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Union Creek #21: As a party rages on...someone shocking is alive!

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Written by: Nick M


Greg has arrived in Union Creek Colorado after running away from Paradise New Mexico.


He has parked his car near a creek. There are a group of young people sitting near the creek hanging out.


GREG: I don’t know if this place is far enough away from Paradise, but I don’t have enough cash to drive away too far.


He gets out of the car and looks around.


He flashes back

[Just Paradise #17]


Outside, Greg is about to get in the car with Chavo but hears Ali scream.


He hears Ali say “No! Please!”


Greg turns around and goes to the house.


He looks inside to see Vin about to hit Ali.


He has a flash of his dad and then has a flash of his mom with a black eye.


GREG: Dammit Vin!


Greg rushes inside.


GREG: Don’t!

VIN: This doesn’t concern you, Greg!

GREG: Oh yes it does.


Greg goes at Vin and with all his might punches him square in the jaw knocking Vin out cold!!


Vin hits the ground.


Back in the present:


GREG: If Vin finds me that wannabe hardcore gangster will want to kill me. …but where am I going to stay? I guess I can just sleep in my car tonight.


All of a sudden someone taps him on the shoulder from behind.


A stark look of fear flushes Greg’s face…




Malik is at Danielle’s place.


MALIK: You have a nice place.

DANI: Thank you.

MALIK: Thank you for inviting me over.

DANI: Well you know, just wanted to get to know my coworker better.

MALIK: We probably should keep getting to know each other. Will make the photo shoots we do together that much better.

DANI: So true. Want anything to drink?


MALIK: Just a glass of water will be fine.

DANI: Coming right up.


Danielle pours two glasses of water and then hands one to Malik and sits next to him.


DANI: So go ahead. Tell me all about yourself.

MALIK: Putting me on the spot I see…




Trinity and Sam arrive together at the big teen end of summer bash going on at Zack’s friend Jaspers house.


TRINITY: I don’t like being around this many people.

SAM: You’re around this many people at school.

TRINITY: Yeah and they are annoying enough there. Here they will probably be on drugs and alcohol and ten times more annoying.

SAM: We can always join them with the drugs and alcohol.

TRINITY: No thank you.


Trinity feels a little relieved when she sees that Camella is also there.


TRINITY:  Thank god for a familiar face.

CAMELLA: Hey girl!


Camella and Trinity hug.


CAMELLA: You came with Sam?

SAM: Yes. Yes she did.


Camella gives Sam a bit of a dirty look.


SAM: We are neighbors you know. It is natural to come together.

CAMELLA: Must be nice. I just have to drag her to these parties it seems.

TRINITY: Can I drag you all to find somewhere to sit.


The three start to try and get through the large group of people.


Elsewhere at the party:


Mandy and Zack are chatting.


MANDY: I hear you helped throw this party with Jasper?

ZACK: Yes I did. Not surprised that you found out that bit of information.

MANDY: I find out everything going on with my peers.

ZACK: Because you are always yappin!

MANDY: Yes I know that’s why they call me motor mouth. You really enjoy calling me that don’t you.

ZACK: It fits so well.


Zack becomes completely distracted as Anne arrives at the party.


MANDY: We should go dance like last time.


Mandy takes notice of him being distracted.


MANDY: Here we go. Earth to Zack.


Mandy rolls her eyes.


Zack turns back to look at Mandy.


ZACK: Sorry. What?

MANDY: Nothing.




Todd and Gary are in the abandoned warehouse.


Suddenly the person from the other room walk inside this room!


The person stands in the shadows of the room.


TODD: Now what is this?!


The person speaks with a deep voice: “Find him. And if you see his mother Barbara…tell her hello for me…”


Todd looks on towards the person in the shadows…


TODD: Who even are you trying to be all mysterious over there?


Out from the shadows walks James Stenbeck!! 


JAMES: That isn’t important.

TODD: I happen to think it is very important. Gary what games are you playing>

GARY: This is the old owner of the paper. The one that needs the document.

TODD: Why is this document so important?

JAMES: It’s all about the money. It seems likes you of all people can appreciate that.

TODD: Okay duly noted on that. So this Paul Ryan is involved with your money?


JAMES: You see, Paul and I go way back. Back to his birth you can say. He has somehow found out about my secret stash of money and is now trying to steal it all for himself.

