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Union Creek

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Union Creek #6: Luke is admired/Elijah investigates




Earthaltkm3ML.jpg and MorrisB8qYmMg.jpg are out for dinner.

They spot LilyvCE7VrU.jpg and Holden zxZrxj6.jpg Snyder there.

LILY: Hey Neighbors! You should join us.

MORRIS: We don’t want to bother you.

HOLDEN: It is really no bother.

EARTHA: We would love to join you.

The 4 neighbors sit together.

HOLDEN: We love this place.

LILY: Yeah it is our favorite.

EARTHA: It is ours too after a long day of work.

MORRIS: I just come for the cold beer.

Holden laughs.

LILY: How was work today?

EARTHA: As hectic as ever.

MORRIS: Yeah some crazy situations for sure.


Luke Snyder JBeIgl4.jpg arrives at a ski resort.

He is upset as he is walking in the resort.

LUKE: Why did Gary and the new boss send me here for an assignment?

He enters in a huff.

LUKE: I don’t even ski!

He walks up to the check in desk.

LUKE: Hi. I am Luke Snyder. I am writing an article on this place for the Union Creek chronicle.

CLERK: Ah yes! Welcome Mister Snyder. We are looking forward to this.

LUKE: Yes…me…too.


At the Union Creek Chronicle:

Gary faqz9YL.jpg knocks on ToddsBBQSELQ.jpg office.

TODD: Don’t come in!

Gary enters.

TODD: I said Don’t come in…don’t.

GARY: We need to talk. It is almost as if you are avoiding me.

TODD: Would never do that Jerry.

Gary sighs.

GARY: I sent Luke Snyder on an assignment to a ski resort two towns over.

TODD: …and?

GARY: He’s nosy. He was trying to get the goods on what we were up to. I don’t think the old boss would want him to know about our assignment.

TODD: He might as well still be here then, because I don’t even know about our assignment!

GARY: You know we have to find the document.

TODD: Yes this obscure document. Oh joy.


Danielle Manning X8cthCV.jpg arrives home.

She gets out of her car and sees another car parked in front of the place.

She tries to look and see who is inside


Blair tO9OX1r.jpg gets out of the car.

BLAIR: Hey Dani!


They both walk towards her house.

DANIELLE: You were really waiting here for me?

BLAIR: I was hoping to come in and talk to you.


BLAIR: Excuse me?

DANIELLE: If Todd sent you here, the answer is no.


ElijahrivEXfj.jpg and other cops arrive at the house over the hill.

ELIJAH: Everyone get ready.

There is Elijah and 4 other cops.

They start to surround the house.

ELIJAH: I am going to approach the door. We don’t know what we are dealing with so be careful.

They all take their guns out.

He knocks on the door.

ELIJAH: Police open up! We have a search warrant!

He waits but nobody comes.

He knocks again. Some of the other cops try and look through the windows.

ELIJAH: We are coming in one way or the other…I’m breaking this door down!

He kicks down the door and enters!

Elijah is astonished by what he sees inside…


At dinner

Morris has his arm around Eartha.

Eartha kisses him on the cheek.

MORRIS: Thanks baby.

LILY: I don’t know Holden, we are going to have to step are game up to be as cute as these two!

HOLDEN: Tell me about it. I feel like I am slacking.

EARTHA: Oh stop guys.

MORRIS: Sorry If we have some PDA.

HOLDEN: No problem at all.

Holden puts his arm around Lily.

HOLDEN: I’ll join you.

Lily kisses his cheek.

EARTHA: Now I have to top you!

Eartha plants a kiss on Morris lips and they all chuckle


At the Ski Resort

Luke is in a dining area. He finds a table to sit at and puts his stuff down.

LUKE: What a trip. Not what I was expecting to do today.

Meanwhile, A guy jAXyK8i.jpg is behind Luke at the bar. He is clearly checking Luke out.

Luke pulls out a list.

LUKE: Some of these people I am going to have to interview here.

He spots the menu.

LUKE: But first I eat..and maybe drink.

He sits down.

The guy at the bar is still looking towards Luke…


Gary is still in Todds office.

GARY: I am trying to think of the places this secret document may be. I have some hunches because of where the old boss use to go.

Todd is on his computer.

GARY: It cannot be far from Union Creek. Well actually it may be across the country but we can work around that…

Gary glances at Todd who isn’t even paying attention.

GARY: So I’m thinking we’ll probably have to go to mars to get it actually. That sound like a plan boss?

TODD: Yeah. Lets do that. Sounds good.

GARY: You re not even listening! You know you have to do this investigation if you want to own this newspaper. You signed the contract.

TODD: Yes, yes I know. As soon as you find out what kind of document I am looking for I will make sure to work harder!


Cut to Danielle and Blair.

BLAIR: Todd didn't send me I promise.

DANIELLE: Fine. Come in. For a few.

They enter.

DANIELLE: So you wanted to see me because?

BLAIR: Well…Todd didn't send me but I am here because I want to talk to you…about him.


BLAIR: He genuinely reached out to you the other night.

DANIELLE: This is a waste of time, Blair. I am sorry but I do not want him to be a father figure to me.

BLAIR: but--

DANIELLE: --It is how I feel and nobody is going to tell me how to feel. I want nothing to do with Todd Manning.


The house over the hill…

Elijah is inside with other cops and the house…is empty.

COP 1: There is nothing here. Not a single trace.

ELIJAH: Yup nothing is any room except this empty bookshelf and an empty fridge and cabinets.

COP 1: Someone cleaned up

ELIJAH: They sure did. We need to get a forensic team down here just in case…


Lily and Holden arrive home. They see Eartha and Morris walking inside next door.

LILY: That was a really nice dinner with them.

