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Written by: Nick M.


Ben is at his house getting dressed.


Someone is at the door. He walks out of his room and to the front door.


It is Luke


LUKE: Surprised?

BEN: I have to say I am.

LUKE: I know you are the one usually doing the surprising, but I thought I would for once.

BEN: This is a pleasant one.

LUKE: I just wanted to come and say that I really enjoyed your visit last night.

BEN: I had a great time too.

LUKE: But I also wanted to say that well…not to be needy, but I really hope you won’t pull away again like recently.

BEN: I apologized for that.

LUKE: I know, but still…




Elijah is also home.


And he also gets a surprise visit at the door.


It is Eartha!


ELIJAH: I’ll be damned. Look who is showing her face here.

EARTHA: Don’t act too astonished.

ELIJAH: It’s always touch and go with you on if you want to see me or not.

EARTHA: Well right now I do.

ELIJAH: May I ask why?

EARTHA: Because I have been thinking about you a lot lately.


Elijah cannot help, but smile wide when she says this…




Blair is calling Todd


Todd is on his Bluetooth in the car.


TODD: You again Blair?

BLAIR: Don’t sound so angry about it.

TODD: I am not angry, but you are getting bothersome.

BLAIR: I just want to make sure you get to New Mexico okay.

TODD: Your concern is cute and all, but I will be fine.

BLAIR: Just text me when you get to Paradise.

TODD: I will.

BLAIR: Thank you. I love you.

TODD: I love you too.


Blair hangs up.


She then grabs the file that she has with info on Reva Shayne.


BLAIR: Guess I will read more info on Reva Beast.


She smirks as she goes back to reading the file…




James Stenbeck is with Gary


GARY: I’m nervous.

JAMES: Why the hell are you nervous?

GARY: We need Todd Manning to be successful on this.

JAMES: Yes I do need him to be successful.

GARY: Are you not nervous?

JAMES: I’ve lived through so much, my nerves are shot.


GARY: Well this plan has not been smooth sailing but it has reached this important point.

JAMES: My son Paul will not get away trying to take money that belongs to me.

GARY: I sometimes wonder about your relationship with your family.

JAMES: Don’t. That money is rightfully mine, not Paul’s. He thinks he is getting the last laugh, but I always do.




Holden Snyder is at the City Hall.


He is starting his new job.


Holden is surprised to see a door with his name on it.


HOLDEN: My own office even. Pretty fancy.


He opens the door and walks inside.


HOLDEN: And it looks like plenty of work already too.


He walks to his desk where there is a stack of papers.


HOLDEN: This is quite a load.


He picks some of them up and glances over them.


Just then Mayor Woods walks in.


MAYOR WOODS: Welcome to day 1.

HOLDEN: Thank you sir.

MAYOR WOODS: I hope you will find your office very accommodating.

HOLDEN: I do. Thank you.

MAYOR WOODS: You have a lot of numbers to crunch for this city.

HOLDEN: (Glances back at his desk) I see that.




Cut to Ben and Luke


BEN: Let me apologize again.

LUKE: You don’t have to. I was half joking.

BEN: No, I am sorry I got distant and kind of rude. I have been preparing for a ski trip in the future.

LUKE: Back to the slopes?

BEN: Yes. Going to be fun. Maybe you can tag along. It is where we met after all.

LUKE: I would happily go if I can get the time off.

BEN: Hey, how about I make things up to you by taking you out to breakfast?

LUKE: I am not going to turn that down.




Eartha is With Elijah.


ELIJAH: So…you have been thinking about me huh?

EARTHA: First off you can wipe that sh*t eating grin off of your face.

ELIJAH: That was subconscious.

EARTHA: But yes I have…I…I miss you. I wish we could just be closer. Like way back in our youth.

ELIJAH: You know I have wanted that for a long time now. To be closer to you…

EARTHA: We can be great friends.

ELIJAH: Then what is stopping us from being closer friends? You have been back in Union Creek for damn near fifteen years now.


EARTHA: Frankly because I am afraid.

ELIJAH: Afraid of me? I am a cop now, not an almost gangster like when we dated.

EARTHA: I am not afraid of you. I am afraid of those intense feeling we use to have for each other. I am afraid of them coming back.


Elijah grabs her hand and that causes her to react nervously.


EARTHA: I am running late for work. I should go.


She pulls her hand away.


ELIJAH: No wait. We were actually getting somewhere.

EARTHA: Sorry, but I have to go.




JAMES: I need to put an end to whatever plans Paul and Barbara have.

GARY: They reopened their company.

JAMES: Yes I know. Using some of my money! They always think they know what they are doing…


James has a flashback:




GARY: What are you thinking about, boss?

JAMES: Just how stupid the people I’ve called my family can be. All of my sons and their mothers have different ticks. My youngest…I am sure his mother Christy will keep him in line for now. However Paul and Barbara never know what is good for them. I have tried to love my family, but I always have to stay one step ahead of them, because I am the one that know what is good for them.

GARY: I am sure you do.

JAMES: And don’t worry, Gary. When I put a stop to Paul’s theft, you and I can continue what we started when we came here to Union Creek in the first place…




Blair is sipping on a glass of wine.


BLAIR: This is quite the read on Reva beast.


She is giggling with some glee.


BLAIR: Reva was Amish for many years?


She cracks up laughing.


BLAIR: And treated like royalty on some island? What were they smoking? Must have been good!


She laughs again and finishes off her wine.


BLAIR: Reva Shayne sounds nuts. I think I can use that to my advantage.


She smiles…




Eartha is now at the hospital arriving for work.


Morris approaches her and pulls her aside into an empty hospital room.


MORRIS: So my dear…why did you take the morning off?


Morris eyes her suspiciously.


EARTHA: I just needed more rest.

MORRIS: More rest?


MORRIS: So you are saying you stayed in bed late?


MORRIS: That’s funny, because even though we may have separate rooms now….I know you were not home this morning before I left.


EARTHA: Oh at that time I must have been out clearing my head.

MORRIS: Changing your story already?

EARTHA: What is this 3rd degree all about?

MORRIS: What were you clearing from your head?

EARTHA: It is none of your business!

MORRIS: I am your husband, of course it is my business.

EARTHA: Starting to become husband in name only…


Eartha walks out leaving Morris alone in the empty room.


He shakes his head.




Holden is in his office.


HOLDEN: This town has a mess going on with their budget.


He seems to be getting frustrated.


HOLDEN: I think I have been hosed into this job.


He is going over the paperwork trying to crunch some numbers.


HOLDEN: Man where are we going to start to get this budget back on track?




Luke and Ben are at breakfast.


They are having fun as Luke is laughing about something.


LUKE: You are shady with that waitress.

BEN: Sorry, but her limp is cracking me up!


Ben’s phone rings.


Ben pulls it out.


BEN: Sorry but I do have to take this.


It is Gary on the other line.


BEN: How can I help you?

GARY: Actually we won’t need your help any longer.

BEN: What do you mean?

GARY: We have completed our task which means you have completed yours. Your service of keeping Luke distracted is no longer needed and you have received your last check for it. Whatever you do now is up to you.


Ben looks across the table at Luke who smiles back at him…






*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics. 




Written by Nick M.


Luke is at his place typing up a story on his laptop.


He has a visitor at the door. It is Ben


BEN: Surprised to see me?

LUKE: Yes I am actually.

BEN: I know I have been a bit busy and distant the last few days.

LUKE: Yes and you kind of blew me off today.

BEN: I didn’t blow you off. I was busy.

LUKE: I know. I know.


BEN: I’m sorry if I seemed to brush you off.

LUKE: It is alright, really.

BEN: Alright enough for you to invite me in?

LUKE: Of course. Come on in.


Ben enters.




At the Manning house:


Blair walks up to Todd


BLAIR: Something is bothering you. What’s up Todd?

TODD: You look a little nervous yourself.

BLAIR: Yeah, because Sam is out very late.

TODD: I’m sure he is at his new friend’s house.

BLAIR: Zack?

TODD: Yeah, the goofy looking kid.

BLAIR: I should call his mom and find out.

TODD: You are going to call his mom this late and probably wake her up?


BLAIR: I guess I shouldn’t.

TODD: He’s fine. He knows how to take care of himself.

BLAIR: Now can we talk about what has you bothered.

TODD: I just have to go out of town for a story.

BLAIR: What story?

TODD: I don’t want to get into that right now.

BLAIR: Where are you going?

TODD: To Paradise, New Mexico.

BLAIR: A wild city. Can’t you send someone who works under you?

TODD: Not for this story.


Blair looks at him suspiciously.




Danielle and Malik are making out and Danielle’s couch.


He starts to run his fingers through her hair as they are kissing lustfully.


However there is a knock at the door.


DANI: Oh not now.


They have to stop making out.


MALIK: Who could that be so late?


Dani gets up and looks through the peek hole.


DANI: My mother.

MALIK: Oh wow.


Malik shoots up off the couch.


Danielle tries to fix her hair before opening the door.


Tea walks in.


TEA: I saw the lights on so I knew you were still up, Danielle.

DANI: Yes, I am..


Tea then spots Malik before looking back at Danielle.


TEA: Oh…I didn’t interrupt something did I?


Malik smiles while Dani is miffed.




Meanwhile at the big teen bash:


Greg and Dee arrive at the party.


They walk inside the house.


GREG: This is one big party.

DEE: Yes. The more the merrier.

GREG: If you say so.


Greg is clearly nervous to be there.


DEE: Let’s mingle so you can meet people here in Union Creek.




Zack is dancing with Anne


Cory is looking around for her.


Cory sees Anne and Zack dancing together and does not look happy.


CORY: What the hell is this?!


Anne stops dancing which causes Zack to stop dancing.


ANNE: Hey Cory, Something wrong?

CORY: Yeah who is this twerp?


Cory puts his hand on Zacks shoulder.


ZACK: Don’t touch me!


Zack slaps his arm away!




Outside of the party:


Sam is with Trinity


SAM: It is nice out here.

TRINITY: It is and the sky is beautiful tonight with a nice summer breeze.

SAM: True. Not the only thing that is beautiful out here though.


Trinity is taken off guard by that comment.


SAM: Sorry that just kind of came out.

TRINITY: Don’t apologize. Thanks for the compliment…


Both are smiling and looking into the others eyes.


Sam and Trinity start to lean in for a kiss…


They close their eyes as their pair of lips are about to touch…


However right before they kiss they hear rowdiness and shouting from inside!


This causes them both to open their eyes and turn to look towards inside.


TRINITY: What is going on inside?


They hear a voice shouting “I said don’t touch me dammit!”


SAM: Oh lord that’s Zack. What is he up to now?


Sam rushes inside and Trinity follows…




BLAIR: I wish you would just tell me what story is so important that the owner of the newspaper has to travel out of time.

TODD: Such is the life of a journalist….anyway, did you like the research I did on Reva Shayne?

BLAIR: I have only been able to go over some of it, but thank you.

TODD: I found a nice source.

BLAIR: I can see that. I hope I can find something to use against her to get her off of my back.

TODD: Just don’t do anything stupid.

BLAIR: I won’t.


TODD: I know you didn’t run over her and I do not like how she keeps coming at you. So that is why I dug up all of this info.

BLAIR: I’ll take care of Reva Beast.

TODD: Good to hear.


Blair picks up the folder with all the info on Reva and smirks.




At Danielle’s place:


TEA: I really am sorry if I interrupted something!

DANI: It is fine mom. I just was not expecting you. Especially this late.

TEA: I was going to get a hotel, but I decided to see if you were still awake first.

DANI: Well let me introduce you to my coworker, Malik.


MALIK: Hello Mam.


They shake hands.


TEA: Ah you are her co worke?. A model too I take it?

DANI: Can’t you tell?

TEA: I can.

MALIK: Trying to make me blush doesn’t always work but I can feel my cheeks burnin’.


DANI: What brings you to town tho, mom?

TEA: Well your father—

DANI: --We do not refer to him as my father in this house, remember?

TEA: Todd… needs my help.

DANI: Of course.

TEA: But I was thinking that maybe I’ll actually be staying in town.





At Luke’s:


BEN: I am sorry to distract you from your work there on your laptop. I guess that kind of makes me a hypocrite being too busy earlier.

LUKE: It is okay. I can finish writing it tomorrow. I am happy to see you and get to hang out with you.

BEN: It was a rough few days without you.

LUKE: That feeling is mutual. I was just going to pour myself another glass of wine. Want one?

BEN: Would love one.




Sam has ran inside the party house to see Zack and Cory getting into each other’s face.


ANNE: Is this really necessary?


Rourke and Jasper get in-between Cory and Zack.


ROURKE: That is enough Zack.

ZACK: Shut up bro, this Neanderthal started it.

CORY: He doesn’t want a piece of me.

JASPER: You need to stop. This is meant to be a fun party.


Sam walks up to Zack.


SAM: Come on let’s walk this off.

ZACK: Fine.


Sam pulls Zack away.


Anne doesn’t know how to take what just happened.


CORY: Sorry, Anne.

ANNE: Yeah, whatever.


Anne walks off.


ANNE: I am so embarrassed.


Mandy hears her say that and rolls her eyes.




Cut to Greg and Dee in another part of the house.


GREG: I think maybe I should leave and try and find a cheap motel or something.

DEE: No come on, stay!

GREG: This is the kind of scene I left my hometown to get away from.

DEE: Those two guys were just being dumb. Fighting over a girl.

GREG: I wish some people showed more fight towards those they want…


DEE: Take a shot with me.


She pours herself a shot and downs it.


DEE: Ah gotta love tequila.


She pours another shot and hands it to Greg.


GREG: No thanks.


He sets it down.


DEE: Fine more for me then.


She downs that shot too.




Back to Zack and Sam.


ZACK: I need to go find Anne.

SAM: I don’t think that is such a good idea right now.

ZACK: Yeah it is.


Zack walks off to Anne across the room.


ZACK: I’m sorry our fun got interrupted.

ANNE: Me too. I think I am just going to go.

ZACK: No please, don’t.

ANNE: It’s for the best. This party seems to be winding down anyway. See you in school.


She exits.


Zack is upset.


He and Cory turn towards each other across the room and exchange glares…




At Dani’s apartment:


MALIK: I should head home, but thank you Dani for a good time tonight.

DANI: Thank you for chillin with me. We’ll have to do it again.

MALIK: Definitely.


Malik exits.


Tea gives Dani a smile…


DANI: What mom?

TEA: I am so sorry for interrupting you two.

DANI: You didn’t interrupt anything.

TEA: Oh Danielle, we both know that I did!


Dani breaks a smile



Cut to Ben finishing up his glass of wine.


Luke is rubbing Ben’s shoulders.


LUKE: You are very tense you know.

BEN: It’s from being so active with skiing and all probably.

LUKE: I think I can work all those kinks out.

BEN: I am just a tense individual too, but I know that you help for sure.

LUKE: And you are a tense individual for sure.


Luke continues to massage him.


Ben looks up at Luke and they kiss.




At the party:

ROURKE: I know just how to calm everyone down here!


He pulls out his bag of weed!


JASPER: That just might work.

MANDY: I am down for some more.

ROURKE: Where is my brother? He is the one that can use a hit.

JASPER: I don’t know where he went.


…Dee is now drunk as she takes yet another shot.


GREG: You love that stuff a little too much.

DEE: (slurring) It’s tha be-best.

GREG: I think I better take you home.

DEE: You’ll have to sneak me in, but hey I’ll sneak you in my basement. There is a room down there you can stay in.

GREG: Really?

DEE: Yeah.

GREG: That would be cool.


They start to walk off, but Dee almost falls over so Greg has to help her walk.


…Sam and Trinity are sitting together again.


Camella is giving them both side eyes.


TRINITY: Can we leave yet?

CAMELLA: I think we probably should.

SAM: I don’t know if I should leave Zack but hopefully his step brother or Jasper will make sure he is still not upset.

CAMELLA: I don’t know why I come to white parties with ya’ll always actin’ a fool.

TRINITY: Oh stop.

CAMELLA: Can I get a ride home too?

SAM: Sure.


The three exit.




Meanwhile, an upset Zack is behind the house.


He downs a beer.


ZACK: Dammit! I am so tired of all of my plans getting ruined.


He sighs.


ZACK: It was going so well and fun before Cory had to ruin it. Damn, damn, damn.


He throws his bottle against the wall in anger shattering it.


Zack stares on upset…




Credits roll




*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures.



Written by: Nick M


Greg has arrived in Union Creek Colorado after running away from Paradise New Mexico.


He has parked his car near a creek. There are a group of young people sitting near the creek hanging out.


GREG: I don’t know if this place is far enough away from Paradise, but I don’t have enough cash to drive away too far.


He gets out of the car and looks around.


He flashes back

[Just Paradise #17]


Outside, Greg is about to get in the car with Chavo but hears Ali scream.


He hears Ali say “No! Please!”


Greg turns around and goes to the house.


He looks inside to see Vin about to hit Ali.


He has a flash of his dad and then has a flash of his mom with a black eye.


GREG: Dammit Vin!


Greg rushes inside.


GREG: Don’t!

VIN: This doesn’t concern you, Greg!

GREG: Oh yes it does.


Greg goes at Vin and with all his might punches him square in the jaw knocking Vin out cold!!


Vin hits the ground.


Back in the present:


GREG: If Vin finds me that wannabe hardcore gangster will want to kill me. …but where am I going to stay? I guess I can just sleep in my car tonight.


All of a sudden someone taps him on the shoulder from behind.


A stark look of fear flushes Greg’s face…




Malik is at Danielle’s place.


MALIK: You have a nice place.

DANI: Thank you.

MALIK: Thank you for inviting me over.

DANI: Well you know, just wanted to get to know my coworker better.

MALIK: We probably should keep getting to know each other. Will make the photo shoots we do together that much better.

DANI: So true. Want anything to drink?


MALIK: Just a glass of water will be fine.

DANI: Coming right up.


Danielle pours two glasses of water and then hands one to Malik and sits next to him.


DANI: So go ahead. Tell me all about yourself.

MALIK: Putting me on the spot I see…




Trinity and Sam arrive together at the big teen end of summer bash going on at Zack’s friend Jaspers house.


TRINITY: I don’t like being around this many people.

SAM: You’re around this many people at school.

TRINITY: Yeah and they are annoying enough there. Here they will probably be on drugs and alcohol and ten times more annoying.

SAM: We can always join them with the drugs and alcohol.

TRINITY: No thank you.


Trinity feels a little relieved when she sees that Camella is also there.


TRINITY:  Thank god for a familiar face.

CAMELLA: Hey girl!


Camella and Trinity hug.


CAMELLA: You came with Sam?

SAM: Yes. Yes she did.


Camella gives Sam a bit of a dirty look.


SAM: We are neighbors you know. It is natural to come together.

CAMELLA: Must be nice. I just have to drag her to these parties it seems.

TRINITY: Can I drag you all to find somewhere to sit.


The three start to try and get through the large group of people.


Elsewhere at the party:


Mandy and Zack are chatting.


MANDY: I hear you helped throw this party with Jasper?

ZACK: Yes I did. Not surprised that you found out that bit of information.

MANDY: I find out everything going on with my peers.

ZACK: Because you are always yappin!

MANDY: Yes I know that’s why they call me motor mouth. You really enjoy calling me that don’t you.

ZACK: It fits so well.


Zack becomes completely distracted as Anne arrives at the party.


MANDY: We should go dance like last time.


Mandy takes notice of him being distracted.


MANDY: Here we go. Earth to Zack.


Mandy rolls her eyes.


Zack turns back to look at Mandy.


ZACK: Sorry. What?

MANDY: Nothing.




Todd and Gary are in the abandoned warehouse.


Suddenly the person from the other room walk inside this room!


The person stands in the shadows of the room.


TODD: Now what is this?!


The person speaks with a deep voice: “Find him. And if you see his mother Barbara…tell her hello for me…”


Todd looks on towards the person in the shadows…


TODD: Who even are you trying to be all mysterious over there?


Out from the shadows walks James Stenbeck!! 


JAMES: That isn’t important.

TODD: I happen to think it is very important. Gary what games are you playing>

GARY: This is the old owner of the paper. The one that needs the document.

TODD: Why is this document so important?

JAMES: It’s all about the money. It seems likes you of all people can appreciate that.

TODD: Okay duly noted on that. So this Paul Ryan is involved with your money?


JAMES: You see, Paul and I go way back. Back to his birth you can say. He has somehow found out about my secret stash of money and is now trying to steal it all for himself.

TODD: Can’t you all, you know, call the freakin’ police?

JAMES: It is not that simple.

TODD: I can tell it’s not simple if it involves the ISA and it sure must not be that simple to involve the new owner of the newspaper yours truly.

JAMES: You are more than just the owner of the newspaper. I know all about you.


TODD: I don’t like this Gary. This may cost you your job!

JAMES: All I need is for you to find the document that Paul is going to use. So get it done.

TODD: I do not take demands well, mister wannabe mystery.

JAMES: Well get used to it!


James glares at Todd.




A young girl (Dee) is the one that tapped on Greg shoulder.


DEE: I didn’t mean to scare you.

GREG: You, you didn’t.

DEE: Oh, well I am Dee by the way.

GREG: Hi I’m Greg.

DEE: It seems like my friends ditched me. I went to go pee in the woods and now they are gone.

GREG: Pee in the woods?


Greg can’t help but laugh


DEE: I know that is probably kind of gross, but—

GREG: --no I just already like how this place seems way more free than where I am from.

DEE: Oh well cool, but I was going to ask a favor…if you could give me a ride to a party that is going on.

GREG: Oh. I don’t know if I can I just want to find a place to stay for the night.




Cut to Malik and Danielle


MALIK: I don’t know if there is much to say about me. I was raised by doctors, but now not going to college myself. Aren’t I great?

DANI: We all must do our own thing. So both of your parents are doctors? Sweet.

MALIK: Yeah they are. It is not as great as it sounds.

DANI: I don’t know it sounds pretty great to me.

MALIK: They’re good doctors and love their jobs…if they still love each other is a whole different question though.


DANI: Oh. Sorry to hear that. Beats my parents. My mom is a lawyer and my dad is a professional d*uchebag.


DANI: It’s true.

MALIK: Tell me more about yourself.

DANI: I think all there is to know about me right now is that I so want to do this…


Danielle kisses Malik!




At the party:


Zack and Mandy walk up to Rourke


ZACK: Hey I wanted to introduce you two.


Zack looks around to see where Anne went.



ZACK: Yes, Rourke this is Mandy. Mandy this is my step brother.

MANDY: Didn’t even know you had one. Guess I don’t know everything.

ROURKE: I use to go to a different school until now.

ZACK: Excuse me I have to find…Jasper.


Zack walks off.


MANDY: You know your brother has issues.

ROURKE: You’re telling me.


Zack is looking around.


ZACK: I have to get to Anne before Cory does.


Zack spots Anne and walks to her.


ZACK: Anne!

ANNE: Hey Zack.

ZACK: So glad you could make it to our party!

ANNE: I love it. This is a big one.


Zack smiles


…Sam meanwhile is at one of the coolers getting a beer.


JASPER: Enjoying the party Sam?

SAM: Trying to.

JASPER: I saw who you arrived with.

SAM: Yeah…and…

JASPER: I hope you are not with her…you know?

SAM: No… I don’t know what you mean actually.

JASPER: Forget it.


Sam gives him a questioning look as Jasper walks off.


…Rourke pulls out bowl of weed that he is smoking.


ROURKE: It’s pretty much done but do you want a hit?

MANDY: I think that is just what I need.


Mandy smokes some of it and coughs.


Rourke throws the resin into the trash.


MANDY: That all you have?

ROURKE: I have more, but I think we should hit the dance floor first.

MANDY: I would love to.


Rourke grabs her hand and they go and dance.


…Sam heads back to where Trinity and Camella are sitting with his beer.


Camella is also drinking a beer.


SAM: Are you sure you don’t want one Trinity?

TRINITY: Maybe if it was just us three I would drink.

CAMELLA: You look miserable.

TRINITY: I am not.

SAM: You are not having fun at all.

TRINITY: I think I just need to go outside for some air.


She gets up and heads outside.


Sam gets up and follows her out as Camella shakes her head.


SAM: I don’t think you should be outside here alone.


Trinity smiles



Cut to Todd, Gary and James


JAMES: I am not trying to get bossy with you.

TODD: Yeah you are.

JAMES: It just comes natural to me.

TODD: I get it. Some of us are natural leaders. Others are Gary.

GARY: I am the best kind of help.

JAMES: He is good help. Don’t take him for granted at the paper. Now can we focus on Todd going to Paradise and finding Paul?


TODD: And when I find him?

JAMES: Bring him to me.

GARY: But don’t let him know why you want him here. Make it seem like something for the paper.

JAMES: Honestly, I don’t care how you get him here. Just get him here and soon!

TODD: I am only doing this for my next cut of money.

JAMES: Gary, write him the damn check.


Todd gives James a fake smile.


TODD: Thank you.




“Lean on” by Major Lazer and DJ Snake starts to play




[:01] At the party, Mandy and Rourke have hit it off as they are dancing it up together. Rourke is clearly high but Mandy is enjoying his sway as she is up on him.


[:11] Zack is with Anne.


ZACK: I am just happy you made it. You know last time we were at that party together, I had so much fun dancing with you.

ANNE: It was a good time.

ZACK: I know you just got here, but now is the time to go have some fun again.

ANNE: That is why I am here, to have fun. Let’s go.


Zack and Anne make their way out to dance.


Right next to Rourke and Mandy which Mandy does not seem too pleased about and throws her out of her groove with Rourke.


Cory meanwhile is looking around.


CORY: Anne should be here by now…


[:40] Cut to Dani and Malik kissing at Danielle’s place


MALIK: Wow! That was some unexpected greatness.

DANI: I know you wanted it too. I just beat you to it.

MALIK: I’m not complaining about that.

DANI: Should we be doing this as co workers though?

MALIK: I don’t see why not.


