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  1. Carol Baskin 😂 I just commented on this. Tyra Banks as the new host? Is this DWTS Black Lives Matter initiative?
  2. Carol Baskin on the next DWTS 😂😂😂  Y'all know Joe Exotic is seething and planning a prison break as I write this!

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      And he can keep his hatin' a$$ seated in prison!

  3. Thiem has never struck me as someone who more than 3 brain cells.
  4. I'm sure his parents influenced the decision to marry for appearances.
  5. Now that's that deadly WAP folks been talking about!
  6. Mash Hill Street Blues The Jeffersons
  7. I cried reading this thread. Not sure why but this one hits really hard. I feel awful
  8. Osaka is slowly chipping away the leverage she has with the WTA. It would have been best if she continued her boycott than to play and not play. Ugh! I was looking forward to watching match highlights on YT until the entire match was posted. Good to see Vika finding her form tho.
  9. Fraud finally gone. Any deets?
  10. LeBron doing the Lord's work!  All NBA arenas will be turned into polling places.   

    1. Taoboi



  11. Tripp or Ben and the serial killer won!
  12. Do Soaps get Stimulus money or did KA leaving open up a very generous cash flow?
  13. Hubby got 5 months. Lori expected to get 2 months. Will be announced today.
  14. I don't even watch YR but I'm super happy this talented young woman was recognized and has another gig already.
  15. Court's personal views are not my business. When Steffy had 22 Slams, the highest before Serena, you didn't hear about Court. Now that Serena has 23, MC is the best until Serena breaks that record. As Chrissy once said, many of Court's Slams were won due to lots of no shows. She didn't even have to play good players in many of the tournies because many players wouldn't go. Is that the legacy Serena has to beat and turning herself in knots over?
  16. With a Covid SL, the characters would be wearing masks indefinitely. They are already sh!t so why take away the teeny weeny bit of remaining glamour? I think GH did a pretty good job with the poison water so they should just leave it at that.
  17. First off, Margaret Court is fake news... but if Serena has to wait until the rest of the field has dropped out to win a Slam, that's pretty pathetic, especially for someone in possession of 23 Slams. Serena has beaten way better than this current batch but she can't get out of her head long enough to get over the finish line. If you can get to a final, you can cross that line when you've done it 23 times before. I'm over Serena embarrassing herself in finals. She is THE queen and I'm good with all that she's given. Time to crap or get off the pot.
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