TODD: Can’t you all, you know, call the freakin’ police?

JAMES: It is not that simple.

TODD: I can tell it’s not simple if it involves the ISA and it sure must not be that simple to involve the new owner of the newspaper yours truly.

JAMES: You are more than just the owner of the newspaper. I know all about you.


TODD: I don’t like this Gary. This may cost you your job!

JAMES: All I need is for you to find the document that Paul is going to use. So get it done.

TODD: I do not take demands well, mister wannabe mystery.

JAMES: Well get used to it!


James glares at Todd.




A young girl (Dee) is the one that tapped on Greg shoulder.


DEE: I didn’t mean to scare you.

GREG: You, you didn’t.

DEE: Oh, well I am Dee by the way.

GREG: Hi I’m Greg.

DEE: It seems like my friends ditched me. I went to go pee in the woods and now they are gone.

GREG: Pee in the woods?


Greg can’t help but laugh


DEE: I know that is probably kind of gross, but—

GREG: --no I just already like how this place seems way more free than where I am from.

DEE: Oh well cool, but I was going to ask a favor…if you could give me a ride to a party that is going on.

GREG: Oh. I don’t know if I can I just want to find a place to stay for the night.




Cut to Malik and Danielle


MALIK: I don’t know if there is much to say about me. I was raised by doctors, but now not going to college myself. Aren’t I great?

DANI: We all must do our own thing. So both of your parents are doctors? Sweet.

MALIK: Yeah they are. It is not as great as it sounds.

DANI: I don’t know it sounds pretty great to me.

MALIK: They’re good doctors and love their jobs…if they still love each other is a whole different question though.


DANI: Oh. Sorry to hear that. Beats my parents. My mom is a lawyer and my dad is a professional d*uchebag.


DANI: It’s true.

MALIK: Tell me more about yourself.

DANI: I think all there is to know about me right now is that I so want to do this…


Danielle kisses Malik!




At the party:


Zack and Mandy walk up to Rourke


ZACK: Hey I wanted to introduce you two.


Zack looks around to see where Anne went.



ZACK: Yes, Rourke this is Mandy. Mandy this is my step brother.

MANDY: Didn’t even know you had one. Guess I don’t know everything.

ROURKE: I use to go to a different school until now.

ZACK: Excuse me I have to find…Jasper.


Zack walks off.


MANDY: You know your brother has issues.

ROURKE: You’re telling me.


Zack is looking around.


ZACK: I have to get to Anne before Cory does.


Zack spots Anne and walks to her.


ZACK: Anne!

ANNE: Hey Zack.

ZACK: So glad you could make it to our party!

ANNE: I love it. This is a big one.


Zack smiles


…Sam meanwhile is at one of the coolers getting a beer.


JASPER: Enjoying the party Sam?

SAM: Trying to.

JASPER: I saw who you arrived with.

SAM: Yeah…and…

JASPER: I hope you are not with her…you know?

SAM: No… I don’t know what you mean actually.

JASPER: Forget it.


Sam gives him a questioning look as Jasper walks off.


…Rourke pulls out bowl of weed that he is smoking.


ROURKE: It’s pretty much done but do you want a hit?

MANDY: I think that is just what I need.


Mandy smokes some of it and coughs.


Rourke throws the resin into the trash.


MANDY: That all you have?

ROURKE: I have more, but I think we should hit the dance floor first.

MANDY: I would love to.


Rourke grabs her hand and they go and dance.


…Sam heads back to where Trinity and Camella are sitting with his beer.


Camella is also drinking a beer.


SAM: Are you sure you don’t want one Trinity?

TRINITY: Maybe if it was just us three I would drink.

CAMELLA: You look miserable.

TRINITY: I am not.

SAM: You are not having fun at all.

TRINITY: I think I just need to go outside for some air.


She gets up and heads outside.


Sam gets up and follows her out as Camella shakes her head.


SAM: I don’t think you should be outside here alone.


Trinity smiles



Cut to Todd, Gary and James


JAMES: I am not trying to get bossy with you.

TODD: Yeah you are.

JAMES: It just comes natural to me.

TODD: I get it. Some of us are natural leaders. Others are Gary.

GARY: I am the best kind of help.

JAMES: He is good help. Don’t take him for granted at the paper. Now can we focus on Todd going to Paradise and finding Paul?


TODD: And when I find him?

JAMES: Bring him to me.

