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Just Paradise #14: Bad news for Ali. Worse news for the Bradys.



VindgrV5bl.jpg is outside of Psychiatrist Jerri'scRJ7wJS.jpg office.

He looks inside at the secretary.

VIN: I’ll just wait here. This is the one Ali was talking to. The one who probably turned her against me.

He looks back in and glares.

Vin sees a patient leaving and he charges inside.

SECRETARY: Excuse me you cannot go back there!

Vin pushes past her and does.

JERRI: Excuse me?

VIN: You and I need to talk.

JERRI: Who are you?

VIN: The boyfriend of one of your patients. I want to know where the hell Ali is! Where is she?!

Jerri is caught off guard as Vin glares on at her.



ElizaoaLBCdQ.jpg hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath.

ELIZA: I really need to get the hang of this job.

Paul4GKZ3Zr.jpg approaches her.

PAUL: Yes. Yes you do.

ELIZA: Oh no! Did I mess something up?

She drops her face into her hands.

ELIZA: I don’t even want to know.

PAUL: You need to know so that you learn from your mistakes!

ELIZA: Okay, okay. What did I do?

PAUL: You filed some papers in the wrong folders. A big no no for the papers I need to find.

He hands her two folders.

PAUL: Two different material suppliers. Open them both up and see that you mismatched them. What do you think would happen if we send one company the check for another company!

ELIZA: I am sorry dad. Really. I just need to get used to all this.

PAUL: I hope you do soon. This should not be happening.


JJwvGqN5v.jpg and MirandagVhPNnf.png are the two left alone after the music class again.

JJ: Just you and I here again. We must be the die hards.

MIRANDA: I guess we are.

JJ: We have a lot in common you know.

MIRANDA: I don’t know about that.

Miranda starts to quickly put her books in her backpack.

JJ: I enjoyed our jam session last time.


JJ: Did you?

MIRANDA: Yeah but I should get going.

She stands up.

JJ: Why are you in such a hurry?

MIRANDA: Oh you know. Everyone is always in a hurry…with nowhere to go.

JJ: I think you should stay here with me after class again. I want you to.

They look on at each other.


Someone is at the Johnson family home.

Stevef322Rld.jpg opens the door.

It is RomanRGA4qYm.jpg…and Hope BradytlgRQG4.png.

STEVE: Hope, You made it!

HOPE: Roman said it was urgent. What is going on?

STEVE: Please come in.

Roman and Hope enter.

ROMAN: Hope, you should probably take a seat.

HOPE: I don’t like this.

Hope raises her eyebrow.

KaylaZdehgIT.jpg walks in.

HOPE: Hi Kay.

Kayla and Hope hug.

HOPE: Please tell me what is up…

Just then Carlyrv19YfN.jpg walks in the room.

Hope sees her and a scowl comes over her face.

HOPE: What is SHE doing here? What is going on…


Cut to Vin and Jerri.

VIN: Are you going to tell me where my girlfriend is?

JERRI: Why should I know?

VIN: She is a patient of yours isn’t she?

JERRI: I do not keep tabs on my patients, sorry young man.

VIN: Well I at least want to know what you talked to her about.

JERRI: You know that is confidential.

VIN: Dammit, you turned her against me didn’t you!?

JERRI: You need to leave.

VIN: No! Not until you tell me why she has disappeared.

JERRI: I have patients to see.

Vin is getting increasingly more angry.

JERRI: perhaps you could talk to me about this anger of yours some time.

VIN: Did Ali tell you I was angry?

JERRI: No I can just see it right this instance. Please leave or I will have my secretary call hospital security if she hasn’t already.

VIN: Fine! But I will find her!

He leaves



AlinLansBD.jpg is sitting with another girl, Charlotte8iQ1Emj.jpg.

CHARLOTTE: Miss Cho is going to be happy to see you coming out of your shell.

ALI: I have forgotten how to be…friends with others.

CHARLOTTE: Your boyfriend doesn’t let you have friends does he?

ALI: He doesn’t say it, but he is always angry when I am with any. Even though they are all girls.

CHARLOTTE: Some guys just have measly little egos like that.

ALI: He just wants to control all of me, I guess. I’ve been stupid and lost myself in him.

CHARLOTTE: You are young. I am sure he took advantage. Some of us are a little older than that and still making those mistakes.

Another girl, JacyGIglxt5.jpg, sits by them.

ALI: You are here now though and trying to learn. Did your ex have a broken ego?

CHARLOTTE: My ex had a broken everything. He is just a creep. Idolized criminals and serial killers. I really think he wants to be like them.

