu gets here soon.


Paul walks into his office and Katsu is sitting there in Paul’s desk in Paul’s chair.


KATSU: I am already here.

PAUL: You don’t disappoint do you?

KATSU: Of course I don’t.  Not when it comes to business.

PAUL: Excellent.

KATSU: So should we start?

PAUL: Yes we should.




Cut to a nervous Marcino pacing in his bedroom.


He calls Greg’s phone, but there is no answer and it goes to his voice mail


MARCINO: I know this is like the fifth time I have called in the past hour, but you need to pick up your phone and talk to me!


Cut to Greg who is in his room.


Greg looks at his phone and sees he has another voice mail from Marcino.


GREG: You had your chance to stop me. I must leave town before Vin finds me!


Greg is packing up a suitcase.


GREG: I’ll use to the money I helped stupidly steal with Vin and Chavo to find a place to go.


Greg takes a deep breath.


He then hears a noise outside of his window…


GREG: Oh god…


He turns towards the window in fear.





Jeremy sits down with Rina and Gus


RINA: So what is it you have to tell us?

JEREMY: I just want you both to know that you will be included in what is coming up.

GUS: Always the vague one.

RINA: Sounds exciting to me.

GUS: Anything mysterious is exciting to you.


JEREMY: I promise much excitement. It is all we have ever wanted, really.

GUS: You know what I want right now?

JEREMY: What is that?

GUS: What you brought in the bag.


Jeremy lifts up a bag he brought and sets it on the table.



RINA: Bloody hell! One of you just open it already!




JJ who is shirtless and in his Pajama bottoms is pounding on Miranda’s door!


JJ: Everything okay in there?! I heard you scream!


Miranda opens up and walks out into the hallway with him.


MIRANDA: JJ, thank you for coming over!

JJ: Well what happened?

MIRANDA: There is a mean and disgusting rat in my kitchen.

JJ: Oh…this is because of a rat?

MIRANDA: Yes. Kill it. Please kill it.


JJ looks inside.


JJ: In your kitchen?

MIRANDA: Yes. I’m not going in there, but you can…



In Barbara’s hotel room:


Henry is feeding Barbara a carrot stick.


HENRY: Aren’t I just a romantic?

BARBARA: Nothing says romance like carrot sticks.

HENRY: Amen.

BARBARA: Thanks for coming back to town, truly.

HENRY: Anything for my little puddin’ pop.


He kisses her cheek.


HENRY: How is BRO by the way?

BARBARA: Off to a good start. I hope you feel more positive about it now?

HENRY: I am trying.

BARBARA: Thank you.


Henry sets down the tray of carrots and ranch dressing on the bottom of the bed.


They then share a kiss






Katsu pulls out a piece of paper from a folder.


KATSU: Here we go. This could be the key to a fortune.

PAUL: It is the key to a fortune.

KATSU: Why yes, that is true.

PAUL: I am glad we were able to connect on this business. I knew I needed the best in faking a document.

KATSU: You came to the best and now you are getting the best.


PAUL: I just hope it works. We need this money. I need this money.

KATSU: Just a little more patience and you will have the money you want.


Katsu looks over the document.


KATSU: I think it is some of my best work.

PAUL: You will get your share of the cut once this goes through.

KATSU: I had no doubts that I would not take my cut. (smirks)




Greg has heard something outside of his window and he is afraid.


GREG: Should I look out…or run. If I run I’ll wake up my bastard father though.


Greg slowly makes his way to the window.


GREG: (Whispers) Don’t be Vin…don’t be Vin…


He pulls his curtain aside and peeks out…


It is just a cat who sees Greg and runs off meowing.


Greg sighs in relief.


Greg’s phone then rings and he jumps!


GREG: God I’m such a freakin’ scaredy cat right now.


It is Marcino calling yet again.


Greg decides to answer this time.


GREG: Hey…

MARCINO: Thank you for finally answering!

GREG: What do you want?

MARCINO: You know what I want. I want you to not go off and run away.

GREG: You had your chance to stop me and I respect that you felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to own up to your feelings but now you have to let me own up to mine.

MARCINO: Where are you running off to then?

GREG:  Don’t know for sure, but I will find somewhere.

MARCINO: Please just stay.

GREG: I am sorry, but I cannot. I am leaving town right now.


Greg hangs up.




Jeremy opens his bag for Rina and Gus.


GUS: You brought the good stuff again didn’t you?

JEREMY: I always do.


Jeremy has busted out a baggie of cocaine!


RINA: Come to mama.


Both Rina and Gus look to be in joy!


RINA: Absolutely posh.

JEREMY: Get to work on it, Gus.


Gus starts to cut it up.


He makes it into three lines.


Jeremy, Rina and Gus all snort their lines…




JJ is in Miranda’s kitchen.


JJ: You can come in now


Miranda is still in the hallway.


MIRANDA: You killed it already?

JJ: No but It is gone.


Miranda reluctantly comes back in.


MIRANDA: But it is still in here somewhere?!

JJ: You need to by some mouse traps.

MIRANDA: How am I going to sleep knowing it is in here still?

JJ: I don’t know but I need to head back to bed as well.

MIRANDA: Okay. Fine. Thank you so much for rushing over here though! So cool of you.


She hugs him.


JJ: It was no problem. I hope the rat doesn’t bother you any longer.




Henry and Barbara are now making out on the bed.


The carrots and ranch dressing tray is still on the bottom of the bed.


Henry’s foot accidently knocks the tray to the ground!



HENRY: I’m sorry Babs.

BARBARA: I hope that dressing doesn’t leave too much of a stain.

HENRY: I am sure the maids will take care of it.

BARBARA: They are going to hate me.

HENRY: They’ll live!


Henry goes back to kissing Barbara..





KATSU: I want to know the answer to something?

PAUL: What is that?

KATSU: Before your father died why did he go to great lengths to hide this money from you or from everyone?

PAUL: Besides the fact that he was a crazed individual?

KATSU: I guess…


PAUL: My father and I had a tumultuous relationship.

KATSU: Sorry to hear.

PAUL: Don’t be. Because I am about to have the last laugh!


Katsu hands Paul the fake document.


Paul looks on at it smiling.




Greg is sneaking around his house in the dark as to not wake anyone up.


He goes into his little brother’s room.


The fourteen year old is sleeping.


GREG: (whispers)  Hang in there little bro. I will be back for you. I promise.


He exits his brothers room and walks past his parents room.


He looks in at his mom and his dad.


GREG: Sorry mom, but I have to leave for now.


He then exits the house and gets to his car.


He puts the suitcase in the backseat


Greg gets inside and starts the car.


GREG: Colorado here I come…




Credits roll




*I do not own any non-original characters nor any pics.








Written by: Nick M.


At the hospital:


Terrance is walking out of a room.


NURSE: Did it go well?

TERRANCE: Perfect.

NURSE: Hope you feel better.

TERRANCE: I plan on it.


Terrance walks around the corner of the hallway and there sits Natalia



TERRANCE: We should probably try and stop running into each other at a hospital of all places.

NATALIA: Yeah, that is true. Are you feeling okay?

TERRANCE: I am doing fine. And how are you doing with your physical therapy?


Natalia stands up and starts walking.


TERRANCE: No sh*t! Look at you!

NATALIA: It is so good to be able to move again.

TERRANCE: So happy for you. I knew you could do it!


Both smile at the other..






Paul is the last one at the offices. Or so it seems.


Katsu walks into Pauls office.


PAUL: Thank you for coming Katsu

KATSU: I figured it had to be important if you wanted to see me this late.

PAUL: I hope I didn’t take you away from any business.

KATSU: I am always involved with some business.

PAUL: A business man through and through. That’s why I came to you. Came to the best.


KATSU: What can I help you with?

PAUL: I think you may already know.

KATSU: So soon?

PAUL: Yes. I need your help again…




At the womens shelter:


Ali is with Charlotte and Jacy


ALI: I should have listened to you, Charlotte.

CHARLOTTE: Please don’t start beating yourself up of all things.

JACY: I want to know what happened, girl?

ALI: Well I did see Vin…and when I did I slapped him. Gave him a taste of his own medicine.

JACY: That is what I like to hear! Good on you.


ALI: It went bad from there though. I stupidly listened to him. I met him in public because I knew he couldn’t hurt me there, but he convinced me to go back to his place. Said his friends were there so we wouldn’t be alone.

CHARLOTTE: They were not really there?

ALI: They were, but as soon as we got there he had them leave and that is when he just changed. Changed back to his abusive self. He was going to hit me. Thank god his friend came back in and hit Vin!

JACY: Vin still got what he deserved then!

ALI: Yeah, but why did I even agree to meet with him. What is wrong with me?




Cut to Vin looking at his mouth and lips in the mirror.


Chavo is also there.


VIN: Cannot even believe this sh*t.

CHAVO: I am shocked by Gregs actions.

VIN: I told him it was none of his business and he comes in here..and …and sucker punches me! How dare him!

CHAVO: I’ll have a talk with him.

VIN: Oh I will do much more!


CHAVO: I can tell how angry you are about this.

VIN: Anger doesn’t even begin to describe what I am feeling. So many mixed emotions. There is only one thing to do. You need to find him.

CHAVO: I’ll try and get a hold of him.

VIN: Good. Because when we find him. I am going to kill that bastard.


Vin pulls out his gun!




Greg is with Marcino in Marcinos room.


MARCINO: Dude, what is wrong?

GREG: I have been messing up for a while now, man.

MARCINO: What do you mean?

GREG: I don’t want to tell you. I don’t want you to judge me.

MARCINO: I would never judge you. You know that.


GREG: Well I have been hanging out with some rather, shady guys for a lack of better term. A gang I guess you can say and I think I just pissed the leader off.

MARCINO: A gang? What the hell?!

GREG: Yes I know, but I said, don’t judge.

MARCINO: Not judging. Just shocked is all. How did you piss him off?

GREG: Punched him in the face and knocked him out.

MARCINO: Oh…well I can see why he is pissed!

GREG: I had a good reason. He was about to hit his girlfriend.


MARCINO: Sounds like scum.

GREG: I don’t know why I befriended them. They live in my neighborhood and reached out and now I am all caught up in this. He is going to kill me!

MARCINO: I would hope he wouldn’t go that far.

GREG: You don’t understand! He is not the most stable guy in the world! He is going to come after me and I do not know what to do!


Marcino puts his hand on Gregs shoulder as they sit together on Marcinos bed.


MARCINO: First you have to calm down.


Greg pleads into Marcinos eyes.


GREG: I’m…I’m really afraid of what Vin will try and do to me.

MARCINO: I know, but we can think of something.


Greg continues to gaze in Marcinos eyes.


GREG: You really have a calming effect on me.


Suddenly Greg kisses Marcino!




At the hospital:


TERRANCE: You finished with physical therapy here for the night?

NATALIA: Yes. It went well.

TERRANCE: You know, even though we keep running into each other here at the hospital we don’t have to stay here.

NATALIA: If you have somewhere to go, you should.

TERRANCE: No I mean we should go somewhere and hang out together.


NATALIA: I would like that.

TERRANCE: How bout some drinks? We can go celebrate your great recovery!

NATALIA: Let’s do it!





KATSU: Are you sure it is time for this?

PAUL: I am sure

KATSU: You know we have to time this perfectly.

PAUL: I know, but we are running out of time.

KATSU: Yeah you’re right.

PAUL: I have complied with all of your demands. You even get your own shipment which could be something that could get me in deep trouble.


KATSU: Don’t worry about what I am having shipped in.

PAUL: I am not worried.

KATSU: You don’t have to tell me how much you have done. You do not have to prove your trust. You already did that. So far I have held up my end of the bargain too. I got you the money to reopen this company.

PAUL: I know, but now I need more. I am ready for step two.

KATSU: Step two..


Katsu smirks.




At the womens shelter:


CHARLOTTE: Are you ready to stop beating yourself up, Ali?

ALI: I just wish I wouldn’t be so dumb sometimes!

JACY: You really should give yourself a break.

ALI: I know. I am just mad at myself for getting sucked in again.

CHARLOTTE: It has happened to us all.


Charlotte hugs Ali.


ALI: I am glad you girls are here.

JACY: We gotchoo.

CHARLOTTE: This is all a learning process. For all of us. Miss Cho is trying to get us back on track.

ALI: I think I have awhile to go till I find that track.




Greg has kissed Marcinos who is caught off guard


Marcino starts to get into the kiss…but then abruptly pulls away and stands up!


MARCINO: What are you doing, Greg!

GREG: What do you mean what am I doing? Kissing you.


Marcino wipes her mouth


MARCINO: Um…why?

GREG: Because the moment was building to that.

MARCINO: I have no idea what you are talking about.

GREG: This is crazy.

MARCINO: This IS crazy dude! I am not into dudes.

GREG: Uh, yeah you are.

MARCINO: How are you going to tell me what I am into?

GREG: You have been giving me signals for so long now. You know you have. Don’t even try and deny it!




Terrance and Natalia are at the casino sitting at the bar.


Brittany is the bartender


BRITTANY: Would you both like another?

NATALIA: Why not one more.

TERRANCE: I do. I have been working hard lately and not getting time for fun like this.

BRITTANY: Coming right up.

NATALIA: This was a good idea.

TERRANCE: hang around me more and you will find that I am full of those.

NATALIA: Better to be full of that than full of something else.


Brittany hands them both their drinks.


NATALIA: Thank you.

TERRANCE: Ill make a toast. For your great recovery to continue and for you to get back to work on the force soon!

NATALIA: Thank you so much! Cheers!


Natalia and Terrance clink glasses




Cut to Paul and Katsu:


PAUL: So can we get this done?

KATSU: I think we sure can. I’ll work on it tonight.

PAUL: Fantastic.

KATSU: You look a little nervous.

PAUL: Of course I am. This has to get done.


KATSU: No need to worry. I will pull this off.

PAUL: Don’t get me wrong, I believe that you will.

KATSU: I will. I have many connections in this city.


Katsu smirks again.


KATSU: We must meet here again early in the morning.

PAUL: I’ll me back here in just a few hours then.

KATSU: Won’t your wife ask questions?

PAUL: My wife may still staying at a hotel tonight.


PAUL: Don’t ask.




Cut to Chavo still with a pissed off Vin who is still tending to his bloody and bruised mouth.


VIN: Have you reached Greg?

CHAVO: He is not answering my texts.

VIN: Of course not, the coward. Keep trying.

CHAVO: I can go by his house and see if his car is there.

VIN: Good call. Go find out. Do all that you can to find him!

CHAVO: On my way.


Chavo exits.


CHAVO: Greg, you have really done it this time.


Back inside, Greg takes out his gun again.


VIN: Nobody does this to me.


He stares at the gun…




Cut to Greg and Marcino.


MARCINO: I am not into dudes!

GREG: What about all the signs, man? Confiding your problems in me all the time?

MARCINO: That is what friends do.

GREG: What about the hug at the pond before we found the burnt car?

MARCINO: It was just a hug!

GREG: It was not just a hug, but if you want to be in denial, fine!


MARCINO: I’m sorry if I…If I gave signs or whatever..

GREG: It was a mistake coming here. I have to go.

MARCINO: What about the crazy gang guy after you? Where are you going to go?

GREG: I don’t know but I need to leave here. This is just awkward now.

MARCINO: Don’t feel like that.

GREG: I’m leaving. In fact, I’m leaving town!


MARCINO: You cannot just run away.

GREG: Watch me.


Greg starts to leave, but Marcino grabs him and pulls him back in holding his arm.


They are now face to face.


MARCINO: Don’t leave.

GREG: Why not? If you don’t want me to leave admit that you have been giving me signals and feel the same way I do…


Greg looks Marcino in the eyes and Marcino shifts his eyes downward.


GREG: If not then let me go.


Marcino lets go of Gregs arm.


Gregs walks off and exits


MARCINO: Dammit Greg! Why did you have to go and do all of this?


Marcino looks on worried…




*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics. 




Written by: Nick M.


Jesse walks into an office.


The office of Police Chief Jones .


CHIEF JONES: Welcome Jesse

JESSE: Hello Sir


They shake hands.


CHIEF JONES: What brings you by this evening?

JESSE: I have been trying to get this one on one meeting with you for a while.

CHIEF JONES: Sorry it has taken so long. I took a much needed vacation.

JESSE: Do you feel rested?

CHIEF JONES: Ready to take on the city!

JESSE: Wonderful then I hope you will like my fundraiser Idea.

CHIEF JONES: Fundraiser? The forces fundraiser already happened earlier in the year.


JESSE: Not that fundraiser. A different one. I want the city to put on a fundraiser for the city itself and I was hoping you would help out.

CHIEF JONES: That is certainly…different.

JESSE: The rough part of the city would become better with some help.

CHIEF JONES: You really think that?

JESSE: I do. They need their own community center.

CHIEF JONES: You really don’t think a community center would put a stop the gangs or something do you?

JESSE: I most certainly do chief.


Chief Jones looks on doubtful…




Lucas is home.


He takes a seat and lets out a sigh of relief.


LUCAS: Good to be home. What a day.


His phone rings.


He answers.


It is Emily


EMILY: Hello Lucas…


EMILY: Are you busy?

LUCAS: Not really.

EMILY: Good because I need to see you quick!

LUCAS: I didn’t plan on going anywhere.


EMILY: Are you home? I can go see you there.

LUCAS: I don’t know about that.

EMILY: Come on. Please. I need to talk to you.

LUCAS: Only if it is an emergency!

EMILY: It is.

LUCAS: Fine. 326 Dayton Street.

EMILY: Be there shortly.


They hang up.


LUCAS: I guess I won’t be getting to rest.




Steve returns home.


Kayla , Hope and Carly are there.


KAYLA: Any Luck?

STEVE: Sorry to say, but no. Not at all.

HOPE: The ISA doesn’t have any information? How is that possible?

STEVE: Because something dirty is going on!

CARLY: You really think so?

STEVE: I am sure of it. That is why I quit!


KAYLA: You quit?!

STEVE: I had to sweetness.

KAYLA: You know that I am happy you finally did.

HOPE: How will we find info on Bo then?

CARLY: Yeah. Good question.

STEVE: We will have to do it on our own. It is not like the ISA was much help anyway.




Cut to Daniel and Stefano


STEFANO: We have a lot of important things to discuss.

DAN: We sure do.

STEFANO: We must go over what our next step will be.

DAN: I was hoping we can discuss Jennifer.

STEFANO: I said important things to discuss.

DAN: She is very important to me.


STEFANO: I do not know why.

DAN: I do love her you know.

STEFANO: She is not good luck for the ones she loves, you should know.

DAN: I plan on changing that.

STEFANO: Do not let Jennifer Horton get in our way.

DAN: You do not have to worry about that.




Meanwhile, Greg looks inside Vins house.


He sees Vin about to hit Ali


He has a flash of his dad and then has a flash of his mom with a black eye.


GREG: Dammit Vin!


Greg rushes inside.


GREG: Don’t!

VIN: This doesn’t concern you, Greg!

GREG: Oh yes it does.


Greg goes at Vin and with all his might punches him square in the jaw knocking Vin out cold!!


Vin hits the ground.


Chavo comes rushing in.


CHAVO: What are you thinkin’ bro? What are ya doin’?

GREG: He should not have his hands on Ali.

ALI: Thank you, Greg.

GREG: I don’t know what came over me.

ALI: I should not have trusted him again. Why am I so stupid?

GREG: You are not.


CHAVO: When Vin comes to, he is going to want to kill you, Greg.

GREG: Yeah he will.

ALI: He is going to be livid. We have to get out of here.

CHAVO: I am not leaving him.


Vin starts to move a bit.


ALI: I have to go.

GREG: Come with me.


Ali and Greg run out of the house…




At the police station:


CHIEF JONES: I’m not sure you are thinking hard about this fundraiser.

JESSE: Listen, my daughter was shot by a gang member. This is really all I can think about.

CHIEF JONES: We need to stop the gangs by cracking down on them harder with arrests.

JESSE: …and a lot of them get off or get slaps on the wrists and go right back to the gangs. We need to take care of these kids before they turn to gangs. A community center and a lot of help will work.

CHIEF JONES: I respect your drive to help, but these are just ideals. Dreams, really.

JESSE: We won’t know until we try.


CHIEF JONES: You have my support.

JESSE: Thank you.

CHIEF JONES: BUT, you are going to run into problems

JESSE: How so?

CHIEF JONES: You need to learn about this city more.

JESSE: I know it has its share of problems.

CHIEF JONES: More than you know.  You better start to learn something about city politics.




Emily is now at Lucas place.


EMILY: Thank you for inviting me over.

LUCAS: Wasn’t quite an invite.

EMILY: I know. I’m sorry.

LUCAS: Well what is this big emergency?

EMILY: My husband and I had a huge fight yesterday.

LUCAS: How exactly can I help with that?

EMILY: I don’t even want to stay there with him tonight.


LUCAS: Sorry, but I am not going to invite you to stay here…

EMILY: I wouldn’t ask that.

LUCAS: Phew.

EMILY: The thing is my marriage could really be ending and if it is I do not want to be left with nothing.

LUCAS: I don’t think he can take you for everything.

EMILY: The Ryans will try. I just want and need a job.

LUCAS: You don’t give up do you?

EMILY: I will beg if I have to.

LUCAS: Like on your knees begging? (smirks)

EMILY: Here goes nothing

LUCAS: No! I’m kidding. I’m not Daniel Jonas.

EMILY: Just please give me that job!




Cut to Daniel and Stefano


DAN: You know, I heard about Jennifer way back. I had some talks with Peter before his incarceration.

STEFANO: I didn’t know you two stayed close when you got older.

DAN: We did get out of touch, but I’m glad we reconnected. He loved Jennifer too.

STEFANO: Yeah at one point he did. That didn’t turn out well for him either.

DAN: I can now just say that I understand why he loved Jenn.

STEFANO: He would not be happy to hear you two were an item.


DAN: I think he would understand.

STEFANO: Well Daniel I am glad that you are in love and all, but I would like to get down to business and figure out the next step in keeping myself a free man.

DAN: Fine. Any ideas?

STEFANO: Always.




At the Johnson house:


KAYLA: There is still a possibility that Roman will find some info for us.

STEVE: Not if he is using ISA contacts.

CARLY: You are really down on the ISA right now.

STEVE: I think someone has infiltrated them. Probably Stefano himself.

KAYLA: I should warn Roman.

STEVE: Roman isn’t listening.


HOPE: This is just ridiculous. I cannot believe all of this is happening and at Bos expense.


Hopes phone rings.


CARLY: That your boyfriend, Aiden?

HOPE: Don’t worry about it.


Hope looks at her phone.


HOPE: I don’t know this number.


She answers. It is Greta


GRETA: Hope…this is Greta Von Amberg.

HOPE: Greta? Wow. Long time.

GRETA: It has been. I have been trying to get ahold of Bo but cannot. I called the Brady pub and Caroline gave me your number.

HOPE: Why were you trying to get in touch with Bo?

GRETA: Because Stefano has been here in England.

HOPE: Stefano?


This perks Steve, Kayla and Carlys ears.


GRETA: Yes. He has been trying to say he is my father.

HOPE: I hope that is not true.

GRETA: Oh me too. I do suspect he is back in the states now though. I wanted to let Bo know.

HOPE: Are you sure of that?

GRETA: Almost certainly.

HOPE: Greta you are a miracle caller. We could use your help…




Greg is dropping Ali back at the womens shelter.


ALI: Thank you for the ride…and for everything really.

GREG: I am sorry if Vin has been abusing you all of this time.

ALI: I can’t believe I have put up with it.

GREG: You have to promise me not to fall for his words anymore.

