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  1. I loved this period of Y&R, and this is actually one of my favourite episodes. It has everything in it. Nikki and Sharon were campy fun. I’d even take back this time of Y&R compared to today. Oh and Anita Hodges is on this one! That character such wasted potential and the actress was great. Soon Heather Tom will be gone 😞 And Gina’s too. I loved this period of Y&R, felt prime time Greg Rikaart was awesome here but he should’ve never stayed on Y&R that long. Dying him to Michael was a brilliant move though. And in the start and with JVK Gloria it wasn’t all that bad.
  2. Ok, so I actually enjoyed Eva Longoria time on Y&R (despite her looking ashamed of it in the past) and this period of Y&R. Lauralee Bell and Christine also improved substantially during this story.
  3. I agree. These two are what got me into Y&R. Katherine/Jill were always a stable of Y&R for me. I agree, the choices could be more cohesive Precisely. Alex Donnelly was sublime in the role. I also thought Maura West was horrible as Diane. She's a good actress, but she was not even close to being Diane. That was more of a Y&R castings mistake
  4. The attic fight Whoever decided to air the classics should get a raise with all the people working from home and getting to relive some of these classics. I also loved the music they used in that scene when Nikki leave with Victor alone just before the epic fight. I want them to do the episode where Jill crashes Kay's party too. I think Jess won the Emmy for that episode. Maybe another theme is Emmy winning episodes.
  5. Amelia Heinle does not get any favours in the writing or directing department. I think she's capable, but they just write the character so poorly. Even LLB put more effort into Christine in her later years on the show.
  6. Even the look of the episode in 2002 is better than today. After all these years, I still miss Heather Tom as Victoria Newman. Ashley pissed me off here, she treated Brad like garbage in comparison to Victor. Joshua Morrow was a stud then and now he's a DILF haha. Seeing Olivia, Brad, Lynne, and Cassie so awesome. Ugh, why did Y&R mess up such a good thing.
  7. You're crazy lol Sandra Nelson was awesome as Phyllis 100%. Alex Donnelly is sublime. Susan Walters was watered down to compliment Michelle Stafford. Alex would've mopped the floor with Michelle lol
  8. OMG Sandra Nelson, I loved her as Phyllis! And Alex Donnelly as Diane! This show used to be blessed with rich talent. I actually prefer this in a way, to only have the characters meet and interact when it made sense. When the Rosales were introduced last year, they knew the entire town in a matter of a few episodes. That was dumb.
  9. I can see why people like Terry Lester he has a natural charisma to him. They really are bringing out the nostalgia.
  10. KT Stevens was fascinating, she reminded me of earlier Jeanne Cooper lol. I watched those scenes many times haha
  11. This episode with Daniel/Phyllis and Katherine intervention is better than what's currently on screen. And OMG GINA AND LIZ! Both look wonderful
  12. Is ex-Y&R actress Nia Peebles now spreading Dr. Rashid A. Buttar conspiracy theories?
  13. LOL ok I get you now 😀 I found myself fast forwarding everything Adam/Chelsea/Abby&Chance/Phyllis&Nick and sadly Victor/Nikki. It's a shame that they keep writing nonsense for Eric Braeden and the majority of the cast. Just continue playing classic episodes, where I happily rewind.
  14. Wait until y'all hear the magnificent Patty Weaver / Gina sing🙂
  15. Thank God! My mom and I have been enjoying the classic episodes, and the acting is so much better I sort of disagree. Some of the most critically acclaimed shows are slow and dramatic. Look at Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, and Succession. I think most people yearn for good storytelling and acting. Hell, even the Dark Knight and Marvel universe was a slow burn. I think the studios underestimate their audiences.
  16. I've always thought a great storyline would be for Tricia to be released and try to reestablish herself in Genoa City. However, that time has passed. Heather Tom, Nina Cast and the dearly departed Kristoff St. John would have done wonders with a story like that.
  17. I am really loving the classic episodes. How can the people today watch these episodes and think they nonsense they are putting out is good? Even a lot of "appointment TV" today is classic soap opera story-telling. Succession the now finished Game of Thrones come to mind. They just changed with the times to be more relevant, but the structure / acting is like old school soap opera. Gina Roma/Patty Weaver looks gorgeous and THAT VOICE. Being quarantined and having these nostalgic episodes makes getting through it not so bad. Last time Gina was on, I think it was Katherine funeral. So sad we can't have these characters back.
  18. At least people working from home and tuning in will get some quality Y&R LOL When does this one air? I'm LOVING these classic episodes. Will they be up on YouTube? People make fun of soaps, but a lot of shows these days came from them, just a modern version.
  19. Unpopular opinion, but I like Billy/Amanda. It may also drive Jill crazy lol. I remember Mishal/Jess having really good chemistry when she was Amanda.
  20. Yes, things took a turn when Jill became Katherine's daughter. There has been moments, since then, but the cohesiveness of the show fell apart. Also, losing Heather Tom was a major blow. Once Y&R lost their supporting characters, the show lost its mark IMO.
  21. The latest episode with Nikki/Sharon and Kyle/Mariah was good. I would like to see more of this, but a slower pace
  22. As a non-American, what is it about Bernie politics / ideas that people don't like vs. Biden? Does it all come down to health care for all?
  23. Extremely heartbreaking news. I really enjoyed his stint on Y&R and of course on OLTL. RIP Mr. Born. A tremendous actor.
  24. Damn, RIP Lee. Thank you and Bill for making this wonderful show.
  25. I am catching up, and I have to admit it's been better. Still don't like Chance or Adam and the actor's delivery of his lines. Chloe/Kevin should have never been brought back. The characters (minus Phyllis) seem to be more mature. I like Jill and Jack being the voice of reason and acknowledging their past mistakes (well Jack). Mariah/Tessa story is pretty good. I enjoyed the confrontation, it felt realistic. I also like how Mariah being bisexual is not a storyline in itself and she's written as a full character. The Sharon stuff is a bit uneven, but there has been some powerful moments. Victor's anniversary was well done. Love him or hate him, this man is/was the face of Y&R for many decades and despite a lot of hate that Eric Braeden gets; I feel like he gets the show most (minus Victor always winning).
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