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Union Creek #23: Will Luke Snyder's relationship with Ben survive?

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Written by: Nick M.


Ben is at his house getting dressed.


Someone is at the door. He walks out of his room and to the front door.


It is Luke


LUKE: Surprised?

BEN: I have to say I am.

LUKE: I know you are the one usually doing the surprising, but I thought I would for once.

BEN: This is a pleasant one.

LUKE: I just wanted to come and say that I really enjoyed your visit last night.

BEN: I had a great time too.

LUKE: But I also wanted to say that well…not to be needy, but I really hope you won’t pull away again like recently.

BEN: I apologized for that.

LUKE: I know, but still…




Elijah is also home.


And he also gets a surprise visit at the door.


It is Eartha!


ELIJAH: I’ll be damned. Look who is showing her face here.

EARTHA: Don’t act too astonished.

ELIJAH: It’s always touch and go with you on if you want to see me or not.

EARTHA: Well right now I do.

ELIJAH: May I ask why?

EARTHA: Because I have been thinking about you a lot lately.


Elijah cannot help, but smile wide when she says this…




Blair is calling Todd


Todd is on his Bluetooth in the car.


TODD: You again Blair?

BLAIR: Don’t sound so angry about it.

TODD: I am not angry, but you are getting bothersome.

BLAIR: I just want to make sure you get to New Mexico okay.

TODD: Your concern is cute and all, but I will be fine.

BLAIR: Just text me when you get to Paradise.

TODD: I will.

BLAIR: Thank you. I love you.

TODD: I love you too.


Blair hangs up.


She then grabs the file that she has with info on Reva Shayne.


BLAIR: Guess I will read more info on Reva Beast.


She smirks as she goes back to reading the file…




James Stenbeck is with Gary


GARY: I’m nervous.

JAMES: Why the hell are you nervous?

GARY: We need Todd Manning to be successful on this.

JAMES: Yes I do need him to be successful.

GARY: Are you not nervous?

JAMES: I’ve lived through so much, my nerves are shot.


GARY: Well this plan has not been smooth sailing but it has reached this important point.

JAMES: My son Paul will not get away trying to take money that belongs to me.

GARY: I sometimes wonder about your relationship with your family.

JAMES: Don’t. That money is rightfully mine, not Paul’s. He thinks he is getting the last laugh, but I always do.




Holden Snyder is at the City Hall.


He is starting his new job.


Holden is surprised to see a door with his name on it.


HOLDEN: My own office even. Pretty fancy.


He opens the door and walks inside.


HOLDEN: And it looks like plenty of work already too.


He walks to his desk where there is a stack of papers.


HOLDEN: This is quite a load.


He picks some of them up and glances over them.


Just then Mayor Woods walks in.


MAYOR WOODS: Welcome to day 1.

HOLDEN: Thank you sir.

MAYOR WOODS: I hope you will find your office very accommodating.

HOLDEN: I do. Thank you.

MAYOR WOODS: You have a lot of numbers to crunch for this city.

HOLDEN: (Glances back at his desk) I see that.




Cut to Ben and Luke


BEN: Let me apologize again.

LUKE: You don’t have to. I was half joking.

BEN: No, I am sorry I got distant and kind of rude. I have been preparing for a ski trip in the future.

LUKE: Back to the slopes?

BEN: Yes. Going to be fun. Maybe you can tag along. It is where we met after all.

LUKE: I would happily go if I can get the time off.

BEN: Hey, how about I make things up to you by taking you out to breakfast?

LUKE: I am not going to turn that down.




Eartha is With Elijah.


ELIJAH: So…you have been thinking about me huh?

EARTHA: First off you can wipe that sh*t eating grin off of your face.

ELIJAH: That was subconscious.

EARTHA: But yes I have…I…I miss you. I wish we could just be closer. Like way back in our youth.

ELIJAH: You know I have wanted that for a long time now. To be closer to you…

EARTHA: We can be great friends.

ELIJAH: Then what is stopping us from being closer friends? You have been back in Union Creek for damn near fifteen years now.


EARTHA: Frankly because I am afraid.

