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Union Creek

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Union Creek #1



Union Creek Colorado


Cut to a long winding Creek of water.



Josh fgLjAKn.jpg and RevarNMHrty.jpg Lewis are sitting on the porch of their ranch.

REVA: We have the most beautiful home, Bud.

JOSH: We do. This move here has been one of our best ideas.

The two embrace and kiss gently and then look into each others eyes.

REVA: And we don’t come up with many good Ideas do we?

JOSH: We sure don’t.

REVA: And the best part is we are country folk that are still way out here in the country.

JOSH (looks at his watch) Well, we country folk need to get a move on it. We are late meeting Marah.

REVA: [!@#$%^&*], I forgot Josh. Mommas gotta help her with her endeavor.


Robinson Street



Holden Snyder qIZUvVt.gif is outside finishing up mowing the lawn.

Lily Snyder wpjf7mC.jpg walks outside and hands a glass of lemonade to her husband.

HOLDEN: Thank You Lily. Hug?

He goes in for a hug but Lily makes a scrunchy face.

LILY: Sorry, too dirty. Ill kiss your cheek though.

HOLDEN: Oh come on!

She kisses his cheek but he grabs her and pulls her in for a squeeze.

LILY: Fine!

She hugs him back.

Luke comes outside as well. 2WCKalK.jpg

LILY: Don’t tell me you’re off already!

LUKE: Yeah, sorry mom I have to head to work.

HOLDEN: Any intriguing news going on?

LUKE: Not yet, but there is always something on the horizon!

Luke hugs his mom

LUKE: Thanks for breakfast!

LILY: Yeah, well don’t be a stranger!

Luke heads off.

The Snyders neighbors, Eartha m36IZB6.jpg and

Morris Davis2ObvCZB.jpg walk out of their house.

EARTHA: Another beautiful mornin’

HOLDEN: It truly is.

MORRIS: You two still enjoying your new home?

LILY: We think it is fantastic and our son loves his new job too.

MORRIS: Glad to hear it.

LILY: You guys are so cute though. Two married doctors who work together every day. I don’t know how you do it. What a couple.

EARTHA: If I could blush, I would be right now (chuckles)

A UHALL Pulls up across the street.

HOLDEN: Must be the new neighbours.

MORRIS: I hope its some good ones.

LILY: Some quiet ones. I am enjoying this quiet life.

Movers get out and start unloading from the UHALL. A fancy car pulls up to the house.

EARTHA: Awesome car. Looks like we are getting some refined neighbors.


Cut to across the street. Todd sAMo6B9.jpgand

Blair ManningXHJnezc.jpg get out of the car.

As well as Sam.ZqYztqP.jpg

BLAIR: You two can start getting the boxes out of the trunk.

TODD: Blair…stop nagging us!

BLAIR: Well I just want to get our stuff inside.

TODD: Why did we get movers if they aren’t going to, you know, move our stuff...

SAM: Todds right for once.

TODD: Yeah, I’m right for once Blair.

BLAIR: We can still help out!

Back on the other side of the street, Eartha, Morris, Lily and Holden look on at the bickering. They then look at each other in concern...


Inside of a dark room…

Someone is tied up to a chair.cfe43m3.jpg

His face is not seen. He starting to get the rope loose. He does get loose!

MYSTERY MAN: Finally I can get out of here!

He stumbles up and can barely walk.. He gets to the door. But it is locked.


He weakly pounds on it…


At the police station:

Terrance Smith 2TNaGqn.jpg visits his dad and cop

vuVPYIy.jpgElijah smith. The two hug.

ELIJAH: Son you are early! Don’t tell me you are leaving already!

TERRANCE: Duty calls.

EIJAH: I thought we would at least be able to have dinner.

TERRANCE: Sorry dad, but I have to head down south.

ELIJAH: I wish you would at least tell me what this duty is.

TERRANCE: You know I cant tell you about my missions dad.

ELIJAH: I am an officer of the law, your secrets are safe with me.

TERRANCE: I’m sorry dad, I just can’t.


Marah Lewis Tqw7poH.jpgarrives at Lily and Holdens.

LILY: Welcome to our home.

MARAH: So glad we can finally meet in person again!

The two hug.

HOLDEN: I’m happy for you both going into business together. A new fashion company. I don’t think Colorado is ready for this.

MARAH: They will be after it is a hit.

LILY: Confidence. I love it.

MARAH: My mom was suppose to stop by and help us work some things out but she seems to be late. You’ll soon find out that she marches to the beat of her own drum.


Across the street Todd and Blair are still bickering.

