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  1. @KMan101, I think BB has tons of life in it; however, I think the show needs to leave CBS. CBS has too many racial issues going on behind the scenes from the top for us to even think that there will be change on this show. Honestly, I'd prefer for ABC or even NBC to get this show. Hell, even FOX or Netflix. I think they'd at least be more firm with the race issues than CBS. I do think that the low ratings this season will have to result in change behind the scenes. Possibly, getting rid of Grodner and Meehan will lead to change. I'd only prefer Trevor Boris (Producer of BBCAN) to take over on BBUS. In regards to BBCAN, the show climaxed at BBCAN5 and hasn't been able to recapture what that season provided.
  2. Tonight's Potomac in one word--EPIC! When Karen delivered Ashley with the uppercut, I died. Ashley was begging for it. Can I just say that tonight was three years in the making! Ashley has been all up in everyone's business but tonight, she could not take it. She cannot dish but not take it. Also, Candiace's petulant outbursts are getting old. What Monique was telling her was the truth. The only gripe I have for Monique is that you don't confront your friends in the presence of enemies (Ashley). She should've called her aside and told her to stop acting up. If Robyn does not see that Gizelle is playing her, she is a fool. Gizelle's messy a** used her to relay the message and put the drama on the table. Then she wants to back away from the drama. I can't with her. Karma truly is a b*tch and circular and tonight highlighted that. I just hope the same effect comes tenfold on ALL the BH women on their show.
  3. They've based the season around him and thick jaw Jackson--both who got caught on feeds saying the n-word in regards to David. Both who have threatened violence against Kemi, the one Black woman in the house. It boggles my mind how this show is still on air and how CBS is still the powerhouse it is.
  4. This twist is suiting her though b/c the hgs she is protecting are still in the game.
  5. The optics of this season is pure TRASH. 3 of the POCs being sent into "Camp Comeback." More like Camp Detention Center. I don't who the f-ck at CBS thought this would be good, but it isn't. Especially, when this cast is uttering racial slurs much like BB15 and BB19. Oh and Audrey has exposed CBS within the past hour:
  6. I'm glad that Camille is calling folks out for their hypocrisy if anything. Also, why does Denise keep inserting herself in drama that does not consist of her? She's gonna be loathed come reunion time. And Kyle's "tears"...😏
  7. Can we talk about the timing of Ashley have her baby last night? 😆 She is gonna bottle this moment up and try and sell it in order to shut down all rumors that Michael likes sausage. That aside, Potomac was ICONIC last night. That episode was defining episode for their show, and next week seems to be another one. It looks like Michael's sexual assault it about to take the forefront.
  8. If I am not mistaken, Capitol's story bible and a script was posted online. Just when I was gonna download it, the site went down. 😔
  9. Looks like LVP and Nicolette know each other...😁
  10. So glad to see Michael Park on Stranger Things. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BetterForgotten


      He's had a really incredible run on Broadway since ATWT ended. That's really lead to him being a part of some bigger things. 

    3. NothinButAttitude


      I'm just glad that he's finally getting some shine. 

    4. Vee


      He's got a p substantial role this season. I'm so glad he's become a major theater star and renowned character actor in TV. And yes, he's a silver fox. (My fantasy is to lure him back to a hypothetical high-end streaming revival of a certain unrelated soap in his spare time; a man can dream.)

  11. Vicki grates my nerves at times but I agree. Demoting her is gonna kill this show. Bravo turning against a lot of these OGs is what is gonna be one of the nails in the coffin. Also, that trailer was underwhelming for me. It does not make me wanna watch at all.
  12. What I love about Potomac is how the sins of the past keep popping up this year. Ashley's past sins keep popping up in the form of Candiace. While Candi is messy as f-ck this year, I did enjoy when she called Ashley out for being a busybody in the past. Karma is a b-tch and you are NOT on her good side, Ashley. I did enjoy Mo rightfully chin-checking Candi though b/c it was needed. Candi was messy to give Gizelle any information knowing that she was going to use it and twist it. And everything Mo said had validity. All of Candiace's actions stem from her relationship with her mom. Gizelle buying this dilapidated home for almost 1 million...😐 I need her to get with Kenya and Kandi to see how you properly flip a house for a decent amount. Gizelle is gonna lose more money than gain. I am glad that Robyn starting next week will actually add something to the show. God knows she is the dead weight on this show.
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