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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #20: JJ hears Miranda scream/Will Greg get away?

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Written by Nick M


Cut to Jeremy


He meets with two people, Rina and Gus


Rina is British and Gus American.


GUS: About time you show up.

JEREMY: I have been busy working on something.

GUS: I can only imagine what you are cookin’ up now.

JEREMY: Don’t be annoying.

RINA: Yeah, don’t be daft, Gus.


Gus rolls his eyes


JEREMY: I am happy to see you two though. We have much to discuss.


RINA: We do?

JEREMY: Oh yeah.

GUS: Can we have fun while we discuss?

JEREMY: Sure why not..




Miranda is dressed in her pajamas.


MIRANDA: I need some H2O before bed.


She makes her way to the kitchen.


She turns on the light and sees a rat scatter by!


Miranda screams!


Cut to JJ in his apartment next door.


Miranda’s scream wakes him up.


JJ: Miranda?! What is wrong?


JJ jumps out of bed!




Henry shows up at Barbara’s hotel suite.


BARBARA: Henry! I was just getting ready for bed.

HENRY: Well wake up baby! I am back in town.

BARBARA: It is great to see you.


The two embrace!


HENRY: I come bearing gifts…well…food.

BARBARA: It is much too late to eat!

HENRY: It’s healthy, not fattening food Babs.

BARBARA: What is it, carrots and ranch dressing?

HENRY: Well actually, yes.

BARBARA: Oh Henry.

HENRY: I’ll feed them to you.

BARBARA: Fine. Let’s eat..






Paul walks in the empty building.


He makes his way to his office.


PAUL: I hope Katsu gets here soon.


Paul walks into his office and Katsu is sitting there in Paul’s desk in Paul’s chair.


KATSU: I am already here.

PAUL: You don’t disappoint do you?

KATSU: Of course I don’t.  Not when it comes to business.

PAUL: Excellent.

KATSU: So should we start?

PAUL: Yes we should.




Cut to a nervous Marcino pacing in his bedroom.


He calls Greg’s phone, but there is no answer and it goes to his voice mail


MARCINO: I know this is like the fifth time I have called in the past hour, but you need to pick up your phone and talk to me!


Cut to Greg who is in his room.


Greg looks at his phone and sees he has another voice mail from Marcino.


GREG: You had your chance to stop me. I must leave town before Vin finds me!


Greg is packing up a suitcase.


GREG: I’ll use to the money I helped stupidly steal with Vin and Chavo to find a place to go.


Greg takes a deep breath.


He then hears a noise outside of his window…


GREG: Oh god…


He turns towards the window in fear.





Jeremy sits down with Rina and Gus


RINA: So what is it you have to tell us?

JEREMY: I just want you both to know that you will be included in what is coming up.

GUS: Always the vague one.

RINA: Sounds exciting to me.

GUS: Anything mysterious is exciting to you.


JEREMY: I promise much excitement. It is all we have ever wanted, really.

GUS: You know what I want right now?

JEREMY: What is that?

GUS: What you brought in the bag.


Jeremy lifts up a bag he brought and sets it on the table.



RINA: Bloody hell! One of you just open it already!




JJ who is shirtless and in his Pajama bottoms is pounding on Miranda’s door!


JJ: Everything okay in there?! I heard you scream!


Miranda opens up and walks out into the hallway with him.


MIRANDA: JJ, thank you for coming over!

JJ: Well what happened?

MIRANDA: There is a mean and disgusting rat in my kitchen.

JJ: Oh…this is because of a rat?

MIRANDA: Yes. Kill it. Please kill it.


JJ looks inside.


JJ: In your kitchen?

MIRANDA: Yes. I’m not going in there, but you can…



In Barbara’s hotel room:


Henry is feeding Barbara a carrot stick.


HENRY: Aren’t I just a romantic?

BARBARA: Nothing says romance like carrot sticks.

HENRY: Amen.

BARBARA: Thanks for coming back to town, truly.

HENRY: Anything for my little puddin’ pop.


He kisses her cheek.


HENRY: How is BRO by the way?

BARBARA: Off to a good start. I hope you feel more positive about it now?

HENRY: I am trying.

BARBARA: Thank you.


Henry sets down the tray of carrots and ranch dressing on the bottom of the bed.


They then share a kiss






Katsu pulls out a piece of paper from a folder.


KATSU: Here we go. This could be the key to a fortune.

PAUL: It is the key to a fortune.

KATSU: Why yes, that is true.

PAUL: I am glad we were able to connect on this business. I knew I needed the best in faking a document.

KATSU: You came to the best and now you are getting the best.


PAUL: I just hope it works. We need this money. I need this money.

KATSU: Just a little more patience and you will have the money you want.


Katsu looks over the document.


KATSU: I think it is some of my best work.

PAUL: You will get your share of the cut once this goes through.

KATSU: I had no doubts that I would not take my cut. (smirks)




Greg has heard something outside of his window and he is afraid.


GREG: Should I look out…or run. If I run I’ll wake up my bastard father though.


Greg slowly makes his way to the window.


GREG: (Whispers) Don’t be Vin…don’t be Vin…


He pulls his curtain aside and peeks out…


It is just a cat who sees Greg and runs off meowing.


