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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #15: Paul and Emily have it out!




Written by: Nick M.

BrittanyUaap1US.jpg is at Billy’swj5n9vf.jpg place.

BILLY: You stopped by on your way to work just to see me?

BRITTANY: Yeah. It is starting to feel like if we do not see each other every day that the day doesn’t even feel right.

BILLY: Now that you mention it, you are right.

BRITTANY: I really do need to get to work though. I cant be late.

BILLY: Have a good shift. I’ll just be here…doing my usual. Lounging around.

BRITTANY: Are you going to go look for a job yet?

BILLY: Maybe. See you later.

Billy and Brittany embrace in a tight hug before she heads out.

Billy then sits down.

BILLY: Gotta stop being lazy.

His phone rings and he picks it up.

BILLY: I’ll be damn.

It is his sister Ashley AbbottWI4fNFA.png on the other line!

BILLY: Ashley!

ASHLEY: Hi Little bro. How are you?

BILLY: Doing okay.

ASHLEY: Glad to hear it. You like the city you moved to?

BILLY: It actually could be paradise. Or so I am hoping..


At the women’s shelter:

AligweH63Q.jpg is at the kitchen table eating with some of the other girls.

She finishes up and walks over to CharlotteacAlNkc.jpg.

CHARLOTTE: I gotta say, I sure am proud of you.

ALI: For what?

CHARLOTTE: You are now mingling with all the girls in here.

ALI: That is thanks to you, Charlotte. You made it easy to talk to and started to get me to talk to the others.

CHARLOTTE: What ever worked I am glad. You need friends. Miss Cho is proud of you too. She likes to see us girls become friends. She says it goes a long way.

ALI: She is a wise woman.


Meanwhile, VinkCOQV2w.jpg is looking as frustrated as ever.

VIN: Going to find you Ali!

He is online on a tablet.

VIN: And I know exactly where they made you go those damn doctors.

He is searching women shelters in the nearby area!


Gregb6O3FNJ.jpg has just arrived home.

GREG: Quiet today. Anybody home?!

He looks around.

GREG: The house to myself. And dad isn’t here. The only time this place is peaceful is when he is out.

Greg walks into the kitchen.

GREG: I hope we actually have some food.

He opens the refrigerator to see nothing but Milk and ketchup.

GREG: I guess milk will have to do.

He pours himself a glass.

He exits the room and sees his mom walking up stairs.

GREG: Mom! I didn’t know anyone was home.

GREGS MOM: Hi son. I didn’t know you were here either.

She walks upstairs quickly like she is avoiding him.

GREG: Was it something I said…


PaulrrfSIgC.jpg arrives home and EmilyPRaEHzB.jpg is there.

EMILY: Home so early?

PAUL: Taking a little break.

EMILY: How is it going? Eliza is still messing things up I assume…

PAUL: Why are you worried about Eliza?

EMILY: You said she has been having a hard time getting the hang of being a secretary…

PAUL: Yeah she is.

EMILY: Sorry, I was just asking Paul.

PAUL: I don’t know why you are faking interest in BRO today.

EMILY: What are you talking about?

PAUL: The company has been opened for a few days now…and do you know how many times you have come to support the company? Oh that’s right, zero!

EMILY: I didn’t know you needed hands on support like that.

PAUL: Oh, please Emily! We had a whole discussion and you stated how you were going to be supportive. I found it weird that you changed your tune so quickly, but now I see you were just lying through your teeth.

EMILY: I didn’t—

PAUL: --Save it! I do not want to hear excuses.

Emily steps back as Paul’s agitation grows.


Cut to BoSS9rOX4.jpg chained up

He is looking at a plate of food that was brought in.

He has to move the plate closer to him using his leg.

BO: This is becoming too much.

He then can barely reach the food with his hand. He stretches as much as he can and grabs a bread roll.

He takes a bite of it and it is rather hard.

BO: I must get out of here somehow. (shouts towards the door) I will get out of here! You hear me!


Billy is still on the phone with his sister, Ashley.

ASHLEY: You don’t know what career to choose there?

BILLY: Not really. There is this fashion company restarting that I thought about applying at, but I haven’t yet.

ASHLEY: I think you should.

BILLY: I know I should, but the question is will I?

ASHLEY: You will run out of money eventually. What are you going to do then, come asking us siblings for cash?

BILLY: You guys could spare some, so maybe.

ASHLEY: Funny.

BILLY: So how is everything with you?

ASHLEY: I have a few problems going on.

BILLY: Problems, what is wrong sis?

ASHLEY: Nothing I want to get into right now.