JACY: That is just creepy, girl.

CHARLOTTE: It has been a nightmare. You don’t even know.

ALI: I can’t believe we all have it so bad. What is wrong with us?

JACY: No girl, what is wrong with them?!


At the college:

Miranda continues to be uncomfy alone with JJ.

JJ: What is wrong?

MIRANDA: Nothing, I should just get home.

JJ: No something is bothering you. What is it?

MIRANDA: Okay I feel awkward with you…

JJ’s heart drops.

JJ: Why?

MIRANDA: That whole strip poker incident…you don’t think its awkward I walked in on you two?

JJ: I can see why you feel uncomfortable, but that was nothing. Truthfully.

MIRANDA: You keep saying that, but it sure didn’t look that way. It looked like something more was going on between you two.

JJ is becoming frustrated.


At The Johnson house:

CARLY: No need to get rude with me Hope.

HOPE: I am not getting rude.

KAYLA: Come on you two. This is not the time and my home is not the place!

HOPE: You are right, Kayla. I am sorry.

Hope and Carly however share nasty looks at each other.

HOPE: What is this though? Bo’s ex wives club? Should I call Billie Reed on over?

CARLY: You are being ridiculous!

ROMAN: Hope, please listen.

HOPE: I do not like that Carly is here. ...and before me? If this has something to do with Bo I should have been notified first.

CARLY: Aren’t you off in another relationship at the present?

HOPE: None of your business.

KAYLA: Please stop arguing!

Steve takes out his harmonic and blows it as loud as possible!

STEVE: Hope, Listen, this is about Bo and it is bad news.

HOPE: Oh god…

STEVE: He has been missing, for...awhile…his car was found burned up yesterday.

HOPE: What?! Why are you just telling me this now, Steve?!

STEVE: The ISA was hoping for better news.

HOPE: This is unbelievable…



Stefano5ExAlvN.jpg is still at Greta’shbH85H5.jpg house.

STEFANO: Are you okay? I am starting to think I am a bother.

GRETA: This is still new to me to find out you are my father…I haven’t had a chance to myself to process it.

STEFANO: Sorry you feel that way.

GRETA: How long will you be staying with me?

STEFANO: So you are already trying to get rid of your old man?

GRETA: Please don’t try and make me feel bad. This has been difficult.

STEFANO: I wont be here much longer.

Stefanos phone ring.

STEFANO: Excuse me.

Stefano walks to the guest room.

Greta decides to go by his room as well and listen in on his phone call…


At the womens shelter:

JACY: Charlotte, I want to hear more about your crazed ex if its not too hard for you to talk about.

CHARLOTTE: Why tell you when I can just show you.

Charlotte lifts up the back of her shirt to show many scars on her back from cuts.

ALI: Wow. What was he doing to you?

CHARLOTTE: He would slice me with a knife every time I did something he didn’t like. The things he didn’t like me doing seemed to start happening more and more.

ALI: Sounds horrible.


JACY: He was white huh? Alis was Mexican and mine black. Bad enough they give old fashion beatings. White guys gotta take that sh*t to a whole new level!

CHARLOTTE: He sure took it to a new level.

ALI: Why are there so many psycho guys?

JACY: No idea.

ALI: And why do we love them? I still feel like I love Vin and I shouldn’t.

CHARLOTTE: We just got attached but we have to look within ourselves eventually and see that we have to come to places like this for awhile…and hopefully become strong again.

JACY: Amen.

Ali looks on taking her surroundings in…


AT BRO: Paul comes out of his office.

He approaches Eliza.

PAUL: Shouldn’t my 4 O clock meeting be here by now?

ELIZA: You have a meeting right now?

Pauls eyes widen as he starts to realize Eliza may have made another mistake.

PAUL: I was supposed to have a meeting at 4. I told you to schedule it.

She nervously starts to look through her calendar book.

ELIZA: Oh no…

PAUL: What did you do now, Eliza?!

ELIZA: I’m sorry dad…I double scheduled your meetings at 5.

PAUL: How did you do that?!

ELIZA: I don’t know.

PAUL: This is getting frustrating. I hope Barbara can make one of the meetings. Buzz her office and find out.

ELIZA: Yes sir.

Paul puts his hand on his temple and rubs it.


Cut to JJ and Miranda.

JJ: I tend to make stupid choices. It is what I do.

MIRANDA: I am not judging you on the strip poker.

JJ: I am starting to feel like it was a huge mistake.

MIRANDA: I just think we don’t understand each other. That is why I should just go. I do not feel like jamming this time. Sorry.

JJ: It is okay. I understand.

