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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #18: Vin has been KO’d/Hope Brady gets help




Written by: Nick M.


Jesse walks into an office.


The office of Police Chief Jones .


CHIEF JONES: Welcome Jesse

JESSE: Hello Sir


They shake hands.


CHIEF JONES: What brings you by this evening?

JESSE: I have been trying to get this one on one meeting with you for a while.

CHIEF JONES: Sorry it has taken so long. I took a much needed vacation.

JESSE: Do you feel rested?

CHIEF JONES: Ready to take on the city!

JESSE: Wonderful then I hope you will like my fundraiser Idea.

CHIEF JONES: Fundraiser? The forces fundraiser already happened earlier in the year.


JESSE: Not that fundraiser. A different one. I want the city to put on a fundraiser for the city itself and I was hoping you would help out.

CHIEF JONES: That is certainly…different.

JESSE: The rough part of the city would become better with some help.

CHIEF JONES: You really think that?

JESSE: I do. They need their own community center.

CHIEF JONES: You really don’t think a community center would put a stop the gangs or something do you?

JESSE: I most certainly do chief.


Chief Jones looks on doubtful…




Lucas is home.


He takes a seat and lets out a sigh of relief.


LUCAS: Good to be home. What a day.


His phone rings.


He answers.


It is Emily


EMILY: Hello Lucas…


EMILY: Are you busy?

LUCAS: Not really.

EMILY: Good because I need to see you quick!

LUCAS: I didn’t plan on going anywhere.


EMILY: Are you home? I can go see you there.

LUCAS: I don’t know about that.

EMILY: Come on. Please. I need to talk to you.

LUCAS: Only if it is an emergency!

EMILY: It is.

LUCAS: Fine. 326 Dayton Street.

EMILY: Be there shortly.


They hang up.


LUCAS: I guess I won’t be getting to rest.




Steve returns home.


Kayla , Hope and Carly are there.


KAYLA: Any Luck?

STEVE: Sorry to say, but no. Not at all.

HOPE: The ISA doesn’t have any information? How is that possible?

STEVE: Because something dirty is going on!

CARLY: You really think so?

STEVE: I am sure of it. That is why I quit!


KAYLA: You quit?!

STEVE: I had to sweetness.

KAYLA: You know that I am happy you finally did.

HOPE: How will we find info on Bo then?

CARLY: Yeah. Good question.

STEVE: We will have to do it on our own. It is not like the ISA was much help anyway.




Cut to Daniel and Stefano


STEFANO: We have a lot of important things to discuss.

DAN: We sure do.

STEFANO: We must go over what our next step will be.

DAN: I was hoping we can discuss Jennifer.

STEFANO: I said important things to discuss.

DAN: She is very important to me.


STEFANO: I do not know why.

DAN: I do love her you know.

STEFANO: She is not good luck for the ones she loves, you should know.

DAN: I plan on changing that.

STEFANO: Do not let Jennifer Horton get in our way.

DAN: You do not have to worry about that.




Meanwhile, Greg looks inside Vins house.


He sees Vin about to hit Ali


He has a flash of his dad and then has a flash of his mom with a black eye.


GREG: Dammit Vin!


Greg rushes inside.


GREG: Don’t!

VIN: This doesn’t concern you, Greg!

GREG: Oh yes it does.


Greg goes at Vin and with all his might punches him square in the jaw knocking Vin out cold!!


Vin hits the ground.


Chavo comes rushing in.


CHAVO: What are you thinkin’ bro? What are ya doin’?

GREG: He should not have his hands on Ali.

ALI: Thank you, Greg.

GREG: I don’t know what came over me.

ALI: I should not have trusted him again. Why am I so stupid?

GREG: You are not.


CHAVO: When Vin comes to, he is going to want to kill you, Greg.

GREG: Yeah he will.

ALI: He is going to be livid. We have to get out of here.

CHAVO: I am not leaving him.


Vin starts to move a bit.


ALI: I have to go.

GREG: Come with me.


Ali and Greg run out of the house…




At the police station:


CHIEF JONES: I’m not sure you are thinking hard about this fundraiser.

JESSE: Listen, my daughter was shot by a gang member. This is really all I can think about.

CHIEF JONES: We need to stop the gangs by cracking down on them harder with arrests.

JESSE: …and a lot of them get off or get slaps on the wrists and go right back to the gangs. We need to take care of these kids before they turn to gangs. A community center and a lot of help will work.

CHIEF JONES: I respect your drive to help, but these are just ideals. Dreams, really.

JESSE: We won’t know until we try.


CHIEF JONES: You have my support.

JESSE: Thank you.

