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  1. Literally, like if that group of fans she's talking about don't pertain to you then ok. Tyler Perry's sh!t is laughable and this wasn't as bad as that. Hammy acting to a degree but once properly fleshed and pilot shoot is better I hope to see better dialogue. Someone was right on about the costumes... however Fashion Nova it may seem, I was loving it and the previews for the next episode.
  2. I can't get into it but it pops on Twitter and they renewed it for a second season if you were waiting to see how that went.
  3. Did ya'll see this? Apparently two of them may know each other.
  4. I liked it and I'm ready for more -- some of the pacing seemed a bit off to me but I can't tell if that's because I was trying to tweet and watched and maybe missed a crucial moment here and there. I agree wholeheartedly with Ang and any other member, I have not been impressed with anything Robin Givens since Boomerang. I'm just not buying what she's selling nor am I 100% sold on Brian White. Now, I'm wishing they could have gotten Vanessa Williams but she would look like Amara's mom as opposed to her best friend. I can see room for improvement but also realize that it is just the pilot and it is rare that a pilot makes me feel like I'm watching a movie. I loved the envelope being pushed.
  5. I realllly want to rid the canvas of Tessa. I can;t remember the last vanilla blah bland character I have ever seen. I just want them to make her over already and do something with that hair. It's so flat. I do believe the actress has an absolutely beautiful voice.
  6. Thanks Slick! I'm going to try again.
  7. Yes slick! How do you post images? I haven't done them in so long and I'm just going stage left when I should have went right. πŸ˜“
  8. Hahahaha agreed... and I wish they would. It would make more sense. I'm all for returning players that never won or a season of winners as I believe that would be even more interesting. Please make a List -- I'd have to look back into photos to see which House Guests of BB Past I want to see again. I was really big into the early seasons and the middle and more recent have almost always left a terrible taste. I agree with you that I start out watching it and then I'm like, no ma'am. I hope they vet the apps. a lot more thoroughly this time because I can't take another racist BB like we had years ago.
  9. KMan, I can't make the images show up. 😩 I don't know what to do. I definitely agree with you that they have to not like that BBUS fans absolutely LOVE BBCAN and what they bring to the table and how stale BBUS is and redundant they can be with bringing back the same people. I wouldn't mind at times if it were people that didn't win.
  10. It's that time again! We have the cast photos! This is an IMAGE HEAVY post, I'm unable to edit the height and width no matter what I'm doing. Tommy Bracco (28) Hometown: Staten Island, N.Y. Current City: Staten Island, N.Y. Occupation: Broadway Dancer Analyse Talavera (22) Hometown: Northridge, Calif. Current City: Simi Valley, Calif. Occupation: College Soccer Star Sam Smith (31) Hometown: West Nanticoke, Pa. Current City: Mountain Top, Pa. Occupation: Truck Driver Nicole Anthony (24) Hometown: Long Island, N.Y. Current City: Long Island, N.Y. Occupation: Preschool Aide Ovi Kabir (22) Hometown: Oakridge, Tenn. Current City: Knoxville, Tenn. Occupation: College Student Kemi Faknule (25) Hometown: Elkridge, Md. Current City: Brooklyn, N.Y. Occupation: Marketing Strategist Nick Maccarone (27) Hometown: Sewell, N.J. Current City: Sewell, N.J. Occupation: Therapist Isabella Wang (22) Hometown: Mount Olive, N.J. Current City: Los Angeles Occupation: Public Health Analyst Jack Matthews (28) Hometown: Chicago Current City: Tampa, Fla. Occupation: Fitness Trainer Jessica Milagros (β€œ30ish”) Hometown: Chicago Current City: Oak Park, Ill. Occupation: Model Jackson Michie (24) Hometown: Nashville, Tenn. Current City: Los Angeles Occupation: Server Kathryn Dunn (29) Hometown: Irving, Texas Current City: Dallas, Texas Occupation: Digital Marketing Executive David Alexander (29) Hometown: Atlanta Current City: Atlanta Occupation: Photographer Holly Allen (31) Hometown: Lander, Wyo. Current City: Los Angeles Occupation: Wine Safari Guide Cliff Hogg III (53) Hometown: Houston Current City: Houston Occupation: Petroleum Engineer Christie Murphy (28) Hometown: Staten Island, N.Y. Current City: Keyport, N.J. Occupation: Boutique Owner I am LOVING the diverse look. There was a bit more posted with each player, but I didn't want to weight the post down too much.
  11. Is this person reliable with BIs? I wish she'd like, week after week -- take a show off which would make it better to guess at. MM coming back for a triangle with Devon & Elena would be interesting. I don't think she got a pilot and she seems to be loving Mommyhood a lot. One day I would love for VR to return, but with KSJ not there anymore, I don't know how much I want that anymore.
  12. But... what if people don't know who ELR is - either from AMC or CSI... I agree with you KMan - I love Eva but this doesn't turn me on to this overproduced family. We lost two, just to gain one. At some point in time, they will be gone -- I'm not saying it'll happen overnight or in the next year but one day. I would love to see her opposite PB so we don't have him in Phyllis' orbit again and his match with Kerry was just a bust from jump.
  13. Unicorn is coming this Fall to CBS on Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c. I reallllllly liked Unicorn. It amused me a lot and I love Walton. πŸ˜₯ I messed up! I thought that I was in the CBS subset.
  14. Coming this Fall, Thursdays at 10/9c.
  15. Coming to CBS this Fall, Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c. Lucas Neff is back on screen! I miss Raising Hope.
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