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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #4: Barbara Ryan Hath Arrived




Miranda Montgomery bVzuOi3.jpg is out getting coffee.

She is waiting in line to order.

Katsu Itami oLsLVN8.jpg is also there. He is sitting down doing something on his computer.

He takes a sip of coffee and notices Miranda.

He smirks as he stares towards her..


BillygF7Cdnc.jpg arrives at Brittanysbs41QFi.jpg house.

She lets him in and hugs him.

BRITTANY: I’m glad you could make it!

BILLY: You forget I’m still new to town. I have absolutely nothing better to do.

BRITTANY: Well it just means that we can hang, like old times.

BILLY: Like really old times.

BRITTANY: Oh stop it. We’re not that old.

Brittany’s son Marcino GusHwSl.jpg walks into the living room.

BRITTANY: Hi Baby. This is my very old friend Billy.

BILLY: Yes very. Hi Joshua. You’re all grown up! It is nice to meet you.

MARCINO: Hello. Nice to meet you too, but please call me Marcino.

Billy and Marcino shake hands.

BILLY: Oh Yeah You want to be called that after your father. I like that.


At the police station:

Jesse HXWf4Nr.jpg is with another cop.

COP: How is Natalia doing?

JESSE: She is still stable but still in intensive care.

COP: I wish that gang didn’t get so bold.

JESSE: Me too. We need to clean up the streets here so much. I didn’t realize when I moved here how bad it really is.

COP: It has been bad for a long time. I don’t know how we’ll clean it up.

JESSE: Ive made it my goal to figure out something.



Terrance ZNSyxfS.jpg is there and is parked outside of a big house.

He calls Steve 4gqdv3y.jpg.

TERRANCE: You wanted me to call before I did this?

STEVE: Yes. I just wanted to remind you, that you cannot let her on that Bo is in trouble. I do not want that out yet.

TERRANCE: I will do my best. It is hard not to act suspicious though.

STEVE: I know, but do your best.

They hang up.

Terrance walks to the house and rings the doorbell.

Someone answers the door.

TERRANCE: Hello, Are you Carly Manning?

Cut to Carly Manning EzxDtc1.jpg.

CARLY: I am. Is there a problem?


At the Ryan house:

Paul y1uDu7W.jpg and Emily 094JpFy.jpg are in the middle of another argument.

EMILY: You do not even know what you are doing!

PAUL: I resent that. So much!

EMILY: You should be putting some of this loan away.

PAUL: The reason I got the loan in the first place was to start a business.

EMILY: But you have to be smart.

PAUL: I am Emily. I am already making connections.

EMILY: Business connections?

PAUL: Yes. Don’t sound so surprised. I have been in business many times before.

EMILY: So have I, Paul and you are going about this all wrong.

PAUL: You are just upset that I am resurrecting my mothers company.

EMILY: Yes, I really don’t know why you are doing that. You should be going into business for yourself and your family.

PAUL: That is a part of what I am doing.

EMILY: Well I do not like it.

Pauls mother Barbara Ryan l4JfTbX.jpg walks in!

BARBARA: You are just going to have to face it. This isn’t about you, Emily!


BRITTANY: Will you go get us some water Marcino?

MARCINO: Sure, mom.

He exits to the kitchen.

BILLY: I don’t know, he sure is grown. You are very old like me.

BRITTANY: (Laughs) I refuse to believe it!

Marcino comes back with two water bottle for Brittany and Billy

BILLY: Thanks man

MARCINO: So how did you all meet?

BRITTANY: He and I and a bunch of friends went to school together.

BILLY: Yeah and your mom had her sights on me from day 1.

BRITTANY: Not funny Billy

BILLY: Well its true!

MARCINO: oh so you two use to date?

BRITTANY: Yeah, at one point.

The expression on Marcinos face changes.


At the coffee shop

Katsu approaches Miranda.

KATSU: Hi young lady I couldn't help but notice you

MIRANDA: (Caught off guard) Hi..

KATSU: You ever modeled?

MIRANDA: I have not.

KATSU: You really should.

