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Union Creek

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Union Creek #9: Todd questions Jack/The modeling contest




At School:

The bell rings. School is out for the day as students are rushing out of classes.

Anne2FUJjoW.jpg is with her friend MandyijNJvUD.jpg.

MANDY: Girl could you stare at Cory any harder in there?

ANNE: I do not know what you are talking about.

MANDY: I can tell you are crushing on Cory Sutter. Don’t try and lie.

ANNE: He is cute, but there is no crushing.

MANDY: Sure.


SamVvTd7BY.jpg and Trinitygz8YIdW.jpg are still in a class room.

Miss Morgan5fSlpQ9.jpg is the teacher.

SAM: Thanks for letting us stay for extra help Miss Morgan.

TRINITY: Yeah Math finals have creeped up so soon.

MISS MORGAN: Any help that I can give. That is really what I am here for believe it or not. Giving educations.

SAM: Who would have thought?

MISS MORGAN: You two can take a seat closer.

Sam and Trinity sit in desks closer to the board and right next to each other.

SAM: I’m just glad someone in here is as bad at this as I am.

TRINITY: Hey now I am not bad! I just struggle a little.

SAM: Whatever helps you sleep at night


The modeling contest has began!

Inside of the new Chic Spirit building.

Dozens and dozens of people are inside waiting in a line.

DanielleU0miNkj.jpg is outside of the building.

She gazes into the window.

DANIELLE: This is so not my place.

She seems nervous

DANIELLE: I should not go through with this. I know that Lily woman really liked me but still. I do not know how to be a model. I’m out of here.

She turns around to leave but MalikTiVt2Et.jpg is standing right behind her.

MALIK: Sorry I thought you were going in.

DANIELLE: I thought I was too, but I guess I’m not.

MALIK: Are you here for the contest? You are not chickening out are you?

DANIELLE: That is exactly what I am doing.

MALIK: Oh come on I don’t think you should. I was nervous about coming to this thing too, but its worth a try. We can go in together if that will help.

DANIELLE: It helps a little.

The two walk inside.

MALIK: I am Malik by the way.

DANIELLE: I’m Dani. Nice to meet you.


BlairK2pWIFb.jpg is at home. She closes the fridge.

BLAIR: I really need to hire someone to shop for us. Guess I should finish the list.

She picks up a piece of paper.

On the paper is : New purse, new shirt, earrings.

She adds milk to the list.

There is a knock at the door.

Blair is very surprised to open the door to Tea G7GuZOg.jpg.

TEA: Hi there Blair

BLAIR: Tea. Was so not expecting you.

TEA: Consider this a good surprise.

BLAIR: I do don’t worry.

Blair hugs Tea.

BLAIR: How are you these days?

TEA: I am getting by. Todd isn’t here is he?


TEA: Good. We need to chat.


ToddnGg6tFD.jpg is at the hospital in Jacks13jDig6.png room. Todd has the sound recorder on, on his phone.

TODD: So this room was kept dark?

JACK: Yup. No window in that room. Just me. Me and my chair.

TODD: That is just hardcore torture.

JACK: It beats when I was first there. They use to drug me up and I would be there just staring having the most insane thoughts. Like I was on acid or something.

TODD: Did they feed you at least?

JACK: They did, but not every day.

TODD: How far back do you remember?

JACK: It would help if I knew how long I was being held captive but I don’t know. That as far back as my memories go though. Just being in the dark. Sometimes drugged up. Sometimes not. And when I wasn’t I was just sitting there…waiting to die.

TODD: What a horrendous experience.

JACK: I might as well of died because now I have no memory. No life. No reason to be alive.

Jack looks on with a blank stare as Todd is concerned…


At school:

Anne walks off from her locker.

ANNE: See you tomorrow Mandy.

MANDY: See ya

Mandy closes her locker and is about to leave, but ZackXJJ0JlE.jpg stops her.

ZACK: Hi Motor Mouth Mandy.

MANDY: You know I do not like to be called that.

ZACK: If you weren’t known for telling everyones business you wouldn’t be called that.

MANDY: I do not tell everyones business.

ZACK: Whatever you say. I do want the low down on Annes business though. I heard you both talking.

MANDY: Were you eavesdropping on us?

ZACK: Don’t be offended. I just want to know about Anne and Cory.


