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Union Creek

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Union Creek #13: 4th of July Drama




Cut to a 4th of July BBQ set up outside of the Davis house.


LilyZ1PX6F3.jpg, HoldenpdPlHmZ.jpg and Luke1MDyQiZ.jpg are also over from next door.


They sit at a table with TrinityVb4DR6W.jpg and her little sister.


LILY: I wish your parents would let us help with something.

HOLDEN: Yeah I would certainly help. I feel like bringing over chips isn’t enough.

TRINITY: They are overachievers.


MorrisuRzveHn.jpg meanwhile is at the grill grilling some burgers and some chicken.


Eartha61VOVFT.jpg brings him over some lemonade.


EARTHA: Here you go babe.

MORRIS: I’d prefer a soda.

EARTHA: Okay…we are going to get along today right?

MORRIS: There is a lot of people around…why wouldn’t we?


MORRIS: Who else is coming?

EARTHA: Just a few more coworkers and friends.


MalikJWMuK4e.jpg looks towards his parents and shakes his head.


Luke is up getting something to drink.


LUKE: Everything okay Malik?

MALIK: Could be better.

LUKE: Sorry to hear that.

MALIK: Oh well. The food will help.

LUKE: And the drinks...don't forget the drinks.




RevaqCxN31U.jpg and JoshZQjPt45.jpg arrive at their ranch with



JOSH: Aren’t you happy to be out of the hospital?

REVA: I hope you like your room here.

JACK: I am. Hard to not beat the last one. One never gets use to the smell of mop water and medicine in those rooms.


They enter and Marahs4Qs2X7.jpg is there.


MARAH: Hey guys!

JOSH: Hello Marah, glad you could make it!


She hugs her parents.


REVA: And this is Jack. He will be living with us for awhile.

JOSH: Jack this is our daughter Marah. She is joining us for a little Independence Day dinner.

JACK: Nice to meet you

MARAH: Nice to meet you too. Glad you are back on your feet.


They shake hands.


JACK: Me too. Your parents tell you all about me? Don’t feel sorry for me I refuse to be a martyr.

MARAH: They did and it’s awful. Also read about it online in the local news.

JACK: Glad that article was a hit. I just hope the wrong people didn’t read it…




Cut to ZackPdjf3eu.jpg and Samr5yAfD2.jpg


They are outside in a yard. Music is blaring from inside the house.


SAM: I don’t think I want to be here.

ZACK: I know you are the partying type. Do not even try and play me.

SAM: I can be…but not with a bunch of strangers.

ZACK: It is just a bunch of people from school.

SAM: Fine but I am not staying too long!


The two boys head inside.


AnneuKeCzCw.jpg is there and Sam and Zack both spot her.


SAM: Sure... People from school alright. I see why you wanted to come here!

ZACK: Okay Anne being here is a little bit of a perk.


Cory SutterJ8nZbMC.jpg is also there however. He and his friends are with Anne and Mandy.


ZACK: But where there is Anne there is Cory.

SAM: Are they an item?

ZACK: I hope not. Either way I have to do something about it..




Blairj8Nygf1.jpg is blindfolded in a car. ToddPKmJwKr.jpg is driving and parks it somewhere.


BLAIR: We are finally stopping?


BLAIR: That was a long ride. Where are we?

TODD: You are going to love it.


Todd takes off her blindfold.


She looks around at the beautiful country side surrounded by mountains.


The sun is setting over some of the mountains.



TODD: Fantastic isn’t it?

BLAIR: It's breath taking.

TODD: And that isn’t it.


He gets out of the car and takes out a basket and a blanket out of the back seat.


BLAIR: A picnic! You have outdone yourself, Todd.

TODD: You can’t believe it can you?

BLAIR: I can’t. You’ve been so busy with work and all.

TODD: I still got it Blair.

He sets up the blanket. He takes out some candles.


TODD: I have covered everything.

BLAIR: I’m amazed. I love it!


Blair hugs him.




Elijahph84VJq.jpg has arrived at the BBQ.


Morris who is still grilling is starting to take the burgers off of the grill.


He spots Elijah arriving and he seems pissed!


MORRIS: Oh hell no!


Eartha greets Elijah.


EARTHA: You actually made it! I didn’t think you would.

ELIJAH: I was able to get away for a few.

