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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #23: Jesse has an important meeting. Paul Ryan has a surprise one.

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Written by: Nick M.


At the women’s shelter:


Miss Cho has pulled Ali and Charlotte aside.


CHARLOTTE: Something wrong Miss Cho?

MISS CHO: One of the girls you two have gotten close to has decided it is time to leave here.

ALI: Really?

CHARLOTTE: You are not talking about Jacy are you?


Jacy walks into the room.


JACY: She do be talkin’ bout me.

ALI: You are leaving?

JACY: It is the right time…


Ali and Charlotte are surprised…




Jesse and Angie are together having lunch.


JESSE: How was the hospital today?

ANGIE: That hospital is always buzzin with accidents as you know. Stabbings, shootings, and over doses. You name it.

JESSE: Yeah, this is the real city that never seems to sleep or have peace.

ANGIE: I know how badly you wish to change that.

JESSE: I do, Angie. I do.

ANGIE: I think it can end up working with some dedication.


JESSE: I will need help. You and your friend, Kayla.

ANGIE: Kayla seems to be having a hard time in her personal life, but she seemed happy to help you.

JESSE: I will need all the help I can get. Just like this city itself.




Hunter and Miranda are hanging out in the park.


HUNTER: Did all of your classes go good today?

MIRANDA: They did. Most are coming easy to me which is a huge relief.

HUNTER: Coming easy? You must be a genius.

MIRANDA: Some might say so…I kid. Are you taking any classes?

HUNTER: No, Not at the moment.


MIRANDA: How come?

HUNTER: I just am kind of enjoying doing my own thing..

MIRANDA: The barista job?

HUNTER: That among other things. I do have some aspirations.

MIRANDA: What are you ambitious about?

HUNTER: Saving the world.

MIRANDA: I see I have an idealist on my hands.




Eliza shows up at JJ’s apartment.


ELIZA: You don’t call. You don’t text. Hell, I would even take a written letter like its 1990.

JJ: Sorry, been busy.

ELIZA: Are you busy right now?

JJ: A little.

ELIZA: Well…you should still come and eat with me while I’m on my lunch break.


Eliza smiles wide.


ELIZA: Please.

JJ: Okay fine.

ELIZA: (excited) Yes!



Paul is in his office….and in walks Todd Manning


PAUL: Welcome Mr. Manning.

TODD: Happy that you could pencil me in.

PAUL: This seemed important.

TODD: Oh, more than you know.

PAUL: Welcome to BRO.


TODD: Thank you. You know, you seem very familiar to me…

PAUL: Hm…not sure why

TODD: Not sure, but regardless. Nice to meet you.


Todd Manning and Paul Ryan shake hands.


TODD: We have so much to talk about…




At the womens shelter:


CHARLOTTE: Is it safe for you to leave here, Jacy?

JACY: Actually it is. You see, my abusive ex-boyfriend has finally been thrown in prison!

ALI: Really? For what?

JACY: Always trying to be a hardcore thug and sh*t.

ALI: These boys. What is wrong with them?

JACY: Too many damn screws loose.


ALI: I wish I could head home.


JACY: When you do, get in touch with me. I’ll give Miss Cho my info when I can.

CHARLOTTE: I definitely will.

JACY: I am so ready to get back! Can’t wait!


Jacy smiles with nothing but elation.




Cut to a frustrated Vin


He is with Chavo


CHAVO: I wish you would not work yourself up.

VIN: That is a bit impossible.


VIN: Because it is so frustrating that we still cannot track down Ali nor Greg. They both deserve so much revenge done to them.

CHAVO: Why are you even doing this? Why do you care?

VIN: Are you serious right now bro? Because they both disrespected me so damn hard!


CHAVO: No I mean why do you even care about this kind of life? We both know that you--

VIN: --Do not question me Chavo! Just shut up and let me focus.




At the park:


MIRANDA: So tell me how you plan on saving the world?

HUNTER: Can we not talk about that right now. I think we need to have more fun.

MIRANDA: What kind of fun?

HUNTER: See those sprinklers on over there? Let’s run through them.

MIRANDA: I didn’t realize we were eight.

HUNTER: Oh come on! Feel a little free.

MIRANDA: I do not want to get my clothes all wet.

HUNTER: Well you can be boring and stay here. I am going on through!


Hunter gets up and walks to the sprinklers.


Miranda ends up following him.


They both start to run through them getting wet.


HUNTER: See! This kind of feeling is something people should not lose..




Jesse is still with Angie but he gets up.


JESSE: Sorry, but I really need to get to the city council meeting.

ANGIE: Already?

JESSE: It is an early one.

ANGIE: And I don’t get no smooch?


Jesse kisses her on the cheek.


ANGIE: That is not going to do it!

JESSE: Oh yeah?

ANGIE: Nope.


Angie kisses his lips.


Jesse then starts to kiss her all over her face.


ANGIE: Okay, okay! You win.

JESSE: I hope those kisses were good luck.

ANGIE: Me too, baby.




Cut to Todd and Paul’s meeting.


TODD: So I am a journalist and that is how I came across this company.

PAUL: And you want to do a big piece on BRO?

TODD: Something like that. I’ll need you to come to Colorado for this piece though.

PAUL: I checked out your paper and it has a strong online following so why do I need to go to Colorado? Can’t you just interview me right here right now?

