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Just Paradise #16: Bo recalls what went down





Written by: Nick M.


JesseXJsVyCI.jpg and AngieihfrOJZ.jpg are sitting together at their home.


Jesse is feeding Angie a grape.


JESSE: Feeling like a queen yet?

ANGIE: You are doing a good job of making me feel like one.

JESSE: I am just glad we actually have a day off together!

ANGIE: I know. It has not been happening much.


Jesse kisses her on the cheek.


She returns the favor with a kiss on the lips.


JESSE: Juicy.

ANGIE: That’s the grapes.

JESSE: Nope. Definitely your lips, Angie.


They kiss again and fall back onto the couch.




Chavo1B8lMvq.jpg and GregUVp7qEC.jpg come to see



Vin seems to be in a great mood.


CHAVO: This is a change of pace for your mood, Vin?

VIN: Yeah I am in a better mood because things are looking up, guys!

GREG: Does this have something to do with Ali?

VIN: Of course it does.

CHAVO: Has she finally come to see you again?

VIN: Not yet, but she has agreed to come and talk to me!

CHAVO: Really?

VIN: Yes.


GREG: How did you get a hold of her?

CHAVO: Yeah, Where was she?

VIN: Don’t worry about it guys. The only thing that matters is that she has agreed to see me!


Vin smiles.




Bart1nBFOw2.png arrives at the coffee shop.


He goes inside and looks at the menu.



HUNTER: Hi sir. What would you like?

BART: Something strong. I did not sleep well. I have these nervous bouts.

HUNTER: That sucks. I have some espresso that will get you ready to go.


Meanwhile, The odd JeremytTriQIc.jpg is inside sitting at a table.


He looks up and see Bart.


His eyes get big…


JEREMY: Could it be?!


Jeremy continues to stare at Bart.


Bart turns and sees Jeremy staring at him but turns back around waiting for his coffee.


JEREMY: Oh my god. I know him…



Cut to Steve0Bx8EBr.jpg, KaylaOfteM4f.jpg,

RomanVQRl3F0.jpg, HopeijoYkkO.png and



ROMAN: We need to consider the big possibility here.

HOPE: No we don’t.

CARLY: I’d like to agree with Hope actually.

HOPE: You don’t have to go there, Carly.


STEVE: I don’t know how I feel about this.

KAYLA: Me either.

ROMAN: It is the facts though. Remains were found in Bo’s charred car. The cold hard truth is that we may have to declare Bo dead.

HOPE: Dammit, Roman no. I am telling you I would know if he was dead.

CARLY: Can we really go off of one of your hunches though?

HOPE: I am his wi…well I was his wife. I should get to make this decision.

CARLY: I was once Bo’s wife too.


STEVE: I have to agree with Hope. I am not ready to declare him dead. There is still too much we do not know.

ROMAN: What else do you want to know?

STEVE: You need to find out who was in charge at the ISA for Bo’s case.

KAYLA: The ISA is really dropping the ball here. It has me uncomfortable.

STEVE: I agree sweetness. Something continues to smell fishy.




Cut to an alive BoAbgeLGx.jpg.


He is still tied up in chains against the wall.


He continues to try and pull at the chains but his wrists have become extremely bruised and cut up.


BO: This is getting so painful.


He looks on at his wrists.


BO: I don’t know how much longer I can keep up this pulling.


His energy level seems to have dropped a lot.


BO: I’m losing blood from these cuts. What a nightmare. What am I going to do?!


He looks on in distress…


At the womens shelter:


Charlotte15P3tg4.jpg walks up to Alijj0WB4H.jpg.


CHARLOTTE: Please tell me you are not seriously considering leaving here to meet your as*hole ex…

ALI: I need to break up with him once and for all. Besides, I told you this in confidence so please keep it down.

CHARLOTTE: I don’t believe that you plan on breaking up with him if you go see him.

ALI: I left so quietly and meekly. I want to do better.

CHARLOTTE: I just know how this goes. I fell for it a lot too. You cannot let him talk you into these types of things.


Ali sighs.


CHARLOTTE: Can I show you something?

ALI: Of course.


Charlotte goes and grabs her purse.


CHARLOTTE: Look at this picture of my ex. I have an X through it with a marker.


She hands Ali the picture and Ali looks at it.


CHARLOTTE: It is a reminder to myself to know that I am away from him for a reason. Perhaps you should try something similar to remind yourself.


Ali continues to look at the picture.




Back at the Hubbard house:


Angie is cleaning up a little. She looks over at Jesse who is lost in thought.


ANGIE: Earth to Jesse! What is on your mind?

JESSE: Natalia and her wanting to come back to the force.

ANGIE: You should just take that a little at a time. She is going to have to take small steps herself.

