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Union Creek

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Union Creek #12: Summer jobs/The Davis family crumbling




Malik is at home

He is looking over some of his modeling pictures from the modeling contest.

MALIK: I am shocked that they chose me. I look straight up goofy!

He hears some arguing going on from the other room.

MALIK: Every time those two come home they bicker…not today!

Malik gets up and enters his parents bedroom.

Morris3cWUpNG.jpg and EarthaoVqMMGz.jpg stop arguing and look at him

MALIK: Look I know you have never liked us in your room, but—

MORRIS: --Oh it is not OUR room anymore. Your mother has practically moved into the guest room!

MALIK: Exactly and I would love to know WHY?

EARTHA: It’s a long story.

MALIK: I have all day. I don’t start my job for a few days.

MORRIS: I do not want to drag you kids into this.

MALIK: I am far from a kid anymore. Tell me what has gone so wrong the last two years between you two? It has been hell in this house.

EARTHA: I am sorry we have been so hellish to live with.

MORRIS: All I have to say is blame your mother.

EARTHA: He is only blaming me because he cannot handle his own issues. I will tell you all about them, son!


Outside of the house, SamIXUDKlk.jpg and TrinityFjcmtWu.jpg are talking.

TRINITY: Please get me out of here?

SAM: Everything okay?

TRINITY: Sure other than the fact that my family is so annoying.

SAM: I am glad you want to go somewhere…because I do have a surprise for you. (grins)

Trinity cuts her eyes at Sam suspiciously

SAM: You will be happy!

TRINITY: Fine. I will come with you. Besides, I need to get out of this wind. Messing up my curls. I so need to get a relaxer.

SAM: A what?

TRINITY: Nothing white boy let’s just go..

They get into the car.


At union creek high:

ZackHj9LueF.jpg runs into MandyY5NGrK4.jpg in the halls.

MANDY: Only you would volunteer to come to this school in the summer. Nerd.

ZACK: And what are you doing here?

MANDY: Just had a cheerleading meeting. I’ll leave you to your nerdiness now.

ZACK: Whatever motor mouth Mandy! Go tell the town you saw me here.

Zack walks into Miss MorganswcOMwwt.jpg classroom.

MISS MORGAN: Thanks for volunteering to help tutor math.

ZACK: It is no problem. I like to help people with this subject.

MISS MORGAN: Will your new friend Sam be coming? I told him he should.

ZACK: I doubt it. For some reason he is happy with his C’s.


At HoldenB12rLCL.jpg and LilysGxjDXaA.jpg house:

HOLDEN: I see you grinning over there.

LILY: Twas a good night.

HOLDEN: It sure was.

He sees the mail from the Colorado government on the table.

HOLDEN: I didn’t get to tell you something last night

Kisses her neck

HOLDEN: When you…

Kisses her shoulder

HOLDEN: …Walked on over…

Runs his hands down her back

HOLDEN: …Pushed me down on the bed…

He gazes into her eyes

HOLDEN: ….And seduced me, Mrs Snyder

He kisses her on her lips

LILY: Keep this up and we are ending right back on the bed, but what did you not get to tell me?

HOLDEN: I got mail about a job offer at some new local government program

LILY: Government?

HOLDEN: Yeah I was surprised too..


At the hospital: A nurse is in with JackbffG7QW.png

NURSE: You get out tomorrow. Do you know where you are going to go yet?

JACK: I gain back my independence on Independence Day. How ironic is that? Now of course ill be living that independence in some back alley I am sure but who cares. Not this hospital!

NURSE: That is not true.

RevaQNqPFVC.jpg and Josh37d0CRD.jpg enter

JOSH: Are you two talking about where Jack is going when he is released?

NURSE: We were

JACK: You two again…

REVA: Yes us two and you don’t have to worry about where you are going. You are moving in with us!

Jack looks at them both and side eyes them.


Zack and Miss Morgan are going over some lesson plans.

