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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #6: Jesse's quest for Paradise




BillyLsqk2pV.jpg and BrittanyY6a5t5t.jpg are hanging out. Brittany pours Billy some lemonade.

BILLY: Thank you. I am parched.

BRITTANY: Parched. Who says that? What are you, an old man?

BILLY: If I was still in Genoa City, I would feel like one. That places ages you.

BRITTANY: Well good thing you came here to Paradise.

BILLY: Yes. Paradise. Has this place been your Paradise since you moved here?

BRITTANY: It has been okay. I’ve landed on my feet here thanks to the casino.

BILLY: I need to land on my feet now. I need to find out what kind of work I want to do here.

BRITTANY: There are plenty of options in this city. The police force is always hiring.

BILLY: Yeah right. I need something a little more glamourous.

BRITTANY: There is plenty of glamour here, too. This city has a lot of good and bad.


ChavomsFtFOy.jpg meets up with GregGwZ6igj.jpg in the alley.

GREG: Where is Vin?

CHAVO: He is late and in one foul mood.

GREG: Oh boy. What happened now? He is always pissed about something.

CHAVO: This one may be a big one, bro.

GREG: Well tell me!

CHAVO: It’s his girlfriend. I guess she broke up with him. Homie seems livid!

GREG: Great, girl trouble.

CHAVO: I know he is mad all the time, but he seems worse this time.

GREG: I do wish Vin would calm down.

CHAVO: Well he bought his new gun and I’m afraid he is going to do something stupid with it.


JesseJVkfrsv.jpg is at the police station.

He and another cop are sitting down.

JESSE: I want you to help me in my crusade to help this city.

OFFICER RAMOS: I will do whatever I can to help, Captain.

JESSE: That is what I like to hear. This community deserves better.

OFFICER RAMOS: I quite admire our drive you have for the youth here. Instead of taking what happened to your daughter as a negative you are trying to turn it into a positive.

JESSE: The people responsible for that shoot out are in custody, but there are some youth out there that have not yet gotten into deep trouble. Those are the ones I would love to help.

OFFICER RAMOS: What are we going to do to help them?

JESSE: We’re going to reach out and I do have an idea how…


At the hospital, KaylauNxyQqi.jpg and AngieGqGDXae.jpg are with resident psychiatrist Jerric17DG4n.jpg.

JERRI: I am thrilled to hear about your daughter, Angie.

ANGIE: Yes. Natalia does seem to be recovering at a good rate.

JERRI: Good work guys.

KAYLA: It really was touch and go for a while but there seems to be great doctors and surgeons on staff.

ANGIE: If there is one thing right in this city, it is this hospital.

JERRI: We are the best of the best. Or so I like to think.

ANGIE: You are great Jerri. The amount of care you have for your patients is admirable.

JERRI: Thank you.


In Salem:

Jennifer iQQgP5m.png is in the Horton house.

Her boyfriend Daniel JonasCTe3f5K.jpg walks in…

JENNIFER: Daniel. Glad you came by.

DANIEL: I had to. I think we both had to.

JENNIFER: Yeah we do need to have a talk.

DANIEL: I agree Jenn, one hundred percent.


Back in Paradise

Terrance ZPuqdJf.jpg is back from Arizona. SteveOj32ge5.jpg shakes his hand.

STEVE: How was the trip?

TERRANCE: Short, but sweet.

STEVE: But not successful.

TERRANCE: Unfortunately. I am gald to be back though.

STEVE: Hate to tell you this, but don’t unpack your bags.

TERRANCE: Oh no…why?

STEVE: Because the both of us are flying somewhere else!


Marcino Ua4zA3I.jpg is in his room.

He hears his mom and Billy chatting in the other room.

He is upset again and rolls his eyes.

MARCINO: Who is this Billy guy just storming back into her life? I don’t know who he thinks he is.

He gets his cell phone and texts somebody.

MARCINO: I do not want to be here while they are here together.

He leaves his room and walks in the front room.

MARCINO: Sorry to interrupt, but I am going to meet up with a friend, Mom.

BRITTANY: Okay well just be careful.

MARCINO: I always am.

BILLY: See you buddy


He exits


In Salem:

JENNIFER: You know I have been wanting to move and I am certain where I want to move.

DANIEL: You want to go where JJ went, don’t you?

