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  1. Y&R August 2018 Discussion Thread

    This Summer stuff is grating. I don’t want to see her crushing on Billy like this. Cane is the most insufferable character right now. It’s about the same as Brad and that dumb reliquary storyline.
  2. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I'm playing catch up. The Nick reveal was WTF I'll admit. However, damn Joshua Morrow has been looking damn good ever since the Christian stuff. I also loved the flashbacks of Nick/Victor. Not sure how I feel about Phyllis/Nick, but those scenes were hot. Lastly, OMFG I'm sooooo sad that Hillary is leaving us, but damn are they giving MM a pretty damn good sendoff. I'm not completely done this week yet, but man I've been near tears, everyone is REALLY stepping up. A whole week dedicated to Hillary, I have to say while injustice was done to not keep the actress (although I think she will find MUCH SUCCESS elsewhere), the goodbye scenes have been very well written and I appreciate the time and dedication. Y&R will never be what it once was, I've come to accept that. I don't see the show going on for much longer, so I'm going to enjoy how they shape and explore these characters for what we have left of them - for the most part, it makes sense the motivations.
  3. Major Y&R actress out!

    So totally lame. ED has been sensational.
  4. Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    I’m not keen on the Jack paternity story. It just feels too played out. Eric Braeden has been awesome this week. Ditto Joshua Morrow. I am enjoying the Billy/Summer stuff too. That is all
  5. Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Joshua Morrow was great. Wow. He brought a lot of energy to those scenes. Victor is a complete dick. I haven't been watching as consistently anymore. But I feel like I haven't missed much.
  6. "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    Good riddance. I enjoyed the second episode, but it started to go downhill. No point giving Roseanne an outlet for such hate.
  7. Empire: Discussion Thread

    Haven't watched this show in ages, but hearing Alfre Woodard coming on has me intrigued.
  8. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    This week hasn't been as enjoyable to me. Didn't like the writing as much for the whole reveal. The aftermath has been much better. However, Friday's episode was great for Mother's Day. I LOVED that Kyle is NOT happy with Nikki and called her out. Nick/Sharon actually work well together, and I can see them having a Nikki/Victor open type relationship down the road. Enjoyed the scenes with Dina. But I have to say again, the Nikki/Kyle scenes really sold me today. The actor did a good job To be honest, it was WTF but I don't think Daniel Goddard had the depth to sell it well. A stronger actor would have made it work. Man do I miss Thad Luckinbill.
  9. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    That reveal was a huge letdown. If you’re going to pull a move like that, make it worthwhile. I liked Victor better when he couldn’t speak.
  10. Y&R New AA male Contract role

    For some reason I can't see your post. I did look him up, and he's cute but seems quite douchey on his instagram. Don't really care much for him from what I've seen so far
  11. Y&R: Another actress back

    I really loved that last JT/Brittany scene on Y&R, so I look forward to this.
  12. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Damn, Joshua Morrow looked good today
  13. Y&R May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Playing catch up again: I enjoy Hillary/Phyllis. I like that Phyllis has her back. MM/GT have great chemistry. I'm slowly warming up to millennial Kyle. Although I'm still disappointed with JT being "killed off," I'm enjoying the soapy element of Phyllis/Nikki/Victoria/Sharon. The Victor/Neil scenes were surprisingly well done and poignant. First time I enjoyed Neil since his return. Lily/Cane continue to be boring. They are totally Paul/Christine 2.0. Sanctimonious together, but MILES BETTER apart. Maddie/Reed goodbye was sweet. I liked the actor, sorry to see him go. I liked his reaction to Sharon too. Dina mentioning all her friends are gone hit hard. The Nikki/Victor scenes were EXCELLENT. It shows so much maturity in there relationship. Some people may scoff at the open arrangement, but at the time I think it made sense. I hope Arturo doesn't turn out to be a bad guy. He's handsome and a breath of fresh air. Nikki's probably good for a long time after having a piece of Arturo, hence why she probably agreed to go back to Victor lol Overall, the show is a solid B for me.
  14. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I agree with that. The vets being the supporting players
  15. Y&R April 2018 Discussion Thread

    This past week: Eric Braeden has been killing it. I'm surprised. He really is putting an amazing effort into this story. The scene with Nick/Victor was wow... For once the Newman family is rocking it on the acting aces all around. That Victoria/Paul scene, and mentioning April was another well done scene, without beating you over the head with a history lesson. I also liked the Jack/Victor/Nick/Nikki/Arturo scenes. I also love that Nikki is still doing her thing. I REALLY hate Lily. She is the new Christine. Although I didn't like the "kill JT" changes. The ramifications thus far have been pretty well executed. Why is that surprising? Jack slept with his father's wife and was forgiven. Selective amnesia on this board Yes, the young actors are not going to stay for long, and I don't quite blame them. I liked Reed, but now the sudden "love" for Reed is annoying. Same thing happened with the original Adam and Heather Williams. As for the "old and restless," people are still calling for older actors to come back, and if you look at primetime the shows that are thriving tend to be those with older actors. The younger set will take over when summer comes around