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  1. We left on a huge hiatus but now it's time to come back to the light. Finding the Light only has one season left, and the first chapter is almost over. I will soon be posting the second half of Tumbling Down which consists of 8 more episodes and ends on the date of February 29th 2012 at the Masquerade Ball where everything will come Tumbling Down! Previously on Finding the Light: Tumbling Down Annie has been manipulating everyone around her. Reva is being pulled away from her relationship with Noah. Josh is struggling to battle his cancer. Marah is being forced into a marriage with E

    S4 Episode 8

    OMFG! This is all the pics they would let me put in here!?!?!?!

    S4 Episode 8

    Life changing moments happen in Springfield... Mallet and Dinah's House: The whole family is now together. Mallet and Dinah stand in the living room. Belinda and RJ stand in the middle. Cyrus and Marina are walking inside. Belinda looks at her mother, "No. Stop it. This isn't funny." Dinah sighs, "I know." Cyrus looks at Belinda, "I've waited so long to talk to you about this Belinda. I promise you not a day has gone by where I didn't miss you." Belinda stares, "You barely know me." Dinah looks at her, "I know this isn't what yo

    S4 Episode 7

    I am actually loving the new layout for the site. It's so easy and nice looking. I hope they don't change it again for a while. I really struggle writing Belinda's story. It feels so cliche. But I really want to hit the real emotions instead of just the big shockers! But still revelations are fun Though this will most likely be hte last time we see a story quite like this on FTL. Ashlee is very fragile. I wanted her to go back to her original personality of being a fun, self-concious but still a little dark. This is the girl who shot Alan Spaulding for being mean to her Mom. Ashlee's
  5. Winding Way Everything is fast paced in LA People are on edge And for some it's life or... ULA: Lauren is talking with the nurses at the front desk. She is relieved that Michael is going easier on her. Suddenly the next patient is rushed in. The hospital staff gasp when they recognize him. Drew is being rolled in. Lauren turns, "Drew? Oh my God." She rushes over to check him out. The EMT's update her on Drew's status. They rush him into a room. Lauren follows. Apartment 7: Riley walks inside
  6. Just the title gets me excited!!! Still mad at Lauren for ruining that moment! It's nice to see Lauren interacting with everyone. When people have stories where they are isolated from the others, it's easy to forget how interesting they can be. I love how Ria can let her walls down a bit with Jasmine. It's nice to see that side of her, as well as the tough exterior. (BTW everytime I see Jasmine I think of A Different World lol). WOW! Sister Pat's scene was intense!!! I have no idea where her character is going now! This was crazy! What made you decide to take her this route? And I
  7. OMG! That was probably one of the best opening scenes you've ever had! So much good stuff! Once again I love big revelations that affect the whole town. And I love when stories tie into each other. Wow such a romantic scene with Daniel and Sharan! That scene was written very well. I hope to see even more romance on STEAM I loved the poem too. The whole scene was romantic. Of course up until Lauren came over! Lol she had to ruin the moment. But it was still sweet. AH!!!! Another courtroom story!!! I love these! Anything that brings all the characters together, brings up history from the
  8. Your opening scenes are good, they always set the mood for the episode. I love Miss Rue taking down Alexis! Such a great triumph! Damn DC doesn't mess around. I'm getting more interested in his story and relationship with Karim. OMG! Such a good scene with Ria and Kiko. Must have been hard for her to refuse but she is strong and stubborn! Lol. Very nicely written. Ah! Such a good ending! I love the mystery. I don't even want to guess! Lol. I really thought we were about to find out! Good cliff hanger!

    S4 Episode 7

    HUGE shocks and surprises are in store for Springfield... Mallet and Dinah's House: RJ and Belinda walk up to the front door. Belinda looks at him, "It's so sweet of you to walk me to the door." He sighs, "Actually is it okay if I come in?" She stares, "Okay... sure." She can tell he's acting weird. Belinda opens the door. The two walk inside. Dinah and Mallet are sitting in the living room. Belinda looks at them, "What's up?" Mallet stands, "Hey. Can we talk now?" She shakes her head, "What's going on? Where's Anthony?" Dinah sighs, "With your Grandmother.
  10. JAYJAY

    S4 Episode 6

    The stories move faster because they conclude at the end of the chapter. It's harder but keeps me from forgetting things and letting things drag out too long. Ashlee shoves her finger down her throat to throw up. That does some damge to your fingers. I'm glad you're enjoying it. The young people living together has given me so much juicy drama! I can't wait for the revelation towards the end of Tumbling Down. Reva is part of the Annie storyline. So in Tumbling Down she is grouped with her whole family for that one. But it's only a matter of time before Reva has something big. I just d
  11. Mission The Sun has risen in LA People are beginning their day And everyone has plans at 4616 Melrose Place Apartment 6: Jonah is sleeping on his couch. He begins waking up to the smell of bacon and french toast. He opens his eyes. He can see Violet standing in his kitchen wearing nothing but a T-shirt. She is making breakfast. He stares, "What's this?" She turns, "Oh I'm sorry! Did I wake you? He smiles, "No better way to wake up." She laughs, "I'm sure there is at least one better way." Jonah stares at her. She brings his breakfast over to him.
  12. Carmelina It's the afternoon in LA. Traffic is backed up. The beaches are filled. Courtyard: Drew is out in the courtyard. Lauren is walking out of her apartment. She looks down, "Hey." He looks up at her, "Hi." She walks down the steps, "What's up?" He sighs, "Just waiting for Riley to come home. It's more relaxing to wait out here then inside our apartment." Lauren nods, "I see. So are you having the talk?" Drew laughs, "I think she already knows where babies come from." Lauren stares, "You know what I mean. Are you telling Riley about how serious you
  13. JAYJAY

    S4 Episode 5

    Yep. I knew that if I told this story for Ashlee again it had to be different. This time she isn't written with as much sympathy. She is acting irresponsible and this time it may have cost someone their life. I'm glad you're getting so into the HIV mystery. I'm so excited for the revelation. It will happen before the end of Tumbling Down. The Dinah and Belinda story is a little too cliche soapy, but it has to be told and I'm hoping to keep it interesting and make it more about the emotional impact than simply the shock. Kevin is going down a dark path. Thanks so much! I'm loving wr
  14. JAYJAY

    S4 Episode 6

    Bad behavior catches up with people in Springfield... Cedars: Ashlee is lying on a hospital bed. Lillian is with her. Ashlee opens her eyes, "What is going on?" Lillian looks at her, "You okay? You took a hard hit to your head after you fainted?" Ashlee stares, "Fainted?" Lillian sits by her, "What do you remember sweetheart?" Ashlee sits up, "I was scrubbing in to go into surgery. I was standing next to Dr. Bauer and it was freezing. I started to get a little dizzy. I was calm, but that's all I remember." Lillian looks at her, "You collapsed during surgery and kno
  15. Hart Another sunny morning Warm LA weather Growing tension at 4616 Melrose Place Apartment 4: Chase Matthews walks around his room in his boxer briefs. His room is covered in different outfits. Finally he makes his selection. After doing his hair he walks out to the living room. Ella Simms is pacing. He stares, "El, what's up? I thought you'd be at work by now." She sighs, "I've never been late before. But I'm thinking of a new route to take. I'm honestly this close to just moving our offices somewhere. Unfortunately that is not within my power." Chase loo
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