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  1. I didn't know that Cheshire got a new intro this past season. At least ITV does their best to update shots often.
  2. Erika is guilty as sin. That story made no sense and the fact that these women aren't questioning it is boggling. They clearly fear her.
  3. That ending of The Have & The Have Nots was the WORST series finale I've ever seen. 

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    2. NothinButAttitude


      I wasn't really impressed with Crystal Fox's performance TBH. I thought it was too over the top. The finale was just a mess. 

    3. ChitHappens


      I gave up Tyler Perry years ago (only watch Oval occasionally to laugh...yes, it's equally bad) but I may check out the ending of HAHN because I've heard nothing but terrible things.  I'm super curious, and I don't even care if I don't know what's going on.

    4. NothinButAttitude


      @ChitHappens, I quit watching years ago too but decided to watch the finale. It was a mess. Worst TV finale I've ever seen, but I encourage people to watch it to just cackle at the lunacy. 

  4. https://www.realitytea.com/2021/07/19/erika-jayne-5-million-rinna-beauty/ Looks like Erika invested money into Rinna's beauty company, which makes a helluva lot of sense. This story just keeps getting juicier as the days pass.
  5. It was odd and uncouth of Wendy to get so snappy when Mia asked her a simple question. Maybe Wendy shouldn't've had a party celebrating plastic surgery if she didn't want the question asked. Mind you, Wendy asked Mia how old she was minutes before and she answered without getting p*ssy. Candiace irks my soul with carrying on about being a victim. Girl, you got your ass whooped. Move on. It happens to everyone. You win some, you lose some. And her dipping out on the party was farce. Just say you weren't ready to be around Karen. Furthermore, speaking of farce, Candiace and Chris wanting to have kids... These are the same people that profusely claimed they didn't want kids. Now they do. Bullsh*t. Same with Juan wanting Robyn to get knocked up too. I am so over people using babies for stories on these shows. It's tired. And I firmly believe that Dorothy is helping pay for this house too. Why would she have her own room then? The Bassetts are full of it. Gizelle pushing this faux relationship with Jamal after being exposed is stupid too. While the premiere was good, there was too much faking it for the cameras.
  6. What is stopping her now?! Nancy and Stephen's style of writing would be critically acclaimed in primetime or streaming platform. I miss their writing so much.
  7. Did y'all hear about the interview Gizelle and Robyn apparently had on Jasmine Brand earlier today? Supposedly, Gizzy is subtly starting to turn her fangs on Candaice just like we all said. Candaice must feel like an idiot. Yet another pawn in Gizelle's chess game. Called it that Gizzard is getting ready to run Candaice and Wendy off the show.
  8. Yes. I am truly disgusted by Bravo trying to paint her as some victim when her talking heads tell otherwise. Also, Rinna being wedged up Erika's a** is grating. This is the same trout mouth bimbo that had no issue taking LVP, Kim, and Denise to task b/c they were honest to her liking, but we're supposed to believe that she believes Erika's blatant lies? Whatever. I think this is gonna blow up in everyone's face at the end of the day.
  9. Wasn't she the EP on the Nickelodeon soap, Hollywood Heights? She had her shot and blew it. And SB was practically the newest show on the block when she was made EP and she blew that too. I get that the network influences a lot of decisions, but Jill needs to take accountability for her decades of flops too. She should've stuck to being a music director at the end of the day. She is good at that.
  10. Not surprised that Janet is struggling with the new bunch. Now that Gina, Lydia, or Pettifleur's big personalities there to cover up her antics, she becomes a bullseye for everyone. Glad to see that she realizes that a good thing is gone.
  11. She can't be too educated as she's out here saying stupid sh-t. This is why I don't care for Candaice much more. She does and says too much. Sometimes, she needs to practice silence b/c it is golden.
  12. This clown... Where is Monique at to go upside her head again?
  13. So I am waking up to see these tweets on my timeline and I don't even know what initiated them but... Does anyone have context to this because I am confused. Is there a longstanding feud between the 2?
  14. Exactly. I hope he is ready though b/c I think the audience (and media) are gonna rip his behind apart if he softballs her.
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