BILLY: Are you sure? You know you can tell me..

ASHLEY: I just have to figure a few things out…

Billy looks on a bit worried…


At the womens shelter:

Ali is with Charlotte and JacyU5NiftH.jpg.

CHARLOTTE: How did you break up with your boyfriend?

JACY: He isn’t just a boyfriend. He is my husband.

ALI: Oh wow.

JACY: Yeah. It was a hard escape. I planned coming here from the start because I knew he would come lookin’ fo me. Sho nuff, my brother said he has gone crazy blowing up peoples phones.

CHARLOTTE: When do you plan on going back into town?

JACY: I hope I have the courage to go back to Paradise soon. I know he will be livid for a long time. Before I ran out of the house and told him I was through with him I also threw my wedding ring right at his face. It was off the chain! Felt great. Cracked me up all the way on my drive here.

ALI: Wow that is awesome! I just ran away from my problems as quietly as possible...

JACY: Don’t think like that, girl.

CHARLOTTE: You got away. That is all that matters.


Greg goes upstairs.

He sees his moms bedroom door cracked open.

GREG: Can I come in?

GREGS MOM: I just want to rest.

GREG: What is wrong?

GREGS MOM: Nothing is wrong.

GREG: Something is mom. I can tell.

He goes into her room.

His mom is sitting on her bed…with a black eye.

GREG: Son of a b*tch!

GREGS MOM: Dammit, Greg I didn’t want you to get all riled up.

GREG: All riled up! That bastard father of mine hit you again didn’t he?

Gregs mom sits there holding back tears. She shakes her head, yes.

GREG: Someone needs to teach him a lesson.

GREGS MOM: I am okay.

GREG: Mom, this is not okay!


Cut to Paul and Emily.

EMILY: Is this going to be another pity party all about you, Paul?

PAUL: How dare you! What kind of wife are you?

EMILY: What kind of husband are you? You have become so bad at taking care of your family. I don’t know how it happened, but you have regressed as a person.

PAUL: No I am just not selfish like you, dear.

EMILY: Don’t even dear me!

PAUL: I should have just stayed at work, but then I would never see you.

EMILY: That would be best. I mean you come in here and call me selfish while at the same time you are crying with this woe is me act.

PAUL: You—

EMILY:--No. Let me speak. You say I do not support you, but you support me with nothing. Nothing, Paul.

PAUL: That is not even true.

EMILY: It is. I do the housework alone. I had to try and keep this family together while you fell into your broke slump. Not mention we haven’t had sex in months! Where is the support there?

PAUL: Now the low blows?

EMILY: What blows? There is no blowing going on in this house! Just giving you a taste of your medicine, and with some facts...


The masked person sets down some water for Bo.

PERSON: You will want to drink up. Don’t go getting dehydrated.

BO: Oh shut up.

The masked person leaves the basement.

He unmasks. It is BartnTmvW07.png

BART: The Bradys are so ungrateful. I am just trying to keep you nourished Bo. Sheesh!

Bart makes his way up the stairs and out of the secret passageway.

He takes out a phone and calls Stefanofr8n8DM.jpg.

STEFANO: Bart, now what?

BART: Hello to you too Boss.

STEFANO: Is something wrong?

BART: No everything is very right.

STEFANO: Excellent. I don’t know how you have stayed as one of my henchmen over the years, but just keep up the good work right now. I will be in touch shortly.

BART: Talk to you soon.

STEFANO: Maybe even see me soon.

BART: Wait, you are coming here?

Bart is surprised


“Bad Company” by Five finger death punch starts to play


[:00] Greg and his mom are sitting together.

GREGS MOM: Your dad just loses his mind sometimes.

She touches her black eye.

GREG: Not an excuse at all.

GREGS MOM: I do know that.

GREG: I wish I could tear him apart!

GREGS MOM: Don’t say that. Then you will be just like him.

GREG: He deserves some of his own medicine.

GREGS MOM: Please don’t get involved.

Greg is clenching his fist.

GREGS MOM: Please do not do something stupid and go after your father.

GREG: I want to. I really do.


Greg sighs.

He and his mother hug each other.

[:27] The frustrated Vin has been going through women’s shelter numbers online.

VIN: Just one more to check. Ali better be at this one.

He calls…

One of the girls answers.

GIRL: Hello..

VIN: (deepens his voice) Hi…this is Ali Pritchard’s father. I have an emergency and need to speak with her.

GIRL: Okay…I’ll get her.

The girl interrupts Ali, Jacy and Charlotte.

