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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #19: Paul Ryan needs help/Greg turns to Marcino

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Written by: Nick M.


At the hospital:


Terrance is walking out of a room.


NURSE: Did it go well?

TERRANCE: Perfect.

NURSE: Hope you feel better.

TERRANCE: I plan on it.


Terrance walks around the corner of the hallway and there sits Natalia



TERRANCE: We should probably try and stop running into each other at a hospital of all places.

NATALIA: Yeah, that is true. Are you feeling okay?

TERRANCE: I am doing fine. And how are you doing with your physical therapy?


Natalia stands up and starts walking.


TERRANCE: No sh*t! Look at you!

NATALIA: It is so good to be able to move again.

TERRANCE: So happy for you. I knew you could do it!


Both smile at the other..






Paul is the last one at the offices. Or so it seems.


Katsu walks into Pauls office.


PAUL: Thank you for coming Katsu

KATSU: I figured it had to be important if you wanted to see me this late.

PAUL: I hope I didn’t take you away from any business.

KATSU: I am always involved with some business.

PAUL: A business man through and through. That’s why I came to you. Came to the best.


KATSU: What can I help you with?

PAUL: I think you may already know.

KATSU: So soon?

PAUL: Yes. I need your help again…




At the womens shelter:


Ali is with Charlotte and Jacy


ALI: I should have listened to you, Charlotte.

CHARLOTTE: Please don’t start beating yourself up of all things.

JACY: I want to know what happened, girl?

ALI: Well I did see Vin…and when I did I slapped him. Gave him a taste of his own medicine.

JACY: That is what I like to hear! Good on you.


ALI: It went bad from there though. I stupidly listened to him. I met him in public because I knew he couldn’t hurt me there, but he convinced me to go back to his place. Said his friends were there so we wouldn’t be alone.

CHARLOTTE: They were not really there?

ALI: They were, but as soon as we got there he had them leave and that is when he just changed. Changed back to his abusive self. He was going to hit me. Thank god his friend came back in and hit Vin!

JACY: Vin still got what he deserved then!

ALI: Yeah, but why did I even agree to meet with him. What is wrong with me?




Cut to Vin looking at his mouth and lips in the mirror.


Chavo is also there.


VIN: Cannot even believe this sh*t.

CHAVO: I am shocked by Gregs actions.

VIN: I told him it was none of his business and he comes in here..and …and sucker punches me! How dare him!

CHAVO: I’ll have a talk with him.

VIN: Oh I will do much more!


CHAVO: I can tell how angry you are about this.

VIN: Anger doesn’t even begin to describe what I am feeling. So many mixed emotions. There is only one thing to do. You need to find him.

CHAVO: I’ll try and get a hold of him.

VIN: Good. Because when we find him. I am going to kill that bastard.


Vin pulls out his gun!




Greg is with Marcino in Marcinos room.


MARCINO: Dude, what is wrong?

GREG: I have been messing up for a while now, man.

MARCINO: What do you mean?

GREG: I don’t want to tell you. I don’t want you to judge me.

MARCINO: I would never judge you. You know that.


GREG: Well I have been hanging out with some rather, shady guys for a lack of better term. A gang I guess you can say and I think I just pissed the leader off.

MARCINO: A gang? What the hell?!

GREG: Yes I know, but I said, don’t judge.

MARCINO: Not judging. Just shocked is all. How did you piss him off?

GREG: Punched him in the face and knocked him out.

MARCINO: Oh…well I can see why he is pissed!

GREG: I had a good reason. He was about to hit his girlfriend.


MARCINO: Sounds like scum.

GREG: I don’t know why I befriended them. They live in my neighborhood and reached out and now I am all caught up in this. He is going to kill me!

MARCINO: I would hope he wouldn’t go that far.

GREG: You don’t understand! He is not the most stable guy in the world! He is going to come after me and I do not know what to do!


Marcino puts his hand on Gregs shoulder as they sit together on Marcinos bed.


MARCINO: First you have to calm down.


Greg pleads into Marcinos eyes.


GREG: I’m…I’m really afraid of what Vin will try and do to me.

MARCINO: I know, but we can think of something.


