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  1. Y'all, Gizelle and Robyn don't have a leg to stand on. Need I remind you all that Robyn has almost gotten into 2 altercations that Gizelle has started. I don't think they can really cast judgement on Monique.
  2. Oh, I am so READY for Potomac! Here is the trailer for those who can't see it:
  3. I think that this show is starting veer off into the darkness that plagues OC around season 12. Production needs to step in now and force Nene/Kenya to end it or both be put out to pasture.
  4. Mine have to be Scary Island, Turks & Caicos, and Mexico. I mean the Turks trip gave us these iconic moments--
  5. I was just wondering now that with all that going on now with Coronavirus, has anyone looked back on soap illnesses (re: Dreaming Death on GL, the encephalitis epidemic on GH, etc.) rethink the harsh criticism we've had about those stories?
  6. That laugh at the end had me cackling at work. I had to shut it off b/c it was too funny.
  7. Kandi took another shot at Nene. 🤣
  8. RHOBH: Same stale sh-t, different season. Honestly, I'm only tuning in to see Garcelle. Other than that, I could care less. RHOA: I hope when they do finally film the reunion that Nene talks the talk and walks the walk. Kenya and Kandi aren't an easy feat for her. Does she need to be reminded how when she last clashed with those 2 at the same time, it led to her breakdown at the s7 reunion?
  9. BH trailer is being released today according to Andy.
  10. So funny that you post this episode as I spent all day yesterday watching the climax of the "Dreams End" arc. It is the one soap arc that I find myself watching over and over and never growing tired. I can only imagine how it was watching it all play out in real time.
  11. That was the exact interview I was referring to. He came off as offensive and trying too hard to be controversial that he pissed people off in the process.
  12. @Cat, I would not be surprised if TamRat is back. Andy has always had a soft spot for her and her vileness. I'm pretty sure if she's back, she'll try and use Simon's ailment as her story. 😒 RHOA: Yes, I'll admit it! My girl (Kenya) is getting her comeuppance somewhat. I do think that the reason is all over the place this season is do to a lot of projecting her anger for Marc towards others. However, Nene has no right to take a moral high ground when she has a history of interjecting in folks relationship and being in a dud marriage as well. It's been circulating for weeks that Gregg stepped out on her again and possibly got someone knocked up. In reality, none of these women should be boasting about their relationships. Much like children, they should just form a pact to not discuss them on camera b/c no one is in great standing with their significant other. Just saying.
  13. ^ This. Also, does anyone else get the sense that Frank is kind of "douchey" via interviews he's done? Given the Hollywood machine, I wouldn't be surprised this split has something to do with his career being in somewhat of an upswing.
  14. Symone Sanders is bad a**!

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      Yes she did! I was cackling at the sight of her drag that protester off in one arm. 

    3. Khan


      Every time a vegan gets body checked, an angel gets its' wings.

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      Amazing. Having to do security's job. 

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