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  1. Did she already try this story on Santa Barbara and later tried on OLTL? I'm shocked she didn't attempt this trope on GH or Y&R.
  2. I always loved the interworking of WSPR with Holly, Gilly, and Roger. Those 3 always had soft spot in my heart with the shady mess they'd do at that news station. It always bothered me how it was phased out in the mid 90s. I hate how career ambitions, which created so much drama on this show, was phased out around that time too. If you didn't work for Spaulding, Springfield PD, Cedars (which they hardly ever showed), or Company, you literally didn't have a job. I never saw it for Harley and Mallet. IMO, Mark Derwin had chemistry with Kimberly Simms. Mindy an
  3. Why can't soaps be this good nowadays? God, I miss Gilly, Holly, Maureen, Vanessa, Blake... even Harley (pre-Gus). I miss Springfield so much.
  4. I think she and Porsha are draining to watch at this point and y'all know I love me some Kenya. I am so over Kenya v. Porsha x1000th. It's stale. It's boring. I'm to the point where I want Bravo to can everyone and find a new batch of a women. I don't think it'll pick up at all. They are about to drag out stripper-gate much like they did with the fight on Potomac or Denise/Brandi on BH. If these shows are going to focus on dragging out one story all f*cking season long, cut the episode count down to 10-12 episodes for each show in the entire franchise. Hell,
  5. Atlanta continues to be painful to me. Bravo needs a mass overhaul with all of these shows (production-wise).
  6. I don't know why but this promo irks my soul for some reason--that reason being that it has always annoyed me that this show at one point forward just associated Sharon with the Mitchells as if she didn't predate them and was an EE original. It just reminds me so much how the Mitchells have eaten this show alive. The day this show kills Phil off and rids us of his spawn will be the day this show might possibly bounce back. In regard Peter and Suki, this show is once again tossing Peter in plot-driven heap of garbage that won't amount to anything at the end of the day. It kill me h
  7. Good. Glad Monique now has them scrambling.
  8. Another bore of an episode tonight for RHOA. That aside, the Riley montage and Ace crying about her leaving to go to college was touching.
  9. Y'all I am about to cry. I think we're officially about to go blue in GA.
  10. Oooo!!! I think we might bring it home here in GA. Almost 50% of the vote is in and Ossoff and Warnock are winning. While I am most certain we won't have definite answer till about Thursday or Friday, I have this feeling we're about to score a win. *fingers crossed*
  11. Praying that we get right here in GA. Warnock & Ossoff for the win!

  12. Buffie spilled some juicy tea! - Says that Bravo protected Jackie b/c Andy published Jackie's book - Addressed Heavenly's claims about Buffie always crying. Buffie went down the line and stated she only cried twice at group events (once about not having female friends and once at the finale party). Buffie says that production would not let her leave greenscreen until she spoke about her miscarriages, which resulted in her crying. - Says Bravo cut out the scene in Mexico where Heavenly basically called Buffie "barren." Buffie says they cut out when she cussed Heavenly o
  13. It warmed my heart to hear that Andy backtracked about RHOP and tried to blame the editors. Apparently, he caught a lot of heat and had to discuss it on WWHL. This just further confirms that there are internal issues at Bravo. They just might be about to boot Andy's ass too.
  14. I'm praying that these tapes further push people to vote here on Tuesday for Warnock and Ossoff. I need the GOP to lose badly after all these stunts.
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