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  1. Y&R: Ricky, Diane (despite Maura West awful portrayal), John Abbott (only because the story that followed was trash) Marla was fantastic as Dina, but I think her exit story, was mostly good because it was grounded in reality.
  2. Gina Tognoni as Kelly on OLTL, Dinah on GL, and Phyllis on Y&R
  3. Maura West on Y&R Betty White on B&B Signy Coleman on GL Michelle Stafford on GH
  4. I'm watching some episodes and the Amanda/Devon/Nate/Elena stuff is pretty good. I do like the Phyllis/Amanda scenes, but MS is stuck in her old tricks again. Christel Khalil looks great and lively without the boring Cane. I enjoyed her scenes with Victor.
  5. That is an excellent response. Glad Ashley called out Adam BS
  6. I haven't watched in weeks but I will tune in to see Dina/Marla Adams farewell. I was actually fine with the Alzheimer's story for Dina. It grounded the show back in reality for a bit. Reminds me of the last time I took a hiatus, and then we lost Jeanne At least this time Marla is here to say goodbye. I haven't been watching, what article is this?
  7. I have not, but will be hurrying over now to check it all out - thanks so much! I agree with everything you said, the dialogue was simple but rich in its nuance. I think Katherine deliberately knew, and not addressing it made the scene so much richer. Not sure what happened with Brenda, but she was equally great here.
  8. It really did change. I wish I could see more of this era Jeanne Cooper in action. Also, what happened to that maid?
  9. They uploaded it again! I got it this time so in case it goes away.
  10. My favourite was definitely the one with Vanessa and Lori. That was excellent
  11. I miss Tonya Lee Williams, she had such a natural and grounded presence on the show
  12. I'm actually enjoying 70's Y&R. It's vastly different from today and I'm fascinated with the way the show was originally written.
  13. Looks like unfortunately that 70's clip of Jill entering Kay's home for the first time was taken down Did anybody get a chance to save it?
  14. I'm enjoying the friendships over the last couple of episodes (Nina/Christine, bachelorette party). I actually don't find LLB/Christine that insufferable here. Still miss Heather Tom. Losing some of these great actors really exposed Y&R's weak writing. For instance, even with some of the bad writing, I think Heather Tom, Tonya Lee Williams, Victoria Rowell, and Alex Donnnelly would've elevated the material (see: Sperm gate). The actors who have come in their place haven't been able too, with the exception of Michel Morgan when she played Hillary. Oh, and I loved seeing Sandra Nelson again. My favourite Phyllis. Also, Joshua Morrow is a stud. Damn. He's aged very well
  15. I actually disliked the writing for Dru towards the end of LML. Unfortunately, VR acting also suffered and was OTT. Eric Braeden is a fine actor. I didn't get much from Byton performance and admittedly I did find his competition better based on their body of work. I don't fault Byrton, he did good work. I must say I'm loving Brenda Epperson as Ashley! I wouldn't mind if they brought her back. Eileen is a fine actress, but BE adds a dimension of heart that's sometimes missing from ED.
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