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Union Creek

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Union Creek #17: Will Todd Manning find out the truth?





Written by Nick M.


Reva vQzvP7y.jpg is home from the supermarket.


The mysterious car is parked a little away from the ranch again.


The person inside is watching Reva as she is taking groceries in.


Reva comes back to her car and closes the car door.


REVA: Wonder if we got any mail.


She goes to check her mail box.


All of a sudden the mysterious person in the car starts it up and goes speeding right towards Reva!!!


Reva is barely able to get out of the way. She falls to the ground with a hard impact and a thud.


The car speeds off down the street screeching its tires.


Reva lets out a yell of pain


REVA: Oh…my…god.


She holds her ribs in agony…





Zack 24Zxs4X.jpg is at the café.


He is sipping on his coffee and texting on his phone.


He is texting someone named Jasper:





Zack is smiling.


ZACK: I hope he comes through on that party.



Anne A4GuZpg.jpg and Cory dW40beS.jpg walk into the place together.


That of course upsets Zack.


ZACK: Why did they have to come in…


He stands up and puts his coffee cup in the trash and walks out in a frustrated huff.


He takes one last look inside at the window to see Cory and Anne ordering.


ZACK: I cannot let them hook up!






Lily 3T3ltpO.jpg comes home and Holden Ita78Tp.jpg hugs her.



HOLDEN: I missed you. How was work?

LILY: It went well today.

HOLDEN: Great, Lily!


Holden kisses her.


LILY: You taste delicious.

HOLDEN: Don’t I always?


They kiss again.


LILY: Oh, oh!

HOLDEN: Whats wrong?

LILY: Nothing is wrong. I just have a great idea that I am excited about!



At the Union Creek Chronicle:



Gary jltcxJw.jpg walks into Todds 1vsV52L.jpg office.


TODD: please take a seat.

GARY: It is weird that you are being nice to me.

TODD: You know what they say, Money talks.

GARY: What is the money telling you?

TODD: It is telling me to find this document so I can get another check from you.


GARY: Not from me. From the old boss.

TODD: Ah yes, this secretive old boss.

GARY: So…do you have a game plan to finding this document

TODD: I have been looking over some of the info you gave me.

GARY: It is about time!

TODD: Yes, well I find the randomness of your info perplexing, but I am not going to ask questions about that right now. What I want is for you to go back to your source, because I think you are narrowing down the place that this document originated.

GARY: I am hoping to do just that.





Josh wemsgah.jpg arrives home.


He pulls up and sees Reva hurt on the sidewalk.


JOSH: Reva!


He gets out of his car and runs to Reva and tends to her.


REVA: Joshua…I am in pain. My ribs might be broken.

JOSH: Did you fall?

REVA: Someone…tried to run over me. It was…

JOSH: What the hell are you talking about?

REVA: I think….they were… trying to kill me. …I cant take deep breaths Joshua.

JOSH: I will call 911.


He takes out his phone as he holds her…





Zack arrives home.


Another teenager named Rourke ZrZ1hPe.jpg is there…


Zacks bad mood can be seen on his face.


ROURKE: Home so soon?

ZACK: Shut up.

ROURKE: Who sh*t in your coffee?

ZACK: None of your business.

ROURKE: So somebody actually did that in your coffee?

ZACK: You are not funny.


ROURKE: I find myself amusing.

ZACK: Well you are the only one.

ROURKE: You need to find a hobby and cheer up.

ZACK: And you need to just shut up before I shut you up.

ROURKE: Listen Bro, Whatever is wrong you can tell me, you know?

ZACK: No thank you.




HOLDEN: What is your idea Lily?

LILY: I really want to make a video for chic spirit. An online video. One that can hopefully go viral.

HOLDEN: That would be fantastic for the current market.

LILY: It would have to be a small project but one that I want to be really well done.

HOLDEN: If you have a big picture idea, you should give it a shot.

LILY: I would need someone really good to shoot the video.


HOLDEN: I have a suggestion.

LILY: What would that be?

HOLDEN: You could always call up Noah.

LILY: Noah? As in Luke’s ex boyfriend, Noah?

