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  1. Now, kill off Jack again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Dom was supposed to win this. Pulling it together because he's the better of the 2 is what Naomi did yesterday.
  3. Zverez should have put a nice red bow on that set.
  4. Its very bad! Rafa and Djoker out (leaving out Fed because Thiem could totally win a final against him) and this is what Thiem delivers?
  5. Zverev is saying "I'm the heir apparent". I just tuned in and can't believe the first set was lost so badly by Thiem.
  6. Damn! Naomi is quick on her feet.. That was one helluva response!
  7. I'm keeping up on Twitter and it appears to be quite an embarrassing display from Zverev. Is he crying yet? Folks thought before Djoker was ejected PCB was probably going to beat him anyway. Guess we'll never know.
  8. Osaka is totally taking this title but Vika will give a good match!
  9. Yastremska dumped Sascha...
  10. Too bad Thiem and Med is not the Final.
  11. I think Thiem will take it.
  12. Shameful this has to be said. Ridiculous!
  13. Oh ok but like Faulkner said, it's not much of a stretch. Deranged Djoker fans have been really trashing her even talking about her decreased son. Where's DD? Can't wait for her/his thoughts on Djoker.
  14. Who cares what wacko stan say? It's like they want the crazies to continue harassing the victim. I hate wacko stsns! Onto FAA. I hope he cries himself to sleep tonight. Thiem was his usual good but FAA went away after the 1st set.
  15. I was hoping if Queen doesn't take the title, Petra would. I'll settle for Osaka. Petra has always been a fave.
  16. I like Djoker but his arrogance is so unattractive!
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