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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #5: Emily and Eliza set their sights..




Gang members Vin GxetGDN.jpg, ChavoGY6dTl6.jpg and v1uv0xR.jpgGreg are in an alley.

VIN: The convenience store is nearby.

GREG: You are not thinking about doing this today are you?

CHAVO: Yeah, I thought your gun was stolen and you haven’t gots your new one yet.

VIN: Yeah I will be getting my piece any day now, but I would still like to do this robbery today.

GREG: With what weapon?

VIN: There are three of us. We don’t need a weapon. We have the man power.

CHAVO: This isn’t as full proof as I hoped.

VIN: I’m the man in charge here. If I say we are going to do it…we are going to do it.


In his apartment, JJ e5HDa3U.jpg is going over a text book.

There is a knock at the door.

JJ: Who could that be?

He opens the door and is surprised to see Eliza RyanZJ56YK6.jpg standing there.

ELIZA: I thought about calling since we exchanged numbers but I wanted to surprise you instead.

JJ: It is nice to see you again.

ELIZA: I was hoping you would say that. And besides, I brought a treat.

Eliza has a 6 pack of beer with her.

JJ looks at it concerned…


Emily 7retUDq.jpg is outside of a restaurant.

She is on the phone with Paul H8zDnKc.jpg.

EMILY: So it is not safe to come home yet?

PAUL: You can go ahead and go home. I am not home. I am at the building BRO will be in.

EMILY: Oh , great. (rolls her eyes) and still with your damn mother too, I assume?

PAUL: Why Yes I am. You need to get over this annoyance you have!

EMILY: You don’t make it easy! Your damn mother either.

PAUL: I’m not doing this right now. We have a very important meeting.

EMILY: Don’t hang up on me like this.

He hangs up.

EMILY: Damn you Paul! I hate this!

She walks into the restaurant and goes straight to the bar.

EMILY: Ive wrangled up enough change bartender. Give me one strong Vodka and cranberry.

Lucas Roberts AEZtRX1.jpg walks up behind her.

LUCAS: Hey I couldn’t help but over hear you outside. Everything okay?

EMILY: No. (glares)

LUCAS: Well I’m sorry. Hope your day looks up. I’ll leave you to your drink.

He starts to walk away.

EMILY: No…wait..

He turns back around.


Angie hopYU1l.jpg and Kayla 4PlnIjS.jpg are chatting at the hospital.

KAYLA: How is your husband dealing with this?

ANGIE: He is diving right into his police work it seems.

KAYLA: Natalia is improving in my opinion.

ANGIE: I agree. I hope it continues for Jesses sake.

KAYLA: Oh our husbands and their work. I hope my husband isn’t getting too much into his work again, but I have a feeling he is up to something…


Cut to Steve l8m8wTI.jpg on the phone. He is smiling.

STEVE: This is great news Shane! I hope you are right.

They hang up.

STEVE: I hope the ISA can pull this off. Activate a chip in Bos computer wherever it may be. Hopefully we can find out what he was looking into before his disappearance!


At the hospital

Kayla and Angie are checking on Natalia RShlunM.jpg

KAYLA: Her vitals are getting stronger.

ANGIE: All the tests seem to be a positive indication too. I would just feel better about all of this if she would become conscious.

KAYLA: I think that may be just around the corner.

ANGIE: I love how positive you are.

KAYLA: I hope you are thinking what I am thinking.

ANGIE: That I have some good news for Jesse!


Steve is on his computer.

STEVE: Okay I can do this.

He types in a code.

STEVE: I am glad the ISA has these chips built into our computers. Now to just get acces to Bos laptop.

He clicks on something.

STEVE: That’s it. That’s a signal! I so hope this works and I’m able to access whatever investigative documents Bo was working on.


At the apartments

Eliza hands JJ a beer

ELIZA: Don’t seem so reluctant!

JJ: You are note even 21

ELIZA: Fake ideas go a long way!

JJ: Well the thing is…I try not to drink or just party In general anymore.

ELIZA: I see that anymore is the key word here. I had a feeling you use to be a party animal.

JJ: A little bit…well a lot bit.

ELIZA: You are at a new college. Now is the time to be again.

JJ: You really trust to drink with me even though we really just met?

ELIZA: Yes you seem fun so lets have some fun.

JJ: It is just that in my past I have had some drug addictions and I just want to move away from that.

ELIZA: I am not trying to get you addicted…to alcohol. I just want to lighten up your college experience.

JJ: You are persistent. I give you that.

ELIZA: I get it from my grandparents….so come on. Just one at least? Loosen us up.

JJ: Okay. One wont hurt.

ELIZA: Atta boy! Truly I am just happy to make a new friend.

They both twist the caps off their beers and take a drink.

ELIZA: You like it don’t you?

JJ: It is good.

Eliza smirks


Meanwhile, Paul introduces Barbara yd6lTn0.jpg to

Katsu Itami ZHB8Y4m.jpg.

PAUL: Mom this is Katsu.

KATSU: Hello Madame.

Katsu and Barbara shake hands.

Katsu then kisses Barbaras hand.

KATSU: Nice to meet you

BARBARA: Nice to meet you as well

PAUL: This place is already looking nice.

KATSU: The renovation of this building has been going for awhile now.

PAUL: You chose wisely.

Barbara looks on a Katsu with a worried look…


Emily and Lucas are sitting together at the restaurant

EMILY: Want to join me for a drink?

LUCAS: Sorry but I do not drink anymore, but I will gladly join you with a steak while you drink.