ALI: I know now. I guess I just learn things the hard way.


GREG: It is great that you are in a shelter. I wish my mom would come here.

ALI: Does your father do something to your mom?

GREG: It is a long story.

ALI: I am sorry if so.

GREG: Yeah me too. I better leave though and figure out where I am going to go myself.

ALI: Thank you so much. Good luck. I hope Vin doesn’t come after you

GREG: Good luck to you too.


Ali hugs him.




Jesse is still with Chief Jones.


CHIEF JONES: I think you should discuss this with the city council, though You will probably get turned down.

JESSE: I would hope they wouldn’t do that.

CHIEF JONES: I want a pair of your rose colored glasses.

JESSE: I guess this town is worse than I thought.

CHIEF JONES: It can get worse, but I wish you luck. This is commendable.

JESSE: Thank you. I’ll see what happens. I am determined.




At Lucas House


EMILY: So do you want me to beg for the job or not?

LUCAS: You do not have to beg.

EMILY: So I am hired?

LUCAS: I do like this tenacity of yours.

EMILY: I hoped you would.

LUCAS: You have a job!

EMILY: Thank you so much, Lucas.


She hugs him tight.


EMILY: I will be a great employee and I hope to be a good friend to you like you are to me.

LUCAS: I guess I’ll go to you when I have an (puts his hands in air quotations:) emergency.

EMILY: Yes. Please do..




Greg meanwhile has shown up outside of Marcinos house.


GREG: I hope he is here. Answer my texts man!


Greg texts Marcino again to please come outside.


Marcino does come outside.


GREG: Can we please talk?

MARCINO: Of course, man. Something wrong?

GREG: Yes, very. I need your help.

MARCINO: Come inside. We’ll talk in my room.


They go inside..




At the Johnson house:


KAYLA: What exactly did Greta say?

HOPE: Stefano has been in England and says he is her father and now she seems sure that he is back in the states.

STEVE: I wonder if he could even be near.

CARLY: He could be.

STEVE: I don’t know who to go to with this info since I quit the ISA. I’d rather they not know anyway.


HOPE: What about Roman?

STEVE: I’ll discuss it with him.

CARLY: Can we even trust Gretas word?

HOPE: Yes we can. You do not even know her so don’t make any assumptions.

CARLY: I just want us to do the best for Bo.

HOPE: We will do the best for him because I think he is still out there….somewhere…

KAYLA: Greta really could be a great help.

STEVE: Do you think she will help with whatever we need her to?

HOPE: I think so..

CARLY: She better.




Back to Daniel and Stefano


DAN: I do wonder why you do not just kill these people that get in your way.

STEFANO: That is too simple, my friend. Nothing is worth it unless it is a part of the game. If I am going to win I want to win my way. Besides, I do not get my hands dirty.

DAN: You could just have Bart kill them.

STEFANO: Please, Bart is practically a puppy. He is only good to have around because he listens well.

DAN: Well I have an idea you will like. I know just how to get Bo out of your hair and stay a free man.


STEFANO: What do you have in mind?

DAN: It is simple, really. We just use my drug concoction again.

STEFANO: The drug you used on Jack Deveraux?

DAN: Precisely. I have come up with an amazing drug right there.

STEFANO: Yes, it fried all of Jacks memories.

DAN: And we can do the same to Bo.

STEFANO: I love it, Daniel. Make more of your drug and get ready.


Stefano cackles




*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics. 



Written by: Nick M.




Paul knocks on Barbaras office.


BARBARA: Come in?

PAUL: I can’t do this.

BARBARA: What do you mean? What’s wrong, son?

PAUL: It has been chaos today. So many shipments of possible materials.

BARBARA: Material is important. We need the right ones.

PAUL: I know. I know that you want your designs to be perfect in every way.

BARBARA: I sure do.


PAUL: I just did not get much sleep at all.

BARBARA: Why not?

PAUL: Emily.

BARBARA: Trouble in paradise? Why am I not surprised?

PAUL: A lot of trouble. We had a giant fight.

BARBARA: I don’t know why you put up with that woman. She has not supported you one bit with this company.

PAUL: I let her have it.





Cut to Vin who is looking at his watch.


Vin is outside near a busy park.


VIN: Where is she?


He looks around.


VIN: She wanted to make sure and meet in public, well here I am!


Ali has arrived at the park as well.


VIN: There is my beauty.


Ali slowly walks up to him.


VIN: Can I hug you?

ALI: No.

VIN: Okay…

ALI: Thank you for agreeing to meet me in public.

VIN: Thank you for agreeing to meet me, period. It is so good to see you.

ALI: Yeah, I am glad to see you to so I can give you this…


Ali slaps Vin hard right across the face!


Vin looks on shocked…




JJ is with his mother, Jennifer .


JJ: You didn’t have to bring me over a whole meal.

JENNIFER: You ate like a king though didn’t you?

JJ: I did. Thanks mom.

JENNIFER: I’m sure school work doesn’t give you a chance to cook your own meals.

JJ: Not at all.

JENNIFER: Then I am happy to help..

JJ: Now don’t get sad or anything but at first I was a bit disappointed that you were moving here too, but I think it’s really cool that you and Daniel came here.

JENNIFER: That’s sweet son.


She hugs JJ.




Cut to Steve and Terrance .


TERRANCE: Are you sure he is meeting us here?

STEVE: Yes. Agent Donnelly should be on his way.

TERRANCE: And you are sure he was the one in charge of Bo’s mission to find Stefano?

STEVE: That is the info that Roman was able to get.

TERRANCE: Well then Agent Donnelly has some explainin’ to do.

STEVE: I just hope he has some info that we can work with.

TERRANCE: That is the idea.

STEVE: I just hope he gets here soon.




Bart has arrived at the house that Bo is being held in.


Bart hears a voice… “Hello Bart”


Bart jumps as he turns and sees Stefano standing inside!


Bart drops his keys.


BART: Stefano!

STEFANO: I told you I was coming.

BART: We-welcome sir.

STEFANO: And as promised I am not alone. One of the people that has helped us immensely has come to meet us here too.


The person walks into the room…

That person is Doctor Daniel Jonas.


BART: Wait…what?

DANIEL: Stefano, good to see you back.


Daniel and Stefano shake hands.


BART: Doctor Jonas has been helping you?

DANIEL: I have indeed.

STEFANO: And what a great help he has been. (Cackles)




Jennifer is still with her son at his apartment.


There is a knock at the door.


It is Eliza .


ELIZA: Hi JJ…and JJs mom.

JENNIFER: Hey there! I am still thankful that you helped us around when we first got to town.

ELIZA: It was no problem.

JJ: What brings you by?

ELIZA: Well I just got off from a stressful day at work and wanted to see if you would like to go out for some coffee?

JENNIFER: Sound good to me, I was just about to head home and wait for Daniel to get off of his first day at the hospital.


Jenn winks at JJ.


JJ: Well then I guess I am all free for coffee.

ELIZA: Awesome!

JENNIFER: I will see you both later.

ELIZA: Shall we head out now too?

JJ: Works for me.




Agent Donnelly is now with Steve and Terrance.


AGENT DONNELLY: This is about Bo right?

STEVE: Of course it is.

TERRANCE: Were you in charge of his mission?

AGENT DONNELLY: I was the go to agent at the top, yes.

STEVE: We want to know all about Bo’s case.

AGENT DONNELLY: I am certain they have debriefed you on the important parts.

TERRANCE: What do you consider the non important parts?


AGENT DONNELLY: Are you two grilling me like I have something to hide?

STEVE: I just want to know everything that Bo was doing. If you were the agent he kept going to with all his info, then you will know.

AGENT DONNELLY: I brought my computer for this very reason. I can show you all of Bos log journals that I have.

TERRANCE: Perfect!

STEVE: Do other higher ups in the ISA know that you are willing to give this info?

AGENT DONNELLY: I just want to show that I have nothing to hide.


He clicks on some files that pop up.


But what pops up is: ITEMS NOT FOUND.


AGENT DONNELY: No damn way. They’ve been deleted!




Cut to Daniel with Stefano and Bart.


BART: When did this partnership begin? Blows my mind.

STEFANO: Don’t lose what little of it you have left.

DANIEL: I would say our partnership goes way back.

STEFANO: You see, Bart, I have known Daniel since he was a child. He had been adopted by some friends of mine who lived in Aremid.

DANIEL: Oh yes. The people of Salem just think I am Maggies damn egg baby and I am, but I was adopted by some folks who were close to Stefano and the Blakes. I was good friends with Peter when he was a child.

STEFANO: It has been brilliant, Bart. They have no clue of this connection between Daniel and me.

DANIEL: I have even duped everyone in Salem with them practically thinking I am like a god.


STEFANO: This man right here, took care of one problem in Jack Deveraux.

DANIEL: I sure did. Found out he was on the look for Stefano and locked him up in Colorado. I started drugging him up and now the guys head is completely fried.

BART: I thought he escaped.

DANIEL: He did, but he is no problem now. I saw on the article from the Union Creek Chronicle that this John Doe at their hospital has amnesia. It was about him I am sure. The drugs worked better than I ever imagined.

STEFANO: Brilliant.




Vin holds his face from Ali’s slap.


VIN: Have you been practicing that or something. Sure does sting.

ALI: I felt like I had to do that.

VIN: I understand.

ALI: …You do?

VIN: Yes. I understand your need to do that to me. I have not been kind to you.

ALI: No you have not.

VIN: I just want to prove I want to change. The old Vin would have become an angry monster after that slap.

ALI: Yes…true…


VIN: Please just come back to my place so we can talk this out.

ALI: I don’t want to be alone with you. That is why I wanted to meet in public.

VIN: We won’t be alone. Chavo and Greg are there waiting for me. You get along with them.

ALI: I just cant trust you.

VIN: Please Ali. Look at me. I am not mad. I just want to talk…

ALI: Fine…




Katsu arrives at BRO.


He sees Barbara and Paul talking in Barbaras office.


KATSU: Perfect.


Katsu goes downstairs and walks outside through a back door.


There is a semi-truck parked outside.


Derrick is out there too.


KATSU: I am glad you made it on time.

DERRICK: Of course I did. We have been working towards this.

KATSU: Well let’s unload.

DERRICK: Make it quick.


Derrick goes into his truck and pulls in near the semi.


Derrick and Katsu start to unload boxes from the semi onto the back of Derrick’s truck…




JJ and Eliza arrive at the coffee shop.


JJ: Ladies first.


JJ opens the door for her.


ELIZA: You really think I am a lady? Pffft.

JJ: Perhaps not.

ELIZA: But thank you. Glad to see chivalry isn’t completely dead.


They walk inside.


Miranda is also there!


JJ spots her right away. His heart seems to sink to his stomach.


It sinks even further down when he sees that Miranda is laughing it up with the barista, Hunter .


MIRANDA: You are pretty funny.

HUNTER: Happy to amuse you.

MIRANDA: Amused I am.


JJ stares on at the two and Eliza notices…




Cut to a frustrated Steve.


STEVE: What the hell do you mean that Bo’s log journals have been deleted?

AGENT DONNELLY: I seriously do not know what happened.

TERRANCE: You know this just looks sketchy.

AGENT DONNELLY: I am sure it does, but I really don’t know how this happened.

TERRANCE: You best be playin’.

STEVE: You better not be some kind of double agent.


Steve grabs him but his collar.


TERRANCE: Don’t get worked up Steve.

STEVE: No. This is ridiculous. The ISA is supposed to be this hi tech government associates and this kind of stuff keeps happening.

TERRANCE: I know it is frustrating.

AGENT DONNELLY: Maybe I can get the log journals to be found somehow.

STEVE: I don’t even know what to say anymore. I am sick of this sh*t! I cant even trust the ISA anymore. I quit!


Both Terrance and Agent Donnelly cannot believe hearing this..




STEFANO: I just could not let Jack nor Bo find me.

BART: Thank sweet baby Jesus they didn’t.

STEFANO: And all over tax fraud.

DANIEL: The great Stefano Dimera was not going to go down for that.

STEFANO: I am glad we are taking care of our problems.

BART: How are you going to take care of Bo downstairs?

STEFANO: I will think of something.

DANIEL: We are in a good place right now with all of this.

STEFANO: Yes we are. There is no chance in hell that I am going down because of f*cking taxes!




Katsu and Derrick continue to unload boxes from a semi behind BRO into the back of Derricks truck.


DERRICK: Is that all of them?

KATSU: I believe so.

DERRICK: Tremendous.

KATSU: You should get out of here.

DERRICK: Yeah, but you need to check it first.


Katsu and Derrick get into the back of Derricks truck.


Katsu opens one of the boxes a bit.


He pulls out…a brick of cocaine!


KATSU: Looks perfect to me.

DERRICK: We are on the brink.

KATSU: Aren’t we though?

DERRICK: Going to own this town…



Chavo and Greg are at Vins place.


GREG: Do you really think he will be able to get Ali to come here?

CHAVO: Probably.

GREG: I kind of hope not.

CHAVO: If he does I bet he wants us to leave.


Just then Vin and Ali arrive.


VIN: Hey bros.

ALI: …Hi guys

GREG: Hey Ali

CHAVO: How are you two?

VIN: I am hoping we are going to be really good. Can you two give us some privacy?

CHAVO: I told you, Greg.

GREG: Yeah.

ALI: I would like it if they stay.

CHAVO: We probably should go though.

VIN: Yes, we will be fine.


Fear starts to come across Ali’s face.


GREG: See you guys later.


Greg and Chavo leave…


Ali: I thought you would respect my wishes to not be alone with you.

VIN: Shut up.


Vins whole demeanor completely changes.


VIN: How dare you slap me and then try and disrespect me by not wanting to be alone with me!


Vin grabs her. Ali screams!


Outside, Greg is about to get in the car with Chavo but hears Ali scream.


He hears Ali say “No! Please!”


Greg turns around and goes to the house.


He looks inside to see Vin about to hit Ali.


He has a flash of his dad and then has a flash of his mom with a black eye.


GREG: Dammit Vin!


Greg rushes inside.


GREG: Don’t!

VIN: This doesn’t concern you, Greg!

GREG: Oh yes it does.


Greg goes at Vin and with all his might punches him square in the jaw knocking Vin out cold!!


Vin hits the ground.









Written by: Nick M.


JesseXJsVyCI.jpg and AngieihfrOJZ.jpg are sitting together at their home.


Jesse is feeding Angie a grape.


JESSE: Feeling like a queen yet?

ANGIE: You are doing a good job of making me feel like one.

JESSE: I am just glad we actually have a day off together!

ANGIE: I know. It has not been happening much.


Jesse kisses her on the cheek.


She returns the favor with a kiss on the lips.


JESSE: Juicy.

ANGIE: That’s the grapes.

JESSE: Nope. Definitely your lips, Angie.


They kiss again and fall back onto the couch.




Chavo1B8lMvq.jpg and GregUVp7qEC.jpg come to see



Vin seems to be in a great mood.


CHAVO: This is a change of pace for your mood, Vin?

VIN: Yeah I am in a better mood because things are looking up, guys!

GREG: Does this have something to do with Ali?

VIN: Of course it does.

CHAVO: Has she finally come to see you again?

VIN: Not yet, but she has agreed to come and talk to me!

CHAVO: Really?

VIN: Yes.


GREG: How did you get a hold of her?

CHAVO: Yeah, Where was she?

VIN: Don’t worry about it guys. The only thing that matters is that she has agreed to see me!


Vin smiles.




Bart1nBFOw2.png arrives at the coffee shop.


He goes inside and looks at the menu.



HUNTER: Hi sir. What would you like?

BART: Something strong. I did not sleep well. I have these nervous bouts.

HUNTER: That sucks. I have some espresso that will get you ready to go.


Meanwhile, The odd JeremytTriQIc.jpg is inside sitting at a table.


He looks up and see Bart.


His eyes get big…


JEREMY: Could it be?!


Jeremy continues to stare at Bart.


Bart turns and sees Jeremy staring at him but turns back around waiting for his coffee.


JEREMY: Oh my god. I know him…



Cut to Steve0Bx8EBr.jpg, KaylaOfteM4f.jpg,

RomanVQRl3F0.jpg, HopeijoYkkO.png and



ROMAN: We need to consider the big possibility here.

HOPE: No we don’t.

CARLY: I’d like to agree with Hope actually.

HOPE: You don’t have to go there, Carly.


STEVE: I don’t know how I feel about this.

KAYLA: Me either.

ROMAN: It is the facts though. Remains were found in Bo’s charred car. The cold hard truth is that we may have to declare Bo dead.

HOPE: Dammit, Roman no. I am telling you I would know if he was dead.

CARLY: Can we really go off of one of your hunches though?

HOPE: I am his wi…well I was his wife. I should get to make this decision.

CARLY: I was once Bo’s wife too.


STEVE: I have to agree with Hope. I am not ready to declare him dead. There is still too much we do not know.

ROMAN: What else do you want to know?

STEVE: You need to find out who was in charge at the ISA for Bo’s case.

KAYLA: The ISA is really dropping the ball here. It has me uncomfortable.

STEVE: I agree sweetness. Something continues to smell fishy.




Cut to an alive BoAbgeLGx.jpg.


He is still tied up in chains against the wall.


He continues to try and pull at the chains but his wrists have become extremely bruised and cut up.


BO: This is getting so painful.


He looks on at his wrists.


BO: I don’t know how much longer I can keep up this pulling.


His energy level seems to have dropped a lot.


BO: I’m losing blood from these cuts. What a nightmare. What am I going to do?!


He looks on in distress…


At the womens shelter:


Charlotte15P3tg4.jpg walks up to Alijj0WB4H.jpg.


CHARLOTTE: Please tell me you are not seriously considering leaving here to meet your as*hole ex…

ALI: I need to break up with him once and for all. Besides, I told you this in confidence so please keep it down.

CHARLOTTE: I don’t believe that you plan on breaking up with him if you go see him.

ALI: I left so quietly and meekly. I want to do better.

CHARLOTTE: I just know how this goes. I fell for it a lot too. You cannot let him talk you into these types of things.


Ali sighs.


CHARLOTTE: Can I show you something?

ALI: Of course.


Charlotte goes and grabs her purse.


CHARLOTTE: Look at this picture of my ex. I have an X through it with a marker.


She hands Ali the picture and Ali looks at it.


CHARLOTTE: It is a reminder to myself to know that I am away from him for a reason. Perhaps you should try something similar to remind yourself.


Ali continues to look at the picture.




Back at the Hubbard house:


Angie is cleaning up a little. She looks over at Jesse who is lost in thought.


ANGIE: Earth to Jesse! What is on your mind?

JESSE: Natalia and her wanting to come back to the force.

ANGIE: You should just take that a little at a time. She is going to have to take small steps herself.

JESSE: I don’t think she should come back to the force. I do not want this to happen to her again.

ANGIE: She is already making strides though, Jesse. You cannot just shut out the possibility of her coming back to the force completely.


JESSE: She is still in the hospital Angie.

ANGIE Not for long.

JESSE: …What do you mean? Is my baby getting released soon? (he smiles)

ANGIE: More than soon. She is getting released today!

JESSE: Why are you just telling me this now?

ANGIE: She wanted it to be a surprise. In fact, She may be showing up her soon…




At the coffee shop:


Jeremy is still looking at Bart.


Jeremy gets up, but then he sits back down. He seems very nervous and fidgety.


JEREMY: Should I approach him?


He stands up.


JEREMY: I should probably think twice about bothering him.

He sits back down.


Hunter hands Bart his coffee and Bart exits the place.


JEREMY: Crap, I missed my chance.


However, a huge grin comes over Jeremys face.


JEREMY: This is purely amazing.


He gets up and leaves the coffee shop seeming giddy…




Cut to chained up Bo.


As he sits there in his chains he looks straight ahead.


He has a flashback:


Bo is in his car.


He makes a phone call.


BO: Hello…Agent Donnelly…Yes this is Agent Bo Brady. I have made some progress on this. Yes…but I think I need some back up. This could start to get dangerous if my hunches are right.


AGENT DONNELLY: Alright Bo. I will be sending two agents for back up. They will arrive by tomorrow.


BO: Thank you. I just know this will be linked to Stefano. It always is.


Bo hangs up.


He then looks towards a house. The house he happens to be chained up in now...


BO: Could this be Dimera property?


Bo comes back into the present. He puts his head down as he sits there dejected.




Steve is sitting with Terrance7F9UDoY.jpg, Roman and Hope.


STEVE: Roman and Terrance we need to find out which head at the ISA was in charge of Bos investigation.

TERRANCE: I’ve tried and it has not been easy.

ROMAN: That is because you are a little guy on the totem pole.

STEVE: Roman. Please find out the info for us.

ROMAN: I will try, Steve.


Roman walks off and takes out his phone. Roman seems frustrated.


Carly and Kayla look at him.


CARLY: Is your brother okay?

KAYLA: I don’t know. I don’t know if any of us are right now.


HOPE: Steve, I wish you guys could find out some really needed info.

STEVE: We will Hope.

TERRANCE: We have been working hard, but it is like someone has been keeping us back.

STEVE: Yup. Something shady is going on with the ISA.

HOPE: Whatever it is, if it got Bo in danger, you two need to be careful.




Nataliaahe0OZE.jpg has arrived at Jesse and Angies house.


Natalia walks in with her cane.


JESSE: Baby be careful. Do you need help?

NATALIA: I am good, dad.

ANGIE: She has started to get back around great.

JESSE: This is so good baby. You are a fighter for sure.

NATALIA: I was taught well. I was worried you were still upset with me dad.

JESSE: I am not upset with you.


JESSE: I am thrilled for you that you are alive and recovering!


Jesse embraces his daughter.


JESSE: Get in here Angie!


Angie piles in for a group hug.




At the womens shelter:


CHARLOTTE: I am not getting through to you am I Ali?

ALI: I just feel like I should do this.

CHARLOTTE: Im glad I tried. Maybe you should at least talk to Miss Cho before you leave.

ALI: You know I plan on coming back after right?

CHARLOTTE: I hope you get to.

ALI: Don’t say that!

CHARLOTTE: Just please talk to Miss Cho before you leave and meet with Vin.


Charlotte walks off.


Charlotte starts to put the picture of her ex with the X through it back in her purse.


Zoom in on the picture….It is a picture of Jeremy!




Jeremy arrives at his house.


He rushes to his bedroom.


He opens his closet door. There are no clothes in his closet. There are pictures and articles taped to his wall in the closet...


He starts to look over them.


He has pictures of Charles MansonC5osx96.jpg, James StenbeckmvswRlp.jpg, and Roger ThorpeOv2c2Pa.jpg.


The articles on his wall are of Jeffrey Dahmer, Sheila Carter, Carl Hutchins, and Reginald Love.


He then gets to a picture with Stefano, Kate Roberts and Lucas. And then a picture of Stefano and Bart.


JEREMY: Yes! There it is! That was him!


He smiles at the picture of Stefano and Bart and then looks at an article next to it on Stefano. He then runs his hand over all of the pictures and articles...


JEREMY: Such brilliant minds…I need to be like them…




At The Johnson/Brady house:


Terrance feels woozy and stumbles a bit.


STEVE: Woah there, dude!

KAYLA: Are you okay, Terrance?

TERRANCE: I am fine..

KAYLA: Are you sure?

TERRANCE: Yes I think I just need something to eat, I am starving.

STEVE: I’ll see what is in the fridge.


Roman meanwhile is still on his phone looking at something.


Hope goes and stands by Kayla.


HOPE: This is hitting your brother hard, though he probably won’t admit it.

KAYLA: Yeah something is up. Seems like something is eating him up.


Roman gets up and walks outside.


