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Union Creek

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Union Creek #20: Todd Manning Learns all!




Written by: Nick M



At the café:


Zack walks in to see Sam and Trinity there sitting together.


ZACK: Are you two still writing for the paper?

SAM: Nah, we finished our last article already. We are having a celebratory hot cocoa.

ZACK: Hot cocoa? Woah now! Don’t go too hardcore.

TRINITY: Hot cocoa is the sh*t.

ZACK: The summer flew by. Feels like it just started.

SAM: That is so true.


ZACK: You know I am trying to get the summer to go out with a bang though.

TRINITY: How so?

SAM: He wants to have this huge end of the summer bash.

ZACK: Yes sir! Tonight! And I hope you two will be coming to it.

TRINITY: A little late on the invite.

SAM: You have other plans?

TRINITY: Nah. I just don’t want to go truthfully.

ZACK: Oh come on don’t be boring!

TRINITY: I am far from boring. Trust.


SAM: I’ll go if Trinity goes.

TRINITY: Don’t put all this pressure on me, Sam.

ZACK: I’ll give puppy dog eyes if I have to.


Zack gives his best go at puppy dog eyes.


TRINITY: Oh please stop. I will go if you stop. You look like you are about to burst into a seizure.

SAM: Looks like I have a party to get ready for..



Marah arrives at her parents ranch.


Reva is there.


REVA: Hey sweetie.

MARAH: Mom. I heard what happened! Thank god you are okay.

REVA: Yeah she really wanted to mow me down.

MARAH: Dad said that you think it is Lily’s neighbor Blair Manning?

REVA: I believe so.

MARAH: That is crazy if true. I hope the cops will handle this.

REVA: I hope they will as well. I’ve told them that it was her.


MARAH: And your ribs are doing okay?

REVA: These old bones of mine are sore, but I’ll be fine. I’ve been through much worse.

MARAH: That you have.




Blair meanwhile is arriving home.


BLAIR: I swear life in this town is turning into a hassle.


She closes the door in a huff.


BLAIR: And Todd is always at work. Never here when I need some comfort.


She goes through some mail that is on the table. There is also a file that is on the table.


BLAIR: He even left some of his work here at home. I just hope he helps me take down Reva Beast. I know she is trying to set me up for this alleged hit and run. What a psycho!


Blair walks into a different room in a huff.


Zoom in on the file on the table. On the file, it reads: Reva Shayne



At the Union Creek Chronicle:


Todd and Gary are with Luke and Jack


TODD: I have a special assignment for you two


He points to Luke and Jack.


JACK: My first assignment. I have to say I am excited…but nervous too.

GARY: Luke here is one of the best we have. He will help you out.

LUKE: I hope it is something juicy. I am sick of the fluff pieces.

TODD: I need you both to look into the almost hit and run on Reva Shayne that was in the police blotter. I know my wife had nothing to do with it so I want her off the hook.


JACK: Now I am more nervous.

LUKE: Why is that?

JACK: I’ll tell you later.

GARY: Help our boss man out.

LUKE: We will try.

TODD: Good.


Jack and Luke walk off.


TODD: So can we talk about this info I found out about? I want to know exactly what is up!!

GARY: Then come with me.

TODD: Come with you where? You know I can’t say I trust you.

GARY: This isn’t stranger danger. We have to go now. I know more info too. It is all about to come out…


Todd looks on intrigued…





At the Café:


TRINITY: I should go and get ready for this party.

SAM: You really do look fine the way you are now.

TRINITY: But still.

ZACK: This is perfect. I will see you there then.

SAM: At Jaspers house?

ZACK: Yup.

TRINITY: Where is that?

SAM: I’ll give you a ride there.



Zack gets a call from Jasper


ZACK: Hey man! Are you pumped for this party or what? I know I am.

JASPER: Of course I am bro. Got the house to myself and everything is set up.

ZACK: Great. I knew you would come through.

JASPER: Let’s get this party started!

ZACK: I’ll be right over!




At the Union Creek Chronicle:


Jack and Luke are working together.


LUKE: Why are you nervous about looking into this hit and run?

JACK: Well you see, this Reva Shayne that was almost hit by the car…I kinda sorta live with her and her husband.

LUKE: Oh…wow, but that’s great. You have an inside scoop.

JACK: Yeah, but she is so convinced that Todd’s wife was driving the car. I do not want to cause ruffles with her.

LUKE: The job of a journalist is never easy in that regard these days.


JACK: She has been so nice to meet.

LUKE: I understand. You know, this isn’t much of a story they have gave us. They have been giving me these long drawn out stories all summer. I don’t get it.

JACK: That sucks. I will take the fluff. I need the practice…or re-practice..

