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Union Creek

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Union Creek #3: Todds falling World




Sxi0TT7.pngThe Mystery man has just collapsed. He made his way over a hill and is now just entering the city. He looks on towards the city.

MYSTERY MAN: So close…I must get back up…

The man struggles to get back to his feet.

He is able to…


Cut to a nearby park.

pvsGnTJ.jpgMarah Lewis is out for jog.

CXKinaR.jpgMalik Davis is also out for a jog.

The two end up getting in each other’s way and Malik almost knocks her over.

Marahs shoe comes off in the process.

MALIK: I am so sorry.

MARAH: It’s okay. You were just running hard.

MALIK: You were too! I think your shoe would agree.

MARAH: Guess I better pick that up.

She bends over to pick up her shoe and as she does Malik makes sure to check her out.

She puts her shoe back on and turns back around.

MALIK: Well let me introduce myself. Malik Davis.

MARAH: I’m Marah Lewis.

The two shake hands.


PHE470W.jpgJosh and RevaSMrx1qJ.jpg are sitting outside of a café sippin on some coffee.

REVA: I am so happy for our daughters adventure.

JOSH: Me too. I am glad we can help out.

REVA: Look at us Josh. Refusing to get old and trying to keep up with our kids.

JOSH: I think we do a good job.

He kisses her hand. They are both smiling.

However, Revas smile soon changes as she sees Blair

1ECWN6N.jpg walking towards the Café.

Reva and Blair make eye contact and neither are pleased.

BLAIR: Excuse me. What are you staring at?

REVA: Oh don’t flatter yourself. I’m just wishing we didn’t have to run into each other again.

BLAIR: I’d love to never see your face again either!

JOSH: Not this again.



Todd ggxPAgL.jpg is still upset.

TeaBfDVK7i.jpg and GaryGzFGUQ7.jpg look on.

TEA: I think you should just calm down and honor the contract, Todd.

TODD: I am not just gonna calm down! This damn weird clause in the contract.

He turns to Gary.

TODD: Listen, Cary! You tell--

GARY: --Its Gary!

TODD: Just tell your boss he doesn’t want to mess with Todd Manning.

GARY: Look, there is no need for threats. I can even help you out with this investigative assignment.

TODD: You know what I want from you?

GARY: What is that?

TODD: To leave the damn room!

Todd opens the door and Gary does leave. Todd slams the door.

TODD: This is upsetting.

TEA: I am upset too.

TODD: Good, you should be! I am glad you are in this with me.

TEA: I’m not upset about this.

TODD: Then what’s wrong?

TEA: You Todd. You had to move here of all places. You know Danielle moved here to Union Creek to get away awhile and go to college. But here comes you… following her!

Todd looks on


At the park:

Marah and Malik are still talking.

MALIK: So you are new to town?

MARAH: I have been here about a month. Getting a new fashion company off the ground!

MALIK: Fashion? I like fashion. Though don’t let my old running gear tell you otherwise.

MARAH: You look fine and yes fashion. Me and Lily Snyder are going into business together.

MALIK: Lily Snyder? Wow. That is my neighbor!

MARAH: Oh cool! Small world.

MALIK: It is, but I am glad it is. Might mean I’ll see you more.

Marah smiles.


At the chronicle:

Luke Snyder FnFiwKh.jpg corners Gary.

LUKE: What was that about?

GARY: What do you mean?

LUKE: Don’t play coy. You and the new boss were in that room together. What were you talking about?

GARY: Can’t I get to know my new boss?

LUKE: I think this means you knew more than you were letting on in the first place.

GARY: You are jumping to conclusions man!

LUKE: I’m not dumb. I’m an investigative journalist after all. I’ll find out what’s going on.

Gary smirks


Cut to Todd and Tea

TODD: I did not follow Dani here.

TEA: It is quite the coincidence Todd and you two already have a tumultuous relationship. How do you think she is going to see your move here?

TODD: She will see that her loving father will be near in case she ever needs him.

TEA: Keep wishing. Just don’t mess with her.

TODD: I am not going to stay away from her if that’s what you mean!

TEA: That is not what I am saying at all. I just want you to mend the non-relationship you two have.

TODD: I would love to Tea. She doesn’t make it easy! She truly is your daughter.

TEA: Just don’t mess it up Todd.

She exits the room


Outside of the café…

Reva and Blair are having another show down.

REVA: Just go away and get your coffee.

Blair turns to Josh

BLAIR: (To Josh) I will go inside. And I hope this is the last time I have to see your wife.

REVA: I am right here. You can talk to me.

BLAIR: No thanks.

Blair walks into the café

REVA: She better walk away.

JOSH: Don’t start to get all riled up Josh.

REVA: I am not don’t you worry. I see her for what she is. Just a b*tch.

JOSH: I don’t think this caffeine is gonna help you not get riled up though.

REVA: I think--

Just then Reva sees something.

It is the mystery man limping in street.

REVA: Oh my god..


Back at the chronicle

LUKE: I am going to keep hounding you until you tell me what you know about the buyout of the paper…

GARY: I don’t know why. I really do not know anything.

LUKE: I can tell by the smirk you keep trying to hold in that is a lie.

GARY: Believe what you must.

Gary sits down at his desk.

LUKE: Just tell me so I don’t have to keep annoying you?

GARY: I’ll tell you this…a good journalist never gives up his sources.


Outside of the café

Reva has spotted the mystery man (who’s face we still cannot see) limping along.

REVA: …That man needs help, Joshua!

JOSH: He does look very ill or something

Josh and Reva get up as the man walks towards them. He is wobbling around.

The Mystery Man starts to fall.

Reva gets out of the way. As she is doing so Blair is walking out of the café with her iced coffee.

Reva runs right into Blair!

The ice coffee goes all over Blair. She stands there in shock.

BLAIR: No. you. didn’t.

Reva can’t help but crack a smile.

REVA: My, my. Looks like you made a mess.

Meanwhile, Josh has caught the mystery man from falling to the ground.

JOSH: Reva, call 911!


Todd is parked outside of a house.

He gets out of the car and walks up to the door.

He rings the doorbell.






Danielle opens the door.


TODD: Hi Dani

DANI: What the hell are you doing here?


Credits roll

*I do not own some of these characters nor any of the pictures


Recommended Comments

OOOhhhh I'm liking it...

The Mystery Man has arrived and is now in Reva and Josh's orbit.

Marah and Malik...hmmmm

You capture the Todd/Tea/Dani dynamic very well...looking forward to seeing more.

This is a turning point episode...I feel like the train has started to move from the station....

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Ooo this is gonna be good with the mystery man. Wonder what's going to happen there. Also, I love that Blair and Reva can't stand each other already, So good.

Again, you got Todd, Tea and Dani down! LOVE Todd and Tea and this confrontation with Dani will be excellent, I can tell!

Great momentum you've got going right now. LOVE it!!!

Great episode again!

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Im really enjoying this show much more than JP. This one seems to move faster and more idk better put together.

I like the intermingling. This intense rivalry with Reva and Blair is going some where I just no it. I can't belive the are so damn nasty to one another.

I love Todd's story and I cant wait to find out who this mystery man is.

Very good episode nick. This is a good show so far.

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