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  1. And Days was the worst soap with diversity ever since.
  2. so i havent watched any of the uploads going forward yet but i know the dates are wrong/a mess. some could be repeated as well. So the dates on the vid are just what i was given but theyre wrong and not as many because there is a whole different show in the middle of the video lol. This one is a long upload.
  3. Well it would be nice if the country had more than 2 main parties because right now both are stuck in extremes. Cuz I would never be a Democrat (or Republican) either xD. The Bernie fans where i Live are pretty tame but there are less than in 16. But I don't have a vote atm in the primary because any candidates i felt even a little strongly for have all dropped out so i probably won't vote in the Colorado primary. Bernie is gonna win it tho anyway. I will probably vote any candidate over Trump though. Pete is the exception. He's my least fave candidate since Trump tbh. I'd have to sit that one out.
  4. I think it was always going to come down this because the party has quite the divide. It is still the center versus the left in the party. So I think Bernie has the left, but the other half of the party wants anyone else. But to make matters worse the DNC does such a terrible job of drawing in Independents. As an Independent, the Iowa Caucus fiasco made the DNC look so bad. As if caucuses weren't bad enough they go and add to the fire of conspiracy theories. I think What is he/she actually going to do and what is he/she actually going to offer? can be asked about any of these candidates in one way or another. I'd never vote for Trump, but I cant say any of these candidates make me wanna get out there and vote in November. In a perfect world there would be a hybrid candidate with Yang's logical ideas and planning, Biden's experience & respect, and Warren's debating, but instead we're left with a fractured party while the Republicans are still somehow able to rally behind far right mayhem. but im a pessimist lol
  5. one year later lol i can finally try and put some of these episodes up Also if anyone wants to send me the link to those late 80s eps that would be cool lol
  6. I think Millennials will keep getting behind the candidate who says they want to offer them financial relief. Personally, of the very liberal candidates I much prefered Yang over Bernie or Warren even tho he never had a chance, but at least his ideas had actual logical detailed plans on his website. I think Boomers are so focused on stopping Bernie that any Tom, Dick or Pete will do for them, but probably won't beat Trump. And then unfortunately Gex X has indeed been erased from history 🤫
  7. It's because Pete is a hollow candidate. I have never seen a candidate in my lifetime represent so little. He makes John Kerry look like a man of strong ideas and convictions. The Jean Passanante of candidates, really.
  8. After the lady of the night or whatever Marlena wasn't even shown as possessed until a day or two before Christmas so Ken has no idea what he is talking about per usual. Says a lot about TIIC. I so need to help get this show cancelled.
  9. The writing for black characters has been the biggest stain on soaps since forever. Most have been written to just be their job basically. Either cops, or a doctor, or the poor kid. There is a reason Y&R was able to build such a large black audience. They did it right for awhile before they fumbled it all away. Other than AMC in the 80's and sometimes 90s and Y&R in the 90's there been very few examples of the black characters getting to be real fleshed out characters. ATWT had some good periods with Jessica. OLTL had some moments too. RJ was allowed to be a smart villain sometimes. I also loved when Lexie went bad at Days and was the star of the show for like 3 years. Outside of that, it really is embarrassing.
  10. I have more that I really need to get around to uploading.
  11. Any time I turn on any of these soaps I just wonder how in the hell they are still on the air. Especially Days and GH with their atrocious ratings. I've watched very little amount of episodes since march and when I do I usually just watch Jack. I did watch some of the Gabi and Stefan pairing and liked it. Gabi has her reasoning for her hatred. I don't think Gabi is racist, but the writing from Ron is of course per usual. Ron sucks at writing the black characters. Well he sucks at writing all of the characters, but nonetheless. From the moment he wrote the half ass cop shooting story that sent the black man that got shot out of town permanently, the rest of the black characters are written as after thoughts as well. Pretty similar to how Abe has always been written. There just to be there. The cop shop folks. Valerie basically just disappeared randomly. All are there just to be there. So this is no different because Lani is not written like a black woman. She written like a damn white girl struggling in college with how overly emotional they write the character. Plus she isn't even a Horton yet. She had no reason to do the begging. Its obvious the writing team has no black writers in them like usual. The show deserves the tweets storm, cuz like all the soaps, The writing is awful is every aspect. I will not understand NBC renewing Days yet again if they do. I don't understand their reasoning anymore. They're gonna have to peapack the show soon with these budgets.
  12. Ya'll are welcome Unfortunately these next uploads are a hot mess lol 1/13 and 1/14 are unwatchable, and 1/19 is partial
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