Greg continues to gaze in Marcinos eyes.


GREG: You really have a calming effect on me.


Suddenly Greg kisses Marcino!




At the hospital:


TERRANCE: You finished with physical therapy here for the night?

NATALIA: Yes. It went well.

TERRANCE: You know, even though we keep running into each other here at the hospital we don’t have to stay here.

NATALIA: If you have somewhere to go, you should.

TERRANCE: No I mean we should go somewhere and hang out together.


NATALIA: I would like that.

TERRANCE: How bout some drinks? We can go celebrate your great recovery!

NATALIA: Let’s do it!





KATSU: Are you sure it is time for this?

PAUL: I am sure

KATSU: You know we have to time this perfectly.

PAUL: I know, but we are running out of time.

KATSU: Yeah you’re right.

PAUL: I have complied with all of your demands. You even get your own shipment which could be something that could get me in deep trouble.


KATSU: Don’t worry about what I am having shipped in.

PAUL: I am not worried.

KATSU: You don’t have to tell me how much you have done. You do not have to prove your trust. You already did that. So far I have held up my end of the bargain too. I got you the money to reopen this company.

PAUL: I know, but now I need more. I am ready for step two.

KATSU: Step two..


Katsu smirks.




At the womens shelter:


CHARLOTTE: Are you ready to stop beating yourself up, Ali?

ALI: I just wish I wouldn’t be so dumb sometimes!

JACY: You really should give yourself a break.

ALI: I know. I am just mad at myself for getting sucked in again.

CHARLOTTE: It has happened to us all.


Charlotte hugs Ali.


ALI: I am glad you girls are here.

JACY: We gotchoo.

CHARLOTTE: This is all a learning process. For all of us. Miss Cho is trying to get us back on track.

ALI: I think I have awhile to go till I find that track.




Greg has kissed Marcinos who is caught off guard


Marcino starts to get into the kiss…but then abruptly pulls away and stands up!


MARCINO: What are you doing, Greg!

GREG: What do you mean what am I doing? Kissing you.


Marcino wipes her mouth


MARCINO: Um…why?

GREG: Because the moment was building to that.

MARCINO: I have no idea what you are talking about.

GREG: This is crazy.

MARCINO: This IS crazy dude! I am not into dudes.

GREG: Uh, yeah you are.

MARCINO: How are you going to tell me what I am into?

GREG: You have been giving me signals for so long now. You know you have. Don’t even try and deny it!




Terrance and Natalia are at the casino sitting at the bar.


Brittany is the bartender


BRITTANY: Would you both like another?

NATALIA: Why not one more.

TERRANCE: I do. I have been working hard lately and not getting time for fun like this.

BRITTANY: Coming right up.

NATALIA: This was a good idea.

TERRANCE: hang around me more and you will find that I am full of those.

NATALIA: Better to be full of that than full of something else.


Brittany hands them both their drinks.


NATALIA: Thank you.

TERRANCE: Ill make a toast. For your great recovery to continue and for you to get back to work on the force soon!

NATALIA: Thank you so much! Cheers!


Natalia and Terrance clink glasses




Cut to Paul and Katsu:


PAUL: So can we get this done?

KATSU: I think we sure can. I’ll work on it tonight.

PAUL: Fantastic.

KATSU: You look a little nervous.

PAUL: Of course I am. This has to get done.


KATSU: No need to worry. I will pull this off.

PAUL: Don’t get me wrong, I believe that you will.

KATSU: I will. I have many connections in this city.


Katsu smirks again.


KATSU: We must meet here again early in the morning.

PAUL: I’ll me back here in just a few hours then.

KATSU: Won’t your wife ask questions?

PAUL: My wife may still staying at a hotel tonight.


PAUL: Don’t ask.




Cut to Chavo still with a pissed off Vin who is still tending to his bloody and bruised mouth.


VIN: Have you reached Greg?

CHAVO: He is not answering my texts.

VIN: Of course not, the coward. Keep trying.

CHAVO: I can go by his house and see if his car is there.

VIN: Good call. Go find out. Do all that you can to find him!

CHAVO: On my way.


Chavo exits.