He looks back through the window at Steve and Kayla by the refrigerator.


He takes a deep breath.




Bo has another flashback:


Bo is at the house he found suspicious. (The one he is now locked up in)


Bo looks at his watch.


BO: I thought they were sending me back up today? Where are they?


He walks out from behind the house.


He looks towards his car.


BO: What the hell?!


Bo heads back to his car quickly. Someone is inside his car!


He gets to the car to see that the person inside is unconscious.


BO: That’s an agent!


He is about to open the door but someone whacks him in the head from behind!


That knocks Bo out cold…


Cut back to the present to a frustrated Bo.


BO: How did I let this happen!?


He yanks at his chains




Meanwhile, Upstairs in the house.


Bart has arrived back.


Bart hears a voice… “Hello Bart”


Bart jumps as he turns and sees Stefano2wViPdP.jpg standing inside!


Bart drops his keys.


BART: Stefano!

STEFANO: I told you I was coming.

BART: We-welcome sir.

STEFANO: And as promised I am not alone. One of the people that has helped us immensely has come to meet us here too.


The person walks into the room…




Credits roll


I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.



Written by: Nick M.

BrittanyUaap1US.jpg is at Billy’swj5n9vf.jpg place.

BILLY: You stopped by on your way to work just to see me?

BRITTANY: Yeah. It is starting to feel like if we do not see each other every day that the day doesn’t even feel right.

BILLY: Now that you mention it, you are right.

BRITTANY: I really do need to get to work though. I cant be late.

BILLY: Have a good shift. I’ll just be here…doing my usual. Lounging around.

BRITTANY: Are you going to go look for a job yet?

BILLY: Maybe. See you later.

Billy and Brittany embrace in a tight hug before she heads out.

Billy then sits down.

BILLY: Gotta stop being lazy.

His phone rings and he picks it up.

BILLY: I’ll be damn.

It is his sister Ashley AbbottWI4fNFA.png on the other line!

BILLY: Ashley!

ASHLEY: Hi Little bro. How are you?

BILLY: Doing okay.

ASHLEY: Glad to hear it. You like the city you moved to?

BILLY: It actually could be paradise. Or so I am hoping..


At the women’s shelter:

AligweH63Q.jpg is at the kitchen table eating with some of the other girls.

She finishes up and walks over to CharlotteacAlNkc.jpg.

CHARLOTTE: I gotta say, I sure am proud of you.

ALI: For what?

CHARLOTTE: You are now mingling with all the girls in here.

ALI: That is thanks to you, Charlotte. You made it easy to talk to and started to get me to talk to the others.

CHARLOTTE: What ever worked I am glad. You need friends. Miss Cho is proud of you too. She likes to see us girls become friends. She says it goes a long way.

ALI: She is a wise woman.


Meanwhile, VinkCOQV2w.jpg is looking as frustrated as ever.

VIN: Going to find you Ali!

He is online on a tablet.

VIN: And I know exactly where they made you go those damn doctors.

He is searching women shelters in the nearby area!


Gregb6O3FNJ.jpg has just arrived home.

GREG: Quiet today. Anybody home?!

He looks around.

GREG: The house to myself. And dad isn’t here. The only time this place is peaceful is when he is out.

Greg walks into the kitchen.

GREG: I hope we actually have some food.

He opens the refrigerator to see nothing but Milk and ketchup.

GREG: I guess milk will have to do.

He pours himself a glass.

He exits the room and sees his mom walking up stairs.

GREG: Mom! I didn’t know anyone was home.

GREGS MOM: Hi son. I didn’t know you were here either.

She walks upstairs quickly like she is avoiding him.

GREG: Was it something I said…


PaulrrfSIgC.jpg arrives home and EmilyPRaEHzB.jpg is there.

EMILY: Home so early?

PAUL: Taking a little break.

EMILY: How is it going? Eliza is still messing things up I assume…

PAUL: Why are you worried about Eliza?

EMILY: You said she has been having a hard time getting the hang of being a secretary…

PAUL: Yeah she is.

EMILY: Sorry, I was just asking Paul.

PAUL: I don’t know why you are faking interest in BRO today.

EMILY: What are you talking about?

PAUL: The company has been opened for a few days now…and do you know how many times you have come to support the company? Oh that’s right, zero!

EMILY: I didn’t know you needed hands on support like that.

PAUL: Oh, please Emily! We had a whole discussion and you stated how you were going to be supportive. I found it weird that you changed your tune so quickly, but now I see you were just lying through your teeth.

EMILY: I didn’t—

PAUL: --Save it! I do not want to hear excuses.

Emily steps back as Paul’s agitation grows.


Cut to BoSS9rOX4.jpg chained up

He is looking at a plate of food that was brought in.

He has to move the plate closer to him using his leg.

BO: This is becoming too much.

He then can barely reach the food with his hand. He stretches as much as he can and grabs a bread roll.

He takes a bite of it and it is rather hard.

BO: I must get out of here somehow. (shouts towards the door) I will get out of here! You hear me!


Billy is still on the phone with his sister, Ashley.

ASHLEY: You don’t know what career to choose there?

BILLY: Not really. There is this fashion company restarting that I thought about applying at, but I haven’t yet.

ASHLEY: I think you should.

BILLY: I know I should, but the question is will I?

ASHLEY: You will run out of money eventually. What are you going to do then, come asking us siblings for cash?

BILLY: You guys could spare some, so maybe.

ASHLEY: Funny.

BILLY: So how is everything with you?

ASHLEY: I have a few problems going on.

BILLY: Problems, what is wrong sis?

ASHLEY: Nothing I want to get into right now.

BILLY: Are you sure? You know you can tell me..

ASHLEY: I just have to figure a few things out…

Billy looks on a bit worried…


At the womens shelter:

Ali is with Charlotte and JacyU5NiftH.jpg.

CHARLOTTE: How did you break up with your boyfriend?

JACY: He isn’t just a boyfriend. He is my husband.

ALI: Oh wow.

JACY: Yeah. It was a hard escape. I planned coming here from the start because I knew he would come lookin’ fo me. Sho nuff, my brother said he has gone crazy blowing up peoples phones.

CHARLOTTE: When do you plan on going back into town?

JACY: I hope I have the courage to go back to Paradise soon. I know he will be livid for a long time. Before I ran out of the house and told him I was through with him I also threw my wedding ring right at his face. It was off the chain! Felt great. Cracked me up all the way on my drive here.

ALI: Wow that is awesome! I just ran away from my problems as quietly as possible...

JACY: Don’t think like that, girl.

CHARLOTTE: You got away. That is all that matters.


Greg goes upstairs.

He sees his moms bedroom door cracked open.

GREG: Can I come in?

GREGS MOM: I just want to rest.

GREG: What is wrong?

GREGS MOM: Nothing is wrong.

GREG: Something is mom. I can tell.

He goes into her room.

His mom is sitting on her bed…with a black eye.

GREG: Son of a b*tch!

GREGS MOM: Dammit, Greg I didn’t want you to get all riled up.

GREG: All riled up! That bastard father of mine hit you again didn’t he?

Gregs mom sits there holding back tears. She shakes her head, yes.

GREG: Someone needs to teach him a lesson.

GREGS MOM: I am okay.

GREG: Mom, this is not okay!


Cut to Paul and Emily.

EMILY: Is this going to be another pity party all about you, Paul?

PAUL: How dare you! What kind of wife are you?

EMILY: What kind of husband are you? You have become so bad at taking care of your family. I don’t know how it happened, but you have regressed as a person.

PAUL: No I am just not selfish like you, dear.

EMILY: Don’t even dear me!

PAUL: I should have just stayed at work, but then I would never see you.

EMILY: That would be best. I mean you come in here and call me selfish while at the same time you are crying with this woe is me act.

PAUL: You—

EMILY:--No. Let me speak. You say I do not support you, but you support me with nothing. Nothing, Paul.

PAUL: That is not even true.

EMILY: It is. I do the housework alone. I had to try and keep this family together while you fell into your broke slump. Not mention we haven’t had sex in months! Where is the support there?

PAUL: Now the low blows?

EMILY: What blows? There is no blowing going on in this house! Just giving you a taste of your medicine, and with some facts...


The masked person sets down some water for Bo.

PERSON: You will want to drink up. Don’t go getting dehydrated.

BO: Oh shut up.

The masked person leaves the basement.

He unmasks. It is BartnTmvW07.png

BART: The Bradys are so ungrateful. I am just trying to keep you nourished Bo. Sheesh!

Bart makes his way up the stairs and out of the secret passageway.

He takes out a phone and calls Stefanofr8n8DM.jpg.

STEFANO: Bart, now what?

BART: Hello to you too Boss.

STEFANO: Is something wrong?

BART: No everything is very right.

STEFANO: Excellent. I don’t know how you have stayed as one of my henchmen over the years, but just keep up the good work right now. I will be in touch shortly.

BART: Talk to you soon.

STEFANO: Maybe even see me soon.

BART: Wait, you are coming here?

Bart is surprised


“Bad Company” by Five finger death punch starts to play


[:00] Greg and his mom are sitting together.

GREGS MOM: Your dad just loses his mind sometimes.

She touches her black eye.

GREG: Not an excuse at all.

GREGS MOM: I do know that.

GREG: I wish I could tear him apart!

GREGS MOM: Don’t say that. Then you will be just like him.

GREG: He deserves some of his own medicine.

GREGS MOM: Please don’t get involved.

Greg is clenching his fist.

GREGS MOM: Please do not do something stupid and go after your father.

GREG: I want to. I really do.


Greg sighs.

He and his mother hug each other.

[:27] The frustrated Vin has been going through women’s shelter numbers online.

VIN: Just one more to check. Ali better be at this one.

He calls…

One of the girls answers.

GIRL: Hello..

VIN: (deepens his voice) Hi…this is Ali Pritchard’s father. I have an emergency and need to speak with her.

GIRL: Okay…I’ll get her.

The girl interrupts Ali, Jacy and Charlotte.

GIRL: Hey Ali, the phone is for you.

ALI: It is?

GIRL: Yeah, it is your father.

ALI: My dad? I didn’t know he knew I was here...

Ali grabs the phone and walks out of the room.

ALI: Hi dad…

VIN: Hi baby…

Ali’s face turns to horror when she realizes it is Vin on the phone.

VIN: Don’t hang up.

ALI: I…should…not be talking to you.

VIN: Please baby. We need to talk!

ALI: What do you have to say?

VIN: I just want to apologize. I just want to see you. Would you come and see me, baby?

Ali stands there nervously…


[1:13] Cut to Emily and Paul in their stand off

PAUL: I’m going back to work! This was a mistake.

EMILY: You are the one who came here looking to start a fight.

PAUL: I just wanted some answers.

EMILY: I would like some answers myself, why have you become all about you?

PAUL: I guess you finally rubbed off on me….zing.

Paul is about to leave.

EMILY: You know Paul, I am about to just give up on you completely!

PAUL: Give up huh? That is what you have always done with your life. Why stop now?

Paul exits and slams the door behind him.

Emily lets out a yell in frustration. She looks like she is about to cry.

EMILY: I should just leave him.

[1:44] Bart is still on the phone with Stefano.

BART: Before you get here what should I do?

STEFANO: Just hang tight and prepare for my arrival.

BART: I am prepared boss.

STEFANO: Someone else will be joining us.

BART: Who?

STEFANO: Someone who has become a great help keeping me out of the hands of American authorities.

Stefano cackles

[2:00] Back downstairs, Bo is drinking some of the water.

BO: I hope he keeps bringing this to me so I have some energy.

He continues to pull at the chains. His wrists are bruised and cut up.

BO: If the ISA isn’t going to find me. I have to rely on myself to get free.

He yanks the chains again. One of them does seem to be loosening from the wall a bit.

BO: Have to keep at this every day.

Zoom in on the chain starting to loosen in the wall…

[2:20] Credits roll

I do not own any non original characters nor any pic.*


VindgrV5bl.jpg is outside of Psychiatrist Jerri'scRJ7wJS.jpg office.

He looks inside at the secretary.

VIN: I’ll just wait here. This is the one Ali was talking to. The one who probably turned her against me.

He looks back in and glares.

Vin sees a patient leaving and he charges inside.

SECRETARY: Excuse me you cannot go back there!

Vin pushes past her and does.

JERRI: Excuse me?

VIN: You and I need to talk.

JERRI: Who are you?

VIN: The boyfriend of one of your patients. I want to know where the hell Ali is! Where is she?!

Jerri is caught off guard as Vin glares on at her.



ElizaoaLBCdQ.jpg hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath.

ELIZA: I really need to get the hang of this job.

Paul4GKZ3Zr.jpg approaches her.

PAUL: Yes. Yes you do.

ELIZA: Oh no! Did I mess something up?

She drops her face into her hands.

ELIZA: I don’t even want to know.

PAUL: You need to know so that you learn from your mistakes!

ELIZA: Okay, okay. What did I do?

PAUL: You filed some papers in the wrong folders. A big no no for the papers I need to find.

He hands her two folders.

PAUL: Two different material suppliers. Open them both up and see that you mismatched them. What do you think would happen if we send one company the check for another company!

ELIZA: I am sorry dad. Really. I just need to get used to all this.

PAUL: I hope you do soon. This should not be happening.


JJwvGqN5v.jpg and MirandagVhPNnf.png are the two left alone after the music class again.

JJ: Just you and I here again. We must be the die hards.

MIRANDA: I guess we are.

JJ: We have a lot in common you know.

MIRANDA: I don’t know about that.

Miranda starts to quickly put her books in her backpack.

JJ: I enjoyed our jam session last time.


JJ: Did you?

MIRANDA: Yeah but I should get going.

She stands up.

JJ: Why are you in such a hurry?

MIRANDA: Oh you know. Everyone is always in a hurry…with nowhere to go.

JJ: I think you should stay here with me after class again. I want you to.

They look on at each other.


Someone is at the Johnson family home.

Stevef322Rld.jpg opens the door.

It is RomanRGA4qYm.jpg…and Hope BradytlgRQG4.png.

STEVE: Hope, You made it!

HOPE: Roman said it was urgent. What is going on?

STEVE: Please come in.

Roman and Hope enter.

ROMAN: Hope, you should probably take a seat.

HOPE: I don’t like this.

Hope raises her eyebrow.

KaylaZdehgIT.jpg walks in.

HOPE: Hi Kay.

Kayla and Hope hug.

HOPE: Please tell me what is up…

Just then Carlyrv19YfN.jpg walks in the room.

Hope sees her and a scowl comes over her face.

HOPE: What is SHE doing here? What is going on…


Cut to Vin and Jerri.

VIN: Are you going to tell me where my girlfriend is?

JERRI: Why should I know?

VIN: She is a patient of yours isn’t she?

JERRI: I do not keep tabs on my patients, sorry young man.

VIN: Well I at least want to know what you talked to her about.

JERRI: You know that is confidential.

VIN: Dammit, you turned her against me didn’t you!?

JERRI: You need to leave.

VIN: No! Not until you tell me why she has disappeared.

JERRI: I have patients to see.

Vin is getting increasingly more angry.

JERRI: perhaps you could talk to me about this anger of yours some time.

VIN: Did Ali tell you I was angry?

JERRI: No I can just see it right this instance. Please leave or I will have my secretary call hospital security if she hasn’t already.

VIN: Fine! But I will find her!

He leaves



AlinLansBD.jpg is sitting with another girl, Charlotte8iQ1Emj.jpg.

CHARLOTTE: Miss Cho is going to be happy to see you coming out of your shell.

ALI: I have forgotten how to be…friends with others.

CHARLOTTE: Your boyfriend doesn’t let you have friends does he?

ALI: He doesn’t say it, but he is always angry when I am with any. Even though they are all girls.

CHARLOTTE: Some guys just have measly little egos like that.

ALI: He just wants to control all of me, I guess. I’ve been stupid and lost myself in him.

CHARLOTTE: You are young. I am sure he took advantage. Some of us are a little older than that and still making those mistakes.

Another girl, JacyGIglxt5.jpg, sits by them.

ALI: You are here now though and trying to learn. Did your ex have a broken ego?

CHARLOTTE: My ex had a broken everything. He is just a creep. Idolized criminals and serial killers. I really think he wants to be like them.

JACY: That is just creepy, girl.

CHARLOTTE: It has been a nightmare. You don’t even know.

ALI: I can’t believe we all have it so bad. What is wrong with us?

JACY: No girl, what is wrong with them?!


At the college:

Miranda continues to be uncomfy alone with JJ.

JJ: What is wrong?

MIRANDA: Nothing, I should just get home.

JJ: No something is bothering you. What is it?

MIRANDA: Okay I feel awkward with you…

JJ’s heart drops.

JJ: Why?

MIRANDA: That whole strip poker incident…you don’t think its awkward I walked in on you two?

JJ: I can see why you feel uncomfortable, but that was nothing. Truthfully.

MIRANDA: You keep saying that, but it sure didn’t look that way. It looked like something more was going on between you two.

JJ is becoming frustrated.


At The Johnson house:

CARLY: No need to get rude with me Hope.

HOPE: I am not getting rude.

KAYLA: Come on you two. This is not the time and my home is not the place!

HOPE: You are right, Kayla. I am sorry.

Hope and Carly however share nasty looks at each other.

HOPE: What is this though? Bo’s ex wives club? Should I call Billie Reed on over?

CARLY: You are being ridiculous!

ROMAN: Hope, please listen.

HOPE: I do not like that Carly is here. ...and before me? If this has something to do with Bo I should have been notified first.

CARLY: Aren’t you off in another relationship at the present?

HOPE: None of your business.

KAYLA: Please stop arguing!

Steve takes out his harmonic and blows it as loud as possible!

STEVE: Hope, Listen, this is about Bo and it is bad news.

HOPE: Oh god…

STEVE: He has been missing, for...awhile…his car was found burned up yesterday.

HOPE: What?! Why are you just telling me this now, Steve?!

STEVE: The ISA was hoping for better news.

HOPE: This is unbelievable…



Stefano5ExAlvN.jpg is still at Greta’shbH85H5.jpg house.

STEFANO: Are you okay? I am starting to think I am a bother.

GRETA: This is still new to me to find out you are my father…I haven’t had a chance to myself to process it.

STEFANO: Sorry you feel that way.

GRETA: How long will you be staying with me?

STEFANO: So you are already trying to get rid of your old man?

GRETA: Please don’t try and make me feel bad. This has been difficult.

STEFANO: I wont be here much longer.

Stefanos phone ring.

STEFANO: Excuse me.

Stefano walks to the guest room.

Greta decides to go by his room as well and listen in on his phone call…


At the womens shelter:

JACY: Charlotte, I want to hear more about your crazed ex if its not too hard for you to talk about.

CHARLOTTE: Why tell you when I can just show you.

Charlotte lifts up the back of her shirt to show many scars on her back from cuts.

ALI: Wow. What was he doing to you?

CHARLOTTE: He would slice me with a knife every time I did something he didn’t like. The things he didn’t like me doing seemed to start happening more and more.

ALI: Sounds horrible.


JACY: He was white huh? Alis was Mexican and mine black. Bad enough they give old fashion beatings. White guys gotta take that sh*t to a whole new level!

CHARLOTTE: He sure took it to a new level.

ALI: Why are there so many psycho guys?

JACY: No idea.

ALI: And why do we love them? I still feel like I love Vin and I shouldn’t.

CHARLOTTE: We just got attached but we have to look within ourselves eventually and see that we have to come to places like this for awhile…and hopefully become strong again.

JACY: Amen.

Ali looks on taking her surroundings in…


AT BRO: Paul comes out of his office.

He approaches Eliza.

PAUL: Shouldn’t my 4 O clock meeting be here by now?

ELIZA: You have a meeting right now?

Pauls eyes widen as he starts to realize Eliza may have made another mistake.

PAUL: I was supposed to have a meeting at 4. I told you to schedule it.

She nervously starts to look through her calendar book.

ELIZA: Oh no…

PAUL: What did you do now, Eliza?!

ELIZA: I’m sorry dad…I double scheduled your meetings at 5.

PAUL: How did you do that?!

ELIZA: I don’t know.

PAUL: This is getting frustrating. I hope Barbara can make one of the meetings. Buzz her office and find out.

ELIZA: Yes sir.

Paul puts his hand on his temple and rubs it.


Cut to JJ and Miranda.

JJ: I tend to make stupid choices. It is what I do.

MIRANDA: I am not judging you on the strip poker.

JJ: I am starting to feel like it was a huge mistake.

MIRANDA: I just think we don’t understand each other. That is why I should just go. I do not feel like jamming this time. Sorry.

JJ: It is okay. I understand.

Miranda leaves.

JJ: I don’t even know what I am doing anymore.

He bitterly starts to stuff his books in his backpack.



Greta is listening in on Stefanos phonecall.

STEFANO: I just need to know you have this under control…you always make slip ups….well just make sure everything is calm….dont worry about Steve.

GRETA: (Thinks to herself) Why is he talking about Steve?

STEFANO: Please just keep everything on track….Just do not be a fool!


At the Johnson house:

HOPE: You knew about this too Roman?

ROMAN: I knew my brother had gone missing, yes. I have been trying to help the ISA get to the bottom of it.

KAYLA: Nobody told me either. Some family...

STEVE: We were trying our best to find him, first.

CARLY: I just don’t want to think the worst.

STEVE: None of us do.

Just then there is a knock on the door.

Hope sits down in shock.

Steve opens the door and it is Jesse5x5ttd4.jpg.

KAYLA: Jesse, hey…

JESSE: Hello sorry to interrupt.

STEVE: Is something wrong?

JESSE: I am afraid so.

KAYLA: What now?

JESSE: I am sorry but scorched remains were found inside the car.

HOPE: No...

ROMAN: Are they Bos?

JESSE: They are unidentifiable…but we have reason to believe they are his.

CARLY: This cannot be happening.


Hope is fighting back tears.

HOPE: I know what you are all thinking but it is not true. Bo isn’t dead.

Hope tries to stop herself from breaking down and Roman holds her.

HOPE: He isn’t.

Hope breaks down in Romans arms.


Cut to someone who is inside of the now abandoned house that Steve, Terrance and Jesse checked out.

The person puts a book in a spot on the empty bookshelf.

A secret passage way opens up as the Book Shelf turns open!

This leads downstairs to another room.

The person unlocks a door at the bottom of the stairs and sets down a tray of food...

Bo Brady7KY6HLm.jpg is inside of the room chained up to the wall!

The person handing Bo the food is in a mask.

BO: Instead of bringing me inedible food, bring me Stefano so that son of a b*tch can let me out of here!

The masked person exits the room and closes the door.

BO: I have to get out of here.

He pulls at the chains to no avail.


Credits roll.




At the strip club:

Oddball JeremyZkPrZs3.jpg walks in…

He goes to the bar

The bartender, BobQyEgqoo.jpg places a napkin where he is sitting.

BOB: What can I get for you?

JEREMY: Your best beer on tap.

BOB: Coming right up.

A stripper is on stage.

Bob hands Jeremy his beer.

Jeremy takes a sip and then stares a hole through the stripper that is on stage…

Meanwhile, DerrickTnt4PFc.jpg walks to the back room at the club.

He seems agitated.

He makes a phone call.

DERRICK: Hey…what the hell is the problem? Well we need to fix this fast….we cannot be having an issue with the product! Stop with the excuses!


LucasFu45u3c.jpg is at the grocery store.

JenniferP9vWMpw.png and DanielH9ks1ew.jpg are also there.


JENNIFER: Hey Lucas. Doing some 4th of July shopping?

LUCAS: A little something.

Lucas and Daniel look at each other.

