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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #2: TRAGEDY




At the Paradise Casino

Brittany Hodges u6aaIrA.jpgand Billy Abbottgsc1DJ3.jpg

are thrilled to see one another at the Casino bar. Brittany Is one of the bartenders.

BILLY: How long has it been Brit?

BRITTANY: I don’t know, but certainly too long.

BILLY: I guess coming here my first day in town was fate.

BRITTANY: I think it was!

Brittany hands a beer to a customer.

BILLY: Nothing like over priced bar alcohol.

BRITTANY: Isn’t that true. Hey, I get off in just a few minutes. We should talk and catch up.

BILLY: Yes, of course. I’d love to.


Cut to the Campus of PARADISE COLLEGE

Jennifer Horton KmjPoRE.png and her son JJ Horton4EOoypY.jpg are there.

JJ: I am so glad to be transferring here.

JENNIFER: I am happy for you. This place looks great.

JJ: It is going to be great. It is much bigger than SalemU’s campus though.

The two continue to look around.

Eliza Ryan 0C4CUWM.jpg approaches them.

ELIZA: You two look…so lost.

JENNIFER: I think we might be.

JJ: Yeah just a little. A bigger college than I am use to.

ELIZA: I would be happy to show you two around (smiles at JJ)

JJ: Yes, please. That would be sweet.


Stevet88s9uL.jpg and TerrancebuqURZ6.jpg are in a car now.

TERRANCE: I am sorry that is has come to this to find your bro, Bo.

STEVE: I am too, but I just want to help and speed up the ISA on this.

TERRANCE: Sounds like a true friend. So where are we headed?

STEVE: We are going to try and trace some of Bo’s last steps.

TERRANCE: Where does that lead?

STEVE: To the hotel he was apparently staying at a few weeks ago.

They pull up to a local hotel.

Steve: I just hope the owner has some good information for us.


Meanwhile, Jesse fVDkDL1.jpg and Natalia tAY1GRw.jpgarrive at a site where a lot more cop cars are.

NATALIA: Are we entering the middle of a gang war?

JESSE: We are. I just hope it has calmed down before we got here.

They get out of the car. Another cop approaches them.

COP: Two gangs were having a wild shoot out. It has gone a little quiet but there is now a stand off.

Another cop is talking over a loud speaker: PUT YOUR GUNS DOWN. DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND GET ON THE GROUND.

Some of the gang members seem to listen to this.

But a couple start to shoot towards the cops!

Jesse, Natalia and the other cops immediately get down and behind some cop cars.

JESSE: We have to take them down.

COP #2: Theyre shooting wildly. Be careful.

Jesse and another cop get up and shoot at the gang members before ducking down again.

Natalia and another cop follow and do the same.

NATALIA: We have to hit them. Choose your shots wisely.

COP: Theres no time.

JESSE: Be careful!

The back and forth shoot out continues!

One of the gang members gets hit and goes down.

However Natalia is shot as well!

JESSE: Oh god baby!


At the Paradise Casino:

Brittany is now off of work. She and Billy are sitting at a nearby bar table talking.

BILLY: So how is life? How is the little one?

BRITTANY: Well, he is not really little anymore. Joshua is doing great in school. Though he doesn’t like to go by Joshua anymore. He just goes by Marcino in a tribute to his late father, Bobby.

BILLY: That is really cool of him.

BRITTANY: Yeah he’s been a good kid, but he is getting spunky now.

BILLY: Uhoh.

BRITTANY: Yeah uhoh is right. His is in his teenage years and that just brings some drama I think.

BILLY: Yeah it does. Don’t you remember us? You, Me, Raul, Mac, JT, Colleen. We were nuts.

BRITTANY: We were. How fast time goes by. And poor Colleen. What a tragedy.

BILLY: Those seem to strike Genoa City.

BRITTANY: So how has your life been?

BILLY: I don’t know if you really want to know…


Eliza is touring JJ and Jennifer Horton around Paradise college.

JJ: You know this place like the back of your hand.

ELIZA: Yeah I get around. It happens when you take a lot of classes.

JJ: We should stay in touch. I think youll be a good asset to me doing well here.

ELIZA: Thank you for thinking that.

JENNIFER: Now if we could just find JJs new apartment

JJ: I think google, will help us with that mom.

JENNIFER: Yeah maybe.

ELIZA: Where is it? I may be able to be your faster google.

JENNIFER: It is on high street.

ELIZA: High street. That’s really close by. Just Follow me.

JENNIFER: Really? Thanks for all the help.

JJ: Yeah thanks a lot!

ELIZA: It is no problem.


Steve and Terrance are with the owner of the Hotel Bo was last staying at.

STEVE: So he just stopped paying and showing up?

OWNER: Yeah he had been here for over a week, but then he just disappeared. Left a lot of his stuff behind and everything.

TERRANCE: Was his car left behind too?

OWNER: No he did not leave that.

STEVE: Do you still happen to have what he left behind?

OWNER: Sorry. But We already threw that all away a few weeks ago


OWNER: Is Mr Brady okay?

TERRANCE: That is what we want to find out!

STEVE: Do you remember what he left behind?

OWNER: He left behind one of his bags and a few books.

STEVE: Well thank you for your time.