Malik kisses her.


The two fall back onto the couch and start to make out intensely.


[:59] Cut to Greg and Dee


DEE: Please give me a ride to this party.

GREG: You look my age! What kind of party is this?

DEE: This big blow out end of summer party. You should come too. You may like it and make some friends in a new town.

GREG: I would like to do that. I also need to find a place to stay though.

DEE: I am sure I can help find you a place to crash after. So what do you say?

GREG: Sure why not.

DEE: awesome this will be a fun party I promise!


Greg doesn’t seem too convinced but they get into the car and Greg drives off…


[1:30] Outside of the party…


Sam is with Trinity


TRINITY: I don’t mean to be a killjoy. I really don’t.

SAM: Don’t worry about it. I know this isn’t your kind of thing.

TRINITY: It is not.

SAM: Besides, it is nice out here.

TRINITY: It is and the sky is beautiful tonight with a nice summer breeze.

SAM: True. Not the only thing that is beautiful though.


Trinity is taken off guard by that comment.


SAM: Sorry that just kind of came out.

TRINITY: Don’t apologize. Thanks for the compliment…


Both are smiling and looking into the others eyes.


Sam and Trinity start to lean in for a kiss…


[1:57] Back inside the party to all the teens drinking and dancing.


Rourke and Mandy are still dancing and so are Zack and Anne.


Zack leans in on Anne’s ear


ZACK: We have some great dancing chemistry if I do say so myself.

ANNE: We do. I agree.


Anne starts to grind on Zack.


Meanwhile Cory has made his way closer to the two.


Cory sees Anne and Zack dancing together and does not look happy.


[2:20] Cut to Todd arriving home.


He looks a bit stressed out. Blair greets him with a hug.


BLAIR: Everything alright?

TODD: Yeah I am fine.

BLAIR: Are you sure? I can tell something is wrong.

TODD: It’s fine. Just work stuff.


Todd makes his way to their room.


He takes out the picture of Paul Ryan and looks at it.


TODD: Looks like you are the prey man. Time to find you…




Credits roll




*This show tapes many years in advance much like NBCs days of our lives so that is how the late great Anthony Herrera can grace us with his presence. ;)


*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics




Written by: Nick M



At the café:


Zack walks in to see Sam and Trinity there sitting together.


ZACK: Are you two still writing for the paper?

SAM: Nah, we finished our last article already. We are having a celebratory hot cocoa.

ZACK: Hot cocoa? Woah now! Don’t go too hardcore.

TRINITY: Hot cocoa is the sh*t.

ZACK: The summer flew by. Feels like it just started.

SAM: That is so true.


ZACK: You know I am trying to get the summer to go out with a bang though.

TRINITY: How so?

SAM: He wants to have this huge end of the summer bash.

ZACK: Yes sir! Tonight! And I hope you two will be coming to it.

TRINITY: A little late on the invite.

SAM: You have other plans?

TRINITY: Nah. I just don’t want to go truthfully.

ZACK: Oh come on don’t be boring!

TRINITY: I am far from boring. Trust.


SAM: I’ll go if Trinity goes.

TRINITY: Don’t put all this pressure on me, Sam.

ZACK: I’ll give puppy dog eyes if I have to.


Zack gives his best go at puppy dog eyes.


TRINITY: Oh please stop. I will go if you stop. You look like you are about to burst into a seizure.

SAM: Looks like I have a party to get ready for..



Marah arrives at her parents ranch.


Reva is there.


REVA: Hey sweetie.

MARAH: Mom. I heard what happened! Thank god you are okay.

REVA: Yeah she really wanted to mow me down.

MARAH: Dad said that you think it is Lily’s neighbor Blair Manning?

REVA: I believe so.

MARAH: That is crazy if true. I hope the cops will handle this.

REVA: I hope they will as well. I’ve told them that it was her.


MARAH: And your ribs are doing okay?

REVA: These old bones of mine are sore, but I’ll be fine. I’ve been through much worse.

MARAH: That you have.




Blair meanwhile is arriving home.


BLAIR: I swear life in this town is turning into a hassle.


She closes the door in a huff.


BLAIR: And Todd is always at work. Never here when I need some comfort.


She goes through some mail that is on the table. There is also a file that is on the table.


BLAIR: He even left some of his work here at home. I just hope he helps me take down Reva Beast. I know she is trying to set me up for this alleged hit and run. What a psycho!


Blair walks into a different room in a huff.


Zoom in on the file on the table. On the file, it reads: Reva Shayne



At the Union Creek Chronicle:


Todd and Gary are with Luke and Jack


TODD: I have a special assignment for you two


He points to Luke and Jack.


JACK: My first assignment. I have to say I am excited…but nervous too.

GARY: Luke here is one of the best we have. He will help you out.

LUKE: I hope it is something juicy. I am sick of the fluff pieces.

TODD: I need you both to look into the almost hit and run on Reva Shayne that was in the police blotter. I know my wife had nothing to do with it so I want her off the hook.


JACK: Now I am more nervous.

LUKE: Why is that?

JACK: I’ll tell you later.

GARY: Help our boss man out.

LUKE: We will try.

TODD: Good.


Jack and Luke walk off.


TODD: So can we talk about this info I found out about? I want to know exactly what is up!!

GARY: Then come with me.

TODD: Come with you where? You know I can’t say I trust you.

GARY: This isn’t stranger danger. We have to go now. I know more info too. It is all about to come out…


Todd looks on intrigued…





At the Café:


TRINITY: I should go and get ready for this party.

SAM: You really do look fine the way you are now.

TRINITY: But still.

ZACK: This is perfect. I will see you there then.

SAM: At Jaspers house?

ZACK: Yup.

TRINITY: Where is that?

SAM: I’ll give you a ride there.



Zack gets a call from Jasper


ZACK: Hey man! Are you pumped for this party or what? I know I am.

JASPER: Of course I am bro. Got the house to myself and everything is set up.

ZACK: Great. I knew you would come through.

JASPER: Let’s get this party started!

ZACK: I’ll be right over!




At the Union Creek Chronicle:


Jack and Luke are working together.


LUKE: Why are you nervous about looking into this hit and run?

JACK: Well you see, this Reva Shayne that was almost hit by the car…I kinda sorta live with her and her husband.

LUKE: Oh…wow, but that’s great. You have an inside scoop.

JACK: Yeah, but she is so convinced that Todd’s wife was driving the car. I do not want to cause ruffles with her.

LUKE: The job of a journalist is never easy in that regard these days.


JACK: She has been so nice to meet.

LUKE: I understand. You know, this isn’t much of a story they have gave us. They have been giving me these long drawn out stories all summer. I don’t get it.

JACK: That sucks. I will take the fluff. I need the practice…or re-practice..

LUKE: I can’t shake the feeling that Gary and Todd are up to something I mean where did they leave to in a hurry?

JACK: I have no idea.




Gary has taken Todd to what seems like an abandoned building of some kind.


TODD: And we came here because why?

GARY: It is a safe place to meet.

TODD: Safe place? Are we in danger that I don’t know about? What the hell are you dragging me into?


Pan up to the ceiling of the room.


There is a camera watching them…


TODD: Look I read your info and the ISA is involved in this somehow. They deal with high profile criminals. 

GARY: I have no idea why they would want this document.

TODD: I don’t know if I believe that…but you said you found some new info. What is it?

GARY: It is big.

TODD: Just spit it out!

GARY: I believe I have located the document.


TODD: You know where it is? How?

GARY: My source—

TODD: --What source?

GARY: I have good sources and they have found out who may have this document and where the person who has this document lives.

TODD: Okay who and where?

GARY: The where is Paradise, New Mexico. The who, is the man in this picture.


Gary hands Todd a picture…




Zack is at Jaspers house for the party.


ZACK: How did you get so much booze?

JASPER: My older cousin came through!

ZACK: This is epic. I am so excited for the first time all summer.

JASPER: You needed this didn’t you?

ZACK: What I need is for this night to play out in my favor.


Zacks happiness fades away


ZACK: And this is not a good start.


His step brother Rourke walks in.


ZACK: What are you doing here?

ROURKE: It is a party. You know I love parties.

ZACK: Just don’t be annoying.

ROURKE: No, no. I leave that to you.


Rourke smirks and walks off.


Zack then sees Cory arriving outside.


ZACK: Who invited these damn people?


Zack takes a deep breath and looks at his watch.


ZACK: It is okay. It will all be right when Anne shows up. I will make it work tonight.




Cut to Reva and Marah


MARAH: I hope you will be safe.

REVA: I can take care of myself, you know that.

MARAH: Where is dad? And… Jack?

REVA: Your dad is being a gentlemen and doing some grocery shopping and Jack got a job at the Union Creek Chronicle.

MARAH: I am not leaving then. I don’t think you should be alone right now.

REVA: I promise you do not have to worry about me.


MARAH: What if someone is after you, mom?

REVA: Someone is after me, but I can handle her.

MARAH: Blair Manning?

REVA: Yes. She is crazy. I know it was her who did this and I hope the cops are able to prove it.




Blair finally sees that the file on the table has Revas name on it.


BLAIR: What do we have here?


Reva opens the file.


BLAIR: Todd dug up some background info on Reva.


Blair smiles


BLAIR: He came through.


She starts to go through the file and is very fascinated…




Meanwhile, someone is watching Todd and Gary on camera from the abandoned building…


But turns out the building is not so abandoned. The person is in the room next to the one Todd and Gary are in!


The person walks towards the door and peeks in at the two.


Gary has handed Todd a picture


A picture of Paul Ryan.


TODD: So this is the man with the document?

GARY: I believe so. His name is Paul Ryan. He is who you need to find?

TODD: Who I need to find?

GARY: Yes you need to go to Paradise New Mexico and find him.

TODD: This all feels too strange. Am I being set up?

GARY: Nope you are helping the old boss of the chronicle get back what is his.

TODD: This document?

GARY: That is a part of it, yes.


TODD: No. I don’t trust you right now. I’m not doing it.

GARY: Just find that man! Find Paul Ryan.

TODD: What is in it for me?

GARY: A nice fat check.

TODD: Well this can be arranged then…


Suddenly the person from the other room walk inside this room!


The person stands in the shadows of the room.


TODD: Now what is this?!


The person speaks with a deep voice: “Find him. And if you see his mother Barbara…tell her hello for me…”


Todd looks on towards the person in the shadows…





Credits roll


*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.




Written by: Nick M


Zack and Sam are hanging out together.


Zack seems excited about something.


SAM: Why are you so giddy today? Did you kiss Anne or something?

ZACK: Not yet, but that may be in the plans.

SAM: Oh yeah? And how are you going to manage that?

ZACK: My friend Jasper and I have a plan?

SAM: The Jasper from school?

ZACK: Yeah.


SAM: I met him a few times. Seemed like a prick.

ZACK: Jasper is cool. We are planning an end of the summer blow out party!

SAM: That should be wild.

ZACK: That is the plan, Sam.

SAM: I hope you know what you are getting into..




Malik is outdoors with a big beautiful mountain in the back ground.


MALIK: These are going to be beautiful.


A photographer is setting up.


Lily and Marah arrive.


LILY: You picked a great spot for these.

MARAH: I wanted these to be the best possible.

MALIK: Hello bosses. I am surprised you came all the way out here?

MARAH: This is an important start to the campaign. Of course we did.

MALIK: I just hope my modeling will do this justice.

LILY: I’m sure it will.

MARAH: This is bound to be a success with you in it.

MALIK: Wow thank you for such high regards.




Holden is sitting in someones office.


HOLDEN: Meeting with the Mayor. This should be interesting.


He looks around the room at all the American memorabilia around the office.


In walks Mayor Woods .


Holden stands up.


MAYOR WOODS: Holden Snyder, good to finally meet you.

HOLDEN: Also good to finally meet you, sir.


The two men shake hands.


HOLDEN: I must say that it is still a surprise to know this job offer came right from you.

MAYOR WOODS: I always have my pulse on the right people to help this city.

HOLDEN: I wasn’t even aware that you knew me though. What makes me the man for this job?


Mayor Woods looks on with a grin on his face




Luke calls Ben


Ben answers


BEN: Hey Luke

LUKE: Ben…good to hear your voice.

BEN: Yeah…always good to hear yours too..


LUKE: I was hoping to come over and see you.

BEN: Ah I wish you could.

LUKE: Oh, are you busy?

BEN: Yeah I have some errands I have to run.

LUKE: OH…well that sucks. Maybe tonight then?

BEN: Yeah, maybe tonight. Talk to you later.

LUKE: See you


Ben hangs up…


Luke is disappointed.




Meanwhile, Todd is in his office at the Union Creek Chronicle:


He is on the phone with Blair .


BLAIR: Please tell me you called Tea.

TODD: I did. She was busy but she will be here.

BLAIR: Thank you so much. I cannot believe both Reva and the police are after me for this.

TODD: They have no proof. There is nothing to worry about.

BLAIR: That hardly ever stops the police. They really think I am out to get Reva Beast or something.

TODD: It will be okay. Just trust me. I have to do some work now.

BLAIR: Okay fine. Don’t be too late tonight. Love you.

TODD: Love you too.


Todd hangs up.


He then turns to his desk to look at a bunch of papers.


TODD: Hopefully there is something here in all the info Gary has uncovered that will help me find this illusive document…




Malik is posing for his pictures.


Lily and Marah are watching.


LILY: I’m happy he is not being stiff today and listening to the photographer.

MARAH: A quick learner. I like that.


Lily notices Marah staring extra closely at Malik.


LILY: I can tell you do like that..

MARAH: He is good.

LILY: And you are his boss…

MARAH: What is your point?

LILY: I am just saying.

MARAH: I just think he was made for this. Nothing more.

LILY: Good.


Marah starts to watch Malik pose again…staring again…with lust in her eyes….




Cut to Holden and Mayor Woods.


MAYOR WOODS: It is fairly simple how I knew you were the man for the job.

HOLDEN: I would truly like to know why?

MAYOR WOODS: Some of the city council members know you because of your wife and her new company here in Union Creek. As soon as I looked at your past job credential I just had a gut feeling.

HOLDEN: I guess I should be thankful for your gut feeling.


MAYOR WOODS: As long as you really will be good at this public funding job.

HOLDEN: I still find it odd that I was reached out to for this, but I am ready to do the job.

MAYOR WOODS: I have faith that this will go well. We need to start getting together funds for this city’s future..




Luke sits down at his cubicle at Union Creek Chronicle:


He stares towards Todds office


LUKE: Todd sure has been in his office nonstop the last few days. Wonder what he could be working on. I know I haven’t seen him work this hard since he took over.


Meanwhile, Amnesiac Jack Deveraux has arrived.


LUKE: Are you the new guy?

JACK: Jack whatever my last name may be, at your service.

LUKE: Hello I am Luke. Welcome to your first day at this lovely place.

JACK: I hope I can get the hang of this journalist stuff.

LUKE: You have no experience?

JACK: Well see I think I do in the past, I just don’t remember my past per se.

LUKE: Ah yes. I do recall your amnesia. This should be interesting.




Todd is in his office still looking over the info that Gary gave him.


TODD: There has to be something in here. Some kind of clue to this document.


He flips a page over.


TODD: Wait a minute…


He reads the paper…


TODD: Wow…this changes everything.


He looks on stunned from whatever he just read…



Ben has met with… Gary


BEN: I didn’t think you were going to show up.

GARY: I barely got away from work and was starving. I had to get something to eat.

BEN: I’m not here for your excuses.

GARY: I know. I know the only reason you are here.

BEN: And you better deliver.

GARY: No worries. You have been doing good work.


Garys phone rings.


It is a call from Todd.


GARY: Damn I have to get back to the office.


Gary hands Ben an envelope…


GARY: There you go.

BEN: Thanks.


Gary rushes off.




Cut to Zack and Sam.


ZACK: I hope that you will be coming to this end of summer blow out party.

SAM: Ummm I don’t know.

ZACK: Why not?

SAM: This seems like trouble.

ZACK: You hardly even know Jasper.


SAM: It not totally about him. I just don’t like huge parties and this one will probably be huge.

ZACK: Yeah probably, but don’t be a spoil sport.

SAM: Wow. I didn’t know people still said that.

ZACK: You could even invite Trinity.

SAM: Yeah that’s true.

ZACK: mmhm..




Maliks photoshoot is now finished.


Marah walks up to him.


MARAH: Great job!

MALIK: The clothing made it.

MARAH: You helped immensely.

MALIK: Thank you. You are too sweet.

MARAH: You were a perfect hire.

MALIK: I just want this mens line to be a success.

MARAH: We all do and we are on the right track.


Marah smiles.




In the Mayors office:


MAYOR WOODS: The contract is ready for you to sign.


Holden looks it over.


HOLDEN: I may be second guessing this.


HOLDEN: I still find the mystery of me getting this job offer is odd.

MAYOR WOODS: It is just because we have confidence in you. There is nothing to be concerned about. This is for the greater good. 

HOLDEN: I do need a job and I like that this will help the community.

MAYOR WOODS: Then by all means, please sign the contract.


Holden indeed signs the contract…




At Union Creek Chronicle:


JACK: Is it okay if I go and talk to Todd. Let him know I am here. Maybe even get a first assignment.

LUKE: You can, but he has been super busy with something.

JACK: I don’t want to interrupt him, but I should see what he wants me to do. He is the boss afterall.

LUKE: Well, good luck.


Jack knocks on Todds door.


TODD: What is it?

JACK: Hey Its Jack

TODD: Oh come in.


Jack enters Todd office.


JACK: Hey, it is just my first day and all, and I was wondering what I should do.

TODD: I’ll tell you what you can start with/

JACK: Great

TODD: You can start by getting me some coffee.



Jack is not pleased to hear this.


JACK: Okay. Will get on that, boss.


Jack exits and closes the door.


Todd then looks back at one of the papers on his desk and seems nervous.


TODD: This can’t be good…this seems to involve the ISA. Government agents. Has bad news written all over it. What the hell does Gary have me involved with? If the ISA is also looking for this document it must involve some kind of high profile criminal…


Todd sits there becoming worried…




*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures




Written by: Nick M


Camella is With Trinity at the Davis household.


CAMELLA: So that article you wrote is on point, Trinity.

TRINITY: Happy that you dig it.

CAMELLA: It was real. Proud of you getting’ real with America.

TRINITY: I just hope it makes people think.

CAMELLA: It sadly won’t make too many white people think. They will try and block it out.


TRINITY: You think it’s that cynical?

CAMELLA: Fo sho. These cops are not stoppin’.

TRINITY: Sure doesn’t seem like.

CAMELLA: They aren’t. There was just another shooting of an unarmed black teen down in Texas.

TRINITY: Sickening.

CAMELLA: Almost like a race war. The more things change the more they stay the same for us.

TRINITY: Have any positive news?


CAMELLA: Well, there is a party going on that we should go to.

TRINITY: I don’t know if I feel like partying.

CAMELLA: Oh come on it will be fun. We can get our drink on.

TRINITY: Fine because I know you will bug me until we go!


Meanwhile, Downstairs:


Eartha has arrived home.


Malik and Morris are sitting down having some beers.


MALIK: Hi mom.

EARTHA: Hey guys…that is not a beer is it…

MORRIS: It’s not going to hurt him.

EARTHA: He is underage.

MALIK: Please do not start a fight about this.


Eartha gives Morris a dirty look.


Morris uses the moment to take a swig of his beer.


MALIK: I will be twenty one very soon.

EARTHA: I won’t be the Debbie downer.

MALIK: Thank you.


Eartha hastily walks upstairs.


She has a flashback:


Young Eartha is with Young Morris .


He is having a beer while she drinks a bottle of water.


YOUNG EARTHA: Must be nice to be the older man on campus getting to drink whatever you want?

YOUNG MORRIS: You wouldn’t even like this beer.

YOUNG EARTHA: True, but it’s about the freedom.

YOUNG MORRIS: Well, you are almost my age. Almost legal.

YOUNG EARTHA: Then we can party together!

YOUNG MORRIS: If that’s what you want.



They kiss.


YOUNG EARTHA: Loosen up. Why are you stiff?

YOUNG MORRIS: The beer should loosen me up soon.

YOUNG EARTHA: You should be chill with me already. If this is about our relationship, I told you we are official.

YOUNG MORRIS: I know. It’s all good. Don’t worry.


He kisses her again.


YOUNG EARTHA: I’m not worried.


Eartha comes back down to the present.




Reva and Josh get home.


Reva is still in pain and walking sorely.


REVA: It’s the sh*ts getting old, Joshua. I am so sore already. Tomorrow I probably won’t even be able to move.

JOSH: I will do whatever I can to help


Jack walks in.


He sees that Reva is in pain.


JACK: Hello…something wrong?

REVA: I am in pain and the pills have not kicked in yet.

JACK: What happened?

JOSH: Someone tried to kill her.

JACK: What?!

REVA: A car sped right at me earlier today.

JACK: That’s crazy.

JOSH: Would you happen to know who would do something like that?

JACK: Wait…you don’t think this had something to do with me do you?


Josh stares down Jack…




Elijah has arrived at the Manning house.


Blair opens up.


BLAIR: Hi officer, I hope this has something to do with the charges I tried to press against Reva Shayne?

ELIJAH: This does have something to do with Reva but not about charges against her.

BLAIR: What is she up to now? You know she attacked me at the store today!

ELIJAH: Oh yeah?

BLAIR: Yes. She is too much.

ELIJAH: You wouldn’t have happened to try and get revenge did you?

BLAIR: Just what are you getting at Officer Smith?

ELIJAH: Someone tried to run over Reva with a car.





Camella and Trinity arrive at the party.


TRINITY: I am not going to like this.

CAMELLA: Please stop complaining.

TRINITY: I don’t like being around a lot of people. Let alone drunk people just stumbling around and being obnoxious.

CAMELLA: You are being over dramatic. This is one of the cool parties. I know the people.


They walk near some coolers.


CAMELLA: Grab a beer.

TRINITY: No thanks.

CAMELLA: Well grab me one then, please.


Trinity gets one for her.


Zacks teenage step brother Rourke is also there.


He sees Camella.


ROURKE: Hey you, long time no see.

CAMELLA: Rourke, how is life on the north side?

ROURKE: The same as ever.

TRINITY: How do you two know each other?

ROURKE: She use to come to my school. Funny thing is I may be going to your guys school this year.

CAMELLA: That will be trouble.


TRINITY: What is that smell?

ROURKE: Not me, I hope.

CAMELLA: I think it is you. Sure smells like weed. Don’t tell me you brought some here!

ROURKE: Of course I did!




Eartha goes back in time again in her memory:


Young Eartha is now with Young Elijah .


YOUNG ELIJAH: I am so happy you are back in town for a while this summer.

YOUNG EARTHA: Really just two weeks before I have to head back.

YOUNG ELIJAH: Any time with you will be amazing. It’s been a long year without you.

YOUNG EARTHA: I’m sorry to say, but we won’t be spending much time together this summer.

YOUNG ELIJAH: What do you mean? I’ve waited so long.


YOUNG EARTHA: I don’t know how to tell you this.

YOUNG ELIJAH: Tell me what?

YOUNG EARTHA: Elijah, you know I love you but I cannot do this to you.

YOUNG ELIJAH: Do what? Spit it out!


She turns away from him nervously.


YOUNG EARTHA: I have to break up with you.

YOUNG ELIJAH: What the hell are you talking about?


He yanks her back around.


YOUNG ELIJAH: Oh my god my worst fear came true didn’t it! You met someone else?


Young Eartha starts to tear up and shakes her head yes…


Back in the present:


Eartha deep sighs…




At the Lewis Ranch:


REVA: This didn’t have anything to do with Jack. I know who was driving that car.

JOSH: I am just saying that Jack thinks he is being looked for and someone may have found him here.

JACK: I hope not.

REVA: Why would they come after me?

JOSH: For helping him.

JACK: I knew I shouldn’t have moved in here!

REVA: No, dammit. Stop this. This wasn’t about Jack. I told you and Elijah who did this.

JOSH: But how could you be sure. You only saw the hair.

REVA: I saw enough of the hair to know who tried to hit me.

JACK: Well what’s with the suspense? Tell me who it was?

REVA: It was that b*tch, Blair Manning!




Elijah is with Blair.


BLAIR: This is ridiculous!

ELIJAH: I am sorry you feel that way, but her memory of the driver and the description seems to fit you.

BLAIR: She could just be saying that. Are you sure she was even almost hit? She seems like the type that could be making that up.

ELIJAH: She has been medically examined and is actually hurt.

BLAIR: Well I would like to get a lawyer if you are really accusing me of this.


ELIJAH: Do you have an alibi? Where were you between 4 and 5?

BLAIR: I want to call my lawyer.

ELIJAH: I am just asking some questions. If you want to go down to the station that can be arranged.

BLAIR: No, no okay. I was visiting my husband at work.

ELIJAH: And he can verify that?

BLAIR: I’m sure he can.


Blair looks on worried…




At the party:


CAMELLA: Why did you have to bring weed?

TRINITY: The smell is awful!

CAMELLA: I hate it.

ROURKE: Don’t be a couple of haters.

CAMELLA: I’m not hating. Just sayin.

ROUKE: I came here to chill out.


TRINITY: Who comes to a PARTY to chill out?

ROURKE: Me, bro.

TRINITY: Bro? Who is this guy?

CAMELLA: He’s an oddball.

TRINITY: Tell me about it.

CAMELLA: Let’s go drink.

TRINITY: I mostly just want to go home.




Malik walks into his mothers room, Interrupting her memories.



EARTHA: Something wrong Malik?

MALIK: Just wondering if you want to join me and dad for some pizza and wings?

EARTHA: Um, I’ll take you up on that offer, actually.

MALIK: Great.


They go downstairs


Eartha sits next to Morris.


Morris smiles…




At the ranch:


JACK: Todd’s wife did this?

REVA: It had to be her.

JACK: This is going to make my new job awkward.

JOSH: You got hired at the newspaper?

