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  1. The Tennis Thread

    And the girl can't be ugly? It's true. Genie should retire because going in court now is just a formality!
  2. The Tennis Thread

  3. B&B Actress Out

    I'm only sad that such a talented actress loses a steady source of income but I'm super happy she's off of this trash heap and can move onto better things!
  4. B&B Actress Out

    I fully expect to see a tweet from Ingo, or an announcement that he has been let go. Not an ounce of thought put into this unnecessary recast or what to do with Thorn. Fighting for Brooke's expired cooch was appealing to NO ONE!
  5. General Hospital March 2018 Discussion

    Benard has not done anything different. Forcing tears is his MO and that is what he's doing now. And Sonny remains the most pathetic lead male on any show ever. Carly can't rely on him for anything because she has to consistently take care of him. I'm loving Max Gail and LW interaction with him. Bringing Vernee into this SL was good too. Benard? Same chit different day!
  6. The Tennis Thread

    He sure did! I'm a Fed fan but it's nice to see some actual competition!
  7. Little Women: Atlanta

    Andrea is a mess! First...because she's upset with Minnie, she disrespects her sister's fiance and the ring he bought. She was wrong on every level. Then she thinks about giving her baby up for adoption because she can't take care of another kid? So yeah, lets dump this new kid off on someone other than my parents. Her parents are taking care of her first, her second and now someone else should take care of the 3rd? What a disgusting bitch! Tanya's father is fine and yes, Von waking up and deciding not to marry that slut bucket makes me happy. Tanya does not want Von. She just needs a baby daddy until Nico comes around. Sam is 22?
  8. Stars who didn't conquer TV

    So mean...but accurate!
  9. Married to Medicine

    Loved it! Dr. Greg possibly cheated and I feel nothing for that drama queen bitch, Fraud! Like you, Cheap, I so hope a side ho is knocked the fvck up and good! Man! Damon loves his wife and I appreciate his honesty. He won't stand for infidelity but who knows because he doesn't want a life without Heavenly. I have mad respect for that. I like Cecil and Simone and hoped they would work it out, but Cecil is checked out not looking to check back in. The time has come. Please make Mariah a regular and demote Fraud!!!!! For some odd reason, this eppy made me go back to the fight she had with Toya at the party in S1. LMAO! And I hate Lucyfer all over again. Mariah is gorgeous and story or not, she brings the goods. Promote her! Jackie will forever be my fav HW on all reality shows! But I get Curtis. I am not advocating infidelity at all, but Jackie threw herself into her work and I think it was so that she could focus on anything but cancer, having beat it twice. Curtis was left out. She came home a few eppies ago and jumped on the computer to do charts. Curtis quickly pointed that out. But I'm happy they are putting it back together, and I'm super happy Curtis is not going to be punked by the others because the only person he has to answer to is Jackie. I love that her friends are looking out for her, but when she says step back, you have to step back and let her handle this. Jackie may be a lot of things, but stupid aint one of them. I guess we will still see Cecil in a co-parenting capacity next season? I hope so!
  10. The Tennis Thread

  11. The Tennis Thread

    @Faulkner Coric brought the goods! Down 0-40 and still wins the game against Fed?!
  12. The Tennis Thread

    Fed already broken in 2nd set!
  13. The Tennis Thread

    Y'all look at Coric!
  14. The Tennis Thread

    I don't think it's fatigue. Vee is still playing some of the best tennis of her career and many others. She made some wrong moves on critical points. I was happy to see her go toe to toe with a 20 year old power hitter. Vee still got it!
  15. The Tennis Thread

    Osaka has grown leaps and bounds. She and Sascha appear to be a perfect fit! I was extremely disappointed Vee lost but folks get too carried away. Halep? I have no words!
  16. The Tennis Thread

  17. The Tennis Thread

    Jeezus! Let's just give it to Fed!
  18. The Tennis Thread

    Seriously, did you see that ridiculous Karate Kid head band with that equally (if not more) ridiculous hair?
  19. Cagney & Lacey reboot

    If Tyne Daly doesn't play their boss, I'm not interested!
  20. The Tennis Thread

    Well, Venus continues to defy all that makes sense in tennis. She beat Ralph Macchio yesterday!
  21. Marvel's Black Panther

    Didn't find a thread for this, but it certainly warrants one. I am going Monday and I cannot wait!
  22. The Tennis Thread

    Her game has matured exponentially!
  23. Marvel's Black Panther

    Going for a 4th time Friday!
  24. The Tennis Thread

    +1 Roger gonna take all the big trophies this year!