GARY: But don’t let him know why you want him here. Make it seem like something for the paper.

JAMES: Honestly, I don’t care how you get him here. Just get him here and soon!

TODD: I am only doing this for my next cut of money.

JAMES: Gary, write him the damn check.


Todd gives James a fake smile.


TODD: Thank you.




“Lean on” by Major Lazer and DJ Snake starts to play




[:01] At the party, Mandy and Rourke have hit it off as they are dancing it up together. Rourke is clearly high but Mandy is enjoying his sway as she is up on him.


[:11] Zack is with Anne.


ZACK: I am just happy you made it. You know last time we were at that party together, I had so much fun dancing with you.

ANNE: It was a good time.

ZACK: I know you just got here, but now is the time to go have some fun again.

ANNE: That is why I am here, to have fun. Let’s go.


Zack and Anne make their way out to dance.


Right next to Rourke and Mandy which Mandy does not seem too pleased about and throws her out of her groove with Rourke.


Cory meanwhile is looking around.


CORY: Anne should be here by now…


[:40] Cut to Dani and Malik kissing at Danielle’s place


MALIK: Wow! That was some unexpected greatness.

DANI: I know you wanted it too. I just beat you to it.

MALIK: I’m not complaining about that.

DANI: Should we be doing this as co workers though?

MALIK: I don’t see why not.


Malik kisses her.


The two fall back onto the couch and start to make out intensely.


[:59] Cut to Greg and Dee


DEE: Please give me a ride to this party.

GREG: You look my age! What kind of party is this?

DEE: This big blow out end of summer party. You should come too. You may like it and make some friends in a new town.

GREG: I would like to do that. I also need to find a place to stay though.

DEE: I am sure I can help find you a place to crash after. So what do you say?

GREG: Sure why not.

DEE: awesome this will be a fun party I promise!


Greg doesn’t seem too convinced but they get into the car and Greg drives off…


[1:30] Outside of the party…


Sam is with Trinity


TRINITY: I don’t mean to be a killjoy. I really don’t.

SAM: Don’t worry about it. I know this isn’t your kind of thing.

TRINITY: It is not.

SAM: Besides, it is nice out here.

TRINITY: It is and the sky is beautiful tonight with a nice summer breeze.

SAM: True. Not the only thing that is beautiful though.


Trinity is taken off guard by that comment.


SAM: Sorry that just kind of came out.

TRINITY: Don’t apologize. Thanks for the compliment…


Both are smiling and looking into the others eyes.


Sam and Trinity start to lean in for a kiss…


[1:57] Back inside the party to all the teens drinking and dancing.


Rourke and Mandy are still dancing and so are Zack and Anne.


Zack leans in on Anne’s ear


ZACK: We have some great dancing chemistry if I do say so myself.

ANNE: We do. I agree.


Anne starts to grind on Zack.


Meanwhile Cory has made his way closer to the two.


Cory sees Anne and Zack dancing together and does not look happy.


[2:20] Cut to Todd arriving home.


He looks a bit stressed out. Blair greets him with a hug.


BLAIR: Everything alright?

TODD: Yeah I am fine.

BLAIR: Are you sure? I can tell something is wrong.

TODD: It’s fine. Just work stuff.


Todd makes his way to their room.


He takes out the picture of Paul Ryan and looks at it.


TODD: Looks like you are the prey man. Time to find you…




Credits roll




*This show tapes many years in advance much like NBCs days of our lives so that is how the late great Anthony Herrera can grace us with his presence. ;)


*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics


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Recommended Comments

Dani is pushing hard on Malik...but does he have eyes for Marah?


Eric’s dad is alive!!!!  WOW!!!!  Great twist and explanation at the end about the years in advance taping..lol

I have a little trouble keeping up with the teens because there are many of them, but i like the party atmosphere that they are in.  Yes you hit it with the music again man..I wonder what that Dee girl is up to.  I bet she’s connected to Vin



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A massive over load on the teen scene. I had a hard time keeping up. Like wow.T He only thing I got from it was drugs and alcohol. BUt Ggreg is on the way to the party with some young pissy ass tramp.  Malik and Dani made their move.


Not much to say about this episode. THe teens were all consuming and not to much drama their.


Im not to familiar with ATWT and this Steinbeck person. BUt Im taking this ride. Its very interesting and Im glad we got some clues on this plot.



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