CHIEF JONES: BUT, you are going to run into problems

JESSE: How so?

CHIEF JONES: You need to learn about this city more.

JESSE: I know it has its share of problems.

CHIEF JONES: More than you know.  You better start to learn something about city politics.




Emily is now at Lucas place.


EMILY: Thank you for inviting me over.

LUCAS: Wasn’t quite an invite.

EMILY: I know. I’m sorry.

LUCAS: Well what is this big emergency?

EMILY: My husband and I had a huge fight yesterday.

LUCAS: How exactly can I help with that?

EMILY: I don’t even want to stay there with him tonight.


LUCAS: Sorry, but I am not going to invite you to stay here…

EMILY: I wouldn’t ask that.

LUCAS: Phew.

EMILY: The thing is my marriage could really be ending and if it is I do not want to be left with nothing.

LUCAS: I don’t think he can take you for everything.

EMILY: The Ryans will try. I just want and need a job.

LUCAS: You don’t give up do you?

EMILY: I will beg if I have to.

LUCAS: Like on your knees begging? (smirks)

EMILY: Here goes nothing

LUCAS: No! I’m kidding. I’m not Daniel Jonas.

EMILY: Just please give me that job!




Cut to Daniel and Stefano


DAN: You know, I heard about Jennifer way back. I had some talks with Peter before his incarceration.

STEFANO: I didn’t know you two stayed close when you got older.

DAN: We did get out of touch, but I’m glad we reconnected. He loved Jennifer too.

STEFANO: Yeah at one point he did. That didn’t turn out well for him either.

DAN: I can now just say that I understand why he loved Jenn.

STEFANO: He would not be happy to hear you two were an item.


DAN: I think he would understand.

STEFANO: Well Daniel I am glad that you are in love and all, but I would like to get down to business and figure out the next step in keeping myself a free man.

DAN: Fine. Any ideas?

STEFANO: Always.




At the Johnson house:


KAYLA: There is still a possibility that Roman will find some info for us.

STEVE: Not if he is using ISA contacts.

CARLY: You are really down on the ISA right now.

STEVE: I think someone has infiltrated them. Probably Stefano himself.

KAYLA: I should warn Roman.

STEVE: Roman isn’t listening.


HOPE: This is just ridiculous. I cannot believe all of this is happening and at Bos expense.


Hopes phone rings.


CARLY: That your boyfriend, Aiden?

HOPE: Don’t worry about it.


Hope looks at her phone.


HOPE: I don’t know this number.


She answers. It is Greta


GRETA: Hope…this is Greta Von Amberg.

HOPE: Greta? Wow. Long time.

GRETA: It has been. I have been trying to get ahold of Bo but cannot. I called the Brady pub and Caroline gave me your number.

HOPE: Why were you trying to get in touch with Bo?

GRETA: Because Stefano has been here in England.

HOPE: Stefano?


This perks Steve, Kayla and Carlys ears.


GRETA: Yes. He has been trying to say he is my father.

HOPE: I hope that is not true.

GRETA: Oh me too. I do suspect he is back in the states now though. I wanted to let Bo know.

HOPE: Are you sure of that?

GRETA: Almost certainly.

HOPE: Greta you are a miracle caller. We could use your help…




Greg is dropping Ali back at the womens shelter.


ALI: Thank you for the ride…and for everything really.

GREG: I am sorry if Vin has been abusing you all of this time.

ALI: I can’t believe I have put up with it.

GREG: You have to promise me not to fall for his words anymore.

ALI: I know now. I guess I just learn things the hard way.


GREG: It is great that you are in a shelter. I wish my mom would come here.

ALI: Does your father do something to your mom?

GREG: It is a long story.

ALI: I am sorry if so.

GREG: Yeah me too. I better leave though and figure out where I am going to go myself.

ALI: Thank you so much. Good luck. I hope Vin doesn’t come after you

GREG: Good luck to you too.


Ali hugs him.




Jesse is still with Chief Jones.


CHIEF JONES: I think you should discuss this with the city council, though You will probably get turned down.

JESSE: I would hope they wouldn’t do that.

CHIEF JONES: I want a pair of your rose colored glasses.

JESSE: I guess this town is worse than I thought.

CHIEF JONES: It can get worse, but I wish you luck. This is commendable.

JESSE: Thank you. I’ll see what happens. I am determined.




At Lucas House


EMILY: So do you want me to beg for the job or not?

LUCAS: You do not have to beg.

EMILY: So I am hired?

LUCAS: I do like this tenacity of yours.

EMILY: I hoped you would.

LUCAS: You have a job!

