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Just Paradise

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Just Paradise #9: Eliza undresses/Also Stefano is here




JJ HortonlLpL3Oc.jpg is walking up the stairs of his apartment. Carrying his book bag.

He gets to his apartment to see ElizaSVbMF9I.jpg sitting there by his door.

ELIZA: I thought you were never going to get home.

JJ: Just getting out of a class. How long have you been waiting?

ELIZA: Not too long.

JJ: I hope not.

ELIZA: I haven’t. The beer is still cold.

JJ: What?

Eliza has a six pack beside her and picks it up as she stands up.

JJ: You brought beer again?

ELIZA: I am going to be the person who gets you to unwind after hard days of class.

JJ: I don’t know about you.

He unlocks his door.

ELIZA: What don’t you know? I think I am pretty straight forward.

JJ: I suppose.

The two enter his apartment.

ELIZA: I brought something else for us to have fun with as well.

JJ: What else…though I am kind of afraid to ask.

ELIZA: A deck of cards. I say we do some poker.

JJ: You may not want to play me. I can be good.

ELIZA: I am good too and besides I don’t want to play no ordinary poker. Let’s play some strip poker.

JJ’s eyes widen


LucastmFRkO3.jpg is at his office at mad world.

His secretary buzzes him.

SECRETARY: You have a visitor.

LUCAS: I don’t have anyone scheduled.

SECRETARY: She says she is a new friend.

LUCAS: A new friend?

SECRETARY: Should I send her in?

LUCAS: Sure. Why not

Emilykdq48n4.jpg walks into the room.

LUCAS: Ahhh you are the new friend.

EMILY: Did you forget me already?

LUCAS: No I didn’t. I am surprised to see you again though.

EMILY: I am hoping we can see a lot more of each other…


PaulmdoFkbR.jpg has arrived home to see HenryDJPHI9I.jpg with


PAUL: If it isn’t my half brother yet Step Father Henry Coleman.

HENRY: Hello Paul. Been a long time it feels like.

PAUL: Maybe not long enough.

HENRY: Probably not long enough. I do not like the sound of this BRO resurrection.

BARBARA: I do not know why Henry!

HENRY: Paul is not known for his brilliant ideas.

PAUL: And you are? We can call Katie and ask her how many times you have messed things up.

HENRY: Yeah but those were usually her ideas.

BARBARA: I do not want us all to fight.

PAUL: What else is this messed up family good for, mom?

BARBARA: We should be able to come together over BRO.

Henry: I am sorry but I thought you said Paul was down on his luck…and now all of a sudden he can make a company happen?

PAUL: I am right here so you can address me cracker jack.

HENRY: Cracker Jack? What is that suppose to mean?

PAUL: That you look and act like the kid on the cracker jack box.

BARBARA: Stop right now! Lets talk about this civilly. We can talk through this you know?

PAUL: I personally do not care what Henry thinks. BRO is happening.

Paul walks into the kitchen.

Henry and Barbara give each other dirty looks



GretaZguGsxH.jpg is not happy.

Stefano walks closer to her.DaEFjxW.jpg

STEFANO: Everything is okay Greta. I know you lied to patch and his lackey for my sake.

GRETA: Yes I did. I am still uneasy finding out you are my father, but I thought that was for the best.

STEFANO: It is. I reassured you that I have nothing to do with Bo Brady.

GRETA: But he was looking for you…and how did you know people would start asking about you anyway?

STEFANO: They always ask about me.

GRETA: Bo and Hope were my best friends for a long time in Salem. And…and John.

STEFANO: I know you always hoped John was your father and that you dreaded that I could be, but I am your father and I just want you to know that family is the most important thing to me. That is why you did the right thing and did not lead on that I was here.

GRETA: But you have to be honest with me Stefano…I need to know for sure if you know where Bo is…

Stefano looks on…


At the Ryan house.

PAUL: I am not discussing this. BRO is already beyond in the works. It is happening.

HENRY: You got a big enough loan to start a company?

PAUL: Yes as well as an investor.

BARBARA: Paul is doing this on his own. I have not put in a dime.

PAUL: I know Henry better not be concerned about the money. You are the one who wound up with James’s fortune.

HENRY: It was more complicated than that.

PAUL: I still never saw you reach out to me with a dime of the Stenbeck fortune. Or even to our little brother Eric.

HENRY: His mom kept him so far away from this family. Probably rightfully so, but I hardly even know the guy.

PAUL: Hey now is your chance! Go take a trip to Bay City and leave me and my mom to business.

BARBARA: That is enough! Henry, I am sorry you are not happy with this but can you please get over the issue…for my sake.


At Mad world:

Emily hands Lucas some papers.

LUCAS: Is this your resume?

EMILY: It sure is.

LUCAS: I thought you said your husband would be upset if you worked for another company other than his?

EMILY: Yeah, but he will have to get over it.

LUCAS: I don’t want any drama here.

EMILY: There wouldn’t be. Just consider it. I have experience you may like.

LUCAS: I will consider it, just don’t play with fire.

EMILY: I think I need to learn how to not do that…I’ll leave you to your business now.

Emily walks out of his office and Lucas shakes his head but smirks


AT JJs apartment.

Eliza turns up some music.

JJ: That is a little loud. This is an apartment after all.

JJ turns it down.

ELIZA: You are supposed to not be stiff, remember.

JJ: I am relaxing. I mean we’re playing strip poker aren’t we?

ELIZA: Yeah even though it is not working out for me. I have lost both socks. You’ve barely lost one.

They play another hand and JJ wins.

ELIZA: See what I mean!

JJ: Lose it!

JJ takes a chug of his beer.

Eliza takes off her shirt to reveal a bright red bra.

ELIZA: Good thing I am in my best undergarments tonight.

JJ: Looking good..

