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  1. Season 2 is still some of the best television I've watched this year. The season started off strong (Candy's death is still award worthy television of 2019), got a bit jumbled in the middle, but it's ending on a very strong note. I do find some of the criticism in here to be a tad bit much. I'm not a big fan of Pray-Tell (because he's a damn hypocrite at times), but a lot of what the character says is true even today. Pray-Tell made a good point. He's a grown man, and he gave Damon a good smackdown for calling him a slut. The blow-up after Damon graduation, and then the FANTASTIC girls trip. the writing for Elektra also got much better. Also, that smackdown Elektra gave, and the "clear your throat" line by Lulu before the reading was absolutely hysterical! I'm loving this show in its highs and lows, and I'll be here in support of the entire cast. It's a shame that an LGBT show, led by good writing and IMO a stellar cast, is not getting more love. Next week is the finale. I'm sad because I don't have Insecure to replace it with this year. :- ( For real. I think there's some projection because some people may relate more to Ricky. I still like the character though. Actor is damn fine lol No way, its blown out of proportion. This season has raised the stakes in television for writing and drama (in particular). Two dark-skinned , black HIV positive men having sex, Candy's heartbreaking yet amazing sendoff, table blow-up after Damon graduation, GIRLS TRIP... minus maybe 1 or 2 episodes, this season overall has been a solid A-.
  2. Ok so the Nate/Abby scenes were sweet at the Abbott home. Once again, the music added to it. I hope they continue to take it slow. I also enjoyed Ashley/Jack/Kyle/Abby scenes. Lola again gets praised for exiting, I’m just hoping they cut their losses with her soon. the Victor/Adam scenes were also good. This is more of the Y&R I prefer to watch.
  3. MTS is a fine actress. She's proven that many times. Unfortunately, the writing for her has been horrible for many years now.
  4. So Chelsea gets five million dollars just like that. Like she isn’t already in good fortunes. That character was annoying too.
  5. Someone needs to tell Phyllis to stop whispering. It’s not menacing and it’s distracting. I know this used to be a stable with some Y&R actors but at least the material was intriguing and the performance good enough to make me at least care. Also, Lola needs to die already. Ok I need a break from this show lol
  6. I still am upset with this show, however, they used one of my favourite piece of music during the Nate/Abby sex scenes. At least Y&R still has that going. I do the exact same. Hate Lola. HATE HATE HAAAATE. EDIT: Michelle Stafford is unbearable right now. I do partially blame the writing. Also such a waste of Eva La Rue.
  7. I agree on Anjelica only looking out for her own, with the "I got mine" attitude. She can f-ck off.
  8. I'm not sold on Kyle and Mariah. I like them better as friends. There is zero need for Kyle to settle down right now like he is.
  9. They did Loren dirty. They have Summer talking about getting millennials and all this BS, and yet, Loren was doing this for the show with her positivity and engagement with fans. How Lola and Tessa are surviving longer, and they use "creative reasons" as an excuse to get rid of her shows how utterly incompetent these people are. Even KSJ and the passing of Neil's character was like a week long story, instead of spurring it to be something bigger. Screw these writers.
  10. I enjoyed this week episode. Loved seeing Candy. I miss her, wish the show did more with her. Overall, the show is about the AIDS crisis and Ballroom scene, that has always been its focus. When you have two broadway actors, you know they're going to sing and have a showcase episode. The Good Wife did the same thing, Big Little Lies is doing it now with Meryl Streep, and if this helps the show get more recognition then I'm all for it. Billy Porter was excellent. This will definitely be his Emmy tape. Black McIver is an idiot. Instead of lifting the show he decides to make stupid comments to get attention. This show showcases, black, latino, trans actors in predominant roles with relatively good writing, so of course Blake is going bash it. I'll definitely call the show out on its crap when it's due, but for a show that IMO is breaking so many barriers, I'm not going to find fault in minute things that countless other shows are lauded for. My hope for season 3 is they go back to being more cohesive, instead of the single character episodes. That's when the show is at its best. Good article by Billy Porter: http://www.newnownext.com/billy-porter-sounds-off-on-cisgender-white-rich-gay-culture/07/2018/
  11. Wait, Loren Lott/Ana is gone? And Lola boring ass is still here. And Chloe is coming back? Yeah, no screw that. Stafford return has been a bust. Adam's return has taken up too much space. No idea what the hell they're doing.
  12. For real. I don't understand how some people can have so much money, and not pay it forward or give back. We need more people like this.
  13. Yeah, that's him. Ricky is his ex. It doesn't look like the future is too bright for Ricky though 😞
  14. Dang, now I regret asking 😞 Sorry, Chit! I agree, PrayTell is annoying at times. I also hated how he treated Candy. I like Ricky more than Damon. But, I enjoyed the attention to both of them this episode.
  15. Daaang Ricky's butt in that last episode stole the show for me lol.
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