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  1. Midseason trailer for those who cannot see it. Also, Nene is low-class as f-ck. Who tries to spit on someone? Gutter butt.
  2. Why am I not surprised. 😑 From what little I've seen, why not have Stacey torn between the 2. That triangle seems like it could've lasted for years.
  3. That was a cute episode of Loving. Can I ask what happened to Rick? Was he just written off?
  4. @DaytimeFan, should they just revive Miami? That would make me damn happy at this point.
  5. Keep Kameron and fire the rest. The fact that the remainder of the cast was complicit and wasn't gonna bring it up speaks volumes.
  6. Brandi doesn't "know" what Blackface is...😒 I knew I was right when I legit stated in previous years that I don't like her.
  7. Sorry but Danielle should've snatched Marge bald after tossing a drink on her again. Toss drinks, get beat. Marge is really starting to "smell herself" (as we say in the South) lately. She's letting this show get to her head. Honestly, despite Danielle being a train wreck, these women came off nasty tonight. When will these women learn that gang mentality does NOT bode well with the audience? Moving on to Dallas, I have NEVER seen a housewife crash and burn like Leeanne. She needs to sit out a season or 2 and regroup b/c these women truly hate her and played her like a fiddle. In regard to Dollar Tree Kary, I still don't take to her at all. I find her forced and smut. When she asked Leeanne how much she donated to charity, as if that is the only way you can donate to charity, I knew my suspicions were valid. Pure trash that happened to marry rich. This show needs to be retooled. Keep Steph and Kameron and ditch the rest. I'd recast heavily. I previous felt Brandi could've stayed until this video popped up about her...
  8. Mariah is stating fact. It is public record that she and Lake fought. It isn't made up. Lake states her own opinion on the matter in Mariah's review video. Also, Mariah drops a nugget in this video that production tried bringing the affair to light back in s2, but Lake filed a cease and desist against production to prevent it coming out. Quad better thank Lake for preventing her ass from being exposed back then. In regard to the reunion, I am so glad that Jackie is exposed. She is a sh-tty human being and friend to Simone. How she can be friends with Heavenly aka Pressure Wash just boggles my mind. Heavenly is utterly vile. I cannot wait for Simone to expose her and Damon next week. And Contessa constantly inserting her irrelevant ass in matters...😒
  9. Nene's ass is gonna end up getting fired this year. With LVP leaving BH, Bethenny leaving NY, and Vicki getting demoted on OC, Nene better start treading lightly. Just because you are the 'face' of a show does not mean you are safe. And in Nene's case, it has been proven that ATL is just fine without her. Season 8 and especially season 9 had strong ratings.
  10. Heavenly continues to display how much of a monster she is...
  11. https://www.realitytea.com/2019/12/26/report-brandi-glanville-warned-denise-richards-that-kyle-richards-said-denise-would-be-targeted-on-real-housewives/ Brandi says that Kyle informed her that Denise was the target this year. Someone may be getting sloppy with their plotting.
  12. Kelly letting Tamra off the hook p*ssed me off. This is why Gretchen, Alexis, and Lizzie are needed for this show. They are the only women in the history of this show to truly hold Tamra's feet to the fire.
  13. I'm with that with all UK soaps. They are all going through this funk that I just don't care to watch anymore. I still do read up as to what is going on but none of them seem to spark my interest anymore. With ED, I started to tune out of the show after Ashley died. The show is just too Aaron/Dingle driven for me, and I like a few of the Dingles; however, I can't stand a show that focuses on one--the one that isn't the central family. With Corrie, I've had the worst reconnection with. My biggest gripe with them is that they always lose the interesting characters while keeping the deadweight. And I reconsidered watch EE again when Mel returned, but one episode in, I knew it was gonna be some mess and it ended up being just as expected. I also can't bear to watch Bobby's sins be washed over and for Phil to be made a victim (for the 1000th time) b/c a woman did something outside the relationship.
  14. Is this supposed to repair Ian and Bobby b/c if so, I don't see it happening. EE still has a sour taste in my mouth post having Bobby kill Lucy. I still get pissed thinking about all the story potential Lucy could've had with Hetti Bywater still playing her.
  15. Lizzie was phenomenal. She was pretty, intelligent, and honest. Plus, she is one of the few that took Tamra to task. S9 of the OC is their BEST season IMO. The Bali trip where Tamra got exposed was must see TV. It always pissed me off how Bravo didn't want to bring Lizzie back the following season b/c Tamra pulled strings with production to sabotage her return. The only offered her a 'friend' position and iced her out 99% of the season despite having filmed most of it.
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