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Just Paradise #17: Daniel Jonas is an A-hole




Written by: Nick M.




Paul knocks on Barbaras office.


BARBARA: Come in?

PAUL: I can’t do this.

BARBARA: What do you mean? What’s wrong, son?

PAUL: It has been chaos today. So many shipments of possible materials.

BARBARA: Material is important. We need the right ones.

PAUL: I know. I know that you want your designs to be perfect in every way.

BARBARA: I sure do.


PAUL: I just did not get much sleep at all.

BARBARA: Why not?

PAUL: Emily.

BARBARA: Trouble in paradise? Why am I not surprised?

PAUL: A lot of trouble. We had a giant fight.

BARBARA: I don’t know why you put up with that woman. She has not supported you one bit with this company.

PAUL: I let her have it.





Cut to Vin who is looking at his watch.


Vin is outside near a busy park.


VIN: Where is she?


He looks around.


VIN: She wanted to make sure and meet in public, well here I am!


Ali has arrived at the park as well.


VIN: There is my beauty.


Ali slowly walks up to him.


VIN: Can I hug you?

ALI: No.

VIN: Okay…

ALI: Thank you for agreeing to meet me in public.

VIN: Thank you for agreeing to meet me, period. It is so good to see you.

ALI: Yeah, I am glad to see you to so I can give you this…


Ali slaps Vin hard right across the face!


Vin looks on shocked…




JJ is with his mother, Jennifer .


JJ: You didn’t have to bring me over a whole meal.

JENNIFER: You ate like a king though didn’t you?

JJ: I did. Thanks mom.

JENNIFER: I’m sure school work doesn’t give you a chance to cook your own meals.

JJ: Not at all.

JENNIFER: Then I am happy to help..

JJ: Now don’t get sad or anything but at first I was a bit disappointed that you were moving here too, but I think it’s really cool that you and Daniel came here.

JENNIFER: That’s sweet son.


She hugs JJ.




Cut to Steve and Terrance .


TERRANCE: Are you sure he is meeting us here?

STEVE: Yes. Agent Donnelly should be on his way.

TERRANCE: And you are sure he was the one in charge of Bo’s mission to find Stefano?

STEVE: That is the info that Roman was able to get.

TERRANCE: Well then Agent Donnelly has some explainin’ to do.

STEVE: I just hope he has some info that we can work with.

TERRANCE: That is the idea.

STEVE: I just hope he gets here soon.




Bart has arrived at the house that Bo is being held in.


Bart hears a voice… “Hello Bart”


Bart jumps as he turns and sees Stefano standing inside!


Bart drops his keys.


BART: Stefano!

STEFANO: I told you I was coming.

BART: We-welcome sir.

STEFANO: And as promised I am not alone. One of the people that has helped us immensely has come to meet us here too.


The person walks into the room…

That person is Doctor Daniel Jonas.


BART: Wait…what?

DANIEL: Stefano, good to see you back.


Daniel and Stefano shake hands.


BART: Doctor Jonas has been helping you?

DANIEL: I have indeed.

STEFANO: And what a great help he has been. (Cackles)




Jennifer is still with her son at his apartment.


There is a knock at the door.


It is Eliza .


ELIZA: Hi JJ…and JJs mom.

JENNIFER: Hey there! I am still thankful that you helped us around when we first got to town.

ELIZA: It was no problem.

JJ: What brings you by?

ELIZA: Well I just got off from a stressful day at work and wanted to see if you would like to go out for some coffee?

JENNIFER: Sound good to me, I was just about to head home and wait for Daniel to get off of his first day at the hospital.


Jenn winks at JJ.


JJ: Well then I guess I am all free for coffee.

ELIZA: Awesome!

JENNIFER: I will see you both later.

ELIZA: Shall we head out now too?

JJ: Works for me.




Agent Donnelly is now with Steve and Terrance.


AGENT DONNELLY: This is about Bo right?

STEVE: Of course it is.

TERRANCE: Were you in charge of his mission?

AGENT DONNELLY: I was the go to agent at the top, yes.

STEVE: We want to know all about Bo’s case.

AGENT DONNELLY: I am certain they have debriefed you on the important parts.

TERRANCE: What do you consider the non important parts?


AGENT DONNELLY: Are you two grilling me like I have something to hide?

STEVE: I just want to know everything that Bo was doing. If you were the agent he kept going to with all his info, then you will know.

AGENT DONNELLY: I brought my computer for this very reason. I can show you all of Bos log journals that I have.

TERRANCE: Perfect!

STEVE: Do other higher ups in the ISA know that you are willing to give this info?

AGENT DONNELLY: I just want to show that I have nothing to hide.


He clicks on some files that pop up.


But what pops up is: ITEMS NOT FOUND.


AGENT DONNELY: No damn way. They’ve been deleted!




Cut to Daniel with Stefano and Bart.


