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Union Creek

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Union Creek #14: Jack wants a job/Sex is in the air





At the police station:


Elijahs4S7es2.jpg is walking down a hall


COP#1: Hey how was your fourth?

ELIJAH: It was good. Went to a good barbecue.


Elijah walks into his office and closes the door.


ELIJAH: A great barbecue…with Eartha.


He sits down and has a flashback:


A young ElijahhTV0YB7.jpg is at his high school.


He approaches a Young EarthadrmOPl7.jpg at her locker.


YOUNG ELIJAH: Are you ready for prom tonight?

YOUNG EARTHA: I am. What time will you be picking me up?

YOUNG ELIJAH: Around six.


Elijah starts to put on a do-rag.


YOUNG EARTHA: I hope you will not be wearing that tonight.

YOUNG ELIJAH: Don’t worry I will be dressing up… Just for you.

YOUNG EARTHA: Good. I don’t like this gangsta stuff.

YOUNG ELIJAH: It’s a way of life.



They kiss.


YOUNG ELIJAH: See you tonight.


Elijah comes back to the present.


He looks on at his office wall.




At the Chic Spirit Designs building:


LilysyT12no.jpg and Marahuw4zzxO.jpg are in an office.


LILY: How are you liking your office?

MARAH: Love it. They did a good job.

LILY: I just cannot believe we are finally opened!

MARAH: Me either. Exciting to the max!

LILY: We better get down to business though.

MARAH: Let’s go chat with our employees and make day 1 a success.

LILY: Start a trend for this company.




HoldenqzW3xXi.jpg meanwhile has arrived at the town hall.


He is talking to a secretary.


SECRETARY: What is your name sir?

HOLDEN: Holden Snyder, I am here about a government job offer I received in the mail.


The secretary does some clicking at her computer and seems surprised.


SECRETARY: Ah yes, you are scheduled for an appointment.

HOLDEN: Would you happen to have any idea about what this is about?

SECRETARY: I am sorry sir, but I do not. Take a seat and you will find out shortly.



He takes a seat.




LukewKHUmY9.jpg is at his place taking a drink of water.


There is a knock at his door.


It is BenhpuRnqB.jpg.


LUKE: Ben…good to see you again.

BEN: Even better to see you.

LUKE: What brings you by?

BEN: Well, to be honest I remembered what time your lunch breaks are and decided to give it a shot and see if you were home.

LUKE: Great timing, just got here.

BEN: Fantastic…so are you going to invite me in?

LUKE: Yes of course. Come in.


Ben happily walks inside and looks around.




JackvOj8nas.png meanwhile, is getting out of a Taxi in front of the Union Creek Chronicle Building.


JACK: Reva gave you the money right?

DRIVER: She did.

JACK: Shes just the sweetest. Thank you.


Jack gets out and goes inside the building.


Jack talks to the girl at the front desk before GaryU16ieWO.jpg approaches him.


GARY: How can we help you?

JACK: I am looking for the guy in charge. Todd Manning.

GARY: He is not fully in charge and he is also out at the moment. Sorry.

JACK: Crap. Do you know when he will be back?

GARY: I am not sure. He likes to disappear. What is your name and how can I help you?

JACK: I am just a man, here for a job!


He shoots Gary a smile




Elijah continues to have flashbacks from High school:


The teenage Elijah and Eartha are walking out of their prom dance.


YOUNG ELIJAH: So did you have fun?

YOUNG EARTHA: It was rad


They get in Elijah’s car.


Eartha sees Elijahs do-rag in the backseat.


YOUNG EARTHA: Don’t you think it is time to get rid of that do-rag. You are about to graduate you should not keep wearing it.

YOUNG ELIJAH: What do you have against it? You act like I should go be a goody two shoes cop or something.

YOUNG EARTHA: Juss' shut up and kiss me.

YOUNG ELIJAH: You want to make out?

YOUNG EARTHA: Maybe even a little more.


Eartha turns on his radio


“Real Love” by Mary J Blige is playing


The two teenagers start to make out.


Elijah puts his seat back.


Eartha gets on top of him and the two continue to make out.


YOUNG EARTHA: Fitting song.

YOUNG ELIJAH: You think so?

YOUNG EARTHA: Yes, because I love you Elijah. I really do.

YOUNG ELIJAH: You know I love you too. I always have.


They go back to kissing.


Eartha unbuttons and unzips his pants.