Another song comes on the radio.

ELIZA: I love this one!

Eliza turns the volume back up!

Meanwhile MirandaaUCY5gQ.jpg is in her apartment next door.

She is working on some home work but hears the bass thumping louder.

MIRANDA: Come on JJ! Why does he have the music so loud!


In England:

STEFANO: I really do not have the slightest idea where Bo is. That is the truth Greta.

GRETA: I just can’t help but not believe you.

STEFANO: I know it will take a long time for us to build a father-daughter relationship, but I hope we can one day.

GRETA: You just sent me a DNA test out of the blue.

STEFANO: I thought it was about time you knew the truth and besides my time is dwindling down. I needed to reach out to you before it was too late.

GRETA: I…I thank you for that. I just want to believe that everything is on the up and up. I don’t know if I can.

STEFANO: Everything is good and I am sure that includes Bo.


Emily arrives home. She hears the bickering going on in the kitchen.

HENRY: Babs I want to support you, but…

BARBARA: But what?

Emily walks into the kitchen.

EMILY: yeah Henry, but what? Let her have it.

BARBARA: Another positive family member.

HENRY: Hello Emily...BUT I just want to make sure Paul knows what he is doing.

PAUL: I do thank you for the fake concern.

EMILY: I was unsure about this endeavor as well.

HENRY: It just seems done on a whim.

PAUL: But you came around, right Emily?

EMILY: Yes I am trying to.

HENRY: I just do not want this to be a mistake.

PAUL: I will prove that it is not one. There. Settled. End of story.

BARBARA: I think it is time to leave so we can all sleep on this.

EMILY: Don’t leave on my account.

BARBARA: Don’t worry Emily, we are.

HENRY: We should go to our hotel room love bug. I think we should be taking out this aggression on something else. Our hotel bed.

Both Emily and Paul cringe.

Barbara kisses Henry

BARBARA: I knew you would come around.

Barbara and Henry exit.

EMILY: Paul, what do you say we go upstairs and blow off some steam too.

PAUL: No thank you. I am not in the mood.

Emily is disappointed.


Lucas is still in his office.

He is looking over Emilys resume.

LUCAS: Emily certainly is qualified…but I cannot help but think she is up to something.

He puts her resume in a folder.

LUCAS: I do not trust her as far as I can throw her.


Back at JJs apartment:

JJ is now shirtless as he and Eliza continue to play strip poker.

ELIZA: I am catching up! And you are about to lose your pants Mister Horton.

She finishes off her beer.

JJ: I have confidence in this hand.

ELIZA: So do I. Full house. Read em and weep.

JJ: Sucks for you. Straight flush. Looks like you are the one losing the pants!

ELIZA: That’s fine.

Eliza stands up and turns around.

She bends over and starts to take off her pants ever so slowly…

JJ watches and bites his lip..

ELIZA: Got me in my bra and panties…

JJ: This is more fun than I thought it was going to be.

Meanwhile, Miranda is next door frustrated. The music is still loud.

MIRANDA: This is ridiculous. Shouldn’t JJ be doing homework too.

She closes her book.

Miranda exits her apartment and goes next door and knocks on JJs door.

Eliza opens the door in her bra and panties…

Miranda is caught off guard.


In England:

STEFANO: I’ll leave you to unwind. You seem stressed.

GRETA: I am.

He walks off to another room.

Greta takes an envelope out of a drawer. Inside is the DNA test that names Stefano as her father.

She stares at it..

Stefano meanwhile makes a phone call in another room

STEFANO: Everything is clear.

He cackles


Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics


Recommended Comments

The FIRST thing that I loved about this episode was by far the episode title. It was just so funny. And, I loved how you constructed the episode.

I think Eliza is by far one of your most interesting characters. She seems like you can do anything with her. Right now, you are taking her down this whole sexy route. I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!! But, I do kind of feel bad for Miranda.

Emily is qualified Lucas LOL, u r right. She is qualified for a lot of things. I like how you write these business stories. They are very well talked about. It seems like it is going to be good. Oh Emily, just wait until you see what Paul has been up to LOL!

Stefano..., I swear! If he did anything to Bo, I will jump through this computer screen, and kill him for the 14th time LOL. I like where this storyline is going.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This Just Paradise train is MOVING.

Thanks for the mention of Eric :) Got me thinking of having Henry paying him a visit to dig deeper into Eric's emotions. You write Henry's character very well.. I can see Henry saying everything you are writing for him.

Stefano is using and lying to Greta, just like a soap villain..lol

I LOVED the Eliza/JJ/Miranda scene. Eliza spices things up definitely, and both girls appeal to JJ....part of me wonders, though, if he could handle Michele (also played by Denyse Tontz LOL)...

Emily and Lucas....what an interesting pair...I could just see the catfights between Kate and Emily, both whores...lol


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Stefano is never to be trusted.. I really thought he did not know about Bo. But apparently he does.

Im really loving ur shows bro. Your episodes are more defined and has more direction.

I really love the JJ and Eliza scenes. Id like to know why Eliza is so loose. And Miranda went over to catch them in bra and panties. Y did Eliza answer the door in the first place?

I love any episode the Ryans are in. The sexual comments the dynamics of all of them. LOL Great [!@#$%^&*] bro.

Keep up the good work. It's getting better and better!!

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Liking a lot of what I'm seeing. The Eliza/JJ/Miranda stuff is good.That Eliza is dangerous. Good set up.

The BRO stuff is good family conflict, and I loved seeing Emily and Paul's reactions to Henry and Barbara. LOL.

The plots are really thickening all around. Liking that Greta is dealing with Stefano claiming to be her father. I'd be more than a little dubious though, the DiMeras are pretty notorious for cooking up nonsense for their own gains!

GREAT stories. Everything's moving nicely.

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