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  1. My favourite was definitely the one with Vanessa and Lori. That was excellent
  2. I miss Tonya Lee Williams, she had such a natural and grounded presence on the show
  3. I'm actually enjoying 70's Y&R. It's vastly different from today and I'm fascinated with the way the show was originally written.
  4. Looks like unfortunately that 70's clip of Jill entering Kay's home for the first time was taken down Did anybody get a chance to save it?
  5. I'm enjoying the friendships over the last couple of episodes (Nina/Christine, bachelorette party). I actually don't find LLB/Christine that insufferable here. Still miss Heather Tom. Losing some of these great actors really exposed Y&R's weak writing. For instance, even with some of the bad writing, I think Heather Tom, Tonya Lee Williams, Victoria Rowell, and Alex Donnnelly would've elevated the material (see: Sperm gate). The actors who have come in their place haven't been able too, with the exception of Michel Morgan when she played Hillary. Oh, and I loved seeing Sandra Nelson again. My favourite Phyllis. Also, Joshua Morrow is a stud. Damn. He's aged very well
  6. I actually disliked the writing for Dru towards the end of LML. Unfortunately, VR acting also suffered and was OTT. Eric Braeden is a fine actor. I didn't get much from Byton performance and admittedly I did find his competition better based on their body of work. I don't fault Byrton, he did good work. I must say I'm loving Brenda Epperson as Ashley! I wouldn't mind if they brought her back. Eileen is a fine actress, but BE adds a dimension of heart that's sometimes missing from ED.
  7. Fingers crossed! I love the working class feeling and dialogue here.
  8. I'm watching some clips from the 70's on YouTube and dammit is there any of these episodes laying around that Y&R could air? The background music is wonderful! The first clip with Brenda Dickson and Jeanne Cooper is fantastic.
  9. Loved seeing Sabryn Genet again on my screen. Didn't need to see that lame Phyllis/Nick wedding, but it was nice seeing the Winters on screen again.
  10. Does anyone have the episode after Sharon's gala? I wish they would do back to back episodes. Even though the premise was silly (the miracle plant lol), it was the last good umbrella storyline for me. Everyone involved was on their A game. I like Eileen Davidson, but yes Brenda Epperson really did a solid job at embodying the character and making her less spiteful.
  11. I loved this period of Y&R, and this is actually one of my favourite episodes. It has everything in it. Nikki and Sharon were campy fun. I’d even take back this time of Y&R compared to today. Oh and Anita Hodges is on this one! That character such wasted potential and the actress was great. Soon Heather Tom will be gone 😞 And Gina’s too. I loved this period of Y&R, felt prime time Greg Rikaart was awesome here but he should’ve never stayed on Y&R that long. Dying him to Michael was a brilliant move though. And in the start and with JVK Gloria it wasn’t all that bad.
  12. Ok, so I actually enjoyed Eva Longoria time on Y&R (despite her looking ashamed of it in the past) and this period of Y&R. Lauralee Bell and Christine also improved substantially during this story.
  13. I agree. These two are what got me into Y&R. Katherine/Jill were always a stable of Y&R for me. I agree, the choices could be more cohesive Precisely. Alex Donnelly was sublime in the role. I also thought Maura West was horrible as Diane. She's a good actress, but she was not even close to being Diane. That was more of a Y&R castings mistake
  14. The attic fight Whoever decided to air the classics should get a raise with all the people working from home and getting to relive some of these classics. I also loved the music they used in that scene when Nikki leave with Victor alone just before the epic fight. I want them to do the episode where Jill crashes Kay's party too. I think Jess won the Emmy for that episode. Maybe another theme is Emmy winning episodes.
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