In Miss Morgans classroom:

She finishes writing something on the board.

MISS MORGAN: I hope that helped with the problems you were having.

SAM: A little.

TRINITY: I am pretty sure I get it now.

SAM: I get it a little…

TRINITY: If you need more help I can try to help, Sam.

MISS MORGAN: Yeah I have to get going. I wish you both luck though.

SAM: I am going to need some of that.

TRINITY: Thanks for the help Miss Morgan.

The two exit the room.

TRINITY: Hey Sam I need a favor.

SAM: Whats up?

TRINITY: Well I usually get a ride home from Camella when my parents are using both cars, but since I had to stay after, shes already gone home.

SAM: You need a ride? That is no problem. Its not like were neighbors who live across the street from each other or anything.

TRINITY: (Smiles) Well thank you. I really appreciate it.


At Chic Spirit:

Danielle and Malik are standing together in line.

DANI: You look like the nervous one now?

MALIK: I am just trying to imagine what poses they want and how I am probably going to look a fool.

DANI: I know what you mean. I hope this isn’t complicated.

MALIK: We are probably over thinking it. It can’t be that bad.

DANI: I sure hope not. Last thing I want to do is look a fool!

MALIK: You are really beautiful. I think you got this.

DANI: Aw thanks. Don’t go making me blush and all right now though.

MALIK: Lets just think positive thoughts.

DANI: I really like your vibe Malik. So much different than all the people in my life.

MALIK: Happy to shine on in.

DANI: You got this too. I think your personality will shine through in the pictures.


Cut to Blair and Tea

BLAIR: If this is about Todd and Dani we might as well save our breath cuz its pointless.

TEA: It is not pointless, Blair, but it is a work in progress.

BLAIR: I tried. I talked to your daughter. It was like a glass meeting a metal wall.

TEA: Yeah she is stubborn but she can’t help but feel the way she does.

BLAIR: I know. I am not blaming her. Todd really does want to build some kind of relationship with his daughter however.

TEA: I commend him for trying. I do not want Todd pushing her though.

BLAIR: He is not pushing her.

TEA: I know how Todd is. He gets pushy and thinks he can get whatever he wants by doing everything his bullheaded way.

BLAIR: You may not believe it, but he has been good so far about it.

TEA: Yeah. so far. He wont be this patient forever. I am glad Dani is standing her ground but I think she will give in eventually.

BLAIR: I don’t think she will. I personally Todd needs to just back off for a long time.

TEA: But he will not.

BLAIR: He sure won’t.

TEA: It is only a matter of time before he goes too far. That is why I am here. I do not want that to happen. If I know Dani and I do, she is going to follow how she feels.

BLAIR: Its too bad though. Todd and Sam have had a rough relationship but I think they are at a point of getting along well. It is possible for Todd and Dani too.

TEA: That is nice to think, but I just want everything to stay peaceful and right now and that means a lot of distance.


At the hospital:

TODD: Thanks for opening up about the horrors of your situation. I just want to tell you that I can relate. I was held against my will for a very, very long time. You lose your life. I just hope this article helps you. I hope that someone from your life sees it.

JACK: I do appreciate you coming here and doing all this, but I cant help and feel that it won’t help.

TODD: I hope it changes your bleak outlook. A photographer will be her soon to take your picture for the article.

JACK: Oh no. That cannot happen.

TODD: What do you mean? How else will someone from your life recognize you being the person this article is about?

JACK: There can be no picture of me. It sounds good on paper but what you are not realizing is whoever was holding me captive can see the picture as well and know that I am right here at the hospital. I do not want them to find me. I cannot go through that again!

TODD: I understand where you are coming from and sorry you feel that way.

JACK: I forgot to mention something in your interview. My name Jack. The only way we know that is my name is because it was found on an old press pass in my pocket. Ironic.

TODD: Maybe Ill hire you if you want (Chuckles)

JACK: Hope that’s not a joke because I may actually take you up on that.


Malik walks into another room at Chic Spirit.

MarahtBrr5Ph.jpg shakes his hand.

MARAH: Very happy that you showed up.

MALIK: Pleased to be hear miss Marah.

MARAH: Lose the shirt.

MALIK: Straight to the point. I like that in a woman.

Marah watches as he poses for pictures. She smirks.

MARAH: I think we’ve got some good ones.

MALIK: I did okay?