She starts to go down on him…




Elijah comes back to the PRESENT.


ELIJAH: What a time…




Daniellei6d48e4.jpg and Malik8sKuFN5.jpg are at Chic Spirit designs.


MARAH: Are you two ready to officially sign your contracts?

MALIK: We are mam.

MARAH: Oh god, please call me Marah!

DANI: I never thought I would be so excited about modeling, but I am!

LILY: I am pleased to hear that and so happy you showed up.

MARAH: And you both are becoming the official faces of Chic Spirit! This is a big deal.

MALIK: This is huge.

DANI: It is going to be fun.

LILY: It sure is.




Holden is now in a room talking to someone.


HOLDEN: So you are a member of the Union Creek city council?

COUNCILMAN: I am. Thank you for accepting our interview.

HOLDEN: It was out of the blue.

COUNCILMAN: I'm sure it was unexpected but we were told you were the right man for the job.

HOLDEN: May I ask what kind of job this is?

COUNCILMAN: It is a public funding job.


HOLDEN: …And what exactly is that?

COUNCILMAN: We are looking for a small group of businessmen to take on the task of finding new ways to come up with and manage money for this town to get new places and events. We are hoping to really get this place moving.

HOLDEN: It actually sounds fun.

COUNCILMAN: I think so too.

HOLDEN: But can I ask…why me?




Cut to Ben and Luke. They are sitting together on the couch.


BEN: I sense your nerves kicking up already.

LUKE: Yeah, sorry..

BEN: Why do you get so nervous around me?

LUKE: I have not felt this way for a long time.

BEN: Felt…which way?

LUKE: Like I am so into you…and you are so into me…and we should just be leaping on each other.

BEN: Crazy, because I feel the exact same way and you know this.


LUKE: Oh I sure felt that the other day.

BEN: But why do you fight it?

LUKE: I…I’m afraid of this feeling. I do not know how to act.

BEN: I say you should act like you are going to give in. I think you will with all this attention showering I have been giving you.

LUKE: Been a crazy good feeling…


Ben suddenly kisses Luke while holding Lukes face in his hands tightly




At the Chronicle:


Jack and Gary are still talking.


GARY: You still have not told me who you are.

JACK: Can’t you see…I am a friend of Todds and I want a job interview.

GARY: Odd that you won’t tell me your name…but want an interview…

JACK: More like…Odd that you want to know my name so bad…

GARY: I don’t think that is odd at all! When you meet someone new it is customary actually.

JACK: Actually…I think I should just go. Tell Todd that a…J…was here.


GARY: Jay? J-A-Y?

JACK: Nope, just the letter J! I have somewhere else I should go. Please just let him know.

GARY: Sure.


Jack exits in a hurry


GARY: What a basket case.




Holden is still with the councilman.


COUNCILMAN: I really hope you will consider this offer. The salary is good and not to mention you were handpicked by the mayor for this position.

HOLDEN: I was what?!

COUNCILMAN: Handpicked by the mayor.

HOLDEN: I don’t even know the mayor.

COUNCILMAN: That’s surprising to hear. Mayor Woods must be fond of you to hand pick you.

HOLDEN: I don’t know what to say.

COUNCILMAN: Just say you’ll accept.

HOLDEN: I’ll get back to you. Thank you very much.


They shake hands and Holden exits.


HOLDEN: What is going on?




At chic spirit:


LILY: Dani come with me. I want you to see some of the designs.

DANI: Awesome!

MARAH: And Malik you can come with me to my office. I have something special lined up for you.

MALIK: That’s what’s up!


Marah and Malik go to Marahs office.


MARAH: Go ahead and take a seat.


Malik sits down.


Marah proceeds to start to undress!


She takes off her blouse.


She then also takes off her pants and sits on Maliks lap.


MALIK: Woah boss! What are you doing?

MARAH: Giving you a raise…


She starts to kiss along his neck. He is liking it.


He gives in and kisses her.


He lifts her up and sets her on her desk!


He takes off his shirt.




MALIK: Are you okay, Marah?

MARAH: Oh yes…sorry. Just working something out in my head.

MALIK: What something special did you have for me?

MARAH: Well, our first big photo shoot will be exclusively you in the photos! We are starting a mens line right away.

MALIK: Wow. I love all this faith you guys have in me (grins)


Marah looks on nervously




At Lukes place:


Luke and Ben are making out on Lukes couch.


