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  1. RHOP: Candiace worked my nerves all throughout the episode. She is just a vile, little beast. While Ashley is no saint, the fact that Candiace tried to imply that she didn't body-shame her was ludicrous. When she wasn't doing that, she stayed licking Gizzy's a**. I can't with that Kleenex using brat. Karen and Gizelle is only gonna last a milli-second. RHOSLC: Jen needs therapy. She is hurting and is hurting others. But she continues to make great TV. I might be alone but I LOVE Lisa. She is loyal to a "T" and I cannot fault her for that. I do see her and Meredith locking horn in future seasons and it is gonna get messy (a la Kyle/LVP, Vicki/TamRat, Nene/Cynthia). Jennie is a good find. I like her. I didn't like her insulting her husband though as I find him to be attractive. She is gonna eat those words, as now that he's on TV, women are gonna poach him more than before. And Meredith... boo... a blind man could tell that Brooks is gay. Like stop. And many of us don't pity him b/c he brought the heat from Jen onto himself. This is why you should stay in a child's place (as my mom would say). He threw a rock, but Jen has been through boulders.
  2. It took 23 seasons, but finally, Big Brother! FINALLY!!! 

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    2. DemetriKane


      oh wow! i had stopped watching midway through, let me catch up!

    3. KMan101


      Of course it's already become the same old Big Brother. Queen Tiffany the target. Derek laying around until finale night. Kyland throwing his game away for Xavier. Siiiiigh. Just give X the check. I like him and think he deserves it too but like ... why do people play for other people and literally hand them the check? 


      And it's ALWAYS the guy the other people play for.

    4. NothinButAttitude


      I don't think X is gonna win so easily. We still have Hannah, who is crafty as f-ck. Plus, she will be the most deadly with jury votes. And Xavier has a weak spot for Hannah as he views her as his little sister. I imagine it being Tiffany, Kyland, Azah, Big D, Xavier, Hannah (winning). 