MISS MORGAN: I will go over the examples and then you can help some of the students individually.

Anneut7w5Et.jpg walks in

ZACK: Perfect.

MISS MORGAN: Thanks again.

Zack seems excited now that Anne has arrived,

Miss Morgan starts handing out papers.

ZACK: The real reason I am doing this.

Zack waves to Anne and she waves back


Sam has taken Trinity to the Union Creek Chronicle. They are parked outside.

TRINITY: Doesn’t your dad own this place.

SAM: He does and I have gotten us a summer job here!

TRINITY: For real?

SAM: I am not playin’

TRINITY: That is awesome! Thank you so much!

SAM: Well lets go in.

They get out and walk inside.

Luke SnyderWw4M3XS.jpg greets them.

LUKE: Todd is out right now, but he wanted me to show you both around.

TRINITY: Are we actually going to get to write and all that?

LUKE: Todd says you both will have two student articles each this summer.

TRINITY: This is dope!

SAM: I am excited that you are excited.

TRINITY: You don’t even know.

Garyeb8N17w.jpg comes out and spots them.

GARY: Hello new co workers

LUKE: This is Trinity and Sam


GARY: Hello…Sam, Todds son right? (smirks)

SAM: That’s me

Gary shakes his hand..


Cut to Lily and Holden

Holden hands Lily the letter he got in the mail.

LILY: This seems strange to me. Did you apply for a government job?

HOLDEN: I sure didn’t

LILY: You should call one of these numbers.

HOLDEN: I would rather just go to the interview.

LILY: I hope it is not some kind of scam.

She looks over the letter


In Jacks hospital room:

JACK: What do you mean I am moving in with you? I thought you guys didn’t know me from my…my past life or whatever..

JOSH: We don’t

REVA: We just thought it was a good idea.

JOSH: Well, she thought it was a good idea. I find it kind of weird, myself.

REVA: You will enjoy our ranch. You will have a room to yourself.

JACK: A ranch…will there be animals?

JOSH: We have a few.

JACK: I don’t know about this.

REVA: Sure beats living in some back alley don’t you think?

JACK: Look guys I may not remember my life, but I still have the feeling that I do not do good with animals.

REVA: You won’t even see them.

JOSH: I am sure he just needs time to think about it, Reva.

REVA: Think long and hard.


At the Davis house:

EARTHA: Are you sure you really want to know what is up, Malik?

MALIK: Yes, I do mom.

EARTHA: Your father here has many issues. He cannot handle life and deals with it through outbursts with himself.

MORRIS: Do you want to know why I cannot handle life? Because your mother has made it a living hell. She is the one who has this house on fire.

EARTHA: What has happened to you Morris? You have gotten weak.

MORRIS: I don’t even know you anymore so you are one to talk! Or did I ever know you? (yells) Huh?! Did I?!

EARTHA: We better leave the room Malik. I am sure he is about to turn to his precious alcohol.

MORRIS: Leave Eartha! It is about time since we have been living a lie for twenty years!

Malik sighs


Cut to Miss Morgans classroom

MISS MORGAN: I want to welcome you all to summer algebra tutoring!

Most of the class groans

MISS MORGAN: I promise it will not be so bad and it will help your grades for this coming year and beyond.

Miss Morgan is about to close the door, but Cory1AFfTqY.jpg walks in late.

MISS MORGAN: You are late Cory

CORY: I know. I am sorry Miss Morgan but I had a prior engagement.

MISS MORGAN: It is okay. Just Find a seat.

Zack looks up to see Cory sit next to Anne

His smile quickly turns to a frown.


Gary and Luke are giving Sam and Trinity a tour around the Chronicle building.

LUKE: I think we covered everything.

GARY: We have

SAM: So when do we get to start?

LUKE: You will have to ask your dad that.

TRINITY: This is thrilling.

LUKE: I like this passion. Show that in your articles. Choose something you are passionate about.

TRINITY: Oh I will.

GARY: We need to get back to work now.