DANIEL: Hey there, Lucas.

LUCAS: Doctor Dan…

Lucas sees Daniel looking at some of the pork ribs Lucas is also looking at.

He sees Daniel about to grab for one, but Lucas grabs the pack first.

LUCAS: Not gonna steal something from me again Daniel..

DANIEL: oh…kay..

JENNIFER: I am so happy to run into to you.

LUCAS: Me too, Jenn

Daniel gives them both a dirty look.


MarcinoaHCSnXr.jpg and Greg3pZQd2v.jpg are with the burnt up car they found with the “BO4HOPE” license.

MARCINO: We need to report this to the police.

GREG: Do we really have to call them?

MARCINO: I think we should. Something terrible happened here.

GREG: Fine, but you are going to be the one that calls.

MARCINO: That is fine.

Marcino takes out his phone and dials 911.


Steve5Acq9FT.jpg and CarlyyktRq9f.jpg are inside of the Johnson house:

STEVE: You came all the way here to ask me about Bo? Do you have something against phones…texts…facebook messages?

CARLY: This is too important for all of that.

STEVE: What do you think is wrong with Bo?

CARLY: I am here to ask you that? Some coworker of yours, Terrance came to see me…he was hiding something.

STEVE: Hiding what?

CARLY: I am asking the questions here.

STEVE: Well excuse me!

CARLY: He was asking the questions to me at the time about the last time I talked to Bo. He proclaimed everything was okay but ever since that visit I have felt like something was wrong with Bo…so tell me the truth. What is up?

STEVE: Still care about him?

CARLY: I will always care about him.

STEVE: I’d like to think that he is okay and just out on a job.

CARLY: I sense a but coming…

STEVE: But I cannot say that for sure..

CARLY: You do not know where Bo is do you?

KaylaZHSgIwa.jpg has arrived home.

KAYLA: Carly…hey…is something wrong with Bo?

Kayla looks at Steve who looks back at her with sadness in his eyes.


Cut to a close up of Terrance9yG7qns.jpg who is on the phone:

He is talking to his father Elijah8djyuRL.jpg

TERRANCE: I do miss Union Creek a little bit, but I am adjusting to life here.

ELIJAH: Happy to hear that son, but I still worry about you there.

TERRANCE: You do not have to. I am alright.

ELIJAH: I know you cannot disclose much info but how is your assignment going?

TERRANCE: Could be a lot better honestly.

ELIJAH: Are you sure everything is okay?

TERRANCE: I promise, father.

ELIJAH: I can’t help but feel responsible for you.

TERRANCE: You don’t have to anymore.

ELIJAH: I am not talking about just your safety on this assignment.

TERRANCE: I know. All is well. I deal with what I have always had to deal with. Dealing with it right now actually.

Terrance hears some music in the background.

TERRANCE: Go have fun at that barbecue!

ELIJAH: Hope you have a fun 4th as well.

TERRANCE: I’ll try. Catch you later dad.

ELIJAH: Love you.

They hang up.

Zoom out from where Terrance is sitting to reveal that he is sitting on a hospital bed in a hospital room.

An IV is in him…a blood bag is connected to the IV…


Back at the strip club:

Derrick is still on the phone with someone.

DERRICK: I do not understand how this even happened! You know today is a holiday. So today of all days it would have been nice for everything to arrive on time!

Derrick’s annoyance grows stronger.

DERRICK: Figure it out and don’t let it happen again!

Derrick hangs up and comes out of the back room angry.

Bob spots him walking to the bar.

BOB: Everything okay Boss?

DERRICK: Yes no worries. Just a liquor problem is all.

BOB: Okay. Hope it gets fixed.

DERRICK: Me too.

Derrick takes a seat.

Bob looks at Jeremy at the bar. He has not drank much of his beer. He is staring at a now different stripper who is on stage. Leering rather creepily…


At the grocery store:

JENNIFER: Lucas since we are all here, you should join us and JJ for a little 4th of July dinner.

LUCAS: I do not want to interrupt your plans.

DANIEL: That’s too bad. Sorry you cant make it.

LUCAS: Trying to rush me to say no, Dan? In that case I would love to come!

JENNIFER: Meet us at our new house in a few then.

LUCAS: Sounds good.

DANIEL: Fantastic...


AngieP9tMsC7.jpg walks into the hospital room that Terrance is in.

All the blood from the blood bag is now gone.

TERRANCE: All over doc?

ANGIE: Yes. The blood transfusion was a success.

TERRANC: My favorite six words.

Angie removes the IV.

ANGIE: How are you feeling?

TERRANCE: Much better, thank you.

ANGIE: You are free to go then.

TERRANCE: Thank you very much.

Terrance exits.

Natalia9E3smZj.jpg is in the hall walking with her cane.

She seems to be struggling.

TERRANCE: Are you okay mam?

NATALIA: Yeah. I think maybe I didn’t have enough water today.

TERRANCE: I could go get you a water bottle real quick..

NATALIA: I do not want to bother you.

TERRANCE: You are doing no such thing!


JesseUUHjIgv.jpg, Officer RamosPHASc76.jpg and other cops are at the scene by the pond with the burnt car.

Marcino and Greg are watching from a distance.

JESSE: We need to run this license plate.

OFFICER RAMOS: I will get on that.

Jesse looks around the car.

He then looks inside.

JESSE: This is horrible. I already know the forensics are going to say that this was lit on fire by someone. Arson.


At the Johnson house:

KAYLA: Steve… tell me what is wrong with Bo?

STEVE: Sweetness, listen, I was hoping to have to never deliver this news.

KAYLA: What news?

Steve holds Kaylas hand.

CARLY: One of Steves coworkers, Terrance was in Arizona awhile back asking me about Bo.

KAYLA: Terrance?

CARLY: I could tell by his questions that—

STEVE: --Carly! Let me tell you both exactly what has been going on. It is probably time that you both should know. Bo has…well, Bo is missing.

Kayla is in shock. She pulls her hand away from Steve…


At the strip club:

Bob pulls Derrick aside. He points to Jeremy at the bar.

BOB: That guy seems creepy, Derrick. He has just been staring at the strippers all night with no distractions whatsoever.

DERRICK: My girls are hot here.

BOB: Yeah but he gives me an uneasy feeling.

DERRICK: Just another pervert here at triple X!

Derrick gets distracted as a guy and a girl walk in.

DERRICK: You two made it!

GIRL: Sorry we are late.

GUY: That was my fault. I was…reluctant to come.

DERRICK: Well change your mood!

He grabs them each by a hand and walks them to the back room.

DERRICK: I hope you are both ready for an intense night.

He takes off his pants and closes the door.


Terrance and Natalia are sitting down in a hallway at the hospital.

TERRANCE: You were shot?! What happened?

NATALIA: It was in the line of duty. I am a cop.

TERRANCE: Wow. That is admirable.

NATALIA: Why are you being so nice?

TERRANCE: I think any decent human being would respect you getting shot in the line of duty and besides, maybe I want to cheer you up.

He kisses her hand.

NATALIA: We have a charmer here.

TERRANCE: Hopefully I can charm you into a quick recovery.

NATALIA: Wouldn’t that be crazy awesome. I do hope I recover quickly so I can get right back out there.

TERRANCE: I respect your attitude towards this so much. I hope you are back to doing what you want to do in no time.

NATALIA: (smiles) Thank you.


At Jennifers house:

Lucas is sitting next to JJNZ8fttE.jpg.

Jennifer and Daniel pour themselves some wine.

DANIEL: Want some Lucas?

LUCAS: No. You know this.

JJ: The food is great, Daniel.

DANIEL: Thank you.

LUCAS: So JJ how is college here?

JJ: Going well. Kinda.

JENNIFER: Just kinda?

JJ: School is good. My social life not so much.

LUCAS: Girl problems huh?

JJ: Yeah, a little.

LUCAS: Daniel could help you with that I am sure. He’s an expert after all.

JENNIFER: Okay Lucas, that is enough.

LUCAS: Sorry I will not bite the hand that feeds me.

JJ: It is all in fun.

DANIEL: If you’ll excuse me I have to use the restroom.

Daniel exits the room and groans.


Marcino and Greg are now at a fireworks display.

They are watching the fireworks together.


GREG: I hope whatever happened with that burnt car wasn’t something awful.

MARCINO: Me too. Let’s try not to worry about it and get lost in these beautiful fireworks.

GREG: They are pretty great fireworks this year.

MARCINO: The city is stepping it up. Must have found money from somewhere.

As the two watch the fireworks sitting on the ledge of some bleachers, Greg starts to inch his hand closer to Marcinos...

Greg is about to touch Marcinos hand, but Marcino moves it away and runs his hand through his hair.

Greg decides to move his hand away too…


Officer Ramos makes his way to Jesses office.

JESSE: Did you trace the license plate?

OFFICER RAMOS: Indeed. It belonged to a Bo Brady.

JESSE: Brady…that name sounds familiar.

A light bulb goes off in his head.


Kayla is shocked and upset

KAYLA: Steve how could you keep this from me? Bo is my brother!

STEVE: We didn’t want to worry anyone. The ISA has been looking for him. I have been looking for him. I thought we could find him.

CARLY: You have not gotten close?


KAYLA: I cannot believe this! Don’t tell me Roman and Shane know about this too.

STEVE: We have been trying—

KAYLA: --Don’t give me that sh*t Steve! We are all family. I knew something was off with you and Roman, but I didn’t know it was this bad.

The phone rings.

Carly and Kayla hug as Steve answers the phone.

STEVE: Hello Jesse…what? No…

Carly and Kayla can tell he has gotten bad news.

He hangs up and looks at them both with pain in his eyes.

STEVE: the…the cops found Bo’s car. It was burned up.

CARLY: This is not good.

Kayla sits down and shakes her head in disbelief.

Steve sits next to her and puts his hand around her.


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics




Cut to Miranda at home.

She is listening to her headphones as she is going over some homework. There is a knock at her door but she doesn’t hear it at first with her headphones on. The knocking slightly increases and she hears it and turns off her music.

Miranda opens the door to see JJKZWM9A0.jpg.

JJ: Hi…neighbor.


JJ: I hope this isn’t awkward.

MIRANDA: Why would it be awkward?

JJ: You know…the other night. I was doing some bad unneighborly stupidness with some loud music.

MIRANDA: Yeah that got a little frustrating to say the least.

JJ: Well I came over here to apologize for that night…hope you can give me some neighborly forgiveness.


LucasSIrHqVA.jpg and Emily9gdUUNV.jpg are at the coffee shop.

HuntersbCFUpH.jpg takes their orders.

EMILY: I hope this coffee is strong. I really need it.

HUNTER: Coming right up nice and strong.

Lucas and Emily take a seat.

LUCAS: You alright? You seem uneasy to me.

EMILY: Didn’t sleep well.

LUCAS: If you wanted to meet because of that I am the wrong person to ask for sleeping advice.

EMILY: That is not why we are meeting. You just want to cut right to the chase don’t you...

LUCAS: For some reason you intrigue me. At a business level of course.

EMILY: This is good.

LUCAS: No. I don’t like it.

EMILY: Don’t say that. You know I should probably be at my husband’s opening, but here I am with you.

LUCAS: Your husbands company is opening today and you are not there?!

EMILY: He won’t miss me. I think.

LUCAS: I…I don’t get you.


Cut to BRO:

It is officially up and running!

PaulQqgmZHI.jpg walks up to BarbaracTZ6vdF.jpg.

PAUL: Mom I hope you have the designs ready to go into production.

BARBARA: I do. I think they came out wonderful.

Barbara hands Paul a folder.

KatsuYE6Vk4Y.jpg walks over and takes the folder.

KATSU: I want to see these too.

BARBARA: Aren’t you just involved with the business side of this company and not the creative?

KATSU: I savor in making sure my money goes into good product.

Katsu looks over some of the designs with Paul.

PAUL: What do you think?

KATSU: We’ll see how the finished products come out.

He gives the file to Paul and walks.

BARBARA: I still don’t like him at all!

ElizanHLXXqQ.jpg glides up to them. She hugs Barbara.

BARBARA: (her frown turns to a smile) Hey sweetie!

PAUL: I’m proud that you are on time.

ELIZA: Of course I am. I am here to be your very productive secretary, dad!

PAUL: Happy to hear it…not happy about one thing though.

ELIZA: What is wrong?

PAUL: I see that Emily nor Henry are here to support us today.

Barbara looks on


MarcinofBFfPeA.jpg and Gregn77egek.jpg are out by a pond.

MARCINO: This place is beautiful.

GREG: I have never taken anyone else here before.

MARCINO: It is personal to you?

GREG: Very. The only place I get my peace from the last five years or more. I’ve lost track.

MARCINO: Your family has been going through a rough patch for that long?

GREG: We don’t go through rough patches. We are the rough patch.

MARCINO: I don’t like to see you this stressed out all the time,

GREG: When you get no peace at home every day, it will short circuit a persons nerves.

MARCINO: I can imagine. Always puts my minuscule problems into perspective.

GREG: I don’t mean to belittle your problems.

MARCINO: You don’t.

GREG: I just truly hate my life.

Greg skips a rock into the pond.


JessefUs2ErC.jpg shows up to see Steve9DW4OuD.jpg and


JESSE: Hi agents

STEVE: You already come bearing gifts, dude?

JESSE: I do. I have the warrant you want.

TERRANCE: That was fast.

JESSE: I want to help you guys as much as I can. I may need the favor returned soon.

STEVE: Works for me.

TERRANCE: Let’s go to this house. I want to see what we can uncover there.

STEVE: I just hope it is something that leads to Bo.

The 3 men head off


Cut to JJ and Miranda:

JJ: I just don’t do well when partying. Something always happens.

MIRANDA: You sure seemed to be having fun.

JJ: I get carried away. The loud music was not my idea. Though that is not an excuse.

MIRANDA: Oh so then the strip poker was your idea?

JJ: Ha! Well no, actually that wasn’t either. None of it was to be honest.

MIRANDA: hmm…okay. I am sorry if I interrupted you and your girlfriend from having fun.

JJ looks on uncomfortably.

JJ: She…Eliza is not my girlfriend.

MIRANDA: Well then sorry for interrupting your friend with strip poker benefits (chuckles)

JJ: You didn’t interrupt anything.

MIRANDA: (gives him a doubting look) Okay. Whatever you say. I am glad we came to these understandings.

JJ: Me too.

Awkward silence ensues..


At the coffee shop

HUNTER: Here are your extra strong coffees

EMILY: Thank you very much.

LUCAS: So can we get to why you called and wanted a breakfast meeting.

EMILY: I just want to know what you thought of my resume.

LUCAS: It is in my possibility bank.

EMILY: What the hell is a possibility bank?

LUCAS: The maybe I will hire the maybe I won’t hire folder.

A manmLZPqcy.jpg walks in looking strange..

EMILY: Don’t play hardball with me Lucas Roberts. I have experience for you... and your company.

LUCAS: You do and I am considering hiring you, but—

The strange guy walks up to their table.

STRANGE GUY: Do I know you…

LUCAS: Me? I don’t think so.

STRANGE GUY: I’m reasonably sure that I know you from somewhere.

LUCAS: No…no I think you have the wrong guy…



Katsu is with Barbara

KATSU: You know I was just giving you a hard time about your designs right?

BARBARA: With your opinion or without your opinion I know my designs are fabulous.

KATSU: Aren’t you the confident one.

BARBARA: When you have done something most of your life you know a few things. Don’t you forget that I know a few things. Could probably even teach you a thing or two (smirks)

She Walks off.

Meanwhile, Paul comes out of his office and goes to Eliza at her desk.

PAUL: You put your first call in! Great job!

ELIZA: Thank you!

PAUL: It is day 1 though and I have a lot of people who will be calling and making appointments with me and your grandma so if it gets to be too much let me know.

ELIZA: I’ll be fine.

PAUL: Cool

He walks back to his office.

The phone rings.

ELIZA: Paul Ryans office…yes…sure I will put you through.

She puts the call through to her dad.

Another line rings.

ELIZA: Paul Ryans office…a meeting…yes…let me look through his appointments today….

Line 3 and 4 start to rings as well.

ELIZA: Hold please….(answers line 3)…materials? Yes we will need materials in today I am sure…I don’t know…I will have to ask

She is starting to panic as the work builds up…


At the pond:

Marcino and Greg are sitting on a bench

Marcino sighs

MARCINO: You are killin’ me bro.

GREG: I am sorry for being a depressive twit.

MARCINO: No Don’t say that. I can just tell you need a hug.

Greg puts his arms out for a hug

GREG: Well…

Marcino hugs him.

GREG: I just need to get away from my father. When I turn 18 soon I will and when I do I will be feeling better. A better man. I know it is no excuse but this stress makes me choose poor choices.

MARCINO: Oh no…what did you do now?

Greg puts his hand on Marcinos knee..

GREG: Don’t judge me but I—

MARCINO: --Wait…sorry for interrupting but what is that?

Marcino points in the distance to tons of trees

GREG: Oh sh*t


Steve, Jesse and Terrance arrive at the house the ISA drones took pictures of.

They go inside….to find it completely empty with just a bookshelf with no books and a refrigerator in the kitchen.

TERRANCE: This cannot be! They just took these pictures 2 days ago and now it is empty.

STEVE: This does not make any sense. Roman told me as soon as he could about these.

JESSE: How would anyone not in the ISA know these pictures were taken?

STEVE: Nobody should have known about that.

TERRANCE: It must have just been emptied out yesterday or today.

JESSE: Looks like it was cleaned up good too. I will see if I can get forensics just in case.

STEVE: Please do that.

TERRANCE: Someone is one step ahead of us and I am sick of it.

STEVE: Me too. It is starting to be beyond frustrating and just plain infuriating.

TERRANCE: Could it be an inside job at the ISA?

STEVE: I’ve had an odd feeling about that for a while now.

TERRANCE: Who at the ISA was originally in charge of Bo’s mission?

STEVE: I have not been able to find that info out, but I will now. Something is off and we need to figure out what.


Cut to JJ and Miranda:

JJ: Glad we had this talk. I’ll, uh, leave now.

MIRANDA: Thank you for stopping by. You didn’t have to apologize but its really cool that you did.

JJ: It won’t happen again either way.

JJ exits and goes back to his apartment and closes the door.

He sinks against his door and thumps his head against the door.

JJ: I so have blown it with Miranda…


At the coffee shop:

Hunter sees the strange guy at Lucas and Emilys table

STRANGE GUY: I have to know you from something…

LUCAS: I don’t think so man

HUNTER: Jeremy, you have to let our customers eat in peace.


HUNTER: Do you want your usual donut?

JEREMY: No, I have somewhere to be now.

Jeremy exits quickly.

EMILY: What was that about?

LUCAS: I have no clue who that was. I’m sure he didn’t know me.

HUNTER: His name is Jeremy. He comes in here a lot. The guy does seem to have some mental issues…



Barbara is in her office going over her designs.

BARBARA: I have my baby back. These are wonderful. Just wait till they come to fruition.

Meanwhile, Katsu is at Eliza's desk.

KATSU: You alright?

ELIZA: Was a stressful ten minutes. So many calls at once.

KATSU: You’ll get use to it.

ELIZA: I was confident at first, but now I am worried.

KATSU: You will get the hang of it. Don’t sweat it.

ELIZA: I’ll try

KATSU: Really though, you are already sweating.

Katsu wipes some sweat from her eye brow.

He looks into her eyes and smiles before walking into Paul’s office.

“The eyeland” from the Lost sound track starts to play


[:00] In Pauls office

PAUL: Hello Katsu

KATSU: How is your first morning here at BRO?

PAUL: So far so good, I’d say.

KATSU: Me too.

PAUL: I didn’t think you would stick around.

KATSU: Hey, I am part of the family now.

PAUL: I do want to thank you for all your help.

KATSU: Always glad to be of service. I just cannot wait for the money to start coming through.

PAUL: Oh, believe me, I will be elated when we make a profit.

KATSU: We all will.

Katsu and Paul shake hands.

[:27] A frustrated Steve arrives home. He gets out of his car and slams the car door shut.

He starts to walk towards his house when he hears something. He stands still for a moment…

Someone is walking up behind him…

He slowly starts to reach for his gun…

Steve turns around quickly to see Carly Manning6p9u83.jpg standing there!

[:46] Steve: Woah be careful with the sneaking!

CARLY: Sorry…I had to track you down. I can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong with Bo.

Steve looks on uneasy

[:56] Cut to Greg and Marcino at the pond.

GREG: We have to go see what happened over there…

MARCINO: I suppose…

Marcino is nervous as the two start to walk through the trees closer to whatever it is they see.

[1:08] They start to walk slower…

A large dark object can barely be seen through more trees in the distance.

MARCINO: This looks bad...

GREG: Yeah. Something dire happened.

They continue to get closer through the trees.

[1:20] The two young men finally get to the object. Greg puts his hand across Marcino and looks around.

GREG: I don’t think anyone is near.

MARCINO: We’re going to have to call the police…

[1:30] Cut to a mostly burnt up and charred car!

GREG: I hope nobody was inside

MARCINO: Can you tell?

GREG: I don’t want to try and find out.

The car is basically all burnt up. Busted up windows. Charred in the inside and out. Greg and Marcino get closer to it.

The license plate however has managed to stay mostly okay.

Zoom in on the license plate:

It reads: “BO4HOPE”



Credits roll

I do not own any non original characters nor any pics*



SteveB5llEeO.jpg is getting home taking his bags out of his car.

He hears a voice say “Long trip?”

He turns around to see Roman BradyWdJGvjy.jpg.

STEVE: Roman, what are you doing here?

ROMAN: The ISA sent me out to talk to you.

STEVE: Is this about the operation to find Bo?

ROMAN: I have some good news…

Steve is intrigued


At the hospital, AngiepDSVkYe.jpg is pushing

NataliaNoYfD4Q.jpg around in a wheel chair.

NATALIA: I probably could walk you know?

ANGIE: Leave that to the physical therapist. I just want to talk.

NATALIA: About my recovery?

ANGIE: Well, yeah. Your recovery will probably progress slowly.

NATALIA: I already feel much better than when I first woke up.

ANGIE: Maybe you will be super woman through this recovery then.

NATALIA: I like to think I will be.

ANGIE: I also wanted to talk about your father.

NATALIA: Was he a wreck after I was shot?

ANGIE: Yes. Which was to be expected. He’s elated now though. I am very happy that you two are so close.

NATALIA: I think we keep each other grounded. Especially on the job.


GregKhD0doq.jpg is home.

He takes out a wad of cash.

He flashes back to last night robbery:

Vin, Chavo and himself had to run off on foot and they all went separate ways.

GREG: I cannot believe those idiots pulled off a robbery.

He stashes the money in his underwear drawer.

GREG: I cant stash this here for long. God knows I cannot keep it in this house.

He closes the drawer.

GREG: I don’t even want it anyway. I feel very uncomfortable about what went down.

He sits on his bed and shakes his head..


Meanwhile VinZaDSapc.jpg and ChavoqsE5UNx.jpg are together.

CHAVO: What a rush last night, holmes!

VIN: It sure was.

It gets silent and Chavo looks at Vin stare in the distance.

CHAVO: Um, I thought you of all people would be thrilled about what went down.

VIN: I am. We made a good chunk of cash. We almost have a thousand dollars each.

CHAVO: Then why do you seem unhappy?

VIN: It is that stupid girl!


VIN: Yes, she seems to have disappeared. I cannot get a hold of her and have no clue where she is. I want to try and make things up to her. She always forgives me and with this cash I know I can buy her something special.

CHAVO: I am sure she will come around. She could not have just up and disappeared.