JENNIFER: Yes. Paradise, New Mexico. I am sure you don’t like the idea, but that is what I want to do.

DANIEL: You’ve wanted a move and a change for a while. I can respect that.

JENNIFER: If I have to move there alone I will.

DANIEL: Actually, I would love to move there with you.

JENNIFER: but what about your job?

DANIEL: I knew you were considering this so I already put my notice in weeks ago.

JENNIFER: What a wonderful surprise!

She hugs him.

JENNIFER: This make me already want to start packing!


Steve visits Kayla at the hospital.

KAYLA: What is up?

STEVE: Wanted to come and see you, baby.

KAYLA: You have that look on your face though.

STEVE: What look?

KAYLA: The look you always have when you have something to say that I don’t want to hear.

STEVE: Ohhh that look…yeah I guess so.

KAYLA: Then what is it you are up to?

STEVE: I have to go on a trip.

KAYLA: For the ISA?

STEVE: Yes for the ISA.

KAYLA: This isn’t dangerous is it?

STEVE: It is ISA business but I promise it isn’t dangerous.

KAYLA: It better not be. You were supposed to be getting away from all this.

STEVE: I am sweetness it just takes time.

He kisses her.

STEVE: I promise its nothing big.

Kayla gives him a doubting look.

STEVE: Promise.


At the hospital

Angie sees a girlV6fz3nZ.jpg entering Jerris office.

The girl has a busted lip and a major black eye...

ANGIE: (Shakes her head) poor girl.

The young Girl, Ali, sits with Jerri

JERRI: Hi Ali...I wish it didn’t lead to this.

ALI: I tried to get away.

JERRI: I know, honey.

ALI: I just finally had enough. I had to get out.

JERRI: You did the right thing

ALI: But I don’t know what to do now.

JERRI: I promised I would help you and I will.


Back at the police station

JESSE: Officer Ramos, my first step of business is a fundraiser. Usually we cops fundraiser for ourselves but this time I want it to be for the community center.

OFFICER RAMOS: Wonderful. I would be willing to help set this up. Reaching out to the community is good for all involved.

JESSE: All the funds will go to a newly built community center in the more poverty ridden part of the city. I don’t know if the chief will go for this but it’s worth a shot.

OFFICER RAMOS: He is a tough sell.

JESSE: I frankly don’t care how tough he is. It is going to happen.

Jesse gets a text. It is from Angie.

JESSE: Sorry, but I have to head off to the hospital.

OFFICER RAMOS: Hope everything is okay!

Jesse leaves


VinrxRSRzJ.jpg shows off his gun to Greg and Chavo.

VIN: A top of the line piece here fellas.

GREG: Nice buy.

CHAVO: Great buy.

VIN: And thing is, I'm in the right mind to use it today.

CHAVO: Don’t say that.

VIN: Oh it is true.

GREG: I am going to take this as my cue to leave.

VIN: Don’t miss out on the fun Gregory.

GREG: I’ll pass if you are going to do something stupid.

Greg leaves.

VIN: I swear. Sometimes that kid is a p*ssy.

CHAVO: You shouldn't make any rash decisions.

VIN: I am not. I should have just shot that damn girl long time ago.

Chavo sighs.

The camera zooms in on the gun.


In Salem:

Jennifer is packing.

JENNIFER: I will miss this house though.

She starts to take the pictures off the mantel. She gets to a picture of Jack.

JENNIFER: Definitely off to a new phase in my life.

She kisses the picture of Jack and puts it in a box.


Cut to Steve and Terrance.

TERRANCE: Well I am still packed, Steve. What are we doing?

STEVE: Hope you are ready for a long trip.

TERRANCE: I am not, but I can be game. Okay I’m not thrilled to be flying again, but if it helps find Bo.

STEVE: I hope it will.

TERRANCE: But why England?

STEVE: We are going to go see an old friend of Bos. Greta Von Amburg.


In the Psychiatrist office

JERRI: Did you now ex boyfriend attack you before or after you broke up with him?

ALI: Both.

JERRI: He is scum and I am glad you feel that in your heart now.

ALI: I am glad I left. I just...(sighs heavily)

JERRI: I know how hard it has been for you to come here the past couple months and I know that you still have a hard path from here, but trust me that I will help you.

ALI: I trust you completely. I am just eighteen though and was living with my boyfriend. I have nowhere to go. Or to hide if I need to.

