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Union Creek #22: Danielle Manning and Malik get hot and heavy as the teen party breaks down!

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Written by Nick M.


Luke is at his place typing up a story on his laptop.


He has a visitor at the door. It is Ben


BEN: Surprised to see me?

LUKE: Yes I am actually.

BEN: I know I have been a bit busy and distant the last few days.

LUKE: Yes and you kind of blew me off today.

BEN: I didn’t blow you off. I was busy.

LUKE: I know. I know.


BEN: I’m sorry if I seemed to brush you off.

LUKE: It is alright, really.

BEN: Alright enough for you to invite me in?

LUKE: Of course. Come on in.


Ben enters.




At the Manning house:


Blair walks up to Todd


BLAIR: Something is bothering you. What’s up Todd?

TODD: You look a little nervous yourself.

BLAIR: Yeah, because Sam is out very late.

TODD: I’m sure he is at his new friend’s house.

BLAIR: Zack?

TODD: Yeah, the goofy looking kid.

BLAIR: I should call his mom and find out.

TODD: You are going to call his mom this late and probably wake her up?


BLAIR: I guess I shouldn’t.

TODD: He’s fine. He knows how to take care of himself.

BLAIR: Now can we talk about what has you bothered.

TODD: I just have to go out of town for a story.

BLAIR: What story?

TODD: I don’t want to get into that right now.

BLAIR: Where are you going?

TODD: To Paradise, New Mexico.

BLAIR: A wild city. Can’t you send someone who works under you?

TODD: Not for this story.


Blair looks at him suspiciously.




Danielle and Malik are making out and Danielle’s couch.


He starts to run his fingers through her hair as they are kissing lustfully.


However there is a knock at the door.


DANI: Oh not now.


They have to stop making out.


MALIK: Who could that be so late?


Dani gets up and looks through the peek hole.


DANI: My mother.

MALIK: Oh wow.


Malik shoots up off the couch.


Danielle tries to fix her hair before opening the door.


Tea walks in.


TEA: I saw the lights on so I knew you were still up, Danielle.

DANI: Yes, I am..


Tea then spots Malik before looking back at Danielle.


TEA: Oh…I didn’t interrupt something did I?


Malik smiles while Dani is miffed.




Meanwhile at the big teen bash:


Greg and Dee arrive at the party.


They walk inside the house.


GREG: This is one big party.

DEE: Yes. The more the merrier.

GREG: If you say so.


Greg is clearly nervous to be there.


DEE: Let’s mingle so you can meet people here in Union Creek.




Zack is dancing with Anne


Cory is looking around for her.


Cory sees Anne and Zack dancing together and does not look happy.


CORY: What the hell is this?!


Anne stops dancing which causes Zack to stop dancing.


ANNE: Hey Cory, Something wrong?

CORY: Yeah who is this twerp?


Cory puts his hand on Zacks shoulder.


ZACK: Don’t touch me!


Zack slaps his arm away!




Outside of the party:


Sam is with Trinity


SAM: It is nice out here.

TRINITY: It is and the sky is beautiful tonight with a nice summer breeze.

SAM: True. Not the only thing that is beautiful out here though.


Trinity is taken off guard by that comment.


SAM: Sorry that just kind of came out.

TRINITY: Don’t apologize. Thanks for the compliment…


Both are smiling and looking into the others eyes.


Sam and Trinity start to lean in for a kiss…


They close their eyes as their pair of lips are about to touch…


However right before they kiss they hear rowdiness and shouting from inside!


This causes them both to open their eyes and turn to look towards inside.


TRINITY: What is going on inside?


They hear a voice shouting “I said don’t touch me dammit!”


SAM: Oh lord that’s Zack. What is he up to now?


Sam rushes inside and Trinity follows…




BLAIR: I wish you would just tell me what story is so important that the owner of the newspaper has to travel out of time.

TODD: Such is the life of a journalist….anyway, did you like the research I did on Reva Shayne?

BLAIR: I have only been able to go over some of it, but thank you.

TODD: I found a nice source.

BLAIR: I can see that. I hope I can find something to use against her to get her off of my back.

TODD: Just don’t do anything stupid.

BLAIR: I won’t.


TODD: I know you didn’t run over her and I do not like how she keeps coming at you. So that is why I dug up all of this info.

BLAIR: I’ll take care of Reva Beast.

TODD: Good to hear.


Blair picks up the folder with all the info on Reva and smirks.




At Danielle’s place:


TEA: I really am sorry if I interrupted something!

DANI: It is fine mom. I just was not expecting you. Especially this late.

TEA: I was going to get a hotel, but I decided to see if you were still awake first.

DANI: Well let me introduce you to my coworker, Malik.


MALIK: Hello Mam.


They shake hands.


TEA: Ah you are her co worke?. A model too I take it?

DANI: Can’t you tell?

TEA: I can.

MALIK: Trying to make me blush doesn’t always work but I can feel my cheeks burnin’.


DANI: What brings you to town tho, mom?

TEA: Well your father—

DANI: --We do not refer to him as my father in this house, remember?

TEA: Todd… needs my help.

DANI: Of course.

TEA: But I was thinking that maybe I’ll actually be staying in town.





At Luke’s:


BEN: I am sorry to distract you from your work there on your laptop. I guess that kind of makes me a hypocrite being too busy earlier.

LUKE: It is okay. I can finish writing it tomorrow. I am happy to see you and get to hang out with you.