JESSE: I don’t think she should come back to the force. I do not want this to happen to her again.

ANGIE: She is already making strides though, Jesse. You cannot just shut out the possibility of her coming back to the force completely.


JESSE: She is still in the hospital Angie.

ANGIE Not for long.

JESSE: …What do you mean? Is my baby getting released soon? (he smiles)

ANGIE: More than soon. She is getting released today!

JESSE: Why are you just telling me this now?

ANGIE: She wanted it to be a surprise. In fact, She may be showing up her soon…




At the coffee shop:


Jeremy is still looking at Bart.


Jeremy gets up, but then he sits back down. He seems very nervous and fidgety.


JEREMY: Should I approach him?


He stands up.


JEREMY: I should probably think twice about bothering him.

He sits back down.


Hunter hands Bart his coffee and Bart exits the place.


JEREMY: Crap, I missed my chance.


However, a huge grin comes over Jeremys face.


JEREMY: This is purely amazing.


He gets up and leaves the coffee shop seeming giddy…




Cut to chained up Bo.


As he sits there in his chains he looks straight ahead.


He has a flashback:


Bo is in his car.


He makes a phone call.


BO: Hello…Agent Donnelly…Yes this is Agent Bo Brady. I have made some progress on this. Yes…but I think I need some back up. This could start to get dangerous if my hunches are right.


AGENT DONNELLY: Alright Bo. I will be sending two agents for back up. They will arrive by tomorrow.


BO: Thank you. I just know this will be linked to Stefano. It always is.


Bo hangs up.


He then looks towards a house. The house he happens to be chained up in now...


BO: Could this be Dimera property?


Bo comes back into the present. He puts his head down as he sits there dejected.




Steve is sitting with Terrance7F9UDoY.jpg, Roman and Hope.


STEVE: Roman and Terrance we need to find out which head at the ISA was in charge of Bos investigation.

TERRANCE: I’ve tried and it has not been easy.

ROMAN: That is because you are a little guy on the totem pole.

STEVE: Roman. Please find out the info for us.

ROMAN: I will try, Steve.


Roman walks off and takes out his phone. Roman seems frustrated.


Carly and Kayla look at him.


CARLY: Is your brother okay?

KAYLA: I don’t know. I don’t know if any of us are right now.


HOPE: Steve, I wish you guys could find out some really needed info.

STEVE: We will Hope.

TERRANCE: We have been working hard, but it is like someone has been keeping us back.

STEVE: Yup. Something shady is going on with the ISA.

HOPE: Whatever it is, if it got Bo in danger, you two need to be careful.




Nataliaahe0OZE.jpg has arrived at Jesse and Angies house.


Natalia walks in with her cane.


JESSE: Baby be careful. Do you need help?

NATALIA: I am good, dad.

ANGIE: She has started to get back around great.

JESSE: This is so good baby. You are a fighter for sure.

NATALIA: I was taught well. I was worried you were still upset with me dad.

JESSE: I am not upset with you.


JESSE: I am thrilled for you that you are alive and recovering!


Jesse embraces his daughter.


JESSE: Get in here Angie!


Angie piles in for a group hug.




At the womens shelter:


CHARLOTTE: I am not getting through to you am I Ali?

ALI: I just feel like I should do this.

CHARLOTTE: Im glad I tried. Maybe you should at least talk to Miss Cho before you leave.

ALI: You know I plan on coming back after right?

CHARLOTTE: I hope you get to.

ALI: Don’t say that!

CHARLOTTE: Just please talk to Miss Cho before you leave and meet with Vin.


Charlotte walks off.


Charlotte starts to put the picture of her ex with the X through it back in her purse.


Zoom in on the picture….It is a picture of Jeremy!




Jeremy arrives at his house.


He rushes to his bedroom.


He opens his closet door. There are no clothes in his closet. There are pictures and articles taped to his wall in the closet...


He starts to look over them.


He has pictures of Charles MansonC5osx96.jpg, James StenbeckmvswRlp.jpg, and Roger ThorpeOv2c2Pa.jpg.


The articles on his wall are of Jeffrey Dahmer, Sheila Carter, Carl Hutchins, and Reginald Love.


He then gets to a picture with Stefano, Kate Roberts and Lucas. And then a picture of Stefano and Bart.


JEREMY: Yes! There it is! That was him!


He smiles at the picture of Stefano and Bart and then looks at an article next to it on Stefano. He then runs his hand over all of the pictures and articles...


JEREMY: Such brilliant minds…I need to be like them…




At The Johnson/Brady house:


Terrance feels woozy and stumbles a bit.


STEVE: Woah there, dude!

KAYLA: Are you okay, Terrance?

