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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Hahahaha they still don't like her? I'm not surprised.
  2. I loved the actual bad guy, I don't think I've ever really heard him speak as he sounded so child-like in the role of Cyril O'Reilly on Oz. That was a great episode, I was cracking up at the bowling and how he said he rounded up from a 290.
  3. Crying at there being a song within the first five minutes but it was hauntingly beautiful with Jude and the girl they cast to play Mary. Ok, some of ATLs heavyweights -- I haven't seen Big Boi in a hot minute but I like. I'm just going to pray we don't see Stevie J's ass. Jude's bronzer is killing me, she's like orange in half of these scenes. I'm hating Queen's weaves... WTF is this? LMAO at Miss Bruce saying that Star is not who she sees Hunter with. I'm sorry -- I would have been went at Star's throat -- you're not going to keep coming at my neck throwing out the fact that your mom and I were BFFs like the court cares about that when it comes to guardianship. Hell, some people's own family don't get them. I really like Brittany O'Grady too as Simone. I feel bad for her and I really don't want her to go down the same route as the mother. TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS! She said, "B!tch, you ain't ya mother." I'm not minding Alexandra overhearing Simone reveal her pain to Carlotta, she might actually understand now why the girl is so much of a damn mess since day one. Now if she ever tried to use that against her then she'll be foul. These spontaneous musical vids remind me of Drop Dead Diva and is cracking me up.
  4. Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I forgot Chuck was announced as the new headwriter and it shows if this was his work. I thought they did SO much -- the hour was just a which way did they go type thing for me. The previews from that teaser premiere showed everything. I thought those scenes were going to play out throughout the season... not the very next episode. Alexandra remains my fave and Lenny had me cracking up and so did Naomi. I keep laughing at them saying he was going after kids.Alexandra and Derek look like they moved wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too fast. I really liked the song at the end of the show.
  5. I like Jude as she's been on my radar for the longest and I'm not quite sure how that started... it might have been Twitter. But why do I keep laughing that everyone keeps talking mess on her roots? I literally fall out laughing each and every damn time. But yeah, it seems like Jude is trying way too hard and it isn't necessary... at all. I LOOOOOOOOOVE Ryan as Alexandra but WTF was that line about goat hair constantly? Is that what the wigs were made out of? Or the weave? I'm still lost there. I feel bad for Simmone and we can already tell that she's going to go the way of the mother.
  6. Can we just send Letoya and her daughter away?
  7. I was hoping you'd post! I'm like I knooooow slick had to peep the premiere. THe pacing was out of this world because it didn't seem like they had been there for a week. It'll definitely pass the time come January.
  8. Did anyone else catch the sneak after Empire last week? I really like it. I mean I'm still not sure I can watch the pilot and understand the pacing that much but I am interested in seeing where this goes. Here's the trailer they showed after the premiere and new episodes kick off in January! Also I am captivated/obsessed with King Amiyah Scott! Amiyah plays Cotton on Star. Cotton is Carlotta's (Queen Latifah) daughter. Amiyah is a trans. actress playing a trans. character. My body is ready for King Amiyah [self professed, this is what she calls herself]!
  9. I did but no one posted so I just watched weekly and discussed on LJ. I loved it, I'm kinda shallow but I do love Kylie's hair and pray they do something different with it next season. I just wanted to straighten it out an episode or two. IDGAF but I'm here for Mike & Ginny. Blip & Evelyn had me in stitches for the majority of the season and I absolutely love Blip & Ginny friendship and her friendship with Evelyn.
  10. London


    My body is ready for Harriet.
  11. I want to watch this Auckland version that you speak of. How?
  12. London

    OWN: Queen Sugar

    Y'all still watching? I LOVED this week's episode sooooooooooooooo much! I really do like Nova's activism and that it is somewhat front and center. I definitely want to see more because I think she has more to her story and not just the part where she's sleeping with a married man, which I still expect to blow up in her face especially by her own family and I wonder how Charley will react since that was basically what happened to her at the revelation of who Melina really is. I was a little upset at Charley's reaction to Nova, I mean even if you don't think that applies to your current situation, she wasn't wrong in stating that it does happen to a lot of women who come forward. I'm glad that they gave the job of foreman to that kind fella (his name always escapes me) because he deserves it and seems to love and care deeply for that family due to his deep friendship with their father. Those two arguing, Remy & Ralph talking while still listening and Aunt Vi bringing the alcohol was too funny. Poor Ralph Angel, too many people get caught up like that after being recently released but dude needed to lay off. I'm glad Ralph stuck to his guns. I loved the scene with him & Aunt Vi. She ain't stupid. I really like her. I was just waiting for Nova to eat Davis alive and she did NOT disappoint! I could not believe when he said that they were alike and he could relate. MELINA CAME WITH THE RECORDING! I was so happy when she played that. I was also praying for her to say that she was pregnant. I knew it had to be some sort of revelation since last week they said that she wanted to meet only with Davis. I was cracking up at his fake a** tears falling when Charley left. I respected that she told her sorry because she really didn't deserve all of her ire.
  13. I love me some Eddie and it took the last lil bit of last season to get me to love Julius too. I'm in heaven with their merry-go-round scenes. Kelly is a waste -- period. If Alex was asking her to go int here she'd drop everything and run. Crying at them calling Marcie to find Brad and Brad STILL not answering Alex's calls. I hated the hospital scene because that is how it usually appears in a hospital. I need Ramsey's fine a** back and Travis dead.
  14. Not surprised. I'm trying for two more eps. to see how I like it. The dude that the sister was kinda lucking at that meeting I'm not here for and it felt forced and rushed to me.
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