BEN: It was a rough few days without you.

LUKE: That feeling is mutual. I was just going to pour myself another glass of wine. Want one?

BEN: Would love one.




Sam has ran inside the party house to see Zack and Cory getting into each other’s face.


ANNE: Is this really necessary?


Rourke and Jasper get in-between Cory and Zack.


ROURKE: That is enough Zack.

ZACK: Shut up bro, this Neanderthal started it.

CORY: He doesn’t want a piece of me.

JASPER: You need to stop. This is meant to be a fun party.


Sam walks up to Zack.


SAM: Come on let’s walk this off.

ZACK: Fine.


Sam pulls Zack away.


Anne doesn’t know how to take what just happened.


CORY: Sorry, Anne.

ANNE: Yeah, whatever.


Anne walks off.


ANNE: I am so embarrassed.


Mandy hears her say that and rolls her eyes.




Cut to Greg and Dee in another part of the house.


GREG: I think maybe I should leave and try and find a cheap motel or something.

DEE: No come on, stay!

GREG: This is the kind of scene I left my hometown to get away from.

DEE: Those two guys were just being dumb. Fighting over a girl.

GREG: I wish some people showed more fight towards those they want…


DEE: Take a shot with me.


She pours herself a shot and downs it.


DEE: Ah gotta love tequila.


She pours another shot and hands it to Greg.


GREG: No thanks.


He sets it down.


DEE: Fine more for me then.


She downs that shot too.




Back to Zack and Sam.


ZACK: I need to go find Anne.

SAM: I don’t think that is such a good idea right now.

ZACK: Yeah it is.


Zack walks off to Anne across the room.


ZACK: I’m sorry our fun got interrupted.

ANNE: Me too. I think I am just going to go.

ZACK: No please, don’t.

ANNE: It’s for the best. This party seems to be winding down anyway. See you in school.


She exits.


Zack is upset.


He and Cory turn towards each other across the room and exchange glares…




At Dani’s apartment:


MALIK: I should head home, but thank you Dani for a good time tonight.

DANI: Thank you for chillin with me. We’ll have to do it again.

MALIK: Definitely.


Malik exits.


Tea gives Dani a smile…


DANI: What mom?

TEA: I am so sorry for interrupting you two.

DANI: You didn’t interrupt anything.

TEA: Oh Danielle, we both know that I did!


Dani breaks a smile



Cut to Ben finishing up his glass of wine.


Luke is rubbing Ben’s shoulders.


LUKE: You are very tense you know.

BEN: It’s from being so active with skiing and all probably.

LUKE: I think I can work all those kinks out.

BEN: I am just a tense individual too, but I know that you help for sure.

LUKE: And you are a tense individual for sure.


Luke continues to massage him.


Ben looks up at Luke and they kiss.




At the party:

ROURKE: I know just how to calm everyone down here!


He pulls out his bag of weed!


JASPER: That just might work.

MANDY: I am down for some more.

ROURKE: Where is my brother? He is the one that can use a hit.

JASPER: I don’t know where he went.


…Dee is now drunk as she takes yet another shot.


GREG: You love that stuff a little too much.

DEE: (slurring) It’s tha be-best.

GREG: I think I better take you home.

DEE: You’ll have to sneak me in, but hey I’ll sneak you in my basement. There is a room down there you can stay in.

GREG: Really?

DEE: Yeah.

GREG: That would be cool.


They start to walk off, but Dee almost falls over so Greg has to help her walk.


…Sam and Trinity are sitting together again.


Camella is giving them both side eyes.


TRINITY: Can we leave yet?

CAMELLA: I think we probably should.

SAM: I don’t know if I should leave Zack but hopefully his step brother or Jasper will make sure he is still not upset.

CAMELLA: I don’t know why I come to white parties with ya’ll always actin’ a fool.

TRINITY: Oh stop.

CAMELLA: Can I get a ride home too?

SAM: Sure.


The three exit.




Meanwhile, an upset Zack is behind the house.


He downs a beer.


ZACK: Dammit! I am so tired of all of my plans getting ruined.


He sighs.


ZACK: It was going so well and fun before Cory had to ruin it. Damn, damn, damn.


He throws his bottle against the wall in anger shattering it.


Zack stares on upset…




Credits roll




*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures.

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Recommended Comments

Todd is headed to Paradise...for Paul Ryan...hmmm we'll see how that unfolds

The teens are enjoying their party, but Zack has got some anger issues

Greg has made a friend in Dee 

I wonder if Ben really likes Luke because I was sure Ben was playing him

Beautiful scene between Sam and Trinity...very light and sweet

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Ok the teen scene had more clarity in it. From what I can gather there are two maybe even three teen love triangles going. I think. Zak is upset LOL!! He did seem very angry during the whole party. I am glad the party is coming to a close so i can get to know these youngins on an idv basis.


Ben and Luke. I dont know what to say about them. I think Ben is playing games truth be told.


I enjoyed the scene with Tea and Dan yella. I am glad neither one has hollering.

ANd Todd has to go to Paradise and Blair is not happy being left in town where its the home of Reva Beast. Lots of typos  in the scene btw. 


Now why didnt dee offer Greg the room to begin with. I think something is p with that lushy pissy ass tramp. Greg likes men so dont get any ideas Dee. Dee 


Oh yes and we got SAm and Trin's ANd that scene was cute. I like them....

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