BART: When did this partnership begin? Blows my mind.

STEFANO: Don’t lose what little of it you have left.

DANIEL: I would say our partnership goes way back.

STEFANO: You see, Bart, I have known Daniel since he was a child. He had been adopted by some friends of mine who lived in Aremid.

DANIEL: Oh yes. The people of Salem just think I am Maggies damn egg baby and I am, but I was adopted by some folks who were close to Stefano and the Blakes. I was good friends with Peter when he was a child.

STEFANO: It has been brilliant, Bart. They have no clue of this connection between Daniel and me.

DANIEL: I have even duped everyone in Salem with them practically thinking I am like a god.


STEFANO: This man right here, took care of one problem in Jack Deveraux.

DANIEL: I sure did. Found out he was on the look for Stefano and locked him up in Colorado. I started drugging him up and now the guys head is completely fried.

BART: I thought he escaped.

DANIEL: He did, but he is no problem now. I saw on the article from the Union Creek Chronicle that this John Doe at their hospital has amnesia. It was about him I am sure. The drugs worked better than I ever imagined.

STEFANO: Brilliant.




Vin holds his face from Ali’s slap.


VIN: Have you been practicing that or something. Sure does sting.

ALI: I felt like I had to do that.

VIN: I understand.

ALI: …You do?

VIN: Yes. I understand your need to do that to me. I have not been kind to you.

ALI: No you have not.

VIN: I just want to prove I want to change. The old Vin would have become an angry monster after that slap.

ALI: Yes…true…


VIN: Please just come back to my place so we can talk this out.

ALI: I don’t want to be alone with you. That is why I wanted to meet in public.

VIN: We won’t be alone. Chavo and Greg are there waiting for me. You get along with them.

ALI: I just cant trust you.

VIN: Please Ali. Look at me. I am not mad. I just want to talk…

ALI: Fine…




Katsu arrives at BRO.


He sees Barbara and Paul talking in Barbaras office.


KATSU: Perfect.


Katsu goes downstairs and walks outside through a back door.


There is a semi-truck parked outside.


Derrick is out there too.


KATSU: I am glad you made it on time.

DERRICK: Of course I did. We have been working towards this.

KATSU: Well let’s unload.

DERRICK: Make it quick.


Derrick goes into his truck and pulls in near the semi.


Derrick and Katsu start to unload boxes from the semi onto the back of Derrick’s truck…




JJ and Eliza arrive at the coffee shop.


JJ: Ladies first.


JJ opens the door for her.


ELIZA: You really think I am a lady? Pffft.

JJ: Perhaps not.

ELIZA: But thank you. Glad to see chivalry isn’t completely dead.


They walk inside.


Miranda is also there!


JJ spots her right away. His heart seems to sink to his stomach.


It sinks even further down when he sees that Miranda is laughing it up with the barista, Hunter .


MIRANDA: You are pretty funny.

HUNTER: Happy to amuse you.

MIRANDA: Amused I am.


JJ stares on at the two and Eliza notices…




Cut to a frustrated Steve.


STEVE: What the hell do you mean that Bo’s log journals have been deleted?

AGENT DONNELLY: I seriously do not know what happened.

TERRANCE: You know this just looks sketchy.

AGENT DONNELLY: I am sure it does, but I really don’t know how this happened.

TERRANCE: You best be playin’.

STEVE: You better not be some kind of double agent.


Steve grabs him but his collar.


TERRANCE: Don’t get worked up Steve.

STEVE: No. This is ridiculous. The ISA is supposed to be this hi tech government associates and this kind of stuff keeps happening.

TERRANCE: I know it is frustrating.

AGENT DONNELLY: Maybe I can get the log journals to be found somehow.

STEVE: I don’t even know what to say anymore. I am sick of this sh*t! I cant even trust the ISA anymore. I quit!


Both Terrance and Agent Donnelly cannot believe hearing this..




STEFANO: I just could not let Jack nor Bo find me.

BART: Thank sweet baby Jesus they didn’t.

STEFANO: And all over tax fraud.

DANIEL: The great Stefano Dimera was not going to go down for that.

STEFANO: I am glad we are taking care of our problems.

BART: How are you going to take care of Bo downstairs?

STEFANO: I will think of something.

DANIEL: We are in a good place right now with all of this.

STEFANO: Yes we are. There is no chance in hell that I am going down because of f*cking taxes!




Katsu and Derrick continue to unload boxes from a semi behind BRO into the back of Derricks truck.


DERRICK: Is that all of them?

KATSU: I believe so.

DERRICK: Tremendous.

KATSU: You should get out of here.

DERRICK: Yeah, but you need to check it first.


Katsu and Derrick get into the back of Derricks truck.


Katsu opens one of the boxes a bit.


He pulls out…a brick of cocaine!


KATSU: Looks perfect to me.

DERRICK: We are on the brink.

KATSU: Aren’t we though?