LUKE: I can’t shake the feeling that Gary and Todd are up to something I mean where did they leave to in a hurry?

JACK: I have no idea.




Gary has taken Todd to what seems like an abandoned building of some kind.


TODD: And we came here because why?

GARY: It is a safe place to meet.

TODD: Safe place? Are we in danger that I don’t know about? What the hell are you dragging me into?


Pan up to the ceiling of the room.


There is a camera watching them…


TODD: Look I read your info and the ISA is involved in this somehow. They deal with high profile criminals. 

GARY: I have no idea why they would want this document.

TODD: I don’t know if I believe that…but you said you found some new info. What is it?

GARY: It is big.

TODD: Just spit it out!

GARY: I believe I have located the document.


TODD: You know where it is? How?

GARY: My source—

TODD: --What source?

GARY: I have good sources and they have found out who may have this document and where the person who has this document lives.

TODD: Okay who and where?

GARY: The where is Paradise, New Mexico. The who, is the man in this picture.


Gary hands Todd a picture…




Zack is at Jaspers house for the party.


ZACK: How did you get so much booze?

JASPER: My older cousin came through!

ZACK: This is epic. I am so excited for the first time all summer.

JASPER: You needed this didn’t you?

ZACK: What I need is for this night to play out in my favor.


Zacks happiness fades away


ZACK: And this is not a good start.


His step brother Rourke walks in.


ZACK: What are you doing here?

ROURKE: It is a party. You know I love parties.

ZACK: Just don’t be annoying.

ROURKE: No, no. I leave that to you.


Rourke smirks and walks off.


Zack then sees Cory arriving outside.


ZACK: Who invited these damn people?


Zack takes a deep breath and looks at his watch.


ZACK: It is okay. It will all be right when Anne shows up. I will make it work tonight.




Cut to Reva and Marah


MARAH: I hope you will be safe.

REVA: I can take care of myself, you know that.

MARAH: Where is dad? And… Jack?

REVA: Your dad is being a gentlemen and doing some grocery shopping and Jack got a job at the Union Creek Chronicle.

MARAH: I am not leaving then. I don’t think you should be alone right now.

REVA: I promise you do not have to worry about me.


MARAH: What if someone is after you, mom?

REVA: Someone is after me, but I can handle her.

MARAH: Blair Manning?

REVA: Yes. She is crazy. I know it was her who did this and I hope the cops are able to prove it.




Blair finally sees that the file on the table has Revas name on it.


BLAIR: What do we have here?


Reva opens the file.


BLAIR: Todd dug up some background info on Reva.


Blair smiles


BLAIR: He came through.


She starts to go through the file and is very fascinated…




Meanwhile, someone is watching Todd and Gary on camera from the abandoned building…


But turns out the building is not so abandoned. The person is in the room next to the one Todd and Gary are in!


The person walks towards the door and peeks in at the two.


Gary has handed Todd a picture


A picture of Paul Ryan.


TODD: So this is the man with the document?

GARY: I believe so. His name is Paul Ryan. He is who you need to find?

TODD: Who I need to find?

GARY: Yes you need to go to Paradise New Mexico and find him.

TODD: This all feels too strange. Am I being set up?

GARY: Nope you are helping the old boss of the chronicle get back what is his.

TODD: This document?

GARY: That is a part of it, yes.


TODD: No. I don’t trust you right now. I’m not doing it.

GARY: Just find that man! Find Paul Ryan.

TODD: What is in it for me?

GARY: A nice fat check.

TODD: Well this can be arranged then…


Suddenly the person from the other room walk inside this room!


The person stands in the shadows of the room.


TODD: Now what is this?!


The person speaks with a deep voice: “Find him. And if you see his mother Barbara…tell her hello for me…”


Todd looks on towards the person in the shadows…





Credits roll


*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.



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Ok so now we rolling. These stories are really moving. U do suspense so well.


SO Im really wodnerign about Paul and his new job for that City.

I wonder who this deep vocied person is. Im sure an evil crow from  yester year.


I got a feeling this kiddie party something bad will happen.


I like how Jack was torn over his new assingment. Things are really tightening up and both your shows are coming together.


Great episode. Always love Blair btw

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  • Members

Lots of intrigue and mystery here...especially toward the end


Trinty/Sam/Zack - Real conversation between them. I like that.   I bet trouble is abound at this end-of-the-summer bash.

Blair/Reva - Their rivalry has turned into a real hoot and it’s providing comic relief, which is always good for a soap, but things are now getting serious. I wonder what Blair has found out about Reva that we don't already know.

Gary/Todd/Mystery Man - The plot is thickening here. Paul Ryan and the mystery man. Sounds like James Stenbeck, Eric's dad lol.

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