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Just Paradise #10: Armed Robbery




At the casino:

BrittanyjRkmGfW.jpg is bartending.

The bar is kind of bare tonight.

She becomes much happier when BillyDuLxtrD.jpg sits at the bar.

BRITTANY: Hey you!

BILLY: Thought I would stop by tonight.

BRITTANY: The usual beer?

BILLY: Yes the usual root beer.

BRITTANY: I really am glad you showed u. It is kind of dead tonight.

BILLY: A dead casino. Sounds depressing to me.

BRITTANY: This city relies on its vacationers. Without travelers you get nights like this.

Meanwhile, DerrickHovCp7E.jpg is nearby at the slot machines.

He gets a call from Katsu.

DERRICK: What is up Kat? What why? No I am not at the club right now….Katsu I think you can handle this one. Sorry. I am busy.

He hangs up.

Derrick grins as he goes back to playing the slots.


Cut to VinIwUfNSG.jpg, Chavo52o6tYs.jpg and


VIN: Tonight it is finally going down!

GREG: Are we sure about this?

VIN: You are not chickening out of this one.

CHAVO: We need to get pumped first.

VIN: Well let all the money we are going to have pump you up!

Greg sits down in the corner.

CHAVO: Got your gun ready?

VIN: Of course. I am prepared for this. I am more than ready for this.

CHAVO: I got us some masks.

VIN: Get your mind right Greg. Are you ready?

GREG: As ready as I am going to be. Ill be the getaway car.

VIN: Fine. Works for me.

Vin sets his gun in the band of his pants.

VIN: Lets roll.

Greg looks on…


JesseyDKrdfN.jpg is at the coffee shop.

He looks at his watch.

The barista, Hunter1OAc3Zo.jpg, brings him his coffee.

HUNTER: A late meeting Commander Hubbard?

JESSE: Yes, but an important one.

HUNTER: Good luck

Kayla JohnsonR8Y8pbF.jpg walks in.

KAYLA: You are Angies husband right?

JESSE: That is me. Hello Kayla Johnson. Great to meet you.

KAYLA: Sorry I was late. Hospital stuff goes long sometimes.

JESSE: Yeah, I know. It keeps Angie busy

KAYLA: Yeah that’s right. Angie did tell me all about your plans for a fundraiser for the city.

JESSE: The community is lucky to have you. I am thrilled that you want to help with it.


Jennifer HortonqdRyybI.png is at her new place.

She is still doing some unpacking.

Daniel Jonasn1RtBOy.jpg arrives with his suitcases.

JENNIFER: Daniel! You didn’t tell me you were coming already.

DANIEL: Surprised?

JENNIFER: Definitely.

He sets his suitcases down and the two embrace


At JJs apartment:

ElizaHws9wNP.jpg bends over and starts to take off her pants ever so slowly…

JJQ5dUtnX.jpg watches and bites his lip..

ELIZA: Got me in my bra and panties…

JJ: This is more fun than I thought it was going to be.

Meanwhile, MirandadnnwS2a.jpg is next door frustrated. The music is still loud.

MIRANDA: This is ridiculous. Shouldn’t JJ be doing homework too.

She closes her book.

Miranda exits her apartment and goes next door and knocks on JJs apartment.

Eliza opens the door in her bra and panties…

Miranda is caught off guard.

ELIZA: Uhhh..is there a problem?

MIRANDA: This music is really loud. I am next door trying to work.

ELIZA: Oh. I guess that is my fault.

MIRANDA: Where is JJ?

Shirtless JJ walks up to see who it is.

He is surprised and slightly embarrassed.

JJ: Miranda…


At the casino:

Derrick goes to the bar.

DERRICK: I’ll take a shot of crown.

BRITTANY: Coming right up.

BILLY: Any luck out there tonight?

DERRICK: No winning for me.

BILLY: That sucks bro.

Brittany hands him his shot of whiskey and Derrick takes it.

DERRICK: That helps. Now Ill have a beer.

BRITTANY: I haven’t seen you here before?