VIN: She likes jewelry. I will get her some jewelry.

CHAVO: Maybe throw in some flowers too.

VIN: Good idea Chavo. That’s why I keep you around.

Vin takes out a picture from his wallet of he and Ali.

VIN: I wish she would just answer her phone!

He calls her and it goes straight to voice mail.

VIN: But she wont!

He crumbles the picture of the two of them in frustration.


Roman and Steve are inside the Johnson house:

STEVE: Please go into detail of this good news, dude.

ROMAN: The ISA sent a drone to check out some places around this city and on the outskirts of this city.

STEVE: It found Bo?

ROMAN: That would have been best case scenario, but what the drone was able to find is a house on the outskirts of town that seems newly built. The drone took pictures of the inside and it seems to be occupied, but nobody was seen around neither day nor night the two days the drone came around it.

STEVE: You really think this could be connected to Bo?

Roman hands Steve some pictures

ROMAN: Yes because the very last time I spoke with Bo he had mentioned a house he was hoping to find more information on.

Steve looks over the pictures FuWprjT.jpg

His eyes go wide.

STEVE: I think you have something here! I just have that feeling you know?

ROMAN: I do hope this will lead us to my brother.

STEVE: We have to get in there quick and look around.

ROMAN: Me too, but we do have to get a warrant first.


Cut to Vin and Chavo

CHAVO: I think I am going to go spend some of this money.

Vin puts on his shades

VIN: I have to go too, Chavo.

CHAVO: Where are you off to? To buy that jewelry?

VIN: No, I am going to track down one of Alis friends. She will have to know where Ali is.

CHAVO: Good luck, ese.


AliqhVrtYb.jpg meanwhile is with Miss ChoKCUTj3d.jpg at the womens shelter.

MISS CHO: How are you holding up, Ali?

ALI: I am trying to get adjusted to being here.

MISS CHO: You are adjusting well.

ALI: You think so?

MISS CHO: Yes. First two days you wanted to just stay in your room alone, but today you ate breakfast with some of the other girls.

ALI: I was hungry.

MISS CHO: Regardless, I think it is a great first step.

ALI: I feel isolated here.

MISS CHO: In a way this is isolation, but you can make some life long friends here you just have to let them in.

ALI: I am going to try.

MISS CHO: Take your time. I just want you to be comfortable.


Greg is in his room.

He is laying on his bed staring at the ceiling.

He then hears his father yelling at his little brother

“You never listen to me! Are you stupid, kid? Start to listen to me!”

Greg sighs.

“The damn people in this house! Never listen. I should kick you all out!”

GREG: I wish he would.

“Dammit Cole, Just go to your room before I kick you all the way to it!”

GREG: I am sick of that man…


Jesse6ote0HB.jpg arrives at the hospital.

He goes to the room to see Angie there with Natalia.

JESSE: Angie

ANGIE: Hi baby

Jesse and Angie kiss.

Angie: You okay from your long night last night?

JESSE: I got a little bit of sleep.

NATALIA: What went down last night?

JESSE: There was a robbery but I don’t want you worrying about that right now.

NATALIA: I am still a cop.

JESSE: For now.

NATALIA: How long until I can get back on the force?

JESSE: I hope you are joking and not in a hurry for that.

NATALIA: What do you think, Angie, how long until I am recovered enough for that?

ANGIE: That is hard to say and really up to the force.

JESSE: I am sorry Natalia, but you will not be continuing on as an officer.

Her smile fades fast.


KaylaFwSN37C.jpg arrives home and is happy to see Roman.

KAYLA: Roman!

Kayla and Roman hug.

ROMAN: Good to see you sis.

KAYLA: What are you doing here?

ROMAN: Just here on business.

KAYLA: Don’t like the sound of that.

STEVE: I need a favor Kayla. I need to talk to your co workers husband. The cop.

KAYLA: Okay…about what?

STEVE: About business. We need a warrant. Investigating a house.

Kayla looks at them both suspiciously.

KAYLA: Something is going on.

STEVE: I will hopefully be able to tell you more soon. I just need to get a warrant.

ROMAN: I better go.

KAYLA: I don’t like this.

ROMAN: I’ll be in touch Kayla.

KAYLA: When you do, speak more please.

Roman exits and Kayla gives Steve a look of what is really up.

Outside of the house Roman goes to the window.

He gazes back in on Steve and Kayla…


Back at the shelter:

MISS CHO: Would you like to be in todays painting session. Could be good for your mind to get some peace.

ALI: How many girls will be there?

MISS CHO: Most of them.

ALI: I think Ill pass today.

MISS CHO: You cannot avoid all the girls forever.

ALI: I know I just need time. I am not use to having many friends because of Vin.

MISS CHO: He kept you away from them?

ALI: He tried to. I had a few but I didn’t see them often. Usually just talked on the phone.

MISS CHO: I understand, Ali. I just hope you will come around.

Miss Cho hugs Ali.


Vin Meanwhile has tracked down one of Ali’s friends.

VIN: Talk to me Willow.

WILLOW: I don’t know what you want me to say.

VIN: I want you to tell me where Ali is!

WILLOW: I told you I do not know.

Vin takes a step closer to her.

WILLOW: You are kind of scaring me.

VIN: I don’t want to scare you I just want to get ahold of Ali.

WILLOW: I’m sure you do want to get AHOLD of her, but I have not heard from her in a few days, like you.

VIN: Where would she go?

WILLOW: I do not know, but she was going to the hospital a lot.

VIN: The hospital? For what?

WILLOW: She was talking to some doctor there?

VIN: About what?

WILLOW: You’ll have to ask her. I have to go now.

She walks off quickly.

VIN: What the hell is Ali up to?

He clenches his fist..


Greg hears his fatherrKRfBaE.jpg go into his little brother Coles room.

FATHER: I need you to dump the trash before you sit in your room being lazy like your deadbeat brother!

Greg seems to of had enough and gets off the bed and heads into the hall.

GREG: Quiet down dad!

FATHER: You are really going to get in my face like this and raise your voice?

GREG: Who are you calling deadbeat? You are here bitching while mom is at work.

FATHER: How dare you? You will not disrespect me like this!

GREG: You gonna hit me? What else is new. Always taking your aggression out on this family. Well I am sick of it!

FATHER: What are you going to do about it?

They have a staredown.

FATHER: Nothing.

He shoves Greg into the wall and walks downstairs.


At the hospital:

NATALIA: You cannot keep me off of the force, dad?

JESSE: You need a lot of time to recover. Not only physically, but mentally.

NATALIA: I will be able to do that soon enough.

ANGIE: Don’t start an argument guys.

NATALIA: I just want my dad to know that I can make my own decisions.

JESSE: I am not trying to make the decision for you. I am looking out for you.

NATALIA: Whenever it is that I recover I plan on staying on the force no matter what!

Jesse is obviously upset to hear this.


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original character nor any pics



At the casino:

BrittanyjRkmGfW.jpg is bartending.

The bar is kind of bare tonight.

She becomes much happier when BillyDuLxtrD.jpg sits at the bar.

BRITTANY: Hey you!

BILLY: Thought I would stop by tonight.

BRITTANY: The usual beer?

BILLY: Yes the usual root beer.

BRITTANY: I really am glad you showed u. It is kind of dead tonight.

BILLY: A dead casino. Sounds depressing to me.

BRITTANY: This city relies on its vacationers. Without travelers you get nights like this.

Meanwhile, DerrickHovCp7E.jpg is nearby at the slot machines.

He gets a call from Katsu.

DERRICK: What is up Kat? What why? No I am not at the club right now….Katsu I think you can handle this one. Sorry. I am busy.

He hangs up.

Derrick grins as he goes back to playing the slots.


Cut to VinIwUfNSG.jpg, Chavo52o6tYs.jpg and


VIN: Tonight it is finally going down!

GREG: Are we sure about this?

VIN: You are not chickening out of this one.

CHAVO: We need to get pumped first.

VIN: Well let all the money we are going to have pump you up!

Greg sits down in the corner.

CHAVO: Got your gun ready?

VIN: Of course. I am prepared for this. I am more than ready for this.

CHAVO: I got us some masks.

VIN: Get your mind right Greg. Are you ready?

GREG: As ready as I am going to be. Ill be the getaway car.

VIN: Fine. Works for me.

Vin sets his gun in the band of his pants.

VIN: Lets roll.

Greg looks on…


JesseyDKrdfN.jpg is at the coffee shop.

He looks at his watch.

The barista, Hunter1OAc3Zo.jpg, brings him his coffee.

HUNTER: A late meeting Commander Hubbard?

JESSE: Yes, but an important one.

HUNTER: Good luck

Kayla JohnsonR8Y8pbF.jpg walks in.

KAYLA: You are Angies husband right?

JESSE: That is me. Hello Kayla Johnson. Great to meet you.

KAYLA: Sorry I was late. Hospital stuff goes long sometimes.

JESSE: Yeah, I know. It keeps Angie busy

KAYLA: Yeah that’s right. Angie did tell me all about your plans for a fundraiser for the city.

JESSE: The community is lucky to have you. I am thrilled that you want to help with it.


Jennifer HortonqdRyybI.png is at her new place.

She is still doing some unpacking.

Daniel Jonasn1RtBOy.jpg arrives with his suitcases.

JENNIFER: Daniel! You didn’t tell me you were coming already.

DANIEL: Surprised?

JENNIFER: Definitely.

He sets his suitcases down and the two embrace


At JJs apartment:

ElizaHws9wNP.jpg bends over and starts to take off her pants ever so slowly…

JJQ5dUtnX.jpg watches and bites his lip..

ELIZA: Got me in my bra and panties…

JJ: This is more fun than I thought it was going to be.

Meanwhile, MirandadnnwS2a.jpg is next door frustrated. The music is still loud.

MIRANDA: This is ridiculous. Shouldn’t JJ be doing homework too.

She closes her book.

Miranda exits her apartment and goes next door and knocks on JJs apartment.

Eliza opens the door in her bra and panties…

Miranda is caught off guard.

ELIZA: Uhhh..is there a problem?

MIRANDA: This music is really loud. I am next door trying to work.

ELIZA: Oh. I guess that is my fault.

MIRANDA: Where is JJ?

Shirtless JJ walks up to see who it is.

He is surprised and slightly embarrassed.

JJ: Miranda…


At the casino:

Derrick goes to the bar.

DERRICK: I’ll take a shot of crown.

BRITTANY: Coming right up.

BILLY: Any luck out there tonight?

DERRICK: No winning for me.

BILLY: That sucks bro.

Brittany hands him his shot of whiskey and Derrick takes it.

DERRICK: That helps. Now Ill have a beer.

BRITTANY: I haven’t seen you here before?

DERRICK: I come once in awhile. Usually I drink elsewhere though.

BRITTANY: Oh. Gotta come here more often.

DERRICK: I think I do too.

BRITTANY: Now this guy (points to Billy) This guy is becoming a regular.

DERRICK: To drink... root beer?

BILLY: No No. I come here to see this young lady.

DERRICK: Oh. You two an item?

BRITTANY: We are old friends.

BILLY: Something Like that.


Derrick seems to have a glimmer of shadiness in his eye…


Greg parks the car with he, Chavo and Vin near the gas station.

GREG: Get in and out quickly guys.

VIN: And you get ready to haul a*s out of here and dispose of this car.

The three all put on masks.

CHAVO: Lets get this done!

Chavo and Vin exit the car and head into the gas station.

Vin pulls out his gun and points it at the guy at the register.

VIN: All of your money now! Every last bit.

Back in the car, Greg is nervous. He is tapping his foot and tapping his hand on the steering wheel.

His phone starts to ring and he looks at it.

It is a call from Marcino.

GREG: I so wish I could answer right now Marcino, but this is a bad time.

He looks back towards the gas station.

GREG: Come on guys. Hurry.


At the coffee shop

KAYLA: Little late for coffee for me, but a nice hot tea sounds great.

HUNTER: I think you are going to love it.

Hunter hands the drink to Kayla.

KAYLA: Thank you.

Hunter walks back to his counter.

KAYLA: Never been to this place yet but I like it.

JESSE: This is my gasoline that keeps me running.

KAYLA: So what would you like me to do for this fundraiser?

JESSE: Just volunteer to help out while its going on. Maybe you and Angie could get some folks from the hospital to donate.

KAYLA: Will this be taking place soon?

JESSE: Hopefully sometime this summer. I have to work things out with the chief first.

KAYLA: I promise that whatever you need me for I will help with.

JESSE: Thank you so much. This community needs more people like you for sure.


Cut to Daniel and Jennifer

JENNIFER: So do you like this place? I know you didn’t get a chance to pick it out with me.

DAN: It is really great. You did well.


DAN: Our first house together.

JENNIFER: Yes. I like you putting it that way.

They kiss..

DAN: I have wanted this all along.

JENNIFER: A house together?

DAN: Well to get away together. To be away from Salem. Just you and me.

JENNIFER: Will take some getting used to, but at least JJ is still near me. I like that.

DAN: Yeah…

Daniels smile fades…


At JJ’s apartment:

JJ turns the music off.

JJ: I am sorry the music got so loud, Miranda.

MIRANDA: I feel like I am interrupting something.

JJ: Well we were just—

ELIZA: --Just having a sexy game of strip poker.

JJ: I guess it got out of hand.

MIRANDA: I will leave you both to that. I am sorry.

She starts to leave.

JJ: Wait!

Miranda turns back around.

JJ: Don’t be sorry.


Things get awkward as they both go silent.

Eliza looks on at them both and rolls her eyes.

JJ: I promise the music will stay off tonight and not get so loud ever again.

MIRANDA: Cool. See you later..

She walks off.

JJ closes the door.


AT the Casino:

DERRICK: I better head out. Duty calls.

BRITTANY: Hope you come back and gamble and more importantly, drink soon.

DERRICK: I am sure I will.

“Dragonfly” by Shamans Harvest starts to play.


[:00] Derrick walks away from the bar, but he turns back around and looks back at Billy and Brittany at the bar.

He takes out his phone and takes a picture of them both…

DERRICK: Hopefully one day…because I would love to bang both of them…

He walks off.

[:17] At Jennifer’s house:

JENNIFER: I need some water and a break from unpacking.

She exits into the kitchen.

Daniel looks on unhappy.

Daniel: JJ better not bother us. It would be in his best interest to stay away.

[:33] At JJ’s apartment.

JJ seems disappointed.

ELIZA: Please do not let the killjoy from next door ruin the night.

JJ: I think it is best we call it a night.

JJ puts on his shirt.

ELIZA: But that was so much fun! I know you were having a blast. Saw it with my own two eyes Jack Jr!

JJ: It was fun, but it is time to call it a night and I said when we met to please just call me JJ.

ELIZA: Okay…your mood changed quickly, but if you insist.

Eliza starts to put on her clothes.


At the coffee shop:

Jesse and Kayla shake hands and Kayla exits.

Hunter comes to the table to pick up Kaylas cup.

HUNTER: Hey Commander Hubbard, I just wanted to tell you real quick that I know cops take a lot of flak. Especially these days, but I respect you all and what you do.

JESSE: Thank you Hunter. That means a lot.

Jesse shakes his hand.

Jesse’s radio then goes off to a robbery that has just been alerted.

JESSE: Looks like I am heading out!

HUNTER: Good luck sir. Be safe.

Jesse exits.


Masked Vin and Chavo come running out of the gas station and across the street to the car.

VIN: Hit it Greg lets get out of here!

Greg peels out and takes off quickly.

CHAVO: We have to get somewhere to dispose of this old ass vehicle. Where did you get this anyway, holmes?

VIN: Stole it of course…man that was such a rush! I loved it.

CHAVO: Faster Greg!

Greg makes a sharp turn as he speeds up.

Greg doesn’t say word he just looks on towards the road very nervously.

VIN: Hurry to the river!

Greg goes down a hill to the river and stops.

VIN: We’ll leave it here. Let’s get going.

There can be sirens heard in the distance!

CHAVO: They can’t know were down here.

VIN: I don’t know but let’s take off.

The three take off on foot quickly. Vin carrying the bag of cash.

The camera zooms out on the car…

[2:17] Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.



JJ HortonlLpL3Oc.jpg is walking up the stairs of his apartment. Carrying his book bag.

He gets to his apartment to see ElizaSVbMF9I.jpg sitting there by his door.

ELIZA: I thought you were never going to get home.

JJ: Just getting out of a class. How long have you been waiting?

ELIZA: Not too long.

JJ: I hope not.

ELIZA: I haven’t. The beer is still cold.

JJ: What?

Eliza has a six pack beside her and picks it up as she stands up.

JJ: You brought beer again?

ELIZA: I am going to be the person who gets you to unwind after hard days of class.

JJ: I don’t know about you.

He unlocks his door.

ELIZA: What don’t you know? I think I am pretty straight forward.

JJ: I suppose.

The two enter his apartment.

ELIZA: I brought something else for us to have fun with as well.

JJ: What else…though I am kind of afraid to ask.

ELIZA: A deck of cards. I say we do some poker.

JJ: You may not want to play me. I can be good.

ELIZA: I am good too and besides I don’t want to play no ordinary poker. Let’s play some strip poker.

JJ’s eyes widen


LucastmFRkO3.jpg is at his office at mad world.

His secretary buzzes him.

SECRETARY: You have a visitor.

LUCAS: I don’t have anyone scheduled.

SECRETARY: She says she is a new friend.

LUCAS: A new friend?

SECRETARY: Should I send her in?

LUCAS: Sure. Why not

Emilykdq48n4.jpg walks into the room.

LUCAS: Ahhh you are the new friend.

EMILY: Did you forget me already?

LUCAS: No I didn’t. I am surprised to see you again though.

EMILY: I am hoping we can see a lot more of each other…


PaulmdoFkbR.jpg has arrived home to see HenryDJPHI9I.jpg with


PAUL: If it isn’t my half brother yet Step Father Henry Coleman.

HENRY: Hello Paul. Been a long time it feels like.

PAUL: Maybe not long enough.

HENRY: Probably not long enough. I do not like the sound of this BRO resurrection.

BARBARA: I do not know why Henry!

HENRY: Paul is not known for his brilliant ideas.

PAUL: And you are? We can call Katie and ask her how many times you have messed things up.

HENRY: Yeah but those were usually her ideas.

BARBARA: I do not want us all to fight.

PAUL: What else is this messed up family good for, mom?

BARBARA: We should be able to come together over BRO.

Henry: I am sorry but I thought you said Paul was down on his luck…and now all of a sudden he can make a company happen?

PAUL: I am right here so you can address me cracker jack.

HENRY: Cracker Jack? What is that suppose to mean?

PAUL: That you look and act like the kid on the cracker jack box.

BARBARA: Stop right now! Lets talk about this civilly. We can talk through this you know?

PAUL: I personally do not care what Henry thinks. BRO is happening.

Paul walks into the kitchen.

Henry and Barbara give each other dirty looks



GretaZguGsxH.jpg is not happy.

Stefano walks closer to her.DaEFjxW.jpg

STEFANO: Everything is okay Greta. I know you lied to patch and his lackey for my sake.

GRETA: Yes I did. I am still uneasy finding out you are my father, but I thought that was for the best.

STEFANO: It is. I reassured you that I have nothing to do with Bo Brady.

GRETA: But he was looking for you…and how did you know people would start asking about you anyway?

STEFANO: They always ask about me.

GRETA: Bo and Hope were my best friends for a long time in Salem. And…and John.

STEFANO: I know you always hoped John was your father and that you dreaded that I could be, but I am your father and I just want you to know that family is the most important thing to me. That is why you did the right thing and did not lead on that I was here.

GRETA: But you have to be honest with me Stefano…I need to know for sure if you know where Bo is…

Stefano looks on…


At the Ryan house.

PAUL: I am not discussing this. BRO is already beyond in the works. It is happening.

HENRY: You got a big enough loan to start a company?

PAUL: Yes as well as an investor.

BARBARA: Paul is doing this on his own. I have not put in a dime.

PAUL: I know Henry better not be concerned about the money. You are the one who wound up with James’s fortune.

HENRY: It was more complicated than that.

PAUL: I still never saw you reach out to me with a dime of the Stenbeck fortune. Or even to our little brother Eric.

HENRY: His mom kept him so far away from this family. Probably rightfully so, but I hardly even know the guy.

PAUL: Hey now is your chance! Go take a trip to Bay City and leave me and my mom to business.

BARBARA: That is enough! Henry, I am sorry you are not happy with this but can you please get over the issue…for my sake.


At Mad world:

Emily hands Lucas some papers.

LUCAS: Is this your resume?

EMILY: It sure is.

LUCAS: I thought you said your husband would be upset if you worked for another company other than his?

EMILY: Yeah, but he will have to get over it.

LUCAS: I don’t want any drama here.

EMILY: There wouldn’t be. Just consider it. I have experience you may like.

LUCAS: I will consider it, just don’t play with fire.

EMILY: I think I need to learn how to not do that…I’ll leave you to your business now.

Emily walks out of his office and Lucas shakes his head but smirks


AT JJs apartment.

Eliza turns up some music.

JJ: That is a little loud. This is an apartment after all.

JJ turns it down.

ELIZA: You are supposed to not be stiff, remember.

JJ: I am relaxing. I mean we’re playing strip poker aren’t we?

ELIZA: Yeah even though it is not working out for me. I have lost both socks. You’ve barely lost one.

They play another hand and JJ wins.

ELIZA: See what I mean!

JJ: Lose it!

JJ takes a chug of his beer.

Eliza takes off her shirt to reveal a bright red bra.

ELIZA: Good thing I am in my best undergarments tonight.

JJ: Looking good..

Another song comes on the radio.

ELIZA: I love this one!

Eliza turns the volume back up!

Meanwhile MirandaaUCY5gQ.jpg is in her apartment next door.

She is working on some home work but hears the bass thumping louder.

MIRANDA: Come on JJ! Why does he have the music so loud!


In England:

STEFANO: I really do not have the slightest idea where Bo is. That is the truth Greta.

GRETA: I just can’t help but not believe you.

STEFANO: I know it will take a long time for us to build a father-daughter relationship, but I hope we can one day.

GRETA: You just sent me a DNA test out of the blue.

STEFANO: I thought it was about time you knew the truth and besides my time is dwindling down. I needed to reach out to you before it was too late.

GRETA: I…I thank you for that. I just want to believe that everything is on the up and up. I don’t know if I can.

STEFANO: Everything is good and I am sure that includes Bo.


Emily arrives home. She hears the bickering going on in the kitchen.

HENRY: Babs I want to support you, but…

BARBARA: But what?

Emily walks into the kitchen.

EMILY: yeah Henry, but what? Let her have it.

BARBARA: Another positive family member.

HENRY: Hello Emily...BUT I just want to make sure Paul knows what he is doing.

PAUL: I do thank you for the fake concern.

EMILY: I was unsure about this endeavor as well.

HENRY: It just seems done on a whim.

PAUL: But you came around, right Emily?

EMILY: Yes I am trying to.

HENRY: I just do not want this to be a mistake.

PAUL: I will prove that it is not one. There. Settled. End of story.

BARBARA: I think it is time to leave so we can all sleep on this.

EMILY: Don’t leave on my account.

BARBARA: Don’t worry Emily, we are.

HENRY: We should go to our hotel room love bug. I think we should be taking out this aggression on something else. Our hotel bed.

Both Emily and Paul cringe.

Barbara kisses Henry

BARBARA: I knew you would come around.

Barbara and Henry exit.

EMILY: Paul, what do you say we go upstairs and blow off some steam too.

PAUL: No thank you. I am not in the mood.

Emily is disappointed.


Lucas is still in his office.

He is looking over Emilys resume.

