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Just Paradise #22: Can Bo get loose before Stefano's next step?




Written by: Nick M.


At the high school:


Marcino is in class looking miserable.


He has a flashback:

Just Paradise #19


Greg has kissed Marcinos who is caught off guard


Marcino starts to get into the kiss…but then abruptly pulls away and stands up!


MARCINO: What are you doing, Greg!

GREG: What do you mean what am I doing? Kissing you.


Marcino wipes her mouth


MARCINO: Um…why?

GREG: Because the moment was building to that.

MARCINO: I have no idea what you are talking about.

GREG: This is crazy.

MARCINO: This IS crazy dude! I am not into dudes.

GREG: Uh, yeah you are.

MARCINO: How are you going to tell me what I am into?

GREG: You have been giving me signals for so long now. You know you have. Don’t even try and deny it!


Back in the present Marcino sighs.


MARCINO: I hope you are okay Greg. Wherever you are.


A girl sits down in the desk next to him.


MARCINO: Hey Claire

CLAIRE: What up Marcino? You look upset.

MARCINO: I guess I just don’t want school to be starting already.

CLAIRE: Join the club.

MARCINO: Hopefully I’ll shake off these first day of school nerves…

CLAIRE: I hope you do too.




Paul meanwhile is in his office at BRO and makes a phone call to Katsu


PAUL: Hey I just wanted to see how everything is going.

KATSU: So far, so good.

PAUL: That is nice to hear.

KATSU: I am in the beginning stages of getting this in motion.

PAUL: Sounds good. This will be a big weight off of my shoulders.

KATSU: Glad I can assist you this.

PAUL: Thank you for all of your help.

KATSU: It is no problem, really.


Katsu smirks.




Emily shows up for her first day of work at Mad World.


Lucas is there.


LUCAS: Welcome to your new job.

EMILY: Thank you. The pleasure is all mine. Looking quite forward to being in business mode again.

LUCAS: That ah-girl.

EMILY: So like, do I get my own office?


Lucas chuckles.


LUCAS: You think you are ready to move up to your own office already?

EMILY: I like to think so.

LUCAS: Think again, but maybe someday.

EMILY: I’ll take on that challenge.




Daniel comes in to see Stefano


DANIEL: It is a little dark in here.

STEFANO: Keeps people from looking in.

DANIEL: Good point.

STEFANO: What brings you by?

DANIEL: I come with some good news. Something I think you will be pleased with.

STEFANO: You know how to come through Mr. Jonas.




Paul is lost in thought in his office.


He flashes back to when he was much younger…




PAUL: I thought I had killed my damn father way back then, but that nine lived cat was still alive. Now I am happy his life went on longer, because it let him set up this secret bank account in someone else’s name. Now that he really is dead, I can get my hands on this stash.


Paul lets out a smile.


PAUL: I hope Katsu pulls this off soon. That secret stash is mine.




Cut to Daniel and Stefano


STEFANO: So please, by all means tell me this good news.

DANIEL: I think you know what it is.


Suddenly, Stefano’s phone rings.


He looks and sees that it is a call from Greta.


STEFANO: I have to take this.

DANIEL: Take this too. I have to get back home.


Daniel hands Stefano a little box…


…Elsewhere in the house, Bart meanwhile is putting on a mask.


He heads downstairs with some water for Bo


A weak Bo looks up.


BO: I am thankful for that water. The only reason I have the little energy I have left.

BART: Well drink up. You’re welcome.

BO: You know what else I would be thankful for?

BART: What’s that?

BO: Is if you would let me the hell out of here!




 Billy is at Brittany’s house hanging out.


BRITTANY: You are still not bored here in Paradise, yet?

BILLY: Is this your nice way of telling me I should get a job?

BRITTANY: Maybe… (giggles)


Someone pounds on the door!


BRITTANY: Geez hold your horses!

BILLY: Who the hell is that?