HOLDEN: Yes. Noah Mayer. He is becoming quite the hit in Hollywood. You should ask him to come and help with the video before he gets too big and in demand.

LILY: That would be great…





GARY: My source has been a lot of help.

TODD: Do you have some kind of private investigator or what?

GARY: Maybe. I don’t give out sources.

TODD: More mysteries from you.

GARY: It works.


TODD: I hope your source does work and comes through.

GARY: I don’t know how I keep being the one doing all the work.

TODD: Because I am your boss and just supervising.

GARY: Yeah that does seem to be what you are good at.

TODD: It runs in the family.



At the hospital:


Eartha E8VWk2O.jpg is with Reva and Josh.


REVA: I am in a lot of pain here.

EARTHA: We are hoping it just majorly knocked the wind out of you.

JOSH: Are the cops on their way?

EARTHA: Yes, Elijah should be here any moment now and Morris should be back with the x-ray.

JOSH: Good. I am glad this place is on it.

EARTHA: We have a good hospital here.


Morris JbLG0bR.jpg walks in.

EARTHA: I’ll leave you all.

She exits.


REVA: What’s the word, doc?

MORRIS: Good news. No broken ribs. They are just bruised. They will however continue to be sore for probably the next few weeks.



Meanwhile outside in the hallway…



Eartha runs into Elijah ToX4Rbz.jpg .



ELIJAH: Always a pleasure to see you.

EARTHA: Thank you.

ELIJAH: Too bad you don’t think the same though…

EARTHA: Please don’t start. The patient is in the room down the hall.


Elijah walks towards Revas room.



Eartha meanwhile has a flashback:


A young Eartha RftabJb.jpg is packing some suitcases.


A young Elijah TTcKfO6.jpg walks in.


YOUNG ELIJAH: I guess this is it.

YOUNG EARTHA: This is not it.

YOUNG ELIJAH: Are you really going to stay with me while living across the country?


YOUNG ELIJAH: I hope you are serious.

YOUNG EARTHA: I am. I do love you. We have to keep this going even if its long distance.

YOUNG ELIJAH: I love you too, babe and I am so happy to hear you say this.

YOUNG EARTHA: Besides, I will be way too busy with classes to meet someone else.


She comes back to the present staring down the hall...




Cut to Zack and Roarke



ROARKE: What is your problem man?

ZACK: It is you when you bug me like this.

ROARKE: You are my brother—

ZACK: --Step brother!

ROARKE: Fine. You are my step brother. Either way I am sick of you always treating me badly.

ZACK: I do not treat you badly.


ROARKE: What do you call this?

ZACK: I call it having a bad day.

ROARKE: Then, Bro, you must have a bad day every damn day!



Cut to Lily and Holden:


LILY: Do you really think it is a good idea to try and contact Noah?

HOLDEN: I do. We know someone who is becoming a hit in Hollywood. To get him to help you with your video would be huge.

LILY: You are right. It would be, but…

HOLDEN: But Luke?

LILY: Yeah. I am sure that Luke would not like us contacting him.

HOLDEN: Don’t they stay in touch?

LILY: I don’t know. They use to. I don’t want to upset him though.

HOLDEN: You never know. He may actually enjoy seeing Noah again…






Gary is back at his cubical.


He looks around and then makes a phone call on his cell.


GARY: Hey….yeah. I think we have finally hooked him in. Yes. Yeah I may bust this wide open. I do think it is almost time to pull the trigger with Todd…


Meanwhile, Blair w9cxGnV.jpg has walked into the Union Creek Chronicle building. She knocks on Todds office and walks in.


TODD: Blair. Surprised to see you here.

BLAIR: Hi Todd.

TODD: Is everything okay?

BLAIR: No. No it is not.

TODD: Then come on over and sit on my lap.


Blair gives Todd a questioning look.


Todd pats down on his lap.


BLAIR: Are you serious?

TODD: Yes.


Blair sits on his lap and he brushes her hair aside and then kisses her.


TODD: Feel better?

BLAIR: Almost…

TODD: You want something don’t you?

BLAIR: I would like a little favor….I would love for you to use your journalistic skills to find info on that beast, Reva Shayne Lewis.


