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  1. They won't be spiting her b/c word is now that Bravo might be green lighting two shows surround LVP--one around LVP dog shelter and a Vanderpump Vegas.
  2. Y'all are gonna stop coming for my San Cristobal crew and story! 😭 Minus the Reva overkill, I actually liked that period of the show. Do you all think that if Richard/Edmund (with Olivia as their assistant) were simply corporate tycoons from San Cristobal that were coming for Spaulding Enterprises & Lewis Construction that there wouldn't've been much heat on the arc? Now Jeffrey, I agree on. I felt that they should've never brought Bradley Cole post-Richard. There were plenty of men on the canvas at the time that Cassie could've been paired with after Richard's death. I always felt that they should've tried testing Cassie with Frank.
  3. In other words, this is about to be one of the following: A flop as season a la season 11 of RHOA where the break out new girls in order to stir up drama but to no avail, thus leading to a retool and bringing back old faces to stir up drama (i.e. Brandi) A boring mess until production will pulls either Dorit or Rinna aside and tell her to amp it up in the drama department. The writing is on the wall with BH. The magic they once had is gone. This upcoming season will be the beginning of the end, and the women only have themselves to blame as they allowed their jealousy for LVP steer them blind.
  4. Sure ain't. Honestly, all I see in these photos are 2 media wh*res trying to emulate icons. And Harper's Bazaar has joined American Vogue in the slums by giving the Kardashians a platform. Just trash.
  5. Why?!!! I just want my girl to be happy. 😭
  6. Wasn't Marlene the writer during the time Madison James popped up on canvas?
  7. Leeanne was being an ass tonight. She could've shared a damn room with Kary. However, Kary irked my nerve when she came for Leeanne not wanting kids. Not everyone has the tools to be a parent. I think we should applaud Leeanne for being honest enough to admit she is not motherly at all. And I don't think that she using her suicidal experience to manipulate people. Do I think it is a coping mechanism and a shield? Yes. What I do love about this cast is that they are very real and raw about their issues.
  8. Right! Sadly, she'll suffer the same fate as others that have aligned with Trampra and ShanLoon. They'll use her and abuse her. I just hope that Emily does not take her back with such open arms. In regard to the flop known as RHOBH... *sighs* Oh, dumb, husband humping Eileen... Wasn't she pro-dog abuse, yet she believes Dorit over the proof that the dog ended up in a damn kill shelter?! Also, her sheer hatred from LVP is hilarious. Like Brandi, she's clearly doing her best to get a slot back on the sinking ship; meanwhile, word is that LVP might be the Real Housewives upcoming spinoff that NBC put in their press release recently. These chicks just keep building LVP's empire step by step.
  9. This reunion... They ALL went in. I'm ranking this episode up there in top 5 housewife reunion moments. From Karen throwing shots at Gizelle/Robyn/Ashley to Ashley v. Candiace--this reunion gave me everything I needed. I think this MIGHT be the first time that we have a reunion that is good in all 3 parts.
  10. Good for Charrisse! I am glad she is back. I always found it embarrassing that she was the original cast wife on this show and got booted. And besides Monique and Karen, Charrisse is one of the few that'll call Gizelle out.
  11. Well damn! 😂 It is sad that soaps were so daring and bold back in the 70s but are so dull, cliche, and saccharine nowadays.
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