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Union Creek

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Union Creek #4: The big reveal!




Cut to some candles lit on a table.

The lights are dim.

Holdenucnmm4R.jpg and Lily SnyderUUSbANT.jpg seem to be having a romantic dinner.

Lily sips on some wine.

LILY: This all came together so great. Thanks for this.

HOLDEN: I just want our new life here to continue to be so good.

LILY: I truly am glad you love it here In Union Creek as much as I do.

HOLDEN: I love this new glow you have.

They grab each other’s hands and pull in for a kiss.

However their kiss is soon interrupted but a door slamming from across the street!

Holden and Lily look through the window.

CUT TO BLAIR eIfF5Zt.jpg arriving home.

Her clothes are still dirty from the iced coffee that was spilled on her.

BLAIR: What a crap day! She enters her house and slams that door as well!


Todd G7mU60A.jpg is parked outside of a house.

He gets out of the car and walks up to the door.

He rings the doorbell.

Danielle BGWmLgX.jpg opens the door.

TODD: Hi Dani

DANI: What the hell are you doing here?

TODD: Is that really how you are going to greet dear ol dad?

DANI: I do not want to do this right now. I was having such a nice evening.

TODD: I just wanted you to know we are both in the same town now.

DANI: Mom, already told me. It was bad enough when she did.

TODD: I figured you would be a little upset to hear this, but I don’t want you to be.

DANI: More than a little upset. This place was nice and quiet for me.

TODD: I won’t get in your way.

DANI: Right.

TODD: I know we do not get along but I would really love if you did see me as your father. I can be that father figure.

DANI: Victor will always be my father! Hell, I want no kind of relationship with you at all, Todd.

Soap opera stare down ensues.


Cut to the union creek hospital.

Reva dlCBwdG.jpg and Josh dUTp2Ic.jpg are in the waiting room.

JOSH: I hope we got him here in time.

REVA: He did look rough.

JOSH: I think he’ll be okay. We did the right thing by helping him.


Eartha syZOq1e.jpg and Morris DavisEGT10fV.jpg are with the mystery manGmnWu5b.png (face still not shown) in a hospital room.

EARTHA: He was so disoriented when he came in.

MORRIS: Definitely dehydrated and who knows what else.

EARTHA: Gotta run some blood tests and probably even a few CT scans.

MORRIS: Whoever he is, he has had a rough time lately.

Eartha approaches a nurse.

EARTHA: We need you to get a hospital gown on this man. We’re gonna have to admit him.


Back out to the waiting room with Reva and Josh

The resident Cop, Elijah Kstux2R.jpg walks in.

ELIJAH: Hello. I was told I’d find you here. I have a few questions.

JOSH: Oh is this about the guy we helped..is he okay?

REVA: He’s not a felon is he?

ELIJAH: This isn’t about that. I have a few questions for you Reva Shayne Lewis.

REVA: What is this about?

ELIJAH: I just have a few questions about an alleged assault outside of a café on a Blair Manning.

Reva is in total shock to hear this.

REVA: Oh my god! You can’t be serious!


Holden and Lily are still sitting and sipping their wine.

LILY: I can’t thank you enough.

HOLDEN: For what? No need to butter me up, Lily.

LILY: It's just you've done so much for me. You relocated here, just for me and my pursuit of Chic Spirit with Marah Shayne.

HOLDEN: I just want you both to have a chance to be successful. I know you will.

LILY: I am so glad we worked our way back to each other.

HOLDEN: Me too. It was meant to be.

LILY: But what are you going to do here in town? I know you don’t want to just be the doting husband.

HOLDEN: I personally think I would excel at that career.

LILY: (smiles) You’re right.

HOLDEN: BUT, I have my share of business experience…thanks to ol Lucinda. I think I would love to help with the business side of your, well, Business.

LILY: I think that will be great!


In the hospital waiting room:

REVA: That crazy Blair lady is pressing charges on me? I didn’t do anything!

JOSH: She didn't, man. Was an accident.

ELIJAH: She claims that you threw coffee on her.

JOSH: She did not!

REVA: I can tell you exactly what happened.

ELIJAH: Please do. I need to know your side of the events.

REVA: I spotted a man who did not look to be in good health. Josh and I got up to tend to him. He started to collapse and I moved away and Blair happened to be walking out of the café. We ran into each other and the coffee went on her. It was a total accident.

JOSH: It was indeed an accident.

Elijah looks on…


Danielle has her back turned to Todd.

TODD: I really think we need to talk this out.