DERRICK: I come once in awhile. Usually I drink elsewhere though.

BRITTANY: Oh. Gotta come here more often.

DERRICK: I think I do too.

BRITTANY: Now this guy (points to Billy) This guy is becoming a regular.

DERRICK: To drink... root beer?

BILLY: No No. I come here to see this young lady.

DERRICK: Oh. You two an item?

BRITTANY: We are old friends.

BILLY: Something Like that.


Derrick seems to have a glimmer of shadiness in his eye…


Greg parks the car with he, Chavo and Vin near the gas station.

GREG: Get in and out quickly guys.

VIN: And you get ready to haul a*s out of here and dispose of this car.

The three all put on masks.

CHAVO: Lets get this done!

Chavo and Vin exit the car and head into the gas station.

Vin pulls out his gun and points it at the guy at the register.

VIN: All of your money now! Every last bit.

Back in the car, Greg is nervous. He is tapping his foot and tapping his hand on the steering wheel.

His phone starts to ring and he looks at it.

It is a call from Marcino.

GREG: I so wish I could answer right now Marcino, but this is a bad time.

He looks back towards the gas station.

GREG: Come on guys. Hurry.


At the coffee shop

KAYLA: Little late for coffee for me, but a nice hot tea sounds great.

HUNTER: I think you are going to love it.

Hunter hands the drink to Kayla.

KAYLA: Thank you.

Hunter walks back to his counter.

KAYLA: Never been to this place yet but I like it.

JESSE: This is my gasoline that keeps me running.

KAYLA: So what would you like me to do for this fundraiser?

JESSE: Just volunteer to help out while its going on. Maybe you and Angie could get some folks from the hospital to donate.

KAYLA: Will this be taking place soon?

JESSE: Hopefully sometime this summer. I have to work things out with the chief first.

KAYLA: I promise that whatever you need me for I will help with.

JESSE: Thank you so much. This community needs more people like you for sure.


Cut to Daniel and Jennifer

JENNIFER: So do you like this place? I know you didn’t get a chance to pick it out with me.

DAN: It is really great. You did well.


DAN: Our first house together.

JENNIFER: Yes. I like you putting it that way.

They kiss..

DAN: I have wanted this all along.

JENNIFER: A house together?

DAN: Well to get away together. To be away from Salem. Just you and me.

JENNIFER: Will take some getting used to, but at least JJ is still near me. I like that.

DAN: Yeah…

Daniels smile fades…


At JJ’s apartment:

JJ turns the music off.

JJ: I am sorry the music got so loud, Miranda.

MIRANDA: I feel like I am interrupting something.

JJ: Well we were just—

ELIZA: --Just having a sexy game of strip poker.

JJ: I guess it got out of hand.

MIRANDA: I will leave you both to that. I am sorry.

She starts to leave.

JJ: Wait!

Miranda turns back around.

JJ: Don’t be sorry.


Things get awkward as they both go silent.

Eliza looks on at them both and rolls her eyes.

JJ: I promise the music will stay off tonight and not get so loud ever again.

MIRANDA: Cool. See you later..

She walks off.

JJ closes the door.


AT the Casino:

DERRICK: I better head out. Duty calls.

BRITTANY: Hope you come back and gamble and more importantly, drink soon.

DERRICK: I am sure I will.

“Dragonfly” by Shamans Harvest starts to play.


[:00] Derrick walks away from the bar, but he turns back around and looks back at Billy and Brittany at the bar.

He takes out his phone and takes a picture of them both…

DERRICK: Hopefully one day…because I would love to bang both of them…

He walks off.

[:17] At Jennifer’s house:

JENNIFER: I need some water and a break from unpacking.

She exits into the kitchen.

Daniel looks on unhappy.

Daniel: JJ better not bother us. It would be in his best interest to stay away.

[:33] At JJ’s apartment.

JJ seems disappointed.

ELIZA: Please do not let the killjoy from next door ruin the night.

JJ: I think it is best we call it a night.

JJ puts on his shirt.

