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  1. See the cast photo without Fraud warms my heart
  2. If Spencer were to pick up an addiction, he'd be well w/in his rights. EVERYDAMNTHANG is laid at his feet. It's ridiculous. I'm shocked he even said something about his arm bothering him but I largely suspect that is only due to it not really being his arm that's the trouble. Otherwise, Spencer, the God, would not say anything and play, for the hood, until his arm falls off. @All My ShadowsI'm feeling the Laura/Mo conflict. I like the sound of that. Preach, who could really pass as my nephew's identical twin, is whipped? Lawd, Coop is supposed to be the stupid
  3. Watching the 2018 USO and Thiem bageling Nadal in the 1st set of the quarters is bananas!
  4. Make sure you post your thoughts in the Bridgerton thread. Can't wait to see what you think
  5. Has there ever been a meme more popular than Bernie Sanders?  This seems even more popular than Michael Jordan tears?  


    JLC has to be one of my favorites:


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    2. DramatistDreamer


      I don't recall there being a time, at least since the creation of Twitter, that people have needed levity more than now, with a deadly pandemic, deadly insurrection with the threat of more lurking, high unemployment, racist oppression in every facet of life refusing to budge. People are getting their levity where they can get it, I guess.

    3. victoria foxton
    4. Khan


      If this leads to Bernie becoming the Democratic front-runner again in four years, we're fucked.

  6. @slick jones Watched this morning and I really liked the opener. Not liking what I'm seeing with Spencer and Olivia. How many chances does Olivia get in regards to "girl code"? And Spencer has reunited with Layla, who's mentally fragile, while he's longing for Olivia? Yeah, both are about to go on my manure list. Really liked that Simone's dad was there for her instead of her ridiculously hard mother. I think she did the right thing and her father made me proud. She's getting a spin off, I hear. I hope Tyrone's sister (Mo) is for real, but we do need a villain
  7. Haven't watched yet. Because I don't have cable, I have to wait. I will be on it when the kids are in bed. I'll get back to you
  8. Peter Krause - can someone explain why this man is considered a "get" when he's mostly a colossal bore who needs the right costar to light a fire under his ass?  

    1. detroitpiston


      Never seen it for him either lol. Dirty Sexy Money would have been great with literally anyone else as the lead

  9. @Taoboi Forgot to mention and really wax poetically about Ruby and William. I was first shocked, a black voluptuous woman such as Wunmi was given such graphic scenes, and then I just loved the chemistry with the actors. Ruby and William were hot and I would have loved to have seen more of them. A pleasant surprise.
  10. I'm in awe... He got promoted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. How much you want to bet a considerable amount (possibly a majority) of the folks whining did NOT lose their job due to Covid?
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