EMILY: Thank you so much, Lucas.


She hugs him tight.


EMILY: I will be a great employee and I hope to be a good friend to you like you are to me.

LUCAS: I guess I’ll go to you when I have an (puts his hands in air quotations:) emergency.

EMILY: Yes. Please do..




Greg meanwhile has shown up outside of Marcinos house.


GREG: I hope he is here. Answer my texts man!


Greg texts Marcino again to please come outside.


Marcino does come outside.


GREG: Can we please talk?

MARCINO: Of course, man. Something wrong?

GREG: Yes, very. I need your help.

MARCINO: Come inside. We’ll talk in my room.


They go inside..




At the Johnson house:


KAYLA: What exactly did Greta say?

HOPE: Stefano has been in England and says he is her father and now she seems sure that he is back in the states.

STEVE: I wonder if he could even be near.

CARLY: He could be.

STEVE: I don’t know who to go to with this info since I quit the ISA. I’d rather they not know anyway.


HOPE: What about Roman?

STEVE: I’ll discuss it with him.

CARLY: Can we even trust Gretas word?

HOPE: Yes we can. You do not even know her so don’t make any assumptions.

CARLY: I just want us to do the best for Bo.

HOPE: We will do the best for him because I think he is still out there….somewhere…

KAYLA: Greta really could be a great help.

STEVE: Do you think she will help with whatever we need her to?

HOPE: I think so..

CARLY: She better.




Back to Daniel and Stefano


DAN: I do wonder why you do not just kill these people that get in your way.

STEFANO: That is too simple, my friend. Nothing is worth it unless it is a part of the game. If I am going to win I want to win my way. Besides, I do not get my hands dirty.

DAN: You could just have Bart kill them.

STEFANO: Please, Bart is practically a puppy. He is only good to have around because he listens well.

DAN: Well I have an idea you will like. I know just how to get Bo out of your hair and stay a free man.


STEFANO: What do you have in mind?

DAN: It is simple, really. We just use my drug concoction again.

STEFANO: The drug you used on Jack Deveraux?

DAN: Precisely. I have come up with an amazing drug right there.

STEFANO: Yes, it fried all of Jacks memories.

DAN: And we can do the same to Bo.

STEFANO: I love it, Daniel. Make more of your drug and get ready.


Stefano cackles




*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics. 


Recommended Comments

You continue to deliver solid episodes week after week. Good for you!


Jess/Chief: I am glad that Jess is working some stuff out for the town. I imagine some stuff will go down there. Parties are the PERFECT time to have some high drama going on. #OfficiallyInterested.


Emily/Lucas: I love how you write Emily. You write her very true to the character. I wonder where this whole thing is going with Emily's job. I wonder if Lucas and Emily will slip into an affair, because her marriage is on the rocks.


Greg/Chavo/Marcino/Ali/Vin: Everything is going well for your younger set. You have some damn good stories for them. I AM IN LOVE WITH ALI'S STORYLINE!!!!!!!!!! She is one of my favorite characters. I wonder if Vin will be out for blood. I wonder what will go on with Greg and Marcino. I wonder if Chavo will protect Ali and Greg. GOSH I HAVE SOOOO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes for good soap, though.


Kayla/Greta/Carly/Hope/Steve: Greta is back. Interesting choice to throw her into the mix. I wonder if they can trust her though. People turn on others in the heat of the moment. I love that you have brought everyone who cares about Bo in a big way. I feel like your whole show is based on Bo's story. And DAMN it is good!!!!!!!!!


Daniel/Stefano: This continues to surprise and shock me. There are truly no words to describe how I feel about this story. It is interesting. I have actually wondered if Stefano brainwashed Dan like he did to sooooo many others in the past. Interesting.


KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This was a very busy episode. A lot goings on lets get it started on how I felt about it all


Lucas and Emily, They started out so nice but for me something is so off with them these days. I can't put my finger on it. Im glad Lucas didnt want Emily to get on her knees like Daniel does. The dialog was very witty in their scenes.


Great gave Hope and nem a boat load of info. THis story is really picking up and we learned that Daniel was the one who friedn Jack's brain and now they are going to do the same to Bo. Carly's line to Hope about Aiden was cute lol.

Daniel really enjoys being evil and I liked all of Stefanos remarks regarding Jennifer. I bet you a loaf of bread his love for Jenny will fukk up their plan.

Greg and Ali getting closer?? I am glad he was there for her. Ali sure is a stupid stupid girl.


Oh and Miss Jesse you bet he wearing rose colored glases and he bout to have you wearing them too Cheif. Id like to know where this story is going as it seems you are gearing up for something.

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