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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. I like what I'm seeing from JG so far. The scenes seem richer and the characters more well-rounded. I really enjoyed Friday's episode, and I hope they take time to set up these stories. I like that Lauren is behind Jack now. I like that Phyllis plan isn't working. I like that Summer and Kyle are going to try and make it work. I'm quite enjoying the show again. Oh and why were the scumbag Rosales complaining about not getting what they want? They literally got EVERYTHING minute after coming into Genoa City. Like STFU
  2. Well, even if it isn't true, at least it's out there now and hopefully the writers come to their good sense and write her off. Cait Fairbanks is just awful and unlikable. Still hated the way she treated Hilary.
  3. Amelia Heinle looks completely checked out of Y&R. Not sure what's going on with her BTS (not saying anything, but sometimes personal life can affect work), but these Vegas scenes did not do her well. The writing was nothing special, but Heinle fell consistently flat, it was sad to watch. F Lola. She didn't want Kyle until he was with someone else. I hope some new guy comes to down and says he was Lola's first just to shut her up.
  4. I actually didn't mind Mia so much these days. Get rid of Ray instead. Keep Arturo (maybe recast the actor).
  5. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Dislike this Rebecca Barlow, and Nick is just pathetic at this point. I hope they give Gina Tognoni a good exit. I like Cane and Traci. Traci was really good in those scenes. We need more Beth Maitland
  7. I enjoyed MM and missing seeing Hillary. But her character death was permanent and it wouldn't make sense to bring her back. I think she's destined for better things anyways. Not happy with Kevin return at all Precisely. Kevin is beyond played out. He shouldn't have stayed on the canvas longer than a year. Tired of writers reforming characters because the actor surprises them. It cheapens the story and impact.
  8. I enjoyed that ending. I love the music used once again! Didn’t realize how much I missed the classical scores.
  9. To be honest, Jeanne Copper/Katherine didn't even get a worthy send off. I don't have high hopes for KSJ/Neil.
  10. I hate Cane and Lily, but those scenes were good. I'm ready to see Lily on her own. Also enjoyed the background music. I really hope they keep them apart for GOOD.
  11. PLEASE GET RID OF TESSA. The woman playing the role is beyond awful
  12. PLEASE GET RID OF TESSA. The woman playing the role is beyond awful to watch. Already tired of Sharon and Ray having sex.
  13. It just feels so weird that Tonya Lee Williams will not be returning.
  14. YES nuNate lol what do you mean? I must've missed this
  15. I actually had no clue she was travelling that far, but reading your previous post, it definitely puts a better perspective.
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