GIRL: Hey Ali, the phone is for you.

ALI: It is?

GIRL: Yeah, it is your father.

ALI: My dad? I didn’t know he knew I was here...

Ali grabs the phone and walks out of the room.

ALI: Hi dad…

VIN: Hi baby…

Ali’s face turns to horror when she realizes it is Vin on the phone.

VIN: Don’t hang up.

ALI: I…should…not be talking to you.

VIN: Please baby. We need to talk!

ALI: What do you have to say?

VIN: I just want to apologize. I just want to see you. Would you come and see me, baby?

Ali stands there nervously…


[1:13] Cut to Emily and Paul in their stand off

PAUL: I’m going back to work! This was a mistake.

EMILY: You are the one who came here looking to start a fight.

PAUL: I just wanted some answers.

EMILY: I would like some answers myself, why have you become all about you?

PAUL: I guess you finally rubbed off on me….zing.

Paul is about to leave.

EMILY: You know Paul, I am about to just give up on you completely!

PAUL: Give up huh? That is what you have always done with your life. Why stop now?

Paul exits and slams the door behind him.

Emily lets out a yell in frustration. She looks like she is about to cry.

EMILY: I should just leave him.

[1:44] Bart is still on the phone with Stefano.

BART: Before you get here what should I do?

STEFANO: Just hang tight and prepare for my arrival.

BART: I am prepared boss.

STEFANO: Someone else will be joining us.

BART: Who?

STEFANO: Someone who has become a great help keeping me out of the hands of American authorities.

Stefano cackles

[2:00] Back downstairs, Bo is drinking some of the water.

BO: I hope he keeps bringing this to me so I have some energy.

He continues to pull at the chains. His wrists are bruised and cut up.

BO: If the ISA isn’t going to find me. I have to rely on myself to get free.

He yanks the chains again. One of them does seem to be loosening from the wall a bit.

BO: Have to keep at this every day.

Zoom in on the chain starting to loosen in the wall…

[2:20] Credits roll

I do not own any non original characters nor any pic.*


Recommended Comments

Brittany and Billy seem to be getting closer again. I’m glad you are reconnecting them instead of them just instantly wanting to be together. It’s been some years and they are different people than they were last time.

Paul’s life is imploding. First he can’t his daughter to do her job, and now his argument with Emily. I wonder what or who he’s going to turn to. I bet Emily’s next stop is Lucas lol.

We are getting a glimpse of what Greg is facing at home. I wonder how that is going to translate into his life outside of the house, and cutting to Vin finding out where Ali is. You are dealing with the issue of domestic abuse with these characters…and that’s always been a relevant social issue.

Bo is going to make his break soon…UH OH…


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Wow this was intense. I feel like so many people are at cross roads.

Vin finding ALi I am so mad damn it I hope she stays strong.

Bo chained up still and now trying to fight his way out. And Bart lmao. YOu had him down very good.

My only questions is , Why does Stefano have Bo?

Greg oh man how I really feel for him. Will he punish his dad? Milk and ketchup? Oh man. lol. Just Wow. Nick great job on Gregs story this week.

Emily and Paul. Damn. They went in on each other. You can def tell they need some blowing going on. Love the wording.

Billy is a bum. Plain and simple.

What a fantastic episode. You sre setting your own style and settimg your show apart. I look fwd every time I binge read. in fact urs is always first.

Great job at pacing bt the acton and stories are def picking up and Im so thrilled about t. Your dialog is great too. Your words jump out the screen to me and that's always a plus.

Also nice opening. Music is much better. The other sounds like a tune from Sims 3.

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Your episodes get better and better!


Brittany/Billy/Ashley: I like how you do Britt and Billy. It is very Y&R dialogue. I like that we heard from Ashley. I wonder what direction you are going to take Billy now. Is Ash coming to town??? Interesting.


Ali: I don't think it is a good idea for her to see Vin. I like the dynamic you have established with Charlotte and her. Very well done. I guess we will just have to wait and see if things go bad for her. I HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Greg/His Mom: I like how you write Greg. The lines were very well written. I like how you explained what really goes on in his family. Very well done on your part to deliver that emotion.


Emily/Paul: This was probably my favorite part of the whole episode. I enjoyed the fight. I could see that playing out on ATWT if the show was on today. I also liked her comment about the blowing LOL. Very well put together scenes.


Bo: The struggles for him continue. I wonder if he will get free. And now, we have Bart and Stefano doing this whole thing with working together. This is story line is a gold mine! Keep it up.


I LOVE THOSE MONTAGES! They really bring the show together.


KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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