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  1. Days22

    Old/Classic B&B discussion&articles

    Have not been here in forever since I have not watched a current soap consistently in the past 2 years, but my friend gave me some B&B episodes, Days episodes and a few YR episodes as well that I thought I'd share. The Days and possibly the YR episodes may have already been uploaded but idk about the B&B. Least not in total English. Also not sure if the dates are all accurate. Theres not a ton, but they'll probably take me awhile to convert and upload, but here are the first few episodes from october of 1992
  2. Days22

    Y&R: March 2017 Discussion Thread

    Gosh I tried. Gave it the most part of the past 2 1/2 months, but it is not working. Gotta stop watching again.
  3. Days22

    Days: Actress leaving...

    It was dreadful, but that is what she wanted I guess
  4. Days22

    Days: Actress leaving...

    According to her interview he was let go. Hence her butthurt of supposed not enough airtime.
  5. Days22

    Days: Actress leaving...

    Such an unclassy way to go She needs to stop dating her co stars if she feels it should dictate her stories She left soon after Broe ended in the mid 2000's and now says shes been unhappy since SC was let go Good riddance. I hope Nicole never returns, shes been butchered and Zucker is half to blame.
  6. Days22

    The Politics Thread

    Im struggling to see how he was being a gigantic ass by denouncing violence. He has been quite calm to the twitter hounds that tried to come at him.
  7. Days22

    The Politics Thread

    Doug Davidson was just asking a question and of course the twitter hounds jumped all over him. There are good viable protests. And there is pepper spraying fellow students in stupidity.
  8. Days22

    Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    I did not know it was going to happen. While watching I thought something may happen to Jillian, but did not think the baby would die, so I was shocked as well.
  9. He was at BBC for some of my fave years of EastEnders but idk how much influence he had on that show compared to others. Y&R could use some of those stories if they can fix their characters enough. Some classic YR music would be awesome, but idk if we're gonna get it. It does not seem like Mal's style at this point, but you never know
  10. I've found most days boring so far, but I do enjoy the improvement to a lot of the characters. I actually don't mind the production nor music, or lack there of. It is kinda British soap like. Maybe that is what Mal is going for.
  11. Days22

    Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    I watched most of 75-78 on soapnet very long ago but Im started 1979 on youtube recently and Jillian's baby just died in the electrical fire accident. This is some heavy stuff.
  12. I cant say the same lol, but I do think that with them the show will never be consistently awful like most of the last ten years
  13. Well anything is better than Pratt at least I do think Y&R is at least salvageable unlike the other 3