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  1. Kyle and Theo seriously need to hook up. The ratings would skyrocket if done right
  2. YES THAT WAS SO AWESOME! The writing for Elektra this season (minus an episode or 2) was MUCH better. That final was everything. Love seeing them end on a happy note. Did anyone get an "X-Men" vibe with Blanca as the professor adding the two children to her home? It was sweet and I loved it all. The Pose cast deserves all the nominations next year and wins. Can't wait for season 3. Also, the masculinity/femininity talk was beautifully done. Watched that one a couple of times. One thing I hope the show never does again is bring back Patti Lupone or any stunt casting. That character was just odd at times.
  3. Yes, those scenes were great and heartfelt. I know people say that Braeden doesn't try as much, but he always hits scenes like this out of the park. And call me crazy but Theo and Lola have some great chemistry! Much better than Kyle/Lola. Theo actually makes Lola tolerable
  4. I'll be honest that the writing isn't doing Stafford any favours, however, I just don't think she has grown as an actress from her time away. You always know what to expect in her performance. Admittedly, the actors she's been getting paired with have done her no favours either.
  5. So the Tognoni/Stafford swap clearly did not work. Is it too late to get Gina back?
  6. Victor should have never "died." However, Adam was too transparent with switching the drugs. I'll reserve judgment for a bit. I'm also really happy that Phyllis continues to HATE Victor after he was complicit in her rape. I hope this makes Summer finally turn against Victor.
  7. Oh wow, I did call the Cane stuff. I wasn't being serious but WOW they are going there LOL
  8. Oh wow, they got me with the Victor/Adam stuff not going to lie. EDIT: watching in real time, ok so the Victor/Adam scenes were real. so confused lol However, not surprised that Catherine will was re-written for Cane. I think I called it in the last thread.
  9. Kevin and Chloe scenes were nauseating. Victor’s death is really dumb. At least with Katherine/Marge death it felt more organic.
  10. This is exactly how I felt. Lola has truly been awful for this show. The actress does no favours either.
  11. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. So I actually enjoyed the Molly madness lol. However, MS/Phyllis continues to look completely out of zone with the rest of the cast. Tessa was surprisingly the highlight of that episode with her dancing lol
  13. Friday’s episode was actually enjoyable for once. Dare I say even Tessa wasn’t so bad.
  14. I'm somewhat optimistic about the Fen using storyline. Also, somewhat interested in Phyllis/Adam teaming up, although Stafford looks so out of place in all her scenes. Hard to watch at times. Christian Leblanc needs a new hairstyle or something. Not flattering at all.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if they took away all of Devon's wealth and gave it to Cane, or better yet, give it to the Rosales somehow. I hate when writers try to "clean up" prior mistakes (in this case that was not a mistake with Devon) or put their mark on previous stories. So all this sex surely means that Lola will be pregnant soon. Also, Adam and Kevin should just hook up. The actor who plays Adam has really nice features
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