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  1. The good news is that there's nowhere to go but up.
  2. Seems like the change came when Jarly began feeling it so the turn around would have been pretty quick. I believe they axed Jason/Britt and moved the non drama to Jarly/Sonny. Sonny was not due back in PC until November according to the rumors I heard but NF was a colossal fail so it had to be wrapped up. Two eppies were dedicated to Jarly's resurfaced feelings. That was a huge clue right there.
  3. Rushed and lazy I probably could have dealt with, but absolutely no payoff for the viewers who endured this? That's just downright cruel. The wedding fizzed, the wedding night fizzled and now Sonny is back pretending he's content when I know deep down, even his dumb ass has to know that Jarly in his bedroom with Champaign and the lights dimmed means something. Is he going to gaslight them? I repeat, GH is a soapless soap! Prank Valentini begs viewers to return only to kick them in the teeth! We are all Charlie to his Lucy! Frank is the joke that has yet to deliver a punchline.
  4. Very seldom do I find the need to quote myself but here we are...
  5. CarSon was a black hole. No love just 2 self loathers who don't believe they deserve better. Sonny is an abuser and I would like for Jason to flatten him if he disrespects Jason's wife.
  6. No excitement whatsoever but I enjoyed Jarly coming together. Never been a fan outside the friendship when Carly is not too extra but didn't see the romance. I see it now and I'm loving it. Going to love the mess even more.
  7. I don't believe Jarly are at the house. It seems like a fake out. Miss Cynthia Watros understood the assignment! And this is an understatement. If I gave 2 sh!ts about the Emmys, she would be my pick hands down. Loving what Steve and LW are doing with this material. Sonny, looking like the Wolfman, should collapse any minute now as his lungs should be a good dark purple right about now. He was not properly treated for smoke inhalation and I'm thinking he's going to be discovered at the hospital. Mrs. Wu is an OG! Bring back Brad and give him scenes with his mother, please? That's my SL and I'm sticking to it! Jax put Sonny on a plane but didn't even hint at what is going on back home...
  8. Can you imagine Stafford pulling this off? Absolutely not! Watros is straddling a woman truly in love vs a complete break from reality so well. As for Gladys, this woman is a breath of fresh air, especially in that age group. Enjoyed Fridays show!
  9. Sonny sat on his ass for months and didn't do anything to find out who he was. Jax brings the truth and he runs from it because he wubs Nina? Now they are writing Sonny to be pissed with Nina? This better be the initial reaction and initial reaction ONLY!
  10. I would take a full circle moment with Carly coming down the stairs in Jason's shirt as Sonny walks in thinking his wife is sitting there waiting while he sat on his ass an entire year and did nothing to find his identity.. A good writer could have a feast with this because it's old school.
  11. I'm really loving Jarly more than I thought I ever could. LW and Burton are making this work. All the ladies looked really beautiful! The dresses were very nice! Hell is going to break loose but because this is in Frank's hands, I fully expect it to fizzle rather quickly. Blando and Howarth's current failure of a character were not needed. Just eyesores.
  12. Season 3 of Sex Education is today. This is how I plan to spend my Saturday. This and Sarah Lancashire's 2 new projects! Live is good!
  13. Not really a fan of Jarly as a romantic pairing but I am liking what LW and Burton are bringing. I'm hoping Sonny gets back his memory and Carly comes downstairs in Jason's shirt. Full Circle!
  14. Sloane's dress is next level. They look so good together! Oh and Venus, Serena and Sharapova all now follow one another on Insta. Wow! But I love it when people grow.
  15. Oops. I thought I was in the right thread which is why I didn't see the other. May as well delete mine because there's no new info here.
  16. I'mma let BET keep that $10, finish this show and cancel. I've had BET+ a few times before and it's nice to be able to cancel when you no longer need it. Yes, and watching this show, it will be super easy to finish before the free trial expires. I no longer have the free trial option because I've had BET+ a few times already. They keep track...lol
  17. ^^ and I will say it again, he should have stayed his ass out of Tokyo!
  18. You didn't miss a thing. Only Med doing to Djoker what Djoker has done to others countless times. Against any other player, I would have waited for Djoker to take the final 3 sets but Med was dialed in and understood the assignment. He was not letting up. And if we didn't know before, the cushion of a double break means everything!
  19. I was bout to turn it off and then that guy walked out in the buff, so I am going to give this a chance. Funny thing is, when I saw the first eppy, I ff a lot and thought...this feels like a Tyler Perry production. Lo and behold But this is not the worst thing TP has done so I will stick with it. I have lots of incentive
  20. The calendar slam is off the table forever!
  21. Any other day, Novak coming back from being down 2 sets would be no problem but Med is not letting up. This is over!
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