ELIJAH: Afraid of me? I am a cop now, not an almost gangster like when we dated.

EARTHA: I am not afraid of you. I am afraid of those intense feeling we use to have for each other. I am afraid of them coming back.


Elijah grabs her hand and that causes her to react nervously.


EARTHA: I am running late for work. I should go.


She pulls her hand away.


ELIJAH: No wait. We were actually getting somewhere.

EARTHA: Sorry, but I have to go.




JAMES: I need to put an end to whatever plans Paul and Barbara have.

GARY: They reopened their company.

JAMES: Yes I know. Using some of my money! They always think they know what they are doing…


James has a flashback:




GARY: What are you thinking about, boss?

JAMES: Just how stupid the people I’ve called my family can be. All of my sons and their mothers have different ticks. My youngest…I am sure his mother Christy will keep him in line for now. However Paul and Barbara never know what is good for them. I have tried to love my family, but I always have to stay one step ahead of them, because I am the one that know what is good for them.

GARY: I am sure you do.

JAMES: And don’t worry, Gary. When I put a stop to Paul’s theft, you and I can continue what we started when we came here to Union Creek in the first place…




Blair is sipping on a glass of wine.


BLAIR: This is quite the read on Reva beast.


She is giggling with some glee.


BLAIR: Reva was Amish for many years?


She cracks up laughing.


BLAIR: And treated like royalty on some island? What were they smoking? Must have been good!


She laughs again and finishes off her wine.


BLAIR: Reva Shayne sounds nuts. I think I can use that to my advantage.


She smiles…




Eartha is now at the hospital arriving for work.


Morris approaches her and pulls her aside into an empty hospital room.


MORRIS: So my dear…why did you take the morning off?


Morris eyes her suspiciously.


EARTHA: I just needed more rest.

MORRIS: More rest?


MORRIS: So you are saying you stayed in bed late?


MORRIS: That’s funny, because even though we may have separate rooms now….I know you were not home this morning before I left.


EARTHA: Oh at that time I must have been out clearing my head.

MORRIS: Changing your story already?

EARTHA: What is this 3rd degree all about?

MORRIS: What were you clearing from your head?

EARTHA: It is none of your business!

MORRIS: I am your husband, of course it is my business.

EARTHA: Starting to become husband in name only…


Eartha walks out leaving Morris alone in the empty room.


He shakes his head.




Holden is in his office.


HOLDEN: This town has a mess going on with their budget.


He seems to be getting frustrated.


HOLDEN: I think I have been hosed into this job.


He is going over the paperwork trying to crunch some numbers.


HOLDEN: Man where are we going to start to get this budget back on track?




Luke and Ben are at breakfast.


They are having fun as Luke is laughing about something.


LUKE: You are shady with that waitress.

BEN: Sorry, but her limp is cracking me up!


Ben’s phone rings.


Ben pulls it out.


BEN: Sorry but I do have to take this.


It is Gary on the other line.


BEN: How can I help you?

GARY: Actually we won’t need your help any longer.

BEN: What do you mean?

GARY: We have completed our task which means you have completed yours. Your service of keeping Luke distracted is no longer needed and you have received your last check for it. Whatever you do now is up to you.


Ben looks across the table at Luke who smiles back at him…






*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics. 



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Oh wow what an episode.  Now this is what I'm talking about. SO Ben really was playing Luke. I knew it.  I wonder what will BEn do now.....and If Luke finds out.....


Blain dug up Reva's AMish past. I loved the tongue in cheek reference to GL's writing LOL!! I wonder what she will do with this info. Reva Beast LMAO


I felt the fire with Eartha and Elijah. THey have Passion and Im starting to root for them. As a doctor I wouldnt think Eartha would respond with a "Yup" I imagine being much more professional with her answer. Esp a woman having a degree shes a DR for goodness sakes. Elijah knows something is up. I can't wait to see where this goes.


Im watching Holden's story I wonder if there is more to it and based on watching u write both ur series their usually always something else going on so Im intrigued but what this one is for Holden.


I think both of your shows have slowed down which is not a bad thing. I just wasnt used to it coming from u.

Your dialog is always cripsy and eye catching and I'm all for that.

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