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  1. Today’s episode was rough, especially after losing a loved one recently. They were worked shooting as they say in wrestling. They were in character but every word said was raw and real from the cast at the funeral Monday is gonna be even more heartbreaking. I’m finna go watch some Maury after I finish watching this episode cause I need an emotional pick me up
  2. Episode was pretty smooth IMO till CBS News cut in for McCain funeral coverage
  3. Not the audience at all. The soaps failed to evolve during and after the OJ trial as well as during the rise of the Jerry Springer Show and the revamped Maury Povich show in the late 90s/early 2000s. All 4 soaps continue to fail to keep up with the times plus the bad writing/execs that kept medding with the creative process brought us to this current juncture. Why watch a bad soap when you can get a drama/tomfoolery fix in 15 min segments on Jerry and Maury and in hour form via Love and Hip Hop/Real Housewives/Basketball Wives?
  4. As much flak as JER got, he seemed able to tap into the youth demographic pretty easily compared to the other soaps P&G was justified in not selling AW to ABC. Frons would've cancelled AW when he arrived OJ trial gets all the flak for eroding the soap fanbases, but coming out the trial, the emerging juggernaut know as "The Jerry Springer Show" especially had a hand in weaning people off the soaps with its violence and trashiness No matter how horrible it was, OLTL "Satin Sheets" intro is iconic. People who dont watch soaps but came of age in that era can instantly name it when a "name something that takes you back to your childhood/adolescence" discussion on social media/forums happens. Not to mention the infamy it has among soap fans
  5. DAYS isn't doing much for me at the current moment. Will and his Cactus Jack "Lost In Cleveland" style story have been an instant channel changer to Steve Wilkos *shudders* As a straight male, I have no dog in the Chandler Massey fight occurring here (eye candy for me would be over on CBS with Hilary and Maya). That said; I have the somewhat skeptical hope that maybe things can look up for the show. Also who was the person who said Ron C would eventually write what HE wants to see, not the viewers?
  6. Let’s say hypothetically, Netflix/Hulu/Amazon came to you with a blank check and said they wanna try a soap opera for today’s society on their services because they feel soaps are perfect for binge viewing . They will also leave you alone and give you creative control over it on the stipulation that the soap brings in viewers. With that said, how would you craft this modern soap and what writing style, tropes, location, character types, etc would you employ?
  7. I’m wondering the same thing. Ones like Union Place you could slightly tweak to reflect current day, everything else stays true to the concept. Put them out on the Internet/streaming services, we don’t need NBC, CBS, ABC anymore to get great soap ideas to the masses. My only question is: would there be any pushback from using some of them? I’m sure a Union Place revamp could possibly see issues with the Labine family unless you break bread with them, since Claire came up with the concept/bible and all of that. I could be wrong, but it’s something that a young writer who would be interested in getting this out would possibly have to deal with
  8. I’ve always wanted to know more about Union Place. Here’s a section of an interview where Claire Labine talks about it John asks: I've read that you had developed and pitched a new soap to CBS during the years when you were away from RH. Was this an earlier version of what almost became your GH spinoff in the mid-90s, or was it something else? Can you tell us about it? Claire Labine: Yes. There were two, actually. The first was one of the ones that could be a novel. It was set on a horse farm in Kentucky. It was called CELEBRATION. And it’s still around and it’s still alive. The other was HEART & SOUL (aka Union Place). HEART & SOUL was about two families, one black, one white, both show business families. The black family was three generations of jazz musicians. Next door was a theatrical family. The Brooklyn community was a big part of it, as well as a local radio station, some very colorful characters. Matt (Labine) and I really loved it. We had the first go around with it with ABC, then NBC, then ABC again.
  9. With the Winter Olympics coming soon, I have to ask: how will NBC handle the DAYS during the Winter Olympics? Basically are they gonna just preempt it till the Olympics are over, or are they gonna upload it to NBC.com every day to keep the story going? This the first Olympics since I came back to DAYS, so I’m clueless to how they handle DAYS during Olympic periods
  10. IN I have so many Y&R recordings on my DVR I have YET to watch cause of watching some of these disaster episodes live at work
  11. I’ve got hella eps to catch up on. Once the semester is finally over, I’ll get caught up and be in here more often
  12. if I may ask, what youtube channel are y'all watching these on? I'm presuming they're unlisted so are there any links or anything y'all could provide? JER era is something I'd love to rewatch especially since its the era I grew up on.
  13. OMG thank you so much for these!!!!! Classic Days is always a treat
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