JACK: I did!

REVA: Congratulations. I just hope Todd is not as bad as his wife.

JOSH: I am happy to hear you got a job though.


JACK: Maybe I’ll be out of your hair in no time.

REVA: No hurry.

JACK: If it really was Blair tho, I hope she is taken down.

REVA: I hope she is being arrested as we speak.




Todd arrives home to see Elijah with Blair.


TODD: Blair why is a police officer here?

BLAIR: He thinks I did something absurd.

TODD: What do you think she did?

ELIJAH: She has been identified in a possible attempted murder?


Todd chuckles.


TODD: You can go. (he points to the door)

ELIJAH: This is no laughing matter. Reva Shayne could have been killed.

TODD: Reva?

ELIJAH: …and I won’t be going until I know if your wife was with you at your job between 4 and 5 PM.

TODD: She did come over for a visit.

ELIJAH: I hope your cameras there will prove that it was between the time period in question.

TODD: I’m sure they will.


ELIJAH: If evidence is found you will have to come to the station, Blair.

BLAIR: And this time my lawyer will be with me. Call Tea, Todd! Call her now.


Elijah exits.


BLAIR: Well are you going to call her?

TODD: Wait Blair, when you came by my office you wanted me to look up info on Reva Shayne Lewis. Why is that?

BLAIR: Certainly not because of this!


She looks on…




*I do not own any non original character nor any








Written by Nick M.


Reva vQzvP7y.jpg is home from the supermarket.


The mysterious car is parked a little away from the ranch again.


The person inside is watching Reva as she is taking groceries in.


Reva comes back to her car and closes the car door.


REVA: Wonder if we got any mail.


She goes to check her mail box.


All of a sudden the mysterious person in the car starts it up and goes speeding right towards Reva!!!


Reva is barely able to get out of the way. She falls to the ground with a hard impact and a thud.


The car speeds off down the street screeching its tires.


Reva lets out a yell of pain


REVA: Oh…my…god.


She holds her ribs in agony…





Zack 24Zxs4X.jpg is at the café.


He is sipping on his coffee and texting on his phone.


He is texting someone named Jasper:





Zack is smiling.


ZACK: I hope he comes through on that party.



Anne A4GuZpg.jpg and Cory dW40beS.jpg walk into the place together.


That of course upsets Zack.


ZACK: Why did they have to come in…


He stands up and puts his coffee cup in the trash and walks out in a frustrated huff.


He takes one last look inside at the window to see Cory and Anne ordering.


ZACK: I cannot let them hook up!






Lily 3T3ltpO.jpg comes home and Holden Ita78Tp.jpg hugs her.



HOLDEN: I missed you. How was work?

LILY: It went well today.

HOLDEN: Great, Lily!


Holden kisses her.


LILY: You taste delicious.

HOLDEN: Don’t I always?


They kiss again.


LILY: Oh, oh!

HOLDEN: Whats wrong?

LILY: Nothing is wrong. I just have a great idea that I am excited about!



At the Union Creek Chronicle:



Gary jltcxJw.jpg walks into Todds 1vsV52L.jpg office.


TODD: please take a seat.

GARY: It is weird that you are being nice to me.

TODD: You know what they say, Money talks.

GARY: What is the money telling you?

TODD: It is telling me to find this document so I can get another check from you.


GARY: Not from me. From the old boss.

TODD: Ah yes, this secretive old boss.

GARY: So…do you have a game plan to finding this document

TODD: I have been looking over some of the info you gave me.

GARY: It is about time!

TODD: Yes, well I find the randomness of your info perplexing, but I am not going to ask questions about that right now. What I want is for you to go back to your source, because I think you are narrowing down the place that this document originated.

GARY: I am hoping to do just that.





Josh wemsgah.jpg arrives home.


He pulls up and sees Reva hurt on the sidewalk.


JOSH: Reva!


He gets out of his car and runs to Reva and tends to her.


REVA: Joshua…I am in pain. My ribs might be broken.

JOSH: Did you fall?

REVA: Someone…tried to run over me. It was…

JOSH: What the hell are you talking about?

REVA: I think….they were… trying to kill me. …I cant take deep breaths Joshua.

JOSH: I will call 911.


He takes out his phone as he holds her…





Zack arrives home.


Another teenager named Rourke ZrZ1hPe.jpg is there…


Zacks bad mood can be seen on his face.


ROURKE: Home so soon?

ZACK: Shut up.

ROURKE: Who sh*t in your coffee?

ZACK: None of your business.

ROURKE: So somebody actually did that in your coffee?

ZACK: You are not funny.


ROURKE: I find myself amusing.

ZACK: Well you are the only one.

ROURKE: You need to find a hobby and cheer up.

ZACK: And you need to just shut up before I shut you up.

ROURKE: Listen Bro, Whatever is wrong you can tell me, you know?

ZACK: No thank you.




HOLDEN: What is your idea Lily?

LILY: I really want to make a video for chic spirit. An online video. One that can hopefully go viral.

HOLDEN: That would be fantastic for the current market.

LILY: It would have to be a small project but one that I want to be really well done.

HOLDEN: If you have a big picture idea, you should give it a shot.

LILY: I would need someone really good to shoot the video.


HOLDEN: I have a suggestion.

LILY: What would that be?

HOLDEN: You could always call up Noah.

LILY: Noah? As in Luke’s ex boyfriend, Noah?

HOLDEN: Yes. Noah Mayer. He is becoming quite the hit in Hollywood. You should ask him to come and help with the video before he gets too big and in demand.

LILY: That would be great…





GARY: My source has been a lot of help.

TODD: Do you have some kind of private investigator or what?

GARY: Maybe. I don’t give out sources.

TODD: More mysteries from you.

GARY: It works.


TODD: I hope your source does work and comes through.

GARY: I don’t know how I keep being the one doing all the work.

TODD: Because I am your boss and just supervising.

GARY: Yeah that does seem to be what you are good at.

TODD: It runs in the family.



At the hospital:


Eartha E8VWk2O.jpg is with Reva and Josh.


REVA: I am in a lot of pain here.

EARTHA: We are hoping it just majorly knocked the wind out of you.

JOSH: Are the cops on their way?

EARTHA: Yes, Elijah should be here any moment now and Morris should be back with the x-ray.

JOSH: Good. I am glad this place is on it.

EARTHA: We have a good hospital here.


Morris JbLG0bR.jpg walks in.

EARTHA: I’ll leave you all.

She exits.


REVA: What’s the word, doc?

MORRIS: Good news. No broken ribs. They are just bruised. They will however continue to be sore for probably the next few weeks.



Meanwhile outside in the hallway…



Eartha runs into Elijah ToX4Rbz.jpg .



ELIJAH: Always a pleasure to see you.

EARTHA: Thank you.

ELIJAH: Too bad you don’t think the same though…

EARTHA: Please don’t start. The patient is in the room down the hall.


Elijah walks towards Revas room.



Eartha meanwhile has a flashback:


A young Eartha RftabJb.jpg is packing some suitcases.


A young Elijah TTcKfO6.jpg walks in.


YOUNG ELIJAH: I guess this is it.

YOUNG EARTHA: This is not it.

YOUNG ELIJAH: Are you really going to stay with me while living across the country?


YOUNG ELIJAH: I hope you are serious.

YOUNG EARTHA: I am. I do love you. We have to keep this going even if its long distance.

YOUNG ELIJAH: I love you too, babe and I am so happy to hear you say this.

YOUNG EARTHA: Besides, I will be way too busy with classes to meet someone else.


She comes back to the present staring down the hall...




Cut to Zack and Roarke



ROARKE: What is your problem man?

ZACK: It is you when you bug me like this.

ROARKE: You are my brother—

ZACK: --Step brother!

ROARKE: Fine. You are my step brother. Either way I am sick of you always treating me badly.

ZACK: I do not treat you badly.


ROARKE: What do you call this?

ZACK: I call it having a bad day.

ROARKE: Then, Bro, you must have a bad day every damn day!



Cut to Lily and Holden:


LILY: Do you really think it is a good idea to try and contact Noah?

HOLDEN: I do. We know someone who is becoming a hit in Hollywood. To get him to help you with your video would be huge.

LILY: You are right. It would be, but…

HOLDEN: But Luke?

LILY: Yeah. I am sure that Luke would not like us contacting him.

HOLDEN: Don’t they stay in touch?

LILY: I don’t know. They use to. I don’t want to upset him though.

HOLDEN: You never know. He may actually enjoy seeing Noah again…






Gary is back at his cubical.


He looks around and then makes a phone call on his cell.


GARY: Hey….yeah. I think we have finally hooked him in. Yes. Yeah I may bust this wide open. I do think it is almost time to pull the trigger with Todd…


Meanwhile, Blair w9cxGnV.jpg has walked into the Union Creek Chronicle building. She knocks on Todds office and walks in.


TODD: Blair. Surprised to see you here.

BLAIR: Hi Todd.

TODD: Is everything okay?

BLAIR: No. No it is not.

TODD: Then come on over and sit on my lap.


Blair gives Todd a questioning look.


Todd pats down on his lap.


BLAIR: Are you serious?

TODD: Yes.


Blair sits on his lap and he brushes her hair aside and then kisses her.


TODD: Feel better?

BLAIR: Almost…

TODD: You want something don’t you?

BLAIR: I would like a little favor….I would love for you to use your journalistic skills to find info on that beast, Reva Shayne Lewis.


Todd looks at her straight into her eyes as if he is examining her.


BLAIR: Please.

TODD: Hm. Fine.



At the hospital, Eartha flashes back again:


“End of the Road” by Boyz II Men starts to play…






YOUNG ELIJAH: I will help you to your car with your suitcases.

YOUNG EARTHA: Thank you Eli.

YOUNG ELIJAH: You know I hate it when you call me that.

YOUNG EARTHA: Get use to it. I’m going to call you that for the rest of your life.

YOUNG ELIJAH: In that case, maybe it will grow on me.


He helps bring her suitcases outside.


YOUNG ELIJAH: This really robs me of my gangsta card and all, but I am going to miss you so damn much.

YOUNG EARTHA: You didn’t even wear your do-rag today.

YOUNG ELIJAH: I tried to be good.


He sets her suitcases in her trunk.


YOUNG EARTHA: I am going to miss you too.

YOUNG ELIJAH: Are you sure you have to go to college?

YOUNG EARTHA: Yeah, and you should too.

YOUNG ELIJAH: Maybe someday.


She starts to try and hold back tears.


YOUNG ELIJAH: Well don’t start crying.

YOUNG EARTHA: This is hard.

YOUNG ELIJAH: This feels like a goodbye doesn’t it.


YOUNG ELIJAH: I hope we make it through despite the distance.

YOUNG EARTHA: Don’t worry. I will always love you.


They hug ever so tightly and then kiss as Eartha starts to cry.


YOUNG ELIJAH: Good luck in college, baby.

YOUNG EARTHA: Thank you.




She comes back to the present as Morris is walking up to her.


MORRIS: Are you okay? You look like you need to sit down.

EARTHA: I’m, I’m fine..


In Reva’s hospital room.


Elijah is with her and Josh.


ELIJAH: What do you remember about the car that almost hit you?

REVA: Not much. It is a blur right now. A scary event and it happened so fast.

JOSH: Damn I wish I was there!

ELIJAH: You don’t remember anything about the car?

REVA: Not really.


ELIJAH: What about the driver? Did you get a glimpse?

REVA: I…I don’t know…..actually…


She has a quick flashback as the car pulled away and seeing some long dirty blonde hair.


REVA: Wait a second. The driver had some light brown hair. Almost dirty blonde.

JOSH: It was a woman?

REVA: I think it may have been.

ELIJAH: Are you sure about this?

REVA: Oh my god! It had to be Blair Manning!




Credits roll.










Written by: Nick M.


DanielleeuWyvmg.jpg and MalikgNEbVrj.jpg walk out of Chic Spirit Designs together.


DANI: Yet another short day for us models.

MALIK: I think they are still getting things all figured out at this new company.

DANI: Yeah I guess so.

MALIK: It’s been easy for us at least.

DANI: That’s one way to look at it.

MALIK: Yeah. I mean we are on salary so we have it made.

DANI: We lucked out somehow for being two rookies to this game.

MALIK: Its our fresh attractive faces.


Danielle giggles.


MALIK: Hey we should go get some coffee somewhere. Chat more about our new adventure as models.

DANI: Sounds good. I would love to.


Malik flashes her a bright smiles.




Meanwhile at the park:


BenMuBJ0i2.jpg and LukexjpcrHO.jpg have met up.


BEN: Thanks for coming to see me.

LUKE: It’s almost like you love to keep me away from actually working.

BEN: The middle of the day just seems like the best time to see you, I guess.

LUKE: I’m not complaining for the record.

BEN: I hope not. You know as good as I do that the other day was smokin' hot.

LUKE: Oh yeah. I loved every minute of it.

BEN: I’m glad you gave in so that we could feel that pleasure. I just hope it is going to happen again soon.

LUKE: I hope it happens again soon, too. However…

BEN: However what? Something wrong?

LUKE: I just have a question…


Ben looks caught off guard..




RevauPACKwD.jpg is at the supermarket.


She heads towards the meat department.


As she gets closer BlairKwtGDY5.jpg is also there and the two get into each other’s way.


BLAIR: Please god, no. Not today.


Both women quickly get tense as they see each other.


REVA: Just move so this ends fast.

BLAIR: No. You can be the one that moves.

REVA: Let’s not be children about this.

BLAIR: Don’t get all holier than thou after you threw coffee on me.

REVA: Total accident and you know it.

BLAIR: Whatever Reva beast.

REVA: Excuse me what did you say?


BLAIR: Oh, nothing.

REVA: You sure did. You are just ridiculous for some reason. Sometimes I think you are being followed around by cameras like you are on some cheap reality show probably called the Blair B*tch project.


Blair looks around as people in the store are starting to give them both looks.


BLAIR: Leave it to your hick a** to cause a scene.

REVA: Who are you calling a hick? Have you heard your own accent, country bumpkin? I don’t want to cause a major scene though so I will be the bigger woman and walk away.

BLAIR: Bigger woman? Yeah, you have no competition there.


Reva starts to go around Blair.


BLAIR: I gotta go find me a butterball…no offense. (smirks)

REVA: That’s it.


Reva turns back around and glares at Blair…




ToddCwXcfC1.jpg is in his office working at his computer.


TODD: Gary needs to find me more info on this absurd search for a mystery document.


There is a knock at his office.


It is Samf0uyMTr.jpg.


TODD: Hey there Sam.

SAM: Hi Todd.

TODD: Something up?

SAM: I just wanted to know how you liked mine and Trinity’s articles.

TODD: I really liked your article on the Broncos. It will be in tomorrows edition.

SAM: What about Trinity’s piece? It blew mine away.

TODD: Yeah…It was…interesting.


SAM: Something wrong with it?

TODD: Well she wrote about a big issue. Race is a gigantic issue right now…

SAM: Yeah she did it on a touchy issue, but she did a powerful job which will makes a person think.

TODD: Yeah, but she is just a teenager I don’t know if readers want to hear some girl preaching to them.

SAM: She wasn’t preaching. I was there, she was speaking from the heart.

TODD: She did well, but I don’t know if it is for this paper.

SAM: Are you saying you are not going to publish it?

TODD: I don’t know if I want the controversy…


Sam is very disappointed to be hearing this…



Malik and Danielle are sipping on their coffees together.


DANI: So tell me about this first photo shoot you get to do.

MALIK: Sadly I do not know all the details yet.

DANI: You are so lucky that you get to go first.

MALIK: It is a lot of pressure. The first campaign for the company.

DANI: Yeah, that is true.

MALIK: Are you saying you want all that pressure?


DANI: No not at all!

MALIK: Ha! Didn’t think so.

DANI: I am sure it will be fun though. And I wish you luck!


They clink their coffee cups together.




At the Park:


BEN: What did you want to ask me, Luke?

LUKE: This may be a stupid question.

BEN: No such thing.

LUKE: I just want to know if…if we are together?

BEN: You mean are we a couple?

LUKE: Yeah…I mean friends with benefits is cool and all, but I’d like to try and make this serious.

BEN: Look Luke, of course we are a couple!


Luke takes a sigh of relief.


LUKE: Happy to hear it and make this official.

BEN: Did you not think I wanted a relationship?

LUKE: You have been very straight forward in wanting sex, but not so much about a relationship.

BEN: Sorry I am just a bit of a sleaze. (chuckles)


Cut to GaryF36tZbR.jpg who is also at the park.


As he is walking through the park he sees Luke and Ben together in the distance. This stops Gary in his tracks…




At the Union Creek Chronicle:


SAM: Todd you have to put that article of Trinity’s in the paper!

TODD: Sorry Sam but I do not have to do anything. This is my paper!

SAM: Don’t you want a hot article for this paper.

TODD: We have plenty of hot articles.

SAM: I’m honestly surprised that Todd Manning of all people is afraid of a little bit of controversy.

TODD: Are you trying to call me soft?

SAM: I’m just saying, this isn’t the step dad I know.


TODD: What are you getting out of this job thingy with Trinity?

SAM: A cool summer job.

TODD: I think you like her.

SAM: She is really cool.

TODD: If I compare your two personalities from your two articles she would probably eat you alive….Sam if I put her article in tomorrow’s edition will you leave and let me work?

SAM: Yes. Yes I will!

TODD: Then I will put it in.

SAM: Thank you! You won’t regret it!


Sam exits.


Todd turns back to his computer.


There is another knock at the door.


TODD: I need a god damn personal secretary…. Come in!


It is 3VtMl4Y.pngJack…


JACK: Hello again.

TODD: Jack Doe…hey…

JACK: I came by to see if you have considered hiring me for a job…




At the supermarket:


Reva gets in Blairs face!


REVA: I really want you to stop with your pathetic little put downs, Blair.

BLAIR: My, my, I hope you don’t have anything to throw on me.

REVA: I just want to finish shopping, but you just had to go and piss me off!


Blair chuckles and gives Reva a little shove.


REVA: Don’t you touch me

BLAIR: Then get out of my face with your Kentucky fried chicken breath!

REVA: You must just be smelling the bullsh*t coming out of your own mouth.


Reva grabs Blair by the shirt.


REVA: We need to stop doing this.

BLAIR: Then stay the hell away from me!


Blair gives Reva another shove!


Reva shoves Blair back but hangs onto her necklaces and yanks it breaking it off!


BLAIR: Do you know how much that costs?!

REVA: I don’t care. I’m sure you will just try and press charge...and fail, again.


Reva walks off and Blair is livid!




At the café:


DANI: Fate is strange you know.

MALIK: How so?

DANI: Well I was just thinking about how the day of the modeling competition it was you and I who ran into each other and had to hype each other up to even do it. Thank you by the way.

MALIK: We must have been good help for each other.

DANI: Yup because we were the two winners.

MALIK: Well I thank fate then.

DANI: And I never thought I would even like this job, but it is going to be fun.

MALIK: Oh yeah. We’re going to have fun together!




At the park:


BEN: Don’t let me keep you any longer.

LUKE: I am really not in a hurry to get to work.

BEN: I really shouldn’t be keeping you from working too long though. You have to keep your job.

LUKE: I know, I know. I just love hanging out with you.

BEN: I do too. Before you head back though…


Ben kisses him.


Their lip locking goes on for a bit.


In the background, Gary is watching them.


He smirks as he watches them kissing..




Sam meets up with ZackPvnx2Wj.jpg.


Sam high fives Zack.


ZACK: What was that for?

SAM: Just felt like it.


Sam can’t keep himself from smiling.


ZACK: What has you so happy go lucky? Did you get some or what?

SAM: No it is my summer job with Trinity. It has started off awesome! She wrote this deep and powerful article and my dad found it controversial but he is still going to print it.

ZACK: That is pretty damn cool.

SAM: Yeah, she’s amazing.

ZACK: Glad one of us is happy.

SAM: Why are you so down?

ZACK: My summer thing is sucking so far.


SAM: You are the one who chose to go to school all summer and help tutor.

ZACK: It is not that. It is having to see Anne and Cory sit by each other every time.

SAM: Ouch.

ZACK: Frustrating!




At The Union Creek Chronicle:


TODD: Do you really want a job here Jack?

JACK: I need a job and I use to be in the press so yes.

TODD: Then you are hired!

JACK: Just like that?

TODD: Yup.

JACK: That was easy and here I though you would want to do a background check on me, and well, that would be difficult for me to pass!

TODD: I normally do background checks but I have a feeling yours would turn up as empty as they come.

JACK: Thank you so much. I appreciate this. I cannot wait to start!

TODD: I need to get to work right now though.

JACK: I’m sure you do. I look forward to working here and will now leave you alone…boss.


Jack exits and walks off elated to have a job.


TODD: The one time I am trying to actually work on this investigation for Gary and I can’t get any time to myself.


He looks at the clock.


TODD: What the hell I already got the check from him anyway! Lunch time!




Reva is now home.


The mysterious car is parked a little away from the ranch again.


The person inside is watching Reva as she is taking groceries in.


Reva comes back to her car and closes the car door.


REVA: Wonder if we got any mail.


She goes to check her mail box.


All of a sudden the mysterious person in the car starts it up and goes speeding right towards Reva!!!




Credits roll


*I do not own any non original character nor any pics.











HoldengqRprz2.jpg and LilyVbg1AJn.jpg are together at a bar.

Holden takes a swig of beer while Lily messes with the straw to her drink.

HOLDEN: Is your drink okay?

LILY: Yeah it is good.

HOLDEN: Then what is wrong? Hard first day of work?

LILY: It wasn’t bad, actually. Stressful, of course, but I think it was a success for Marah and I.

HOLDEN: Do you know how soon production will be?

LILY: Probably in a couple of weeks.

HOLDEN: That long?

LILY: Going to take some time at the start.

Lily takes a sip of her drinks.

LILY: So tell me about that government offer? Did you go to the interview?

HOLDEN: I did and it went good, but it was a surprise.

LILY: What is it all about?

HOLDEN: They want me to help come up with and manage funds for the city. The surprising part is, the mayor handpicked me.

LILY: I didn’t know that you knew the mayor.

HOLDEN: That’s the thing, I don’t know him.

Blairjh9Rv4H.jpg plops down at the bar next to them.

BLAIR: Well if it isn’t my neighbors.

She smiles at Holden and Lily


SamzH9UAWs.jpg and Trinityh2Fdpcn.jpg are together at Sam’s house.

They are working on their laptops on their first articles for the newspaper.

TRINITY: How is yours coming?

SAM: I am practically done!

TRINITY: You did something on sports?

SAM: Yeah, I figured I live in Colorado now, why not do something blasting the Denver Broncos?

TRINITY: That’s cool...

SAM: It is about how their star is falling and time may have ran out for a run. I guess it is a bit of a fluff piece, but it’s fun. We should read them to each other.

TRINITY: I don’t think you want to hear mine.

SAM: of course I do. Go ahead.

She looks down at her computer. She seems uneasy.


JackLMOPfTK.png is eating dinner with RevaFLMs9uz.jpg and


JACK: You do not have to keep preparing me food like this.

JOSH: We both like to cook.

REVA: Speak for yourself!

JOSH: Okay. I like to cook.

JACK: I’m here just taking up space and taking up your food. Not feeling good for anything right now.

REVA: It is alright, really.

JOSH: As long as you think…or at least lie that the food is good, we are happy to cook for you.

JACK: It is really good.

JOSH: I hope that wasn’t a lie.

JACK: Not a lie. It really is.


Morrispa34mXy.jpg and Earthal2UEXmn.jpg are at the hospital.

EARTHA: You okay today? I hope you didn’t come here hungover.

MORRIS: I am fine Eartha. Don’t I hear you yap enough at home?

EARTHA: No you are the one who yaps and yaps.

MORRIS: I have no patients right now. I’ll be eating if you need me.

He walks to the cafeteria and sits down.

He sighs and then has a flashback:

A young MorrisjRqZeqn.jpg is in med school.

He is walking through the halls and runs into a young Eartha3O98Fs7.jpg.

YOUNG MORRIS: Sorry. I didn’t mean to get in your way.

YOUNG EARTHA: You are not. I am just lost.

YOUNG MORRIS: I could be your guide.

YOUNG EARTHA: Be still my heart! Someone actually not in a hurry around here to help?

YOUNG MORRIS: I can’t still your heart as I am not trying to be a heart surgeon (chuckles) But I will help you with whatever you need.

YOUNG EARTHA: Well thank you so much.


He points towards a hallway and she starts walking ahead of him.

Young Morris surely likes what he sees in front of him.


MORRIS: I wonder if we should have even ever met…

He looks on lost in thought


At the bar:

BLAIR: Sorry didn’t mean to interrupt your conversation with each other.

HOLDEN: It is okay.

LILY: I would like to know how and why the mayor handpicked you…

HOLDEN: I would too. I guess I will have to ask him when I meet him.

LILY: That is strange Holden. This whole job offer is just weird…

HOLDEN: I don’t want to worry about it right now.

Lily looks at Blair.

LILY: Sorry, you don’t have to go quiet.

BLAIR: I should probably introduce myself. We have been neighbors for awhile now. I am Blair Manning.

LILY: Nice to meet you. We are the Snyders.

HOLDEN: Holden and Lily.

BLAIR: I would like to apologize on behalf of my family when we first moved in. I know we made a scene and the wrong first impression.

LILY: I would say we didn’t notice, but I would be lying.

BLAIR: Let me buy you both a drink and make a better impression!


Cut to Sam and Trinity

SAM: There I read my article. Your turn…

TRINITY: Are you sure you want to hear it?

SAM: Yes, why wouldn’t I?

TRINITY: I don’t want it to be awkward…The title is “Do you want your country like you want your coffee?”

SAM: I don’t get it…

TRINITY: Fine, I’ll read it to you since many will read it when your dad publishes it.

She takes a deep breath.