DERRICK: Going to own this town…



Chavo and Greg are at Vins place.


GREG: Do you really think he will be able to get Ali to come here?

CHAVO: Probably.

GREG: I kind of hope not.

CHAVO: If he does I bet he wants us to leave.


Just then Vin and Ali arrive.


VIN: Hey bros.

ALI: …Hi guys

GREG: Hey Ali

CHAVO: How are you two?

VIN: I am hoping we are going to be really good. Can you two give us some privacy?

CHAVO: I told you, Greg.

GREG: Yeah.

ALI: I would like it if they stay.

CHAVO: We probably should go though.

VIN: Yes, we will be fine.


Fear starts to come across Ali’s face.


GREG: See you guys later.


Greg and Chavo leave…


Ali: I thought you would respect my wishes to not be alone with you.

VIN: Shut up.


Vins whole demeanor completely changes.


VIN: How dare you slap me and then try and disrespect me by not wanting to be alone with me!


Vin grabs her. Ali screams!


Outside, Greg is about to get in the car with Chavo but hears Ali scream.


He hears Ali say “No! Please!”


Greg turns around and goes to the house.


He looks inside to see Vin about to hit Ali.


He has a flash of his dad and then has a flash of his mom with a black eye.


GREG: Dammit Vin!


Greg rushes inside.


GREG: Don’t!

VIN: This doesn’t concern you, Greg!

GREG: Oh yes it does.


Greg goes at Vin and with all his might punches him square in the jaw knocking Vin out cold!!


Vin hits the ground.







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What another great episode!


Barbara/Paul: We all know that Emily and Barbara haven't been one another's biggest fans through the years. I wonder if Barbara is trying to start something. Her lines sounded that way to me. Like she doesn't want Paul with Emily.


Terrence/Steve/Donnelly: I had a feeling those logs were going to be deleted. Good way to keep the story going and still being interesting. I wonder if they will ever get their hands on those logs that were written by Bo. And, is Steve right? Could Agent D. be a slimy one? And, does Steve really want to go?


JJ/Eliza: I had a feeling that JJ would get kind of jealous at the sight of Miranda and Hunter. This is a very good teen set love quad. Good job! You have a great setup with it. I commend you for that. So many of them are done horribly wrong (coughs) THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL LOL!


Derrick/Katsu: I wonder what they are up to.


Daniel/Stefano/Bart: I was totally and completely STUNNED! I didn't expect you to go down that route with Daniel. I couldn't believe it. AMAZING job explaining that all, so we would know what is up. I wonder what Stefano and Bart are going to do about Bo. And, where are you taking Daniel???


HIGHLY Interested!

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Members

Interesting episode here....lots of setups and reveals...

Daniel Jonas is working for Stefano!!!   Huge....I presume is to keep Jack away from Jennifer.  I LIKE IT!!  Daniel on TV wouldn't do it, but Daniel is a scumbag for what he did to Chloe...so good to tap into that scumbag part of him...LOL

The ISA files were deleted.  I like the layers to this mystery of Steve and Terrance trying to find Bo.

What is being loaded by Derrick and Katsu...we will see I'm sure...

Eliza/JJ/Miranda now Hunter.  Great idea to add a fourth player in this, and now we see that JJ really likes her, but he knows he can't be a eff  up and screw things up with her, so she's moving on...and I can see the scheming wheels turning in Eliza's head.

Now I see why you showed us Greg's mother being beaten, so now we understand why he knocked out Vin, the young sociopath (lol) 


Edited by cnathanielrichardson
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  • Members

Wow what a stunning twist that Daniel is working with Stefano. Wow Just simply wow ANd he is the one who fukked Jack up. Wow. Now this is really good. 


ALi is so dumb. She caved in to early and too soon going with Vin where ever he wanted to go.

BUt Greg came to the Rescue. I wonder how VIn will react to Greg.

Ali i was a lil mad at for slapping Vin. Isnt that why she in the womens home becasue of physical violence SHe kept it going by hitting him lol. VIn played it smooth though by luring her to the trap house.


Katsu and Derrick bout to get the cocaine game going. Cane where you at? Avery?


The JJ and Jenn scenes were intresting too Miranda is a hoe WHy would JJ even want that.

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  • Members

Great reveal! I love the situation with Daniel working for Stefano. You did a great thing there. It's a believable backstory, and I love that it all ties together. Daniel should worry about Jack though, if Jennifer, JJ or Abby end up recognizing him somehow. I'm sure that'll go down somehow.


Ali and Vin were powerful. Greg coming to the rescue at the end was revealing. Great story there.


Katsu is in the coke game. That will have some dangerous consequences down the road surely. I like the new layers of each story being revealed. All around great there.


JJ/Eliza/Miranda, and now Hunter. Great setup. I wonder how JJ will deal with this turn of events. Good setup for a potentially long-running quad.


Love it!

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