CHAVO: Greg, you have really done it this time.


Back inside, Greg takes out his gun again.


VIN: Nobody does this to me.


He stares at the gun…




Cut to Greg and Marcino.


MARCINO: I am not into dudes!

GREG: What about all the signs, man? Confiding your problems in me all the time?

MARCINO: That is what friends do.

GREG: What about the hug at the pond before we found the burnt car?

MARCINO: It was just a hug!

GREG: It was not just a hug, but if you want to be in denial, fine!


MARCINO: I’m sorry if I…If I gave signs or whatever..

GREG: It was a mistake coming here. I have to go.

MARCINO: What about the crazy gang guy after you? Where are you going to go?

GREG: I don’t know but I need to leave here. This is just awkward now.

MARCINO: Don’t feel like that.

GREG: I’m leaving. In fact, I’m leaving town!


MARCINO: You cannot just run away.

GREG: Watch me.


Greg starts to leave, but Marcino grabs him and pulls him back in holding his arm.


They are now face to face.


MARCINO: Don’t leave.

GREG: Why not? If you don’t want me to leave admit that you have been giving me signals and feel the same way I do…


Greg looks Marcino in the eyes and Marcino shifts his eyes downward.


GREG: If not then let me go.


Marcino lets go of Gregs arm.


Gregs walks off and exits


MARCINO: Dammit Greg! Why did you have to go and do all of this?


Marcino looks on worried…




*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics. 


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Recommended Comments

Wow loved the ending. It was everythng The angst the desire the forbidden love. Wow Greg gave Marcino an ultimatum. And He wasnt man enough to get his man. I loved this scene and the dialog. I was surprised Greg just went in and kissed him. I geel bad for Ggreg kuz Vin is going to do something to him.  I think Greg will actually go on the run and this will draw out Marcinos feelings for him.


SOme stories move slow and others fast on here cae in point, Brritant, and Natalie's story are particularity slow. I don't know if its b status characters and that is fine too. 

Oh Ali, you stupid stupid stupid ass !@#$%^&*]. I do not like this chic. Shes a dumb ass twat Oh and by the way Jacy, bless you honey, I noticed no one said bless you when yo sneezed. a choo !! LMAO!!

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I have to agree with ML, what an ending! We've been waiting for that story line to take full throttle, and it did! The final scene in the episode was very well written, and very well put together. I liked the conversation with the two. It was very real.


I like how slow you are moving with your romances. It lets us really enjoy them. Kind of reminds me of when soaps did great romance back in the day. You've taken the classic Jarlena and you've modernized them. I love it. Good job! I love Terrence and Natalia. Good idea to piece those two together.


I hope that Chavo stops Vin from killing Greg. I am really scared for Greg. I wonder what is going to happen. Will someone get shot and die? Will anyone survive? Will no one get shot? I have sooooo many questions leading up into this story. I can wait to see what happens!


I like where you are taking the Paul and Emily story. I like that you are throwing normal marital problems in to the mix. Plus, these are problems they had are the actual ATWT. before Barbara dissolved her partnership with Paul in the series finale. Good Job!


You know I love this shelter story line. But my god! Ali! Stop being soooo stupid. I can't wait until all these women take some revenge. I know it is only a matter of time. This story is very well written. Nice job capturing all the main girls together.


KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Very balanced episode...Gentle, Dark, and Deep

GENTLE - Terrence and Natalia's interaction was simple, natural and maybe the start of something nice between them.  Partners on the force perhaps.  Hopefully she's not looking for another Brot.  

GENTLE - The shelter scenes were also gentle and a great lead in to the DARK...

DARK - Vin is out for blood.  Very unstable young man.  I hope he doesn't seriously hurt someone (which I think he will)

DARK - I knew Paul was into something illegal with Katsu.  Some money laundering or drugs or something.  I hope Paul doesn't get in over his head.  There will be nothing his little brother Eric will be able to do to help him LOL

DEEP - My NEW favorite couple of JP, Greg and Marcino.  There is something about these types of interactions between men fighting their feelings for each other that's very STRONG and deeper than that of a man and a woman going through the same thing.  Their scenes really packed a punch...


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