TRINITY: (Reading)

The United States of America. If the states are so united then why aren’t the people? I do not speak of politics. I speak of people as people. This country loves a variety. They want it all. Why not just respect and enjoy a variety of people?

Everyone wants a new flavor of ice cream. Even more so they want a new kind of Frappuccino. Sometimes I wonder if the white people in this country want the country like they want their coffee. Anything but black.

As a young black American girl, it is scary seeing what goes on. Even in 2015, citizens and even cops still seem to treat us like second class citizens. Crimes that white citizens would get a slap on the wrist for, we seem to get the penalty of getting killed by police. More times than not it is a black man that this happens to. However, just this past week a black woman, Sandra Bland, died after being in a routine traffic stop.

That is right, A black woman had to die in jail for a traffic stop. It was ruled a suicide, but why would a woman who just moved to a new place for a new job and about to get out on bond hang herself with a trash bag? Video showed that she did not get physical with the officers, like police stated. They had slammed her head hard into the ground for nothing. Was it really a suicide?

Feel that doubt inside of you right now as you read that question? That is the scary part. That is the doubt and fear we young black Americans have to grow up with. What is this country truly doing to make us not feel this way? You can put your political correctness on it, but that doesn’t help. Shocking right? Once called colored, or African Americans, we are black. We belong too.

Sam is taken aback by all of this...

TRINITY: …say something, please.

SAM: Wow. That was powerful.


At the Lewis Ranch:

Jack, Reva and Josh are finishing up dinner.

JACK: I do want you both to know that I am hoping to get a job.

REVA: That is great! Where at?

JACK: The local news. When I was rushed to the hospital thanks to you guys, they found a torn up press pass in my jeans.

JOSH: That’s right, they did.

REVA: Do you think you will get the job?

JACK: I let them do a story on me. That is good enough right?

JOSH: The owner of the paper, is well, uh…

REVA: A dumbass for marrying the woman he married.

JACK: I sense bad blood.

JOSH: Can you tell?

JACK: Hopefully he will at least give me the job out of pity.

REVA: If you do get it, watch out for his crazy wife, Blair.


Meanwhile at the hospital cafeteria, Morris is still flashing back:

A young Morris and Eartha are sitting together on a couch.

“If I ever fall in love” by Shai is playing in the back ground


YOUNG EARTHA: You are a perfect tutor. You have been able to show me so much. If you were not trying to become a doctor I would say you should become a teacher.

YOUNG MORRIS: Thank you. Happy to help, but yeah the money is not in teaching.

YOUNG EARTHA: This may sound over dramatic, but getting to know you these last few months has changed my life.

YOUNG MORRIS: I’ve felt it too.

YOUNG EARTHA: You’ve convinced me to try and become the best doctor I can be. I just feel like a better person altogether.

YOUNG MORRIS: I don’t know if you should go that far.

YOUNG EARTHA: No, really.

She places her hand on his leg.

YOUNG EARTHA: This all feels so right to me.

YOUNG MORRIS: We must be on the same wave length then.

She shuts her book and puts it on the floor.

The two look into each other’s eyes…

YOUNG MORRIS: What about your boyfriend back home?

YOUNG EARTHA: I broke up with Elijah. I had to. I am falling for you.

YOUNG MORRIS: Let’s fall.

The two embrace and start to kiss and make out…



Eartha has interrupted his thoughts.

EARTHA: You alright?


EARTHA: You are needed in room 10

MORRIS: Be right there.

Eartha walks off and Morris watches her do so…


Back at the bar, Blair has bought herself, Holden and Lily some shots!

BLAIR: On the count of three this tequila goes down.

HOLDEN: One…two…three!

The three take the shots.

LILY: I think that is enough celebrating for me!

BLAIR: Don’t stop now.

LILY: I am a lightweight.

BLAIR: I haven’t had this much fun since…well since I owned my own nightclub. I feel like I made some new friends tonight.

LILY: Us too.

HOLDEN: We should get going. Lily has another big day tomorrow.

BLAIR: Oh yeah you have a new fashion company…With the Reva hounds daughter right?

LILY: ...Yeah, Marah.

HOLDEN: They are good people.

Blair gives them a doubtful look.

LILY: Maybe I can be a bridge between you and Reva.

Blair busts out laughing.

BLAIR: Don’t waste your time, honey. (to the bartender) Ill take one more shot for the road.

HOLDEN: Be careful getting home.

BLAIR: You guys too.

Blair takes her shot and follows them out.


Back to Sam and Trinity…

They both seem to be quiet.

TRINITY: I’d like to think that you are not uncomfortable after I read that. I just left everything I felt on the page.

SAM: I’m a little bit uncomfortable.

TRINITY: Why? You shouldn’t be?

SAM: I am a white person in America, you know.

TRINITY: I don’t feel like you are some racist for the record.

SAM: I would hope not. It’s just. People don’t like to talk about these things with each other. Especially us teenagers. I'm not use to it.

TRINITY: Is your dad going to be okay with this article. It is hella intense for a teen write up.

SAM: My dad better be okay with it. It was great.

TRINITY: Thank you Sam.

SAM: You blew me away…high five!

The teens high 5.


At the Lewis ranch

Jack is doing dishes.

JACK: This is the least I can do…and the best part is, I remember how to do it!

REVA: You really don’t have to do the dishes every night.

JACK: It’s just soap and water.

REVA: We should probably get a dishwasher but we are still country folk at heart.

JOSH: Are you heading back to the chronicle tomorrow to try and get that job?

JACK: I probably should. Truth is I feel uneasy about leaving the house and going out there into the world.

REVA: It is hard, isn’t it? Not knowing who you are.

JACK: You say that like you have experience.

REVA: That is a different story for a different time.

JACK: It is not even that though. I just still can’t help but feel like I am being watched.

JOSH: Has be hard feeling that way.

Jack, Josh and Reva start to put the dishes away.

Meanwhile, someone does turn out to be outside again!

The person is watching the house…



Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics

Written by: Nick M

Consultant: T.W.




At the police station:


Elijahs4S7es2.jpg is walking down a hall


COP#1: Hey how was your fourth?

ELIJAH: It was good. Went to a good barbecue.


Elijah walks into his office and closes the door.


ELIJAH: A great barbecue…with Eartha.


He sits down and has a flashback:


A young ElijahhTV0YB7.jpg is at his high school.


He approaches a Young EarthadrmOPl7.jpg at her locker.


YOUNG ELIJAH: Are you ready for prom tonight?

YOUNG EARTHA: I am. What time will you be picking me up?

YOUNG ELIJAH: Around six.


Elijah starts to put on a do-rag.


YOUNG EARTHA: I hope you will not be wearing that tonight.

YOUNG ELIJAH: Don’t worry I will be dressing up… Just for you.

YOUNG EARTHA: Good. I don’t like this gangsta stuff.

YOUNG ELIJAH: It’s a way of life.



They kiss.


YOUNG ELIJAH: See you tonight.


Elijah comes back to the present.


He looks on at his office wall.




At the Chic Spirit Designs building:


LilysyT12no.jpg and Marahuw4zzxO.jpg are in an office.


LILY: How are you liking your office?

MARAH: Love it. They did a good job.

LILY: I just cannot believe we are finally opened!

MARAH: Me either. Exciting to the max!

LILY: We better get down to business though.

MARAH: Let’s go chat with our employees and make day 1 a success.

LILY: Start a trend for this company.




HoldenqzW3xXi.jpg meanwhile has arrived at the town hall.


He is talking to a secretary.


SECRETARY: What is your name sir?

HOLDEN: Holden Snyder, I am here about a government job offer I received in the mail.


The secretary does some clicking at her computer and seems surprised.


SECRETARY: Ah yes, you are scheduled for an appointment.

HOLDEN: Would you happen to have any idea about what this is about?

SECRETARY: I am sorry sir, but I do not. Take a seat and you will find out shortly.



He takes a seat.




LukewKHUmY9.jpg is at his place taking a drink of water.


There is a knock at his door.


It is BenhpuRnqB.jpg.


LUKE: Ben…good to see you again.

BEN: Even better to see you.

LUKE: What brings you by?

BEN: Well, to be honest I remembered what time your lunch breaks are and decided to give it a shot and see if you were home.

LUKE: Great timing, just got here.

BEN: Fantastic…so are you going to invite me in?

LUKE: Yes of course. Come in.


Ben happily walks inside and looks around.




JackvOj8nas.png meanwhile, is getting out of a Taxi in front of the Union Creek Chronicle Building.


JACK: Reva gave you the money right?

DRIVER: She did.

JACK: Shes just the sweetest. Thank you.


Jack gets out and goes inside the building.


Jack talks to the girl at the front desk before GaryU16ieWO.jpg approaches him.


GARY: How can we help you?

JACK: I am looking for the guy in charge. Todd Manning.

GARY: He is not fully in charge and he is also out at the moment. Sorry.

JACK: Crap. Do you know when he will be back?

GARY: I am not sure. He likes to disappear. What is your name and how can I help you?

JACK: I am just a man, here for a job!


He shoots Gary a smile




Elijah continues to have flashbacks from High school:


The teenage Elijah and Eartha are walking out of their prom dance.


YOUNG ELIJAH: So did you have fun?

YOUNG EARTHA: It was rad


They get in Elijah’s car.


Eartha sees Elijahs do-rag in the backseat.


YOUNG EARTHA: Don’t you think it is time to get rid of that do-rag. You are about to graduate you should not keep wearing it.

YOUNG ELIJAH: What do you have against it? You act like I should go be a goody two shoes cop or something.

YOUNG EARTHA: Juss' shut up and kiss me.

YOUNG ELIJAH: You want to make out?

YOUNG EARTHA: Maybe even a little more.


Eartha turns on his radio


“Real Love” by Mary J Blige is playing


The two teenagers start to make out.


Elijah puts his seat back.


Eartha gets on top of him and the two continue to make out.


YOUNG EARTHA: Fitting song.

YOUNG ELIJAH: You think so?

YOUNG EARTHA: Yes, because I love you Elijah. I really do.

YOUNG ELIJAH: You know I love you too. I always have.


They go back to kissing.


Eartha unbuttons and unzips his pants.


She starts to go down on him…




Elijah comes back to the PRESENT.


ELIJAH: What a time…




Daniellei6d48e4.jpg and Malik8sKuFN5.jpg are at Chic Spirit designs.


MARAH: Are you two ready to officially sign your contracts?

MALIK: We are mam.

MARAH: Oh god, please call me Marah!

DANI: I never thought I would be so excited about modeling, but I am!

LILY: I am pleased to hear that and so happy you showed up.

MARAH: And you both are becoming the official faces of Chic Spirit! This is a big deal.

MALIK: This is huge.

DANI: It is going to be fun.

LILY: It sure is.




Holden is now in a room talking to someone.


HOLDEN: So you are a member of the Union Creek city council?

COUNCILMAN: I am. Thank you for accepting our interview.

HOLDEN: It was out of the blue.

COUNCILMAN: I'm sure it was unexpected but we were told you were the right man for the job.

HOLDEN: May I ask what kind of job this is?

COUNCILMAN: It is a public funding job.


HOLDEN: …And what exactly is that?

COUNCILMAN: We are looking for a small group of businessmen to take on the task of finding new ways to come up with and manage money for this town to get new places and events. We are hoping to really get this place moving.

HOLDEN: It actually sounds fun.

COUNCILMAN: I think so too.

HOLDEN: But can I ask…why me?




Cut to Ben and Luke. They are sitting together on the couch.


BEN: I sense your nerves kicking up already.

LUKE: Yeah, sorry..

BEN: Why do you get so nervous around me?

LUKE: I have not felt this way for a long time.

BEN: Felt…which way?

LUKE: Like I am so into you…and you are so into me…and we should just be leaping on each other.

BEN: Crazy, because I feel the exact same way and you know this.


LUKE: Oh I sure felt that the other day.

BEN: But why do you fight it?

LUKE: I…I’m afraid of this feeling. I do not know how to act.

BEN: I say you should act like you are going to give in. I think you will with all this attention showering I have been giving you.

LUKE: Been a crazy good feeling…


Ben suddenly kisses Luke while holding Lukes face in his hands tightly




At the Chronicle:


Jack and Gary are still talking.


GARY: You still have not told me who you are.

JACK: Can’t you see…I am a friend of Todds and I want a job interview.

GARY: Odd that you won’t tell me your name…but want an interview…

JACK: More like…Odd that you want to know my name so bad…

GARY: I don’t think that is odd at all! When you meet someone new it is customary actually.

JACK: Actually…I think I should just go. Tell Todd that a…J…was here.


GARY: Jay? J-A-Y?

JACK: Nope, just the letter J! I have somewhere else I should go. Please just let him know.

GARY: Sure.


Jack exits in a hurry


GARY: What a basket case.




Holden is still with the councilman.


COUNCILMAN: I really hope you will consider this offer. The salary is good and not to mention you were handpicked by the mayor for this position.

HOLDEN: I was what?!

COUNCILMAN: Handpicked by the mayor.

HOLDEN: I don’t even know the mayor.

COUNCILMAN: That’s surprising to hear. Mayor Woods must be fond of you to hand pick you.

HOLDEN: I don’t know what to say.

COUNCILMAN: Just say you’ll accept.

HOLDEN: I’ll get back to you. Thank you very much.


They shake hands and Holden exits.


HOLDEN: What is going on?




At chic spirit:


LILY: Dani come with me. I want you to see some of the designs.

DANI: Awesome!

MARAH: And Malik you can come with me to my office. I have something special lined up for you.

MALIK: That’s what’s up!


Marah and Malik go to Marahs office.


MARAH: Go ahead and take a seat.


Malik sits down.


Marah proceeds to start to undress!


She takes off her blouse.


She then also takes off her pants and sits on Maliks lap.


MALIK: Woah boss! What are you doing?

MARAH: Giving you a raise…


She starts to kiss along his neck. He is liking it.


He gives in and kisses her.


He lifts her up and sets her on her desk!


He takes off his shirt.




MALIK: Are you okay, Marah?

MARAH: Oh yes…sorry. Just working something out in my head.

MALIK: What something special did you have for me?

MARAH: Well, our first big photo shoot will be exclusively you in the photos! We are starting a mens line right away.

MALIK: Wow. I love all this faith you guys have in me (grins)


Marah looks on nervously




At Lukes place:


Luke and Ben are making out on Lukes couch.


Ben grabs Lukes hand with his own and places it right between Bens legs.


LUKE: Okay, okay! You win.

BEN: What was that?

LUKE: You win!


Luke takes off his shirt and Ben takes off his own.


The intensity of the moment picks up as their kisses become faster.


Ben takes off Lukes pants before taking off his own.


BEN: You sure you are ready for me?

LUKE: I’m ready.


Ben bends Luke over on the side of the couch and stands up behind him…




Elijah takes out an old picture of himself and Eartha from their high school prom.


ELIJAH: I need to just go back to staying away from Eartha. For my own good.


There is a knock at the door

ELIJAH: Come in!


It is Jack.


Elijah puts away the picture.


JACK: I had to come and see you. I need to know, man. What is up with the investigation into whoever held me captive?

ELIJAH: Hey man, unfortunately we do not have any leads. I am really sorry.

JACK: What are you doing about that? ...Other than gazing at pictures.

ELIJAH: We have looked into all we could.

JACK: I had to walk here. I cannot be just going around town all paranoid that whoever was holding me, and I escaped from, is still out looking for me. I guess I will have to keep it up though!


ELIJAH: How about I get you an armed guard?

JACK: No thanks. I am not that desperate.


They both let out sighs




ToddGlwrDfU.jpg has arrived back at the union creek chronicle building:


TODD: Did I miss anything good while I was at lunch?

GARY: Some very nutcase like man came in looking for a job. He said he knew you and his name was the letter J, but that is not important.

TODD: …Okay…what is important?

GARY: Something you are going to love….


Gary pulls out a check.


GARY: The old boss has a proposition for you.

TODD: If it involves him giving me lots of money I am all ears.

GARY: It does. He wants you to have this check he wrote out on behalf of his company.


GARY: There is more where this came from once you track down the document.

TODD: Why couldn’t he have just done this from the start?! Instead of asinine contracts? Ask him that. Seriously.

GARY: Does this mean you will actually work on this now?

TODD: I vow to do whatever it takes to find this ridiculous document.


Gary shoots him a look.


TODD: Sorry. Meant to say this ridiculously important document!

GARY: Excellent.


Gary hands him the check…







*I do not own any non original character nor any pics.



Cut to a 4th of July BBQ set up outside of the Davis house.


LilyZ1PX6F3.jpg, HoldenpdPlHmZ.jpg and Luke1MDyQiZ.jpg are also over from next door.


They sit at a table with TrinityVb4DR6W.jpg and her little sister.


LILY: I wish your parents would let us help with something.

HOLDEN: Yeah I would certainly help. I feel like bringing over chips isn’t enough.

TRINITY: They are overachievers.


MorrisuRzveHn.jpg meanwhile is at the grill grilling some burgers and some chicken.


Eartha61VOVFT.jpg brings him over some lemonade.


EARTHA: Here you go babe.

MORRIS: I’d prefer a soda.

EARTHA: Okay…we are going to get along today right?

MORRIS: There is a lot of people around…why wouldn’t we?


MORRIS: Who else is coming?

EARTHA: Just a few more coworkers and friends.


MalikJWMuK4e.jpg looks towards his parents and shakes his head.


Luke is up getting something to drink.


LUKE: Everything okay Malik?

MALIK: Could be better.

LUKE: Sorry to hear that.

MALIK: Oh well. The food will help.

LUKE: And the drinks...don't forget the drinks.




RevaqCxN31U.jpg and JoshZQjPt45.jpg arrive at their ranch with



JOSH: Aren’t you happy to be out of the hospital?

REVA: I hope you like your room here.

JACK: I am. Hard to not beat the last one. One never gets use to the smell of mop water and medicine in those rooms.


They enter and Marahs4Qs2X7.jpg is there.


MARAH: Hey guys!

JOSH: Hello Marah, glad you could make it!


She hugs her parents.


REVA: And this is Jack. He will be living with us for awhile.

JOSH: Jack this is our daughter Marah. She is joining us for a little Independence Day dinner.

JACK: Nice to meet you

MARAH: Nice to meet you too. Glad you are back on your feet.


They shake hands.


JACK: Me too. Your parents tell you all about me? Don’t feel sorry for me I refuse to be a martyr.

MARAH: They did and it’s awful. Also read about it online in the local news.

JACK: Glad that article was a hit. I just hope the wrong people didn’t read it…




Cut to ZackPdjf3eu.jpg and Samr5yAfD2.jpg


They are outside in a yard. Music is blaring from inside the house.


SAM: I don’t think I want to be here.

ZACK: I know you are the partying type. Do not even try and play me.

SAM: I can be…but not with a bunch of strangers.

ZACK: It is just a bunch of people from school.

SAM: Fine but I am not staying too long!


The two boys head inside.


AnneuKeCzCw.jpg is there and Sam and Zack both spot her.


SAM: Sure... People from school alright. I see why you wanted to come here!

ZACK: Okay Anne being here is a little bit of a perk.


Cory SutterJ8nZbMC.jpg is also there however. He and his friends are with Anne and Mandy.


ZACK: But where there is Anne there is Cory.

SAM: Are they an item?

ZACK: I hope not. Either way I have to do something about it..




Blairj8Nygf1.jpg is blindfolded in a car. ToddPKmJwKr.jpg is driving and parks it somewhere.


BLAIR: We are finally stopping?


BLAIR: That was a long ride. Where are we?

TODD: You are going to love it.


Todd takes off her blindfold.


She looks around at the beautiful country side surrounded by mountains.


The sun is setting over some of the mountains.



TODD: Fantastic isn’t it?

BLAIR: It's breath taking.

TODD: And that isn’t it.


He gets out of the car and takes out a basket and a blanket out of the back seat.


BLAIR: A picnic! You have outdone yourself, Todd.

TODD: You can’t believe it can you?

BLAIR: I can’t. You’ve been so busy with work and all.

TODD: I still got it Blair.

He sets up the blanket. He takes out some candles.


TODD: I have covered everything.

BLAIR: I’m amazed. I love it!


Blair hugs him.




Elijahph84VJq.jpg has arrived at the BBQ.


Morris who is still grilling is starting to take the burgers off of the grill.


He spots Elijah arriving and he seems pissed!


MORRIS: Oh hell no!


Eartha greets Elijah.


EARTHA: You actually made it! I didn’t think you would.

ELIJAH: I was able to get away for a few.

EARTHA: That makes me so happy.


Eartha and Elijah hug. Morris who is behind them at a distance is staring a hole through them.


Cut to Luke, Lily and Holden.


LUKE: Your big day is tomorrow mom.

LILY: Can’t wait to get to work!

LUKE: I am ecstatic for you!

HOLDEN: She is gonna love it.

LILY: Holden may have some work of his own.

LUKE: Coming back to the working world?


HOLDEN: I am, but its top secret work.

LUKE: What are you talking about?

LILY: He’s right so top secret he doesn't even know what the job is! (laughs)


MORRIS: You all can help yourself to burgers.

HOLDEN: Thank you!


Everyone gets up and starts to get food.


Elijah and Morris get closer to one another.


ELIJAH: Hi Morris. How are you?

MORRIS: Elijah… (walks off)


Morris pulls Eartha aside


MORRIS: What is he doing here?

EARTHA: I invited him.

MORRIS: Well no sh*t, but I asked why...

EARTHA: Not now Morris.


Cut to Malik and Trinity


MALIK: So lil sis got a summer job?

TRINITY: I did. I even get to write some articles! I am in heaven about that.

MALIK: So proud of you, sis.


They spot their mom and dad having an increasingly heated talk in the distance.


MALIK: Oh no they are at it now?

TRINITY: The wannabe real house wife and husband of Union Creek. I hope this doesn’t spill out in public…




At the Lewis Ranch:


Marah, Josh, Reva and Jack are eating dinner.


REVA: How’s the food Jack?

JOSH: Some southern style home cookin’ from Reva.

JACK: It is great. (gives his best southern accent) Compared to the food I’ve had at the hospital and while held captive, it is the bees knees.

MARAH: I think it was awesome of you mom to bring Jack here.

REVA: I have my good moments.


JOSH: I honestly wasn’t so sure about this at first but I think I can warm up to you, Jack

JACK: (Southern accent again) You reckon?

JOSH: I reckon.

REVA: I just hope that you will feel comfortable here.

JACK: I think I will. I do appreciate all this. Really.




The sun has gone down as Todd and Blair now have their picnic in the moon light.


The candles giving off light.


BLAIR: You have not only surprised me, but I think you have surprised yourself with all of this.

TODD: You know Blair, sometimes ideas just hit me. Genius ones at that.


Todd pours her another glass of wine.


BLAIR: How did you get yourself to not stress over work tonight? Aren’t you supposed to be investigating something with your co-worker, Gary.

TODD: Please do not bring up work and especially don’t bring up that pain in my a** Gary. I want this to be a good night.

BLAIR: Sorry forget I mentioned it. Let’s talks about us. Actually, let’s not talk at all.


She kisses him




At the party:

The music is blaring as the beers are flowing into teens mouths.


Zack is dancing with MandylWSzpcs.jpg.


MANDY: I am shocked that you have some moves…well one move. Swaying. (Laughs)

ZACK: Oh you are just hilarious. Because you are just a regular back up dancer for Beyoncé.

MANDY: Whatever Zachery.


The song stops playing and the two stop dancing.


MANDY: Thank you for the dance anyway.

ZACK: Any time Motor Mouth.


She grabs a beer and walks off.


Zack goes and finds Sam who is sitting down looking bored out of his mind.


SAM: ...Can I go home yet? The neighbors across the street are having a barbecue and sure, I wasn’t invited because my family has made themselves the outcasts on the block, but I still would love to go sneak in.

ZACK: Not yet, please. I need you to go and distract Cory so I can dance with Anne.

SAM: Oh you just want me to go distract the big burly football star?

ZACK: Yes.

SAM: Fine…but then I’m out!




“Power trip” by J Cole starts to play:



[:00] The BBQ continues. Holden and Lily are eating. Holden grabs Lilys hand and squeezes it before lifting it up and kissing her hand.


Luke gets a text on his phone. It is from Ben wishing him a happy 4th of July! Luke smiles wide.


[:16] Trinity takes a sip of her lemonade. She gazes across the street towards Sams/the Manning house.


Elijah is sitting next to Malik and a few nurses from the hospital.


ELIJAH: Excuse me I have to make a phone call.


Elijah calls his son, Terrance...


[:31] Morris walks inside the house. He takes a bottle of whiskey out of a cupboard. He takes a drink straight from the bottle. He pours a large amount into his glass of soda and takes a nice, long drink of it.


He looks back outside on Eartha eating alone. Trinity goes and sits by her. Morris makes his way back outside and sits by Eartha and Trinity who both do not look pleased that he is sitting there.


[:57] At the party, Sam is talking to Cory and his friends. His friends are passing a joint of marijuana around.


CORY: You seem so bored here. You need a hit.

SAM: You really going to give me one, I thought you didn’t like me?

CORY: I don’t even know you.

FRIEND #1: Here you go. It is legal in Colorado you know.

SAM: Yeah, not for high schoolers, but I would love some!


Sam gets the joint and takes a nice big hit off of it coughing a bit afterwards.


[1:22] Zack is with Anne


ZACK: Want to dance Anne?

ANNE: Yeah, why not..


The two start to dance together. As they are dancing Zack is trying to get closer and closer to her.


[1:34] Cut back to Sam taking another hit of weed!


CORY: Don’t be stingy now! Like it?

SAM: I think I needed this. It has been too long since I’ve had some.


He turns around and sees Zack and Anne dancing and busts out laughing.


SAM: Right on.


[1:48] Mandy is getting another drink. She sees Anne and Zack dancing too and isn’t all that thrilled about it.


As Zack and Anne are dancing he finally gets close enough to where she is grinding on him. Zack is nothing but thrilled. She turns around and their necks and faces are close together. Both seemingly much into the dancing.