TODD: Can we agree to never move again. You are getting unbearable!

BLAIR: Stop whining. Sometimes I think you put the Todd in toddler.

Eartha and Morris approach the couple.

MORRIS: Don’t mean to interrupt but we wanted to come and greet our new neighbors.

EARTHA: We are Eartha and Morris.

BLAIR: Nice to meet you. I’m Blair and this is Todd. And our son Sam is around here somewhere.

The 4 shake hands.

Morris: I can go ask my son Malik to come help you two carry is some boxes.

TODD: Thank you but we hired these movers for a reason. Or at least I thought so. (shoots Blair a dirty look)

EARTHA: We both gotta head to work, but we will come and say hi again. I’ll bake y’all a pie.

That catches Sams attention.

SAM: A pie! That would be awesome!

BLAIR: Well thank you. That is very kind and very nice to meet you two.

Eartha and Morris head back across the street to their car.

Todd is fussing with his cell phone.

BLAIR: They were nice. Huh Todd..

Todd is just looking at his phone.

Blair socks him in the arm!

TODD: Geez Blair! What?

BLAIR: Our neighbors were nice.

TODD: Oh, yeah.

BLAIR: Whats wrong now?

TODD: Dammit I’m late for a meeting! Looks like you two have to finish helping. I’ll be back later.

He rushes off…



ELIJAH: I demand that you be careful son!

TERRANCE: I always am.

ELIJAH: I Sure hope so.

The father and son hug again.

TERRANCE: Off to Paradise New Mexico I go!

ELIJAH: Call me, soon.

TERRANCE: I Wont even be that far away.

Terrance exits the office…



Reva and Josh finally arrive to Robinson Street. Reva is driving.

REVA: There is no parking place at that address.

JOSH: We can just park next door.

The U-hall at the Mannings drives off.

REVA: I’ll just park across the street.

She does and the two get out. Blair sees them parking there and approaches them.

BLAIR: Excuse me, who are you two and why are you parking here?

REVA: It’s no big deal. We just have a meeting across the street.

JOSH: It shouldn't take long.

BLAIR: I’m sorry but I just moved here and there's still more stuff to be moved.

REVA: Its just a little meeting will only take like 20 minutes.

BLAIR: I’m sorry but you can’t park here.

Reva has an ‘I cant believe she just told me that’ look on her face

JOSH: Come on Reva we’ll just park next door to the Snyders.


Reva and Blair have a stare down.


At the Union Creek Chronicle

Luke is sitting down at his desk. He and a co worker named GaryR5LKbTs.jpg are chatting.

LUKE: Why was this place sold? Our paper does so well online. Better than most newspapers across the country.

GARY: I don’t know the exact reason. Must have been about money.

LUKE: Come on you are always in the know.

GARY: Not this time.

LUKE: Do you at least know who the new owner is?

GARY: No, but I think we are about to find out.

Someone walks in the door.

It is Todd Manning.

TODD: Hello my new employees. The Name is Todd Manning and I now own this highly coveted paper!


Meanwhile, The mystery man that was tied up is still trying to get out of the room. He is in a weakened state however and is struggling. He tries to kick out a part at the bottom of the door where there is a food tray, but he can.t

He then grabs his chair and runs it into the door with all his might!

The door finally busts open! He limps out of the room…

MYSTERY MAN: Finally free…




*I own no rights to all of the non original characters nor any of the pictures.*


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I never comment on here but this a good blog. I was interested just from the title alone letting me know that this'll b an original show and I like that. I liked the Todd/ Blair scenes. I could actually picture them saying this in their mannerisms..ha.. Im not too familiar with GL characters but I do know a bit about Reva/ Josh. I didn't watch GL but I did see very few eppies when they were on the air. And I have seen a bit of Reva And Josh when on. But overall I like the introduction and look forward to more.. Good job

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  • Members

Hey I really like this idea. And you've got me wondering about Terrance's duty and the mystery man who is tied up. You've set up Reva and Blair...and Luke working for Todd.

Looking forward to your stories....

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  • Members

REALLY good start!

I'm loving the crossovers, and I see the whole Manning clan is gonna be coming, which is excellent. Can't wait to see Dani join Blair and Todd. And it's always great to see Reva and Josh again.

I enjoy that both your shows are gonna be interconnected as well. Really cool. Wonder who you'll be connecting Luke to, and who the mystery man is.

All really great stuff! Excited to keep reading! :D

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  • Members

Drama already and I like it. WHo is the mystery person????

Reva vs Blair. I think Reva got her beat. LOL

Nice casting and mix of characters. Tood Manning shal lmake things fun..

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