Ben grabs Lukes hand with his own and places it right between Bens legs.


LUKE: Okay, okay! You win.

BEN: What was that?

LUKE: You win!


Luke takes off his shirt and Ben takes off his own.


The intensity of the moment picks up as their kisses become faster.


Ben takes off Lukes pants before taking off his own.


BEN: You sure you are ready for me?

LUKE: I’m ready.


Ben bends Luke over on the side of the couch and stands up behind him…




Elijah takes out an old picture of himself and Eartha from their high school prom.


ELIJAH: I need to just go back to staying away from Eartha. For my own good.


There is a knock at the door

ELIJAH: Come in!


It is Jack.


Elijah puts away the picture.


JACK: I had to come and see you. I need to know, man. What is up with the investigation into whoever held me captive?

ELIJAH: Hey man, unfortunately we do not have any leads. I am really sorry.

JACK: What are you doing about that? ...Other than gazing at pictures.

ELIJAH: We have looked into all we could.

JACK: I had to walk here. I cannot be just going around town all paranoid that whoever was holding me, and I escaped from, is still out looking for me. I guess I will have to keep it up though!


ELIJAH: How about I get you an armed guard?

JACK: No thanks. I am not that desperate.


They both let out sighs




ToddGlwrDfU.jpg has arrived back at the union creek chronicle building:


TODD: Did I miss anything good while I was at lunch?

GARY: Some very nutcase like man came in looking for a job. He said he knew you and his name was the letter J, but that is not important.

TODD: …Okay…what is important?

GARY: Something you are going to love….


Gary pulls out a check.


GARY: The old boss has a proposition for you.

TODD: If it involves him giving me lots of money I am all ears.

GARY: It does. He wants you to have this check he wrote out on behalf of his company.


GARY: There is more where this came from once you track down the document.

TODD: Why couldn’t he have just done this from the start?! Instead of asinine contracts? Ask him that. Seriously.

GARY: Does this mean you will actually work on this now?

TODD: I vow to do whatever it takes to find this ridiculous document.


Gary shoots him a look.


TODD: Sorry. Meant to say this ridiculously important document!

GARY: Excellent.


Gary hands him the check…







*I do not own any non original character nor any pics.


Recommended Comments

They way u end ur episodes are always kinda neat and this one snuck up on me.

You really have a knack for mystery and story detail. Ie been able to follow everything from episode one and u have not missed a beat.

The flash back scenes an castings were great. I bet it took a lot of time. It was so NICE to them two in love at one point but on naother point it went wrong.

Jack is active and about town.

Todd is not going to take this document thing serious. I bet it bites him in the end.

Marah has eyes for Malik. SHe want the choco stick. I think Danielle might have eyes for him too.

Ben coming on strong again. Something is def up with him.

ANd Yes Holden Id be worried too about this whole job thingy.

Another great one Nick!

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Very quick moving action from scene to scene...

I loved the Elijah/Eartha flash back scenes...in a very short period of time u provided yrs of story and thrust Elijah right in the middle of morris and Earthas triangle...

Chic Spirit - u have set up some intere sting dynamics here...Malik/Dani and Marahs fantasies...verrry nice...and i want to see what that leads to

Ben is totally playing Luke and Luke.probably has an idea but hes enjoying the ride with a hot guy (no pun intended)

Jacks scenes with Gary provided some humor as only Jack would give...the mystery.of Holdens job continues to build...and the document Todd is looking for...i think these three are all interconnected....the mystery is unfolding...verrry nice..looking fwd to seeing it

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Ben's giving me creepy vibes, knowing when Luke's on lunch breaks. Hmmm...I'm so curious why Ben is so intent on pursuing Luke. I feel like he's connected to a lot of other bits of the story, like the paper, and Jack. VERY curious.


Jack coming back to do what he does best. His homing instincts are uncanny! Too bad he's so nervous about everything, I'm not even sure Todd will get him a job in this case. Speaking of Todd, his repartee with Gary is amazing. You really get how to write Todd, I'm telling you. GREAT stuff there. Hopefully this new incentive gets Todd up off his ass and to finally getting this dumb document. Haha.


Elijah and Eartha's backstory starting to fill in. I'm really excited about that, as their situation is curious to me, but I'm still patchy on their past, and I really want to know more. Them as teenagers had a real spark.


GREAT show. Enjoyed it as usual.

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