Greg sighs in relief.


Greg’s phone then rings and he jumps!


GREG: God I’m such a freakin’ scaredy cat right now.


It is Marcino calling yet again.


Greg decides to answer this time.


GREG: Hey…

MARCINO: Thank you for finally answering!

GREG: What do you want?

MARCINO: You know what I want. I want you to not go off and run away.

GREG: You had your chance to stop me and I respect that you felt uncomfortable and didn’t want to own up to your feelings but now you have to let me own up to mine.

MARCINO: Where are you running off to then?

GREG:  Don’t know for sure, but I will find somewhere.

MARCINO: Please just stay.

GREG: I am sorry, but I cannot. I am leaving town right now.


Greg hangs up.




Jeremy opens his bag for Rina and Gus.


GUS: You brought the good stuff again didn’t you?

JEREMY: I always do.


Jeremy has busted out a baggie of cocaine!


RINA: Come to mama.


Both Rina and Gus look to be in joy!


RINA: Absolutely posh.

JEREMY: Get to work on it, Gus.


Gus starts to cut it up.


He makes it into three lines.


Jeremy, Rina and Gus all snort their lines…




JJ is in Miranda’s kitchen.


JJ: You can come in now


Miranda is still in the hallway.


MIRANDA: You killed it already?

JJ: No but It is gone.


Miranda reluctantly comes back in.


MIRANDA: But it is still in here somewhere?!

JJ: You need to by some mouse traps.

MIRANDA: How am I going to sleep knowing it is in here still?

JJ: I don’t know but I need to head back to bed as well.

MIRANDA: Okay. Fine. Thank you so much for rushing over here though! So cool of you.


She hugs him.


JJ: It was no problem. I hope the rat doesn’t bother you any longer.




Henry and Barbara are now making out on the bed.


The carrots and ranch dressing tray is still on the bottom of the bed.


Henry’s foot accidently knocks the tray to the ground!



HENRY: I’m sorry Babs.

BARBARA: I hope that dressing doesn’t leave too much of a stain.

HENRY: I am sure the maids will take care of it.

BARBARA: They are going to hate me.

HENRY: They’ll live!


Henry goes back to kissing Barbara..





KATSU: I want to know the answer to something?

PAUL: What is that?

KATSU: Before your father died why did he go to great lengths to hide this money from you or from everyone?

PAUL: Besides the fact that he was a crazed individual?

KATSU: I guess…


PAUL: My father and I had a tumultuous relationship.

KATSU: Sorry to hear.

PAUL: Don’t be. Because I am about to have the last laugh!


Katsu hands Paul the fake document.


Paul looks on at it smiling.




Greg is sneaking around his house in the dark as to not wake anyone up.


He goes into his little brother’s room.


The fourteen year old is sleeping.


GREG: (whispers)  Hang in there little bro. I will be back for you. I promise.


He exits his brothers room and walks past his parents room.


He looks in at his mom and his dad.


GREG: Sorry mom, but I have to leave for now.


He then exits the house and gets to his car.


He puts the suitcase in the backseat


Greg gets inside and starts the car.


GREG: Colorado here I come…




Credits roll




*I do not own any non-original characters nor any pics.






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Recommended Comments

Not a bad episode! Good opener and great finish!


Cocainers: I like where you are bringing this Jeremy story line. It is totally interesting to me. I wonder where he is going. And, throw his friends in the mix LOL! I wonder if they will take over the town. Interesting!!!


Fake Documents: I wonder how all of this is going to go down!!! This is by far insetting more interesting. I wonder if this will all backfire on Paul. Will Katsu turn on him? That will be making for some good drama as the months come up!


Carrots: YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Henry!!!!!!!!!!!! He was in my top five faves for AS THE WORLD TURNS. I loved that the writers paired him and Babs together. I love that you are keeping that going. 


The Rat: I thought this was sooo adorable. Kind of reminded me of how my mom reacts around rats LOL. I think Miranda and JJ are a strong pairing. I wonder where you'll be bringing them in the future.


The Runaway: Oh Greg. He just gets better and better. Good way to throw your other show in there. I wonder if in the long run, Greg will die. He has a MAJOR target on his back. Questions Questions.


I continue to adore this show week after week.


KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Your last two episodes have been very balanced.  Writing Agnes Nixon would love lol  I LAUGHED, (almost CRIED), and now we have to WAIT..

LAUGHS - Henry and Barbara's bedroom.  Carrots and ranch.  They were funny and light hearted..

ALMOST CRIED - Marcino's concern for his soon to be boyfriend is touching, but Greg fears for his life.

WAIT- JJ and Miranda seem to be a couple that you are wanting us to root for, but as long as Eliza is around, they are always gonna have trouble and misunderstandings.  Will they get together?  And Greg is going to UNION CREEK.  Why there?  We are just gonna have to WAIT and see.


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Carrots and ranch as romance Then the ranch spilled on the bed bed. Fukking gross and stinky.


So Greg going to the C -O That will be exciting. 


I was so nervous Vin woulda have beeen waiting for Greg or soemthing.

This was a very sweet episode really. The romance the dirty dealings about BRO. .


Im sorry I dont have much to say. It was still a great episode and all the stories still moved.

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