Steve and Terrance exit

STEVE: That was worthless

TERRANCE: Yeah no good info there

STEVE: Dammit why didn't the ISA work faster on this!


Natalia has been rushed to the hospital

Jesse has ridden along with the ambulance.

AngiecQIXDfa.jpg is on duty along with the newly employed

Kayla Brady p774rng.jpg.

Angie freaks when she sees that the patient coming in is Natalia!

ANGIE: Oh my god what happened Jesse?

JESSE: We found ourselves in the middle of a shoot out…and…she just got hit Angie. She got hit.

PARAMEDIC: We have chest wound

KAYLA: We’re going to rush her right into surgery stat!

JESSE: I can’t believe this happened.

Jesse looks on in shock.

Angie hugs him and tries to comfort him.

ANGIE: I need to get in that room.

JESSE: Go, Angie…please save her…


Eliza has shown JJ and Jennifer to JJ’s new apartment.

JENNIFER: This place looks good…and expensive.

JJ: It was a really good deal since Im a student.

ELIZA: Great choice. Wish I had one of these of my own. Still stuck at home.

JENNFER: That’s not always too bad.

JJ: But sometimes it is.


JJ: I cant thank you enough for showing us all around today

ELIZA: It has really been no problem at all.

JJ: We need to exchange numbers and I didn't even get your name.

ELIZA: I’m Eliza. And you are?

JJ: Jack…well no. Just JJ.

The two exchange phone numbers and Eliza heads out.

Jennifer is smiling wide at JJ.

JJ: What mom?

JENNIFER: I like her!

JJ: Me too…


At the Casino bar:

BILLY: I have had a truly rough couple of years. It started when my…my daughter died. In yet another Genoa City tragedy.

BRITTANY: Oh my god Billy! I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.

She grabs his hand and holds it.

He starts to get choked up.

BILLY: I've had some addictions…to well gambling and alcohol.

BRITTANY: What?! Then why are you here?

BILLY: I left Genoa City to get away from all that.

BRITTANY: But here you are. In a casino of all places.

BILLY: I know but I've been good and under control lately.

BRITTANY: I’m not so sure I buy that..


Steve and Terrance are back at the warehouse.

TERRANCE: So Agent Brady was after crime lord Stefano Dimera?

STEVE: Yes and he had been tracking Stefano in Europe for awhile.

TERRANCE: I’ve read files on how far Stefano has gone in the past. He has to be behind this disappearance, no?

STEVE: He is and always is suspect number one, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have help.

TERRANCE: Who could that be?

STEVE: Could be a number of people. We just need to some how find out more info on why Bo came back to the states and why here.

TERRANCE: How we going about that sir?

STEVE: I've gauged his relatives by not telling them just what is up but trying to find out if he told them something. His soon to be ex wife Hope didn’t know much and neither did his dad Victor.

TERRANCE: Who does that leave?

STEVE: Well Bo knew a few people in Europe and he had to of visited them. One of those people are right back here in the states now so I am sending you to Arizona.

TERRANCE: Oh no. Not hot ass Arizona.

STEVE: She is an ex of Bo’s. I need you to track her down while I stay here and try and find out why Bo came here.

TERRANCE: Who is she and were they still friends?

STEVE: Her name is Carly Manning and I don’t know how close they are now but just try and see if he happened to tell her anything while in Europe.


Jesse sits nervously in the waiting room at the hospital. He relieved to find out that most of the gang members were either killed or arrested.

Angie, Kayla and other doctors walk out of the operation room.

ANGIE: Thanks for the great work in there Kayla

KAYLA: I did what I could.

Jesse and Angie approach each other

JESSE: Hows my baby?

ANGIE: Natalia is stable, but she is in bad shape, Jesse.

JESSE: This is my fault. I shouldn't have let her get shot.

ANGIE: It is not your fault.

JESSE: It is Angie! I should have protected her!

Angie fights back tears as the two embrace…



*I do not own any non original characters nor any pictures.


Recommended Comments

Wow! What a good episode!

This show is already getting addictive for me, and it is only wk.2!!!

I LOVE how you capture each character. You really know your strength in the ones you pick. Please keep this up. It is really well written. And, I cannot wait to see where your stories go! Pat yourself on the back!

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Again, great job getting everything set up. I'm way more interested in what's happened to Bo than what DAYS has set in motion. GREAT job there. I'm enjoying all the connections coming together here, and I can't wait to see how everyone gels.

GREAT job again!

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Loved the walk down memory lane with Billy and Brittany. You addressed where Bobby Marsino was also.

Poor Natalia. Is she dead? And I wonder what this will do to Jesse...and Angie.

Eliza is TROUBLE!!! LOL...

I'm starting to wonder if the ISA is trying to cover up Bo's whereabouts.

Good start. The wheels are turning..:)

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Good show. A lot is going on.

Im looking fwd in seeing where this chase to Bo leads 'm so excited that wel' be seeing Carly Manning I like all the tidbits of history you use.

I like the shoot out scene. Actiony Which lead to Nat being shot I wonder what story will come from that.

I love the Billy and Brit scenes. A lot of history there and I kpet cracking up when you said GC tragedies. LMAO.

Seems to be a pretty classic show . Slower moving but nothing wrong with that, its still intresting and things are setting up nicely!!

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