JERRI: Your parents live here don’t they?

ALI: My boyfriend is crazy. I do not want to put my parents in danger.

Jerri Holds Alis hand.

JERRI: Then I am going to take you to a womens shelter. I’ll keep you safe.

ALI: I don’t know if that will even work. I've never told you this but my boyfriend…he is in a gang.


Vin has a picture of Ali in a frame.

VIN: You made a huge mistake breaking up with me Ali.

Vin sets the picture down and gazes at it.

He pulls out his gun and uses the picture for target practice shooting it twice…


Billy and Brittany are looking through a newspaper.

BILLY: I really would rather not find a job in the paper.

BRITTANY: Come on. Be a good ol fashion regular person Mister Abbott.

BILLY: Yeah I guess being an Abbott I never had to do this.

BRITTANY: You’ll come up with a career here. I have faith in you.

The two turn to face each other and their mouths are close together.

Their lips inch forward to each other, but Brittany pulls away.

BRITTANY: Sorry…sorry..


Marcino arrives at the park.

He looks at his watch.

MARCINO: Come on man, where you at?

Greg comes walking up to him…

GREG: Hey bro!

They bump fists.

GREG: I’m happy you wanted to chill!

MARCINO: I had to get out of the house.

GREG: Sounds good to me. I had to get away from my...friends.


Jesse is at the hospital and greets Angie.

ANGIE: Come here…

She leads him to Natalia room quickly.

Natalia6tQeuNb.jpg is conscious!

JESSE: Oh baby!

Natalia looks at Jesse and smiles.

JESSE: This is wonderful.

NATALIA: (Whispers) hi dad.

JESSE: Hi baby

He kisses Natalia on the forehead.

Jesse is elated.

Angie looks on smiling and teary eyed…


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures.


Recommended Comments

Lots going on here. Very packed, but I like how things connected with Ali and the Gang.

Billy and Brittany reconnecting much to the chagrin of Marcino. I like how slow this is moving.

So Steve is going off on his mission with Terrence.

Jennifer kissing Jack's picture was good in the sense that Jack is alive and probably in the next town over.

Greg and Marcino seem like they have a little bromance (or more) going on...

Things are starting to move in PARADISE.

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I enjoyed this episode very much!

The Brittany and Billy story is one of my favorites. I like the pace. However, my favorite part is that the dialogue is very rich and ready to go.

Steve is probably one of the best written characters. You stay very true to him. I can't wait to see how the whole mission plays out. That will be good! I know it will be.

Jennifer..., poor Jen. I kind of feel bad.

I like as cnathaniel said that things are starting to move.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I see you're ramping up the pace here. Probably a good idea. Lots of new folks on this show compared to UC. Hopefully we're able to get inside their heads!

Ali and Vin looks like a dangerous situation shaping up. I'm intrigued.

Can't wait to see where Steve's adventures are gonna take him. Wonder if Bo's disappearance is connected to Jack's, and I assume Steve will connect it all and deal with brother coming back.

Dannifer (barf). I know you're as much a fan of Dr. Orangutan as I am so I can't wait to see what misfortune you have planned there LOL.

Natalia wakes up! OOO!

Love Kayla and Angie's relationship, very good to see those friendship ties.

Good work. Keep building this up, I know it'll be awesome when it's all rolling!

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ANother great show and things do seem to be picking up. What I thought were more new characters turned out to be Ali, Vin's girlfriend. Im loving this idk identifiable storylines you got going. A sense of realism. You are setting up your style from all the other shows. Good for you.

Steve and his sweet looking friend going on yet another trip for BO.

Greg is friends with Marcino who looks 32 but it's cool. Im glad there is a connection to what is the main cast. Im still glad Greg is showing he got a mind of his own and a heart. Wonder how he ended up friend with Vin in the first place.

Marcino does not like Billy. How can you not like that baby face. Billy is a drifter LOL. GC is a great place to live I beg your pardon lol!!

SO on the down low Jesse a tough guy and is going to tell the cheif what he wants. Uhm hmm and watch out Officer Ramos not only is Miss Jesse reaching out to the community he may be reaching to you too. But I do enjoy this story because its a good cause and a reflection of life in your soap town

And damn it no Not Daniel Mc hairy Jonas. Please say no. WHat is it with this damn guy....

A very good show

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