LUCAS: Emily certainly is qualified…but I cannot help but think she is up to something.

He puts her resume in a folder.

LUCAS: I do not trust her as far as I can throw her.


Back at JJs apartment:

JJ is now shirtless as he and Eliza continue to play strip poker.

ELIZA: I am catching up! And you are about to lose your pants Mister Horton.

She finishes off her beer.

JJ: I have confidence in this hand.

ELIZA: So do I. Full house. Read em and weep.

JJ: Sucks for you. Straight flush. Looks like you are the one losing the pants!

ELIZA: That’s fine.

Eliza stands up and turns around.

She bends over and starts to take off her pants ever so slowly…

JJ watches and bites his lip..

ELIZA: Got me in my bra and panties…

JJ: This is more fun than I thought it was going to be.

Meanwhile, Miranda is next door frustrated. The music is still loud.

MIRANDA: This is ridiculous. Shouldn’t JJ be doing homework too.

She closes her book.

Miranda exits her apartment and goes next door and knocks on JJs door.

Eliza opens the door in her bra and panties…

Miranda is caught off guard.


In England:

STEFANO: I’ll leave you to unwind. You seem stressed.

GRETA: I am.

He walks off to another room.

Greta takes an envelope out of a drawer. Inside is the DNA test that names Stefano as her father.

She stares at it..

Stefano meanwhile makes a phone call in another room

STEFANO: Everything is clear.

He cackles


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics



IN England:

SteveEXcv70Q.jpg and TerrancehqQo3jd.jpg are with

Greta Von AmbergxobZwmo.jpg.

GRETA: Please take a seat.

TERRANCE: This couch does look comfy.

GRETA: It is top of the line….so you said you were friends of Bo Bradys?

STEVE: We are. I know we never met while you lived in Salem. I had this pesky presumed dead thing going on, but Bo and I have been good friends for a long time.

GRETA: What brings you all out here?

STEVE: I was hoping you had some info.

GRETA: About Bo?

TERRANCE: Yes you see we work with him.

GRETA: For the ISA right?


Greta fidgets

GRETA: Everything okay?

STEVE: Everything is okay. We are tracking him and trying to find him while he is on a secret assignment.

GRETA: Oh…something isn’t adding up..


In Paradise NM

Jennifer HortonM5p1lYz.jpg has arrived at the house she is going to purchase.

Her son JJT2Qm82x.jpg also arrives.

JJ: Hi mom!


They hug.

JJ: So this is where you are moving?

JENNIFER: Yes. I really like it.

JJ: It looks nice from the outside. Where is Daniel?

JENNIFER: He still has some days left to work in Salem and cannot come down yet, but I wanted to move in some stuff before he could.

JJ: Well I am here to help mother.

JENNIFER: I appreciate it. Its not a whole lot.

JJ sees a Uhall pulling up.

JJ: Not a whole lot…yeah right.


Katsu0Lh9q2S.jpg is at the Strip club TRIPLE X

He looks around.

KATSU: Wish I had time for the ladies.

He gazes at a stripper on stage.

Katsu walks to the bar and takes a seat.

KATSU: Hey Bob.

The Bartender, Bob approaches him.

BOB: Hey man, what can I get you?

KATSU: You can get me Derrick. I need to talk to him.

BOB: Might be awhile.

KATSU: I saw his car outside, I know he is here.

BOB: Yeah he is…preoccupied. Can I get you something while you wait?

KATSU: I am here on strictly business….don’t tell me he is in the back room…is he having one of his dirty threesomes or foursomes with some crazy couple? He might as well change the name of this place to Orgy Club.

BOB: He is just my boss. I do not ask questions.

Katsu gives Bob a dirty look.

BOB: But between me and you….yes. Yes he is.


PaulOcNyh0J.jpg is at the paradise casino doing some gambling.

PAUL: I feel my luck is changing. Gonna win me something here.

He bets some money on roulette.

Paul does not win.

PAUL: Okay… maybe it’s a slow change of luck.

He walks to the bar. Billy Abbottpdi8GC4.jpg is also at the bar.

BILLY: How are ya?

PAUL: Better than you if you are just having a soda.

BILLY: I’m just waiting for my friend to arrive to work.

PAUL: Well I need myself a beer.


Barbarae78uM3Z.jpg is alone at Paul and Emilys house.

BARBARA: Thank god Emily isn’t home. Here walking around this house…being annoying… If I was alone with her we’d probably kill each other.

Barbara opens up the refrigerator and sees it is mostly empty.

BARBARA: Does my family not eat or drink.

She hears a car pull up outside of the house.

BARBARA: Oh god. Please do not be Emily.

Someone knocks at the door. She looks to see who it is and is happy.

She opens the door and it is her husband HenryFpmi5VR.jpg!

HENRY: My Babs!

Henry plants a big kiss on Barbara!


In England:

STEVE: We really do just want to know if you have seen Bo recently.

GRETA: Not too recently.

TERRANCE: But you have seen him?

GRETA: It has been some months ago but yes.

STEVE: What did Bo have to say?

GRETA: For being in the ISA you two do not seem to know a lot about Bo.

STEVE: If you would like to call his family back home to verify I know him, you can do so. I am married to his sister Kayla.

GRETA: Oh you are that Steve.

STEVE: Yes the one and only.

TERRANCE: So back to what Bo talked about..

GRETA: Well….(fidgets again) he was asking me about Stefano Dimera.

STEVE: You know Stefano?

GRETA: He and my mother went way back. It’s a long story.

TERRANCE: What did he ask about Stefano?

GRETA: Just if I have seen him but I have not seen Stefano since I was in Salem over a decade ago….thankful for that.


At the Casino

PAUL: Are you sure you do not want something stronger to drink?

BILLY: I am cool. See I have this past with alcohol. Wasn’t pretty. Also have a past with gambling but that is neither here nor there.

PAUL: You hang out in odd places, for having that addiction.

BILLY: Makes me stronger. Shows me how I can control myself now.

PAUL: Good to here.

BILLY: So do you like this city? I am new and still finding my way.

PAUL: Its been rough. The place can be expensive but I am starting up a company. Well restarting BRO.

BILLY: I think Ive heard of it before. My family back home has been involved with some highly successful companies for generations now.

PAUL: Have you worked with them?

BILLY: I have.

PAUL: If you ever want a job at BRO you should apply. We need experienced people.


Barbara and Henry are still groping and kissing.

HENRY: I have missed you!

BARBARA: I have missed you too… over the last…few days.

HENRY: I know. I know it hasn’t been that long but I wanted to see how you are doing.

BARBARA: Just enjoying family time.

HENRY: Well where is said family?

BARBARA: They are…out.

HENRY: Interesting take on your family time.

BARBARA: Well you know our family. Definitely interesting.

HENRY: I think there is some other reason you came here…

BARBARA: I think there is some other reason you came here too. To question me?

HENRY: I just want to know the real reason you came here to see Paul.

BARBARA: Want to sit and get comfortable?

HENRY: Babs…whats going on?

BARBARA: Fine. Ill just sit down then.

Henry looks at Barbara who smiles back.


At Triple X strip club:

A guy and a girl walk out from one of the back rooms. Their clothes are disheveled.

KATSU: I take those two messy semi limping people as my cue to go see Derrick.

BOB: Yeah…but enter at your own risk.

Katsu goes to the back and knocks at the door.

lePz3a5.jpgDERRICK: Come in!

Katsu enters and immediately turns away.

KATSU: Oh damn man! For the love of god put on some clothes. please.

Derrick puts on some boxers.

KATSU: Come on man. I want you to get serious.

DERRICK: Don’t ever mistake me for not being serious.

KATSU: Well we have some important things to discuss don’t you think..


Jennifer and JJ and 2 movers have moved everything inside her new place.

JENNIFER: Thank you so much, son.

JJ: The least I could do.

JENNIFER: You are growing up to be a gentleman.

JJ: I am glad you think so.

JENNIFER: You have grown a lot the past year.

JJ: I guess I have come a long way or at least I try to.

JENNIFER: I just hope you don’t mind that I have moved close to you again.

JJ: Not at all mom.


JJ: I will be glad to have you around.


At the strip club:

DERRICK: I don’t get you sometimes Katsu.

KATSU: That feeling is mutual. (he points to Derrick still being in boxers)

DERRICK: I am serious though. Sometimes you are one of the coolest guys around and other times you are all stiff with nothing but business on the brain.

KATSU: I get nothing but serious when it comes to business.

DERRICK: I assure you that I do as well. You do not have to worry about me. My head is in the game.

KATSU: I am trying to believe you.

DERRICK: Come here. Let me show you something.

Derrick takes a picture off of the wall and behind it is a safe.

He opens the safe to reveal quite a few stacks of 100 dollar bills.

KATSU: Is this your back room prostitution money?

DERRICK: (chuckles) See there is that cool funny guy. I’m no prostitute. Just the guy spicing up couples lives….but back to business.

KATSU: Yes please let me know how business is.

DERRICK: Well look at all this cash. Our partnership will continue to gain ground.

He gives Katsu one of the wads of 100 dollar bills and then closes the safe.

DERRICK: It is all good... and serious.

Katsu smiles at the wad of cash.

DERRICK: (Grins) We’re growing.


Henry sits beside Barbara.

BARBARA: There you go. Get comfortable love.

HENRY: Start telling me what is up then, love bug.

BARBARA: I don’t want you to be upset. Look at this with an open mind. Paul is restarting up BRO.

HENRY: oh…you are going back to work.

BARBARA: It is a good thing.

Paul arrives home and is surprised to see Henry.

PAUL: If it isn’t my half brother yet Step Father Henry Coleman.

HENRY: Hello Paul. Been a long time it feels like.

PAUL: Maybe not long enough.

HENRY: Probably not long enough. I do not like the sound of this BRO resurrection.

Barbara sighs



Steve and Terrance shake Gretas hand.

GRETA: I truly do hope you can track down Bo and help with his investigation.

STEVE: Certainly us too.

TERRANCE: If anything suspicious does come up. Call us.

Terrance hands her a card.

STEVE: Especially if that something involves a Dimera.

GRETA: …You got it.

Steve and Terrance exit.

STEVE: I am getting frustrated dude! It feels like nothing we are doing is going anywhere.

TERRANCE: We have to stay calm and positive. Something is bound to come up.

Back inside, Greta stares out the window.

Someone walks into the room “Good Job.”


It is Stefano Dimera himself!

Greta shakes her head.

GRETA: I feel so bad. Like I did the wrong thing.

She puts both hands over her face.

Stefano puts his hand on her shoulder.

STEFANO: No, no you did absolutely perfect my dear daughter, Greta…

Greta looks up nervously.

GRETA: But what about Bo?

STEFANO: Do not worry about Bo Brady. I am sure he can take care of himself.

Stefano smiles.


Credits roll.

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.



MarcinoNiFJtsF.jpg and GregQSMBuWy.jpg have met up in a park.

GREG: So what wrong man? You needed to get out of the house?

MARCINO: Yeah some old friend of my moms has been hanging around her.

GREG: Are they together together?

MARCINO: I hope not.

GREG: You don’t like him?

MARCINO: Not really.

GREG: He an as*hole or something?

MARCINO: I hardly know him. I don’t think she knows him either. They like knew each other in high school or something.

GREG: Maybe you should give him a chance first?

MARCINO: I’d rather not.

GREG: It could be worse…

MARCINCO: You are right. I shouldn’t be troubling you with all this after all the sh*t you have to deal with.

GREG: No, please vent away. It helps.

MARCINO: You can vent too you know. I know you don’t like talking about your abusive father, but it may help to get it out.

Greg stares on…


KaylaOE0pUVS.jpg and Jerri9fYgZNw.jpg are with young

Ali WmjSWI0.jpg .

They have arrived at a womens shelter.

ALI: I don’t know about this.

JERRI: I know you are afraid of new situations but this is a better situation for you right now.

KAYLA: Jerri is right. I thank you for letting me try and help you as well, Ali. I know it wasn’t easy to open up.

ALI: I am thankful for how much you both care.

JERRI: We do and this is what we think is best.

KAYLA: We should go in.

JERRI: Yes Miss Cho is waiting.

Ali reluctantly grabs her bags and the 3 head inside.


Cut to an awake NataliaKeo2frc.jpg.

Natalia looks at JesseTebCYmj.jpg and smiles.

JESSE: This is wonderful.

NATALIA: (Whispers) hi dad.

JESSE: Hi baby

He kisses Natalia on the forehead.

Jesse is elated.

AngieMyRvC7E.jpg looks on smiling and teary eyed…

ANGIE: She just came out of it.

JESSE: I could not be more thankful!

NATALIA: (Whispers) me too dad. I am thankful to be alive.

Jesse kisses her forehead again and then he hugs Angie.

ANGIE: She is a fighter like her dad.


JJe48fYyg.jpg and MirandaU2HRkYh.jpg are in a music class together at the college.

The class has ended and students leave except the two of them.

JJ: Mr. Simpson is it okay if we stay around and play a little bit.

MR. SIMPSON: Sure JJ. I wont lock the doors for another hour.

Miranda is putting a book in her back pack.

JJ: Sweet! You want to jam with me neighbor?

MIRANDA: Of course. I am always down to jam.

JJ: Thanks the spirit!

MIRANDA: What do you want to play?

JJ: It is your choice.



PaulMPv0nGX.jpg and BarbaraSxnnzy4.jpg are in the building that BRO will be in.

BARBARA: The progress on this continues to amaze me.

PAUL: It has been amazing.

BARBARA: You are really getting everything right this time around.

PAUL: I am trying to.

EmilypXBkl0h.jpg arrives.

EMILY: You really are doing a good job, Paul.

Paul is surprised to see her.

PAUL: That is a shock coming from you.

EMILY: I know. I have been very hard on you lately. It is starting to make me feel left out.

BARBARA: As it should.

EMILY: (turns to Barbara) I don’t need any peanut gallery comments.

BARBARA: I don’t know why not. You are the elephant in the room.

EMILY: I came to talk to Paul…and to apologize.

PAUL: An apology?

EMILY: Yes. I have been ridiculous about your decision to start BRO. I need to support you and I will support you.

PAUL: Emily, It is great to finally hear you say that again.

Emily kisses Paul.

Barbara looks away and rolls her eyes


At the Park:

GREG: I would prefer to not talk about my trash of a father.

MARCINO: I won’t push the issue. Just thought maybe venting would help a little.

GREG: I know. There is just nothing to talk about. My father is a miserable human being and my mother puts up with him.

MARCINO: I feel stupid now bringing up my petty issues.

GREG: No don’t. We all feel how we feel. Nothing wrong with it.

MARCINO: I hope I can be as strong as you some day.

GREG: Ha! I am not strong.

MARCINO: Yes you are bro.

GREG: Believe me. I am not at all. I just have a hell of a poker face.


Miss Cho62LDY7i.jpg approaches Kayla, Jerri and Ali inside the womens shelter.

JERRI: Ali, this is Mis Cho

MISS CHO: Hello sweet girl.

ALI: Hi..

KAYLA: She is feeling uncomfortable.

MISS CHO: That is to be expected.

JERRI: I think once she befriends some of the other girls here she will feel better about being here.

MISS CHO: They are all out back. We will go see them.

ALI: I kinda want to be alone right now.

KAYLA: You will have your own room here.

MISS CHO: Yes she will. We can go to it.

ALI: I would like that.

The 4 ladies head up stairs.


At the hospital:

NATALIA: (Whispers) What..what happened that night dad?

JESSE: There was a shoot out between some damn gangs.

NATALIA: (Whispers) I do remember some of that.

JESSE: Yeah and one of the stray bullets hit you.

NATALIA: (Whispers) I am glad I do not remember that.

JESSE: I am just glad you pulled through baby.

NATALIA: (Whispers) I did dream about you and Angie looking over me.

JESSE: Angie has been great with you.

ANGIE: She has been as good a patient as a patient can be. A fighter.

NATALIA: (Whispers) Was never going to leave my dad behind.

JESSE: Thank you, I am beyond happy that you are still here with us and I am in the midst of starting a cause around this city to prevent the poor from joining gangs.

ANGIE: Leave it to your father to turn a negative into a positive!

Natalia smiles


At the college:

JJ hands Miranda a guitar

JJ: Here you can play lead.

MIRANDA: Are you sure?

JJ: Yup. I will support.

MIRANDA: That is a lot of pressure.

JJ: I have faith in you.

MIRANDA: Well thanks but what are we playing?

JJ: Lets do an old evanescence song. I want to hear you sing.

MIRANDA: Amy Lee’s voice is pretty beautiful to try and replicate.

JJ: Like I said, I have faith in you.

JJ starts playing “Bring me to life”

JJ: Would be better if these were electric.

MIRANDA: Acoustic is tremendous.

Miranda starts to play the song along with him.

JJ: Now you start leading

She starts to do so.

MIRANDA: This is too much pressure to remember the lyrics.

JJ: Give it a shot.

MIRANDA: (Singing) Bring me to life!

She giggles

JJ: I’m going to turn you into a rock girl, just wait.

The two continue to play along.



EMILY: So what are your plans for this place?

PAUL: Ive tried to explain before but you didn’t want to listen.

EMILY: I am listening now.

PAUL: First off, my mother and I and our new business partner Katsu are--

The door opens and they are interrupted by Eliza C9FK5O6.jpg.

BARBARA: Dear, Eliza!

ELIZA: Grandma!

BARBARA: Finally I get to see you.

Barbara and Eliza hug.

Eliza then hugs her dad.

ELIZA: Hi daddy.

Eliza totally ignores Emily as if she is not even there.

PAUL: What brings you all the way out here?

ELIZA: Well actually I was coming here in hopes that I can have a job here since someoneee said I needed one.

Eliza looks at Emily

BARBARA: I think that is a great idea for you to work here! Don’t you Paul?

PAUL: I don’t know

ELIZA: Oh come on dad!

BARBARA: I think Eliza would do good at a secretary job here.

ELIZA: Sounds like my kind of job.

PAUL: That just might work.

ELIZA: I will be the best secretary here!

Eliza is thrilled.

ELIZA: Thank you both so much!

“Bring me to life (acoustic)” by Evanescence starts to play


[:00] Eliza hugs both her grandmother and her father again. Emily watches the three and seems highly annoyed.

[:08] Eliza looks over at Emily from across the room and winks. Emily shakes her head.

[:16] At the college. JJ and Miranda are putting the guitars away.

JJ: That was so fun.

MIRANDA: I totally agree. We will have to do it again sometime.

JJ: Definitely. I better go start some homework though.

MIRANDA: Okay see you…well at home in the apartment complex, neighbor.

JJ: Home sweet home.

Miranda watches JJ as he exits the room.

She looks back at the guitars and grins from ear to ear.

MIRANDA: That was such a good time.

[:44] Greg looks on somberly.

Marcino gives him a pat on the back.

MARCINO: I hope things get better, man.

GREG: They will.

MARCINO: Best attitude to have.

GREG: All I know is I need to protect my mom and my lil bro the best that I can.

Marcino looks on at Greg worried

[1:02] Kayla and Jerri both hug Miss Cho

JERRI: Thank you for taking her in. She is so young. I want her to find peace here.

MISS CHO: I will do my best to reach out to her.

KAYLA: It may just take some time.

JERRI: Probably so

[1:18] Ali is up in her room at the womens shelter. She is starting to unpack but breaks down and starts crying.

She wipes her tears and looks in the mirror. She sees her black eye and messed up lip.

ALI: this has to stop.

She touches her black eye.

ALI: It has to.

[1:38] At the hospital, Jesse and Angie hug outside of Natalias hospital room.

JESSE: Such a huge relief, Angie

ANGIE: I know it is.

JESSE: Thank you so much for helping Natalia stay alive.

ANGIE: It was more than just me.

JESSE: But your faith helped a whole lot.

The two look into Natalias room.

[1:55] Natalia stares on towards the wall.

A single tear starts to run down her face

The camera slowly zooms in on her…

[2:09]fade out and credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures



BillyLsqk2pV.jpg and BrittanyY6a5t5t.jpg are hanging out. Brittany pours Billy some lemonade.

BILLY: Thank you. I am parched.

BRITTANY: Parched. Who says that? What are you, an old man?

BILLY: If I was still in Genoa City, I would feel like one. That places ages you.

BRITTANY: Well good thing you came here to Paradise.

BILLY: Yes. Paradise. Has this place been your Paradise since you moved here?

BRITTANY: It has been okay. I’ve landed on my feet here thanks to the casino.

BILLY: I need to land on my feet now. I need to find out what kind of work I want to do here.

BRITTANY: There are plenty of options in this city. The police force is always hiring.

BILLY: Yeah right. I need something a little more glamourous.

BRITTANY: There is plenty of glamour here, too. This city has a lot of good and bad.


ChavomsFtFOy.jpg meets up with GregGwZ6igj.jpg in the alley.

GREG: Where is Vin?

CHAVO: He is late and in one foul mood.

GREG: Oh boy. What happened now? He is always pissed about something.

CHAVO: This one may be a big one, bro.

GREG: Well tell me!

CHAVO: It’s his girlfriend. I guess she broke up with him. Homie seems livid!

GREG: Great, girl trouble.

CHAVO: I know he is mad all the time, but he seems worse this time.

GREG: I do wish Vin would calm down.

CHAVO: Well he bought his new gun and I’m afraid he is going to do something stupid with it.


JesseJVkfrsv.jpg is at the police station.

He and another cop are sitting down.

JESSE: I want you to help me in my crusade to help this city.

OFFICER RAMOS: I will do whatever I can to help, Captain.

JESSE: That is what I like to hear. This community deserves better.

OFFICER RAMOS: I quite admire our drive you have for the youth here. Instead of taking what happened to your daughter as a negative you are trying to turn it into a positive.

JESSE: The people responsible for that shoot out are in custody, but there are some youth out there that have not yet gotten into deep trouble. Those are the ones I would love to help.

OFFICER RAMOS: What are we going to do to help them?

JESSE: We’re going to reach out and I do have an idea how…


At the hospital, KaylauNxyQqi.jpg and AngieGqGDXae.jpg are with resident psychiatrist Jerric17DG4n.jpg.

JERRI: I am thrilled to hear about your daughter, Angie.

ANGIE: Yes. Natalia does seem to be recovering at a good rate.

JERRI: Good work guys.

KAYLA: It really was touch and go for a while but there seems to be great doctors and surgeons on staff.

ANGIE: If there is one thing right in this city, it is this hospital.

JERRI: We are the best of the best. Or so I like to think.

ANGIE: You are great Jerri. The amount of care you have for your patients is admirable.

JERRI: Thank you.


In Salem:

Jennifer iQQgP5m.png is in the Horton house.

Her boyfriend Daniel JonasCTe3f5K.jpg walks in…

JENNIFER: Daniel. Glad you came by.

DANIEL: I had to. I think we both had to.

JENNIFER: Yeah we do need to have a talk.

DANIEL: I agree Jenn, one hundred percent.


Back in Paradise

Terrance ZPuqdJf.jpg is back from Arizona. SteveOj32ge5.jpg shakes his hand.

STEVE: How was the trip?

TERRANCE: Short, but sweet.

STEVE: But not successful.

TERRANCE: Unfortunately. I am gald to be back though.

STEVE: Hate to tell you this, but don’t unpack your bags.

TERRANCE: Oh no…why?

STEVE: Because the both of us are flying somewhere else!


Marcino Ua4zA3I.jpg is in his room.

He hears his mom and Billy chatting in the other room.

He is upset again and rolls his eyes.

MARCINO: Who is this Billy guy just storming back into her life? I don’t know who he thinks he is.

He gets his cell phone and texts somebody.