LUKE: Okay, Okay Gary. See you both next time.

TRINITY: Thank you so much for this!

Trinity hugs Sam in all her excitement


Back to Holden and Lily:

LILY: Will you please call one of these numbers first before meeting with them.

HOLDEN: I checked the numbers and they do belong to some local government offices.

LILY: Hm, this is intriguing.

HOLDEN: Sure is. I just wonder why they chose me and are reaching out to me.

LILY: I am sure they have good reason. If this is on the up and up I am thrilled for you! I felt bad that you moved here just for me.

HOLDEN: I have to admit I am pretty exhilarated by this prospect.


Back in Jacks hospital room:

REVA: So did you think it over?

JACK: Oh yes You have given me all of two minutes to think about moving in with strangers.

REVA: Not to be rude, but to you everyone is a stranger right now

JOSH: Go easy on him!

REVA: I just want to help the man out.

JACK: I do appreciate it.

REVA: So you will stop being stubborn and move to the ranch?

JACK: Do I have a choice?


JACK: I can see that. Then sure. I will try it out.

Josh looks on still uneasy


The Davis house:

MORRIS: Your mother married me for her career and that is all.

EARTHA: I am sick of you saying that!

MALIK: I think I made a mistake coming in here.

MORRIS: It is true Eartha and You know it!

EARTHA: Sick of this and sick of you!

Eartha exits the room.

MALIK: So this a bad time to ask if tomorrows July 4th Barbecue is still on?

MORRIS: Very funny.

MALIK: Wish I could lighten this mood, but no chance of that.

MORRIS: I’m sorry you had to hear that.

MALIK: I am a grown man now I can handle it, but some advice dad. You two need to figure your sh*t out.

Malik pats Morris on the back and exits as well.

Morris closes the bedroom door.

He takes out a bottle of cognac from a dresser drawer.

He sits on the bed and starts to drink straight from the bottle…


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics


Recommended Comments

Hmm interesting...

The teen scene - that seems to be picking up realistically. Teens being teens...Zack likes Anne, and is jealous of Cory sitting next to her...and don't forget motor mouth Mandy...I wonder if Zack's jealousy will lead him to do something....Sam and Trinity's relationship seems to be building and I like it...

Josh/Reva/Jack - I'm starting to think this will be some sort of triangle. You did capture Jack's humor in some of his lines. Josh is apprehensive about Jack coming to live with them understandably.

Holden/Lily - The government reached out to Holden. Lily is naturally suspicious. I wonder if this job has something to do with Jack's memory loss, and where he's been.

The Davis Family- Now you got me wondering what lie Morris was talking about living a lie, and that he's turned to liquor to ease the deep seated pain he's in.


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So much going on I loved it.

Eartha and Morris Anger nuts. Ive been waiting for u to go in on this. I love the dynamic of these characters as I love both actors. You gave us some clues regarding their realtionship and how Malik is so tired of it. This is surely a broken home. I want to see more

I loved Trinity and Sam. It was refreshing and just diff. Your dialog is improving.."White Boy" lol

Why is Reva so admanat that Jack stays with her? Is there something there?

I was also able to follow along with Zak too.

Great Job Nick. Off to the next one

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The teens are really doing it for me. Great stuff between Sam and Trinity, and I love the math class stuff. Very small beats but it makes everything set up for later, and I can't wait to see that all play out.

The Davises are fantastic in so many ways. So many questions unanswered, and I love that you're peeling back the layers slowly. It's really fantastic to see Malik dealing with being the mediator, and, just like us, not really knowing what the root of it is or how to take the steps to fix it.

Reva and Josh taking Jack in. Wonder what's gonna happen there and where it'll lead. It is a bit odd that Reva's so committed to having Jack stay with them, so I figure there's more to that than meets the eye. Josh, of course, isn't so sure of this himself.

You're really doing good stuff there, and everything's building up nicely. Keep this up, and I know you'll have a great show on your hands. You're doing GREAT.

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