MIRANDA: Well, thank you I guess.

KATSU: I may be able to help you do so..

Miranda is wary.


At the Ryan House

EMILY: Don’t you knock Barbara?

BARBARA: I did. You probably couldn't hear it over all your hollering.

PAUL: Mom! I am glad you are here.

BARBARA: Hello son.

EMILY: You should warn me before she just drops in, Paul.

PAUL: I didn't know she was coming so soon.

BARBARA: I figured I would just…drop in. I know Emily hates surprises. I also can tell she is not happy BRO is coming back.

EMILY: Not quite. I just don’t like that he took out a loan strictly for this even though we have been struggling.

BARBARA: Well you won’t be struggling anymore. BRO will come back with a vengeance. Now if you want to take your negative attitude outside for some air I would love to talk to my son alone.

Emily gives both of them dirty looks.

EMILY: Whatever

She exits the room.

Barbara hugs Paul

BARBARA: So good to see you


Kayla and Steve are kissing it up on the couch

STEVE: Oh sweetness, you taste more sweet every day, you know that?

KAYLA: You may taste even better tough.

They do some more kissing before Kayla stops

STEVE: What’s wrong?

KAYLA: I cant stop thinking about my new co workers step daughter?

STEVE: Did something happen?

KAYLA: Yeah she is a cop and she got shot in some kind of gang shooting yesterday.

STEVE: Shot in the line of duty. How awful.

KAYLA: It is and she is not in good shape right now though I am hoping she will pull out of it…all this has just made me worried about you.

STEVE: No reason to worry about me.

KAYLA: I really hope you are doing less for the ISA. You cannot do this kind of dangerous work forever.

STEVE: I swear I am almost retired. Soon enough Kayla.

KAYLA: I just don’t want to lose you again

Their 6 year old son Joey walks in

JOEY: Is something wrong with daddy?


In Arizona:

Carly and Terrance are sitting down.

CARLY: This is about Bo?


CARLY: Is something wrong?

TERRANCE: No. I am just checking on how his investigating in Europe went. Just grading him for the higher ups.

CARLY: I think Bo of all people does his job well.

TERRANCE: This is probably true…but I need to know if you saw him in Europe while you were there.

CARLY: I did. Just one day. We had coffee.

TERRANCE: Did he divulge any information on his investigation?

CARLY: You’re lying. Something is wrong isn’t it?


Marcino watches from the other room as Billy and his mom are giggling and having a good time.

BRITTANY: It is going to be so nice having you in town.

BILLY: I am just so glad there is a familiar face here. My move here may have been fate.

Marcino is not happy about all of this.

He goes and picks up a picture of his mom and his dad, Bobby and sighs


At the coffee shop

MIRANDA: I don’t think I would make a good model, sir

KATSU: I think that’s blasphemy.

MIRANDA: I would not know how to pose and all of that

KATSU: Could easily be taught. Well My name is Katsu Itami. If you ever want a job. Look me up online. I’m easy to find.

Katsu goes back to his seat.

Miranda takes her coffee and exits but look back at Katsu before she does. He winks at her..


Emily hears Paul and Barbara giddy about BRO being reopened. She rolls her eyes and exits the house.

BARBARA: I am so thankful and happy you are doing this for me Paul!

PAUL: I am doing this for myself too. I really do need a source of income.

BARBARA: Well it seems like you managed to get a large loan.

PAUL: Not large enough, mom.

BARBARA: We will be successful. Don’t worry son.

PAUL: I just wonder how my brother…slash…step father, Henry is going to feel about all this?

Barbara looks on with a half smile


Jesse is out in an undercover car

JESSE: Had to bust out this undercover car. I am going to find every gang member out on these streets and document them if it is the last thing I do.

He spots some younger males all dressed in similar colors.

He takes some pictures of all of them.

JESSE: Most of them are just kids. They do not know what they are getting into.

He drives off.

Meanwhile, a different group of young males are walking down a nearby alley.

Vin ABA1Zw6.jpg, Greg M3UG4V0.jpg and


CHAVO: You are the boss Vin. Just let us know what you want to do.

