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  1. YR: Making Michael, Phyllis, and Kevin the moral centers of this show will destroying Sharon beyond repair. Also, Genie Francis (a daytime legend) biting people onscreen was enough for me to chuck the deuces. B&B: Stephanie having Brooke raped. Stephanie did a lot but she'd never go that far.
  2. Guiding Light: When they started pimping Jonathan and Tammy, which I found to be disgusting. It didn't help either that they ruined the brother/sister relationship that Josh and Cassie formed previous years to make them lovers. That along with Harley/Gus eating up the show and the lack of sets made me realize that this show was broken to the point of no repair. I will say that Jill Lorie Hurst did wonders when she stepped in but the damage was done. ATWT: Janet & Liberty Ciccone 😑
  3. That's what I meant, but do we know why he was so difficult? Which is sad b/c KMH's Emily lacked it. While she was "my Emily," she didn't possess the sexy siren that Melanie Smith had. I always wondered had MS stayed in the role of Emily, how she would've been in stories opposite Scott Holmes, Ben Hendrickson, Roger Howarth, Grayson McCouch...
  4. I've always wondered what Beecroft did to make Melanie hate him and if he had the same issues on his time on GL or GH.
  5. OK. So twice out of a 12 year stint on the show. F*cking embarrassing.
  6. Diana and Nene fell out according to the "word on the street" (in my Gizelle voice). They haven't been friendly in years. Pretty sure that Diana grew tired of Nene's sh*t much like the rest. And Nene is incapable of apologizing and that flaw makes her insufferable. I have NEVER seen Nene apologize with the exception of the half-ass apology she gave Claudia back in s7. And she only gave that b/c Claudia read her ass down the night before. This. And I don't think it is last part of the season that is causing the trouble. I think it is the first 3 months they are having trouble editing. I bet top dollar that they couldn't pull together any form of storyline for those first 10+ episodes and basically the season will be a filler. Bravo should cut the whole damn season down 10 episodes max with a 90 minute reunion.
  7. What is everyone's thoughts on Brock/Emily? I know that tango scene between the 2 was HOT!
  8. That's my point. They had a scene every now and them of them exchanging barbs but nothing more. The perk of having Chris being tossed into the orbit of the Stewarts was that it could've created plenty for Susan and Kim to do. It probably was about Molly seeing as Molly was a leper at that time alongside her cousin, Carly. It'd make sense for the 2 to team up in that instance. However, it was still stupid on the TPTB to not capitalize on this rivalry of Lucinda/Lisa.
  9. Susan and Kim had a rivalry in the final years? When? B/c I don't ever remember either of them hardly getting screen time. I would've been fine with whatever they gave any of these 4 women as long as they drove a story that lasted more than 3 weeks.
  10. That's who it was--fans that she paid. Nene can't keep friends b/c real ones won't allow her to control them. Nene wants to be surrounded by pods. Speaking of Nene, she's still going at it.
  11. And none of those women are her old friends with the exception of Mylanta. Where's Diana? Lexi? Just shows that Nene has no true friends.
  12. Which I didn't get seeing as Carly was Lisa in her youth. I always felt that Lisa should've taken Carly back under her wings in the later years like she had done previous schemers (Marcy, Julie) in past years. I also felt that they should've had Lisa/Babs/Carly start a fashion house together with lots of comedic stories consisting of the three. Back to Lisa/Lucinda, they had plenty between them to reignite a rivalry. Lily co-owning the Lakeview and having a bond with Lisa could've been one way. We all know how Lucy gets when Lily forms a bond with another woman.
  13. Nene is losing it and is turning her fangs on Andy on Twitter right now.
  14. I never took to Jackie. Especially, when she turned her fangs on Gina in s2 and tried to rally everyone to come for Gina.
  15. When watching this, was this for sure Karen's last episode? If so, I am glad they gave her a good sendoff that didn't end in murder and mayhem, which soaps seem to think is must see TV nowadays. From the little I've seen of her, I am surprised Karen wasn't brought back in later years for John. What I really enjoyed about the episode was Lisa v. Lucinda. Two great divas going to war. It always boggles my mind how the last decade of the show didn't revive their rivalry when it could've been done so easily. It would've given both women so much to do versus having them serve the role as "talk to" characters.
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