  3. So much hypocrisy, gaslighting, and backstabbing on tonight's episode that my head is literally spinning. But the highlights for me were Sutton and Garcelle (on 2 separate occasions) calling Kyle to the carpet. For once, I feel like Kyle is gonna be in the hot seat come reunion time. Especially, with blogs indicating that Erika is p*ssed at Dorit and Kyle and plans to call them out at the reunion. I hope they all tear each other apart while Garcelle and Sutton watch on.
  4. Ashley ain't my favorite, but the body-shaming of a recently pregnant woman was vile. And Candaice wonders why people stay busting her upside the head. She's just trash.
  5. Sutton should've whooped Erika's ass tonight. Yep. I said it. And Kyle once again displays what LVP and Kim have said for the longest--Kyle is a flip-floppy. Like Garcelle said, why isn't Dorit being called the carpet? Why aren't the other women owning sh*t they said? I am over these women fearing Thiefrika.
  6. Poor, Gregg. At least he is no longer suffering. May he RIP. My thoughts are with Nene and the kids. I know they are a mess right now.
  7. So I am catching up on all of this mess and all I have to say is just fire all their asses (anti-vaxxers). It has been long awaited that the power in this genre needs to shift back to the TPTB and not the actors. This can be the perfect start. Make an example. There are a plethora of out-of-work actors that can fill these roles. Hell, a lot of these characters need to be killed off anyway. Time for a good slasher or catastrophe story anyway.
  8. That was a LOT. I don't get why Ashley got the heat as she was the person that told Wendy that Gizelle was putting that narrative out there. And Candaice saying she does not spew rumors from the blogs... Girl, stop. You all do. But Wendy did rip Gizzard a new one. Robyn too. Once again, why was Robyn chiming in? Girl, just sit back and watch the fireworks like Askale, Karen, and Mia did.
  9. God, I loathe Dorit, which sucks because she was such good TV her first season on BH. Ever since season 9, I've just been over her ass. Tonight solidified it even more when she couldn't even sit there and own what she said. I am so glad Garcelle called her out for her lies. Speaking of a liar, Erika's lies keep getting worse. So if someone puts 20 million in your LLC, you wouldn't question where they got it from? Yeah right. I was happy that Sutton poking holes in her lies too. And Rinna... get rid of her. At this point, she is a nuisance. And why the f-ck was Dummy Bear Mellancamp brought out the mothballs?!
  10. Friend, she's a hypocrite. Wendy sat her ass on that sofa last year scolding Monique and claiming to be against violence, but you threaten to beat someone's ass this year.
  11. She threatened to whoop Gizzard's a**. She's a hypocrite b/c she was anti-Monique getting violent last year and now she threatening to do the same--in a situation that is VERY similar to Monique's (defending heinous rumor against her family). This is why folks shouldn't speak on situations when they could easily be put in the same situation. This reminds me of when Nene (who had altercations previously) came down on Porsha at the s8 reunion, only for it to come back and bite her (Nene) in the a** in s11 when she assaulted production.
  12. Wendy is f*cking hypocrite, and I hope she knows the fandom is gonna hold her and anyone who agrees with her *coughs* Candiace *coughs* feet to the fire.
  13. I'm going to need Bravo to stop indicating one thing in the trailer and the episode being another thing. Just get to the juice when it comes to RHOP. That aside, I think Wendy finally sees what people have been warning her about. Gizelle cares for no one. Not even Robyn after tonight. And per usual, Karen is the one to uplift these women when Gizelle tears them down. She is such a good egg. This is why the fandom loves her.
  14. Dorit is pure trash. I've felt that way since dog-gate; however, it was strengthen with that bulls--t she spewed tonight. I am just gonna leave that there b/c what I wanna say about that one is VERY non-PC. Rinna... UGH. Biggest. Hypocrite. Of. All. Time. This is the same b-tch that pushed for LVP, Yolanda, Denise, and Kim to "own it" and push for the truth with them, but when Garcelle does it, it is not the right time? Say what? She is a clown and she needs to be put out to pasture at this moment. And Garcelle shouldn't've apologized for a damn thing. F-ck Erika. Kudos to Sutton for have the balls to smell a ruse. I love that she is not buying this drivel.
  15. I think Jennifer knows what Bill is doing but doesn't give a sh-t. As long as he provides a comfortable lifestyle for herself, her kids, and her parents, he can do whatever he wants. I wouldn't be surprised if Jennifer drops a bomb and reveals that she knows about affairs and expresses that she doesn't care. ^ This. Candiace's soul mission is to be #3 to the GEBs; however, they'll never allow anyone to take Ashley's spot as she has something Candiace doesn't possess--OG status. I give Potomac one thing, the OGs on this show will somewhat stick together. I know damn well that Candiace ain't telling folks to basically move on...
  16. Rinna is a thirsty mess. So sad that this show has consumed her existence. I think she'll lose her sh-t once Bravo trades her in for a younger model. Backtracking to Potomac, did anyone peep how Candi-ass has cast Wendy to the wolves by putting her in the back house instead of the main house with her? I thought this was her bestie? Now see... Folks are gonna see what many of us have been saying when it comes to her casting folks aside in order to get in good with Gizelle or Karen. Candaice is a piss poor friend.
  17. Erika and these faux tears... GIRL! She was only crying because Garcelle poked holes into her story about Tom contacting her. If anything, it shows that they are in cahoots. It warms my heart to see Sutton be the only one to stand up for Garcelle in this moment. And I am over Erika getting a pass with talking to these women crazily. She should've been snatched up by now.
  18. Marge will never be the target as it has been spilled that she is production's pet and has pull. She's the reason why Danielle was phased out the show. Hell, if Tre didn't have the fandom backing her, Marge would have her removed too. However, I am not worried for Jennifer. She'll have the audience behind her regardless. And I don't get how it is hypocrisy when Jennifer didn't cheat. Bill allegedly did. It would just make more sense (if true) why she constantly calls Margaret out about her being an adulterer because she was on the sh-t end of the stick. I see this blowing up on Marge/Jackie/MeHo badly.
  19. I didn't know that Cheshire got a new intro this past season. At least ITV does their best to update shots often.
  20. Erika is guilty as sin. That story made no sense and the fact that these women aren't questioning it is boggling. They clearly fear her.
  21. That ending of The Have & The Have Nots was the WORST series finale I've ever seen. 

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    2. NothinButAttitude


      I wasn't really impressed with Crystal Fox's performance TBH. I thought it was too over the top. The finale was just a mess. 

    3. ChitHappens


      I gave up Tyler Perry years ago (only watch Oval occasionally to laugh...yes, it's equally bad) but I may check out the ending of HAHN because I've heard nothing but terrible things.  I'm super curious, and I don't even care if I don't know what's going on.

    4. NothinButAttitude


      @ChitHappens, I quit watching years ago too but decided to watch the finale. It was a mess. Worst TV finale I've ever seen, but I encourage people to watch it to just cackle at the lunacy. 

  22. https://www.realitytea.com/2021/07/19/erika-jayne-5-million-rinna-beauty/ Looks like Erika invested money into Rinna's beauty company, which makes a helluva lot of sense. This story just keeps getting juicier as the days pass.
  23. It was odd and uncouth of Wendy to get so snappy when Mia asked her a simple question. Maybe Wendy shouldn't've had a party celebrating plastic surgery if she didn't want the question asked. Mind you, Wendy asked Mia how old she was minutes before and she answered without getting p*ssy. Candiace irks my soul with carrying on about being a victim. Girl, you got your ass whooped. Move on. It happens to everyone. You win some, you lose some. And her dipping out on the party was farce. Just say you weren't ready to be around Karen. Furthermore, speaking of farce, Candiace and Chris wanting to have kids... These are the same people that profusely claimed they didn't want kids. Now they do. Bullsh*t. Same with Juan wanting Robyn to get knocked up too. I am so over people using babies for stories on these shows. It's tired. And I firmly believe that Dorothy is helping pay for this house too. Why would she have her own room then? The Bassetts are full of it. Gizelle pushing this faux relationship with Jamal after being exposed is stupid too. While the premiere was good, there was too much faking it for the cameras.
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