Todd looks at her straight into her eyes as if he is examining her.


BLAIR: Please.

TODD: Hm. Fine.



At the hospital, Eartha flashes back again:


“End of the Road” by Boyz II Men starts to play…






YOUNG ELIJAH: I will help you to your car with your suitcases.

YOUNG EARTHA: Thank you Eli.

YOUNG ELIJAH: You know I hate it when you call me that.

YOUNG EARTHA: Get use to it. I’m going to call you that for the rest of your life.

YOUNG ELIJAH: In that case, maybe it will grow on me.


He helps bring her suitcases outside.


YOUNG ELIJAH: This really robs me of my gangsta card and all, but I am going to miss you so damn much.

YOUNG EARTHA: You didn’t even wear your do-rag today.

YOUNG ELIJAH: I tried to be good.


He sets her suitcases in her trunk.


YOUNG EARTHA: I am going to miss you too.

YOUNG ELIJAH: Are you sure you have to go to college?

YOUNG EARTHA: Yeah, and you should too.

YOUNG ELIJAH: Maybe someday.


She starts to try and hold back tears.


YOUNG ELIJAH: Well don’t start crying.

YOUNG EARTHA: This is hard.

YOUNG ELIJAH: This feels like a goodbye doesn’t it.


YOUNG ELIJAH: I hope we make it through despite the distance.

YOUNG EARTHA: Don’t worry. I will always love you.


They hug ever so tightly and then kiss as Eartha starts to cry.


YOUNG ELIJAH: Good luck in college, baby.

YOUNG EARTHA: Thank you.




She comes back to the present as Morris is walking up to her.


MORRIS: Are you okay? You look like you need to sit down.

EARTHA: I’m, I’m fine..


In Reva’s hospital room.


Elijah is with her and Josh.


ELIJAH: What do you remember about the car that almost hit you?

REVA: Not much. It is a blur right now. A scary event and it happened so fast.

JOSH: Damn I wish I was there!

ELIJAH: You don’t remember anything about the car?

REVA: Not really.


ELIJAH: What about the driver? Did you get a glimpse?

REVA: I…I don’t know…..actually…


She has a quick flashback as the car pulled away and seeing some long dirty blonde hair.


REVA: Wait a second. The driver had some light brown hair. Almost dirty blonde.

JOSH: It was a woman?

REVA: I think it may have been.

ELIJAH: Are you sure about this?

REVA: Oh my god! It had to be Blair Manning!




Credits roll.








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  • Members

MY GOODNESS....what an episode!!!!!

Zack has a half brother Roarke...good way that you revealed that.  Wonder how that's going to play out.

Todd and the document.  He's getting ever closer to finding out the source.

So Holden went to work?  We still don't know where he works.  I'm sure we will find out...like that mystery.

AND FOR MY FAVORITE STORY...forbidden love.  Elijah and Eartha....I LOVE THIS STORYLINE MAN!!!!  The way you are telling their past romance is so compelling and deep, and I FEEL all of it.   And I liked how you used Reva's accident to segue into Elijah and Eartha.



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  • Members

I knew Reva would end up blaiming BLair LMAO!!!

THis was another solid show Zack need to get his sdjvnsdnvs wet. THats y he so grumpy.


I wonder what Gary is really up to with Todd and I know what ever Todd digs up on Reva wont b good nor turn out good LOL!!

ANd Lily nem want to bring back Noah. THis cant be good.

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  • Members

I bet it wasn't Blair who ran Reva down, but someone trying to frame her. Marty trying to frame her maybe? Hah, who knows.

So much good here, I loved the Eartha and Elijah flashbacks, they're so sweet together, and you really feel their sense of love and loss and tension. It's a great story, keep that up! Zack needs to make a move before his girl ends up with Cory. GET IT! Haha

Lily and Holden are inviting Noah back. AH! That's gonna get messy and I LOVE it. Haha, right up my alley, as you know. Good move there.

Gary is up to some shady [!@#$%^&*], and I can't wait to figure out what it is. You're really building that mystery and it's strong story. I can't wait to find out what he's after and what he's scheming and with whom. GREAT stuff!


Another great show, good work Nick!

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