[2:14] Out in the moonlight, Todd moves the wine and the candles. He and Blair are making out. He pushes her down onto the blanket.


BLAIR: Are we really going to do this, Todd. Do you not think we are too old?

TODD: Never, Blair.


Todd takes off her shirt and then her bra.


He starts kissing up on her neck as Blair then takes off his shirt.


Todd sticks his hand down her pants before unbuttoning them.


They both continue to undress as Fireworks start to go off in the distance over the mountains.


Todd and Blair are making love under the moonlight and the light from the fire works…


[2:45] Fireworks continue to go off beautifully lighting up the sky!






Marah hugs her parents again.


REVA: See you later. Good luck tomorrow.

MARAH: Thank you so much.


Marah is making her way to her car as she sees the fireworks going off in the distance.


The light from the fireworks reveals someone in the nearby bushes.


That someone watches Marah get in her car and drive away.


The person then gets up and looks into the window at Jack, Josh and Reva…




Credits roll


I do not own any non original characters nor any pics *





Malik is at home

He is looking over some of his modeling pictures from the modeling contest.

MALIK: I am shocked that they chose me. I look straight up goofy!

He hears some arguing going on from the other room.

MALIK: Every time those two come home they bicker…not today!

Malik gets up and enters his parents bedroom.

Morris3cWUpNG.jpg and EarthaoVqMMGz.jpg stop arguing and look at him

MALIK: Look I know you have never liked us in your room, but—

MORRIS: --Oh it is not OUR room anymore. Your mother has practically moved into the guest room!

MALIK: Exactly and I would love to know WHY?

EARTHA: It’s a long story.

MALIK: I have all day. I don’t start my job for a few days.

MORRIS: I do not want to drag you kids into this.

MALIK: I am far from a kid anymore. Tell me what has gone so wrong the last two years between you two? It has been hell in this house.

EARTHA: I am sorry we have been so hellish to live with.

MORRIS: All I have to say is blame your mother.

EARTHA: He is only blaming me because he cannot handle his own issues. I will tell you all about them, son!


Outside of the house, SamIXUDKlk.jpg and TrinityFjcmtWu.jpg are talking.

TRINITY: Please get me out of here?

SAM: Everything okay?

TRINITY: Sure other than the fact that my family is so annoying.

SAM: I am glad you want to go somewhere…because I do have a surprise for you. (grins)

Trinity cuts her eyes at Sam suspiciously

SAM: You will be happy!

TRINITY: Fine. I will come with you. Besides, I need to get out of this wind. Messing up my curls. I so need to get a relaxer.

SAM: A what?

TRINITY: Nothing white boy let’s just go..

They get into the car.


At union creek high:

ZackHj9LueF.jpg runs into MandyY5NGrK4.jpg in the halls.

MANDY: Only you would volunteer to come to this school in the summer. Nerd.

ZACK: And what are you doing here?

MANDY: Just had a cheerleading meeting. I’ll leave you to your nerdiness now.

ZACK: Whatever motor mouth Mandy! Go tell the town you saw me here.

Zack walks into Miss MorganswcOMwwt.jpg classroom.

MISS MORGAN: Thanks for volunteering to help tutor math.

ZACK: It is no problem. I like to help people with this subject.

MISS MORGAN: Will your new friend Sam be coming? I told him he should.

ZACK: I doubt it. For some reason he is happy with his C’s.


At HoldenB12rLCL.jpg and LilysGxjDXaA.jpg house:

HOLDEN: I see you grinning over there.

LILY: Twas a good night.

HOLDEN: It sure was.

He sees the mail from the Colorado government on the table.

HOLDEN: I didn’t get to tell you something last night

Kisses her neck

HOLDEN: When you…

Kisses her shoulder

HOLDEN: …Walked on over…

Runs his hands down her back

HOLDEN: …Pushed me down on the bed…

He gazes into her eyes

HOLDEN: ….And seduced me, Mrs Snyder

He kisses her on her lips

LILY: Keep this up and we are ending right back on the bed, but what did you not get to tell me?

HOLDEN: I got mail about a job offer at some new local government program

LILY: Government?

HOLDEN: Yeah I was surprised too..


At the hospital: A nurse is in with JackbffG7QW.png

NURSE: You get out tomorrow. Do you know where you are going to go yet?

JACK: I gain back my independence on Independence Day. How ironic is that? Now of course ill be living that independence in some back alley I am sure but who cares. Not this hospital!

NURSE: That is not true.

RevaQNqPFVC.jpg and Josh37d0CRD.jpg enter

JOSH: Are you two talking about where Jack is going when he is released?

NURSE: We were

JACK: You two again…

REVA: Yes us two and you don’t have to worry about where you are going. You are moving in with us!

Jack looks at them both and side eyes them.


Zack and Miss Morgan are going over some lesson plans.

MISS MORGAN: I will go over the examples and then you can help some of the students individually.

Anneut7w5Et.jpg walks in

ZACK: Perfect.

MISS MORGAN: Thanks again.

Zack seems excited now that Anne has arrived,

Miss Morgan starts handing out papers.

ZACK: The real reason I am doing this.

Zack waves to Anne and she waves back


Sam has taken Trinity to the Union Creek Chronicle. They are parked outside.

TRINITY: Doesn’t your dad own this place.

SAM: He does and I have gotten us a summer job here!

TRINITY: For real?

SAM: I am not playin’

TRINITY: That is awesome! Thank you so much!

SAM: Well lets go in.

They get out and walk inside.

Luke SnyderWw4M3XS.jpg greets them.

LUKE: Todd is out right now, but he wanted me to show you both around.

TRINITY: Are we actually going to get to write and all that?

LUKE: Todd says you both will have two student articles each this summer.

TRINITY: This is dope!

SAM: I am excited that you are excited.

TRINITY: You don’t even know.

Garyeb8N17w.jpg comes out and spots them.

GARY: Hello new co workers

LUKE: This is Trinity and Sam


GARY: Hello…Sam, Todds son right? (smirks)

SAM: That’s me

Gary shakes his hand..


Cut to Lily and Holden

Holden hands Lily the letter he got in the mail.

LILY: This seems strange to me. Did you apply for a government job?

HOLDEN: I sure didn’t

LILY: You should call one of these numbers.

HOLDEN: I would rather just go to the interview.

LILY: I hope it is not some kind of scam.

She looks over the letter


In Jacks hospital room:

JACK: What do you mean I am moving in with you? I thought you guys didn’t know me from my…my past life or whatever..

JOSH: We don’t

REVA: We just thought it was a good idea.

JOSH: Well, she thought it was a good idea. I find it kind of weird, myself.

REVA: You will enjoy our ranch. You will have a room to yourself.

JACK: A ranch…will there be animals?

JOSH: We have a few.

JACK: I don’t know about this.

REVA: Sure beats living in some back alley don’t you think?

JACK: Look guys I may not remember my life, but I still have the feeling that I do not do good with animals.

REVA: You won’t even see them.

JOSH: I am sure he just needs time to think about it, Reva.

REVA: Think long and hard.


At the Davis house:

EARTHA: Are you sure you really want to know what is up, Malik?

MALIK: Yes, I do mom.

EARTHA: Your father here has many issues. He cannot handle life and deals with it through outbursts with himself.

MORRIS: Do you want to know why I cannot handle life? Because your mother has made it a living hell. She is the one who has this house on fire.

EARTHA: What has happened to you Morris? You have gotten weak.

MORRIS: I don’t even know you anymore so you are one to talk! Or did I ever know you? (yells) Huh?! Did I?!

EARTHA: We better leave the room Malik. I am sure he is about to turn to his precious alcohol.

MORRIS: Leave Eartha! It is about time since we have been living a lie for twenty years!

Malik sighs


Cut to Miss Morgans classroom

MISS MORGAN: I want to welcome you all to summer algebra tutoring!

Most of the class groans

MISS MORGAN: I promise it will not be so bad and it will help your grades for this coming year and beyond.

Miss Morgan is about to close the door, but Cory1AFfTqY.jpg walks in late.

MISS MORGAN: You are late Cory

CORY: I know. I am sorry Miss Morgan but I had a prior engagement.

MISS MORGAN: It is okay. Just Find a seat.

Zack looks up to see Cory sit next to Anne

His smile quickly turns to a frown.


Gary and Luke are giving Sam and Trinity a tour around the Chronicle building.

LUKE: I think we covered everything.

GARY: We have

SAM: So when do we get to start?

LUKE: You will have to ask your dad that.

TRINITY: This is thrilling.

LUKE: I like this passion. Show that in your articles. Choose something you are passionate about.

TRINITY: Oh I will.

GARY: We need to get back to work now.

LUKE: Okay, Okay Gary. See you both next time.

TRINITY: Thank you so much for this!

Trinity hugs Sam in all her excitement


Back to Holden and Lily:

LILY: Will you please call one of these numbers first before meeting with them.

HOLDEN: I checked the numbers and they do belong to some local government offices.

LILY: Hm, this is intriguing.

HOLDEN: Sure is. I just wonder why they chose me and are reaching out to me.

LILY: I am sure they have good reason. If this is on the up and up I am thrilled for you! I felt bad that you moved here just for me.

HOLDEN: I have to admit I am pretty exhilarated by this prospect.


Back in Jacks hospital room:

REVA: So did you think it over?

JACK: Oh yes You have given me all of two minutes to think about moving in with strangers.

REVA: Not to be rude, but to you everyone is a stranger right now

JOSH: Go easy on him!

REVA: I just want to help the man out.

JACK: I do appreciate it.

REVA: So you will stop being stubborn and move to the ranch?

JACK: Do I have a choice?


JACK: I can see that. Then sure. I will try it out.

Josh looks on still uneasy


The Davis house:

MORRIS: Your mother married me for her career and that is all.

EARTHA: I am sick of you saying that!

MALIK: I think I made a mistake coming in here.

MORRIS: It is true Eartha and You know it!

EARTHA: Sick of this and sick of you!

Eartha exits the room.

MALIK: So this a bad time to ask if tomorrows July 4th Barbecue is still on?

MORRIS: Very funny.

MALIK: Wish I could lighten this mood, but no chance of that.

MORRIS: I’m sorry you had to hear that.

MALIK: I am a grown man now I can handle it, but some advice dad. You two need to figure your sh*t out.

Malik pats Morris on the back and exits as well.

Morris closes the bedroom door.

He takes out a bottle of cognac from a dresser drawer.

He sits on the bed and starts to drink straight from the bottle…


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics



Daniellexzik4Mc.jpg closes her door. Sam0bB7AaP.jpg has arrived.

DANIELLE: Hello Lil bro.

SAM: Hey big sis.

DANIELLE: It is good that you finally came and visit me. A welcome visit compared to some of the others.

SAM: My mom and Todd meant no harm.

DANIELLE: Anyway… how have you been?

SAM: I am doing good. School is out for the summer. Probably going to get a summer job.

DANIELLE: Good for you. I just got a new job myself. A modeling job.

SAM: You a model? Do they know it’s all make up…

DANIELLE: Ha ha very funny.

SAM: Nah I am happy for you sis.

They hug.


ToddgvYdV30.jpg is walking towards the Union Creek chronicle building.

TODD: Why did I have to forget something? …I know that damn Gary is going to still be here and pop up and want to talk.

Todd walks in the building and looks around…

TODD: Phew. Coast is clear.

He starts to make his way to his office, but GaryTJxQdkl.jpg comes out of his cubicle and spots Todd.

GARY: Todd you are back!

TODD: (groans) You are getting predictable.

GARY: We should talk in your office.

TODD: Should we though? Should we really?

GARY: Yes, my almost boss.

They walk inside his office and Todd closes the door.

TODD: I already know what you are going to say…we must find the document, blah blah blah. So you can own the paper, blah, blah, blah.

GARY: Took the words right out of my mouth. Don’t you want to own this place? It was part of the contract. You seem to forget that you have to do this.

TODD: Yes, I know this by now.

GARY: So did you go over those papers I gave you.

TODD: Yes. Yes I did.

GARY: What did you think?

TODD: Well um, I thought it was…interesting.

GARY: And so what did you do with that info?

TODD:…A lot.

GARY: You didn’t even go over them did you?

TODD: I have been working on a big story! We do news, remember?

GARY: You need to buckle down. Do you realize that you are running out of time to own this place? Because you are. Time is ticking down.


At hjgMFG0.jpgMarah’s place:

Lily8qehm0i.jpg, HoldenPdbfC2Y.jpg, RevakxnHV18.jpg and

JoshBjSoNOH.jpg are all there.

MARAH: Thank you all for coming.

LILY: Thank you for having this here.

HOLDEN: A celebration to the opening of Chic Spirit, I like it.

MARAH: We had to do something.

REVA: You are starting to take after me.

MARAH: Dad, tell her not to say that (laughs)

JOSH: You are though. Doing big things.

REVA: And enjoying big bashes.

LILY: Well Holden and I brought some champagne. So we are going to do this right.

MARAH: Thank you so much!

HOLDEN: Let me pop it open!

Holden pops the cork…



At Bens place:

BenF700wI1.jpg pushes LukeybdNfLK.jpg down onto the bed.

LUKE: You’re wild.

Luke tries to resist and stand up but Ben pushes him back onto the bed.

BEN: Do not resist. I know the attraction is mutual.

(Whispers in Luke’s ear) Why fight it?

Ben takes off his shirt and gets on top of Luke.

Ben then takes off Lukes shirt..

Luke gives in and the two start to make out.

Ben turns Luke over face down onto the bed…

Ben kisses on the side of Lukes neck.

LUKE: You are so hot.

BEN: So are you. And don’t you forget it.

Ben reaches around and unbuttons Luke's pants.

He unzips them and starts to pull them down.

He gives Luke a smack on the ass.

BEN: Now go ahead. Take off mine.

Luke turns around and faces Ben. Luke seems nervous..

He unbuttons Bens jeans and starts to pull them down…


Marah, Reva, Josh, Holden and Lily sip on some champagne.

REVA: This was a good buy.

HOLDEN: I know a lil something.

JOSH: I want to make a toast.

They all raise their glasses

JOSH: To my hard working daughter and her magnificent partner, Lily! Chic Fashions is about to kick off! To its success!

LILY: Yes sir!

They all take a drink.

MARAH: I am so excited for this. It is what I have been working towards my entire adult life.

LILY: I am happy to be a part of this. We are going to kick butt!


At Bens:

Ben turns Luke back over.

He starts to rub down Lukes back.

He is about to take down Lukes underwear, but Luke turns around and stands up.


LUKE: I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

BEN: What is wrong?

LUKE: I am just not ready for this Ben..

BEN: It was going so well. Are you really going to be a tease?

LUKE: I don’t mean to be a tease. I really don’t. I'm just... I am not use to something developing this fast.

BEN: I must have come on too strong.

LUKE: It is certainly something that doesn’t happen to me often.

BEN: I like to get to the point.

LUKE: And I appreciate it. I have just learned that something that develops fast ends badly.

BEN: I respect how you feel.

LUKE: Thank you for being understanding.

They both start to get dressed.


At the Union Creek Chronicle:

TODD: Gary, I am tired of this mystery document nonsense.

GARY: You haven’t even done anything for this investigation though! Hell the only thing you have done so far is finally learn my name...And that took weeks!

TODD: That is progress….Gary, this whole thing is just vague and quite frankly getting sketchy. What kind of document am I looking for?

GARY: YOU have been looking for nothing. I am looking for a document that the ex owner wants us to find.

TODD: Well I am getting ready to just sue the ex owner at this point for one ridiculous contract!

GARY: A contract that you signed…Listen I have been doing the brunt work on this. For you by the way.

TODD: Well you are doing well. I guess you don’t need me after all.

GARY: However! …I am going to need your help when more is known.

TODD: Sure. Whatever. I’ll be happy to help (fake smiles)


At Danielles place

DANI: So did you do good at this new school?

SAM: I probably could have done better but I didn’t do bad.

DANI: That doesn’t sound all that well.

SAM: I am a B student.

DANI: Stop half a**ing your work.

SAM: Enough about me. I want to talk about you…and Todd.

DANI: no! no!

SAM: But I—

DANI: --No Todd talk.

SAM: Can you at least hear me out, sis?

DANI: I am sick of everyone wanting to talk to me about Todd Manning!


A fully dressed Luke and Ben are now in Bens front room.

LUKE: I am sorry for ending that so abruptly in there.

BEN: You have apologized enough.

LUKE: I just hope I didn’t make things awkward between us, because I do not want to do that.

BEN: I promise it is all good. Do not worry about me. I am a big boy.

LUKE: Yes…that you are..

LUKE: I…I guess I should go.

BEN: Will you be in touch?

LUKE: Yes. I promise.

BEN: Good.

Luke starts to leave

BEN: Oh and…next time we are alone together….be prepared because you are not getting out of here this easily again. I am going to be hard on you (smirks)

LUKE: Noted.

Luke exits and goes to his car.

He sits there for a bit.

He wipes some sweat from his brow and turns on the air conditioning before driving off.


Holden and Lily arrive home.

LILY: That was so cool of Marah.

HOLDEN: I think you have yourself a good partner.

LILY: We really get along.

HOLDEN: What every partnership needs most in my opinion.

Holden grabs the mail before they head inside.

LILY: I am excited for this opening!

Lily hugs Holden.

HOLDEN: Happy for you Lily.

Holden and Lily kiss.

LILY: I do need to get out of these shoes though.

She walks off.

Something in the mail intrigues Holden.

Mail with his name on it from the Colorado Government..

HOLDEN: What could this be?

Holden opens it.

HOLDEN: What? A job offer?

He is looks on at the letter.


Reva and Josh are in their car. Josh is driving.

Reva is laughing.

REVA: I think those people are great!

JOSH: Yeah the Snyder family are good people.

REVA: Well yeah, them too.

JOSH: What people are you talking about?

REVA: The people that made that champagne! (laughs)

JOSH: Yeah you did like that. I think you had one glass too many.

REVA: (gets a serious face) Maybe so Joshua. Maybe so. (laughs)

They arrive home and park the car.

JOSH: Need help in?

REVA: I can walk!

They get out and go inside.

Meanwhile a car arrives and parks a little bit away from the ranch house…


The person inside is not shown.

There is a pair of binoculars on the passenger’s seat…


At Danielle's place:

SAM: Do not get annoyed so easily.

DANI: Sorry If I got snappy.

SAM: Just hear me out please…I have had a rough relationship with Todd growing up. You and I do share the same man as our father.

DANI: Yup. Victor will forever be our father.

SAM: Yes he will, but the thing is I felt the same way as you but I was just younger and I lived with Todd and I had time to get use to the guy. Sure my mom helped a lot.

DANI: Blair is a saint for staying with him.

SAM: He is not a bad guy, Dani. Just takes some getting use to. Rough around the edges and all that. So I think that you should not completely shut him out. I will leave now though I do not want to piss you off.

DANI: You are not pissing me off. I really do appreciate your visit. Come over more often.

SAM: I will.

The siblings hug before he leaves


At the Union Creek Chronicle:

Gary is alone at his cubicle

He makes a phone call

GARY: Hello…yeah. I am still having a hard time with Todd. Yes I know…I know that we need Todd in charge of this case, because if there is any trouble. Todd can take the fall..

Gary looks on…

Meanwhile in Todds office:

Todd takes a look at the paper and the article on Jack.

TODD: Good work like this is what keeps me interested in this job.

Pan up the wall to a hole in that wall…

Inside that hole there is a camera…


Cut to someone’s hand ending a call on a cell phone.

That someone is watching a monitor and on that monitor is Todd on camera in his office…


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.



LukenjFf5DI.jpg is at the union Creek chronicle.

He is walking out of the building when he gets a call on his cell.

He looks at his phone and its an incoming call from BenVKZsAlT.jpg.

LUKE: Hello

BEN: Luke…I am glad you answered. I was afraid you were busy at work or something.

LUKE: I was just about to take a late lunch break actually.

BEN: Perfect. You should come and eat here.

LUKE: Um…and where is that?

BEN: At my new place in town.

LUKE: You moved in already?

BEN: Yup and I would love to show it off.

LUKE: Okay. Sounds good to me. As long as there is something to eat. I am starved.

BEN: Oh don’t worry. I have plenty for you to eat..


At the hospital:

EarthaGDhvoUr.jpg and Morris8loNp6g.jpg are at the nurses station.

NURSE: You two need some coffee before you head home?

EARTHA: You know my man always needs his coffee.

MORRIS: I do have a tad bit of an addiction.

Eartha kisses him on the cheek.

NURSE: You two are just too cute. Always making us long for a relationship like yours.

MORRIS: I guess that is just what we do.

EARTHA: (Chuckles) Yeah. Guess so.

NURSE: I better get back.

She exits.

Morris sighs.

MORRIS: And the emmy goes to…Eartha Davis.

Morris walks out of the room with his coffee.

Eartha sighs.


At Union Creek High:

Sam HvKHHBq.jpgand ZackEPl54Hj.jpg high 5 in the halls.

ZACK: Last day of school!

SAM: Summer time.

ZACK: My favorite.

SAM: I am glad I came to this school so late in the year. Made it feel like the school year went by quickly.

ZACK: How did your math final go.

SAM: That is neither here nor there.

ZACK: Well did you pass at least?

SAM: C minus is passing right.

ZACK: That’s true.

SAM: I’m just happy its summer. I am looking forward to summer break in a new town.


TeaGV8cP3g.jpg is at her daughter 8gzokU2.jpgDanielle’s place.

DANI: Mom I didn’t know you were going to be in town!

TEA: I like to be a surprise once in awhile.

DANI: This is a pleasant surprise.

Mother and daughter hug.

TEA: How is life here in Colorado?

DANI: Things are looking up!

TEA: Oh yeah? A new boy?

DANI: No Mom. No relationship.

TEA: I am happy to hear that life can look up without a boy.

DANI: Definitely. I am embarking on a new job.

Tea is intrigued


ToddO4uSBt0.jpg and BlaireVrPCXr.jpg are at the café.

TODD: I did it Blair. I found my hit story.

BLAIR: The guy in town with amnesia?

TODD: Yes. This is huge. This town is not use to something so crazy like this.

BLAIR: I don’t know this town has a hint of crazy I think, Todd.

TODD: Well that is because we moved here.

BLAIR: Touche.

BLAIR: You are hyper today are you sure you need more coffee?

TODD: I am just so pleased with this. The Jack Doe story will make everyone see that I will be a great owner of the Union Creek Chronicle. This story has to go national.

BLAIR: Didn’t you say he didn’t want to take a picture though. That is going to hinder this story.

TODD: It will Still—

BLAIR: --Oh no Todd.

TODD: (Agitated) I was talking. What Blair?

Blair points. Revaw1x0K2G.jpg and Josh1k25vU9.jpg are there.

Reva and Josh come face to face with Todd and Blair.

REVA: Isn’t this interesting. We see each other at the café again.

BLAIR: Todd, this is the b*tch that assaulted me.


Luke is at Bens place.

LUKE: Looks great from the outside.

BEN: I cant wait to show you around the inside…but first. We eat!

LUKE: I hope you didn’t make a big meal or anything.

BEN: Nothing special. Just a little chicken salad.

LUKE: I feel bad. I should have brought a house warming gift.

BEN: I gave you short notice and besides you are gift enough.

LUKE: You like to flatter me don’t you.

BEN: It is because you seem like you are not one who likes to be in the spotlight.

LUKE: Not a lot these days. Is it that obvious?

BEN: I just consider myself good at reading people.

LUKE: You impress me more and more.

BEN: But why so shy?

LUKE: It has just been awhile since I have gotten attention is all..


Eartha and Morris get home.

Silence ensues as they walk around the house setting their bags down.

Neither is saying a word to the other.

Morris sits and starts to take off his shoes.

Eartha sits down on a chair on the opposite side of the room.

Morris glares at her.

He takes a deep breath.

MORRIS: Would you like something to drink? I am going to make myself a drink.


MORRIS: Are you sure?

EARTHA: I just want to be alone, okay.

Morris gets frustrated and pounds his hand down on the table!

MORRIS: Why the hell do we even still do this!?

Morris and Eartha glare at each other…


At Danielles place:

TEA: Would it be okay if I brought up Todd?

DANI: That would be ill advised.

TEA: Okay. I respect your wishes.

DANI: Thank you. Can we go back and talk about my job prospect?

TEA: Yes. Tell me all about it.

DANI: Well so far it was just a contest. A modeling contest.

TEA: Modeling? I am surprised you want to do that?

DANI: Trust me I didn’t at first, but when I actually started posing for pictures…it became fun.

TEA: I am glad you enjoyed the contest but what about the actual job?

DANI: I should find out today. I felt confident doing it though. I think I can really enjoy this.

TEA: It is so terrific to hear to talk like this. My girl has her groove back.


At the café:

JOSH: I wish you would stop trying to push my wifes buttons.

BLAIR: Did you see what she did to me awhile back? She threw coffee on me!

JOSH: We both know that was an accident.

TODD: I don’t want a cat fight happening in here. That is bad for my public image.

BLAIR: Do you even care what she did, Todd?

TODD: If my wife says she assaulted her , she probably assaulted her then.

REVA: You were not even there! How would know?

TODD: I take her word for it.

BLAIR: It doesn’t matter what these two think. I know what happened and I am still trying to press charges.

REVA: You have to be kidding me with that.

BLAIR: Justice deserves to prevail.

JOSH: This is ridiculous! Just when you think this town is peaceful.

TODD: Can we be honest here for a second. Had that coffee that was thrown on my wife been hot and not iced it would have caused a lot of damage.

REVA: First off it was not thrown.

TODD: Okay. Tossed.

REVA: It was an accident. We physically ran into each other!

JOSH: Either way she doesn’t have a case! This is just plain stupid!

TODD: Hey! Hey! Do not raise your voice at my wife.

Todd gets in Josh’s face.


Back to the Davis Household.

EARTHA: That is a really good question. Why do we still do this? Oh that is right. The kids.