EMILY: Even better. A man who loves steak knows how to have dinner.

LUCAS: I like to think I do

EMILY: Love that suit by the way. It looks great on you.

LUCAS: Thank you very much. Your mood has changed a lot since I saw you outside.

EMILY: You have helped immensely.

LUCAS: Glad to hear that. Don't even know how I worked that magic.

EMILY: So what do you do? Must have a good job to be sporting a suit like that.

LUCAS: I am the CEO of the cosmetics company Mad World.

EMILY: Oh wow! That’s awesome! I heard the headquarters for that company moved to town. I should apply for a job there.

LUCAS: You have a business background?

EMILY: I do. And more importantly working there would piss my husband off!


Greg, Vin and Chavo are still together.

VIN: Why are you two chickening out on me about this robbery?

GREG: We are not chickening out, we just want to be smart about this.

CHAVO: Yeah we don’t want to get caught or shot or something.

VIN: I guess you are right.

CHAVO: You will come up with something better.

GREG: For now we just lay low before you do.

VIN: Fine

Vin walks off

Greg has a sigh of relief


Jesse pM54zgm.jpg arrives at the hospital and approaches Angie

JESSE: Is something wrong with Natalia?

ANGIE: I called you here for quite the opposite. She is improving much quicker then expected. I think she is going to make a full recovery!

JESSE: Oh baby that is great.

Jesse grabs Angie into a tight hug.

JESSE: Thank god

Both are elated


Steve is still on his computer. On the screen it looks like he is just about to load some files from Bos computer loaded onto his computer.

However all of a sudden the loading stops.

STEVE: It shouldn't be stopping.

The signal he had then goes off too.

STEVE: This cannot be happening. Someone must have gotten to Bos computer and taken the chip out.

Steve slams his laptop closed.

STEVE: How is someone one step ahead of the ISA…Can a higher up be a mole for the Dimeras or someone?

Steve is frustrated


Back at JJs apartment

The camera zooms in on the empty 6 pack case.

They are drinking the last 2 beers.

ELIZA: I knew you would help me finish these

JJ: How did you KNOW that?

ELIZA: You just seemed like the partying type.

JJ: You are a bad influence you know.

ELIZA: But it has been a fun night.

JJ: You’re right, it has been.

ELIZA: Could stay that way

She sets her beer down and gets really close to him…she goes in for a kiss and they lock lips for some moments.

She then stops.

ELIZA: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.

JJ: No need to apologize…I enjoyed it..


Paul notices Barbara is being standoffish from Katsu.

He pulls her aside.

PAUL: What is wrong mother?

BARBARA: I feel weird about him.

PAUL: Weird? Why?

BARBARA: Chalk it up to a feeling. I have become a good judge of character at my high in wisdom age. This is not my first rodeo clown meeting.

PAUL: Katsu is a cool guy and more importantly a great business man.

BARBARA: Okay, doesn't make me any less worried about doing business with him.

Katsu looks over at them from across the room.

Barbara fake smiles and waves at him..


LUCAS: You should apply at Mad World if you want to.

EMILY: Nah I can’t do that. I really would anger my husband tons. He is launching a new company.

LUCAS: Oh…I see

EMILY: I should also be going but I do hope to see you again some time too. I would love to discuss business.

LUCAS: Sounds good to me.

EMILY: Thanks for making my day better, Lucas.

LUCAS: Glad to help.

She exits

You can tell that her wheels are turning as she is lost in thought.

She looks back inside at Lucas through the window.

EMILY: This just might work.


Credits roll



Recommended Comments

This is improving now! Emily is written very well in this version. We get to see more of her true colors than we did. I am also loving how you write Barbara. She still has that whole I-will-get-what-I-want thing going on. Oh JJ, look what you are up to now LOL. Maybe he can't leave those Salem roots after all. I wonder who is ahead of Steve. Are we going to work an even bigger story into an already huge one??? Interesting! Loving it! Keep up the good work!!!

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Lots going on here...

Eliza/JJ - Eliza is reminding me of Theresa Donovan. She is trouble. I wonder how long it will be before JJ sees it.

Emily/Lucas - An interesting pair here. If Emily thought Barbara was a tiger, wait until she deals with Kate Roberts. I don't think she would approve of this at all. Good use of history in remembering Lucas is a recovering alcoholic.

Kayla/Angie - Looks like these two are going to become friends. And yes their husbands are doing their duties.

I wonder what caused the signal to fade on Bo's computer. The search continues.

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YES!! The slow pacing makes this show work for me Im starting to really get into it and as usual there is a lot going on so lets get to it.

I felt this episode picked up the pace just a bit and I enjoyed that.

Just when we thought we got a break on Bo's mystery another road block. THis story is very good, a very good mystery.

LOVE the Kayla and Angie scenes and how they discussed their husbands work and their feelins on it.

Kayla will feel some type of way once she finds out Steve been working on finding her bro and didnt inform her.

These lil gang members. Vin seems dumb and Greg seems to have an ounce of heart. Wonder where this is leading too.

Im glad Barb feels the same way about Katsu. But I love his character.

I also REALLY enjoyed Lucas and Emily's scenes. I can see them as a couple. Paul looks like and seems like a loser.

This is really coming together and I enjoy it immensely

OY YEA JJ and Eliza is it? ( SO much going on I almost forgot)

SHe is persistent and a whore. Im proud of JJ for at least tying to resist and I got a very bad feeling about this situation. Anxious to see where this goes next.

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