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  1. To be fair, I never really thought Gina/Hunter had good mother/daughter chemistry because the writing wasn't there for them either. Maybe it's time to bring back Daniel. I also am going to miss Gina, but the Stafford hate is a bit much. I agree that Lola is so damn basic. Kyle professing his love for her, I just don't buy it.
  2. Rey better leave Sharon now before it ends up like Mia 2.0. Lola continues to be irritating. There is nothing cute about the character. Are we really supposed to buy Kevin as some bad guy? He's always been a loser character and it sucks that he is back and Adam's story has to be tied to him.
  3. I'm going to miss Gina T, but her last couple of scenes have been pretty bad (the accident with Adam, confronting the Abbotts, kidnapping). Lola/Kyle are a dud. Refuse to watch those scenes.
  4. Diane left when Alex Donnelly did. Such a shame she couldn't reprise her role. Maura West was a disaster. Susan Walters was competent.
  5. I hope Kit gets all the support he needs. Poor guy. Season 8 was a huge bust, but I wish no ill will to the the cast and crew. Can't wait to read the interview with D&D once they're turn partying it up for that nonsense they put out.
  6. That Thom Bierdz clip was incredibly sad. I truly hope he gets help. New Adam is pretty good. Not sure where this Cane/Traci story is going, but I hope it doesn't lead back to Lily.
  7. FORGET THE ROSALES. Such an uninspired annoying family. I do like Eva La Rue, so she can stay. But can they cut their loss with Lola? It's so stupid for Kyle to be in love with this bland loser.
  8. Just catching up (a lot of FFWD) and damn is Lola just pathetic character. Also, Traci's book is dumb. Let Cane/Lily DIE.
  9. I like what I'm seeing from JG so far. The scenes seem richer and the characters more well-rounded. I really enjoyed Friday's episode, and I hope they take time to set up these stories. I like that Lauren is behind Jack now. I like that Phyllis plan isn't working. I like that Summer and Kyle are going to try and make it work. I'm quite enjoying the show again. Oh and why were the scumbag Rosales complaining about not getting what they want? They literally got EVERYTHING minute after coming into Genoa City. Like STFU
  10. Well, even if it isn't true, at least it's out there now and hopefully the writers come to their good sense and write her off. Cait Fairbanks is just awful and unlikable. Still hated the way she treated Hilary.
  11. Amelia Heinle looks completely checked out of Y&R. Not sure what's going on with her BTS (not saying anything, but sometimes personal life can affect work), but these Vegas scenes did not do her well. The writing was nothing special, but Heinle fell consistently flat, it was sad to watch. F Lola. She didn't want Kyle until he was with someone else. I hope some new guy comes to down and says he was Lola's first just to shut her up.
  12. I actually didn't mind Mia so much these days. Get rid of Ray instead. Keep Arturo (maybe recast the actor).
  13. YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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