MARCINO: I do not want to be here while they are here together.

He leaves his room and walks in the front room.

MARCINO: Sorry to interrupt, but I am going to meet up with a friend, Mom.

BRITTANY: Okay well just be careful.

MARCINO: I always am.

BILLY: See you buddy


He exits


In Salem:

JENNIFER: You know I have been wanting to move and I am certain where I want to move.

DANIEL: You want to go where JJ went, don’t you?

JENNIFER: Yes. Paradise, New Mexico. I am sure you don’t like the idea, but that is what I want to do.

DANIEL: You’ve wanted a move and a change for a while. I can respect that.

JENNIFER: If I have to move there alone I will.

DANIEL: Actually, I would love to move there with you.

JENNIFER: but what about your job?

DANIEL: I knew you were considering this so I already put my notice in weeks ago.

JENNIFER: What a wonderful surprise!

She hugs him.

JENNIFER: This make me already want to start packing!


Steve visits Kayla at the hospital.

KAYLA: What is up?

STEVE: Wanted to come and see you, baby.

KAYLA: You have that look on your face though.

STEVE: What look?

KAYLA: The look you always have when you have something to say that I don’t want to hear.

STEVE: Ohhh that look…yeah I guess so.

KAYLA: Then what is it you are up to?

STEVE: I have to go on a trip.

KAYLA: For the ISA?

STEVE: Yes for the ISA.

KAYLA: This isn’t dangerous is it?

STEVE: It is ISA business but I promise it isn’t dangerous.

KAYLA: It better not be. You were supposed to be getting away from all this.

STEVE: I am sweetness it just takes time.

He kisses her.

STEVE: I promise its nothing big.

Kayla gives him a doubting look.

STEVE: Promise.


At the hospital

Angie sees a girlV6fz3nZ.jpg entering Jerris office.

The girl has a busted lip and a major black eye...

ANGIE: (Shakes her head) poor girl.

The young Girl, Ali, sits with Jerri

JERRI: Hi Ali...I wish it didn’t lead to this.

ALI: I tried to get away.

JERRI: I know, honey.

ALI: I just finally had enough. I had to get out.

JERRI: You did the right thing

ALI: But I don’t know what to do now.

JERRI: I promised I would help you and I will.


Back at the police station

JESSE: Officer Ramos, my first step of business is a fundraiser. Usually we cops fundraiser for ourselves but this time I want it to be for the community center.

OFFICER RAMOS: Wonderful. I would be willing to help set this up. Reaching out to the community is good for all involved.

JESSE: All the funds will go to a newly built community center in the more poverty ridden part of the city. I don’t know if the chief will go for this but it’s worth a shot.

OFFICER RAMOS: He is a tough sell.

JESSE: I frankly don’t care how tough he is. It is going to happen.

Jesse gets a text. It is from Angie.

JESSE: Sorry, but I have to head off to the hospital.

OFFICER RAMOS: Hope everything is okay!

Jesse leaves


VinrxRSRzJ.jpg shows off his gun to Greg and Chavo.

VIN: A top of the line piece here fellas.

GREG: Nice buy.

CHAVO: Great buy.

VIN: And thing is, I'm in the right mind to use it today.

CHAVO: Don’t say that.

VIN: Oh it is true.

GREG: I am going to take this as my cue to leave.

VIN: Don’t miss out on the fun Gregory.

GREG: I’ll pass if you are going to do something stupid.

Greg leaves.

VIN: I swear. Sometimes that kid is a p*ssy.

CHAVO: You shouldn't make any rash decisions.

VIN: I am not. I should have just shot that damn girl long time ago.

Chavo sighs.

The camera zooms in on the gun.


In Salem:

Jennifer is packing.

JENNIFER: I will miss this house though.

She starts to take the pictures off the mantel. She gets to a picture of Jack.

JENNIFER: Definitely off to a new phase in my life.

She kisses the picture of Jack and puts it in a box.


Cut to Steve and Terrance.

TERRANCE: Well I am still packed, Steve. What are we doing?

STEVE: Hope you are ready for a long trip.

TERRANCE: I am not, but I can be game. Okay I’m not thrilled to be flying again, but if it helps find Bo.

STEVE: I hope it will.

TERRANCE: But why England?

STEVE: We are going to go see an old friend of Bos. Greta Von Amburg.


In the Psychiatrist office

JERRI: Did you now ex boyfriend attack you before or after you broke up with him?

ALI: Both.

JERRI: He is scum and I am glad you feel that in your heart now.

ALI: I am glad I left. I just...(sighs heavily)

JERRI: I know how hard it has been for you to come here the past couple months and I know that you still have a hard path from here, but trust me that I will help you.

ALI: I trust you completely. I am just eighteen though and was living with my boyfriend. I have nowhere to go. Or to hide if I need to.

JERRI: Your parents live here don’t they?

ALI: My boyfriend is crazy. I do not want to put my parents in danger.

Jerri Holds Alis hand.

JERRI: Then I am going to take you to a womens shelter. I’ll keep you safe.

ALI: I don’t know if that will even work. I've never told you this but my boyfriend…he is in a gang.


Vin has a picture of Ali in a frame.

VIN: You made a huge mistake breaking up with me Ali.

Vin sets the picture down and gazes at it.

He pulls out his gun and uses the picture for target practice shooting it twice…


Billy and Brittany are looking through a newspaper.

BILLY: I really would rather not find a job in the paper.

BRITTANY: Come on. Be a good ol fashion regular person Mister Abbott.

BILLY: Yeah I guess being an Abbott I never had to do this.

BRITTANY: You’ll come up with a career here. I have faith in you.

The two turn to face each other and their mouths are close together.

Their lips inch forward to each other, but Brittany pulls away.

BRITTANY: Sorry…sorry..


Marcino arrives at the park.

He looks at his watch.

MARCINO: Come on man, where you at?

Greg comes walking up to him…

GREG: Hey bro!

They bump fists.

GREG: I’m happy you wanted to chill!

MARCINO: I had to get out of the house.

GREG: Sounds good to me. I had to get away from my...friends.


Jesse is at the hospital and greets Angie.

ANGIE: Come here…

She leads him to Natalia room quickly.

Natalia6tQeuNb.jpg is conscious!

JESSE: Oh baby!

Natalia looks at Jesse and smiles.

JESSE: This is wonderful.

NATALIA: (Whispers) hi dad.

JESSE: Hi baby

He kisses Natalia on the forehead.

Jesse is elated.

Angie looks on smiling and teary eyed…


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures.



Gang members Vin GxetGDN.jpg, ChavoGY6dTl6.jpg and v1uv0xR.jpgGreg are in an alley.

VIN: The convenience store is nearby.

GREG: You are not thinking about doing this today are you?

CHAVO: Yeah, I thought your gun was stolen and you haven’t gots your new one yet.

VIN: Yeah I will be getting my piece any day now, but I would still like to do this robbery today.

GREG: With what weapon?

VIN: There are three of us. We don’t need a weapon. We have the man power.

CHAVO: This isn’t as full proof as I hoped.

VIN: I’m the man in charge here. If I say we are going to do it…we are going to do it.


In his apartment, JJ e5HDa3U.jpg is going over a text book.

There is a knock at the door.

JJ: Who could that be?

He opens the door and is surprised to see Eliza RyanZJ56YK6.jpg standing there.

ELIZA: I thought about calling since we exchanged numbers but I wanted to surprise you instead.

JJ: It is nice to see you again.

ELIZA: I was hoping you would say that. And besides, I brought a treat.

Eliza has a 6 pack of beer with her.

JJ looks at it concerned…


Emily 7retUDq.jpg is outside of a restaurant.

She is on the phone with Paul H8zDnKc.jpg.

EMILY: So it is not safe to come home yet?

PAUL: You can go ahead and go home. I am not home. I am at the building BRO will be in.

EMILY: Oh , great. (rolls her eyes) and still with your damn mother too, I assume?

PAUL: Why Yes I am. You need to get over this annoyance you have!

EMILY: You don’t make it easy! Your damn mother either.

PAUL: I’m not doing this right now. We have a very important meeting.

EMILY: Don’t hang up on me like this.

He hangs up.

EMILY: Damn you Paul! I hate this!

She walks into the restaurant and goes straight to the bar.

EMILY: Ive wrangled up enough change bartender. Give me one strong Vodka and cranberry.

Lucas Roberts AEZtRX1.jpg walks up behind her.

LUCAS: Hey I couldn’t help but over hear you outside. Everything okay?

EMILY: No. (glares)

LUCAS: Well I’m sorry. Hope your day looks up. I’ll leave you to your drink.

He starts to walk away.

EMILY: No…wait..

He turns back around.


Angie hopYU1l.jpg and Kayla 4PlnIjS.jpg are chatting at the hospital.

KAYLA: How is your husband dealing with this?

ANGIE: He is diving right into his police work it seems.

KAYLA: Natalia is improving in my opinion.

ANGIE: I agree. I hope it continues for Jesses sake.

KAYLA: Oh our husbands and their work. I hope my husband isn’t getting too much into his work again, but I have a feeling he is up to something…


Cut to Steve l8m8wTI.jpg on the phone. He is smiling.

STEVE: This is great news Shane! I hope you are right.

They hang up.

STEVE: I hope the ISA can pull this off. Activate a chip in Bos computer wherever it may be. Hopefully we can find out what he was looking into before his disappearance!


At the hospital

Kayla and Angie are checking on Natalia RShlunM.jpg

KAYLA: Her vitals are getting stronger.

ANGIE: All the tests seem to be a positive indication too. I would just feel better about all of this if she would become conscious.

KAYLA: I think that may be just around the corner.

ANGIE: I love how positive you are.

KAYLA: I hope you are thinking what I am thinking.

ANGIE: That I have some good news for Jesse!


Steve is on his computer.

STEVE: Okay I can do this.

He types in a code.

STEVE: I am glad the ISA has these chips built into our computers. Now to just get acces to Bos laptop.

He clicks on something.

STEVE: That’s it. That’s a signal! I so hope this works and I’m able to access whatever investigative documents Bo was working on.


At the apartments

Eliza hands JJ a beer

ELIZA: Don’t seem so reluctant!

JJ: You are note even 21

ELIZA: Fake ideas go a long way!

JJ: Well the thing is…I try not to drink or just party In general anymore.

ELIZA: I see that anymore is the key word here. I had a feeling you use to be a party animal.

JJ: A little bit…well a lot bit.

ELIZA: You are at a new college. Now is the time to be again.

JJ: You really trust to drink with me even though we really just met?

ELIZA: Yes you seem fun so lets have some fun.

JJ: It is just that in my past I have had some drug addictions and I just want to move away from that.

ELIZA: I am not trying to get you addicted…to alcohol. I just want to lighten up your college experience.

JJ: You are persistent. I give you that.

ELIZA: I get it from my grandparents….so come on. Just one at least? Loosen us up.

JJ: Okay. One wont hurt.

ELIZA: Atta boy! Truly I am just happy to make a new friend.

They both twist the caps off their beers and take a drink.

ELIZA: You like it don’t you?

JJ: It is good.

Eliza smirks


Meanwhile, Paul introduces Barbara yd6lTn0.jpg to

Katsu Itami ZHB8Y4m.jpg.

PAUL: Mom this is Katsu.

KATSU: Hello Madame.

Katsu and Barbara shake hands.

Katsu then kisses Barbaras hand.

KATSU: Nice to meet you

BARBARA: Nice to meet you as well

PAUL: This place is already looking nice.

KATSU: The renovation of this building has been going for awhile now.

PAUL: You chose wisely.

Barbara looks on a Katsu with a worried look…


Emily and Lucas are sitting together at the restaurant

EMILY: Want to join me for a drink?

LUCAS: Sorry but I do not drink anymore, but I will gladly join you with a steak while you drink.

EMILY: Even better. A man who loves steak knows how to have dinner.

LUCAS: I like to think I do

EMILY: Love that suit by the way. It looks great on you.

LUCAS: Thank you very much. Your mood has changed a lot since I saw you outside.

EMILY: You have helped immensely.

LUCAS: Glad to hear that. Don't even know how I worked that magic.

EMILY: So what do you do? Must have a good job to be sporting a suit like that.

LUCAS: I am the CEO of the cosmetics company Mad World.

EMILY: Oh wow! That’s awesome! I heard the headquarters for that company moved to town. I should apply for a job there.

LUCAS: You have a business background?

EMILY: I do. And more importantly working there would piss my husband off!


Greg, Vin and Chavo are still together.

VIN: Why are you two chickening out on me about this robbery?

GREG: We are not chickening out, we just want to be smart about this.

CHAVO: Yeah we don’t want to get caught or shot or something.

VIN: I guess you are right.

CHAVO: You will come up with something better.

GREG: For now we just lay low before you do.

VIN: Fine

Vin walks off

Greg has a sigh of relief


Jesse pM54zgm.jpg arrives at the hospital and approaches Angie

JESSE: Is something wrong with Natalia?

ANGIE: I called you here for quite the opposite. She is improving much quicker then expected. I think she is going to make a full recovery!

JESSE: Oh baby that is great.

Jesse grabs Angie into a tight hug.

JESSE: Thank god

Both are elated


Steve is still on his computer. On the screen it looks like he is just about to load some files from Bos computer loaded onto his computer.

However all of a sudden the loading stops.

STEVE: It shouldn't be stopping.

The signal he had then goes off too.

STEVE: This cannot be happening. Someone must have gotten to Bos computer and taken the chip out.

Steve slams his laptop closed.

STEVE: How is someone one step ahead of the ISA…Can a higher up be a mole for the Dimeras or someone?

Steve is frustrated


Back at JJs apartment

The camera zooms in on the empty 6 pack case.

They are drinking the last 2 beers.

ELIZA: I knew you would help me finish these

JJ: How did you KNOW that?

ELIZA: You just seemed like the partying type.

JJ: You are a bad influence you know.

ELIZA: But it has been a fun night.

JJ: You’re right, it has been.

ELIZA: Could stay that way

She sets her beer down and gets really close to him…she goes in for a kiss and they lock lips for some moments.

She then stops.

ELIZA: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.

JJ: No need to apologize…I enjoyed it..


Paul notices Barbara is being standoffish from Katsu.

He pulls her aside.

PAUL: What is wrong mother?

BARBARA: I feel weird about him.

PAUL: Weird? Why?

BARBARA: Chalk it up to a feeling. I have become a good judge of character at my high in wisdom age. This is not my first rodeo clown meeting.

PAUL: Katsu is a cool guy and more importantly a great business man.

BARBARA: Okay, doesn't make me any less worried about doing business with him.

Katsu looks over at them from across the room.

Barbara fake smiles and waves at him..


LUCAS: You should apply at Mad World if you want to.

EMILY: Nah I can’t do that. I really would anger my husband tons. He is launching a new company.

LUCAS: Oh…I see

EMILY: I should also be going but I do hope to see you again some time too. I would love to discuss business.

LUCAS: Sounds good to me.

EMILY: Thanks for making my day better, Lucas.

LUCAS: Glad to help.

She exits

You can tell that her wheels are turning as she is lost in thought.

She looks back inside at Lucas through the window.

EMILY: This just might work.


Credits roll




Miranda Montgomery bVzuOi3.jpg is out getting coffee.

She is waiting in line to order.

Katsu Itami oLsLVN8.jpg is also there. He is sitting down doing something on his computer.

He takes a sip of coffee and notices Miranda.

He smirks as he stares towards her..


BillygF7Cdnc.jpg arrives at Brittanysbs41QFi.jpg house.

She lets him in and hugs him.

BRITTANY: I’m glad you could make it!

BILLY: You forget I’m still new to town. I have absolutely nothing better to do.

BRITTANY: Well it just means that we can hang, like old times.

BILLY: Like really old times.

BRITTANY: Oh stop it. We’re not that old.

Brittany’s son Marcino GusHwSl.jpg walks into the living room.

BRITTANY: Hi Baby. This is my very old friend Billy.

BILLY: Yes very. Hi Joshua. You’re all grown up! It is nice to meet you.

MARCINO: Hello. Nice to meet you too, but please call me Marcino.

Billy and Marcino shake hands.

BILLY: Oh Yeah You want to be called that after your father. I like that.


At the police station:

Jesse HXWf4Nr.jpg is with another cop.

COP: How is Natalia doing?

JESSE: She is still stable but still in intensive care.

COP: I wish that gang didn’t get so bold.

JESSE: Me too. We need to clean up the streets here so much. I didn’t realize when I moved here how bad it really is.

COP: It has been bad for a long time. I don’t know how we’ll clean it up.

JESSE: Ive made it my goal to figure out something.



Terrance ZNSyxfS.jpg is there and is parked outside of a big house.

He calls Steve 4gqdv3y.jpg.

TERRANCE: You wanted me to call before I did this?

STEVE: Yes. I just wanted to remind you, that you cannot let her on that Bo is in trouble. I do not want that out yet.

TERRANCE: I will do my best. It is hard not to act suspicious though.

STEVE: I know, but do your best.

They hang up.

Terrance walks to the house and rings the doorbell.

Someone answers the door.

TERRANCE: Hello, Are you Carly Manning?

Cut to Carly Manning EzxDtc1.jpg.

CARLY: I am. Is there a problem?


At the Ryan house:

Paul y1uDu7W.jpg and Emily 094JpFy.jpg are in the middle of another argument.

EMILY: You do not even know what you are doing!

PAUL: I resent that. So much!

EMILY: You should be putting some of this loan away.

PAUL: The reason I got the loan in the first place was to start a business.

EMILY: But you have to be smart.

PAUL: I am Emily. I am already making connections.

EMILY: Business connections?

PAUL: Yes. Don’t sound so surprised. I have been in business many times before.

EMILY: So have I, Paul and you are going about this all wrong.

PAUL: You are just upset that I am resurrecting my mothers company.

EMILY: Yes, I really don’t know why you are doing that. You should be going into business for yourself and your family.

PAUL: That is a part of what I am doing.

EMILY: Well I do not like it.

Pauls mother Barbara Ryan l4JfTbX.jpg walks in!

BARBARA: You are just going to have to face it. This isn’t about you, Emily!


BRITTANY: Will you go get us some water Marcino?

MARCINO: Sure, mom.

He exits to the kitchen.

BILLY: I don’t know, he sure is grown. You are very old like me.

BRITTANY: (Laughs) I refuse to believe it!

Marcino comes back with two water bottle for Brittany and Billy

BILLY: Thanks man

MARCINO: So how did you all meet?

BRITTANY: He and I and a bunch of friends went to school together.

BILLY: Yeah and your mom had her sights on me from day 1.

BRITTANY: Not funny Billy

BILLY: Well its true!

MARCINO: oh so you two use to date?

BRITTANY: Yeah, at one point.

The expression on Marcinos face changes.


At the coffee shop

Katsu approaches Miranda.

KATSU: Hi young lady I couldn't help but notice you

MIRANDA: (Caught off guard) Hi..

KATSU: You ever modeled?

MIRANDA: I have not.

KATSU: You really should.

MIRANDA: Well, thank you I guess.

KATSU: I may be able to help you do so..

Miranda is wary.


At the Ryan House

EMILY: Don’t you knock Barbara?

BARBARA: I did. You probably couldn't hear it over all your hollering.

PAUL: Mom! I am glad you are here.

BARBARA: Hello son.

EMILY: You should warn me before she just drops in, Paul.

PAUL: I didn't know she was coming so soon.

BARBARA: I figured I would just…drop in. I know Emily hates surprises. I also can tell she is not happy BRO is coming back.

EMILY: Not quite. I just don’t like that he took out a loan strictly for this even though we have been struggling.

BARBARA: Well you won’t be struggling anymore. BRO will come back with a vengeance. Now if you want to take your negative attitude outside for some air I would love to talk to my son alone.

Emily gives both of them dirty looks.

EMILY: Whatever

She exits the room.

Barbara hugs Paul

BARBARA: So good to see you


Kayla and Steve are kissing it up on the couch

STEVE: Oh sweetness, you taste more sweet every day, you know that?

KAYLA: You may taste even better tough.

They do some more kissing before Kayla stops

STEVE: What’s wrong?

KAYLA: I cant stop thinking about my new co workers step daughter?

STEVE: Did something happen?

KAYLA: Yeah she is a cop and she got shot in some kind of gang shooting yesterday.

STEVE: Shot in the line of duty. How awful.

KAYLA: It is and she is not in good shape right now though I am hoping she will pull out of it…all this has just made me worried about you.

STEVE: No reason to worry about me.

KAYLA: I really hope you are doing less for the ISA. You cannot do this kind of dangerous work forever.

STEVE: I swear I am almost retired. Soon enough Kayla.

KAYLA: I just don’t want to lose you again

Their 6 year old son Joey walks in

JOEY: Is something wrong with daddy?


In Arizona:

Carly and Terrance are sitting down.

CARLY: This is about Bo?


CARLY: Is something wrong?

TERRANCE: No. I am just checking on how his investigating in Europe went. Just grading him for the higher ups.

CARLY: I think Bo of all people does his job well.

TERRANCE: This is probably true…but I need to know if you saw him in Europe while you were there.

CARLY: I did. Just one day. We had coffee.

TERRANCE: Did he divulge any information on his investigation?

CARLY: You’re lying. Something is wrong isn’t it?


Marcino watches from the other room as Billy and his mom are giggling and having a good time.

BRITTANY: It is going to be so nice having you in town.

BILLY: I am just so glad there is a familiar face here. My move here may have been fate.

Marcino is not happy about all of this.

He goes and picks up a picture of his mom and his dad, Bobby and sighs


At the coffee shop

MIRANDA: I don’t think I would make a good model, sir

KATSU: I think that’s blasphemy.

MIRANDA: I would not know how to pose and all of that

KATSU: Could easily be taught. Well My name is Katsu Itami. If you ever want a job. Look me up online. I’m easy to find.

Katsu goes back to his seat.

Miranda takes her coffee and exits but look back at Katsu before she does. He winks at her..


Emily hears Paul and Barbara giddy about BRO being reopened. She rolls her eyes and exits the house.

BARBARA: I am so thankful and happy you are doing this for me Paul!

PAUL: I am doing this for myself too. I really do need a source of income.

BARBARA: Well it seems like you managed to get a large loan.

PAUL: Not large enough, mom.

BARBARA: We will be successful. Don’t worry son.

PAUL: I just wonder how my brother…slash…step father, Henry is going to feel about all this?

Barbara looks on with a half smile


Jesse is out in an undercover car

JESSE: Had to bust out this undercover car. I am going to find every gang member out on these streets and document them if it is the last thing I do.

He spots some younger males all dressed in similar colors.

He takes some pictures of all of them.

JESSE: Most of them are just kids. They do not know what they are getting into.

He drives off.

Meanwhile, a different group of young males are walking down a nearby alley.

Vin ABA1Zw6.jpg, Greg M3UG4V0.jpg and


CHAVO: You are the boss Vin. Just let us know what you want to do.

GREG: But please it needs to be smart.A full proof plan.

VIN: Our robbery will be full proof.


Back in Arizona

TERRANCE: Bo is okay. I am telling you the truth.

CARLY: I sure hope so.

TERRANCE: I do need to know what you two talked about.

CARLY: How do I even know you are who you say you are?

TERRANCE: I already showed you my badge. You can call his brother Roman or his friends Steve and Shane if you want.

CARLY: I find this all highly suspicious, but all I know anyway is Bo was on some mission. It involved the Dimeras. It almost always does.

TERRANCE: Good to see Bo followed protocol and didn’t tell you too much.

Terrance gets up.

TERRANCE: Well I won’t bother you any longer. Bo truly is fine though.

