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  1. Have y'all been keeping up with the antics on Twitter involving BH? So People Magazine's Dave Quinn has pulled a 'Jussie Smollett' and has been exposed. Lisa Rinna, Erika, and Teddi have their hands all in it. https://allaboutthetea.com/2019/05/24/dave-quinn-of-fake-homophobic-attack/ This season is becoming so toxic as f*ck. I say they need to fire Rinna and Teddi stat. Most of the toxicity comes from them.
  2. Visually, the film was gorgeous. When it comes to acting, singing, and the narrative itself...🤐 Disney should've probably cast a lot of the Broadway actors in the movie roles. They would've been more suitable honestly.
  3. I agree. Rinna is gonna take that comment and ride it to the end of time though b/c she knows dog-gate no longer holds up.
  4. The comment was ignorant and she should apologize for it; however, the fandom needs to get a f*cking grip. You can't wish for LVP to be castrated on one hand and then cackle when Bethenny and Ramona call Luann "Lu-Man" or "Dumb Drag Queen" on NY. Pick your poison. What's good for the goose has to be good for the gander.
  5. She jokingly said that Erika tucks, and now a select few want to say she's transphobic.
  6. I agree. Rinna is having a meltdown over tonight's episode on Twitter right now. Especially, over the jest that LVP made about Erika. Was it ignorant? Hell yes. Do I think it garners the venom from these folks? Nope.
  7. Rinna IG'd this about Vanderpump. Rinna continues to be trash like always.
  8. Just scandalous tonight. All that runs through my mind is the old adage of "in vino veritas," and that saying totally applies to Michael. I absolutely believe Robyn when she said she heard Michael say he wanted to suck someone's peen. A mess. A mess! Speaking of messes, Katie is back, and I can already tell that she is gonna wreak havoc. Personally, I think Gizelle brought her back in hopes of weaponizing her against Monique, but something tells me that this is gonna backfire on Gizelle. I don't think Katie has ever fully forgiven Gizelle for making her look at fool at the first season's reunion. Katie is one we will have to watch. Ashley and her claiming to be sober...😒 So glad that Candiace kept pointing that out throughout the episode. Ashley is full of it! The Gizelle/Karen shadefest had me hollering. Karen is the only person on this cast that can put Gizelle in her place. I am excited to see it escalate even more in New Orleans.
  9. I agree. And it boggles my mind that these women think she took the lie detector test for them. She didn't! She took it to prove to the audience that she isn't lying. I am so glad that a lot of celeb fans are on her side. Howard Stern and Wendy Williams have spoken out against the other women and how they need LVP on this show.
  10. The Grand Dame graced Wendy Williams today, and threw tons of slick shade. Ugh! How I love Karen Huger!
  11. I think LVP will return much like season 5--energized and mellowed out. I expect there to be a mass firing too. I wouldn't be surprised if they fired Rinna, Dorit, and Teddi--leaving only Erika, Denise, and Kyle along with LVP. I don't count LVP out yet. Again, she has the upper hand and I think she knows it. But I wanted to ask you, do you think there are any more twists and turns this season? Some people are speculating that LVP will get "exposed," but I don't believe it. I truly believe she is innocent. If she was guilty, someone would've slipped and revealed it all by now. And the press and production have both said there is no solid proof that these women have latching her to it. I think these women are trying to get us to believe there is more when it is really one big red herring/nothing-burger.
  12. That's what is p*ssing them off--that LVP continuously keeps outsmarting them at every turn. Our girl has every base covered and it is bothering them. They thought they could prey on her as she was down and out, but they thought wrong. LVP is gonna have so much power going into the 10th season negotiations if she offers to return. This whole season solidifies how this show cannot survive without LVP. Pathetic (on the other women's part) b/c this could've been their RHOA-like moment where they showed us all that they didn't need LVP to make a good season (much like the women did post-Nene after s7 reunion). Instead, each episode centers around who? LVP. It has to irk production too as they want Lisa gone, only to realize that they need Lisa. I pray that LVP agrees to return next year with one stipulation--firing half of the cast.
  13. Yep. Now she's on Twitter saying it was about the dog and them bringing the dog out. Kyle is full of crap. Just "own it," Kyle. You hedged your bets on a sinking battleship. Now deal with the consequences.
  14. Just epic. Now Erika & Kyle are saying that if LVP is innocent then she didn't need to take a lie detector test. 😑 Do these idiots not get that LVP didn't do it for them. She did it for the audience. She could give a flying f*ck about them. Why try and change the opinion of a bunch of idiots who most likely orchestrated the whole ordeal anyways. And Kyle is on Twitter trying to spin and saying the issue was never about the Radar article. B*tch, what? You all spent 4 damn episodes talking about that f*cking article.
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