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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #8: Patch and Terrance in England




IN England:

SteveEXcv70Q.jpg and TerrancehqQo3jd.jpg are with

Greta Von AmbergxobZwmo.jpg.

GRETA: Please take a seat.

TERRANCE: This couch does look comfy.

GRETA: It is top of the line….so you said you were friends of Bo Bradys?

STEVE: We are. I know we never met while you lived in Salem. I had this pesky presumed dead thing going on, but Bo and I have been good friends for a long time.

GRETA: What brings you all out here?

STEVE: I was hoping you had some info.

GRETA: About Bo?

TERRANCE: Yes you see we work with him.

GRETA: For the ISA right?


Greta fidgets

GRETA: Everything okay?

STEVE: Everything is okay. We are tracking him and trying to find him while he is on a secret assignment.

GRETA: Oh…something isn’t adding up..


In Paradise NM

Jennifer HortonM5p1lYz.jpg has arrived at the house she is going to purchase.

Her son JJT2Qm82x.jpg also arrives.

JJ: Hi mom!


They hug.

JJ: So this is where you are moving?

JENNIFER: Yes. I really like it.

JJ: It looks nice from the outside. Where is Daniel?

JENNIFER: He still has some days left to work in Salem and cannot come down yet, but I wanted to move in some stuff before he could.

JJ: Well I am here to help mother.

JENNIFER: I appreciate it. Its not a whole lot.

JJ sees a Uhall pulling up.

JJ: Not a whole lot…yeah right.


Katsu0Lh9q2S.jpg is at the Strip club TRIPLE X

He looks around.

KATSU: Wish I had time for the ladies.

He gazes at a stripper on stage.

Katsu walks to the bar and takes a seat.

KATSU: Hey Bob.

The Bartender, Bob approaches him.

BOB: Hey man, what can I get you?

KATSU: You can get me Derrick. I need to talk to him.

BOB: Might be awhile.

KATSU: I saw his car outside, I know he is here.

BOB: Yeah he is…preoccupied. Can I get you something while you wait?

KATSU: I am here on strictly business….don’t tell me he is in the back room…is he having one of his dirty threesomes or foursomes with some crazy couple? He might as well change the name of this place to Orgy Club.

BOB: He is just my boss. I do not ask questions.

Katsu gives Bob a dirty look.

BOB: But between me and you….yes. Yes he is.


PaulOcNyh0J.jpg is at the paradise casino doing some gambling.

PAUL: I feel my luck is changing. Gonna win me something here.

He bets some money on roulette.

Paul does not win.

PAUL: Okay… maybe it’s a slow change of luck.

He walks to the bar. Billy Abbottpdi8GC4.jpg is also at the bar.

BILLY: How are ya?

PAUL: Better than you if you are just having a soda.

BILLY: I’m just waiting for my friend to arrive to work.

PAUL: Well I need myself a beer.


Barbarae78uM3Z.jpg is alone at Paul and Emilys house.

BARBARA: Thank god Emily isn’t home. Here walking around this house…being annoying… If I was alone with her we’d probably kill each other.

Barbara opens up the refrigerator and sees it is mostly empty.

BARBARA: Does my family not eat or drink.

She hears a car pull up outside of the house.

BARBARA: Oh god. Please do not be Emily.

Someone knocks at the door. She looks to see who it is and is happy.

She opens the door and it is her husband HenryFpmi5VR.jpg!

HENRY: My Babs!

Henry plants a big kiss on Barbara!


In England:

STEVE: We really do just want to know if you have seen Bo recently.

GRETA: Not too recently.

TERRANCE: But you have seen him?

GRETA: It has been some months ago but yes.

STEVE: What did Bo have to say?

GRETA: For being in the ISA you two do not seem to know a lot about Bo.

STEVE: If you would like to call his family back home to verify I know him, you can do so. I am married to his sister Kayla.

GRETA: Oh you are that Steve.

STEVE: Yes the one and only.

TERRANCE: So back to what Bo talked about..

GRETA: Well….(fidgets again) he was asking me about Stefano Dimera.

STEVE: You know Stefano?

GRETA: He and my mother went way back. It’s a long story.

TERRANCE: What did he ask about Stefano?

