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  1. Might we add too that it was b/c of LVP's 'manipulating' that Camille confronting Taylor further put Camille in a good light with the audience. And I am over Kyle and her splits too. She's a one-trick pony.
  2. Dog-gate is officially one of the stupidest arcs on these shows if there ever was one. Here's my thing... I know LVP stirs the pot and manipulates the f-ck out of these chicks. That lies on them for doing her bidding. My biggest gripe in all of this is that these women are trying to play on our (the audience) intelligence and force feed us a damn story that isn't making sense! It doesn't make sense that the messenger, Teddi, is scatterbrained and all over the place with her own story. She can't even tell a cohesive story without their being holes in, thus debunking her whole claim. And what is REALLY p*ssing me off is that Dorit is being portrayed as a victim. She isn't! She broke contract, lied about the whereabouts of a poor dog, and then placed the dog in danger. This slight beating she's taking from the audience pales in comparison as to a** whooping she should really be getting right now. Lastly, the word truth needs to be eradicated from the lexicon of these women. None of them live the entire truth. Not when you have Erika and Dorit posing as socialites, yet they are really cash poor. Not when you have Kyle's hubby 'allegedly' pilfering people of their money. I need escapism. Not this mess on my screen. I want Bravo to cancel this show if this is all that BH has to offer.
  3. If I am not mistaken, I think Potomac returns either My 4th or May 5th.
  4. I actually wanted her behind to return for the simple reason that I wanted to see her feet held to the fire this year.
  5. I am right there with you. Ugh. I cannot wait!
  6. @Antoyne, fffffrrrieeennnndddd!!!! I just got home and watched the trailer, and I am still gagging! OMG. Karen, Candaice, Ashley, and Mo have all gone off this season. I cannot wait!! Here's a video for those who can't see it:
  7. @DaytimeFan, this is the ONE thing that is p*ssing me off about LVP--why doesn't she blast all these biddies about their men being sued?! Had I been in her shoes and all these chicks came for me, I'd have everyone filing lawsuits against Kyle, Erika, and Dorit on the show. I'd be filming with Nicollette to stick it Rinna. And I would've brought Sessna and Blizzard to an event to expose Teddi's ass to everyone. I'd become VERY petty & dirty to get them all up off of me. Moving on to something more glorious... ...that the trailer is going to be dropping tomorrow for Potomac! Oh how I have missed the Grand Dame! I pray that this is true!
  8. And Kyle is such a big liar, I doubt these next episodes prove anything either. These chicks just need to give it up. They overestimated this plan. And when LVP grows tired and just bows out within the next few episodes, I doubt they'll still have proved anything.
  9. These chicks are a mess on BH. If you're going to do a takedown, do it properly. Teddi was all over the place and proved she is a liar. Last week she said one thing and now she's saying another. She's constantly lying. And it did not help that John Blizzard came on camera and spilled that he lied on Lisa and that Teddi knew the truth from jump. And Kyle defending Teddi was even more boggling. It was obvious LVP didn't know about Teddi know about the dog until Teddi and Kyle came to Vanderpups. After that is when she told Dorit. Kudos to Thom from Queer Eye for calling Kyle out and poking holes in this story on WWHL. It was hilarious when he said he knew Dorit before she inherited a British accent too. Kyle stayed sticking to the story despite the fact that her eyes were shifting and stumbling throughout the night. Even Andy was looking at her crazily. Give it up, Kyle. Your plan to bring down LVP this year is a dud. If anything, you've placed the audience firmly in her corner. These girls are just flops.
  10. This popped up on my timeline on Youtube and it just brought back all of these feelings--me missing ATWT and moments when soaps used to be so good.
  11. Trout Mouth is a dummy. Does she not realize that by filing a lawsuit that she'd also be inadvertently involving Bravo and NBC too? She's about to get her ass fired, and I am here for it all. I wish LVP would reply back by simply saying, "Bring it, b*tch." And LVP wouldn't get a possible spinoff for the shelter had these idiots not spent all season harping about the shelter. They gave LVP the loaded gun and she is rightfully taking a shot. I'd capitalize on it too.
  12. Kyle or Teddi. I've been saying that Trout Mouth and Erotika want to become the 'queen bees' of this show. They can't achieve it with LVP and Kyle on the show. Sadly, Kyle is too f-cking stupid to realize she'll be the next target.
  13. So funny. Teddi was exposed tonight and I loved it. For one, her 'text' was a cropped picture. Really? 🤣 And Rinna spending time with Dorit and Erika with Teddi was so f-cking obvious. Those 2 were dividing and conquering. They knew by doing this, they could plant seeds to turn them fully against LVP. Camille calling out Dorit and speaking the truth further solidifies why I have always been team Camille since day one. I am enjoying the fact that so many people on social media are apologizing to her for the lies Kyle put out against her in season 1. And Kyle... I cannot wait until the tides turn against her ass. We know it won't happen this year, but it'll come. Much like Teddi and Dorit, once Erika/Rinna no longer need her, they'll discard them.
  14. This *gay* over here has NEVER seen it when it comes to Erotika Lame. Never have, never will.
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