DANI: There is nothing to talk about. I just don’t like you.

TODD: What have I even done to you?

DANI: I built a life thinking Victor was my father. I cannot just turn on a dime and think of you as my father! I am sorry but I do not know how to do that!

TODD: Then let me help. I truly want to reach out and be your father. Victor is not around. He could be dead for all we know.

DANI: Do not say that.

TODD: You have to start being a realist!

DANI: You don’t get to tell me what to do and how to be. You are not my father!

TODD: But that’s the thing Danielle. I am. I am your father!

Dani has tears in her eyes.

DANI: I want you to leave.

Todd grabs a pen and some paper and writes down his phone number.

TODD: I hope you change your mind and let me reach out. Let me at least try.

Todd exits out into a rain storm..


“Need to destroy” by THC starts to play:


[:00] The camera pans out in the rain and through Holden and Lilys window. They are kissing again. Holden blows out the candles.

[:10] Cut inside. Holden picks Lily up and carries her to the bedroom. He sets her down on the bed. They start kissing again. Lily starts groping on Holden. Holden takes off his shirt. He starts to undo Lilys pants. They start to make love..

[:33] Todd arrives home. Both he and Blair look upset.

TODD: Whats wrong?

BLAIR: I was going to ask you the same thing?

TODD: It’s just been a rough first day in town.

BLAIR: Tell me about it.

TODD: I need a massage.

BLAIR: Don’t look at me. I need one too! I had coffee all over me Todd. All over.

TODD: What?

BLAIR: Just give me a massage.

TODD: Fine.

Todd starts to massage her. He also starts kissing on her neck some.

[1:02] Danielle sits alone in the dark with just a dim lamp on. She looks thousands of miles away lost in thought.

She looks out the window into the pouring rain..

[1:18] At the hospital waiting room.

REVA: I’m sure there is some camera footage near the cafe. Just go watch that and see that she is creating drama.

ELIJAH: I will continue to look into this. We’ll be in touch.

He walks off. Reva is exasperated and hugs Josh.

JOSH: I can’t believe this.

REVA: I told you she was crazy!

[1:35] In the halls of the hospital Elijah is happy to run into Eartha.

ELIJAH: So glad to run into you.

EARTHA: Too bad I cant talk right now.

ELIJAH: Ah okay

EARTHA: I’ll have to catch you later.

She walks off and Elijah watches her walk away.

[1:46] Eartha heads back to the mystery mans room. Morris is inside.

MORRIS: Was there any possession this John Doe had, to find out who he is?

EARTHA: The nurse found no wallet or ID, but did find a torn piece of paper.

Eartha has the paper in her hand.

MORRIS: After talking to him I don’t think he even knows who he is.

The man seems to be coming to.

MORRIS: Can you tell me who you are sir?

The man says nothing

MORRIS: Do you even know who you are?


MORRIS: Do you at least know your name?


EARTHA: I think this really does confirm that he has amnesia.

MORRIS: Definitely so

Eartha hands Morris the torn piece of paper.

It seems to be some sort of press pass.

There is a name on it…


















There lays a very alive and very amnesia filled Jack Deveraux.



Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures


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A very well balanced episode between romance and mystery.

I really like how you are slowly building the stories...of course the main one (to me) is Jack Deveraux!! LOVE IT!!! Now we have to find out where he's been. His state of mind, and who was holding him hostage.

You seem to capture the character of Reva, the old spitfire Reva that she always was.

The character driven drama between Dani and Todd continues right where it left off on OLTL.

This is gettin good buddy!!!

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I know, I know, I didn't bring Jack back. Ahhh well. There's time yet. Haha. Loved this whole slow build to his reveal. EXCELLENT!

Very good balance, and I love the montage at the end. Very good stuff, and I like that it worked to bring all the stories together. Very excited to see how it goes from here. You're doing a fantastic job so far!

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This show is starting to rock. I love the opening scenes it moved fast and its a lot going on. I was shocked to learn Blair pressing charges on that ass LMAO I effing love it.

I love the casting of Ertha and Morris.

Blair sure is a drama queen.

I also liked Lily and Holdens scene. it felt very nice and very welcoming. Like Hello viewers and welcome to the show.

Part 2 was great, The song was a great add and really sett he tone for the rest of the show, It gave that new hip show vibe.

You got u a hit right here. I love this show. Danny and Todd. its so great seeing all these stories picked up from previous soaps. Its gives such a strong and already built in foundation to begin a new show.

Jack D is alive. U just up the stakes. Great job bro This is coming along very well.

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