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  1. So weird that CBS would put a rerun of Mash smack dab between GL and LOL. Was 2 PM a timeslot for local affiliates at that time? I think had LOL followed GL at 2 PM, it would've probably lasted longer.
  2. Can I just say that Eboni is a great (and long awaited) addition to RHONY? She is the energy that this show needed. That aside, I need for it to be a rule that these shows have a mandatory 7-9 cast main cast members going forward. A show with 5-6 women goes stale fairly quickly. In regard to RHOD, I watched the reunion and it confirmed why I didn't watch this show at all this season. These women (minus Tiffany and D'Andra) are trash. I used to have love for Kameron but no more. She was just aggravating and idiotic on the reunion. Keep D'Andra and Tiffany, bring back Cary Deuber an
  3. I am ready for Marlo to spill all the beans. Let it all out, Marlo!!! And Drew...
  4. And isn't that not good seeing as BBC is like PBS--a tax payer channel? And with EE bringing in ratings like that with their big budget, wouldn't they have to start trimming folks then if they don't get any better? When the show brings back popular characters, they ruin them in no time flat. I'd be all for the show bringing in new families or digging into the annals and digging up characters that we haven't seen in decades. In regard to the Beale family, get rid of Ian's crew and bring on some of Kenny or Maggie's kids.
  5. I've been so far removed from EE every since they had Bobby kill Lucy. But if I did have one suggestion, it would be to get rid of anything and anyone with the last name MITCHELL. Phil would die. Ben would take Callum and his seed and go far away. Raymond would be the only "Mitchell" left, but he'd grow up in a loving environment thanks to Denise, Patrick, and whomever else is in the Fox orbit. Dare I say it but I'd scrap the Beales too minus Kathy and Peter. Ian is too heinous at this point and Bobby would be sent off too. Sharon can go too.
  6. I never understood misery on Christmas or New Years either. You'd think that at this point, the characters on Albert Square would get petrified around the start of December, as something bad always happens. Who knew that Angie/Den's Xmas divorce, which propelled EE into the stratosphere, would come back haunt all the UK soaps at this stage. It is just so predictable at this stage that Xmas for the UK soaps = murder and mayhem instead of family and community.
  7. @DaytimeFan, I gave up after they kept Brandi and fired Leeanne for the same crap; however, I don't give up on the show as a whole. This show is gonna have to do one of two things--bring back Leeanne to revive this show OR a massive overhaul a la Miami season 2. The personalities are there. I still think it was stupid that they didn't toss Claudia Jordan on the cast as she lives in Dallas, is cool with Cary Deuber, and was beefing with Kary Brittingham on Twitter.
  8. This. It would be pure karma given how they did Monique last year. However, I see the GEBs pulling another divide and conquer this year. I bet top dollar that Wendy and Candaice will be ripped at the seams with Candaice ending up on an island all alone before they drive her out too. And Karen better not come and save her either. Let Candaice drown seeing as she pushed the "let's ice Monique out" crap. Live by the sword, die by it.
  9. It was OK. Kenya, despite being my girl, got her feet held to fire a lot, but that's normal. She handled it well. Drew, on the other hand, continued to annoy me. One second, she's sobbing, the next she is giggling, and then she's acting like she has selective amnesia the next. I'm glad Toya came out pounced on her at the end of the reunion.
  10. This 2nd vaccination is whooping my a**!

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    2. NothinButAttitude


      @Taoboi, I am feeling much better now. However, I was struggling the past 24 hrs. 


      @Vee, the first one flattened me; however, this second one takes the cake...

    3. Taoboi


      @NothinButAttitude good to hear you are doing better. Day 3 has me feeling better, but Shot 2 clearly no joke. 

    4. Soapsuds


      Hope you all feel better. Just rest and sleep. It will wear off. 


      @Taoboi Think of your hot male nurse and you'll feel better.😂

  11. They already killed Shaki. Why kill another of Carmel's sons in yet another pointless murder? So they can mold Gray into some massive serial killer no one will care or talk about in a year? He won't be EE's version of Richard Hillman if that's what they were going for. EE seriously needs to leave serial killer stories alone b/c they always end up flopping. And with a Square filled with killers already, one more ain't gonna peak the audience's attention. I think folks are numb to it at this stage. So I am guessing that Gray won't be found out until Xmas or New Years? S
  12. Jesus. So they killed off Kush? Like why? Also, this show is starting to suffer from what put US soaps in the bind they're in--doing plot-driven stories for shock effect. At the end of the day, what long-time purpose will this serve for the canvas? Frankly, I see no purpose at all. Yet another pointless murder on this show.
  13. Meh. I swear Jersey gets styled the worst out of the bunch. I don't remember one reunion where I've felt the cast as a whole killed it. Melissa is the only one that pops out to me and even her look is standard and basic at best.
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