GRETA: Just if I have seen him but I have not seen Stefano since I was in Salem over a decade ago….thankful for that.


At the Casino

PAUL: Are you sure you do not want something stronger to drink?

BILLY: I am cool. See I have this past with alcohol. Wasn’t pretty. Also have a past with gambling but that is neither here nor there.

PAUL: You hang out in odd places, for having that addiction.

BILLY: Makes me stronger. Shows me how I can control myself now.

PAUL: Good to here.

BILLY: So do you like this city? I am new and still finding my way.

PAUL: Its been rough. The place can be expensive but I am starting up a company. Well restarting BRO.

BILLY: I think Ive heard of it before. My family back home has been involved with some highly successful companies for generations now.

PAUL: Have you worked with them?

BILLY: I have.

PAUL: If you ever want a job at BRO you should apply. We need experienced people.


Barbara and Henry are still groping and kissing.

HENRY: I have missed you!

BARBARA: I have missed you too… over the last…few days.

HENRY: I know. I know it hasn’t been that long but I wanted to see how you are doing.

BARBARA: Just enjoying family time.

HENRY: Well where is said family?

BARBARA: They are…out.

HENRY: Interesting take on your family time.

BARBARA: Well you know our family. Definitely interesting.

HENRY: I think there is some other reason you came here…

BARBARA: I think there is some other reason you came here too. To question me?

HENRY: I just want to know the real reason you came here to see Paul.

BARBARA: Want to sit and get comfortable?

HENRY: Babs…whats going on?

BARBARA: Fine. Ill just sit down then.

Henry looks at Barbara who smiles back.


At Triple X strip club:

A guy and a girl walk out from one of the back rooms. Their clothes are disheveled.

KATSU: I take those two messy semi limping people as my cue to go see Derrick.

BOB: Yeah…but enter at your own risk.

Katsu goes to the back and knocks at the door.

lePz3a5.jpgDERRICK: Come in!

Katsu enters and immediately turns away.

KATSU: Oh damn man! For the love of god put on some clothes. please.

Derrick puts on some boxers.

KATSU: Come on man. I want you to get serious.

DERRICK: Don’t ever mistake me for not being serious.

KATSU: Well we have some important things to discuss don’t you think..


Jennifer and JJ and 2 movers have moved everything inside her new place.

JENNIFER: Thank you so much, son.

JJ: The least I could do.

JENNIFER: You are growing up to be a gentleman.

JJ: I am glad you think so.

JENNIFER: You have grown a lot the past year.

JJ: I guess I have come a long way or at least I try to.

JENNIFER: I just hope you don’t mind that I have moved close to you again.

JJ: Not at all mom.


JJ: I will be glad to have you around.


At the strip club:

DERRICK: I don’t get you sometimes Katsu.

KATSU: That feeling is mutual. (he points to Derrick still being in boxers)

DERRICK: I am serious though. Sometimes you are one of the coolest guys around and other times you are all stiff with nothing but business on the brain.

KATSU: I get nothing but serious when it comes to business.

DERRICK: I assure you that I do as well. You do not have to worry about me. My head is in the game.

KATSU: I am trying to believe you.

DERRICK: Come here. Let me show you something.

Derrick takes a picture off of the wall and behind it is a safe.

He opens the safe to reveal quite a few stacks of 100 dollar bills.

KATSU: Is this your back room prostitution money?

DERRICK: (chuckles) See there is that cool funny guy. I’m no prostitute. Just the guy spicing up couples lives….but back to business.

KATSU: Yes please let me know how business is.

DERRICK: Well look at all this cash. Our partnership will continue to gain ground.

He gives Katsu one of the wads of 100 dollar bills and then closes the safe.

DERRICK: It is all good... and serious.

Katsu smiles at the wad of cash.

DERRICK: (Grins) We’re growing.


Henry sits beside Barbara.

BARBARA: There you go. Get comfortable love.

HENRY: Start telling me what is up then, love bug.

BARBARA: I don’t want you to be upset. Look at this with an open mind. Paul is restarting up BRO.

HENRY: oh…you are going back to work.

BARBARA: It is a good thing.

Paul arrives home and is surprised to see Henry.