MORRIS: I don’t know Eartha. I really wondered why we ever did this? Why did we even marry.

EARTHA: Don’t even go there. Do not start and act like a victim!

MORRIS: Dammit Eartha! I am serious. I often wonder if you ever even loved me.

EARTHA: So absurd.

MORRIS: I am sure that you only married me to help with your own career.

EARTHA: Do you even hear yourself? We have been together for over twenty years. To think there was no love is asinine.

MORRIS: I know I am right.

EARTHA: The truth is and this truth might hurt Morris. I did love you. Very much so, but you have made it so hard to love over the years because I know now what I did not know then. You are one very disturbed man!

Eartha angrily walks into another room.

Morris is frustrated again and picks up a vase of flowers and throws them at the wall!


The Bell rings at school!

Students clear into the hall.

Some are shouting that school is out for the summer!

Sam gets to his locker.

Trinity5pv5ZWl.jpg is also at her locker which is next to his.

SAM: You should look more happy that it is summer time!

TRINITY: Trust me I am thrilled.

SAM: I thought I was the one with the poker face.

TRINITY: I am just always focused on something.

SAM: What are you focused on now?

TRINITY: Finding a summer job.

SAM: Ah the dreaded summer job.

TRINITY: Yeah. Kinda sucks, but the money wont!

SAM: I actually think I can help you with finding a summer job.

TRINITY: Are you serious? (smiles)

SAM: I wouldn’t lie to you.


Dani meanwhile gets a phone call.

DANI: Hello…Hi Mrs Snyder….are you serious? How exciting! Yes I cannot wait to start there soon.

Dani hangs up.

TEA: That sounded like good news.

DANI: it was. I got the job!

TEA: Congratulations baby!

Teah hugs her daughter.

DANI: I didn’t think I would be this happy about a modeling job, but I am.


At the café

JOSH: Are you really getting in my face?

TODD: I am just stating that you two should not keep harassing my wife.

Todd backs away.

BLAIR: Thank you, honey.

JOSH: This has got to be a joke. Are we getting punk’d Reva?

REVA: I don’t know what this is Joshua, but it is ridiculous.

BLAIR: Reva, you will be sorry. If you keep messing with me.

REVA: Blair, honey, was that a threat? Joshua I should probably press charges.

Reva smirks as she walks off.

JOSH: This needs to stop.

Josh walks off with her.

TODD: Those two are a piece of work.

BLAIR: She is a piece of something alright.


Meanwhile, Luke is giving Ben a tour of his house.

LUKE: You struck gold with this place. Do you make a lot of money in skiing competition?

BEN: I make enough.

LUKE: I can see that.

BEN: Now to the most important place of the house.

Ben opens a door and guides Luke into the bedroom.

LUKE: I like it. It’s spacious.

BEN: What do you think about the bed? It is brand new too.

LUKE: Looks comfy.

Luke presses his hand into the bed.

LUKE: Nice

Luke turns back around and is met by a kiss from Ben!

Luke is caught off guard.

LUKE: Wasn’t expecting that.

BEN: Loosen up and expect the unexpected

Ben pushes Luke down onto the bed.

LUKE: You’re wild.

Luke tries to resist and stand up but Ben pushes him back onto the bed.

BEN: Do not resist. I know the attraction is mutual.

(Whispers in Luke’s ear) Why fight it?

Ben takes off his shirt and gets on top of Luke.

Ben then takes off Lukes shirt..

Luke gives in and the two start to make out.

Ben then turns Luke over face down onto the bed…


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures.



At School:

The bell rings. School is out for the day as students are rushing out of classes.

Anne2FUJjoW.jpg is with her friend MandyijNJvUD.jpg.

MANDY: Girl could you stare at Cory any harder in there?

ANNE: I do not know what you are talking about.

MANDY: I can tell you are crushing on Cory Sutter. Don’t try and lie.

ANNE: He is cute, but there is no crushing.

MANDY: Sure.


SamVvTd7BY.jpg and Trinitygz8YIdW.jpg are still in a class room.

Miss Morgan5fSlpQ9.jpg is the teacher.

SAM: Thanks for letting us stay for extra help Miss Morgan.

TRINITY: Yeah Math finals have creeped up so soon.

MISS MORGAN: Any help that I can give. That is really what I am here for believe it or not. Giving educations.

SAM: Who would have thought?

MISS MORGAN: You two can take a seat closer.

Sam and Trinity sit in desks closer to the board and right next to each other.

SAM: I’m just glad someone in here is as bad at this as I am.

TRINITY: Hey now I am not bad! I just struggle a little.

SAM: Whatever helps you sleep at night


The modeling contest has began!

Inside of the new Chic Spirit building.

Dozens and dozens of people are inside waiting in a line.

DanielleU0miNkj.jpg is outside of the building.

She gazes into the window.

DANIELLE: This is so not my place.

She seems nervous

DANIELLE: I should not go through with this. I know that Lily woman really liked me but still. I do not know how to be a model. I’m out of here.

She turns around to leave but MalikTiVt2Et.jpg is standing right behind her.

MALIK: Sorry I thought you were going in.

DANIELLE: I thought I was too, but I guess I’m not.

MALIK: Are you here for the contest? You are not chickening out are you?

DANIELLE: That is exactly what I am doing.

MALIK: Oh come on I don’t think you should. I was nervous about coming to this thing too, but its worth a try. We can go in together if that will help.

DANIELLE: It helps a little.

The two walk inside.

MALIK: I am Malik by the way.

DANIELLE: I’m Dani. Nice to meet you.


BlairK2pWIFb.jpg is at home. She closes the fridge.

BLAIR: I really need to hire someone to shop for us. Guess I should finish the list.

She picks up a piece of paper.

On the paper is : New purse, new shirt, earrings.

She adds milk to the list.

There is a knock at the door.

Blair is very surprised to open the door to Tea G7GuZOg.jpg.

TEA: Hi there Blair

BLAIR: Tea. Was so not expecting you.

TEA: Consider this a good surprise.

BLAIR: I do don’t worry.

Blair hugs Tea.

BLAIR: How are you these days?

TEA: I am getting by. Todd isn’t here is he?


TEA: Good. We need to chat.


ToddnGg6tFD.jpg is at the hospital in Jacks13jDig6.png room. Todd has the sound recorder on, on his phone.

TODD: So this room was kept dark?

JACK: Yup. No window in that room. Just me. Me and my chair.

TODD: That is just hardcore torture.

JACK: It beats when I was first there. They use to drug me up and I would be there just staring having the most insane thoughts. Like I was on acid or something.

TODD: Did they feed you at least?

JACK: They did, but not every day.

TODD: How far back do you remember?

JACK: It would help if I knew how long I was being held captive but I don’t know. That as far back as my memories go though. Just being in the dark. Sometimes drugged up. Sometimes not. And when I wasn’t I was just sitting there…waiting to die.

TODD: What a horrendous experience.

JACK: I might as well of died because now I have no memory. No life. No reason to be alive.

Jack looks on with a blank stare as Todd is concerned…


At school:

Anne walks off from her locker.

ANNE: See you tomorrow Mandy.

MANDY: See ya

Mandy closes her locker and is about to leave, but ZackXJJ0JlE.jpg stops her.

ZACK: Hi Motor Mouth Mandy.

MANDY: You know I do not like to be called that.

ZACK: If you weren’t known for telling everyones business you wouldn’t be called that.

MANDY: I do not tell everyones business.

ZACK: Whatever you say. I do want the low down on Annes business though. I heard you both talking.

MANDY: Were you eavesdropping on us?

ZACK: Don’t be offended. I just want to know about Anne and Cory.


In Miss Morgans classroom:

She finishes writing something on the board.

MISS MORGAN: I hope that helped with the problems you were having.

SAM: A little.

TRINITY: I am pretty sure I get it now.

SAM: I get it a little…

TRINITY: If you need more help I can try to help, Sam.

MISS MORGAN: Yeah I have to get going. I wish you both luck though.

SAM: I am going to need some of that.

TRINITY: Thanks for the help Miss Morgan.

The two exit the room.

TRINITY: Hey Sam I need a favor.

SAM: Whats up?

TRINITY: Well I usually get a ride home from Camella when my parents are using both cars, but since I had to stay after, shes already gone home.

SAM: You need a ride? That is no problem. Its not like were neighbors who live across the street from each other or anything.

TRINITY: (Smiles) Well thank you. I really appreciate it.


At Chic Spirit:

Danielle and Malik are standing together in line.

DANI: You look like the nervous one now?

MALIK: I am just trying to imagine what poses they want and how I am probably going to look a fool.

DANI: I know what you mean. I hope this isn’t complicated.

MALIK: We are probably over thinking it. It can’t be that bad.

DANI: I sure hope not. Last thing I want to do is look a fool!

MALIK: You are really beautiful. I think you got this.

DANI: Aw thanks. Don’t go making me blush and all right now though.

MALIK: Lets just think positive thoughts.

DANI: I really like your vibe Malik. So much different than all the people in my life.

MALIK: Happy to shine on in.

DANI: You got this too. I think your personality will shine through in the pictures.


Cut to Blair and Tea

BLAIR: If this is about Todd and Dani we might as well save our breath cuz its pointless.

TEA: It is not pointless, Blair, but it is a work in progress.

BLAIR: I tried. I talked to your daughter. It was like a glass meeting a metal wall.

TEA: Yeah she is stubborn but she can’t help but feel the way she does.

BLAIR: I know. I am not blaming her. Todd really does want to build some kind of relationship with his daughter however.

TEA: I commend him for trying. I do not want Todd pushing her though.

BLAIR: He is not pushing her.

TEA: I know how Todd is. He gets pushy and thinks he can get whatever he wants by doing everything his bullheaded way.

BLAIR: You may not believe it, but he has been good so far about it.

TEA: Yeah. so far. He wont be this patient forever. I am glad Dani is standing her ground but I think she will give in eventually.

BLAIR: I don’t think she will. I personally Todd needs to just back off for a long time.

TEA: But he will not.

BLAIR: He sure won’t.

TEA: It is only a matter of time before he goes too far. That is why I am here. I do not want that to happen. If I know Dani and I do, she is going to follow how she feels.

BLAIR: Its too bad though. Todd and Sam have had a rough relationship but I think they are at a point of getting along well. It is possible for Todd and Dani too.

TEA: That is nice to think, but I just want everything to stay peaceful and right now and that means a lot of distance.


At the hospital:

TODD: Thanks for opening up about the horrors of your situation. I just want to tell you that I can relate. I was held against my will for a very, very long time. You lose your life. I just hope this article helps you. I hope that someone from your life sees it.

JACK: I do appreciate you coming here and doing all this, but I cant help and feel that it won’t help.

TODD: I hope it changes your bleak outlook. A photographer will be her soon to take your picture for the article.

JACK: Oh no. That cannot happen.

TODD: What do you mean? How else will someone from your life recognize you being the person this article is about?

JACK: There can be no picture of me. It sounds good on paper but what you are not realizing is whoever was holding me captive can see the picture as well and know that I am right here at the hospital. I do not want them to find me. I cannot go through that again!

TODD: I understand where you are coming from and sorry you feel that way.

JACK: I forgot to mention something in your interview. My name Jack. The only way we know that is my name is because it was found on an old press pass in my pocket. Ironic.

TODD: Maybe Ill hire you if you want (Chuckles)

JACK: Hope that’s not a joke because I may actually take you up on that.


Malik walks into another room at Chic Spirit.

MarahtBrr5Ph.jpg shakes his hand.

MARAH: Very happy that you showed up.

MALIK: Pleased to be hear miss Marah.

MARAH: Lose the shirt.

MALIK: Straight to the point. I like that in a woman.

Marah watches as he poses for pictures. She smirks.

MARAH: I think we’ve got some good ones.

MALIK: I did okay?

MARAH: Not so stiff next time but you did great! Super pleased that you came.

Meanwhile, Danielle enters another room.

She starts to pose for pictures too.

She Is awkward at first but then starts to get the hang of it…


At school:

ZACK: So motor mouth what do you know about Cory and Anne?

MANDY: Stop calling me that! …but I think Cory and Anne will be dating soon. For sure.


Zack seems very depressed to hear that.

MANDY: is that all you wanted to know?

ZACK: Yeah, thanks.

Zack walks off.

ZACK: God dammit


Sam and Trinity arrive home to Robinson Street.

TRINITY: I do appreciate the ride home. Thank you.

She puts her hand out to shake his.

SAM: Really? You can do better than that.

He brings her into a hug. She reluctantly hugs back.

SAM: That’s more like it.

TRINITY: I will see you tomorrow. Good luck on your test.

SAM: Thanks.

Sam watches her walk across the street.

He then goes inside.

BLAIR: Hey son.

SAM: Hi mom.

BLAIR: So I have a favor to ask and it is not going to be easy.

SAM: Great. What is it?

BLAIR: Talk to your sister Danielle. Reach out to her.

SAM: And try and get her to talk to Todd?

BLAIR: If that comes up…

SAM: Guess I better work on my ducking skills.


Todd returns to the UC Chronicle

GaryUxaEfEV.jpg is first to greet him.

GARY: You are back! I thought you were out for the day.

TODD: I wanted to get this story out as soon as possible.

GARY: Glad you came back because speaking of stories, I have some info for you on the document search.

TODD: Oh joy.

Gary hands him some papers.

TODD: Thanks Ill look over them.

Todd walks into his office and immediately blows them off and just tosses the papers on his desk.


Back at the hospital:

Jack is laying in his hospital bed.

He has a sudden memory flash of being in an elevator.wNUmpQT.gif

He then flashes to the elevator shakingaGdbKKI.gif!

He then has a memory flash of a hand and arm coming through the elevator doors reaching to himQzHlkQi.jpg

Jack jolts up to sit up

JACK: What the hell was that about? …could it be my memory is coming back.


Meanwhile cut to the house that Jack was being held in…Dr4Qoxo.jpg

The yellow police tape surrounds the house.

A person is there…the persons face is not shown…

The person goes under the yellow tape and puts on some gloves.

The person unlocks the front door and enters…


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original character nor any pics



Malik4CtHQCN.jpg is at the Davis household home alone.

MALIK: Boredom…boredom. So much boredom.

He looks at his watch.

MALIK: I really should apply for that po po job like Elijah wants me to.

There is a knock at the door.

It is Marah 9pCNsGC.jpg.

MALIK: Hey! This is a pleasant surprise.

MARAH: Happy to hear you say that because I feel like a stalker.

MALIK: A stalker?

MARAH: Well I remembered your family lived here next door to Lily so I tracked you down here.

MALIK: Tracked me down without a phone call? This must be an important visit (smiles) Come on in.

She enters

MARAH: It is. A business visit.


MARAH: Yeah. I really want to talk to you about something.


ElijahXi9I7E8.jpg and Earthaqe24dHz.jpg are at the café

Elijah pulls the seat out for her and they sit down.

ELIJAH: I am so glad you could finally meet for coffee.

EARTHA: Yeah I finally had time to get away.

ELIJAH: That hospital keeps you busy.

EARTHA: Yeah we don’t have it easy like the police force.

ELIJAH: Hey now! You would be surprised how crimes have picked up in communities like this.

EARTHA: Nah I believe it. This whole Jack case busts everything right open.

ELIJAH: Tell me about it. How is he holding up?

EARTHA: He started physical therapy so he is recovering there.

ELIJAH: And mentally?

EARTHA: I think he has a long way to go there.

Meanwhile, Sam Manning V6s5vhH.jpg and his new found friend

Zack7kaSYRE.jpg are there as well.

SAM: I don’t know why you had to drag me here. I do not even like coffee.

ZACK: Then get a tea or something.

SAM: No thanks. Water for me.

Zacks crush AnneIgL0Nfj.jpg walks in.

ZACK: Yes…shes here!

SAM: Oh god. This is why you wanted to come here huh?

ZACK: What makes you think that?

SAM: Well it is clearly obvious now.

ZACK: This is fate, my friend.

SAM: Sure.

ZACK: Look at her though. In all her beauty.

SAM: Well this is your chance to actually do something…


Holden Snyder3jPlPXQ.jpg and Josh LewisIjjM7Uk.jpg are out having a beer.

JOSH: This was a good idea. Even if it is still early in the evening.

HOLDEN: I thought while our girls are out working we could relax.

JOSH: I feel like I have been doing a lot of relaxing while weve been here.

HOLDEN: Yeah me too. A lot. You itching to go out and do something like I am?

JOSH: Yeah I am totally not use to not working.

HOLDEN: I was thinking about helping Lily out at her and Marahs company. I have done business before.

JOSH: That sounds promising.

HOLDEN: Their company has a lot of potential.

JOSH: Yeah and it may be up and running in no time.


Luke Snyder nPhOwxf.jpg​ is back in town and walks into the Union Creek chronicle.

He goes straight to Garys JG203DZ.jpg cubicle.

GARY: Look who is back! Enjoy the snow?

LUKE: Not particularly.

GARY: Sorry I guess I should have sent you somewhere to get a tan. You do kind of need one.

LUKE: I would like to know why you send me of all people to do a fluff piece on the ski resort.

GARY: Luke you are still fairly new here. You cant have all the hit stories.

LUKE: No I think there was more to it.

Luke looks intensely at Gary.


Todd 0PuHJLF.jpg is in his office at the chronicle.

He is going over some notes.

TODD: I think this is money.

He looks at his watch.

TODD: A good time to head over to if I can get away from here.

He makes a phone call to the hospital.

TODD: Hello is Jack…well I don’t know his last name. Jack Doe I guess. Is he still at your hospital? Not at liberty to tell me that? I am a good friend…he has no memory of friends? Well he will remember me if he sees me. I am not lying! …yes this is the Union Creek Chronicle calling….fine I will just go down there myself.

He hangs up.

TODD: Ive heard this guy was held captive and now has no memory. This story needs to be covered. And I am going to cover it whether the hospital wants me to or not.

He smirks


MALIK: Do you want something to drink?

MARAH: No thank you. I cannot stay long.

MALIK: All business today. I don’t know if I like it or not.

MARAH: Well I hope you like what I have to say.

MALIK: Shoot.

MARAH: My company I told you about, Chic Spirt, is doing a modeling contest later today and I think you would be a perfect candidate.

MALIK: Me model? I have certainly never thought about that.

MARAH: I thought about this when I first met you. Trust me you have the features.

MALIK: Are you calling me pretty?

MARAH: Something like that.

MALIK: Thank you…I like this idea. I sure need a job anyway.

MARAH: Great! Its down town at our new place. Hope you will be there.

MALIK: I will. (grins)


At the café

SAM: Fine if you are not going to go I’ll go ask her for her number for you or something.

ZACK: No. That would be totally lame.

SAM: Then I will wingman you. Lets go.

He tugs Zack up and they walk over to Anne who is near the counter.

ZACK: Hey….Anne

ANNE: Zack hey! You a big coffee drinker?

ZACK: Sometimes.

ANNE: That’s cool. I am an addict. So who is this?

SAM: I am Sam. New at school. Zack has been so awesome and cool for showing me around.

ANNE: Zack is a cool guy.

ZACK: Well thank you. Keep tooting my horn.

SAM: Zack is a chill guy and I appreciate it very much.

ANNE: That is sweet, Zack

ZACK: Well you know..

Sam smirks at Zack


Elijah sips on his cup of coffee.

ELIJAH: I should really go get a donut to go with this.

EARTHA: (Chuckles) could you be any more cliché officer Smith?

ELIJAH: Donuts and coffee are a great combination.

EARTHA: Gonna start putting on that cop gut.

ELIJAH: You know I work out all the time like I always have.

EARTHA: Anyway, back to this mysterious Jack guy. Do you have any leads on who held him captive In that house?

ELIJAH: Trust me. I wish I did but we are dealing with a professional. We are looking for a new lead.

EARTHA: I was hoping the house would break the case open.

ELIJAH: We all were, but it was complete emptied out.

EARTHA: This is all so insane.



Josh is getting a second beer.

HOLDEN: I thought you were only going to get one.

JOSH: I did too, but then I thought about my wife and her newest idea.

HOLDEN: Is there trouble in paradise?

JOSH: No. Reva and I are doing surprisingly well, but she wants to bring a stranger into our home.

HOLDEN: I hope that’s not as kinky as it sounds..

JOSH: No! No! Not like that. There is some guy we helped out who, well he has no memory. Has Amnesia.

HOLDEN: Amnesia is nothing to mess with.

JOSH: You have experience with amnesia?

HOLDEN: Up close and personal. It was a dark time.

JOSH: Sounds awful, but I still don’t know about taking in some stranger with no memory.


At the hospital

MorrisvrMb2tO.jpg enters JacksoRzx0qr.png room.

MORRIS: How are you feeling today sir?

JACK: Well physically therapy was a literal pain in my ass. My lower back is sore and it is going down to my buttocks.

MORRIS: Your physical therapist tells me you are doing great though.

JACK: I guess.

MORRIS: I have to talk you about that. You are doing really well, and since you don’t have insurance and are going to owe this place a fortune…we will have to release you in the next day or two.

JACK: Sending the amnesiac out with nowhere to go and thousands owed here. What a lovely place.

MORRIS: They will work out your payment I am sure.

JACK: I still have nowhere to go regardless. I just wish I could remember something so I did. It is frustrating doc.

MORRIS: I can only imagine. I wish your memories would start to come back too.

JACK: Will they?

MORRIS: Every case is different, but I would like to think you have a good chance.


At the chronicle:

GARY: Was the ski resort that bad that you have to hassle me?

LUKE: No. It was actually decently cool.

GARY: Well then see. I don’t know why you always think I am up to something.

LUKE: Because you are usually up to something.

GARY: Well you had a…decent time. So can it.

Luke rolls his eyes

Gary gets a call into Todds office.

Gary walks off and Luke watches him suspiciously as he walks off.

GARY: Todd…I hope you have news on that story we are working on.

TODD: I am working on a story alright. A huge one for the paper. Gonna be money. This quaint town will want to know all about it.

GARY: but what about—

TODD: --I am heading out. You are in charge the rest of the day.

GARY: I think you should--

TODD: --Adios!

He exits and Gary is frustrated.



ANNE: I have to go to my friend Mandys. Nice running into you two.

ZACK: Nice running into you too. Tell Mandy I said hi.

ANNE: See ya

Sam nudges Zack with his elbow

ZACK: Wait a second Anne. You should give me your phone number.

ANNE: Okay cool. Ill write it on a napkin.

She writes it and hands it too him.

ANNE: See you at school

ZACK: Goodbye Anne

Zack cant help but smile wide.

SAM: I am an epic wingman!

ZACK: Thank you. Even though you laid it on a little thick.

SAM: Hey it worked!

ZACK: It did.

Zack looks down at the napkin.

Across the room…

ELIJAH: so how are you and Morris these days?

EARTHA: Is that really any of your business?

ELIJAH: That bad huh?

EARTHA: Things between me and my husband are just fine.

Elijah gives her that big eyed look like he knows shes not being honest.

ELIJAH: You lyin’

EARTHA: How dare you accuse me of lying.

ELIJAH: I can see right through you. Always have. Things must be rocky…again.

EARTHA: You do not even know what you are talking about.

ELIJAH: It just makes me think about high school…and how we should have stayed together after it.

EARTHA: You say something similar every time we meet up, Elijah.

ELIJAH: Well it is true. We made the best couple.

EARTHA: I better head to work.

ELIJAH: Oh come on, don’t leave like this.

EARTHA: I really do just have to head back. My lunch break is over.

She gets up and leaves



HOLDEN: Maybe you should consider your wife's idea.

JOSH: I just cant

HOLDEN: The man will probably need help.

JOSH: I just don’t like it for safety reasons.

HOLDEN: Well good luck either way, man.

JOSH: Yeah, luck is what has always gotten me by with Revas ways. (chuckles)


At the chronicle:

Gary is still in Todds office alone.

He is snooping around.

GARY: I don’t see much work on his assignment. Any at all!

Gary slams his hand down onto Todds desk annoyed.

He takes out his cell phone and calls someone.

GARY: Hello boss….no. Todd is still not complying. Yeah I know. I promise to get Todd on track.

Gary looks on…


Jack is in his hospital room thinking hard.

JACK: Why can’t I just remember my life before being locked up and held captive?

He puts his hand over his face in exasperation.

There is knock at the door

JACK: Haven’t I seen enough nurses and doctors and therapists today?

Todd Walks in.

TODD: How about a journalist?

JACK: I cannot say one of those have been by.

TODD: I want to ask you a few questions.

JACK: What you are going to do a story on lil ol me?

TODD: Yes. Yes I would like to. Doing a story on you could go national. Someone who knows you could see it!

JACK: I know the press are piranhas…but I’ll answer what I can…

Todd is pleased to hear this


Credits roll

*I do not know any non original characters nor any pics.



At the ski resort:

LukexhukDhw.jpg and BenStAJVt2.jpg are sitting down over lunch.

LUKE: I was so surprised to run into you yesterday out of the blue and it turns out you were one of the people on my list to interview.

BEN: I am glad you did and that I will get a part in your newspaper.

LUKE: Well lets start this off then. Tell me about how you got into Skiing?

BEN: It actually didn’t happen until I was an adult and I found this hobby. It made me feel alive again.

LUKE: Are you from around here?

BEN: No, but I made some trips here when I was younger, but back then I was too afraid to ski.

LUKE: How did you get over that fear?

BEN: Life has a way of pushing a person around until they become fearless. I just had to break out of my shell and believe me, I have broken out of it.

LUKE: Does skiing give you a rush?

BEN: Oh of course. Very few things can give me a rush like that but everything that does makes me feel alive.

LUKE: Off the record…you already sound like an amazing person.

Ben smiles


At the Union Creek High School:

It is lunch time.

SamFFXd6PY.jpg and ZackCZox47F.jpg are in the lunch line next to Camella QUyhH8l.jpg.

SAM: This is a great time in sports. Basketball playoffs. Hockey playoffs and Baseball is in the beginning of the season.