Miranda leaves.

JJ: I don’t even know what I am doing anymore.

He bitterly starts to stuff his books in his backpack.



Greta is listening in on Stefanos phonecall.

STEFANO: I just need to know you have this under control…you always make slip ups….well just make sure everything is calm….dont worry about Steve.

GRETA: (Thinks to herself) Why is he talking about Steve?

STEFANO: Please just keep everything on track….Just do not be a fool!


At the Johnson house:

HOPE: You knew about this too Roman?

ROMAN: I knew my brother had gone missing, yes. I have been trying to help the ISA get to the bottom of it.

KAYLA: Nobody told me either. Some family...

STEVE: We were trying our best to find him, first.

CARLY: I just don’t want to think the worst.

STEVE: None of us do.

Just then there is a knock on the door.

Hope sits down in shock.

Steve opens the door and it is Jesse5x5ttd4.jpg.

KAYLA: Jesse, hey…

JESSE: Hello sorry to interrupt.

STEVE: Is something wrong?

JESSE: I am afraid so.

KAYLA: What now?

JESSE: I am sorry but scorched remains were found inside the car.

HOPE: No...

ROMAN: Are they Bos?

JESSE: They are unidentifiable…but we have reason to believe they are his.

CARLY: This cannot be happening.


Hope is fighting back tears.

HOPE: I know what you are all thinking but it is not true. Bo isn’t dead.

Hope tries to stop herself from breaking down and Roman holds her.

HOPE: He isn’t.

Hope breaks down in Romans arms.


Cut to someone who is inside of the now abandoned house that Steve, Terrance and Jesse checked out.

The person puts a book in a spot on the empty bookshelf.

A secret passage way opens up as the Book Shelf turns open!

This leads downstairs to another room.

The person unlocks a door at the bottom of the stairs and sets down a tray of food...

Bo Brady7KY6HLm.jpg is inside of the room chained up to the wall!

The person handing Bo the food is in a mask.

BO: Instead of bringing me inedible food, bring me Stefano so that son of a b*tch can let me out of here!

The masked person exits the room and closes the door.

BO: I have to get out of here.

He pulls at the chains to no avail.


Credits roll.



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Another good episode!

I liked the exchange between Carly and Hope. I felt like I was watching DAYS. It was very good. But, can they put this behind to help save Bo?

I continue to love this whole JJ/Miranda thing. Miranda really handed it to JJ. Maybe JJ will get Miranda someday. But, I don't think that is anytime soon.

I think Vin will save the day. I think he will swoop in and be the hero. But, you could always have a soapy twist. You have been pulling those out LOL

Stefano won't get away with what he is doing. I hope that Hope can convince everyone that Bo is alive. She will get after Stefano. That is gonna be good!

I'm glad you are doing this shelter story. This is very classic soap opera. I can't wait to see these girls fully come out of their shells and see them go after life. This story is gonna be huge, if written correctly. And, I think you are the correct man for the job. Can't wait to see it develop! Good luck!

I think Paul is going to hard on Eliza. She is trying, I think. But, I wonder what that whole thing with Paul rubbing is head was.

AND..., BO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is that person who came downstairs to greet him? Why is he chained up? Several questions on this story. Wonder where it will go next.

HIGHLY INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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JP –

14 – I see mysteries unfolding…Bo is being held captive by Stefano. Stefano is up to his old tricks again. I wonder what his motive is this time.

Vin trying to find Ali so he can beat on her some more I suppose.

Eliza can’t do her job, but she sure can play some strip poker!! LOL

I like the push/pull going on with JJ and Miranda. With every scene they’re together, with every misunderstanding, I root for them more, but I know Eliza will be in the middle of it…

The meeting of the Bo Brady ex-wives club…and they all learn that Bo is missing…ouch

GOOD BEATS played here…

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  • Members

A lot going on.

SO Everyone is made to believe that Bo is dead but he is not He's chained up to a wall. LOL U been reading Steam? Wonder What Stefano's role is in this.

I also really loved that you went there with Carly and Hope. I was hoping you would and you did. I'm just mad Hope didnt cal Carly a crack head. I love Carly.

Vin a man on a mission. He is going to eat Ali's ass when he finds her. I wonder what makes him so mad.

Miss Jesse arrived on the Brady scene to deliver bad knews. He knew deep down he needed an excuse to see Roman's.

Eliza beer get her chit striaght. She fukking up the money.

ANd I really enjoy JJ's story with Meranda. SHe was so cold towards him and him being frtstrated. Just like JJ.

Im glad swamp girl being smart.

Another good show

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