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  1. Little Women: Atlanta

    ^ I'll give it another 3-4 episodes. I find it embarrassing that Andrea continuously gets pregnant by Chris; she's too f-cking stupid for my liking. Can we get to the return of Abira already? That's what I wanna see. I wanna see how Minnie will react to her return seeing as Abira whooped Minnie at the reunion last season. I do live for the friendship of Monie and Juicy. Juicy may be messy, but she is loyal. I do believe that Morlin obviously cheated and it is bound to come out. I just need all these little women to stop popping out babies. That mess ain't cute. I feel like they all do it b/c they wanna keep these men and that's not the case. Getting pregnant and being in a crappy relationship is constant on all the Little Women franchises. It's saddening.
  2. Emmerdale: Discussion Thread

    Meh at Moria being Emma's killer. That was kind of expected as it was either between her, Ross, or Laurel. Personally, I found hit more profound when it appeared that Emma committed suicide. Making this story a murder mystery has just made it worse for me. Laurel and Bob... Really? OK. I get having Laurel move on, but they stay putting her in awkward pairings. Hopefully, this pans out to be more than expected.
  3. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Damn. I forgot they came on the other day.
  4. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    Now why you gotta do TEB like that!
  5. The Politics Thread

    So happy that Jones won tonight! Finally, America got it right. I'm shedding tears of joy right now.
  6. The Politics Thread

    That and can we eradicate them from the union? Just replace them officially with Puerto Rico, Guam, or Virgin Islands anyways.
  7. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    Yeah but that might leave it open for a return. I want something where it is visible they are killed and is hard to undo.
  8. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    What, buddy? A nice Michael death might give her some material for an EMMY reel.
  9. SOD: Best & Worst - 2017

    I'm gonna be honest ... does SOD even need to do a Best & Worst anymore? B/c it is all horrid to me. DOOL was the most solid this year, but I still don't find it to be great, captivating TV that compels me to watch in real time.
  10. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    That's what bothered me. Kenya wasn't out the door good and they started bashing her. What made it worse was Kenya said she finally found her place in the group and trusted these women and they pull that stunt. Just tacky. But NeNe will want Kenya to pledge her allegiance to her down the line when Kim and her start beefing again. And Kandi was f-cked up for starting the crap seeing as Kenya was her biggest advocate last year when Phaedra and Porsha deliberately lied on her. I expected that behavior from Sheree, Man-LOW, and Porsh-t though.
  11. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    I'd just prefer they kill him off, thus giving TEB some strong material for her EMMY reel. Just make it a triple homicide with Gloria, Kevin, and Michael being killed off. Then, Lauren can be tossed back into either Jack or Paul's orbits. I'd prefer Jack for the primary reason that it could reignite Tracy v. Lauren.
  12. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I am glad that Kenya threw a curve ball at these bitches tonight and went along with this faux wedding. They were expecting her to act out, thus validating their feelings about her marriage, but she ended up being a good sport and they didn't know how to take her. I get Kandi holding a grudge with Porsha. The severity of the act was just too much for Kandi to forgive her so easily. That's Porsha's problem. Everyone coddles her like a child and now she needs to be held responsible like an adult. Time for her to grow up. I did not like the last scene of the show. I thought they veered back into the toxicity by questioning Kenya's marriage right after the girl left in good spirits and spoke highly of the women. Per usual, MAN-LOW did production's bidding and questioned the marriage. All this shucking and jiving and you still don't have a peach to show for it. Girl, enough. I cut my eyes too when Porsha started to comment on Cynthia/Kenya's friendship and whether it is genuine or not. B*tch, are you the same chick that allowed your so called "bestie," Phelony Parks, to play you like a fiddle? Don't ever speak on what a friendship should be. Idiot. Kudos to Cynthia for not flip-flopping for once and remaining loyal to Kenya. So refreshing to see a woman on this show remain loyal to their friend and respect her wishes. However, NeNe is seething hot mad that Cynthia has her own mind now, and she can no longer control it. That's why I always preferred Cynthia/Kenya b/c Kenya encourages Cynthia to think on her own and stand in her own convictions. Sneak peek for next week: Child... Porsha should just be happy to be dating. She's so damn vain, hence why she'll never find happiness again.
  13. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Oh OK. Thanks for the reminder. It sucks that all that occurred with Lucinda/Lily post '93 that they didn't even think to recast or ask the original actress back. Especially, when Luke and Holden were thought to be dead, and Lucinda was diagnosed with breast cancer. But you're right. It was better she wasn't brought back b/c the show would've totally disregarded her history and made the character totally something different. However, that's what I don't get with soaps. You have these already established legacy characters sitting in the archives, who a practically blank canvases, but they opt to create all these pointless characters with no ties and they rarely stick. Maybe that's just by thought process. That aside, how would you have felt had they brought back Courtney? Don't forget Paul. Didn't she once upon a time dated him? Would've been more possible she'd've propped Paul/Meg and been killed off by Meg.
  14. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I'm drawing blank but whatever happened to Bianca? She was like the forgotten Walsh daughter.
  15. Y&R Vet Placed on Recurring

    Good. One foot is officially out the door. If only they'd go a step further and push him fully out the door. Wipe all the Fisher/Baldwins off the canvas forever!