ZACK: Who is going to win the NBA championship?

SAM: The cavs probably.

ZACK: I hope not! Anyone but them.

SAM: Nah, Lebron has this again.

CAMELLA: (Rolls her eyes) Boys always bonding over sports.

Sam and Zack get their food.

Zack goes and sits at an empty table. Sam looks over at TrinityokHtdn9.jpg and Camellas table and seems to want to sit there but he sits with Zack.

SAM: We should go sit with Trinity and her friend again.

ZACK: Ehhh, I don’t know. I really don’t think they like us very much.

SAM: I don’t think that’s true at all.

ZACK: It seems like they don’t.

Cut to Trinity and Camella at their table.

Trinity is looking towards Sam and Zack.

CAMELLA: You are sure staring. Like what you see?

TRINITY: Can’t a girl just stare now days?

CAMELLA: Well I am glad they didn’t sit here. They are basic.

TRINITY: I kinda wish they did sit here…

Trinity stares over at them again and Camella shakes her head.

CAMELLA: Shake it off Trin.

TRINITY: Yeah, let me do that right quick.


Reva4ferZVr.jpg and JoshyjcsBqb.jpg are visiting

JackjatGl24.png at the hospital.

JOSH: Hello, man

JACK: Hey…

REVA: Hi…you don’t remember us do you?

JACK: Oh god. You are not someone from my past are you? Because I don’t think I know you. You are not like my parents or something...

JOSH: What?! (chuckles) no.

REVA: We are not that old and you are no spring chicken!

JACK: Well I am relieved.

JOSH: We found you outside of a local coffee shop.

REVA: Yeah, got 911 over to you.

JACK: Well I certainly appreciate that. I was in bad shape when I…well when I got out of the predicament I was in.

Morris30rT7Ru.jpg walks in.

JOSH: I hope it is okay we came to visit, Jack here.

MORRIS: It is. Just know he has still no memory of his life at all other than recent months.

JACK: Yup folks. It is like nothing is between my ears.

Josh and Reva are surprised.


At the ski resort:

LUKE: (whispers) now for the not so fun part of this interview.

He clicks the recorder on his phone back on.

LUKE: So what brings you to this resort most of the time?

BEN: This is such a fabulous ski resort. The staff is great and there are amazing places to eat, but most importantly some of the best mountains in Colorado.

LUKE: How many times do you choose to ski at this place over others?

BEN: Most of the time really. I would say like eighty percent of the time even.

LUKE: Wow. You must enjoy it immensely?

BEN: Yes if you are looking for the best place to ski from beginners to pros, this is the place!

Luke stops his recorder.

LUKE: Wow, you can sell Ben! If you ever need to go into the car business, you can.

They laugh

BEN: Its all the charisma.

LUKE: You have that.

BEN: Thanks Luke. This interview has been fun.


In the Union Creek High School Lunch room:

Zack has his eyes at the preppy table. He becomes quiet.

SAM: So who you rooting for in the NHL playoffs?

ZACK: Nobody.

SAM: Yeah not so many rootable teams are left.

Sam sees Zacks mood has changed.

Over at the preppy table his crush, AnneAQZjPlE.jpg is laughing it up with Cory SuttercCDddUv.jpg.

SAM: Don’t let this chick get you down.

ZACK: I know I shouldn’t.

Cut to Anne and Cory

ANNE: I never knew you were so funny.

CORY: I guess you have to get to know me more then.

ANNE: You might be right.

Cut back to Zack who is glaring at their table…


Jacks hospital room

Reva takes Morris out into the hall.

Josh stays inside with Jack

JOSH: So you really do not remember anything about yourself?

JACK: I remember the terrible circumstance I have been in recently.

JOSH: Yeah I heard about it, but lets not bring those bad memories up.

JACK: Why not? It’s literally all I have. (chuckles)

JOSH: Least you are carrying a sense of humor too.

JACK: I don’t know what else to do. I can tell you that this is one surreal predicament I am in. It is like I know I have a life out there and yet here I am stripped of absolutely everything. I am a walking, talking empty bottle sailing in an ocean of the unknown.

JOSH: I hope life turns around for you.

JACK: I do too. I’ll have to do something regardless.

JOSH: You are bound to find the right path. I believe that after every storm there is some still water.

Outside in the hall:

REVA: I feel bad for this Jack man.

MORRIS: Believe me, I do too. This is the first case of amnesia I have ever diagnosed. He is here lost from whatever life he had. Whatever family he had and he cannot stay in this hospital forever. In fact I will have to release him soon even though he has nowhere to go.

REVA: He cant just be some transient.

MORRIS: There is nowhere in this town equipped for someone like him other than a homeless shelter.

REVA: I am certain he has a home.

MORRIS: The problem is he does not know where his home could be. No idea whatsoever. He is actually homeless.


Ski Resort:

BEN: So what newspaper do you work for again?

LUKE: The union creek chronicle.

BEN: No way!

LUKE: Yes way.

BEN: I just moved to Union Creek from northern Colorado!

LUKE: Wow. (big smile) That means we can stay in touch.

BEN: We will definitely have to stay in touch.

LUKE: I was so not looking forward to this trip but I am happy I did.

BEN: So happy, you devoured your meal. You have some crumbs on you.

Ben gets up and wipes some crumbs off of Lukes chest.

LUKE: How embarrassing.

Ben and Lukes faces come close together.

BEN: Don’t be embarrassed.

Ben stares Luke in the eyes for a moment before sitting back down.

Luke nervously swallows.

BEN: I do have to get going though and actually hit the slopes.

LUKE: I…I hope you have fun.

BEN: It has already been one fun morning. So I will continue that trend. Ill catch you around Union Creek.

LUKE: Plan on it.

Ben walks off.

LUKE: I have not been hit on like that in a long time. It sure feels good. Noah Mayer eat your heart out.


School lunch room:

SAM: I don’t know Zack, I think you better start making some moves on Anne.

ZACK: Apparently I better do that very soon.

SAM: I think she would like a strong come on.

ZACK: Maybe.

SAM: She seems like the type.

ZACK: What’s that suppose to mean?

SAM: Hey, hey. Don’t get over protective of her already!

The bell rings.

ZACK: Crap, time for the next class so soon.

SAM: That felt like a long lunch to me.

Trinity walks by and Sam stops her.

SAM: Hey Trinity, since we have the next class together I’ll walk with you.

TRINITY: I’d like that (smiles)

Camella side eyes them.

SAM: I hate math.

TRINITY: Oh my god you don’t even know. It is my worst subject by far.

SAM: Good thing we’re neighbors. Maybe we can help each other out.

The two happily walk down the hall


Josh comes out of Jacks room.

JOSH: That unfortunate man.

REVA: Isn't it sad Joshua.

JOSH: Yeah. I do feel bad.

REVA: Me too. You know he is about to be released any day now with nowhere to go.

JOSH: There is bound to be someone in town that will help him.

REVA: Yeah I think I know someone.

JOSH: Great! Who…oh…I think I see where you are going with this. I don’t know Reva, I feel uncomfortable with some stranger living with us.

REVA: I think it would be perfect. Jack can come and live on the ranch with us while he gets back on his feet!

Josh looks on uncertain


Credits roll

*I do not know any non original characters nor any pictures.



Earthaltkm3ML.jpg and MorrisB8qYmMg.jpg are out for dinner.

They spot LilyvCE7VrU.jpg and Holden zxZrxj6.jpg Snyder there.

LILY: Hey Neighbors! You should join us.

MORRIS: We don’t want to bother you.

HOLDEN: It is really no bother.

EARTHA: We would love to join you.

The 4 neighbors sit together.

HOLDEN: We love this place.

LILY: Yeah it is our favorite.

EARTHA: It is ours too after a long day of work.

MORRIS: I just come for the cold beer.

Holden laughs.

LILY: How was work today?

EARTHA: As hectic as ever.

MORRIS: Yeah some crazy situations for sure.


Luke Snyder JBeIgl4.jpg arrives at a ski resort.

He is upset as he is walking in the resort.

LUKE: Why did Gary and the new boss send me here for an assignment?

He enters in a huff.

LUKE: I don’t even ski!

He walks up to the check in desk.

LUKE: Hi. I am Luke Snyder. I am writing an article on this place for the Union Creek chronicle.

CLERK: Ah yes! Welcome Mister Snyder. We are looking forward to this.

LUKE: Yes…me…too.


At the Union Creek Chronicle:

Gary faqz9YL.jpg knocks on ToddsBBQSELQ.jpg office.

TODD: Don’t come in!

Gary enters.

TODD: I said Don’t come in…don’t.

GARY: We need to talk. It is almost as if you are avoiding me.

TODD: Would never do that Jerry.

Gary sighs.

GARY: I sent Luke Snyder on an assignment to a ski resort two towns over.

TODD: …and?

GARY: He’s nosy. He was trying to get the goods on what we were up to. I don’t think the old boss would want him to know about our assignment.

TODD: He might as well still be here then, because I don’t even know about our assignment!

GARY: You know we have to find the document.

TODD: Yes this obscure document. Oh joy.


Danielle Manning X8cthCV.jpg arrives home.

She gets out of her car and sees another car parked in front of the place.

She tries to look and see who is inside


Blair tO9OX1r.jpg gets out of the car.

BLAIR: Hey Dani!


They both walk towards her house.

DANIELLE: You were really waiting here for me?

BLAIR: I was hoping to come in and talk to you.


BLAIR: Excuse me?

DANIELLE: If Todd sent you here, the answer is no.


ElijahrivEXfj.jpg and other cops arrive at the house over the hill.

ELIJAH: Everyone get ready.

There is Elijah and 4 other cops.

They start to surround the house.

ELIJAH: I am going to approach the door. We don’t know what we are dealing with so be careful.

They all take their guns out.

He knocks on the door.

ELIJAH: Police open up! We have a search warrant!

He waits but nobody comes.

He knocks again. Some of the other cops try and look through the windows.

ELIJAH: We are coming in one way or the other…I’m breaking this door down!

He kicks down the door and enters!

Elijah is astonished by what he sees inside…


At dinner

Morris has his arm around Eartha.

Eartha kisses him on the cheek.

MORRIS: Thanks baby.

LILY: I don’t know Holden, we are going to have to step are game up to be as cute as these two!

HOLDEN: Tell me about it. I feel like I am slacking.

EARTHA: Oh stop guys.

MORRIS: Sorry If we have some PDA.

HOLDEN: No problem at all.

Holden puts his arm around Lily.

HOLDEN: I’ll join you.

Lily kisses his cheek.

EARTHA: Now I have to top you!

Eartha plants a kiss on Morris lips and they all chuckle


At the Ski Resort

Luke is in a dining area. He finds a table to sit at and puts his stuff down.

LUKE: What a trip. Not what I was expecting to do today.

Meanwhile, A guy jAXyK8i.jpg is behind Luke at the bar. He is clearly checking Luke out.

Luke pulls out a list.

LUKE: Some of these people I am going to have to interview here.

He spots the menu.

LUKE: But first I eat..and maybe drink.

He sits down.

The guy at the bar is still looking towards Luke…


Gary is still in Todds office.

GARY: I am trying to think of the places this secret document may be. I have some hunches because of where the old boss use to go.

Todd is on his computer.

GARY: It cannot be far from Union Creek. Well actually it may be across the country but we can work around that…

Gary glances at Todd who isn’t even paying attention.

GARY: So I’m thinking we’ll probably have to go to mars to get it actually. That sound like a plan boss?

TODD: Yeah. Lets do that. Sounds good.

GARY: You re not even listening! You know you have to do this investigation if you want to own this newspaper. You signed the contract.

TODD: Yes, yes I know. As soon as you find out what kind of document I am looking for I will make sure to work harder!


Cut to Danielle and Blair.

BLAIR: Todd didn't send me I promise.

DANIELLE: Fine. Come in. For a few.

They enter.

DANIELLE: So you wanted to see me because?

BLAIR: Well…Todd didn't send me but I am here because I want to talk to you…about him.


BLAIR: He genuinely reached out to you the other night.

DANIELLE: This is a waste of time, Blair. I am sorry but I do not want him to be a father figure to me.

BLAIR: but--

DANIELLE: --It is how I feel and nobody is going to tell me how to feel. I want nothing to do with Todd Manning.


The house over the hill…

Elijah is inside with other cops and the house…is empty.

COP 1: There is nothing here. Not a single trace.

ELIJAH: Yup nothing is any room except this empty bookshelf and an empty fridge and cabinets.

COP 1: Someone cleaned up

ELIJAH: They sure did. We need to get a forensic team down here just in case…


Lily and Holden arrive home. They see Eartha and Morris walking inside next door.

LILY: That was a really nice dinner with them.

HOLDEN: It was. They are such a cool couple to hang with.

LILY: And they are so madly in love. Something most couple strive for.

HOLDEN: Hey, we’re not so far off!

LILY: Yeah you are right.

The two embrace and kiss


Cut next door to Eartha and Morris.

Trinity greets themLrq4icv.jpg

TRINITY: Hi mom and dad.


Both seem in bad moods.

MORRIS: Why were you so clingy today Eartha?!

EARTHA: I just wanted to have a good time.

MORRIS: It could have been good without you all over me.

EARTHA: Maybe I just wanted to put you in a good mood. For once!

MORRIS: Well you sure know how to lay your acts on thick!

EARTHA: Whatever Morris. Why do we even go out then?

Eartha walks away pissed off.

Trinity sighs and walks to her room.

TRINITY: I wish mom and dad could fake their happiness at home like they do for the public…


At the ski resort

Luke gets a drink from the bar. He tips the bartender.

He then turns around to see the guy who was checking him out still checking him out.

BEN: Um sorry…for, well, looking at your ass.

LUKE: Um, well no problem I think.

BEN: I am Ben.

LUKE: I am Luke

BEN: Very nice to meet you Luke. Sorry for the awkward introduction.

LUKE: Wait, you Said your name is Ben? Do you ski?

BEN: Well yeah. Ski resort…duh.

LUKE: No its just that I had a list of people to interview and a Ben was on the list.

BEN: This is fantastic! I’m that Ben.

Both are all smiles…


Gary sets a file down and leaves Todds office.

TODD: God I thought he would never leave. He is insufferable.

Todd picks up a file Gary left.

TODD: I am not going to investigate this stupid document fiasco. Hell, I will just pretend to do so. And then this place will be mine.


BLAIR: Can you just believe that Todd has your best interest at heart Dani!

DANIELLE: He might. He might not. I just wish you, Todd and my mom would let me live my life! A life that will not be close to Todd.

BLAIR: You are being selfish.

DANIELLE: Feel however you choose to feel.

BLAIR: Did you get your mothers cold blooded gene?

DANIELLE: Funny. Can I be alone now Blair?

BLAIR: I guess so. Just remember that Todd genuinely cares about you.

DANIELLE: He is not my true father so I don’t care and both you and Todd will have to deal with it!


Elijah arrives at the hospital in Jacks MjofWU7.png room.

JACK: Officer…did you find the house I was held in?

ELIJAH: That is why I am here. The house was completely empty. Was it empty when you escaped?

JACK: No. Not at all. I saw furniture. It looked like a regular occupied house.

ELIJAH: The place was cleaned up. We are dealing with people who know what they are doing.

JACK: Why do cops have a knack for stating the obvious?

ELIJAH: Look sir, I am sorry we found nothing. Forensics is looking it over. I’m not sure this town is use to something like this. I am not sure how I am going to combat something so sinister.

Jack looks on disappointed by all this.

Elijah looks on worried.


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters or any pictures.



Cut to Union Creek High School

Sam ManningYYpRRmD.jpg is at his first day of school there. A boy named ZackmmsJ3EG.jpg approaches.

ZACK: You are Sam, right?

SAM: Yeah

ZACK: I could tell by your lost puppy look.

SAM: Hey whatever

ZACK: Just joking. I’m Zack, I’ve been assigned to show you around.

SAM: Oh cool. Can you show me my locker first so I can put all of these books away. Killin my back.

ZACK: Sure

He and Zack walk to a locker.

ZACK: This one is all yours.

SAM: Cool

ZACK: you have your combination right?

SAM: Yeah on one of these papers.

He fumbles in his backpack. He looks up thrilled to see a familiar face has a locker by his. His new neighbor Trinity A4IN0P3.jpg

He stands back up straight.

SAM: Hey (smile)

TRINITY: Hi again (smiles back)


Marah Lewis rWdrM4s.jpg and Lily Snyder ncOwcaX.jpgare at the Park Café.

MARAH: We are moving in that new building quickly.

LILY: The faster the better

MARAH: Yeah you are right. The quicker we get off our feet, the quicker we can make our ideas come to life.

LILY: Exactly and we need to pass out our flyers here for our upcoming model search. Exclusive models are the way to go.

MARAH: Some cute people in here already.

Danielle ManningVTb98SA.jpg is there sipping on coffee.

She catches Lilys eye.

Lily looks down at her model search flyers.

LILY: She’s gotta be in it.


At the hospital, Malik yCajv5y.jpg is visiting his father,

Morris v4SV724.jpg.

MALIK: You look a little tired, dad.

MORRIS: This place will tire out anyone.

MALIK: Big day?

MORRIS: A big two days.

MALIK: Anything interesting you can tell me about?

MORRIS: No, Nosy. Not yet. Not until the police do a thorough investigation.

MALIK: Police. That sounds intense.

MORRIS: Could be


Eartha my7094Q.jpgis in the room with the mysterious patient,

Jack TEUR2Gm.png.

EARTHA: How are you doing today, sir?

JACK: Just as sore and lost as yesterday, doc.

EARTHA: You’re going to feel so much better after physical therapy.

JACK: What about mental therapy, will I be getting any of that?

EARTHA: In time yes.

Elijahn2tuI75.jpg walks in wearing his cop uniform.

ELIJAH: Hi Eartha. How are you?

He hugs her.

EARTHA: Better than my patient here.

JACK: I swear I didn't do anything officer.

ELIJAH: At least you have your wits about you, Jack.

JACK: Is Jack, really my name?

EARTHA: We believe so.

ELIJAH: I just have to ask where you have been and what brought you here and why you don’t remember your life?

JACK: If I knew that, I think I would remember my life. All I know is I have been held captive in some room, in some house over the hill for a long, long time now.

ELIJAH: Held captive?

Elijah and Eartha look at each other in shock


At the café

While Marah is passing out flyers around the place, Lily sits down with Danielle and hands her one.

DANIELLE: A model search contest?

LILY: You should really come. I can already picture you wearing some of our designs.

DANIELLE: I don’t think modeling is for me?

LILY: There is a good chunk of money in it. The winners will exclusive models for Chic Spirit designs. You have an exquisite look that we would love to have on board.

DANIELLE: I really appreciate all the compliments, but I just don’t know about me being some model..


Zack and Sam sit with Trinity and her friend Camella tWzDmTg.jpg at lunch.

TRINITY: Do you like the school so far?

SAM: It seems chill.

CAMELLA: It is not chill, but you’re new so I guess you’ll figure that out.

ZACK: I think he’ll be fine here.

SAM: I am going to try.

ZACK: Not to cut our eating short, but I need to finish showing you around.

SAM: Alright fine. Hope to see you around a lot, Trinity.

Zack and Sam walk off.

CAMELLA: He seems really nice..and really into you.

TRINITY: You think he’s into me?

CAMELLA: Yeah. Is there a problem with that.

TRINITY: Well not really. He is nice, but im neighbors with his family and his parents seem crazy. His mom is so loud and slams doors. Though I can’t really talk, I guess.

CAMELLA: His mom sounds ratchet.

TRINITY: Yeah, lil ratchet


Sam and Zack are walking through the halls.

Sam runs into Cory SutterNxhyTzb.jpg knocking shoulders hard.

CORY: Woah what the hell, man!

ZACK: Oh god, don’t start Cory.

SAM: Sorry

CORY: Sorry isn’t going to cut it. Who do you think you are running into me of all people?!

Cory gets in Sams face


Elijah is still asking Jack questions

ELIJAH: Did you ever get to see who was holding you captive?

JACK: I did not. They were usually wearing masks when in my presence.

EARTHA: I hope you are not uncomfortable to talk about all of this.

JACK: How else can we find who did this to me?

ELIJAH: You’re right. That is why I need to know any kind of clues you may have to catch these sick individuals.

JACK: All I know is they kept me in the same room. Sometimes tied up and sometimes not. Left in the dark and only fed once in a while.

EARTHA: This sounds horrific.

JACK: Yeah. You could call it that.

ELIJAH: I am going to get to the bottom of this. Going to get a warrant to search that house!


At the school

Cory is in Sam’s face.

SAM: Dude it was a damn accident!

CORY: Ill give you a pass today newbie, but don’t let it happen again.

Cory walks off in a huff

SAM: Who sh*t in his cereal today?

ZACK: He is just a popular douchebag who thinks he owns the school.

SAM: Well he better not try that with me again.

ZACK: Try not to get in a fight.

Zack becomes distracted as a cheerleader walks by xEom3ln.jpg.

SAM: Earth to Zack..

ZACK: Sorry, That’s Anne Wenton…

SAM: …and

ZACK: And I am on a mission to make her mine.

SAM: Alrighty then


At the café

LILY: Well I hope you will consider joining our model search, Danielle.

DANIELLE: It was nice to meet you, Lily. Thanks for all the hype you gave me.

LILY: It wasn’t just hype. I guess I just had a vision. I hope you think about it.

Lily walks back to Marah

Danielle looks at the flyer.


At the hospital

MALIK: How is mom today?

MORRIS: I’d rather not talk about it

MALIK: That doesn’t sound good.

MORRIS: It is what it is, son.

MALIK: I hope it gets better.

MORRIS: I have to go. Thanks for bringing me lunch.


Meanwhile, Elijah and Eartha exit Jacks room.

EARTHA: This is sick and twisted.

ELIJAH: This town isn’t use to something like this.

EARTHA: There is something else you should know. The patient also has what seems to be scars from a whip on his back. They are couple years old so this man may have been going through hell for a long time.

ELIJAH: My god

EARTHA: Good luck on this investigation.

ELIJAH: Thank you and we still need to have coffee some time.

EARTHA: I’m down.

Morris returns as Elijah walks off…

Elijah sees Malik in the halls.

ELIJAH: Young Mr Davis. Have you considered joining the police force yet?

MALIK: I have thought about it sir. I still don’t think it is for me.

ELIJAH: Just remember the option is always there when you want a career.


MORRIS: How is the patient, Eartha? Has he regained any memory?

EARTHA: He has not.

Morris walks into the room.

JACK: Another doctor. Wasn’t I the one who had a press pass on me? All these questions are making me feel like I’m on the opposite end.

MORRIS: All I want to know is what your very first memory is. How far back can you remember?

Jack thinks back

[He recalls waking up tied up in a darkened room]

JACK: All I recall is just waking up in that drab room.

The expression on Jacks face changes and he becomes quiet.

MORRIS: I am going to help you get back on your feet. I promise.

Jack doesn’t say anything.

MORRIS: What happened?

EARTHA: I don’t know. He has been talkative all morning.

Jack just looks on in a trance like state…

MORRIS: I think something vicious is hindering this mans memory. Some kind of trauma.

EARTHA: I think you are right.

The camera slowly zooms in on Jacks eyes staring into space…


*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures.



Cut to some candles lit on a table.

The lights are dim.

Holdenucnmm4R.jpg and Lily SnyderUUSbANT.jpg seem to be having a romantic dinner.

Lily sips on some wine.

LILY: This all came together so great. Thanks for this.

HOLDEN: I just want our new life here to continue to be so good.

LILY: I truly am glad you love it here In Union Creek as much as I do.

HOLDEN: I love this new glow you have.

They grab each other’s hands and pull in for a kiss.

However their kiss is soon interrupted but a door slamming from across the street!

Holden and Lily look through the window.

CUT TO BLAIR eIfF5Zt.jpg arriving home.

Her clothes are still dirty from the iced coffee that was spilled on her.

BLAIR: What a crap day! She enters her house and slams that door as well!


Todd G7mU60A.jpg is parked outside of a house.

He gets out of the car and walks up to the door.

He rings the doorbell.

Danielle BGWmLgX.jpg opens the door.

TODD: Hi Dani

DANI: What the hell are you doing here?

TODD: Is that really how you are going to greet dear ol dad?

DANI: I do not want to do this right now. I was having such a nice evening.

TODD: I just wanted you to know we are both in the same town now.

DANI: Mom, already told me. It was bad enough when she did.

TODD: I figured you would be a little upset to hear this, but I don’t want you to be.

DANI: More than a little upset. This place was nice and quiet for me.

TODD: I won’t get in your way.

DANI: Right.

TODD: I know we do not get along but I would really love if you did see me as your father. I can be that father figure.

DANI: Victor will always be my father! Hell, I want no kind of relationship with you at all, Todd.

Soap opera stare down ensues.


Cut to the union creek hospital.

Reva dlCBwdG.jpg and Josh dUTp2Ic.jpg are in the waiting room.

JOSH: I hope we got him here in time.

REVA: He did look rough.

JOSH: I think he’ll be okay. We did the right thing by helping him.


Eartha syZOq1e.jpg and Morris DavisEGT10fV.jpg are with the mystery manGmnWu5b.png (face still not shown) in a hospital room.

EARTHA: He was so disoriented when he came in.

MORRIS: Definitely dehydrated and who knows what else.

EARTHA: Gotta run some blood tests and probably even a few CT scans.

MORRIS: Whoever he is, he has had a rough time lately.

Eartha approaches a nurse.

EARTHA: We need you to get a hospital gown on this man. We’re gonna have to admit him.


Back out to the waiting room with Reva and Josh

The resident Cop, Elijah Kstux2R.jpg walks in.

ELIJAH: Hello. I was told I’d find you here. I have a few questions.

JOSH: Oh is this about the guy we helped..is he okay?

REVA: He’s not a felon is he?

ELIJAH: This isn’t about that. I have a few questions for you Reva Shayne Lewis.