TERRANCE: I am fine..

KAYLA: Are you sure?

TERRANCE: Yes I think I just need something to eat, I am starving.

STEVE: I’ll see what is in the fridge.


Roman meanwhile is still on his phone looking at something.


Hope goes and stands by Kayla.


HOPE: This is hitting your brother hard, though he probably won’t admit it.

KAYLA: Yeah something is up. Seems like something is eating him up.


Roman gets up and walks outside.


He looks back through the window at Steve and Kayla by the refrigerator.


He takes a deep breath.




Bo has another flashback:


Bo is at the house he found suspicious. (The one he is now locked up in)


Bo looks at his watch.


BO: I thought they were sending me back up today? Where are they?


He walks out from behind the house.


He looks towards his car.


BO: What the hell?!


Bo heads back to his car quickly. Someone is inside his car!


He gets to the car to see that the person inside is unconscious.


BO: That’s an agent!


He is about to open the door but someone whacks him in the head from behind!


That knocks Bo out cold…


Cut back to the present to a frustrated Bo.


BO: How did I let this happen!?


He yanks at his chains




Meanwhile, Upstairs in the house.


Bart has arrived back.


Bart hears a voice… “Hello Bart”


Bart jumps as he turns and sees Stefano2wViPdP.jpg standing inside!


Bart drops his keys.


BART: Stefano!

STEFANO: I told you I was coming.

BART: We-welcome sir.

STEFANO: And as promised I am not alone. One of the people that has helped us immensely has come to meet us here too.


The person walks into the room…




Credits roll


I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.


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I bet Miss Jesse know all about feeling like a Queen honey. He didnt feed Agnie strawberries he feed her ass grapes LMAO!!!!! Nick you kill me.

Angie caught Down low Jesse thinkin about men

Another good episode. I like how u really showcased the Ali/Vin story these last three shows. I want to know about Vin. WHy is he the way he is. I hope ALi is not dumb and does to meet him.

I loved the flash back scene. reat detail as I could see it plang out in my mind. Very suspenseful and almost kinda scary movie ish. Esp at seeing the aent in the car.

Your show is gettign darker and I just love that.

I wonder if Jeremy is Bart's son and not only that he made an ugly couple with CHarlotte. They both ugly.

It seems Kayla is smarter than her brothers and husband LOL!! Now I wonder who was dirty in the ISA...

Jeremy is SICK Love all the shout outs to the soap great villians. Ty for that.

Nick your show is exciting every week and I never know what to expect. Great job bro!! Keep it up. You are rocking it. THis truly is a breath of fresh air..

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  • Members

Jesse/Angie – This scene reminds me of one of the reboot scenes that was talked about…(re:  Size lol)

Vin is a sociopath.  I am afraid of what he’s going to do to Ali. 
Jeremy’s shrine to the baddest the world has to offer was amusingly disturbing.  I’m also afraid of what HE’S going to do.  (Thanks for the AW love, no pun intended lol)..and Charlotte dated this guy!!  He’s way more dangerous than Vin could ever be.
Kayla was the voice of reason in those scenes with Steve, Roman, Hope, Carly, and Terrence.  Clearly they cannot think straight with Bo being missing. 
The flashback scenes gave me more insight as to how Bo got to where he is now.  You’re very good at telling backstory through flashbacks.  You provide me a lot of perspective as to how you arrived at your story and where the story may be going. 

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  • Members

Another great episode! I enjoyed the whole backstory.


Jesse/Angie/Natalia: I like that you keep them in this whole romantic path. I like that Natalia is doing alright. I'm glad that things didn't take a turn for the worse. But, will she come back to the force in full???


Vin/Ali: I'm worried that he will hurt Ali. You are scaring me. I hope that Charlotte can save her if anything goes wrong.


Jeremy: Nice shout out to the past and present soap opera bad asses. I wonder where Jeremy and Bart will go. Good set up to a future story. This will be good, I bet. 


Bo: I liked that you gave the story some depth that we haven't seen before. Good job. 


Kaya/Steve/Hope/Roman/Terrence: They don't realize that they can be really close to getting the whole figured out, if they would just see how Kayla sees it. I like that Hope still believes in Bo. Nice job!


KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I think u do an AWESOME job with your writing and creativity. And I also wanted to point out how even though you didn't know this but how brilliant and almost predicted your story is for Bo is what is starting to show on the real life DOOL. I think that is an awesome thing that your creativity took you there and it nearly lines up with what is about to happen. This right here shows me how gifted you are in this ha. I know this is just a fictional blog board but the imagery you have in your head and it shows up on the screen is a big deal. Keep up the good work!! I see greatness in you LOL..no really I do lol..

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