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  1. Apparently, we can add Nene to the list too as they are discussing the Nene choking Kim at Atlantic Station story in the book. Honestly, is this book supposed to take a shot at the women that put Housewives on the map--Nene, Bethenny, LVP...???? Also, with the LVP bit, who cares if she sold a story to the press? They all sell sh-t to the press. I wish that LVP would come out and be like, "I did it and what?" With Bethenny, like @Cat stated, Carole and Ramona can't be mad when they were laughing and prospering from the Tom story. And I don't even like Bethenny any more but come on now. IMO, I feel like this book/exposé is about to result in the death of Housewives. Why? B/c the fandom is gonna pick this book apart (they already are) and prove what we suspect--production playing favorites to certain wives. This is a book you put out after a show is dead and gone, not when it still has some life force. I think this book is gonna cause so much drama amongst the women, the network, and production. Hell, Bethenny already tweeted that she is this close to putting out her receipts online. This is about to be a big mess.
  2. That reunion pissed me off. Rinna is sheer, utter trash, and I believed that she said that sh-t. And the fact that she sat there and felt that Garcelle should've informed her about being an insensitive twat just made my head explode. So it is the Black woman's job to tell a White woman how to not be racist? I can't. And Erika piping in every second... Ugh. Like b-tch shut up. Your time is coming. Garcelle needs to get grimy next season. If I were her, I'd do everything in my power to bring down that little clique on the show. I'd be trying to woo LVP, Camille, Denise, and Kim Richards back to take Rinna, Kyle, Dorit, and Erika down.
  3. Can you please share your treasures (scripts) with us?
  4. Candiace needs to go. PERIOD. She is killing this show with her constant badgering of folks. But at this point, lets let her stay b/c her world is gonna unravel soon. Chris is growing tired of her. The group was backtracking on everything that happened to her last year and realizing she might've deserved it. Her fall from grace is gonna be glorious. Right along the lines of Phaedra.
  5. @ChitHappens, here she (Candy-ass) goes again...
  6. Candy-ass is pure, low-budget trash. If Mia had whooped her a**, I'd totally be for it. I am sick of this child provoking fights and getting away with murder.
  7. Squid Games has me SHOOKETH!

  8. @Soapsuds, thank you for the treasure! Ariel is a hoot! I wonder why the show never tried bringing her back as she's someone that could've easily been the gossiping busybody that rivaled Lisa and Lucinda in later years. It is so odd seeing Lyla spew venom at any one outside of John. But I get why as Craig was her baby boy. Can anyone provide background on Richard Fairchild? And I didn't know that Frank Telfer was on World Turns. I guess the show was trying to snatch all of The Doctors stars right after its demise. I really hope more videos from 81-85 pop up for ATWT.
  9. Stellar ending to a stellar season of Big Brother.

    1. slick jones

      slick jones

      Excellent.  1000x better than previous seasons. Thank gawd for the new casting director.

    2. NothinButAttitude


      I think it more so had to do with CBS new diversity policy, which should've always been in place. 

    3. slick jones

      slick jones

      I knew about the mandate, but I enjoyed the personalities of their choices.  

  10. I feel like centering the show solely around them and not developing other characters outside the Capwell clan made it hard for the show post Marcy and A leaving the show. They should've got this right at the height of the show's popularity. Other unpopular opinions: I liked Harley with Phillip. IMO, that was her best pairing. Her worst is a toss up between Gus and Mallet. I always felt Mallet should've been paired with Mindy as they had BOMB chemistry. I never got the hype of Beth/Phillip. Both characters were better when they weren't in each other's orbits. I actually liked Nick McHenry.
  11. I actually like Jensen's interpretation of Vicky up until Ryan died and they made her a long-suffering heroine with sh*tty pairings. Staying on track with Another World, I loved Robin Christopher's Lorna too. Yes, she was no Alicia Coppola, but she did a good job with the material given. I always felt that Robin's version was a more mature version despite still being a mess in the love department (much like the original). I think (too) that she possessed the one thing I worry about with all recasts--she had stellar chemistry with Linda Dano (Felicia). Many people know this already, but I loved Manny (Michelle/Danny) and the Santos clan on GL. While there were aspect that could've been done better, they did bring the Bauers rightfully back to the forefront. I didn't mind San Cristobal. Was it drawn out? Yes. But we did get great characters (Olivia, Edmund, Richard) to emerge from that arc. I preferred Luke/Noah over Luke/Reid. But overall, I was simply happy there was representation for those of us who were part of the LGBTQ community. It could've been plotted better but I digress... I didn't mind Hogan Sheffer on World Turns. Was he the strongest or most suitable writer? Nope. But I sure as hell enjoyed the show during his tenure than I did post him leaving. For me, I never got the hype behind Erika Kane. I always felt she was one note from what I saw of her. I found her to be unbearable at times. Never got the hype behind Tad/Dixie. After that second run, they should've scrapped that pairing. Dixie was SO refreshing in AMC 2.0 without Tad. From what I've seen of STF, I didn't like Hogan with Liza or Sunny. I do think that he was a better fit with Patty at the end of the day. I always felt this show missed the boat with Liza and Kentucky Bluebird (Will Patton). IMO, that was her next great love story had the show been smart and locked him down in a contract. Based off of what I've seen and read, I think OLTL was the superior show compared to AMC.
  12. Wendy is starting to actually revert back to the Wendy I didn't like last year. She and Candaice tend to go into the gutter when it isn't even necessary. And I cannot wait for Mia to pelt Candaice with lettuce next week. She deserves it with that mouth. She just further confirms why Monique snatched her a** up last year.
  13. I need a rush order of season 3 of Blood & Water, Netflix!

    1. victoria foxton

      victoria foxton

      I agree this season was so good. So many twist and turns. The cliffhanger was great. Love the song ''Fireproof''.

    2. NothinButAttitude


      @victoria foxton, Blood & Water is the show that is fulfilling my soapy needs. I need them to delve deeper into the human trafficking aspect next season though. I'm interested in how KB's mom gonna cause trouble for Puleng too. 

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