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  1. Did you see the video where Kyle was on a panel for reunion fashions? She apparently got the least amount of applause. Hell, even TamRat got more applause than her. It was embarrassing. 😆 I did find it odd and smart on Bravo's part that they didn't do a BH panel. Given that LVP fans were rampant, those women would've gotten torn to shreds and rightfully so. Scratch that. I stand corrected. The BH panel is tomorrow. 😈 Oh it is gonna be so juicy when those LVP Stans get to these women.
  2. @Cat I think people aren't watching Dallas b/c they committed the same sin of Miami season 3--Bravo f-cked up the already established chemistry by adding Kary and getting rid of Cary, and they focused too heavily on Leeanne's wedding. They should've taken a page from RHOP with Candiace's wedding and only focused on it about 2 episodes max. It's overkill. I think Dollar Tree Kary (nuKary) has to go this season. She sticks out like a sore thumb. I'd re-add Cary Deuber to the show along with Tiffany. To add diversity to the cast, I'd add Claudia Jordan (previously of RHOA) as she's friends with some of the Dallas girls and a Latina woman to mix. Dare I say it but this is one of the many shows that needs to stack the cast. They need about 9-10 interesting housewives on a show to make this show pop and never provide us with a filler episode. Dallas can't afford it at this point. Moving on to Salt Lake City being announced as the new city, I don't see it fitting the Housewives mold. I don't think this is gonna read well on TV. Bravo should've seriously just revived DC and Miami. They should've given them a "where are they now" type season with 10 episodes and if the ratings popped, they could've officially revived the shows. I hope I am proven wrong and this show pops. I just don't see it. In regard to BravoCon, I am glad that LVP got the loudest pop by the crowd it was well deserved. ET asked Kyle if she saw LVP this weekend would she speak and she said she would. She said they were seated at a restaurant recently and Kyle tried to speak but LVP ignored her. 😂
  3. Only person I see tossing shade at LVP will be Rinna b/c she can't help herself. Her dumba** stays putting herself in sticky situations. Erotika will do her typical eye roll and say nothing. Dorit and Denise will be diplomatic as they don't want the wrath of Vanderpump fans. Teddi will play victim if she says anything, but I see her not even touching the subject given fans are still eating her a** up till this day for ruining last season. I think LVP will be there seeing as she has the drink there. She'll probably surprised people and pop up. I thought Kyle was attending BravoCon. What happened with her? Did she pull out due to fear of fans ripping her a new one?
  4. As she should. I am glad that she is giving them no shine at all. I bet top dollar that LVP will consume the BH panel at BravoCon. It is gonna irk Kyle's soul that she can't escape LVP. What they better pray is that LVP fandom is at BravoCon. Some of them go hard for Lisa.
  5. Don't forget Rinna, Doridiot, Erotika Lame, and Dummy Bear too. You know all of them are p-ssed at this moment.
  6. LVP is out here making boss moves! She's partnered with Pepsi to have a specialized sparkling water at BravoCon this weekend! https://www.inquisitr.com/5741463/pepsi-sparking-rose-lisa-vanderpump-bravocon/#ixzz65AYeLwso You all know that the other women are going to be seething! 😂
  7. Disney+ is going to run my life for a LONG time...

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    2. ChitHappens
    3. Cheap21


      Im surprised by the lack of content. I mean there's alot there but I was scrolling and expected more. I wish they had merged Hulu into it considering they own most of it. 

    4. NothinButAttitude


      They are missing a lot of content, but I think they did that to possibly entice people in the future. The fact that they have my precious X-Men: The Animated Series on their platform was enough for me to toss out $6 a month. 

  8. I felt bad for Porsha tonight. She truly needs to be done with Dennis. In regards to Cynthia/Kenya/Eva, Kenya needs to watch Cynthia. Cynthia's flip-flopping is growing old as f-ck.
  9. So apparently Camille isn't the only BH housewife to return. Brandi, Eileen, and Kim are filming as well. This must be one sh*tty ass season. That you must pull out every housewife in the history of the show to make up for the drabness that is to come.
  10. ^ This. Plus I doubt a judge will toss her in jail right before Christmas seeing as she has 3 kids, is involved in her community, and is a first time offender. Candiace, on the other hand, is playing a losing game. Bravo is gonna get dragged in this and they are gonna be p*ssed. While they are happy this is gonna boost the ratings, they are going to have to have to probably get their own legal team to protect themselves. Networks hate to be dragged into legal matters.
  11. Yep. I heard the rumors weeks ago, but now it is official. F-ck a RHOBH in January. I want Potomac back now! I know this season is gonna be 🔥
  12. I'm just happy that Jackie is finally being exposed. Like Mariah said, "your slip is staring to show."
  13. Further confirms that this the upcoming season is dry as f-ck. It's time to fire people and I don't mean Garcelle or Sutton. I know 6 other birds that need to be chopped...
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