EARTHA: That makes me so happy.


Eartha and Elijah hug. Morris who is behind them at a distance is staring a hole through them.


Cut to Luke, Lily and Holden.


LUKE: Your big day is tomorrow mom.

LILY: Can’t wait to get to work!

LUKE: I am ecstatic for you!

HOLDEN: She is gonna love it.

LILY: Holden may have some work of his own.

LUKE: Coming back to the working world?


HOLDEN: I am, but its top secret work.

LUKE: What are you talking about?

LILY: He’s right so top secret he doesn't even know what the job is! (laughs)


MORRIS: You all can help yourself to burgers.

HOLDEN: Thank you!


Everyone gets up and starts to get food.


Elijah and Morris get closer to one another.


ELIJAH: Hi Morris. How are you?

MORRIS: Elijah… (walks off)


Morris pulls Eartha aside


MORRIS: What is he doing here?

EARTHA: I invited him.

MORRIS: Well no sh*t, but I asked why...

EARTHA: Not now Morris.


Cut to Malik and Trinity


MALIK: So lil sis got a summer job?

TRINITY: I did. I even get to write some articles! I am in heaven about that.

MALIK: So proud of you, sis.


They spot their mom and dad having an increasingly heated talk in the distance.


MALIK: Oh no they are at it now?

TRINITY: The wannabe real house wife and husband of Union Creek. I hope this doesn’t spill out in public…




At the Lewis Ranch:


Marah, Josh, Reva and Jack are eating dinner.


REVA: How’s the food Jack?

JOSH: Some southern style home cookin’ from Reva.

JACK: It is great. (gives his best southern accent) Compared to the food I’ve had at the hospital and while held captive, it is the bees knees.

MARAH: I think it was awesome of you mom to bring Jack here.

REVA: I have my good moments.


JOSH: I honestly wasn’t so sure about this at first but I think I can warm up to you, Jack

JACK: (Southern accent again) You reckon?

JOSH: I reckon.

REVA: I just hope that you will feel comfortable here.

JACK: I think I will. I do appreciate all this. Really.




The sun has gone down as Todd and Blair now have their picnic in the moon light.


The candles giving off light.


BLAIR: You have not only surprised me, but I think you have surprised yourself with all of this.

TODD: You know Blair, sometimes ideas just hit me. Genius ones at that.


Todd pours her another glass of wine.


BLAIR: How did you get yourself to not stress over work tonight? Aren’t you supposed to be investigating something with your co-worker, Gary.

TODD: Please do not bring up work and especially don’t bring up that pain in my a** Gary. I want this to be a good night.

BLAIR: Sorry forget I mentioned it. Let’s talks about us. Actually, let’s not talk at all.


She kisses him




At the party:

The music is blaring as the beers are flowing into teens mouths.


Zack is dancing with MandylWSzpcs.jpg.


MANDY: I am shocked that you have some moves…well one move. Swaying. (Laughs)

ZACK: Oh you are just hilarious. Because you are just a regular back up dancer for Beyoncé.

MANDY: Whatever Zachery.


The song stops playing and the two stop dancing.


MANDY: Thank you for the dance anyway.

ZACK: Any time Motor Mouth.


She grabs a beer and walks off.


Zack goes and finds Sam who is sitting down looking bored out of his mind.


SAM: ...Can I go home yet? The neighbors across the street are having a barbecue and sure, I wasn’t invited because my family has made themselves the outcasts on the block, but I still would love to go sneak in.

ZACK: Not yet, please. I need you to go and distract Cory so I can dance with Anne.

SAM: Oh you just want me to go distract the big burly football star?

ZACK: Yes.

SAM: Fine…but then I’m out!




“Power trip” by J Cole starts to play:



[:00] The BBQ continues. Holden and Lily are eating. Holden grabs Lilys hand and squeezes it before lifting it up and kissing her hand.


Luke gets a text on his phone. It is from Ben wishing him a happy 4th of July! Luke smiles wide.


[:16] Trinity takes a sip of her lemonade. She gazes across the street towards Sams/the Manning house.


Elijah is sitting next to Malik and a few nurses from the hospital.


ELIJAH: Excuse me I have to make a phone call.


Elijah calls his son, Terrance...


