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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #21: Eliza goes to Barbara for help

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Written by: Nick M.


At the college:


Miranda and JJ see each other in the hallway.


JJ yawns a tad over dramatically.


MIRANDA: Is that your way of saying you are tired?

JJ: I am pretty beat.

MIRANDA: I did not mean to keep you up last night. So sorry about my scream.

JJ: I thought you were under attack.

MIRANDA: I practically was by that rat!


JJ: Did you buy a trap yet?

MIRNADA: Haven’t gotten around to it.

JJ: You better or it might pop back out at you!

MIRANDA: Don’t say that!






Eliza is downing a cup of coffee.


Barbara walks up to her.


BARBARA: Slow down there Eliza

ELIZA: I need all the caffeine I can get.

BARBARA: You didn’t sleep good last night?

ELIZA: Last night? Grandma, I haven’t slept well since I started this job.

BARBARA: Honey, you cannot let this place stress you out.


ELIZA: Not just this place. My dad is a big part of it.

BARBARA: Paul is stressed out himself. We all are.

ELIZA: I just feel like I am always doing a jumbled bad job as my father’s secretary.

BARBARA: It will probably just take time to get the hang of it.

ELIZA: I just need a good pep talk.

BARBARA: I’m not the best coach, but get to those phones and kick some a**!


Eliza laughs




Brittany is with Marcino eating breakfast.


BRITTANY: You barely touched your food.


BRITTANY: Are you not hungry? It is going to get cold.

MARCINO: I am just not in the mood for breakfast.

BRITTANY: You love breakfast, son.

MARCINO: I know. Just not today.


BRITTANY: Something must be wrong.

MARCINO: No. I’m fine.

BRITTANY: But are you sure?

MARCINO: Yes, I am fine!

BRITTANY: Sorry, but I don’t believe you. Something is obviously bothering you.


Marcino huffs and puffs



Steve is pleased when Terrance meets with him.


STEVE: I didn’t think you would actually meet me.

TERRANCE: Of course. We are partners.

STEVE: Well not anymore since I quit the ISA.

TERRANCE: Yeah, but we have come too far to stop working together now.

STEVE: That’s a true bud right there.


They shake hands.


TERRANCE: I plan on seeing this case through.

STEVE: So do I dude.

TERRANCE: What is the next step?


There is a knock at the door.


STEVE: That is the next step right there.


Steve opens the door and it is Hope


HOPE: Hello

STEVE: Come on in. We need your help.


Hope enters.






Barbara is still talking with her granddaughter.


ELIZA: I’m not improving though.

BARBARA: You are totally new to the job.

ELIZA: Totally new to working in general.

BARBARA: Give it time, Eliza! You’ll get the hang of it.

ELIZA: I’m losing hope.


Barbara’s office phone rings.


ELIZA: I bet that’s my dad.


Barbara answers it.


BARBARA: Hello. Yes…okay.


She hangs up.


BARBARA: That was Paul. He wants you at your desk ready to work.

ELIZA: Yay (rolls eyes)

BARBARA: good luck.

ELIZA: We need to have these talks more often.

BARBARA: Whenever, hon.


As Eliza exits Barbara’s office, Henry enters it.


BARBARA: Henry! Didn’t you get enough of me last night?

HENRY: I never get enough of you pudding pop.


Henry kisses her.




At the college:


JJ: So…Miranda…I have a question for you..

MIRANDA: What is it?

JJ: It is a little personal…

MIRANDA: Okaaay…

JJ: So I saw you and that guy that works at the coffee shop looking real chummy.

MIRANDA: Hunter?


JJ: Yeah, him.

MIRANDA: What about him?

JJ: You two dating or something?

MIRANDA: Um, No. We’re just friends getting to know each other.

JJ: Oh…

MIRANDA: Why do you ask?

JJ: Oh because he…just seems like a really good guy and all.

MIRANDA: Yeah he seems to be. So…you saw us? You were watching us?




BRITTANY: Please Marcino, open up to me son…

MARCINO: I wish you would take my word for it that I am fine.

BRITTANY: But you are obviously not.


Marcino takes a big bite of his breakfast.


MARCINO: There. See. I am fine.

BRITTANY: No need to be a smarta**

MARCINO: I just don’t want to talk about it and if you keep nagging me you will be bothering me.


Brittany is becoming frustrated.


BRITTANY: Is this all because School is about to begin?

MARCINO: Sure mom.




HOPE: What is it that you need me to do, Steve?

STEVE: We are going to trap Stefano.



HOPE: How are we going to go about that?


STEVE: First, you must contact Greta. She is this key to this.

HOPE: Okay I will then.

TERRANCE: She is the one that may be Stefanos daughter? Will she help?

HOPE: She has no love loss with Stefano.

TERRANCE: They could be close now.

STEVE: I don’t think so. At least I hope not. Her help will be huge in trapping him.




At the college:


MIRANDA: I find it weird if you were watching me and Hunter.

JJ: Watching is not the right word. It is not like I was staring, I just happened to see you both having fun and thought..those are two good people…having fun…how cute.

MIRADA: Alrighty.

JJ: Sorry if it was a weird personal question.

MIRANDA: It is okay. I should get to class.

JJ: Okay. Good luck.

MIRANDA: I am starting to think all of our encounters are always going to be awkward..


She walks off.


JJ sighs.




Steve gets home and Kayla is there.


KAYLA: Any luck?

STEVE: I hope I am doing the right thing not using the ISAs help.

KAYLA: You will do the right thing.

STEVE: I hope this is not all for nothing. I hope Bo is really still alive and out there somewhere.

KAYLA: We all are hanging on to that.

STEVE: I feel like time is running out either way.


KAYLA: I believe my brother is still alive. Hope does too. You are not doing this for nothing.

STEVE: We’re about the take the next step. It will involve Stefano if all goes right.

KAYLA: You better be careful.

STEVE: You know I will, sweetness.


The two kiss and embrace.




Hope meanwhile makes a phone call.


HOPE: Let this go right.


HOPE: Hello…Greta






Eliza is at her desk hanging up a phone.


ELIZA: That one didn’t go so bad. Maybe Grandmas talk helped.


The phone rings again.


ELIZA: Please god, not another busy day.


She answers.


ELIZA: Hello this is the office of Paul Ryan.


The person on the other line has a deep voice.


“I need to set up a meeting with Paul Ryan.”


ELIZA: His schedule tomorrow is almost wide open. What time can you meet him?


“Perfect. The meeting is not for me. It is a meeting for him to meet with a Todd Manning.”


Eliza writes down Todd Manning onto her note pad.






*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.

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Very light drama in this episode. Can we pump it up?

Eliza is making something out of nothing. BItch answer the phone say hello and be done with that.

I wonder what Hope's plan are regarding Greta. I can't stand Greta.


I thought the scene with JJ and Miranda was odd. I didnt get the point of it. It seems now JJ is interested in her but I thought he had eyes for another chic.

Brittany is a bit pushy.

On to the next one...

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