HOLDEN: It was. They are such a cool couple to hang with.

LILY: And they are so madly in love. Something most couple strive for.

HOLDEN: Hey, we’re not so far off!

LILY: Yeah you are right.

The two embrace and kiss


Cut next door to Eartha and Morris.

Trinity greets themLrq4icv.jpg

TRINITY: Hi mom and dad.


Both seem in bad moods.

MORRIS: Why were you so clingy today Eartha?!

EARTHA: I just wanted to have a good time.

MORRIS: It could have been good without you all over me.

EARTHA: Maybe I just wanted to put you in a good mood. For once!

MORRIS: Well you sure know how to lay your acts on thick!

EARTHA: Whatever Morris. Why do we even go out then?

Eartha walks away pissed off.

Trinity sighs and walks to her room.

TRINITY: I wish mom and dad could fake their happiness at home like they do for the public…


At the ski resort

Luke gets a drink from the bar. He tips the bartender.

He then turns around to see the guy who was checking him out still checking him out.

BEN: Um sorry…for, well, looking at your ass.

LUKE: Um, well no problem I think.

BEN: I am Ben.

LUKE: I am Luke

BEN: Very nice to meet you Luke. Sorry for the awkward introduction.

LUKE: Wait, you Said your name is Ben? Do you ski?

BEN: Well yeah. Ski resort…duh.

LUKE: No its just that I had a list of people to interview and a Ben was on the list.

BEN: This is fantastic! I’m that Ben.

Both are all smiles…


Gary sets a file down and leaves Todds office.

TODD: God I thought he would never leave. He is insufferable.

Todd picks up a file Gary left.

TODD: I am not going to investigate this stupid document fiasco. Hell, I will just pretend to do so. And then this place will be mine.


BLAIR: Can you just believe that Todd has your best interest at heart Dani!

DANIELLE: He might. He might not. I just wish you, Todd and my mom would let me live my life! A life that will not be close to Todd.

BLAIR: You are being selfish.

DANIELLE: Feel however you choose to feel.

BLAIR: Did you get your mothers cold blooded gene?

DANIELLE: Funny. Can I be alone now Blair?

BLAIR: I guess so. Just remember that Todd genuinely cares about you.

DANIELLE: He is not my true father so I don’t care and both you and Todd will have to deal with it!


Elijah arrives at the hospital in Jacks MjofWU7.png room.

JACK: Officer…did you find the house I was held in?

ELIJAH: That is why I am here. The house was completely empty. Was it empty when you escaped?

JACK: No. Not at all. I saw furniture. It looked like a regular occupied house.

ELIJAH: The place was cleaned up. We are dealing with people who know what they are doing.

JACK: Why do cops have a knack for stating the obvious?

ELIJAH: Look sir, I am sorry we found nothing. Forensics is looking it over. I’m not sure this town is use to something like this. I am not sure how I am going to combat something so sinister.

Jack looks on disappointed by all this.

Elijah looks on worried.


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters or any pictures.


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Your show seems to get better as it goes on.

I am sooooo worried for some of you characters. They seem to get themselves into some bad situations.

I wonder if Elijah is going to make trouble in the town. He looks like he will not be the person who just wants to sit back and watch.

Dani is still standing some ground. I like that though. It stays true to her.

Keep up the great work!!!

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  • Members

I agree with @y&rbiggestfan, ur show is getting better and better. I enjoy reading this blog and I too like Dani's character. Can't wait to see how the stories play out.

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  • Members

Thanks a lot guys for the comments! Glad you are liking the build and hope you continue to enjoy the ride.

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  • Members

UC is quickly becoming my fav blog. I love each episode. Each show gives so much yet so little.

I can see Morris playing his role very well. Great job casting him. Id like to know why they are not happy.

SO Jack is in this show and his family in the other right? That's kinda neat. I sure like to know how he survived the elevator shaft fall.

Luke and Ben IDK. Such a strong come on. Luke must be a flamer.

Again I love Todd's scenes and his story and I bet you have a good time writing them.

I also love seeing Dan yella dealing with her issues with Todd and her emotions on the situation. It was also nice seeing Blair showing some human nature.

GREAT SHOW UC> Im all caught up and cant wait for the next one!!!!!

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  • Members

Here we go...my thoughts...lol

Morris/Eartha/Trinity - I liked that reveal that they are not happy. Set up beautifully, with Trinity making the reveal...now we gotta find out why

Gary/Todd - Todd's scenes were true to his character. I can see Roger Howarth on TV saying the things you wrote for him. You capture this well.

Blair/Dani - Dani is steadfast in keeping Todd out of her life. Why this time? Where's the man she feels and thinks of as a father, Victor Lord Jr?

Luke/Ben - Ben was checking out Luke's ass, but I'm sure he's a plant for whomever is trying to throw Luke off their trail. Will Luke fall for the hot guy?

Good methodical pace and story movement in this episode.

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  • Members

Good stuff all around, Nick!

I loved Morris and Eartha, revealing that they aren't as happy as they appear. I'm sure there's some great history there to uncover. You have a knack for that, I can tell already. I can see how this affects Trinity as well. Great family dynamic there!

Todd is so flippant, and it's so Todd of him. He figures he can bluster and steamroll in and get what he wants by pure chance. It's how he's always been. You capture that well. I hope things don't quite turn out that way for him. Might bring out his darker edge.

Ben seems like trouble. I sense there's gonna be a lot of trouble for Luke the deeper he digs here.

Also loved Blair's scene with Danielle. You've got that awkward dynamic between them down really well.

I expect forensics will find SOMETHING in the house that Jack was in. The mystery there is great. Loving that story, and I wonder if that'll connect up in JP. Guess I gotta read and find out!

You're doing great with this show. It flows beautifully.

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