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  1. I think everyone needs to take a breather lol. Was checking out this vault lately cuz i'd like to put the march-june 93 eps I have in there rather than on youtube like I was if I ever get them on my computer. I think & hope soap opera uploaders get a little more thick skinned by one person doing something they perceive as hurtful or something, cuz theres clearly several uploaders and a lot of room for misunderstandings if theres bad /a lack of communication. And someone on the classic forum awhile back hid their youtube videos when 1 person upset them too. I think everyone appreciates the uploaders and It is beyond me to understand why 1 person or 1 thing sets off an extreme lol I will say though it would be nice if SON would let that uploader have an account here, but unfortunately SON is on Days shooting schedule where you have to make an account 6 months in advance of actually getting said account approved.
  2. That's really rough with BandStandMike I wonder if it really was his GL eps because it is true that P&G doesnt seem to do anything. I hope it's not them or the AW and ATWT channels are next. I wonder if it was his Ozzie & Harriet episodes or some of the music on his channel
  3. It's crazy the lengths we have to go to sometimes just to supply soap opera videos lol. Especially when some idiots interfere. There is someone who had to create a private twitter for Days of our Lives episodes just to keep one person away from the videos lol
  4. Hello there, I know from experience between copyrights and fans that go too far that uploading on youtube can get to be too much, but I think you should at least put them unlisted and make playlists for people to still be able to view like many others have done here in the past. Especially if it is just one person causing the problem.
  5. And Days was the worst soap with diversity ever since.
  6. so i havent watched any of the uploads going forward yet but i know the dates are wrong/a mess. some could be repeated as well. So the dates on the vid are just what i was given but theyre wrong and not as many because there is a whole different show in the middle of the video lol. This one is a long upload.
  7. Well it would be nice if the country had more than 2 main parties because right now both are stuck in extremes. Cuz I would never be a Democrat (or Republican) either xD. The Bernie fans where i Live are pretty tame but there are less than in 16. But I don't have a vote atm in the primary because any candidates i felt even a little strongly for have all dropped out so i probably won't vote in the Colorado primary. Bernie is gonna win it tho anyway. I will probably vote any candidate over Trump though. Pete is the exception. He's my least fave candidate since Trump tbh. I'd have to sit that one out.
  8. I think it was always going to come down this because the party has quite the divide. It is still the center versus the left in the party. So I think Bernie has the left, but the other half of the party wants anyone else. But to make matters worse the DNC does such a terrible job of drawing in Independents. As an Independent, the Iowa Caucus fiasco made the DNC look so bad. As if caucuses weren't bad enough they go and add to the fire of conspiracy theories. I think What is he/she actually going to do and what is he/she actually going to offer? can be asked about any of these candidates in one way or another. I'd never vote for Trump, but I cant say any of these candidates make me wanna get out there and vote in November. In a perfect world there would be a hybrid candidate with Yang's logical ideas and planning, Biden's experience & respect, and Warren's debating, but instead we're left with a fractured party while the Republicans are still somehow able to rally behind far right mayhem. but im a pessimist lol
  9. one year later lol i can finally try and put some of these episodes up Also if anyone wants to send me the link to those late 80s eps that would be cool lol
  10. I think Millennials will keep getting behind the candidate who says they want to offer them financial relief. Personally, of the very liberal candidates I much prefered Yang over Bernie or Warren even tho he never had a chance, but at least his ideas had actual logical detailed plans on his website. I think Boomers are so focused on stopping Bernie that any Tom, Dick or Pete will do for them, but probably won't beat Trump. And then unfortunately Gex X has indeed been erased from history
  11. It's because Pete is a hollow candidate. I have never seen a candidate in my lifetime represent so little. He makes John Kerry look like a man of strong ideas and convictions. The Jean Passanante of candidates, really.
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