GREG: But please it needs to be smart.A full proof plan.

VIN: Our robbery will be full proof.


Back in Arizona

TERRANCE: Bo is okay. I am telling you the truth.

CARLY: I sure hope so.

TERRANCE: I do need to know what you two talked about.

CARLY: How do I even know you are who you say you are?

TERRANCE: I already showed you my badge. You can call his brother Roman or his friends Steve and Shane if you want.

CARLY: I find this all highly suspicious, but all I know anyway is Bo was on some mission. It involved the Dimeras. It almost always does.

TERRANCE: Good to see Bo followed protocol and didn’t tell you too much.

Terrance gets up.

TERRANCE: Well I won’t bother you any longer. Bo truly is fine though.

CARLY: Better be telling me the truth or I will track you down!

TERRANCE: Thank you for your time.

He exits and walks to his car.

TERRANCE: Oh man, almost blew that.


Steve hugs little Joey

STEVE: I am one hundred percent fine kiddo.

JOEY: Good daddy.

KAYLA: And I am sure he will stay that way

Kayla gives Steve a look.

JOEY: Can I have a sandwich?

KAYLA: Sure Ill go make you one.

The two exit the room.

Steve makes a phone call to Shane.

STEVE: Is there any progress on finding Bo’s last documentations? I know he was keeping track of what he was doing….we have to find it. We find them and we find out why Bo came here…yes….find a way, Shane.

He hangs up in a huff.

STEVE: You just have to hang on wherever you are, dude. We will find you, Bo.



*I do not own any non original character nor any pictures.


Recommended Comments

Lots of cool stuff starting to come together. Enjoying having Carly introduced to the story. Hopefully she sticks around. She can totally see through Terence, as well. Gonna be interesting to see how that plays out.

Enjoyed the family moments with Kayla, Steve and Joey. I like that you've got Joey still as a kid here.

Miranda better watch herself, I sense no good to come of this "modeling" business, and Paul's about to walk headlong into it too. Big mess ahead! And JJ being involved too? Eep!

Barbara!! Ooo this is gonna be good, can't wait to see the next episode and see what she has planned.

GREAT show!

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A lot going on in this one...gonna attempt to put it together...

I am very wary of this Katsu guy, and I hope he doesn't manipulate sweet little Miranda...

Barbara blows into Paradise, much to Emily's chagrin. Takes me back to As The World Turns

Jesse is in the right place at the right time? Those kids are about to commit a crime.

Good use of history with Steve calling Kayla "sweetness" and their ongoing effort to find Bo.

Good one...

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You were a little rocky in this one. In terms of having a lot happening. But that was me when i first started and that did not stop it from becoming a great episode. Anyways... Katsu is a very strange man and i don't think he likes to play nice with people. It will be interesting to see where he goes from there. Hello Barbara! Gosh I LOVE ME SOME BARABARA! She was always my fave on ATWT! I love how you are trying to give Jesse more to do. I thought on the TV version of AMC he was shoved to the backburner alot. I am loving this Steve/Kayla/Bo story. I wish DAYS was doing this. It is VERY classic and vontage DAYS.

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Its coming along well. Nice and slow and all beats played.

Here we go:

SO I like the Ryan scenes and how Barb came in like a boss. I can tell she is gonna be some fun. I love the name BRO LOL!!

I also like this mysterious Katsu. Nice casting job as well he has this mysterious mystique about him He should have told Miranda on how to speel his name. I can't even pronounce it.

It was so very damned nice seeing my girl Carly Manning and looking good at that. I like how smart she is in kinda of sensing something could be wrong. THis Bo mystery is slowly deepening.

It was also nice seeing Kayla caring for Angies's step daughter.

I like how on the down low Miss Jesse is going to make it his mission to get those thugs. And it seems like you are really going to go far with the story since u gave us three thugs with pics and names so I assume we will seem them around

I hoe i caputred everything. Although this show moves much slower than UC it is still coming along very well and the storys are clear and well defined.

Good job Nick!!

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