TODD: It is not that easy. I do a more hands on approach.


PAUL: Thank you for the offer and all, but I am not too keen on going to Colorado right now. I have a company to run.

TODD: You are not seeing the bigger picture Paul. You may want to see if you need glasses. Where I live, in Union Creek Colorado there is some new big competition for you that just opened.

PAUL: Are you talking about that little small stream Chic Spirit Designs?

TODD: You are not giving them enough credit. I am offering you a step ahead on this competition. Do not take them lightly.

PAUL: It would be a good publicity for us.

TODD: I thought you may see things my way.

PAUL: But….I still don’t want to go to Colorado.


Todd becomes obviously frustrated.




At the women’s shelter:


Charlotte and Ali are now alone.


CHARLOTTE: I think maybe we both can leave here too.

ALI: I do not need to go run into Vin and probably get killed.

CHARLOTTE: We live in a big city we can move somewhere far away from our exes.

ALI: There is still always a chance.

CHARLOTTE: A small one. We came move in together and be roommates. Split everything. It can work.

ALI: I like the idea and wish I could, but I don’t know if I want to chance it.

CHARLOTTE: Well at least think about it.

ALI: Okay…




Vin is still agitated.


CHAVO: I am going to go get us some weed so you can calm down.

VIN: No! I would rather we take my frustrations out another way.

CHAVO: Yes I know you want to kill Greg, but I don’t know where he is.

VIN: There is something else we can do.

CHAVO: What’s that yo?

VIN: Let’s go rob another gas station!




At the park: Hunter and Miranda are now soaked.


MIRANDA: That was crazy. You are crazy. What are we doing?

HUNTER: Having fun. I am at least.

MIRANDA: Nah, I am too.

HUNTER: I really do have fun every time I hang out with you.

MIRANDA: Aww I do too. You and all of your craziness.

HUNTER: I’m the least crazy person in this town, probably.

MIRANDA: I’ll be the judge of that.

HUNTER: Ready for round 2 in the sprinklers?


HUNTER: (Laughs) I’m kidding.




Eliza and JJ are eating lunch together.


ELIZA: Have you been avoiding me JJ?

JJ: I am going to be if this continues to be a grill JJ day.

ELIZA: But for real. You do seem to be.

JJ: Just been busy with school.

ELIZA: I think I know what is wrong…

JJ: Tell me oh wise one.

ELIZA: Back when we played strip poker….my booty game was too strong. I get it.


JJ: (laughs) What?

ELIZA: Don’t deny it. And now you are intimidated.

JJ: You are crazy.

ELIZA: But I got a laugh out of you.

JJ: Yeah you are good for that.

ELIZA: I am good for a good time. I wish you would stop fighting it and just admit you have good times when you hang out with me.

JJ: You are never not entertaining that is for sure. Never a dull moment with Eliza.

ELIZA: And don’t you forget it! I’ll take that as a yes you do have a good time.

JJ: I do. It’s true…




Todd is frustrated with Paul.


TODD: Are you sure about this?

PAUL: I just do not have the time right now. I’m sorry. I do appreciate it.


Todd has a flashback:

[Union Creek #21]


He is with Gary and an alive James Stenbeck…


TODD: And when I find him?

JAMES: Bring him to me.

GARY: But don’t let him know why you want him here. Make it seem like something for the paper.

JAMES: Honestly, I don’t care how you get him here. Just get him here and soon!


Back in the present:


TODD: You really should reconsider…because I know thing about you.


Paul gives his a questioning glance.


TODD: Things about you that you would definitely not want out.


Paul’s face becomes flushed.


PAUL: So what the hell is this? Blackmail?

TODD: It could be if you do not come to Union Creek Colorado with me.


Paul smirks and tries to play it all off with a poker face.


TODD: You are acting way to smug for guy who could lose everything. I know what you have been doing.

PAUL: What do you think you know, Mr. Manning?

TODD: Enough games. I know that you have been forging documents.

PAUL: Oh….

TODD: Yeah. So let me ask you again. Have you reconsidered Mr. Ryan?

PAUL: Yes I will come to Colorado and do the stupid article…or whatever it is you really want from me..

TODD: Atta boy!




Jesse has arrived at the City council meeting.


He has a folder with him and tries to find a seat.


He finally finds one and sits down.


He looks on towards the people on the city council.


JESSE: This looks like a group that will hear me out.


Pan across the members of the city council….


One of the members of Paradise, New Mexico’s city council is…


Katsu Itami







*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics


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You have yet another opening. Great! U did a good job on all three that Ive seen capturing ur theme. Paul looks hideous. ANd Vin looks 14!! LOL!!

WHat a great episode and a lot going on.


Naw Angie, Miss Jesse aint want to kiss that face, he was thinking of the mens faces he wants to kiss at this council meeting. ANd speaking of damn Katsu is a council memeber. A nice twist. WHere does Jesse's passion come from in trying to be Captain Planet in New Mexico?


THis episode reminded how youthful and contemporary your soap really is. THe dialog was eye catching.


CHarlotte wants to room up with ALi hmm and what is it with VIn why is he so angry. He need to be smoking them trees like his boy said.


Hunters scene with Miranda was very nice. Very fun. He seems like a fun guy.


ANd Now Tood is blackmailing Paul.


A very good episode Nick!!

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