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  1. I've always said that Allison knew what she was talking about and struck a nerve. Brandi, the "truth-cannon," has alluded TWICE on the show (once in s4 and once in s5) that Mauricio steps out on Kyle.
  2. Start watching at 22:00 I believe this woman. I believe her.
  3. Thank you for the nuggets from the past. I'm really enjoying all the old clips from the 70s. I hope more clips from this era pop up.
  4. It does. I think she is gonna end up getting hers tenfold via Denise.
  5. Do you see how dumbass Rinna tweeted something snarky about it? So sad that this old ass woman allows LVP to still occupy space in her mind after all this time.
  6. Another Kathryn lover too! Plus, I enjoyed that Kathryn was all for jumping on the "I hate LVP" bandwagon during Munchausen-gate.
  7. She is f-cking boring; however, Andy will never get rid of her b/c she appease him for some damn reason. She has to be the most useless housewife EVER.
  8. A tragedy. Truly the end of an era.
  9. Wait--what?! When did this occur with Diego? Also, while Marley did get redemption, I always felt Jake was still cold towards her until she popped up on ATWT after Vicki's death. It just irked me that Jake could ever take the high road given all he's done to Marley. I think they should've just stuck with a cult story. Would've possibly been more believable and more enjoyable. 1995 (IMO) was a year that could've pivoted the show into the right direction and kept it on had NBC, P&G, and JFP not did so much damage in two years tops. Watching the episode above, I don't know why they had Justine become a cartoon loon when she could've just been a menacing, vile b*tch that wanted Carl and wanted to seek revenge on Spencer and all those who wronged Grant (in her mind). I always feel like soaps at this time were trying to create a villainess like Sheila Carter or Kristen Dimera but flopped each time. I know many people didn't care for RC's Lorna, but I liked her. I always felt she softened Lorna and took her back to the vampish side that she possessed when Alicia started the role. I do agree that they could've kept some of that edge though seeing as Lorna wouldn't've allowed Grant to snow her and later run in fear from Cindy. And a blind man could see that the writers were going to pair Josie/Gary from the start. Thank God Timothy and Amy had chemistry from the start because it could've gone left. I hate that we'd also lose Amanda and Evan soon as well. I always wanted to see Evan and Amanda somewhat paired up.
  10. It boggles my mind b/c none of these supernatural stories on any of the soaps had a long-time effect. Not even Marlena's possession on DAYS.
  11. Yes, the infamous Lumina Ball. I've always wondered what the hell the writers had in mind for the long story payoff of this arc. Just utter stupidity that not mesh well with this show. I do have to say that the Lumina set and the costumes are extravagant. Furthermore, this was around the time too where Jake would become unbearable and take a moral high ground when it came to Marley losing her mind. It didn't sit well with me knowing he raped her years before and was shaking his finger at her the next second.
  12. Mariah came out today and let it be known that she is finally suing Purveyors of Pop. I hope she takes their asses to the cleaners.
  13. OMG. Muva Karen is on her way back and she hold center court! Oh how I have missed her.
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