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  1. Ya'll are welcome Unfortunately these next uploads are a hot mess lol 1/13 and 1/14 are unwatchable, and 1/19 is partial
  2. I couldnt upload the christmas episode unfortunately Here are the last episodes from December 92 Onto 1993
  3. Having issues with youtube but gonna still try these
  4. Yes lol Will be adding more. tho probs very slowly
  5. Damn this is a tough one. I have zero faith left in Y&R but I agree that they really need to go all out for him.
  6. Yeah thats one of the 2 sites I would use back when I used to buy. He's having a Holiday sale. Im tempted to buy more B&B after getting all of these lol. We'll see.
  7. Okay cool I think the episodes are select episodes from the 4th to the 21st Im not sure which seller my friend got these from
  8. No problem. I know you're always uploading some YR. I think I may have some YR eps from December of 1992 that you haven't uploaded. I'll have to check and upload them after this playlist if so
  9. Ya'll are welcome Here is the November Playlist. Will be adding more to it when I can
  10. Have not been here in forever since I have not watched a current soap consistently in the past 2 years, but my friend gave me some B&B episodes, Days episodes and a few YR episodes as well that I thought I'd share. The Days and possibly the YR episodes may have already been uploaded but idk about the B&B. Least not in total English. Also not sure if the dates are all accurate. Theres not a ton, but they'll probably take me awhile to convert and upload, but here are the first few episodes from october of 1992
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