REVA: What is this about?

ELIJAH: I just have a few questions about an alleged assault outside of a café on a Blair Manning.

Reva is in total shock to hear this.

REVA: Oh my god! You can’t be serious!


Holden and Lily are still sitting and sipping their wine.

LILY: I can’t thank you enough.

HOLDEN: For what? No need to butter me up, Lily.

LILY: It's just you've done so much for me. You relocated here, just for me and my pursuit of Chic Spirit with Marah Shayne.

HOLDEN: I just want you both to have a chance to be successful. I know you will.

LILY: I am so glad we worked our way back to each other.

HOLDEN: Me too. It was meant to be.

LILY: But what are you going to do here in town? I know you don’t want to just be the doting husband.

HOLDEN: I personally think I would excel at that career.

LILY: (smiles) You’re right.

HOLDEN: BUT, I have my share of business experience…thanks to ol Lucinda. I think I would love to help with the business side of your, well, Business.

LILY: I think that will be great!


In the hospital waiting room:

REVA: That crazy Blair lady is pressing charges on me? I didn’t do anything!

JOSH: She didn't, man. Was an accident.

ELIJAH: She claims that you threw coffee on her.

JOSH: She did not!

REVA: I can tell you exactly what happened.

ELIJAH: Please do. I need to know your side of the events.

REVA: I spotted a man who did not look to be in good health. Josh and I got up to tend to him. He started to collapse and I moved away and Blair happened to be walking out of the café. We ran into each other and the coffee went on her. It was a total accident.

JOSH: It was indeed an accident.

Elijah looks on…


Danielle has her back turned to Todd.

TODD: I really think we need to talk this out.

DANI: There is nothing to talk about. I just don’t like you.

TODD: What have I even done to you?

DANI: I built a life thinking Victor was my father. I cannot just turn on a dime and think of you as my father! I am sorry but I do not know how to do that!

TODD: Then let me help. I truly want to reach out and be your father. Victor is not around. He could be dead for all we know.

DANI: Do not say that.

TODD: You have to start being a realist!

DANI: You don’t get to tell me what to do and how to be. You are not my father!

TODD: But that’s the thing Danielle. I am. I am your father!

Dani has tears in her eyes.

DANI: I want you to leave.

Todd grabs a pen and some paper and writes down his phone number.

TODD: I hope you change your mind and let me reach out. Let me at least try.

Todd exits out into a rain storm..


“Need to destroy” by THC starts to play:


[:00] The camera pans out in the rain and through Holden and Lilys window. They are kissing again. Holden blows out the candles.

[:10] Cut inside. Holden picks Lily up and carries her to the bedroom. He sets her down on the bed. They start kissing again. Lily starts groping on Holden. Holden takes off his shirt. He starts to undo Lilys pants. They start to make love..

[:33] Todd arrives home. Both he and Blair look upset.

TODD: Whats wrong?

BLAIR: I was going to ask you the same thing?

TODD: It’s just been a rough first day in town.

BLAIR: Tell me about it.

TODD: I need a massage.

BLAIR: Don’t look at me. I need one too! I had coffee all over me Todd. All over.

TODD: What?

BLAIR: Just give me a massage.

TODD: Fine.

Todd starts to massage her. He also starts kissing on her neck some.

[1:02] Danielle sits alone in the dark with just a dim lamp on. She looks thousands of miles away lost in thought.

She looks out the window into the pouring rain..

[1:18] At the hospital waiting room.

REVA: I’m sure there is some camera footage near the cafe. Just go watch that and see that she is creating drama.

ELIJAH: I will continue to look into this. We’ll be in touch.

He walks off. Reva is exasperated and hugs Josh.

JOSH: I can’t believe this.

REVA: I told you she was crazy!

[1:35] In the halls of the hospital Elijah is happy to run into Eartha.

ELIJAH: So glad to run into you.

EARTHA: Too bad I cant talk right now.

ELIJAH: Ah okay

EARTHA: I’ll have to catch you later.

She walks off and Elijah watches her walk away.

[1:46] Eartha heads back to the mystery mans room. Morris is inside.

MORRIS: Was there any possession this John Doe had, to find out who he is?

EARTHA: The nurse found no wallet or ID, but did find a torn piece of paper.

Eartha has the paper in her hand.

MORRIS: After talking to him I don’t think he even knows who he is.

The man seems to be coming to.

MORRIS: Can you tell me who you are sir?

The man says nothing

MORRIS: Do you even know who you are?


MORRIS: Do you at least know your name?


EARTHA: I think this really does confirm that he has amnesia.

MORRIS: Definitely so

Eartha hands Morris the torn piece of paper.

It seems to be some sort of press pass.

There is a name on it…


















There lays a very alive and very amnesia filled Jack Deveraux.



Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures



Sxi0TT7.pngThe Mystery man has just collapsed. He made his way over a hill and is now just entering the city. He looks on towards the city.

MYSTERY MAN: So close…I must get back up…

The man struggles to get back to his feet.

He is able to…


Cut to a nearby park.

pvsGnTJ.jpgMarah Lewis is out for jog.

CXKinaR.jpgMalik Davis is also out for a jog.

The two end up getting in each other’s way and Malik almost knocks her over.

Marahs shoe comes off in the process.

MALIK: I am so sorry.

MARAH: It’s okay. You were just running hard.

MALIK: You were too! I think your shoe would agree.

MARAH: Guess I better pick that up.

She bends over to pick up her shoe and as she does Malik makes sure to check her out.

She puts her shoe back on and turns back around.

MALIK: Well let me introduce myself. Malik Davis.

MARAH: I’m Marah Lewis.

The two shake hands.


PHE470W.jpgJosh and RevaSMrx1qJ.jpg are sitting outside of a café sippin on some coffee.

REVA: I am so happy for our daughters adventure.

JOSH: Me too. I am glad we can help out.

REVA: Look at us Josh. Refusing to get old and trying to keep up with our kids.

JOSH: I think we do a good job.

He kisses her hand. They are both smiling.

However, Revas smile soon changes as she sees Blair

1ECWN6N.jpg walking towards the Café.

Reva and Blair make eye contact and neither are pleased.

BLAIR: Excuse me. What are you staring at?

REVA: Oh don’t flatter yourself. I’m just wishing we didn’t have to run into each other again.

BLAIR: I’d love to never see your face again either!

JOSH: Not this again.



Todd ggxPAgL.jpg is still upset.

TeaBfDVK7i.jpg and GaryGzFGUQ7.jpg look on.

TEA: I think you should just calm down and honor the contract, Todd.

TODD: I am not just gonna calm down! This damn weird clause in the contract.

He turns to Gary.

TODD: Listen, Cary! You tell--

GARY: --Its Gary!

TODD: Just tell your boss he doesn’t want to mess with Todd Manning.

GARY: Look, there is no need for threats. I can even help you out with this investigative assignment.

TODD: You know what I want from you?

GARY: What is that?

TODD: To leave the damn room!

Todd opens the door and Gary does leave. Todd slams the door.

TODD: This is upsetting.

TEA: I am upset too.

TODD: Good, you should be! I am glad you are in this with me.

TEA: I’m not upset about this.

TODD: Then what’s wrong?

TEA: You Todd. You had to move here of all places. You know Danielle moved here to Union Creek to get away awhile and go to college. But here comes you… following her!

Todd looks on


At the park:

Marah and Malik are still talking.

MALIK: So you are new to town?

MARAH: I have been here about a month. Getting a new fashion company off the ground!

MALIK: Fashion? I like fashion. Though don’t let my old running gear tell you otherwise.

MARAH: You look fine and yes fashion. Me and Lily Snyder are going into business together.

MALIK: Lily Snyder? Wow. That is my neighbor!

MARAH: Oh cool! Small world.

MALIK: It is, but I am glad it is. Might mean I’ll see you more.

Marah smiles.


At the chronicle:

Luke Snyder FnFiwKh.jpg corners Gary.

LUKE: What was that about?

GARY: What do you mean?

LUKE: Don’t play coy. You and the new boss were in that room together. What were you talking about?

GARY: Can’t I get to know my new boss?

LUKE: I think this means you knew more than you were letting on in the first place.

GARY: You are jumping to conclusions man!

LUKE: I’m not dumb. I’m an investigative journalist after all. I’ll find out what’s going on.

Gary smirks


Cut to Todd and Tea

TODD: I did not follow Dani here.

TEA: It is quite the coincidence Todd and you two already have a tumultuous relationship. How do you think she is going to see your move here?

TODD: She will see that her loving father will be near in case she ever needs him.

TEA: Keep wishing. Just don’t mess with her.

TODD: I am not going to stay away from her if that’s what you mean!

TEA: That is not what I am saying at all. I just want you to mend the non-relationship you two have.

TODD: I would love to Tea. She doesn’t make it easy! She truly is your daughter.

TEA: Just don’t mess it up Todd.

She exits the room


Outside of the café…

Reva and Blair are having another show down.

REVA: Just go away and get your coffee.

Blair turns to Josh

BLAIR: (To Josh) I will go inside. And I hope this is the last time I have to see your wife.

REVA: I am right here. You can talk to me.

BLAIR: No thanks.

Blair walks into the café

REVA: She better walk away.

JOSH: Don’t start to get all riled up Josh.

REVA: I am not don’t you worry. I see her for what she is. Just a b*tch.

JOSH: I don’t think this caffeine is gonna help you not get riled up though.

REVA: I think--

Just then Reva sees something.

It is the mystery man limping in street.

REVA: Oh my god..


Back at the chronicle

LUKE: I am going to keep hounding you until you tell me what you know about the buyout of the paper…

GARY: I don’t know why. I really do not know anything.

LUKE: I can tell by the smirk you keep trying to hold in that is a lie.

GARY: Believe what you must.

Gary sits down at his desk.

LUKE: Just tell me so I don’t have to keep annoying you?

GARY: I’ll tell you this…a good journalist never gives up his sources.


Outside of the café

Reva has spotted the mystery man (who’s face we still cannot see) limping along.

REVA: …That man needs help, Joshua!

JOSH: He does look very ill or something

Josh and Reva get up as the man walks towards them. He is wobbling around.

The Mystery Man starts to fall.

Reva gets out of the way. As she is doing so Blair is walking out of the café with her iced coffee.

Reva runs right into Blair!

The ice coffee goes all over Blair. She stands there in shock.

BLAIR: No. you. didn’t.

Reva can’t help but crack a smile.

REVA: My, my. Looks like you made a mess.

Meanwhile, Josh has caught the mystery man from falling to the ground.

JOSH: Reva, call 911!


Todd is parked outside of a house.

He gets out of the car and walks up to the door.

He rings the doorbell.






Danielle opens the door.


TODD: Hi Dani

DANI: What the hell are you doing here?


Credits roll

*I do not own some of these characters nor any of the pictures



Reva Shayne DbI6urA.jpg and Blair ManningYp6xC2O.jpg

are having a stare down in front the the Mannings new house…

JoshiDUlGCN.jpg looks on at the tension filled stare down slightly embarrassed.

REVA: You’re really saying we cannot park here for 20 minutes?

BLAIR: I believe that is what I said without stuttering, yes.

REVA: Can you believe this chick Joshua?

JOSH: Reva, we can just park next to the Snyders. It’s not a big deal.

REVA: I just don’t like a b*tch being a b*tch for no reason!

BLAIR: Get lost troll!

JOSH: Hey! Hey! That’s enough.

REVA: Troll? You did not--

BLAIR: --Get off my property before I call the police for harassment!

JOSH: Were going. Trust me, we’re going.

Josh grabs Reva by the arm and yanks her to the car.

Reva is visibly upset.

They get inside the car.

REVA: no respect.

JOSH: That was not the turn I saw this day going.

REVA: That’s one thing I miss about Springfield. Nobody in this town knows who I am. I’m Reva Shayne Lewis!

JOSH: At this rate they’re gonna learn real quick Reva. (sighs)

REVA: Damn Straight.

Sam QvCm5kB.jpg meanwhile comes outside and approaches his mom.

SAM: Is everything okay?

BLAIR: Yes. Thankfully the nutcase just left.

Josh parks the car in front of the Davis household.


Cut to inside the Davis house.

Malik Davis eqMUkML.jpg is having it out with his younger teenage sister TrinityBzTElVv.jpg .

She is dressed in tight and revealing clothing.

MALIK: You are not going to wear that out to the store.

TRINITY: And why not?

MALIK: You can’t be showin’ ass at the grocery store.

TRINITY: I am not showing ass.

MALIK: Basically. If your little sis saw you in that. No. She’d get too many ideas for the future.

TRINITY: I don’t know why you’re complaining. You drool over girls with tight clothes on. I seen it.

MALIK: And that’s exactly why I don’t want you wearing it. You’re 16! Nobody needs to be drooling.

TRINITY: Practically 17, but Ill change. Not because of your preachin’ but were starting to sound like the new neighbors across the street who woke up the whole neighborhood earlier.

MALIK: Fine by me.


At the Union Creek Chronicle:

Todd mr7SDiB.jpg shakes the hands of

f0Ef2wX.jpg Luke Snyder and Gary LuCroy RsSD1MV.jpg.

LUKE: So you are our new boss?

TODD: Todd Manning, at your service.

GARY: Hi Todd. I’m Gary.

TODD: Gary huh? I think I’ve read your articles. Maybe.

GARY: So the deal is already final?

TODD: Well I don’t think it’s quite final but it should be today. My attorney will be here any moment now.

LUKE: I look forward to seeing what you bring to the table.

TODD: I think I should be the one telling you that.

In walks Tea Delgado cfiHsYf.jpg

TODD: There she is. She’s good boys.

TEA: Not good enough. We have a problem.

The smile fades from Todds face.


Cut to the mystery man 11AHKWb.png

Face still not shown.

He has broken out of the room he was tied up in.

He looks around to see that he is in what looks like a normal home.

The camera acts as the man’s eyes as he sees A normal house set up.

Bookshelf,couch, table, tv.


He limps his way out of the front door…


Reva, Josh, Marah lcxrmJS.jpg, HoldenQpiZXjk.jpg and Lily fWHdaFX.jpg have finished their meeting.

LILY: This is going so smooth

HOLDEN: Almost too smoothly

LILY: Well don’t say that and jinx something.

HOLDEN: I’m not.

MARAH: We already have a building bought. All that is left to do is move in.

LILY: Chic Spirit designs will be off and running before you know it!

JOSH: I am thrilled for you guys!

REVA: Me too.

MARAH: Thank you guys.

Marah hugs her parents.

MARAH: We should get going.

REVA: Before I go can I just mention your neighbor.

LILY: The one across the street? She just moved in today.

REVA: Well for lack of better words…she’s kind of a b*tch.

MARAH: Mom stop!

JOSH: She never does.

HOLDEN: That whole family seemed off though.

LILY: They did. They were loud and dramatic. They remind of the Ryan Family I knew back in Oakdale.

REVA: Well I wish they wouldn’t have moved here.

LILY: I’m starting to already wish they didn’t move next to us.



TODD: Problem? What Problem Tea?

TEA: Probably shouldn’t talk about this in public.

TODD: We’ll go chat in one of these offices.

LUKE: You probably shouldn’t go in there if the contract didn’t go through and you’re not the owner.

TODD: Oh, can it! Don’t you have a fluff piece to write or something?

Todd and Tea enter the office and close the door.

LUKE: Well that was rude.

GARY: You probably should go work on your story for tomorrow.

LUKE: Fine

Luke goes and sits down, but he watches as Gary puts his ear next to the door Todd and Tea are in.

Inside the office:

TODD: What the hell is going on?

TEA: I found a mess up and it’s on your part. Did you read the contract?

TODD: No. That’s why I sent it to you.

TEA: Yes, sent it to me the day before it’s about to go through. My life does not and will not revolve around you Todd.

TODD: It’s your job.

TEA: While doing my job I saw that you did not read the fine print.

TODD: What fine print?

He yanks the contracts out of her hand.

Just then Gary walks in.

TODD: Get out. This is a private discussion Perry.

GARY: Um, it’s Gary and I came in because I know exactly what the problem is…


Cut to the mystery man…

The house he was in is all by itself and right down a hill.

He looks up at the hill.

MYSTERY MAN: How am I going to do this?

The man tries his best to start limping up the hill…


Trinity arrives back to the Davis household from the grocery store.

She starts to get bags out of the back seat.

Sam sees her from across the street and decides to approach her.

SAM: Hi there. Need some help?

TRINITY: Hello. No thank you. I can get it


TRINITY: One of the new neighbors?

SAM: Yeah, I hope my mom and Todd didn’t make too much of a scene.

TRINITY: Well um…ummm…

SAM: It’s okay I know they did. They’re loud.

TRINITY: It’s okay my parents can be too.

Silence ensues after that…

Awkward silence.

TRINITY: Well I better bring these in. My arms are getting tired. See you around.

SAM: Yeah, See you around.


The Mystery man has managed to make it all the way over the hill.

He is right into entering the city now.

However his weakened state is getting worse and so is his walking.

MYSTERY MAN: Come on legs. I know you haven’t been getting a lot of exercise lately but come on!

He keeps limping along best he can.

He collapses…


Inside the office at the Chronicle

TODD: What do you know?

GARY: Well it’s like this. I was the right hand man to the old owner. I know he had a clause in that contract.

TEA: You know about the wishes for some kind of investigation?

GARY: Yes. In order to fully and completely own the paper you must complete one last investigation for this paper that the old boss wants done.

TODD: And what would that be?

GARY: You must find a document that a Mr or Mrs X has. It is highly important, that document.

TODD: Mr or Mrs X? and what kind of document?

GARY: That is as much as I know right now.

TODD: What are you even talking about? What is he talking about Tea?

TEA: I am not clear on this either.

TODD: You’re being as vague as your personality, Perry.

GARY: That is all the info I have at this moment.

TODD: So I must look for some random document that could be anywhere in the entire world? That’s not a needle in a haystack at all.

GARY: I am sure I will find more information in time.

TODD: This is just stupid. Maybe I won’t buy the paper after all.

GARY: It’s too late. You already signed the contract and it has been filed. You are now at least signed on for 90 days. If you wish to complete the buying process you will just do this for the old boss.

TODD: This is asinine. Is this true Tea?

TEA: It sure is.

Todd is quite pissy by all of this…


Credits roll

*I do not own the non original characters nor any of the picture


Union Creek #1

Union Creek Colorado


Cut to a long winding Creek of water.



Josh fgLjAKn.jpg and RevarNMHrty.jpg Lewis are sitting on the porch of their ranch.

REVA: We have the most beautiful home, Bud.

JOSH: We do. This move here has been one of our best ideas.

The two embrace and kiss gently and then look into each others eyes.

REVA: And we don’t come up with many good Ideas do we?

JOSH: We sure don’t.

REVA: And the best part is we are country folk that are still way out here in the country.

JOSH (looks at his watch) Well, we country folk need to get a move on it. We are late meeting Marah.

REVA: [[email protected]#$%^&*], I forgot Josh. Mommas gotta help her with her endeavor.


Robinson Street



Holden Snyder qIZUvVt.gif is outside finishing up mowing the lawn.

Lily Snyder wpjf7mC.jpg walks outside and hands a glass of lemonade to her husband.

HOLDEN: Thank You Lily. Hug?

He goes in for a hug but Lily makes a scrunchy face.

LILY: Sorry, too dirty. Ill kiss your cheek though.

HOLDEN: Oh come on!

She kisses his cheek but he grabs her and pulls her in for a squeeze.

LILY: Fine!

She hugs him back.

Luke comes outside as well. 2WCKalK.jpg

LILY: Don’t tell me you’re off already!

LUKE: Yeah, sorry mom I have to head to work.

HOLDEN: Any intriguing news going on?

LUKE: Not yet, but there is always something on the horizon!

Luke hugs his mom

LUKE: Thanks for breakfast!

LILY: Yeah, well don’t be a stranger!

Luke heads off.

The Snyders neighbors, Eartha m36IZB6.jpg and

Morris Davis2ObvCZB.jpg walk out of their house.

EARTHA: Another beautiful mornin’

HOLDEN: It truly is.

MORRIS: You two still enjoying your new home?

LILY: We think it is fantastic and our son loves his new job too.

MORRIS: Glad to hear it.

LILY: You guys are so cute though. Two married doctors who work together every day. I don’t know how you do it. What a couple.

EARTHA: If I could blush, I would be right now (chuckles)

A UHALL Pulls up across the street.

HOLDEN: Must be the new neighbours.

MORRIS: I hope its some good ones.

LILY: Some quiet ones. I am enjoying this quiet life.

Movers get out and start unloading from the UHALL. A fancy car pulls up to the house.

EARTHA: Awesome car. Looks like we are getting some refined neighbors.


Cut to across the street. Todd sAMo6B9.jpgand

Blair ManningXHJnezc.jpg get out of the car.

As well as Sam.ZqYztqP.jpg

BLAIR: You two can start getting the boxes out of the trunk.

TODD: Blair…stop nagging us!

BLAIR: Well I just want to get our stuff inside.

TODD: Why did we get movers if they aren’t going to, you know, move our stuff...

SAM: Todds right for once.

TODD: Yeah, I’m right for once Blair.

BLAIR: We can still help out!

Back on the other side of the street, Eartha, Morris, Lily and Holden look on at the bickering. They then look at each other in concern...


Inside of a dark room…

Someone is tied up to a chair.cfe43m3.jpg

His face is not seen. He starting to get the rope loose. He does get loose!

MYSTERY MAN: Finally I can get out of here!

He stumbles up and can barely walk.. He gets to the door. But it is locked.


He weakly pounds on it…


At the police station:

Terrance Smith 2TNaGqn.jpg visits his dad and cop

vuVPYIy.jpgElijah smith. The two hug.

ELIJAH: Son you are early! Don’t tell me you are leaving already!

TERRANCE: Duty calls.

EIJAH: I thought we would at least be able to have dinner.

TERRANCE: Sorry dad, but I have to head down south.

ELIJAH: I wish you would at least tell me what this duty is.

TERRANCE: You know I cant tell you about my missions dad.

ELIJAH: I am an officer of the law, your secrets are safe with me.

TERRANCE: I’m sorry dad, I just can’t.


Marah Lewis Tqw7poH.jpgarrives at Lily and Holdens.

LILY: Welcome to our home.

MARAH: So glad we can finally meet in person again!

The two hug.

HOLDEN: I’m happy for you both going into business together. A new fashion company. I don’t think Colorado is ready for this.

MARAH: They will be after it is a hit.

LILY: Confidence. I love it.

MARAH: My mom was suppose to stop by and help us work some things out but she seems to be late. You’ll soon find out that she marches to the beat of her own drum.


Across the street Todd and Blair are still bickering.

TODD: Can we agree to never move again. You are getting unbearable!

BLAIR: Stop whining. Sometimes I think you put the Todd in toddler.

Eartha and Morris approach the couple.

MORRIS: Don’t mean to interrupt but we wanted to come and greet our new neighbors.

EARTHA: We are Eartha and Morris.

BLAIR: Nice to meet you. I’m Blair and this is Todd. And our son Sam is around here somewhere.

The 4 shake hands.

Morris: I can go ask my son Malik to come help you two carry is some boxes.

TODD: Thank you but we hired these movers for a reason. Or at least I thought so. (shoots Blair a dirty look)

EARTHA: We both gotta head to work, but we will come and say hi again. I’ll bake y’all a pie.

That catches Sams attention.

SAM: A pie! That would be awesome!

BLAIR: Well thank you. That is very kind and very nice to meet you two.

Eartha and Morris head back across the street to their car.

Todd is fussing with his cell phone.

BLAIR: They were nice. Huh Todd..

Todd is just looking at his phone.

Blair socks him in the arm!

TODD: Geez Blair! What?

BLAIR: Our neighbors were nice.

TODD: Oh, yeah.

BLAIR: Whats wrong now?

TODD: Dammit I’m late for a meeting! Looks like you two have to finish helping. I’ll be back later.

He rushes off…



ELIJAH: I demand that you be careful son!

TERRANCE: I always am.

ELIJAH: I Sure hope so.

The father and son hug again.

TERRANCE: Off to Paradise New Mexico I go!

ELIJAH: Call me, soon.

TERRANCE: I Wont even be that far away.

Terrance exits the office…



Reva and Josh finally arrive to Robinson Street. Reva is driving.

REVA: There is no parking place at that address.

JOSH: We can just park next door.

The U-hall at the Mannings drives off.

REVA: I’ll just park across the street.

She does and the two get out. Blair sees them parking there and approaches them.

BLAIR: Excuse me, who are you two and why are you parking here?

REVA: It’s no big deal. We just have a meeting across the street.

JOSH: It shouldn't take long.

BLAIR: I’m sorry but I just moved here and there's still more stuff to be moved.

REVA: Its just a little meeting will only take like 20 minutes.

BLAIR: I’m sorry but you can’t park here.

Reva has an ‘I cant believe she just told me that’ look on her face

JOSH: Come on Reva we’ll just park next door to the Snyders.


Reva and Blair have a stare down.


At the Union Creek Chronicle

Luke is sitting down at his desk. He and a co worker named GaryR5LKbTs.jpg are chatting.

LUKE: Why was this place sold? Our paper does so well online. Better than most newspapers across the country.

GARY: I don’t know the exact reason. Must have been about money.

LUKE: Come on you are always in the know.

GARY: Not this time.

LUKE: Do you at least know who the new owner is?

GARY: No, but I think we are about to find out.

Someone walks in the door.

It is Todd Manning.

TODD: Hello my new employees. The Name is Todd Manning and I now own this highly coveted paper!


Meanwhile, The mystery man that was tied up is still trying to get out of the room. He is in a weakened state however and is struggling. He tries to kick out a part at the bottom of the door where there is a food tray, but he can.t

He then grabs his chair and runs it into the door with all his might!

The door finally busts open! He limps out of the room…

MYSTERY MAN: Finally free…




*I own no rights to all of the non original characters nor any of the pictures.*

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