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  1. Watching AMC 2.0 once again! ABC should've revived this show...

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    2. Nothin'ButAttitude


      Now that Prospect Park is out the way and ABC has the rights again, I think ABC is stupid by sitting on these shows. ABC should be following CBS by starting their own all-access streaming platform. I'd use AMC & OLTL to be the part of the original programming to go on there. I think 2, 30 minute episodes (like they had on Hulu) would do them wonders. 


      I do agree that the sets on the PP shows were phenomenal. Total nods to the heyday of soaps when the sets didn't look dirt cheap. I also appreciated how everyone didn't have occupancy at the city hotel and had actual homes. 

    3. Vee


      I just don't think ABC has any commitment to that kind of quality for soaps on streaming or otherwise, be it creative or production value.

    4. Nothin'ButAttitude


      True. It was wishful thinking on my part. I hope soaps do emerge on a Netflix or Amazon in due time.

  2. The Politics Thread

    Can we please discuss how General Kelly basically sold his soul (officially) to the orange devil, who politicized his son, today? Disgrace.
  3. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    NJ: While it is refreshing to see these women fight about small stuff, the show is just not keeping my attention. I think it has more to do with the characters than the stories. After years of Tre & MeHo, I'm worn out when it comes to Jersey. I cannot take the MeHo/Joe scenes. While it is obvious every housewife puts on for the camera, it wreaks of desperation when the Gorgas do it. Like they seriously play up to the cameras and it is annoying. I'm still not convinced about MeHo/Tre being close too. It's forced. What's also forced is MeHo/Danielle too. We all know Danielle has intel on MeHo about her feeding info about Tre. I just cannot forget that. Margaret v. Soggy is boring too. Siggy crying in the restaurant was bizarre. You were just talking about destroying Margaret and calling her a "b-tch" then she starts crying when Margaret gets one up on her. I can't with Siggy and her tears. While Dolores is boring, she's the only one I find endearing (besides Queen Danielle). I need this show to revert back to the chaos it displayed the first 3 seasons.
  4. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Given how Andy grilled Vicki on WWHL this past Monday, I could actually see Andy trying to crop Vicki out the frame as a way to start fresh on the OC and continue to go forward with Tamra, Kelly, Shannon, and Meghan. It is obvious adores Tamra, so anyone tied to her is gonna be safe. It's also obvious too that Peggy and Lydia are done for unless they pull something out of their hats at the reunion that'll force Bravo to bring them back. But I agree with the most (and have been for a LONG time) that Shannon needs to go. In a previous post, I said she is a succubus; she sucks the energy out of everyone, and she is the one preventing any growth in the group. I do agree with @Chris B is that the only way Shannon would be viable is if she finally left David AND got professional help afterwards.
  5. Meghan McCain needs to go. She sucks on The View!

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    2. YurSoakinginit


      I'm a liberal, yet found that Jed presented her opinions with substance, respect for her colleagues, and a willingness to listen. She was someone who, though you may disagree with much of what she says, you could still sit down and enjoy lunch with. McCain is odd, and sometimes reads as petulant... her sometimes-focus on Joy (at least during the first week - I've since stopped watching) was kind of bizarre. I caught an episode earlier this week, and she still looks uncomfortable & stiff. And that voice... ABC really thought this was a winning formula?

    3. Nothin'ButAttitude


      Oh she still has a fixation for wanting to take on Joy. She did it today, and she tried to take on Nancy Pelosi today too. Today was dreadful as we had both Paula and Meghan on. Ugh!

    4. slick jones

      slick jones

      She'll be gone soon enough. I seriously see her walking off the set in the next few weeks.  Paula does nothing for the show,except irritate.

  6. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    @Cat your description of Dallas might be the reason why I am so drawn to the show this season. It is somewhat of a nod to old school soaps. It is somewhat of the soapy show out of all the cities and I love it.
  7. The Politics Thread

    Trump is truly a monster. He's just nasty and vile to the point of no return. Trump is gonna bust Hell wide open when he arrives.
  8. The Politics Thread

  9. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Yes! They know that Vicki was contractually obligated to go on the trip. It was so stupid for them to react like that, but that's why I hate that Bravo still makes them keep this facade they arrange these trips. All the fans know it is production at this point. And all my speculations seem to be panning out. Tamra is growing tired of Shannon, and next week we see her gravitate back towards Vicki. Tamra knows she wants to reconcile with Vicki, and she wants Heather back. Tamra wants the band back together, and Shannon isn't part of it. I am team Peggy too. I loved how she shut all the women down at that table, but I understood her breaking down after dealing with Shannon. That woman is draining. She is a true succubus. She sucks the energy from all those around her. I couldn't deal with her. Production needs to seriously give her the boot. Shannon dwells on sh-t for too long and prevents any progression in the group. We're still stuck on drama from 2 seasons ago b/c Shannon refuses to let anything go, thus causing everyone else to be stuck in that vortex with her. Whether it is her marriage with David or her feud with Vicki, the woman is stuck.
  10. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    I see her coming back for 2 reason: 1. Her marriage really crumbles and she'll totally play victim while continuing to lie or 2. She and Mark stay together, and Mark (like Terry on OC) will push her to remain on the show b/c it does well for him business-wise. I don't see Cary going anywhere unless Bravo gets rid of her, and they'd be stupid if they did. Like Potomac this past season, the chemistry with Dallas is too good to mess with. If they must make any casting choices, it needs to be about adding a new housewife or 2, not taking away. This group has "IT," and they need to ride with it for awhile.