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  1. I think its nice to have a chill pairing on a soap but there's just no chemistry and CD just doesn't do it. I'd recast him. Oh and allow me to toss in that Valentin and Carly are sexy af! The quad, if we must, should be Sonny/Carly/Val/Nina. There is simply no room for Jax in this equation. Dingo can exit!
  2. WTH?! That is truly terrible! And since when is Laura afraid of Cyrus?
  3. Lucas about to be chumped again and I couldn't be happier...
  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sick of them doing this.
  5. This is the bottom line! Howarth can't "lead" the show as Frank so desperately wants him to while playing a serial killer who dabbles in rape for fun. I imagine Frank doing somersaults trying to convince TIIC that GH needs Howarth.
  6. Fine ass Sean has been doing great things outside of GH and he can certainly do better than that shyt heap, but I take any opportunity to see this fine specimen!
  7. Disappointed Svitolina knocked out Petra but if I had to look forward to a match, it would be Bianca vs Sakkari.
  8. I just read about this. How many lives this man possibly saved. Wow!
  9. I honestly don't see why the recast shouldn't be Goddard. He's not a bad actor and he may have good chemistry with Sweeney.
  10. Hopefully, he gave up the jet black shoe polish for good.
  11. Sigh. What an incredible series. I will wait until you finish to rant about why the final season makes me cringe.
  12. Lots of shows have a lovable idiot, The Golden Girls, Cheers, Threes Company, etc. The actors pulled it off. John Henton (Overton) didn't do a very good job and I found the character unwatchable.
  13. A good reason. Wonderful actress. I first peeped her in Broadchurch and knew she was destined for greatness! I'm binging Living Single and just in heaven. Forgot how good this show was. I have to ignore that creature known as Overton but the rest of the show is top notch. Folks should have been busting down Queen Latifah's door to get her in hair commercials! Erika Alexander is such a gifted actress. Loved me some Max! But great ensemble (if you ignore Overton)!
  14. This racist fucked around and found out! I need a vid of her whipping his ass, tho.
  15. I don't watch The Talk either and I'm not familiar with Welteroth but I read she was the one who lodged the complaint of Oz's treatment of Sheryl.
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