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  1. Me too! But how soon before he's diving in Brooke's sewage? Destiny #58?
  2. Pegula just beat Pliskobot for the 4th time this year. This is possibly the worst own since Serena/Sugarpimp.
  3. Y'all watching this mess with Fed? FAA is bossing! Wow at Bertens
  4. I just started Manifest on Netflix and it looks like NBC is canceling it. I like it so far.
  5. Of course, you had to know I know nothing about his grandmother, and because he's a little sh!t on the court, I get to rejoice in his misery. I saw it was removed and was wondering why. That was crazy, but I guess they didn't want that kid to be the highlight of an otherwise miserable tourney.
  6. He looks positively miserable
  7. Not me! Fed is just about done but Nadal and Djoker have so much life left on the court. I love watching the elite play
  8. Lol. I'm really rooting for Pavs.
  9. Novak was not going to be punked two years in a row. 2020 was embarrassing for him at RG.
  10. I have a date tonight. Needless to say I will be late!
  11. Ok. Another pitiful display from Djoker. Two consecutive years. Thank goodness I didn't pay for this and God knows I was about to give ESPN $60 for an annual subscription just to catch this match.
  12. Right now on NBC, are they replaying the 5th set? I found a freebie and want to make sure I'm watching the right thing.
  13. I don't have a cable provider.
  14. Anyone know where I can watch Nadal & Djoker?
  15. I would have never imagined Pavs in the final 2 of any major but here we are. Congrats!
  16. @DramatistDreamer "I kind of enjoyed Sakkari dumping Kenin though".
  17. This is ridiculous. Was he hurt or just mentally not strong enough to continue?
  18. Is Sloane match fixing now? I saw the highlights and that was the single most pitiful performance I've seen in a minute
  19. So basically, Fed used RG as a warm up tourney...RG thanked him and wished him well in his prep for Wimby? He has to listen to his body but Naomi can't do what is best for her?
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