BRITTANY: I don’t know.


Brittany opens the door and it is Greg’s father, Bubba


BUBBA: Where is your son?!

BRITTANY: Uh, at school.

BUBBA: Well where is my son then?

BRITTANY: Your son? Greg? Why would I know?

BUBBA: Greg and your son are like best friends. He ran off somewhere and I am sure your son knows where!

BRITTANY: I doubt he does.


Bubba starts to get increasingly angrier.


BUBBA: Listen here you dumb blonde!

BILLY: Don’t talk to her like that!

BUBBA: I don’t know who you are and I don’t care.


Billy walks up to him and points at him.


BILLY: You need to calm down, sir.

BRITTANY: Yeah you do. We have no idea where your son Greg could be.


Bubba swats Billy’s finger away and walks off


BUBBA (Muttering) Whatever.




At Mad World:


Lucas is giving Emily a tour.


EMILY: You have some nice offices here.

LUCAS: That is why we made the move. Was a perfect fit.

EMILY: I am going to love it here.

LUCAS: I just hope that you can help our advertising.

EMILY: That is the plan. In fact the plan is to do big things here!

LUCAS: Well then what are you doing standing around? Get to work!


Lucas lets off a grin.


EMILY: Ha-ha Very funny.


Meanwhile, Paul is trying to call Emily.


He has called her but it went straight to voicemail.


Paul hangs up.


PAUL: Those old thought reminded me of how much I use to worry about her. Care for her. These days we hardly even talk. Maybe we really are headed for a divorce…




Daniel comes home and he and Jennifer embrace.


JENNIFER: How was work?

DANIEL: It went well. A great success even.

JENNIFER: Nice positivity.

DANIEL: How was your day?

JENNIFER: Could have been better.

DANIEL: What’s wrong?

JENNIFER: I went through some of the boxes I haven’t unpacked yet…saw some old things of… Jacks.



JENNIFER: Sorry. Don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.

DANIEL: Not uncomfortable at all.


Daniel kisses her on the cheek and walks off.


DANIEL: I am famished.


As he walks away, the expression on his face is that of being annoyed…




Masked Bart is still downstairs with Bo.


BART: You know I cannot let you go.

BO: It was worth a shot.


Bart walks back upstairs quickly.


BO: That is okay, because I am somehow going to get out of here.


He guzzles his water and then yanks at his chains.


BO: Getting more loose every day.


He yanks at the chains again.




Stefano is on the phone with Greta


GRETA: I want to come and see you, father.

STEFANO: I don’t think that is a good idea.

GRETA: We have so many years as father and daughter to catch up on.

STEFANO: This is just not a good time, Greta.

GRETA: It will be a short visit.

STEFANO: Fine you can come for a short while.

GRETA: I look forward to it.


GRETA: See you soon, father.


Stefano hands up and is very annoyed.


STEFANO: I hope whatever is in this stupid box will cheer me up!


He opens it and Stefano is pleased.


Bart walks into the room and takes off his mask.


STEFANO: Very good.

BART: What is that?

STEFANO: The drug concoction that Daniel used on Jack Deveraux.


Stefano pulls out a full syringe.


STEFANO: We will now use it on Bo Brady.




Credits roll


*Don’t miss what Greg is up to in Union Creek as well as what bad news is looming for Paul Ryan. Union Creek: Weekly on SON*


*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics


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Ok the drama was better in this one. Lucas and Emily were nice. I do hope she can help out Lucas.


Very nice use of flash back with Paul. Wow

ANd I see you been working on your openings. THey both are nice


Bubba was straight tripping calling Brit a dumb Blonde. Wow. ANd the only thing baby faced BIlly could do was point his finger LMAO!! Now Brittany has some knowledge on what is bothering Marcino.


Paul is going to double cross Katsu. I dont think Katsu looks like a man to double cross.

ANd I want to know what WHack ass Greta is up too and what was in Steffy's box.

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