[:31] Morris walks inside the house. He takes a bottle of whiskey out of a cupboard. He takes a drink straight from the bottle. He pours a large amount into his glass of soda and takes a nice, long drink of it.


He looks back outside on Eartha eating alone. Trinity goes and sits by her. Morris makes his way back outside and sits by Eartha and Trinity who both do not look pleased that he is sitting there.


[:57] At the party, Sam is talking to Cory and his friends. His friends are passing a joint of marijuana around.


CORY: You seem so bored here. You need a hit.

SAM: You really going to give me one, I thought you didn’t like me?

CORY: I don’t even know you.

FRIEND #1: Here you go. It is legal in Colorado you know.

SAM: Yeah, not for high schoolers, but I would love some!


Sam gets the joint and takes a nice big hit off of it coughing a bit afterwards.


[1:22] Zack is with Anne


ZACK: Want to dance Anne?

ANNE: Yeah, why not..


The two start to dance together. As they are dancing Zack is trying to get closer and closer to her.


[1:34] Cut back to Sam taking another hit of weed!


CORY: Don’t be stingy now! Like it?

SAM: I think I needed this. It has been too long since I’ve had some.


He turns around and sees Zack and Anne dancing and busts out laughing.


SAM: Right on.


[1:48] Mandy is getting another drink. She sees Anne and Zack dancing too and isn’t all that thrilled about it.


As Zack and Anne are dancing he finally gets close enough to where she is grinding on him. Zack is nothing but thrilled. She turns around and their necks and faces are close together. Both seemingly much into the dancing.


[2:14] Out in the moonlight, Todd moves the wine and the candles. He and Blair are making out. He pushes her down onto the blanket.


BLAIR: Are we really going to do this, Todd. Do you not think we are too old?

TODD: Never, Blair.


Todd takes off her shirt and then her bra.


He starts kissing up on her neck as Blair then takes off his shirt.


Todd sticks his hand down her pants before unbuttoning them.


They both continue to undress as Fireworks start to go off in the distance over the mountains.


Todd and Blair are making love under the moonlight and the light from the fire works…


[2:45] Fireworks continue to go off beautifully lighting up the sky!






Marah hugs her parents again.


REVA: See you later. Good luck tomorrow.

MARAH: Thank you so much.


Marah is making her way to her car as she sees the fireworks going off in the distance.


The light from the fireworks reveals someone in the nearby bushes.


That someone watches Marah get in her car and drive away.


The person then gets up and looks into the window at Jack, Josh and Reva…




Credits roll


I do not own any non original characters nor any pics *




Recommended Comments

Liked this episode a lot...things are starting to move.

The teen scene is moving...all the guys like Anne. And Zack wants her. The weed scene was good and realistic.

Blair and Todd's scenes provide a nice balance to the episode.

Eartha and Morris's facade marriage is becoming very interesting. They are trying to make everything look good to everyone else, but inside they are a mess...love it...

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Wow another great episode

The teens are def growing on me. I like Sam smoking the greenery. Love it. Your soap is so youthful and modern and I just love that about it.

THe Davis had a fight again. I thought Morris was going to make a scene I kinda feel bad for him esp when no one wanted his big funky but siting by him. Some one gong to snap in that house hold. They should just get a divorce.

I would have rather be at the Davis's then Revas. her party was hella boring. But it was a nice scene and now Marah being watched.

ANd what Todd did was very nice and it was just overall romatic of him to do for Blair that was nice.m

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Uh oh! Who's watching Marah? I loved the teen's party. The song fit the whole scene beautifully. Great work there. Could see it all play out, Zack got some game. Wonder if it's all gonna blow up in his face when Cory figures out what's going on.

You got a handle on the young characters like I'd never be able to. haha. I'm a bit envious of that, if I'm honest. The party felt really real, and I love Zack and Sam's friendship.

Oooooh the Davis BBQ is drama. Morris is acting like a baby about this, and you know it's gonna get more drama from here. I wonder what's really motivating them to stick together. Is it just all for the kids? Do they realize the damage they're doing to the kids staying together? It'll be interesting to see that grow and how the kids' relationships with others end up witnessing their parents' dysfunctional relationship. I hope you play those beats down the road. Those dynamics are spot-on.


Loved Blair and Todd again. Awesome romantic 4th of July under the stars. Good way to bring the episode together. I'm really impressed by your work on this one. Good job!

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