ELIZA: But that was so much fun! I know you were having a blast. Saw it with my own two eyes Jack Jr!

JJ: It was fun, but it is time to call it a night and I said when we met to please just call me JJ.

ELIZA: Okay…your mood changed quickly, but if you insist.

Eliza starts to put on her clothes.


At the coffee shop:

Jesse and Kayla shake hands and Kayla exits.

Hunter comes to the table to pick up Kaylas cup.

HUNTER: Hey Commander Hubbard, I just wanted to tell you real quick that I know cops take a lot of flak. Especially these days, but I respect you all and what you do.

JESSE: Thank you Hunter. That means a lot.

Jesse shakes his hand.

Jesse’s radio then goes off to a robbery that has just been alerted.

JESSE: Looks like I am heading out!

HUNTER: Good luck sir. Be safe.

Jesse exits.


Masked Vin and Chavo come running out of the gas station and across the street to the car.

VIN: Hit it Greg lets get out of here!

Greg peels out and takes off quickly.

CHAVO: We have to get somewhere to dispose of this old ass vehicle. Where did you get this anyway, holmes?

VIN: Stole it of course…man that was such a rush! I loved it.

CHAVO: Faster Greg!

Greg makes a sharp turn as he speeds up.

Greg doesn’t say word he just looks on towards the road very nervously.

VIN: Hurry to the river!

Greg goes down a hill to the river and stops.

VIN: We’ll leave it here. Let’s get going.

There can be sirens heard in the distance!

CHAVO: They can’t know were down here.

VIN: I don’t know but let’s take off.

The three take off on foot quickly. Vin carrying the bag of cash.

The camera zooms out on the car…

[2:17] Credits roll

*I do not own any non original characters nor any pics.


Recommended Comments

  • Members

Love that song. Really went well for the scenes.

SO what is up with Derrick? I love it. I knew something was up when he flashed his pocket monster in fron of Katsu. Yes. That is so sexxy.

Billy and his root beer lol.

I thought for a minute Jesse was about to ask hunter for his number. The thugs and Jesse worlds about to collide.

It's all so intresting I really enjoy the series.

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  • Members

I have to agree with ML about the song. It matched not only the scenes but the show perfectly. You really know what you want in your show which makes me extremely happy for you.

I love how you write Billy. You really just bring Billy in the right way. It reminds me of how I fell in love with his character when I first started to watch The Young and the Restless.

OH JJ! I have a feeling that JJ doesn't know what he is after in life here. He is still trying to find his footing. Which is good. If you are starting a triangle let it develop. This is gonna be good!

Derrick? He seems like he is going to set up some good story in the future for your show. I was instantly intrigued by when you put the description of him having shadiness in his eyes.

The whole gang thing will get interesting. Chavo and Vin..., interesting names LOL.

Just Paradise is slowly starting to seem like no Paradise at all LOL.

I continue to love how you do this show. It is neat and fresh each week.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Members

A quick moving, action packed show.

Really enjoyed the scenes with JJ, Miranda, and Eliza. You've established the triangle, and who we might root for. And you also captured the conflict with JJ

So they robbed the gas station!! BAD ASS kids!! LOL

Nice interaction with Jesse and Kayla. And you are slowly building their friendship...

Derrick has got something up his sleeve. Something tells me he's a swinger.

Loved this episode!! The action has picked up, and the music helped to tie all the action together...

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  • Members

GREAT episode. All the scenes moved, and pacing was great. The robbery scenes were very well executed. The tension and the build were fantastic and it's gonna be great to see how it all goes down after this.

Jesse and Kayla had a good interaction. Liking where that's going, and there's obviously potential to really get messy, which you know I love!

Derrick surprised me with that comment about Brittany and Billy. Gonna be interesting to see how he manages to make that one happen. No idea where that's going, and I kinda like that!

The triangle scenes were good too. JJ is, as usual, torn between the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Gotta love him, he's gonna screw up with Miranda so much and you know it. Wonder why Daniel is so adamant to keep him away, though. HMMM...

Fantastic episode. Really great work, Nick!

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