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  1. The Colin debacle is awful. Chelsea is not working at all.
  2. Good points. This show just made me miss Y&R so much. Even the classic scenes shown can still do well today IMO.
  3. That Jack episode was absolutely beautiful (the scene with John & Dina were heart wrenching). Also, the lighting, I miss it, and also the seriousness of the show (business, family, death) How can Griffith put this together and not understand what made the show so wonderful? I've always enjoyed Peter Bergman as Jack, and this was a lovely episode. As much as I enjoy Dina and Marla, I don't mind that they gave her Alzhemiers because Marla did fascinating work and I do think it is a tragic swan song for such a large character. Edit: Early Phyllis/Jack is actually really good. Man, all of those flashback scenes were grounded in mostly reality. No doppelgÀngers, no silly plots, just character driven drama. Come back Y&R.....
  4. I feel sorry for Mishael Morgan. Yes she has nice chemistry with Nate, but the character just isn't working for me. Speaking of Nate, I wish they'd bring back Olivia. Although, it appears TLW does not want to return the show (this is my own speculation).
  5. I have to say, ever since that CBS exec left, Lola has become a bit more tolerable. I don't mind her scenes with Theo. New Chance is a BUST.
  6. Valid point, I meant on the acting side.
  7. So I kinda enjoyed the hostage stuff. I thought the actor did a really good job.
  8. I agree, but I also find there is a ton of talent out there, you just need to actually give a damn.
  9. Wow, that's brutal. I hope they can work something up. As much as these shows annoy me at times, they still provide a sort of comfort and steadiness in my life just knowing that they exist.
  10. Agreed. Mitchell, Miguel, Mamie, Mary.... I sure do miss them all 😞
  11. I actually liked the Halloween parody, especially the Abby one. As much as I dislike Tessa, I do appreciate the anniversary scenes dedicated to the couple. I think they are better in small doses when they are not being judgmental.
  12. Can't say I agree with this, sounds slightly sexist.
  13. This Theo stuff is AWFUL and UNNECESSARY. And OMG what the hell are they writing for Phyllis? Phyllis on Adam couch begging to be accepted, and then ripping up the cheque? So much awfulness and Stafford once again did not deliver. I wonder if she regrets coming back, because it looks like the cast has moved on from MS Phyllis, even from the scene interactions.
  14. Thank you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Dear God in heaven I hope you're right!
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