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  1. Dallas looks like a straight bore. That trailer did not entice me to want to watch at all. If anything it makes me wanna riot for Miami to return and take it's place. Hell, even bring back DC too. That trailer was abysmal. And I am NOT here for watching Brandi being made some victim when she did the same sh*t Leeanne did. She should be held to the fire and canned too. There is no measuring stick when it comes to racism. IMO, one bad act is bad enough. If Brandi was gonna be brought back to have her feet held to the fire, so should Leeanne. Bravo needs to get this sh*t together acr
  2. So Candiace stupidly admitted that the tossed the glass at Monique in her statement. And she wonder why she lost the cast. What a moron. Wendy continued to grate my nerves. Why is she so immersed in the situation? One would've thought that Monique tapped on her skull instead of Candiace's. Also, for someone who brags about having 4 degrees and her husband having 4 degrees and being an attorney, she knows NOTHING about the law. Honey, the best way to win a case is to undermine your opponent. So do they think Monique was supposed to just admit guilt? Uh no. Thank God Monique has a
  3. I've always wondered why DAYS never brought on Doug's son/Hope's brother Dougie LeClair. The character is basically a blank canvas.
  4. Only Black writers I can remember being on this show were Judy Tate and Susan Dansby. I don't see either of them green-lighting/pitching something like this. At least I hope they didn't.
  5. Anything consisting to Marshall Travers was a travesty given that he was one of the best characters the show had in a LONG time. I hate that the show wrote him so stupid, but at least Lamman Rucker went on to have a great career.
  6. Sorry about that. I remember the comment being mentioned on here. Well I hope this is addressed in the interview but I doubt it will. Alan is definitely a company man despite there no longer being a company. I wanna know too what writer thought it was OK to greenlight that drivel. While I can tip my hate somewhat to these shows trying to diversify in the 90s, I still can't get over how atrocious the writing was at the same time too. It just remains to be a constant reminder why soaps are so antiquated now. Look at them now even. Still using Bla
  7. Was it you or @P.J. that said that Denise used to call Camille "high yella?" I remember bits and pieces of that era, but what stuck out mainly with me was that they wrote the obvious trope for Black women--light-skinned Camille being nice, educated, a doormat basically. Meanwhile, Denise, being of a darker hue, being angry, uneducated, etc. That irked the sh-t out of me seeing as once again they failed us Black viewers by providing us with real complex characters. If Alan will allow her to discuss it. His interviews lack mainly because he spends more time trying to prote
  8. I'd wanna hear some of their thoughts on the writing period. Some of that stuff between Camille and Denise came off as real colorist to me. But we all know Alan won't delve that deep...
  9. SLC was a stellar premiere. I think this show is gonna be a hit. For one, I love how the women have genuine connection to each other and it isn't forced. But my first impressions are: Mary: I don't like Mary already. I just think she's foul. Foul for marrying her grandpa. Foul for the sh*t she said to Jenn. Foul for being a charlatan. Just foul. Meredith & Lisa: Icy b*tches. You can't even tell the two apart but they will give us good drama. Whitney: I like her. She's bubbly. Heather: Said some quest
  10. I most definitely think that #5 played a pivotal role in this show. Focusing on those dueling wedding that no one gave 2 sh*ts about killed this show. Busting up the cast after an explosive 2nd season damaged the show too. All the show simply had to do was either add Alexia back to the lineup and have strong cast of 8, OR swap Marysol and Alexia's roles. In general, I feel like Bravo cancels sh*t too prematurely instead of allowing an audience to be built. I feel like DC was cut too quickly. Especially when their reunion was fire and that following year after the canc
  11. I don't think they'll be cast changes regardless. The network would be stupid to scrap anyone from this cast. If anything, Candaice will probably quit if they don't fire Monique, which I don't see happening. Why? Because I picture the Monique/Karen/Ashley coalition poking holes in Candi's arguments of violence at the reunion. Knife-gate is gonna be brought up. Plus, we know that there was almost an altercation at the finale party between the Bassets and Darbys. That's gonna be brought up too. Also, Bravo doesn't give a sh*t about physicality on these shows. If that wa
  12. They really didn't. She possesses the ONE thing I cannot stand in a housewife--someone who beats a dead horse.
  13. Guess, what? Wendy has 4 degrees! And I LOVED Karen ripping Gizelle a new one.
  14. Thank God! Normalcy is about to be restored!
  15. I think we're ready. Especially, if we have Stacey Abrams leading the way. I think Warnock and Ossoff are gonna take both seats if the cards are played correctly. Kemp is a thief and cheat too might I add. And I think she's gonna be offered Perez's role as head of the DNC. I think she'd do way more than he would.
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