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Just Paradise #1




Terrance Smith L3gQZbK.jpgis shown driving down The highway


He is jamming out to some hip hop.

He sees a road sign: Paradise, New Mexico 40 miles.

TERRANCE: I hope this place really is....


Paradise, New Mexico


Cut to Billy Abbott nRAghgb.jpg.

He is parked outside of the Paradise Casino.

BILLY: …Paradise. This place really is.

He seems lost in thought....

BILLY: Do I really want to do this though. Go right at my vices in a casino. Gambling and drinking.

He gets out of the car.

BILLY: I do. I think I finally have my vices under control…

He enters the casino.

BILLY: And Why not just take a gamble on my first night in town.



Paul Ryan wgAo4ku.jpg and

Emily Ryan BQO99hF.jpg are in the middle of an argument.

EMILY: You frustrate me so much!

PAUL: I try not to. I think you are just constantly frustrated.

EMILY: No. You do this to me.

Their teenage daughter Eliza enters the room. qdDGOsg.jpg

ELIZA: You two are arguing again? Surprise! Not.

PAUL: I’m trying not to but your step mother loves to.

Eliza walks to her bedroom.

ELIZA: I Really need to move into a dorm and get away from here.

She puts in some headphones.

EMILY: We have been having money issues for how long now?! Feels like years. And what is the first thing you do when you FINALLY are able to get a loan? No not put it in savings so we can get back on our feet. It is to spend it all!

PAUL: I am not just spending it. I am investing it.

EMILY: Investing in your mother and not your family!

PAUL: I am going to get Barbaras company up and running again. I will work for BRO to make the money back. You have to spend money to make money.

Emily shoots Paul daggers.


Lucas Roberts KfK6tvl.jpg is at his expanded office of Mad World. His secretary beeps him that he has visitors from Salem.

LUCAS: Send them in.

In walks Steve and Kayla Johnson


LUCAS: Wow this is unexpected.

KAYLA: Hi Lucas

LUCAS: Someone from back home! You two are a sight for sore eyes!

Lucas looks at Steve...

LUCAS: Um..no offence.

STEVE: No offense taken dude. (chuckles)

LUCAS: What brings you guys to me?

STEVE: We’re moving to town.

LUCAS: Really?

KAYLA: Yes. I got a transfer here for some good money.

Steve looks on oddly after she says that…

LUCAS: Well welcome to Paradise!


44338VE.jpgAngie and Jesse Hubbard qCJ5VgS.jpg

are making out on the couch.

ANGIE: Shouldn’t you eat something on your lunch break

JESSE: Your lips are all I want to taste.

ANGIE: Jesse Hubbard…go on!

They make out some more.

ANGIE: I think maybe we should have a quick lunch (smiles)

JESSE: I hear the bedroom calling…

As they are about to get up the door opens up and Jesses daughter Natalia walks in.rlRJKJS.jpg

She is in cop uniform.

JESSE: You don’t knock do you?

NATALIA: Sorry…I’m interrupting something aren’t I?

ANGIE: Just lunch

JESSE: What are you doing off anyway?

NATALIA: If you can have a donut break dad, so can I.

ANGIE: I guess she has a point there.


Paul and Emily are still arguing in their frustration.

EMILY: How did you even manage to finally get a loan?

PAUL: I found out that if you bother the bank enough they will give in.

EMILY: Right

PAUL: You know I have a way of getting things done.

EMILY: Not lately.

PAUL: Have a little faith in me please!



KAYLA: How is business ?

LUCAS: So great. I moved Mad world headquarters here for a quicker and cheaper production. It has been the best move. Profit, profit, profit.

KAYLA: That is tremendous to hear.

LUCAS: I think you two will like it here.

STEVE: I hope so, dude.

KAYLA: Well I need to go off to the hospital and take my initial tour. Just wanted to come and see a familiar face.

LUCAS: Thanks for stopping by

KAYLA: You and Steve can talk about the latest in cosmetic products. Its his favorite subject.

STEVE: Real funny sweetness.

Steve and Kayla kiss before she heads off.

LUCAS: So patch, I can get off and we can go have a beer if you like? Well you can have a beer. Ill have a soda and lunch.

STEVE: I’m going to take a rain-check for now. I actually have to head off too. Some other time though for sure.

Steve exits…


Natalia and Jesse arrive back at the police station.

NATALIA: I’m sorry if I interrupted you and Angie.

JESSE: All good. Nothing that wont happen later...

They walk in and are immediately debriefed on a gang shoot out that is going on!

JESSE: Looks like we have to head back out!


Kayla gets to her first day at the hospital and meets chief of staff Angie Hubbard.

ANGIE: Great to see you Kayla.

KAYLA: Pleasure to see you again. I hear so much about you.

ANGIE: Good things I hope?

KAYLA: Nothing but it.

ANGIE: Well let me show you around.


Back at the Paradise Casino

Billy Abbott is doing good on the slot machines.

BILLY: Glad I’m sticking to the slots it paid off. I think this deserves a celebratory drink…Just one.

He heads over to the bar.

BARTENDER: What can I get you?

BILLY: I….I better be good. I’ll just have a root beer.

He looks at the ticket he won from the slots.

BILLY: 75 bucks. Not bad at all.

He then hears someone say his name. “Billy Abbott?!”

Its is Brittany Hodges!


BILLY: Woah Britt…long time no see!


Terrance Smith has made his way into town. He is parked at some warehouse.

Another car pulls up. Its is Steve Johnson.

STEVE: Come with me.

TERRANCE: Yes, sir.

The two go inside the warehouse and shake hands.

TERRANCE: Nice to meet you Agent Johnson.

STEVE: I am so glad you are finally here Agent Smith. I hear you are the best up and comer in your field.

TERRANCE: I am but I would love to be briefed on what is going on.

STEVE: Well Its like this. My wife thinks we are in town because she got this good job at the hospital but the ISA worked that because I needed to be here. We are all here to find her brother, another Agent for the ISA. This is Operation find Bo Brady.

TERRANCE: What is the latest?

STEVE: Paradise New Mexico was the last place Bo Brady was seen alive and he has not been heard from in months. We need to find my old Pal, Bo…before it is too late.


Credits roll

*I don't own any none original characters nor any pictures*


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I absolutely LOVED IT!!!

This was a really good start. You have characters down pat, really well! I LOVED that u brought Britt into the whole mix. Cannot wait to see what you have in store for her and Billy.

Operation find Bo Brady. This could get really good, really fast!

Cannot wait for #2!

Good idea for a show BTW.

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  • Members

Lots going on here. I am looking forward to seeing how all of them will connect.

Where's Meg?

Steve and Terrance are trying to find Bo. Could he be the guy that was tied up in Union Creek?

I like that you establish the characters and then the cliffhanger to keep us wanting more....

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  • Members

I'm glad the cliffhangers are hooking you! If I could pull a 1989 Pam Long and have a cliffhanger in almost every episode, I would lol.

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  • Members

Good start. I'm liking the setting, lots of potential here. Some great stuff springing up from all different angles. A bit early to really know much so far bit it's a good starting point, and I can't wait to see how everyone entangles down the road :D

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  • Members

I really like this and Ill tell you why. Fiirst I knew everybody and its a nice mix of characters to mesh in this new city. I also like the locale. Its so diffrent.

The paing was nice u kept things moving.

I knew when Steve left Lucas' office something was up. THe quest to find BO THis will be good. WOnder why he was in paradise in the first place??

Nice scene with Angie and jesse.

I also liked the scene with the Tyans. Very real and simple drama there.

OVerall great job and look fwd to the next one!!

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