CARLY: Better be telling me the truth or I will track you down!

TERRANCE: Thank you for your time.

He exits and walks to his car.

TERRANCE: Oh man, almost blew that.


Steve hugs little Joey

STEVE: I am one hundred percent fine kiddo.

JOEY: Good daddy.

KAYLA: And I am sure he will stay that way

Kayla gives Steve a look.

JOEY: Can I have a sandwich?

KAYLA: Sure Ill go make you one.

The two exit the room.

Steve makes a phone call to Shane.

STEVE: Is there any progress on finding Bo’s last documentations? I know he was keeping track of what he was doing….we have to find it. We find them and we find out why Bo came here…yes….find a way, Shane.

He hangs up in a huff.

STEVE: You just have to hang on wherever you are, dude. We will find you, Bo.



*I do not own any non original character nor any pictures.



Lucas Roberts cj87yeP.jpg is at his house. He takes some papers out of his brief case.

He takes a sip of coffee.

LUCAS: Might have to be a late night.

The doorbell rings.

Lucas is thrilled to see his sister Jennifer Horton! x64TS19.png

LUCAS: Jenn! Come on in.


LUCAS: So good to see another familiar face. Two in one day. I saw Steve and Kayla earlier.

JENNIFER: Oh wow. It’s gonna be a Salem reunion. JJ is going to go to college here.

LUCAS: That is fantastic news!

The half siblings hug.

JENNIFER: Do you like it here?

LUCAS: I am loving it so far.

JENNIFER: I bet I know why. You are finally free of your mother.

LUCAS: That has been a breath of fresh air.

Lucas smiles


JJ whb7YA2.jpg is at his new apartment. He hands some money to some furniture moving guys.

JJ: Thank you guys so much.

He is in the hall when he sees a young girl arriving to the apartment next door.

The girl is Miranda Montgomery Ui5U1Xr.png.

She and JJ flash smiles at each other.

MIRANDA: Are you moving in?

JJ: I am. You live next door?

MIRANDA: Yup, I am your neighbor. The names Miranda.

JJ: I’m JJ

The two shake hands.


Eliza Ryan ilI3BQZ.jpg is with her step mother Emily.

Eliza is sitting on the couch and sighs

Emily CUpTU4T.jpg is at the coffee table drinking tea.

Eliza sighs again

EMILY: Are you going to keep sighing?

ELIZA: Probably

EMILY: What is wrong now?

ELIZA: I really just want to get an apartment of my own.

EMILY: And with what money are you going to get that?

ELIZA: It would be nice if you and my dad would help out.

EMILY: You know we have been struggling financial wise for awhile now.

ELIZA: I thought dad got a loan.

EMILY: Oh he did but he has other plans for all that money that doesn’t involve us.


Paul Ryan kt9uMkc.jpg parks his car in a parking lot.

PAUL: I hope this meeting goes smoothly.

He gets out of the car with his briefcase.

PAUL: I also hope I am in the right place.

He walks along the side walk looking at addresses.

PAUL: This is where he wanted to meet.

He looks up to see that it is a strip club.

PAUL: Oh great. This won’t be good.


JessestgaXWZ.jpg and Angie yCcp0Pq.jpg are home.

Jesse is still in shock from the events earlier.

ANGIE: I hope you are not still beating yourself up over this.

JESSE: Of course I am, Angie!

ANGIE: Well you shouldn’t be.

JESSE: I am just so angry and frustrated this happened.

ANGIE: Well I called Brot.

JESSE: I am glad you did that.

ANGIE: He is in shock too. I wish he and Natalia didn’t break up. It would be good for her if he was around during this.

JESSE: I just hope my baby can hang on.

ANGIE: I think she will eventually make a complete recovery.

JESSE: I hope you are right.

ANGIE: You have to stop beating yourself up tho. Please.

JESSE: I just should not have let her get into this line of work.

ANGIE: She just wanted to be like her dad.

They both are fighting back tears.

Angie hugs him tight.


Cut to Jennifer and Lucas

JENNIFER: I really want to move out of Salem. I would like to move here, to Paradise.

LUCAS: I think you should and hope that you do! But wait, I hope that doesn’t mean Daniel is going to be coming along with you.

JENNIFER: Actually, he probably would come with me.

LUCAS: Damn. I do not like the sound of that. I thought I finally escaped having to see his face on a regular basis.

JENNIFER: Hey, be nice.

LUCAS: Sorry, but you know how I will always feel about him. I don’t know what you see in him. He’s sure no Jack.

JENNIFER: I know he is no Jack. And I know you may think I moved on from Jack’s death too soon, but I still think about him on a daily basis. Daniel is not just some substitute. I love him.

LUCAS: I know that love is a crazy thing.

JENNIFER: I guess it is.


In the Halls of his new apartment, JJ is talking with his neighbor Miranda Montgomery.

JJ: Seems like I have a really nice neighbor.

MIRANDA: Oh I am just the nicest.

JJ: Well good.

MIRNADA: I hope you are too though.

JJ: I try.

MIRANDA: Are you excited for any of your upcoming classes?

JJ: Not really. I’m no scholar. The only classes I am looking forward to are my classes that involve music.

MIRANDA: No Way! I love my music classes too. I’m sure we will have some of the same classes together.

JJ: Wow. Awesome!


Cut to an upset Eliza

ELIZA: It is really no fair that I cannot get my own place!

EMILY: You cannot rely on me and your dad for that. You live here for free.

ELIZA: You guys can give me some of that loan he got.

EMILY: I probably won’t even see any of that loan he got.

ELIZA: Sure. Such a liar.

EMILY: Eliza, if you want to move out so bad why don’t you get a damn job? There is an idea.

ELIZA: This house is so annoying. All I do here is hear you and my dad fight. Maybe I should go visit my REAL mom!

EMILY: Yeah, good luck there. Gonna be hard getting money from a psyche ward!

ELIZA: I cannot believe you just went there.

Eliza storms out of the house and slams the door so hard a picture falls off the wall!

Emily sighs


Paul is inside of the Strip club.

He meets with Katsu Itami 8cKB5Ob.jpg

They shake hands.

PAUL: Thrilled to finally meet you Katsu. It is a pleasure.

KATSU: Good to know. We are in the house of pleasure.

Katsu pulls out a seat.

KATSU: Please sit down. Have a drink.

PAUL: Thank for these, um…Lovely arrangements.

KATSU: Yes, yes but business before pleasure. And I want to finish our business before the next dancer comes to the stage (chuckles)

PAUL: That is like five minutes away.

KATSU: Well let’s get this show on the road then shall we. I am not a hard sell.

PAUL: Good to know.

KATSU: Let me just put it like this. If you want a business partner, I am your man.


MIRANDA: I have enjoyed meeting you, new neighbor, but I do have to get to a night class.

JJ: I am glad that you are my neighbor. You have made me feel very welcome.

MIRANDA: Aw goody.

JJ: Hope your class goes well.

MIRANDA: It will. I’ll catch you later new neighbor.

JJ: Please call me JJ.

MIRANDA: Catch you later JJ

JJ: Later, Miranda.

She exits and JJ smiles


Cut to Jenn and Lucas

JENNIFER:I better get going.

LUCAS: Okay sis. I hope I didn’t push any buttons too bad.

JENNIFER: Don’t worry you didn’t. I've learned your ways.

LUCAS: Well good. Don’t be a stranger.

She exits and goes to her car.

She sits inside and takes a picture out. It is a picture of her and Jack with her kids JJ and Abby when they were younger.

JENNIFER: I miss you Jack, but you would be so proud of us all. Your family. I am moving forward with life and plan to have a great future in a new town. Abby has a great job and a great future there. JJ is going to a great college and has a good future. I think our family has finally made it over the hump.

She kisses the picture but then her phone rings. The phone says Daniel is calling.

She puts the picture back in her purse and answers the phone.

JENNIFER: Hello honey...what's wrong?


Jesse and Angie are laying down in bed together.

Jesse is staring at the ceiling.

JESSE: I was hoping this would be a much better day.

ANGIE: I really am sorry about what happened.

JESSE: I just keep playing it over in my mind.

ANGIE: I hope you can get some rest tonight.

JESSE: Don’t count on it.

Angie starts to rub his back.

ANGIE: It is all goin' to be okay.

JESSE: I hope so, Angie. I hope so.

The two kiss.


At the strip club:

KATSU: So we have a deal Mr. Ryan?

PAUL: We do.

KATSU: Very good.

The two shake hands.

KATSU: You have made the right call. I am the go to guy for business around here. I will have BRO up and running in no time for you.

PAUL: I just have the feeling that you mean every word you say.

KATSU: I do…but now for the pleasure!

The next stripper comes on stage.

Katsu and Paul clink glasses


The stripper is dancing in the background and Paul looks on a bit nervous.

PAUL: To my future..

The camera slowly zooms out


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters no any pictures.



At the Paradise Casino

Brittany Hodges u6aaIrA.jpgand Billy Abbottgsc1DJ3.jpg

are thrilled to see one another at the Casino bar. Brittany Is one of the bartenders.

BILLY: How long has it been Brit?

BRITTANY: I don’t know, but certainly too long.

BILLY: I guess coming here my first day in town was fate.

BRITTANY: I think it was!

Brittany hands a beer to a customer.

BILLY: Nothing like over priced bar alcohol.

BRITTANY: Isn’t that true. Hey, I get off in just a few minutes. We should talk and catch up.

BILLY: Yes, of course. I’d love to.


Cut to the Campus of PARADISE COLLEGE

Jennifer Horton KmjPoRE.png and her son JJ Horton4EOoypY.jpg are there.

JJ: I am so glad to be transferring here.

JENNIFER: I am happy for you. This place looks great.

JJ: It is going to be great. It is much bigger than SalemU’s campus though.

The two continue to look around.

Eliza Ryan 0C4CUWM.jpg approaches them.

ELIZA: You two look…so lost.

JENNIFER: I think we might be.

JJ: Yeah just a little. A bigger college than I am use to.

ELIZA: I would be happy to show you two around (smiles at JJ)

JJ: Yes, please. That would be sweet.


Stevet88s9uL.jpg and TerrancebuqURZ6.jpg are in a car now.

TERRANCE: I am sorry that is has come to this to find your bro, Bo.

STEVE: I am too, but I just want to help and speed up the ISA on this.

TERRANCE: Sounds like a true friend. So where are we headed?

STEVE: We are going to try and trace some of Bo’s last steps.

TERRANCE: Where does that lead?

STEVE: To the hotel he was apparently staying at a few weeks ago.

They pull up to a local hotel.

Steve: I just hope the owner has some good information for us.


Meanwhile, Jesse fVDkDL1.jpg and Natalia tAY1GRw.jpgarrive at a site where a lot more cop cars are.

NATALIA: Are we entering the middle of a gang war?

JESSE: We are. I just hope it has calmed down before we got here.

They get out of the car. Another cop approaches them.

COP: Two gangs were having a wild shoot out. It has gone a little quiet but there is now a stand off.

Another cop is talking over a loud speaker: PUT YOUR GUNS DOWN. DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND GET ON THE GROUND.

Some of the gang members seem to listen to this.

But a couple start to shoot towards the cops!

Jesse, Natalia and the other cops immediately get down and behind some cop cars.

JESSE: We have to take them down.

COP #2: Theyre shooting wildly. Be careful.

Jesse and another cop get up and shoot at the gang members before ducking down again.

Natalia and another cop follow and do the same.

NATALIA: We have to hit them. Choose your shots wisely.

COP: Theres no time.

JESSE: Be careful!

The back and forth shoot out continues!

One of the gang members gets hit and goes down.

However Natalia is shot as well!

JESSE: Oh god baby!


At the Paradise Casino:

Brittany is now off of work. She and Billy are sitting at a nearby bar table talking.

BILLY: So how is life? How is the little one?

BRITTANY: Well, he is not really little anymore. Joshua is doing great in school. Though he doesn’t like to go by Joshua anymore. He just goes by Marcino in a tribute to his late father, Bobby.

BILLY: That is really cool of him.

BRITTANY: Yeah he’s been a good kid, but he is getting spunky now.

BILLY: Uhoh.

BRITTANY: Yeah uhoh is right. His is in his teenage years and that just brings some drama I think.

BILLY: Yeah it does. Don’t you remember us? You, Me, Raul, Mac, JT, Colleen. We were nuts.

BRITTANY: We were. How fast time goes by. And poor Colleen. What a tragedy.

BILLY: Those seem to strike Genoa City.

BRITTANY: So how has your life been?

BILLY: I don’t know if you really want to know…


Eliza is touring JJ and Jennifer Horton around Paradise college.

JJ: You know this place like the back of your hand.

ELIZA: Yeah I get around. It happens when you take a lot of classes.

JJ: We should stay in touch. I think youll be a good asset to me doing well here.

ELIZA: Thank you for thinking that.

JENNIFER: Now if we could just find JJs new apartment

JJ: I think google, will help us with that mom.

JENNIFER: Yeah maybe.

ELIZA: Where is it? I may be able to be your faster google.

JENNIFER: It is on high street.

ELIZA: High street. That’s really close by. Just Follow me.

JENNIFER: Really? Thanks for all the help.

JJ: Yeah thanks a lot!

ELIZA: It is no problem.


Steve and Terrance are with the owner of the Hotel Bo was last staying at.

STEVE: So he just stopped paying and showing up?

OWNER: Yeah he had been here for over a week, but then he just disappeared. Left a lot of his stuff behind and everything.

TERRANCE: Was his car left behind too?

OWNER: No he did not leave that.

STEVE: Do you still happen to have what he left behind?

OWNER: Sorry. But We already threw that all away a few weeks ago


OWNER: Is Mr Brady okay?

TERRANCE: That is what we want to find out!

STEVE: Do you remember what he left behind?

OWNER: He left behind one of his bags and a few books.

STEVE: Well thank you for your time.

Steve and Terrance exit

STEVE: That was worthless

TERRANCE: Yeah no good info there

STEVE: Dammit why didn't the ISA work faster on this!


Natalia has been rushed to the hospital

Jesse has ridden along with the ambulance.

AngiecQIXDfa.jpg is on duty along with the newly employed

Kayla Brady p774rng.jpg.

Angie freaks when she sees that the patient coming in is Natalia!

ANGIE: Oh my god what happened Jesse?

JESSE: We found ourselves in the middle of a shoot out…and…she just got hit Angie. She got hit.

PARAMEDIC: We have chest wound

KAYLA: We’re going to rush her right into surgery stat!

JESSE: I can’t believe this happened.

Jesse looks on in shock.

Angie hugs him and tries to comfort him.

ANGIE: I need to get in that room.

JESSE: Go, Angie…please save her…


Eliza has shown JJ and Jennifer to JJ’s new apartment.

JENNIFER: This place looks good…and expensive.

JJ: It was a really good deal since Im a student.

ELIZA: Great choice. Wish I had one of these of my own. Still stuck at home.

JENNFER: That’s not always too bad.

JJ: But sometimes it is.


JJ: I cant thank you enough for showing us all around today

ELIZA: It has really been no problem at all.

JJ: We need to exchange numbers and I didn't even get your name.

ELIZA: I’m Eliza. And you are?

JJ: Jack…well no. Just JJ.

The two exchange phone numbers and Eliza heads out.

Jennifer is smiling wide at JJ.

JJ: What mom?

JENNIFER: I like her!

JJ: Me too…


At the Casino bar:

BILLY: I have had a truly rough couple of years. It started when my…my daughter died. In yet another Genoa City tragedy.

BRITTANY: Oh my god Billy! I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.

She grabs his hand and holds it.

He starts to get choked up.

BILLY: I've had some addictions…to well gambling and alcohol.

BRITTANY: What?! Then why are you here?

BILLY: I left Genoa City to get away from all that.

BRITTANY: But here you are. In a casino of all places.

BILLY: I know but I've been good and under control lately.

BRITTANY: I’m not so sure I buy that..


Steve and Terrance are back at the warehouse.

TERRANCE: So Agent Brady was after crime lord Stefano Dimera?

STEVE: Yes and he had been tracking Stefano in Europe for awhile.

TERRANCE: I’ve read files on how far Stefano has gone in the past. He has to be behind this disappearance, no?

STEVE: He is and always is suspect number one, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have help.

TERRANCE: Who could that be?

STEVE: Could be a number of people. We just need to some how find out more info on why Bo came back to the states and why here.

TERRANCE: How we going about that sir?

STEVE: I've gauged his relatives by not telling them just what is up but trying to find out if he told them something. His soon to be ex wife Hope didn’t know much and neither did his dad Victor.

TERRANCE: Who does that leave?

STEVE: Well Bo knew a few people in Europe and he had to of visited them. One of those people are right back here in the states now so I am sending you to Arizona.

TERRANCE: Oh no. Not hot ass Arizona.

STEVE: She is an ex of Bo’s. I need you to track her down while I stay here and try and find out why Bo came here.

TERRANCE: Who is she and were they still friends?

STEVE: Her name is Carly Manning and I don’t know how close they are now but just try and see if he happened to tell her anything while in Europe.


Jesse sits nervously in the waiting room at the hospital. He relieved to find out that most of the gang members were either killed or arrested.

Angie, Kayla and other doctors walk out of the operation room.

ANGIE: Thanks for the great work in there Kayla

KAYLA: I did what I could.

Jesse and Angie approach each other

JESSE: Hows my baby?

ANGIE: Natalia is stable, but she is in bad shape, Jesse.

JESSE: This is my fault. I shouldn't have let her get shot.

ANGIE: It is not your fault.

JESSE: It is Angie! I should have protected her!

Angie fights back tears as the two embrace…



*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures.


Just Paradise #1


Terrance Smith L3gQZbK.jpgis shown driving down The highway


He is jamming out to some hip hop.

He sees a road sign: Paradise, New Mexico 40 miles.

TERRANCE: I hope this place really is....


Paradise, New Mexico


Cut to Billy Abbott nRAghgb.jpg.

He is parked outside of the Paradise Casino.

BILLY: …Paradise. This place really is.

He seems lost in thought....

BILLY: Do I really want to do this though. Go right at my vices in a casino. Gambling and drinking.

He gets out of the car.

BILLY: I do. I think I finally have my vices under control…

He enters the casino.

BILLY: And Why not just take a gamble on my first night in town.



Paul Ryan wgAo4ku.jpg and

Emily Ryan BQO99hF.jpg are in the middle of an argument.

EMILY: You frustrate me so much!

PAUL: I try not to. I think you are just constantly frustrated.

EMILY: No. You do this to me.

Their teenage daughter Eliza enters the room. qdDGOsg.jpg

ELIZA: You two are arguing again? Surprise! Not.

PAUL: I’m trying not to but your step mother loves to.

Eliza walks to her bedroom.

ELIZA: I Really need to move into a dorm and get away from here.

She puts in some headphones.

EMILY: We have been having money issues for how long now?! Feels like years. And what is the first thing you do when you FINALLY are able to get a loan? No not put it in savings so we can get back on our feet. It is to spend it all!

PAUL: I am not just spending it. I am investing it.

EMILY: Investing in your mother and not your family!

PAUL: I am going to get Barbaras company up and running again. I will work for BRO to make the money back. You have to spend money to make money.

Emily shoots Paul daggers.


Lucas Roberts KfK6tvl.jpg is at his expanded office of Mad World. His secretary beeps him that he has visitors from Salem.

LUCAS: Send them in.

In walks Steve and Kayla Johnson


LUCAS: Wow this is unexpected.

KAYLA: Hi Lucas

LUCAS: Someone from back home! You two are a sight for sore eyes!

Lucas looks at Steve...

LUCAS: Um..no offence.

STEVE: No offense taken dude. (chuckles)

LUCAS: What brings you guys to me?

STEVE: We’re moving to town.

LUCAS: Really?

KAYLA: Yes. I got a transfer here for some good money.

Steve looks on oddly after she says that…

LUCAS: Well welcome to Paradise!


44338VE.jpgAngie and Jesse Hubbard qCJ5VgS.jpg

are making out on the couch.

ANGIE: Shouldn’t you eat something on your lunch break

JESSE: Your lips are all I want to taste.

ANGIE: Jesse Hubbard…go on!

They make out some more.

ANGIE: I think maybe we should have a quick lunch (smiles)

JESSE: I hear the bedroom calling…

As they are about to get up the door opens up and Jesses daughter Natalia walks in.rlRJKJS.jpg

She is in cop uniform.

JESSE: You don’t knock do you?

NATALIA: Sorry…I’m interrupting something aren’t I?

ANGIE: Just lunch

JESSE: What are you doing off anyway?

NATALIA: If you can have a donut break dad, so can I.

ANGIE: I guess she has a point there.


Paul and Emily are still arguing in their frustration.

EMILY: How did you even manage to finally get a loan?

PAUL: I found out that if you bother the bank enough they will give in.

EMILY: Right

PAUL: You know I have a way of getting things done.

EMILY: Not lately.

PAUL: Have a little faith in me please!



KAYLA: How is business ?

LUCAS: So great. I moved Mad world headquarters here for a quicker and cheaper production. It has been the best move. Profit, profit, profit.

KAYLA: That is tremendous to hear.

LUCAS: I think you two will like it here.

STEVE: I hope so, dude.

KAYLA: Well I need to go off to the hospital and take my initial tour. Just wanted to come and see a familiar face.

LUCAS: Thanks for stopping by

KAYLA: You and Steve can talk about the latest in cosmetic products. Its his favorite subject.

STEVE: Real funny sweetness.

Steve and Kayla kiss before she heads off.

LUCAS: So patch, I can get off and we can go have a beer if you like? Well you can have a beer. Ill have a soda and lunch.

STEVE: I’m going to take a rain-check for now. I actually have to head off too. Some other time though for sure.

Steve exits…


Natalia and Jesse arrive back at the police station.

NATALIA: I’m sorry if I interrupted you and Angie.

JESSE: All good. Nothing that wont happen later...

They walk in and are immediately debriefed on a gang shoot out that is going on!

JESSE: Looks like we have to head back out!


Kayla gets to her first day at the hospital and meets chief of staff Angie Hubbard.

ANGIE: Great to see you Kayla.

KAYLA: Pleasure to see you again. I hear so much about you.

ANGIE: Good things I hope?

KAYLA: Nothing but it.

ANGIE: Well let me show you around.


Back at the Paradise Casino

Billy Abbott is doing good on the slot machines.

BILLY: Glad I’m sticking to the slots it paid off. I think this deserves a celebratory drink…Just one.

He heads over to the bar.

BARTENDER: What can I get you?

BILLY: I….I better be good. I’ll just have a root beer.

He looks at the ticket he won from the slots.

BILLY: 75 bucks. Not bad at all.

He then hears someone say his name. “Billy Abbott?!”

Its is Brittany Hodges!


BILLY: Woah Britt…long time no see!


Terrance Smith has made his way into town. He is parked at some warehouse.

Another car pulls up. Its is Steve Johnson.

STEVE: Come with me.

TERRANCE: Yes, sir.

The two go inside the warehouse and shake hands.

TERRANCE: Nice to meet you Agent Johnson.

STEVE: I am so glad you are finally here Agent Smith. I hear you are the best up and comer in your field.

TERRANCE: I am but I would love to be briefed on what is going on.

STEVE: Well Its like this. My wife thinks we are in town because she got this good job at the hospital but the ISA worked that because I needed to be here. We are all here to find her brother, another Agent for the ISA. This is Operation find Bo Brady.

TERRANCE: What is the latest?

STEVE: Paradise New Mexico was the last place Bo Brady was seen alive and he has not been heard from in months. We need to find my old Pal, Bo…before it is too late.


Credits roll

*I don't own any none original characters nor any pictures*

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