PAUL: If it isn’t my half brother yet Step Father Henry Coleman.

HENRY: Hello Paul. Been a long time it feels like.

PAUL: Maybe not long enough.

HENRY: Probably not long enough. I do not like the sound of this BRO resurrection.

Barbara sighs



Steve and Terrance shake Gretas hand.

GRETA: I truly do hope you can track down Bo and help with his investigation.

STEVE: Certainly us too.

TERRANCE: If anything suspicious does come up. Call us.

Terrance hands her a card.

STEVE: Especially if that something involves a Dimera.

GRETA: …You got it.

Steve and Terrance exit.

STEVE: I am getting frustrated dude! It feels like nothing we are doing is going anywhere.

TERRANCE: We have to stay calm and positive. Something is bound to come up.

Back inside, Greta stares out the window.

Someone walks into the room “Good Job.”


It is Stefano Dimera himself!

Greta shakes her head.

GRETA: I feel so bad. Like I did the wrong thing.

She puts both hands over her face.

Stefano puts his hand on her shoulder.

STEFANO: No, no you did absolutely perfect my dear daughter, Greta…

Greta looks up nervously.

GRETA: But what about Bo?

STEFANO: Do not worry about Bo Brady. I am sure he can take care of himself.

Stefano smiles.


Credits roll.

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.


Recommended Comments


Now, stuff is picking up!!!!!!!!!!

Stefano..., what is he up too? I think you are trying the classic Stefano. If you are, then I am up for it!

"HENRY: Probably not long enough. I do not like the sound of this BRO resurrection.", interesting. I wonder what is going to happen there. This line kind of just stuck with me. I wonder what will happen.

Love how you write Henry/Barbara. It was classic Henry.

I love Katsu. It is because, he is interesting. He is like classic interesting soap characters.

You are doing a wonderful job with this!

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Very deliberate paced episode....

Henry/Paul/Barbara - Nice that you brought Henry to town, and he is disapproving of the restart of BRO. Funny seeing these three, who all have a connection to Eric in my version of Another World (Paul and Henry are his older brothers and Barbara is his sister in law lol)

Nice tender family moments with JJ and Jennifer. Just every day son/mother interaction.

Billy and Paul bonding over drinks in a casino, and yes I immediately thought of Billy's gambling history, and you did, too....great job!!

What kind of business is Katsu running? Looks like a trafficking/laundering operation. Up to no good.

And Stefano seems to know something about Bo's whereabouts. I'm glad that you left it ambiguous about whether Stefano is actually involved in Bo's disappearance.

Nice job!!

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WOW Brilliant ending I was so shocked!!! So even Sefano doesnt know where BO is. Hmm. Im just so stunned by what I read.

Love this Katsu guy and Derrick flashing his penis. Spicking up couples lives. I love it so modern and bold.

I loved the dialog with the Ryan family I always do.

So stll nothing on Bo. Im really wondering what is going on.

THe one thing I like about both of yours shows is that I have no idear where you are going with any of it. LOL Mayb kuz I dont consult like I do on the other blogs here. But its always intresting and ou are starting to set your self apart from the pack with your won style. Its nice seeing that. Yous hows give me that newness. That young and contemporary vibe and I hope you continue to not only capture it but own it.

Oh and nice scene with Billy and Paul. That was a perfect scene where I w as explaining how we need to know these folks.

Great job Nick!!

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I'm so intrigued by all of it, and yet it's all so mysterious. You're doing a great job of building all the mystery here.

Kastu seems to be in some majorly shady business. I'm curious to know exactly what it is. Wonder if it's connected to Natalia's coma at all, and the gang violence Jesse was talking about before.

Enjoyed the scenes with Greta in England. I quite often forget Greta ever existed. WHOOPS! LOL. Loved Steve's offhanded "back from the dead" comment. So very Salem of him ;)

Bo's disappearance is really mystifying, but I'm sure Stefano's involved somehow, like always.

Having Henry come back was a good move. Not familiar with the weird family dynamic there but I'm sure i'll figure it out quickly.

Paul and Billy was another good scene. Good to get everyone grounded in their histories, especially in soapland, where everyone's addicted, and the show's set in this cess pool of vice! LOL

Great show, coming together nicely!

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