MARAH: Not so stiff next time but you did great! Super pleased that you came.

Meanwhile, Danielle enters another room.

She starts to pose for pictures too.

She Is awkward at first but then starts to get the hang of it…


At school:

ZACK: So motor mouth what do you know about Cory and Anne?

MANDY: Stop calling me that! …but I think Cory and Anne will be dating soon. For sure.


Zack seems very depressed to hear that.

MANDY: is that all you wanted to know?

ZACK: Yeah, thanks.

Zack walks off.

ZACK: God dammit


Sam and Trinity arrive home to Robinson Street.

TRINITY: I do appreciate the ride home. Thank you.

She puts her hand out to shake his.

SAM: Really? You can do better than that.

He brings her into a hug. She reluctantly hugs back.

SAM: That’s more like it.

TRINITY: I will see you tomorrow. Good luck on your test.

SAM: Thanks.

Sam watches her walk across the street.

He then goes inside.

BLAIR: Hey son.

SAM: Hi mom.

BLAIR: So I have a favor to ask and it is not going to be easy.

SAM: Great. What is it?

BLAIR: Talk to your sister Danielle. Reach out to her.

SAM: And try and get her to talk to Todd?

BLAIR: If that comes up…

SAM: Guess I better work on my ducking skills.


Todd returns to the UC Chronicle

GaryUxaEfEV.jpg is first to greet him.

GARY: You are back! I thought you were out for the day.

TODD: I wanted to get this story out as soon as possible.

GARY: Glad you came back because speaking of stories, I have some info for you on the document search.

TODD: Oh joy.

Gary hands him some papers.

TODD: Thanks Ill look over them.

Todd walks into his office and immediately blows them off and just tosses the papers on his desk.


Back at the hospital:

Jack is laying in his hospital bed.

He has a sudden memory flash of being in an elevator.wNUmpQT.gif

He then flashes to the elevator shakingaGdbKKI.gif!

He then has a memory flash of a hand and arm coming through the elevator doors reaching to himQzHlkQi.jpg

Jack jolts up to sit up

JACK: What the hell was that about? …could it be my memory is coming back.


Meanwhile cut to the house that Jack was being held in…Dr4Qoxo.jpg

The yellow police tape surrounds the house.

A person is there…the persons face is not shown…

The person goes under the yellow tape and puts on some gloves.

The person unlocks the front door and enters…


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original character nor any pics


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Jack is getting memory flashes...hmmm...interested to see where this goes.

I can see you setting up the teen quadrangle...

I wonder if Todd and Blair have ever told Sam about his mother Margaret, and where his father Victor Lord Jr is. I wonder if the fact that Todd and Blair aren't his real parents will play somewhat..

Malik/Marah/Danielle is also being set up.

Nice scene with Blair and Tea talking about (who else) Todd and Dani.

I like how you are establishing triangles and future stories...

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  • Members

A very good episode.

I love how Jack had flashes of his past and that u were able to use actual scenes to tell his story. Genius on your part bro.

THe teens were much better in this ep. Im starting to get to know them and am interested in seeing where some of this goes. Dani and Malik. MMMHMM .

Im going to need Todd and Blair to show me some scenes as a couple. Tood has been at work non stop since the series began. BUt I like the fact that Todd is trying to help him kuz I thought too ok just post a picture of him but Jack was right in saying they couldnt.

I also like the last scene. Very intriguing for sure and it just deepens the story.

You have great dialog too. I laughed when Sam cursed. I could hear it in my head.

On to the next

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Great work yet again. I loved right away the connection Jack and Todd share. They share very similar histories and in a lot of ways are similar characters, though Todd's generally been written much darker. I'm glad you've brought those two together, as I feel they'll be able to really share an experience.

I loved that Jack is slowly getting those memories back of the DAYSaster. Wonder what happened from there!

Malik and Marah may definitely be a thing. I see a triangle with Dani forming already. Very good stuff!

The teens are very simple, and I understand since they are mostly new characters to us. Very good job setting those scenarios up, I already like Sam and Trinity.

Was also great to have Tea come around and catch up with Blair. I think Blair needs that, a friend to talk with. It'll help a lot for Blair since she seems a bit isolated right now from much of the action. That will obviously change with time, though :)

A great episode yet again. Well set up and good characterizations. Fantastic!

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